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March 31, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am going to write until I am done. The processes of my life I wonder how I wrote about them in the past. They were not the length of today's blog entry for sure. The many synchronistic and spontaneous happenings throughout this journey, I just wrote one out a few days ago and it was the first in years, I think. When interesting things happen that I usually attribute to being spiritual in nature, these events are aways viewed and realized as I look back in hindsight. I do not look for them to happen. I woke up after six and a half hours sleep thinking how that was not a good idea as I know it will be a big long day and I needed my rest. There was no going back to sleep and I felt hungry which is not usual first thing in the morning. On opening the fridge I saw ham that was defrosting from yesterday and then eggs I have not used. Last night there were mushrooms I found at the bottom of the fridge that needed to go into the freezer immediately. I took some of them out of the freezer. Then I remembered I had cheese purchased specifically for an omelet last week. I had tasty home-fries I cooked last night and an absolutely delicious beagle in the freezer to toast with just enough butter left in the fridge to use. With my coffee this turned out to be a perfect Easter breakfast.

It felt so good as I thought... how did that just happen? Everything fell perfectly in place and was cooked with no chaos and little thought. As I am writing this I remember that when waking this morning my dad was on my mind. I miss him. As I am writing this now I am also remembering how he used to make Easter breakfast for everyone. It was his big thing to do. After breakfast, I took a shower and cleaned up consciously thinking that I need to take my time that it did not matter how much I get done today. There was almost $300 bucks worth of marshmallow peeps and water in the back of the truck waiting for me. All my containers and supplies to give stuff out to those living on the streets are in my friends garage and he is out of town. I had to think creatively about how I was going to present everything and it would take hours to set up. But... meditating first was a priority for the day. That would set the intent and assure that everything would move along perfectly. There is always angst when I do a big day of sharing with people on the streets... the how, when, where, how much and about twenty other details.

As I was meditating a ding went off on my phone, a text message. After the meditation ended I looked to see what it was. There was no name and it said Happy Easter. Then I saw a photo. It was from a guy from up the street a wonderful, crazy, old alcoholic I've known for years and who I run into about once a year. He was wearing a bunny rabbit costume in the photo. That was my cue on how the day would begin with the Traveling Piano. It would be the perfect start. I drove to his place to get a photo with the rabbit costume and he wanted to gather his neighbors for the Traveling Piano. The photo he sent was from years ago. He had no costume anymore and he was already drunk for the day. Lol, he was thrilled I came and we all got a neighborhood photo and I played some music and that is how the work day began. The details and time spent setting up... fuck that. I just decided to wing it although a photo with a nice setup is needed because those who contribute need to see that I follow through with what I say I am going to do.

An answer came to mind. Get my homeless friends to hep me with some photos but that is always a fine line as I do not want them to think that I am taking advantage of them through a photo opt and of course also many are embarrassed with how they look. I mean, most are in really bad shape as bad as it can get both physically and mentally. Many I find curled up behind dumpsters on the ground in alleys. But... I was reminiscing last night how every year growing up I would get a new Easter suit and my family would gather on the front lawn for an Easter photo. So with that intent in mind I suggested my friends from the streets all get an Easter photo with some silliness using the easter grass I had, mouths full of marshmallow peeps, etc... and that worked perfectly. It brought us all closer together and I think people want to be seen. They want someone to care enough to want a photo of them but of course with someone they can trust. Thank God, I am completely grateful that the people I run into trust me and my intent. Everyone I asked wanted to do it. This is something I suffered with one hundred percent growing up, the fact that my family never trusted my intent. They never trusted anyone's intent, not even their own.

My friends on the streets spent the day returning the love I was giving to them back to me tenfold. At first I was going to cut the marshmallow peeps into singles and then realized I just needed to give them out in rows from the boxes. And then, it was like "just give out an entire box at a time" and be done with it. Then, the feeling of abundance was complete for everyone. The boxes we're like a buck fifty each but no matter. I also had jelly beans in small bags. Those that did not want the marshmallow peeps wanted the jelly beans. It all worked out perfectly and I ran out of everything in perfect timing to be able to call it a full day. There were two small boxes of chocolate eggs I purchased because they looked cool in their small cartons. The plan was to give them to someone special. One person spotted them inside the truck and asked what they were. I stuttered that they were for a friend while trying to decide if she was that special person. They we're not given out. Once home after my dinner I decided to open a box just to see what it looked like inside. They were a variety of small solid chocolate eggs wrapped individually in tinfoil. I decided to eat them. They were special indeed and a perfect way to end my Easter day. Like a special chocolate Easter treat just for special me, lol.

