Raggin' Piano Boogie



HIS SPIRIT LIVES ON! ... BONER THE PIANO DOG ... November 27, 1994 ... February 20, 2010

You have found the Boner the Dog website and for those of you I have not yet met, I am Danny Kean the Traveling Piano man. I "Bring the Beat to the Street" working as an individual without commercial, organizational or political affiliation.

The Traveling Piano, now for almost ten years... grew out of the entertainment property named Raggin' Piano Boogie. What is the most significant difference between Raggin' Piano Boogie and the Traveling Piano? Raggin' Piano Boogie paid the bills with performance and fees. There are no costs or fees for the operation, talent and expertise of the Traveling Piano. How has life's ongoing bills been paid? On a wing and a prayer. I have done my part with funding through the sale of my home and the offering of my worldly possessions. I now travel full time and stay with hosts, people and communities who have a mutual interest in supporting the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other.

The Traveling Piano offers the opportunity for everyone, especially for those who have never before tried to create music on a piano to... "be" ...the experience of playing the piano outside in the open air on the back of a red pickup truck. It's about inspiring. It's about encouraging and empowering people to express themselves freely through music. This a mission of fun and world travel especially to rural areas where musicians rarely visit. The Traveling Piano delivers the gift of creativity, a lift of spirits, friendship and respect for communities and people from all walks of life.

Personally, while sharing and creating connections with people through musical listening experiences, these are the most blessed moments for me. Also, I have been amazingly blessed to have had a partnership with a very special dog named Boner, the Traveling Piano dog. Boner has now passed on and hung out with me on top of my piano for over 15 years. Together as a team we shared our fun, friendship and respect with the world. Almost a year after Bo passed Piano Dog Mo entered my life. This area of the TravelingPiano/Raggin' Piano Boogie website is dedicated to Piano Dog Boner.

The Traveling Piano works with free spirited synchronicity to create and share spontaneous musical performance... music for people to discover! This is what I do best and have most to offer for the world, the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration!