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October 31, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am closing out this month in total gratitude that Traveling Piano Pup Mo is still with us. He has pretty much returned to normal although slower and weaker with age but his body functions are working, his appetite has returned, he is absolutely more loving than ever before, I see it, feel it and wonder how much of this simply mirroring between the two of us. It became very dark for a week or too and there is no question that people carried us through with love and support. The time has helped reinforce how to handle death, love, nature and simply what life is in all of reality. We are still in our bucket list... even with it getting colder now I still want to take us camping.

October 30, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

As long as I meditate everyday I am ok. It makes me feel safe and takes away fear and anxiety. Really, the time I spend in meditation is the process of putting in the time, showing a sign of willingness to the state of being I want to exist in. I am never able to let go of all thoughts in fact when Mo was in his most dire state earlier back a week or so ago I just chanted my gratitude mantra out loud all night long as I went about with my work and simply functioning. I have been living more and more in the present moment and that translates into living in a fog of clarity, lol. I realize that may sound crazy.

October 29, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Looks more and more like I will be stationing the Traveling Piano outside a new crystal shop on Main Street as the Traveling Piano Art Gallery will be reincarnating inside it. Here we go once again. For how long remains to be seen. Meanwhile, I am trying to get on the Traveling Piano truck at least forty five minutes daily to build up some stamina. Thank God for the weather. It actually feels cold at night and I will take that over the one hundred twenty degree heat at night.

October 28, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The photos... who reads this blog to remember the Traveling Piano Art Photos and the Gallery? It has started and ended through the years never having really taken off. Well, here we go again. I got the photos out of my friend Eric's garage and took them downtown to my friend Jocelyn's store to get set up again on Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Everytime with the changes needed, there is an undoing and redoing, a lot of work. I'll probably just end up giving it all to her if it does not work out this time. There is about a thousand bucks invested over the years in it all. Along with that today, there was a strong pull to create some downtown presence with the Traveling Piano. Mo and I shared the music for a few hours on the street, two piano players I know stopped by, people who never played a piano before got on to have a go at it. After a while Mo became exhausted and so he sat in the cab. I am so grateful to have this extra time with Mo. A week ago he almost died.

October 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

My dearest buddy is hanging in wonderfully. Mo now gets 2 meals a day. It used to be 1 meal with treats at night. He is eagerly eating his kibble one again and soft food for his 2nd meal with probiotics I have left. Along with his arthritis medicine and fish oil I also give him herbal kidney supplements. Friends have been terrific with support, not so much financially in fact only 3 out of 100's. I feel I am not alone with his care and that is a huge support. He is loving life and I am realizing that next to being with me he just wants to be able to do his routine. The only thing missing from that is walking as much as we used to. We just do the best we can. He drinks plenty of water. Everything really got dark a week ago. I must remember to remember to keep my mind relating rightly with loving him while not attaching fear or lose to it and also staying in gratitude that God and/or all the higher powers are in control.

October 26, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I now deal with friends who have lost their minds as trump supporters lost in conspiracy theories. When someone says that Biden is a pedophile who sniffs children. How do I respond to that? There is no rational but because they see a video made on YouTube it is real. I say to people, "What if your entire life is a lie to yourself as told by others?" Then I say things like, "tump is the antithesis of everything you personally stand for as a giving, accepting, loving, inclusive friend, where is your self respect? Do you even know the meaning of the word Autocracy? Conspiracy theories well, I wrote about that in a post below. It is all about where people get their information online and how they spread it one on one to each other. It has been a difficult day in staying rightly related to the world. World War Three creeping in from Israel does not help anything. The answer is to push myself physically with the Traveling Piano work. Mentally I am there. Physically, it is becoming more difficult.

October 25, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

A neighbor asked if we we're going to be around on Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas so he could see Mo once again and have his girlfriend meet him so... also, we got some blood work done and will find about about that tomorrow. He is really coming around. For how long well, what is important is to just enjoy and stay in the present moment. Everything seems to be functioning once again. He is a little more clingy (I love it) not sure what that is about. The mass shooting in Maine is happening as I right this. I cannot communicate the sadness and anger it creates for me. God help us. Republican voters supporting fascist republicans in my country who have been obstructing any movement forward in protecting society... every single one of them has blood on their hands. There have been 566 mass gun shootings in this year alone. If you cannot say out loud and/or to anyone else, "get rid of the guns" you are culpable in the murder of innocence.

