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December 31, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was torn about some Traveling Piano working on the streets with more hot chocolate and marshmallows for New Years Eve with way too many drugged up people right now verses... Having myself a little New Years Eve in my room with Mo, some music maybe a movie, candles, fireworks out my door over the Las Vegas Strip from the Stratosphere Hotel/Casino and filling my face with some traditional treats like... mango and cantaloupe, orange juice, soda, 4 different types of crackers and mustard, 4 different cheeses, string cheese too with pepperoni, salami, canned sardines,

olives, pickles, shrimp with cocktail sauce, deviled eggs, macaroni salad, coleslaw, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese in olive oil, carrots, sweet pepper, cauliflower with french onion dip and potato chips, cream cheese and celery, vanilla cream filled cookies, ginger snaps with milk... Yea, I choose the stay home choice... and made it special for myself! Never in my wildest of dreams growing, up did I think we would all still be around in this world to bring in 2024... lets make the most of it in the most positive of ways. We can do this!

December 30, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, this year has been different in that with the Traveling Piano, I have reached a level of "celebrity" and/or "fame" whatever that means, lol (words others use) in Las Vegas, more then I could ever have imagined. I've even surpassed Mo! As I walk down the street, I hear people say, "thats the Traveling Piano guy." People from all walks of life acknowledge me with respect and appreciation. I am as they say, "seen." What is interesting about that is that it changes nothing about me from within. My personal turmoil and emotional struggles remain unchanged. I feel no better about myself as a result of the acceptance of others and society in general. It is fun but helps my life in no way except to validate my purpose. My purpose has become work! I have mixed feelings about that and the limits coming on fast as a result of age and what I need to do in order to continue. There is absolutely not one positive perk in my life that the illusion of celebrity or fame brings... like money, contacts and relationships with influential people. I am not in the high life in any way specifically fun wise, like with the fancy stuff. Lol, "fancy" I just had to use that word. Although, I'd like some of that. It would stimulate my life in general, I think.

December 29, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I finally got out and walked to the local movies. Finally, something. All my time and energy is spent when able to function, in work. Mo's back legs are getting weaker and weaker. He really hurt today. His ability to even jump into the truck cab is waning and he falls when climbing the stairs and freezes because he can't get going, thats when I help him. So glad I am here with him all the time to help. Christmas this year has really been out of sorts but that seems to be with everyone I talk to. The old normal for life is gone for most people. Blessed are those that can live in LaLa Land... sometimes. As a result of this stage of my life and the world in general, flexibility and adjustment is the new norm and constant. But, has not life always been about that anyway? The challenge down is to remember to remember... joy. At every turn, in every way possible, in my dreams, through other people, my dog, music, nature...

December 28, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

When days like yesterday happen I think I am about to die, literally. With Mo winding down and also myself that is where my head goes just about all the time. Then I remember... the two day delay in coming down from a lot of energy work put out. It has been that way my entire life and still, I forget and simply think the worse. I still have hot chocolate and marshmallows to take out to the streets but just do not have the ability. The cooler and cooking pots are in my bathtub needing to get cleaned and it will happen when it happens. It is ok to do nothing I keep telling myself. Just take a few days off. I would like to do that but out of choice not because I am wiped out.

December 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I could not do anything today. Not even go online or phone anyone. In fact after the last few days when I get home I can do nothing, can't even think. Christmas, I am having my own little Christmas. There are actually two Christmas decorations I have up all year round. It was an elf I found and a Christmas decorated antique train lantern given to me a few years ago. There are a few other decorations and I still have my real Christmas pumpkin from Halloween. My fall decorations stay up through Christmas. (not many) How real is a pumpkin that lasts for months indoors without going bad? Lol, so much for genetically engineered fruit and vegetables. I find comfort in my watercolor paintings of bot Mo and Bo (my past pup) and also my crystals and rocks. I've been listening to and filing Christmas Music ( I have a lot) which I enjoy doing. And then there is Mo... he is my constant Christmas, my happiness, my gratitude, my Christmas joy in awakening to every new day.