March 30, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

It rained all day today. That gave me time to get caught up with this blog. I listened to Beyonce's new album Cowboy Carter and it is a masterpiece. I've never been a fan and new music albums that are super hyped I usually push back with and reject. This, because that is usually all they are worth, the hype. But this music album is infused with a variety of people, the musical aspects from different periods of time and genres of music... totally intellectual with depth, feeling and jivin'. Thank God that music can still make me feel alive and inspire life in me. Same with a good movie or television show. Tomorrow I will take to the streets with the Traveling Piano for Easter. Thank God I have something I can do. Holidays we're so big for me growing up. My mom made them that way. There is no one for me to hang around with so as usual... I go to the people. They have never come to me and at this stage of my life I can see that it is not going to ever happen. Ahh... for the love of my most favorite phrase, "it is what it is."

March 29, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Fake religious Christians "never" teach how Jesus loved life, appreciated and was grateful for his life and his positive experiences on earth. The "flocks' are taught to relate through the suffering of Jesus. They are taught to live life here on earth repenting through suffering in order to feel better, in order to get into the next life of perceived heaven. Hacks teach that we are here to live with the idea of respect for "fear of the lord." This, through defective preachers themselves who use the bible for ammunition which... was written also by defective men as "all" men religion teaches, equals "defective". Fake Christians hide behind the idea of "belief" as taught by supposed authoritarians in order to validate the truth of spirit. What do you believe in? Is it gratitude, appreciation, enjoyment or... fear and suffering in life. I feel We are here to love, enjoy beauty, a simple breath of the earth’s air and each other. Authoritarians both religious along with political hacks will pound into your soul the fear and suffering. Those who live in the truth of spirit choose to believe we live with good and evil and everything in between. This happens through "free will" in a societal democratic process as one. Jesus came here to preach love. He was crucified for that by capitalists. In the end... see who won out. Love never dies. Happy easter!

March 28, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

With Easter a few days away I decided that I will do some outreach for the day. I began asking online for contribution to purchase a truck load of marshmallow peeps and water to distribute to people living on the streets. There is no way I am going to fill the truck but I hope to get enough support to make an impact. I'm not holding my breath because people are just not giving these days and also, I don't want to fundraise. It feels like it will be a waste of time. Talk about a recipe for success, eh? Lol, whatever... I am just going to push through, walk the walk... do what I can do. I made a bunch of photos to get attention. Damm, all that takes time anymore. It is going to happen with just a few peeps if that is all there will be or even none at all. I'll just take the truck out with the music. That is always enough anyway. I so wish I had someone to help me but... it is what it is.

March 27, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been feeling amazingly angry and short tempered as of late. Some of it comes from a response-ability I feel with the down right evil politics in our world and the disempowerment people feel from a lack of self-respect through an indoctrinated upbringing of authoritarianism. When I see people using good to create evil, trying to redefine goodness, when I see people fall for obvious propaganda that serves no one including themselves, lying and supporting lies, sayings come to mind like "some are sicker than others" and "but for the grace of God." Even tho, the anger has been staying. Music with the Traveling Piano for today... physically I do not have the energy. That frustration is also a source of the angry.

March 26, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I want to share a process. I was going through hell for a week with a FedX delay in receiving my repaired computer and was feeling way too much anger so I began to meditate. That created the Easter message I'll be posting abot Jesus. Although with anger still present because I was focusing on anger concerning Jesus, I told myself "you need to do another 40 minutes and a better job with it." I did. After that, it was exactly 5pm when the apartment managment office closes so I ran down to see if the computer came at the last minute. The office blinds we're closed. I thought, "too late the manager left for the weekend". Upon return to my room I saw the maintenance guy heading for the outside gate. I ran back down to see if he went into the office and knocked at the door. Surprise... the manager opened the door with my computer in hand. She had not gone home but closed the office blinds because she was off the clock. I did not think to knock last time. Synchronicity led me back down tha second time to knock. This kind of a process, that of being led into a fortunate circumstance happens 98% of the time after a meditation. I do not look for something good to happen, it just does. It has to do with the asking for the God of my understanding (the creator of joy, remover of suffering) to direct my thoughts through gratitude and in faith.

