Raggin' Piano Boogie


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I've been improvising music, sometimes for only a few minutes... almost every day since 2006. The archived link pages may take a minute to download, there are 365 musical links each on them! These improvisations are just musical ideas and expressions all created in the moment, a stream of consciousness. The keyboard used is a controller so the musical response quality is limited to the nature of the animal. On a real acoustic piano... wow, it feels like I can do so much more! Both instruments have individual challenges. There are so many entries now it's getting like a guessing game to find a perfect selection. The creation of my personal musical thoughts and feelings began in 2006. I consider myself a musical baby. I'm crawling along ever so slowly and someday soon I will begin to walk! And then I will run and then sprint and then...

The goal is to provide a live streaming concert every night. I started January 1, 2006

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