December 26, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yesterday I woke up for the first time ever without the feeling I've always had on Christmas. It usually always kicks in at the last minute. Maybe I was too focused on the days physical work at hand. Work? This is not supposed to be about work! And if so, its to be fun work! No question about it... I did have fun all day sharing Christmas with everyone but also I think from yesterday I took in a little too much of the difficulties people are having. The people homeless on the streets in particular. There are more than ever before and they are not all drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves and mentally ill people. Everyone is dealing with those that do not value human life. They dodge pellets being shot at them by drive-by shooters while they sleep. Police stealing their blankets and throw them and all their belongings (including needed legal papers) in the trash with garbage on top. Those mental with no belongings are being thrown out of hospitals with nothing but the paper hospital gowns on.

It went down into the thirties last night! People are being left behind as organizations take control of the giving and caring where those in need cannot reach them. You would not believe the crap a cop gave me for stopping at a bus stop to give someone hot chocolate with the truck engine running and I had been at the spot less than a minute. Those kind of police piss me off so much I have trouble letting it go. And then there is the world. My heritage in Ukraine, the genocide in Gaza and the Israelis under threat from the world as a result not to mention the fragile mental state here in America with people getting gaslit with fascist republicanism. There is much more and it is difficult not to take it in emotionally to have the fun. So... it is the small things to hold onto. Mo. My neighbor, the worst having shown actual hate towards me for no reason, to have given me the most trouble in earlier years becoming more and more friendly to the point that today... he came over to give me a Christmas present.

That... was mind blowing and worth my entire Christmas. To know and feel accepted, respected, appreciated and blessed by him, it cannot get any better than that. He has been witnessing what I have been doing over time as I carry supplies in and out of my room to the truck and back. I ended the day at a place called the field where I used to go every Monday for years. My friend Trudy who has a non-profit still goes every Monday to set up tables on the street and she had a huge Christmas dinner along with other usual resources to share with not only people on the streets but those poor in the area. I enjoyed seeing old friends and actually created music for the first time in a week! Thats because the truck was emptied out enough. And thats because I began to give away full bags of marshmallows verses handfuls, lol.

December 25, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada


December 24, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was a bit of a push and Mo and I got ourselves going. A neighbor took some photos for us. Mo stayed in the cab for most of the day. He does better in there now with a lot of stopping and starting. There are communities of people living on the streets. I could feel a sense of neediness with the holiday from just about everyone and they were so grateful for Mo and I the love going both ways was very, very strong. The details that most people pass by are not passed by with those living on the streets. They notice everything and make sure they let me know that. Like putting the marshmallows on the sticks so they can have five at a time that way. The hot chocolate gave a special Christmas feel especially seeing that it is hot.

When I have about five things to give everyone it is like a bunch of small gifts and they feel that. The hot chocolate, marshmallows, a popcorn ball, cookies and as a joke I give two gold wrapped milk chocolate quarters as I say, "don't spend it" which gives everyone a laugh and ends the exchange on an uplift. People tell me whats going on in their lives since we last saw each other. It is painful but I don't let on when they tell me how someone they have lived with on the streets for years and that I have known for years and we were friends... died. My friend Pavel who owns the pizza shop behind where I live heated five gallons of water to be ready when I needed a refill for the hot chocolate. That would have taken an hour to do in my room. It was a full Christmas Eve Day!

December 23, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I still can't believe how many people in my apartment complex put the candy canes I put on their doors without their knowing who did that... in their windows. It just makes me feel so good and so worth while to have done. I've done that for about five years and never was the response this big. It just says that people really need Christmas! I worked frantically today getting everything ready for tomorrow. Taking stuff down to the truck to pre setup work, putting thousands of marshmallows on sticks, lol... heating the water for hot chocolate will be a challenge. It takes forever to boil on my small stove top and then to carry five gallons at once down to the truck... its not going to be easy.