March 25, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I crashed today from the last week. No energy to do anything but play with music files. Mo and I did go for a walk to Fremont Street which is crazy land here in Las Vegas. I figured we would take the bus back but after waiting for more than a half hour we just began walking. Once home, Mo got stuck on the stairs trying to climb up to our room. No strength. Me... it will be a rough night of sleeping. While walking around on Fremont Street I was thinking, "What do you want to do, how do you want to continue having fun with your work?" Thats a tough question because... I do not have the desire to pursue what is needed to move in a new direction and I am pretty much done doing this thing on my own. Finding support and a partnership takes its own work which also, almost no desire. My desire for days of performing and entertaining have long been gone. That all stopped with this journey seventeen years ago? Day... by day... by day... one foot in front of the other... just keep going and all that.

March 24, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Amazingly, when I woke I felt capable of going out to work with the Traveling Piano for one more day. My idea was to play through the weekend for a short time outside of the new Deli that opened up around the corner to show support. But, it was cloudy and chilly... the open doors to the sidewalk we're closed. I miraculously have already played out four days in a row. How? I think it came from first the ability to "decide" to do it. The sun, wind and temperatures for sure created incentive. There is the fact that I want to enjoy every moment possible with Mo and the Traveling Piano while he is still able. The stimulation from positive interactions with people helped as does the amazing food offered. I would never normally say that because people want to always go into default mood with the idea of offering food for Traveling Piano service. That does not cut the mustard so to speak. Food for a year may work but not one meal. And... I am not providing a service. Purpose was another aspect that kept me going over the last few days.

March 23, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Through some miraculous means, I was able to get up at 8:30am to go play at an Easter Egg hunt a new homeless non-profit was having across the street from the Salvation Army in the parking lot of what had been an abandoned church. I wanted to murder the women running the show for it all having started hours after the start time she gave me. Oh for the sleep I could have had! Once it began, wind gusts also began and all the tents set up blew away. The time spent was good because the wind kept me going and the number of people was not so overwhelming. Afterwards I parked on Main Street outside a new coffee shop that opened and then actually stopped at a new bar in the alley behind. I've been on a roll!

March 22, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

A new east coast style deli/coffee shop opened up less than a block away from where I live. I know the owner and he has been a "giver" in the past so I took the Traveling Piano there to help celebrate. They have hoagies to die for and the cappuccino's in large white cups which I really like. It is for places like this I wish I had money to spend. Of course the prices are through the roof because the quality of food and service is top level. I'd rather pay through the roof for top quality than the going rate for crap. I can see myself getting up early in the morning just to go over to sit for a cup of coffee. With five bucks a cup, that will not be happening often. There are three coffee shops in my neighborhood. One I call the covid pit because they completely ignored the covid restrictions back when everyone was dying a few years ago. I would never give them my business. Another place will not accept cash while complaining all the time in the media that they do not get enough business. And the third one just has over the top prices with attitude in a setting that has no aesthetics. I am very particular with how and where I spend money.

March 21, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Physically, I felt fine today. We took advantage of that and drove once again out into nature. Mo's time exploring in nature is coming to an end. As I mentioned yesterday, his legs too wobbly to stand in the sand, his strength for just about any size incline no longer exists. He is slowing down with a difficult time keeping up with my own easy slow walking. We are making the best of it while discovering quick surging limitations. In a river bed today he worked to dig a small burrow for himself to lay down in. Even with the difficulty, he is having the best of times enjoying the sun, shade, quiet, the plants and grass, smells of nature and the feel of dirt, sand and stone beneath his feet. Does anyone remember back in October when he was hours from death? And here we are still enjoying life. One day at a time... loving life!

