Raggin' Piano Boogie



In 1987 piano man Danny Kean began to literally "Bring the Beat to the Street" with a piano on the back of a
shiny red pickup truck. The vehicle named Raggin' Piano Boogie drove to scheduled and contracted
destinations. Several years later a piano dog named Boner began to jump up into the truck. Bo found a
comfortable position on top of the piano to engage fascinated audiences as Danny jumped onto the piano
seat to begin a dynamic performance of Ragtime, Stride and Boogie Woogie piano music. Spirited and full of
energy, Raggin' Piano Boogie attracted and held the viewers' attention while creating a mood of
celebration. The entertainment vehicle established and defined exciting and festive events.

That was before. Presently, Danny along with new piano dog Mo and piano dog Bo in spirit... they are on a
journey named the Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration... using spontaneity and synchronicity to
create music for people to discover... with musical empowerment and inspiration and... without commercial,
organizational or political affiliation... the vehicle is now called the Traveling Piano. The piano is shared with
everyone, without cost and especially for those who have never had the experience of trying out a piano on
the back of a pickup truck with a cute pup sitting on top of the piano! Danny and Mo live in providence with
gratitude as they traverse the world for the sake of fun, friendship and respect. Rather than for
entertainment or performance the Traveling Piano is all about creating one-on-one relationships. Danny and
Mo stay with friends and strangers who share their homes, neighborhoods and communities. The duo's
music and their lifestyle now... strictly improvisational. The journey... heading for eighteen years.

Where... Peregrinating via the Traveling Piano? ...throughout the East Coast of America from the top of
Maine through Times Square New York and to the South of Florida... throughout Mississippi and Louisiana
after hurricane Katrina... back and forth through the Rural Hills and Wheat Fields of the Mid-West... to
Texas throughout Dallas, Austin and down even further... into Central Mexican Tribal Villages and the
Middle West coast of Mexico... up and out into the states of Arizona, Colorado and upward further to the
Wonders of Montana with a detour to Virginia Tech at the schools request during their troubled times...
upward into the Maritime Regions of Canada and even further to the most Eastern tip of the Northern
Hemisphere to St John's, Newfoundland and onward to Joplin, Missouri after the devastating tornado...
back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then west, upward into the Canadian Yukon to head deep into the
Alaskan Bush! To the east coast of the US after hurricane Sandy and also Sandy Hook, Connecticut and then
across to California, down to Uvalde, Texas after the elementary school gun slaughterand and more. All
destinations while Living in the Moment with continued Dreams of China, Europe, the Middle East... the entire
Rest of the World... and all with and through a Super Human Passion to Manifest Gratitude.