December 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The details I put into what I do is what helps people to remember. My interactions create memories that stick as a result. The fact that I do community outreach with a dog and the piano truck helps people to remember the kindness and also details. People need as many good memories to hold onto as possible, especially now in the world and especially those living on the streets. They crave good relationship and also appreciate it much more consciously in general. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have a way to express myself and who I am, what I am about and to have it accepted, wanted and respected, especially at Christmastime.

December 21, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

To offer support emphatically and convincingly and then not follow through shows a real lack of character. I do not care the reason especially when there is no apology or restitution. A business owner with many shops here in Vegas offered about $500 worth of candy for the Traveling Piano to give to the homeless on Christmas. It was left over from halloween. She had no intention of following through. It was probably said it to impress those around her. I went to pick it up today. The owner had a sales girl on the look out... to bring outside two bags of gum balls before I went in. The owner knew what she was doing and did not want to face up to it. The bags were just to cover her ass to say she did something. With my time involved, my trust and goodwill disrespected, it is worth nothing. What a waste of time! Thank God for good people who support, are transparent and straight up. And, I'll take someone who just says no ten times over a fake. People like this play Lucy and Linus with a football. I think they like the mind chaos they create for other people in creating hope and then watching it drop like a lead balloon.

So anyway also today besides creating music and sharing the Traveling Piano on the street... I have a tradition here at my apartment complex in the middle of the night I used to put a 4' plastic candy cane Christmas decoration on every apartment door (about 70 of them) as a surprise for the residents. Some put it in their windows, others leave it on the door or take inside their room and some throw it into the alley trash bin. Its fun for me to do but this year... well, the idea of sneaking around in the middle of the night is no longer a good idea. If someone sees me doing something they need to see it in broad daylight so I do not get killed. The ability to remain anonymous in life, not so easy anymore. My one neighbor put his in his window so I copied him knowing it would make him feel good. It did. As he passed by my room I saw him jolt with surprise.

December 20, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yea, so... my sister died today. I forget if I mentioned when my two other brothers passed away this year and last. There are two remaining. I was the youngest in my family with a younger sister who died a crib death. My sister was my godmother and acted as a protecter from my brothers while growing up. Problem with all of it was her understanding of love was from an authoritarian core, that of obligation and expectation. So, as I individualized into an adult... by the grace of god I was able to separate from the (I'm sure I wrote about this before) dysfunctional inner circle of trust that was my family... there was never common ground to be found. My siblings could only relate and love me in name, as a brother. I always said that was hollow and nothing more. There was no support to be had in that. Sad, but it is what it is. My life as a result found a sense of family in all of humanity. It has worked out well for me. Still, it would have been nice to have had a sister to grow old with. Our relationship ended in my twenties. Both my mom and dad, we had a fulfilling and truly loving relationship warts and all. My parents and I grew in love until they both passed.

December 19, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was supposed to be a movie day. I wanted to treat myself but could not. Ouch, I so wanted to see 'Maestro' on the big screen but I waited too long. It is gone. And today Waitress the Musical. I'm going to miss out on that too. The day was spent running around the city buying stuff for Christmas. It will probably be the last Christmas with Mo and his friends on the streets. I purchased 120lbs of marshmallows, lol with 20 gallons of hot chocolate, the cups and lids... I have some decorations with candy, cookies, and popcorn balls. I'm behind with getting the funds to create some positive Traveling Piano Christmas for those living on the streets and need $1200 to pay for the fixins'. Oh well, I just do the best I can. If I must end up using whatever is in the till from regular fundraising (not much) so be it.

December 18, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I began to fundraise today on the street. The first guys I asked ( a sneaker store on Main street that contributed last year) gave $200. Then my energy went up and began to drop right away so I had to stop. I'm thinking what am I able to do? I cannot let Christmas pass on the streets and do nothing. Hot chocolate and mushrooms are on my mind... 50lbs of marshmallows and 1000 6" sticks for the marshmallows to help fill the Christmas Traveling Piano truck for those living on the streets... cost $100 ($75 for the marshmallows $25 for the sticks) Now I need to think of something special with a different color... I can do this, I can do something. Meanwhile well, anyone who knows me knows I like to do things big. Yesterday, after a month in the making in my mind, (I have to think how I am going to place things and where and what and what to move around to where) ...in a tiny kitchen area with a burner, ...