March 20, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Someone on the sidewalk waiting for a room at the Salvation Army across the street from where we were on Owens Avenue here in Las Vegas found my email from this website and sent a photo and appreciation letter in thanks for the Traveling Piano being there. This happens from time to time. It is very validating from people living on the streets. The mafia drug, murder pit next to where I live that I wrote about several times a few days ago in this blog, the city shut it down permanently today via a council meeting. With the consistent murders, that took a full seven years since I moved here to get significant action! It is sort of a miracle. The weather was so perfect Mo and I had to get out into nature today. Mo... I love him so.

His legs now wobble in the sandy, desert dirt so we did not do too much exploring but enough to get the experience. Once the sun begins to get hot, he will no longer be on the piano. Our time together doing what we can is beyond enjoyment! Our musical encounters today included laughs, crying and smiles over the music I was creating. Ahh... for the love of fulfillment. We met two guys visiting from Poland and I said I wanted them to help me get the Traveling Piano to Poland so I can drive it into Ukraine to support the people there. (I mean it, if I could do it I would go) My mom was Ukrainian. My energy and physical being ... we will just need to wait to tomorrow so see how I feel. Right now I am still running on adrenaline.

March 19, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

It felt like I was pretty close to death last night. I had food poisoning a few days ago and marked it off to other health issues. It happened again two days later much worse and I knew it was from what I ate the second time around. Then yesterday after having slept for most of the last two days, I felt better. I came home from the work with the Traveling Piano and collapsed from physical exhaustion like never before. I could not give attention to anything. Laying in bed wanting to relax my mind and body was the goal but also I could do nothing else. Through the night, pain began to take over physically, my entire body hurt. There was a little headache from the left side of my brain. Luckily, I had a doctors appointment scheduled for today. I've slept through ninety percent of the last thirty eight hours. I am going to get checked for sleep apnea.

March 18, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Through the difficulties I've been having physically, with the computer, etc... I can feel myself being led by a power greater than myself. Little coincidences keep me moving forward. Sometimes my brain says "do this or that" and that I am being led but, that is not always the case. The being led is much deeper. It comes from a feeling of faith that I am not consciously aware of... and feeling safe, saved even. Do you know the many happenings you hear about in life for example of someone about to get hit by a car and then something miraculous intercedes? When I am in times of trouble, that happens to me constantly in order to move through and out of the trouble. By the grace of God I am able to see, experience and feel the truth... most of the time. Those coincidences or whatever happen in good times too.

March 17, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

The end of this journey is coming sooner than later. I feel no regrets and total gratitude, fulfillment. The Wildest of Dreams that began this journey... to partner with another entity to take the Traveling Piano to a higher level well, it is looking like that will not happen. I'm not too sure that I wanted it enough to make it happen. It all was specifically with Oprah for the first two years and now, I could not care less about Oprah participating. Most probably, I will be ending life having done it all on my own verses in partnership with a commercial entity. The plus side of that is having done it all in my way! How many people in life can say that? When I get totally honest with myself, that is the only way I would ever have it.

Whom ever I parternshiped with, it would have needed to be one hundred percent in support of "my way." My life dream in reality has always been more humanitarian based than commercial. And so it has been. I have always been about intimate relationship as in one-on-one. I've had many with varying time lengths. On the Traveling Piano alone... over a hundred thousand. They have been real and in total fulfillment. For me, that has always been all that matters. The feelings of family, I have had through friends. That is like having the best without the shit. And friends... I've had amazing friends who are in my heart in every moment.

March 16, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

First my computer died and now the spare has died. It is like when someone loses their home or some other tragedy where they have not even a phone to call for help. I'm in a world of fog, no thought, no idea of what to do, where to go... nothing. Using my phone for work is a zero. Step by step I move into the unknowing. However it all turns out, I can accept with a knowing that life is what it is." Who ever said life is supposed to be fair? I have been learning life long that troubles are not about "coping"... life is about "dealing" and also accepting the hand you are dealt. In times like this I think about "legacy." Legacy in of it self is short lived in a physical sense. There is life, than legacy, then the affects of legacy. I've already experienced the Traveling Piano's amazing legacy in real time and as well the affects of it. What else is there? Anyway... flowing with life, dodging the bullets, catching and embracing the love, appreciation, gratitude... onward we flow.