October 24, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I, we be doing our bucket list. Went to the park and laid in the grass some. His grin of happiness is almost constant these days. One of the greatest sins in false religious teaching is an indoctrinated fear of death. All kinds of manipulated controlling, repressing, consequential rational has been used to create fear through the ages. Nothing in nature fears death. The truth in sprit does not fear death. All natural instinct in this world is to strive for survival in any way possible. That is it concerning death. Death has no relation to feelings we have been taught to identify as fear. Animals have no fear of death. They simply strive to stay alive. For any religious person I say, fear is a tool of the devil. Any preacher or religious person who insinuates fear ever and specifically concerning death or an after life... their brain is tool being used by the devil. So it is.

October 23, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everything is seemingly so normal, eh? Mo is truly enjoying as much of life as possible. Never before has he been grinning as he has since this new period of life has begun. We we're on Main Street in Las Vegas for a short while today with some musical fun, friendship and respect. Someone we had met about five years ago messaged to ask if he could see Mo and so... afterwards we went an laid in a park, in the grass. We are doing a bucket list of our favorite things.

October 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

With some energy, Mo and I had a regular day. He has begun to eat and drink water. Here we go with life's ebb and flow at the end. The challenge is to go with the flow and not attach hope to any of it. The goal, just appreciate what is in the moment. On waking up, I think it every morning but am not sure if I ever shared it before. That time of day when we first lay eyes on each other has always been the most favorite, the most tender, Mos' most trusting moment of each day. For him to wake up feeling safe and secure and loved and for me to enjoy that and to feel him beside me... life does not get better than that for us. Last night a memory came to me from what I learned with Piano Dog Boner.

My love through early life experiences is attached to lose and abandonment. I am putting into practice the separation of those feelings now. Love is love. I do not want to confuse that or include it with anything else. This way we both truly live in the present moment of life in the best of ways. We are heading out to a local dog rescue event now to live today in the best of all possible worlds... our world together. So... with a sense of normalcy we went to support some friends who have been helping us at a dog event. We lasted there about three hours doing what we do best! The day before yesterday, Mo could almost not sit up. Today, we enjoted every moment with others and the Traveling Piano, just the way we like it.

October 21, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

So, where we are with the journey right now, Mo is dying. I pray for God to direct our thoughts and for all the angels to surround us. Really me more than Mo as I think I need more help. The day turned out amazingly better than I thought it would. I have not been sleeping, I am afraid to go to sleep with Mo and the emotional stuff does not help. Also I have not been eating or drinking water. I realized this morning that we are so in sync I am being like him. It has been more than two days with no food or water, he just has not been able to take anything in. His pee now is a cream orange color from dehydration. In our room, I can not cook or or eat anything in front of him while he is starving and cannot eat himself. So... first thing today, he drank some water, what a relief! I woke up early (well, like I said I never really went to sleep) and thought I had better get him over to our friends Eric and Mary before it was too late. He loves them and loves spending time at their house and in the back yard. While there, he drank more water and then Mary offered the meat from a rib-eye steak bone and he took it! Everyone felt really good. She offered him a small dog sausage treat with butter on it and he took it but just for a few times!

It was a beautiful day and we laid on the ground together for a lot of the time. He is sticking very close. Usually, when we first get there, Eric is coming out of the garage and Mo is jumping around and whining for him to come open the truck door. This time he was sullen and when the door opened he moved back to press against me. He wanted no chance that I was going to leave him. Last week I had gone to the movies and he stayed with them. He needs me by his constant side right now. I need him by my constant side right now. We cuddle all the time. Now, it is all the time and then some. I love my boy. Everyone on line says it correct, Mo is a "sweet" boy, always has been... playful and sweet.

I think the medication is helping to give him a few extra days with us. It helps to settle his stomach and to keep him from throwing up. I also give him a liver pill. On the way back home, I stopped to see our friend Jocelyn at her crystal shop. She made an overnight purchase of a canvas carry that will help me to take Mo up and down the apartment complex stairs once he can no longer walk. She had a bag of small treats with her and Mo ate them all! So here we are in the up and down swing of end time. To focus on and enjoy every moment with what is while wanting as much time as possible but without hope of recovery because there is no hope to be had at all. I was also reminded of what I learned from Traveling Piano Dog Boner and that is to love while making sure to detach from feelings of lose or abandonment with the love. I took great photos of Mo eating with Mary and Eric and also the treats with Jocelyn but... there was no friggin' camera card in the camera and I did not know. Huge bummer.