... small sink and practically no counter space I made a Shepherds Pie with pie crust made for the very first time in my life. I used flour, water, salt and butter for the bottom layer... added in mashed potatoes and on top of that spinach. Then, seasoned hamburger with salt, pepper, onion powder, worcestershire sauce and mixed herbs, cheese on top of that, mushrooms with grated onion next, and for the topping... another layer of cheese cooked to a crisp. I wanted to add corn but it was already piled 6" high and the pan 2'x3'! I found a wood board to hold the 30lb pie and took it over to my friend Pavel who cooked it in his pizza over while we checked on it every five minutes. What a work of art! Success! A lot of work. The pizza oven did the trick at 600 degrees. Healthy, filling, fresh and ready to eat for the next month or two. Good thing I have a decent size freezer!

December 17, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up and my first conscious thought was (it is the DNS) about my internet problem of having been down for days with no ability to do anything at all. THis, not the first time, it was a message from a spiritual guide. As I checked all my trouble shooting ways one more time I took out the DNS from my preferences. Turned it off and then back on, the DNS repropagated and everything turned back on. Isn't that amazing how that information came to me? Our minds know all the information there is in the world. Accessing it is the challenge. Spirit speaks through the mind if we trust, believe and allow. I hope I am not around to see humanity lose communication through the internet. Mental illness will explode. Mo and I drove to say goodbye to our friends Eric and Mary leaving town for the holidays and I had to pick up about 70 candy canes I stored in their garage, purchased to put on my neighbors doors in the middle of the night for Christmas.

December 16, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

My internet today service is down... again. What a pain in the ass. Who knows what is going on with the internet. Who is trying to track who, creating interference in the process and the many security blocks creating interference. Internet people not good at their jobs, hackers at every turn, my old computer, etc... my fundraising and ability to move on has been slowing down and down. Today was to be my last day at UNLV. That was cut short from exhaustion. Anyway, I talked with nine cox internet representatives all fools from foolish departments on different levels from tech to security to management to goofball reps all passing me on to one another and just lying about everything from getting back to me, that it will be fixed in an hour, to passing me onto random reps, to just constant making shit up... for hours.

December 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Life is a blur today, mostly sleep, unable to think, zero energy, a bit depressed, physically in pain, not able to distract myself with anything.

December 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Before falling asleep last night I began to suffer from severe exhaustion. It was not pretty and a syndrome came around that I have not had for several years. I went into a constant shiver with the slightest movement. I had to lay completely still, not even move my mouth or a finger. Surprisingly, I could control the shivering each time it began, several times a minute, with a deep breath. The high fever came and broke into a sweat by early morning. That is my "tell" that the most dangerous moments have passed. So of course I am totally out of it, full of ache, no appetite. Mo went downstairs and out to go to the bathroom on his own while I got his food. Thank God he knows to do that. He is my "not feeling alone" charm at times like this.

December 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was a vigil today for the University of Las Vegas gun slaughter so I put everything aside specifically having the truck looked at. It does not start without spraying the filter with cleaner and has no speedometer. My priority is the work. Being able to do the work is not always of my doing. I just turn it over to God. The vigil turned out to be a setup structured memorial with speakers, a set program, etc... not a vigil so I headed over to the makeshift memorial area to be with the Traveling Piano. It was at 2 in the afternoon on a weekday and most of the students left for the semester but there were still lots of people and I could feel the sadness. I wondered how many we're living the pain and suffering from the mass shooting here in Vegas several years ago. Anyway, I lasted until dark and headed back to my room where I was totally exhausted. There has been very few times in my life where I have worked this many days in a row and... still going. Where is the energy coming from? Only two other times come to mind when I have been as exhausted as I feel.