March 15, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

The crime, murder, drug infested, dealing, prostitute den with thieves and contraband exchange next to where I live was closed down last week by the city. They are trying to get the city to allow them to reopen as the spearhead community hub for a drug free and safe environment here downtown. LOL! A local news station has taken the bait to provide propaganda for them very well knowing the situation and wanted the neighbors to have lunch today with them, on their property, for a discussion about how much the place cares for the safety of the neighborhood. (13, shootings and murders last year) Of course no one went. The station was looking for a salacious news segment with neighbors calling out the owners to their face. For what, so the killer drug dealing enablers can know who lives next door and is trying to shut them down? How stupid is that. They even put up a banner to show for the news station and the city, "Drug Free Zone" No selling or Buying". That is so pathetic it's funny. I want to ask... ok, no selling or buying but how about "using" can your tenants do that? And the news station... just so irresponsible! They will reopen because the people running the city have either no courage or are benefiting themselves from the mafia operation.

March 14, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

My computer has been falling apart and now the battery has swelled and so the casing has ripped open which means it is about to explode, which means the computer is... dead. Ten years I have been working with the same model in the same ways. Finding a used one to replace is just about impossible. Can an old man learn new tricks? Right now I have figured out how to do some work on an even older spare I have. It takes an amazing amount of work-arounds as the internet today barely works with old systems. For software it is the same. Compatibility issues are run amok. Troubleshooting online with research is almost impossible as every idiot in the world is posting as an expert. Finding correct information is now like finding a needle in a hay stack. Saving my data, moving the data, finding another computer and learning how to work with it... all so time consuming, and emotionally exhausting. This, for a person already slowing up with time and already both physically and emotionally exhausted. I keep going, here I am. This because of the few who care for and about me and this journey.

March 13, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I sit down to blog well, it has really turned into journaling over the years, it feels like I am becoming more forgetful with what I have already said or not in the past. I am realizing the reason is that I no longer journal daily here with this blog. These entries are put in every few days now because I have been simply slowing down with everything. But... I am still going, eh? Anyway, I have never been good with memory long term or short and that is why the consistency in reporting is most important for documenting the journey happenings. As my mind wears down I need to remember I am not alone. In my world... all of humanities mind is wearing down. This may sound insane to most people but... I've often thought that my mind may in fact be "the" world and that is he same for every individual mind. We are all one and the same... individually.

March 12, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I met up with the city council person for the area where I live today because I have been wanting to meet her to see if she is real or not as a person and also discuss some community concerns specifically the crud in where I live. I wanted to share some insight. It was so very difficult to ask her questions because as usually I could not shut the fuck up about the Traveling Piano and what I do and how it works in the community. Practice... practice... practice. I've been practicing at this for the last forty some years... to listen more and talk less. The awareness is key and then saying the thoughts and problem out loud to another person manifests the change... through time. She got onto the Traveling Piano with her assistants and that was a big "tell" for me as a sign that she is willing to participate and experience new ideas and perspectives. I've had encounters with many politicians through the years. As it is with many piano players... ego will not allow them to join up with me in my life and what I have to offer. It was like that with most all my family. I guess it all has to do with individuality, nature of the animal or not.

March 11, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

We headed to Foremaster street today, the cities homeless resource area. The city and places like the Red Cross etc... all keep their areas clean but allow the circumference to get as trashed as can be. That is where the Traveling Piano was parked, in the trash with all the trashy people. lol Many are my friends. Always, I run into people who have not seen me in years and the greetings are so very validating and reassuring concerning the impact my work has had on he lives of others. I spent time with two guys specifically who are always working to learn music tp play while they live on the street together. This is their hobby and it gives them self worth and fulfillment. As they we're leaving they specifically thanked me for giving them my time. Nothing helps people living on the street long term more than giving some respect. Mine comes in the form if fun and friendship through music.

March 10, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been thinking. When I say that friends always say, "yea I know, you think too much." Anyway... when performers get older many turn to teaching or other things. More and more I am understand some of the whys. As my abilities and energy wane in every way I am trying to figure out how to stay interested in life without letting go of everything I've put into it. I want to continue to enjoy all that I have learned, what I have been good at, my professionalism, responsibility and feel a sense of respect, worth and appreciation from others. There is also the desire to pass on the baton so to speak so I can continue to enjoy what I have created for myself. My life has begun to focus on what an how because... I just do not have the physical energy to put out music in an impressive way with an energy and passion that interests me, my stamina has been in decline and I get bored easily.