One was from a week long gig in Reading, PA about thirty years ago and the other was when I reached Zacatecas, Mexico with the Traveling Piano back in 2008. Still, as exhausted as I am Mo needed a walk so I took him down the Las Vegas strip to pass by the Fontainebleau casino/hotel which was about to have its grand opening in three hours. The place is within a relatively short walking distance from where I live. The energy of "new and exciting" the feeling of celebration was palatable, I miss that in my life. More of it is needed to replenish my drive. I do not even have the clothes to go into that place! This week I also wanted to see Bradley Cooper's, Maestro on the big screen before it disappears but the Traveling Piano's work dominated. So be it. Giving myself time for fun is so very difficult. Fundraising is really going slow. Two television segments brought in $250 and of course the fox television news segment screwed me as I knew they would. There was no plug for support even though it was a condition for the interview. At least the segment was spun correctly. And, the CBS segment was totally respectful so that I am grateful for. Also Mo, thank God he is in my life. He is my fun!

December 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Sean was in town from Michigan and wanted to connect for breakfast. I am so exhausted last night a little worried physically. I had to get up with only five hours sleep to see Sean, that little sleep is never good for me. After breakfast I thought I had best get to the University Campus before I crash with no energy. There was only two people at the memorial so I decided to stop and create some music. In a matter of minutes two tv crews came buy, people began to show up, I was a little concerned as word got out faster than I could imagine and did not want to become the focus of anything. There we're some significant interactions to be had and I did end up granting fox news an interview. That was a first! I said to the guy how I am not a fan of fox news and he said they are just an affiliated use that fact, lol. The guy seemed genuine so I did it... so exhausted. It will be interesting to see what they put out as I've never given an interview to a conservative news outlet before... on purpose.

I spent time with several students, friends of the teachers killed and who were in the building when it happened. Just, what an honor to spend time with these people in such a tragic period of life. Security and landscaping guys from on campus got word and rushed to meet the Traveling Piano while it was around. I'm treading lightly here, and must be conscious not to take front and center. Of course I have no interest in doing that so when people innocently and unconsciously make it that way I need to pull back without hesitation. My purpose is to share and give support only. When I got home there was a severe ambulance issue with one of my neighbors which as chaotic. Everytime I call 911 for someone (which has been often where I live) they put me through 500 questions about what the call is about. They are incessant and repeat the same questions over and over until eventually I need to just hang up and ignore them constantly trying to call back. The call was to tell them to bring an ambulance... period.

December 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Onward to the University of Las Vegas student campus once again as I tell myself, you can do an hour and a half that is all you need to do. It was a wonderful time with random students who found us while walking by. When I turn on with my energy for work I amaze myself and then when I am done it is like zero ability to think or do anything. My world is totally spent. With the fundraising, little is getting done because I just cannot do both the Traveling Piano work everyday and then switch into the posting online for requests, canvasing people in person, making a plan of action, etc...

When I stop the work with the Traveling Piano for the day... there is nothing more I can do. Still, I do at least a little with the fundraising while telling myself I will succeed. I do not know how it will happen or when. My job is just to do the footsteps to pursue. And... I caught myself saying if the fundraising does not succeed all will end this time around. That thinking, I cannot have because then all I am doing is setting myself up to do all this work with the possibility of failure. That will not work. I need to just immerse myself in what I am doing and mean what I say and say what I mean to myself. Go after the goal with no other options in the equation but the end goal. There can be no end.

December 10, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, was I zonked out. After sleeping thirteen hours which was needed, I got up realizing that not much time was left for sunlight. So I had my coffee and just drove to the university campus while telling myself I can spend an hour and a half there. At first the truck would not start again. I sprayed cleaner (a lot, twice) into the engine filter area and that did the trick. In not knowing where I was going to stop, while passing a few school buildings I noticed a little activity so I drove towards it and there I found a small memorial. There were about eight service dogs with their handlers and a small group of people with crosses. That was it, no one else. People just do what they do and they are well funded to just fly allover the country to different tragedies to make a statement. I should be so funded! Lol, anyway I was about to spend some time with them when the local television station KSNV called to ask if I can be around for them to create a television segment with the Traveling Piano.

I had sent them a press release yesterday saying the Traveling Piano fundraising plans I was about to embark on we're derailed by the gun slaughter taking priority and I need help. They created two segments. The early news segment was about what I am doing at UNLV and for the later news spot they created another segment about my need for support. They use the Traveling Piano as the lead in for both shows and the first segment as a lead for the second. I cannot not thank them enough for doing that. The last thing I would want is to confuse my being at the school for the teachers and students with... fundraising. They helped to keep my agendas separate. Thank you, thank you, thank you KSNV! In the meanwhile I had some significant and fun interactions with students and the Traveling Piano. These young students are most vulnerable right now, many more than they realize with this tragedy right where they live and study. They must now adapt to living in a place where people we're slaughtered like... just a few days ago.

December 09, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo, the old G.O.A.T. wore his hoodie today for the first time this year while hanging out with everyone who found us on the University of Las Vegas school campus. We want everyone to know that we have not forgotten what happened and that they are loved, respected and deserve all the fun and friendship life can offer. Mo and I say, "Get Rid of the Guns." Mo is looking old because... he is. I absolutely love the picture I got from him today in old age. We played in the same spot as the past few days and then I began looking for some new places and ended up playing in one. We met some people from the neighborhood today, a family and a group of guys from Guam who are students at UNLV.

There was to be a gun violence protest today on Fremont Street, it never happened so I pushed myself to buy a large chocolate candy caramel apple from the Rodeo event happening in town. The place was closed. The Rodeo... I've not seen more people for any event in Las Vegas. I guess that is because they all stand out more than usual. There are ten's of thousands of people wearing cowboy hats everywhere! I wish I had more time for fundraising but I am too exhausted to do it after the days work. It is looking like the end of this journey is closing in for me unless sustainable funding happens real soon. I am fairly sure I've never said that so directly before.

December 08, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I just read yesterdays blog entry. Wow was I tired when I wrote it. A rewrite was just in order. Getting moving this morning... I keep telling myself what an old friend once told me... the most difficult part of the day is to get going and then once you get going everything just keeps going. It is like that now also with Mo. He doesn't jump out of bed wanting to eat first thing. I need to help motivate him to get going. We both sort of ease into the day with difficulty. We drove to the same spot as yesterday. The plan is to spend time in a new place every three days so we will drive back again tomorrow. It was easy and relaxing. Two students came over, not many people around especially for a Friday afternoon. There we're many listening from their dorm rooms. The diversity of people and cultures attending UNLV that I have experienced from just two days has impressed me, it is significant.

December 07, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

When the mass shooting in 2017 happened in Las Vegas I sort of went into denial and put my head in the sand, not completely but mostly. I've always felt a little guilty about that so this time around, as a result of the gun slaughter inside the hallways of the University of Las Vegas yesterday, I am making a commitment to hang around the University everyday (if I have the strength) until the end of the semester for the student body and teachers. This will really cut into the fundraising time planned. Giving the support is more important then getting support right now especially as Las Vegas is my home.

So Mo and I just drove to the school and found a parking spot under the huge dorm apartments where I knew someone would discover the music from above. They did. We met and interacted with a bunch of kids. Mission accomplished. Of course everyone is still in shock. The reality has not begun to process yet. There is nothing I do better than sharing intimate relationship, love, friendship, respect and musical fun with strangers living through a terrible situation in life. What a gift that is and I am so grateful to have found purpose and a way to contribute to life, a way that works, that I enjoy.

December 06, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Into the repair shop again... I dreamt about the hassle of it all last night. The truck having issues throws my entire day off. Nothing can be done, I need to find a used cluster system from a junk yard or find someone to repair it which will cost and mean lots of down days without the truck... again. While sitting in the repair shop waiting room an active shooter began a gun slaughter at the University of Las Vegas and the city went crazy. There must have been copy cat fake calls again because all the roads began to shut down. They even shut down a portion of the strip. Getting home took forever. I tried to drive to the school but it was not possible. I ended up parked at the top of my street just to create some of my love for Las Vegas through music. With lots of traffic passing from people driving home, people passed by and a local drummer jumped onto the piano.