March 09, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I meditate. It is my form of prayer to keep my intent pure with every aspect of my life and music. I sing out loud a forty minute recitation of gayatri mantra (gratitude) with "om's". It calms me down and center's my being on what is important. That is the feeling of gratitude, appreciation, love, goodness and feeling safe. The most important part of it is in the asking of God to direct all "our" thoughts. If I go three days without doing it I become a monster with fear and hate. Why would I let that happen when I know that is not what I want. Still, it happens even as I feel it creep in and I allow it. I just do the best I can. Mo loves it. A portion is usually focused on him as a massage with appreciation. A candle is always lit. My mind wanders all the time as I catch moments of what I am aiming for with the time spent. The "moments," nothing else is important and the moments and they make up ten fold for the wandering. It took me a life time before I could grasp meditation. It happened when Covid began. Usually, everyday a miracle of some sort happens as a result and I always realize it after the fact.

March 08, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I meditate. It is my form of prayer to keep my intent pure with every aspect of my life and music. I sing out loud a forty minute recitation of gayatri mantra (gratitude) with "om's". It calms me down and center's my being on what is important. That is the feeling of gratitude, appreciation, love, goodness and feeling safe. The most important part of it is in the asking of God to direct all "our" thoughts. If I go three days without doing it I become a monster with fear and hate. Why would I let that happen when I know that is not what I want. Still, it happens even as I feel it creep in and I allow it. I just do the best I can. Mo loves it. A portion is usually focused on him as a massage with appreciation. A candle is always lit. My mind wanders all the time as I catch moments of what I am aiming for with the time spent. The "moments," nothing else is important and the moments and they make up ten fold for the wandering. It took me a life time before I could grasp meditation. It happened when Covid began. Usually, everyday a miracle of some sort happens as a result and I always realize it after the fact.

March 07, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

The motel/drug/prostitute/contraband place behind where I live the hub of all downtown Las Vegas trouble that has murders and raids, houses the street prostitutes and is where all the stolen contraband and drugs are sold was closed down for the first time today! The city agencies were all there removing tenants and their belongings to place in temporary housing. It did not all go down without incident. One woman with a knife was pummeled by police. The place has been a constant source of trouble over the years, I've had many encounters with the Korean mafia lady that owns the place and as well have been friendly with many of the people who have lived there over the years. Also, many of those I've supported with the Traveling Piano who live on the streets, this place has been a hangout for them. Well now... do I go to the city council meeting where they will decide to keep it shut down or not and give my statement as to why they need to keep it shut down permanently? I may be the only one. I'd be standing up to a very strong mafia cartel and in front of them. As a responsible community member, needs to be done. Many people have died and continue to suffer as a result of this place "using" people in need for self-serving profit.

March 06, 2024

Maryland Parkway and Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a perfect corner near me, I wonder why I've never used it before. It is outside an Autozone store and it was near rush hour so vehicles are always waiting at the intersection and the Traveling Piano was visible from all directions. Everyone working the store came out to jump on the piano for a photo. The manager knew me from years ago at a food bank I used to go to and another guy used to deliver parts to the auto shop around the corner from me where I had a photo art studio for a short period of time before covid. They were all super elated I was there while thanking me for brightening up their day. Then a mother with her three children, they were about to catch a bus to go home near the .99 cent store they just came out of after purchasing some easter bunny costumes for their elementary schools. First thing, the little kids offered me some of the candy they had without thinking. That sort of sharing goes a long way with me.

March 05, 2024

Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

We ended up in Sunset Park south of where we live and set up in an empty parking lot with heavy street traffic behind us and sports fields in front. It is by the airport so huge planes were flying in to land. Two teenaged kids pulled up and began to go for a walk. When I began to create music they froze and just stood where they we're.I invited them over to find they go to the private magnetic performing arts school here in Las Vegas. One for music, the other for football? Schools are such a money making industry, lol! Anyway, we all spent some time while I blew their minds away with my thoughts on how to create music and how I manifest it into the world. Afterwards Mo and I went for a walk. His back legs are weak today. Walking is so important as in the use it or lose it mentality. Also, enjoy the ability while it is still possible.

March 04, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

My days are rough. Staying focused and clear emotionally with clarity is a constant challenge. After twelve hours of sleep and not beating myself up over it I told myself get out with the Traveling Piano for at least 20 minutes. It will help my well being on every level. So, I was going to drive to a rough neighborhood and then decided to park on the corner of Charleston and Las Vegas Boulevard just up the street from my place. Everywhere around where I live is rough and that fact is kept out of the news because it is also the Downtown Arts District with loads of new bars and restaurants. A few people end up dead every month within a few blocks, sometimes just a couple hundred feet from where I live. As I began to create music the piano's sound went dead. The battery was drained. That was not going to stop me. I just did what I do with the truck engine turned on. If it was super hot out that would not work for the truck but right now the temperature is fine. A women who knows me from about a year ago came up. She got onto the piano and when we were done she was crying with the relief of personal worth and gratitude from our interaction. A few other guys from the streets came up and then another woman approached to thank me for being there. She was also crying.

While on the piano seat she told me how a dead guy was taken from the parking lot earlier in the day and no one seemed to care. All the locals were like, it happens everyday (I can attest to that fact... it does) and the police and ambulance just came, swept him up quick and without fanfare the body was gone. Of course it was a reminder to this woman, the feelings of how no one cares about her. Well, not on my watch! I felt very grateful to be there and to be able to put some love into the area because I know for sure that everyone on the street knows what happened and... they "all" care wether they realize it consciously or not. It is a sad reminder of their predicament if nothing more. Before leaving another guy came running up to give a quick hello. He had purchased a photo from the Art Gallery I had started right before covid began in 2021. He had sent me a photo of where he placed it in his home. Need to get back to selling my photos to help keep going as people like my photography as they like my music. Help is needed for that as I am too worn to setup shop, tear down, store, deal with organizing it all and the exchanges while creating music myself and the interacting with people, processing it all at the end of the day, I'm heading for seventy years old! lol

March 03, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I left to go out today it was really nice. We found a spot to play on the Maryland Parkway here in Las Vegas. As soon as I began, the winds picked up. They just got stronger and stronger and would not quit. Everything becomes chaotic with strong wind both physically and mentally. I do things like drop my camera on the cement. It is difficult to thing when I am trying to interact with people. The homeless began to drift into the Traveling Piano area. That is how I was there for. People can feel it and I are safe to be with. One guy was taking a video to upload onto Youtube. He was having trouble because his mind was not clear but it sure was determined. Another guy asked if I had any food and with that another homeless guy gave him what he had. I was using weights on the piano rug to keep it from blowing off. Once I got back to my place of course, the wind stopped.

March 02, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today we had a wind storm here in Las Vegas. They happen every year and can be kind of fun except for the dirt and sand blowing around everywhere. Luckily, it is no where near a hundred degrees. When its super hot and windy... can't go outside and everything just becomes super dry. The only difference from this storm today and all the others... the increased media hype, off the charts. We all have been taught to fear snow and then rain and now it is wind. Last night was to be the monthly "First Friday" event here downtown with thousands of people. Imagine... an event that large being cancelled because of fear... too much wind. And of course... there was no more than usual wind. These projected weather forecasts that never happen played a huge part in why I stopped performing with the Traveling Piano almost twenty years ago. I got fed up with booked events canceling even a week ahead because of projected weather doom. And then I had to fight to get paid. I watched from the start, the sucking of people into the news of weather doom. It began in the 1990's.

March 01, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

How am I going to get through to the years end with America's political situation? One day at a time, working to stay clear and keeping clarity is so important. As a social being, I cannot ignore it and with what may happen that will affect those I care about on the streets, I cannot stand by and do nothing. It all hits me at my emotional core. My family was indoctrinated into authoritarian rule... the dictators were priests, a community full of republican mentalities, police, anyone professional. I was taught to follow the rules given by my authorities because they know better. Lying and immorality by those authoritarians was necessary sometimes and was ok if it was for the good of all. The good of the "insiders club" that is. Being taught to suppress, be suppressed, the lack of empowerment, inspiration, an insidious eroding of self-respect was a way of life while being termed otherwise... only through the grace of God was I able to escape that way of life and thinking. Everyone else knew deep down their life was a lie... it was an acceptable way of life. I could not live that way.