December 05, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

When Mo and I woke up, we found a perfect day outside and it was early enough to get out and into nature which happens less and less in life. Seize the day! Screw fundraising... it felt more necessary to enjoy life in the best of ways. We began to drive to the Valley of Fire and then the trucks speedometer died. Then the emergency blinkers got stuck. The whole dashboard cluster failed. Damm! Damm! Damm! I called my mechanic and asked if it would be safe to continue on without the dashboard information. He said it would be ok. I never drive fast enough to speed anyway because the truck will not go fast.

I decided to head towards Lake Meade as in take a smaller road verses the possibility of breaking down on the interstate... if that was going to happen. Then the day just moved forward perfectly. We went on a hike up a mountain, I laid in the lounge chair I brought with me while Mo laid in the sand while we listened to silence and I meditated. The sun and temperature was perfect. There was also musical Traveling Piano interaction with people who discovered us and showed interest. I got back just as it began to get dark and made sure that would happen just in case the headlights went dead.

December 04, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... I am about all set. Signs, flyers, promo, ways to contribute...how I am going to do my work while fundraising with people I interact with at the same time will be excruciatingly difficult. It conflicts with everything I have been about. How do I create the feeling of giving without agenda while selling an agenda at the same time? The word exhausting comes to mind. Well, the goal with this is to get the representation to do all the nasty work so I can continue to do what I do. I may just have to step aside with my no fees, tips, commercial or organizational pitch for awhile and just do what is needed. Seventeen years of purity will have to go down the drain for a while to try and save the journey? One day at a time...

December 03, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am posting the flyer I will be using once again. My friends Mary and Eric helped me to fold all 1000 of them today and put stickers on each one. It was a miracle. In having done this many times over the years, I was dreading it and know it would have taken me several days to do and them doing it with me, their support, it felt like a miracle. Their help gave me a feeling that everything is on track to do what I have to do and what is needed. Now I've got to clean the truck up as much as possible to make it presentable. It looks really bad these days, the paint has been pealing bad and its just falling apart but at least I can get the dirt off it.

December 02, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am getting ready to work it full blast. Signs are being printed like I used in the beginning of this journey to get people's attention and to take a flyer when out and about. I went online to a free lance site, found a guy in Pakistan to set up my flyer for print for $40 bucks. Had a 1000 flyers printed to fold and then made and purchased a 1000 stickers to put on the outside of the folded flyers for identification. I have clear plastic sleeves on the way in the mail to put the paper signs in and then magnetic tape to put on the backs of the sleeves to throw onto the metal sides of the truck.

Printed magnetic QR codes for contribution have been made and ordered to also throw onto the truck. Now I need to make a plan of how to go about getting into the face of people who will contribute significantly. The five and ten dollar donations are always accepted but their is no sustainability in that, not in any way. Even a hundred five dollar donations will not help in the long run, not in any way. I need the ten's of thousands now or this journey is done for. So I am looking for sponsorship or a patron or representation to find that.

December 01, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Never in a million years would I though I would still be around in the year 2023 and now it looks like I'll make it to 2024?!!! And still working with a piano in the back of the same truck for thirty seven years full time?!!! It is time to move on an up. That is what I said with the present "leg" of this journey seventeen years ago when I began to pursue Oprah. Well, that did not work out but a new life did. I made money then by choice made no money and now... I need to make some money or find my way into a more comfortable life. This will take my all but I think I am up to the task... right on the cusp of full commitment to finding a sponsorship, patron whatever as I have been doing all along. But now the effort needs to be all on me and... that. I do not want just contribution, I want sustainability so I no longer need to look for contribution and just do the work itself. It is do or die time. Have I said the before?