October 20, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

We are in loving spirit together, I know that many of you are with both Mo and myself. Mo has a few more days, he's an old guy and ready to go. The vet (2nd one) said if he was her dog, she would put him down now. I said no fucking way. He is full of life! We are going to make the most of it for and in this world. Mo has loved life fully and will until he says it is over. God will direct us both on that matter. That is how we fly. I will know... we both will know on how to take every step as it is all playing out perfectly in this very moment. As my friend Eric said, "It take a village." I have different friends who are good in different aspects of what is needed to take both Mo and I through this process of life until the very end and after... and of course all of you here on FB. On some levels I would like to discount the value of the online relationship aspect of life but... it is in fact significant and you all do help to give me a feeling of support big time. So for however long we last together we will enjoy... this is what Mo wants as it is also what I want. We are one, together. Tomorrow we will visit with very close friends as Mo feels as a second home with them. On Sunday if possible there is a dog event for Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue here in Las Vegas who has been helping us consistently for a few years in every way and we want to take the Traveling Piano there to support them. We shall see how that goes. And if still possible somehow... we will both get into some nature for time together. So... TO LIFE! ..with this last part of our journey together. This is what I posted for people online.

Now, let me express in a little more detail. I am in full blown survival mode. I am singing the gayatri mantra non-stop. It helps Mo to feel comfortable and it is an absolute must for keeping the thoughts I do not want from grabbing on. Mo, licks my hand constantly in appreciation. He loves my rubbing, massaging of him. He has so much loved being in his body form the start. So... how it has been playing out... it is clear and perfect. I had that experience from yesterday quite validating and reassuring. Annette how has been helping us through the years has been guiding me so Mo can eat. She has been a great comfort for me in having someone to take direction form that I trust. It is not working tho because his liver has almost stopped functioning. Food and water is no longer nourishing his body. There is no sign of pain. Then I walked him over a block away to my friend Jocelyn around the corner and told her I had been to the vet but did not get x-rays or blood work... yet. She said I need to do that now as it will give me comfort and offered to pay. She called her vet and I got squeezed into the last appointment for the day. The vet said his eyes we're jaundiced which is what the other vet said. Then I was presented with an x-ray, blood work estimate for $1000.

I told her that was not going to work for me and then did a begging pitch which brought us into reality. He has a few days at most left. Right now, I'm not even sure about tomorrow as his strength is draining fast. She gave me meds and liver pills for four days to settle his insides as best possible. Jocelyn has offered to help me along the way. She, an angel stepping into place as needed. My friends are close, Stephen back in Philly called me today, he knows how to listen well. Jocelyn is a perfect person to sit with and wail away. I told her, I will just need someone to "be" with me not to comfort with words and if she tries to hug or pt her arms around my shoulder I will smack her. Lol, she gets it. Everything is falling into place clearly and perfectly. My only problem is trying to go to bed, I am afraid of losing those lost minutes in being awake with Mo. And then there is the getting up to see what tomorrow will bring. Emotionally, I am going to need the help of all angels from above as well as here on earth. I want to keep myself numb until he passes as I want him to feel ok with me until the very end. Pray for us, for acceptance... to stay clear in the knowing that all is right and good... that Mo passes comfortably... that I will have the strength to go on living once he leaves. I am going to leave this entry without reading it over for any correction because... I just don't have it in me to do.

October 19, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo was laying on the bed and for the first time, really... the first time in all his life, he looked unhappy. I reached over to give him a scratch and he brightened up. Then I began my meditation. I pulled him up on my stomach while I massaged him and sang my meditation mantra. He gave me the widest grin ever and most amazingly... held it constant for 30 minutes as... he faded in and out and his eyes rolled around in his head. He has never held a grin for more than a minute let alone almost unconscious. The picture below in the comments does not show... that the grin is both gums from top to bottom. The look is so beautifully gross! During that time it became very clear that he is serving me until the very, very end.

He wants for me to be happy, he is happy, everything is good and ok. We are taking each other through this process. At every turn he licks my hand. For me, this is the messaging of a power greater then ourselves that I understand as God. Many people know how Mo came into my life with God, he will go out with God and I am also with God. My friend Annette who is advising me says she thinks we can bring him out of this. We shall see. I simply pray for acceptance and of course that comes through gratitude, humility and a knowing, life long experience using faith.

October 18, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

A burner type person (as in the worldwide burning man community) answered an ad online for help with designing a promo piece at no cost. Burners are often very community oriented and giving. He was all in but then I let the ball drop when I got COVID last time. Now, at the end of the week I am going to take the Traveling Piano to a large dog event in a park where there will be many potential contributors and I need that promo piece to fundraise with and give the message as to why I am there. The bottom line of why I will be there is because a dog rescue that helps me and Mo with our expenses will be there and I want to support them. It is to be a duel motive now but anyway, the guy still came through at the last minute to help. We met at a coffee shop and a girl that had seen us years ago came over to interact as she missed out last time and was not going to let it happen again. We all had some Traveling Piano fun and as a result not enough time to finish the promo piece. Its not going to happen. Meanwhile Mo seems to be slipping away. No eating, no water intake, no ability to hold down food.

October 17, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo's seems to be slowing down faster these days. He has had problems for the last week. Been trying different things to help him stay comfortable, some days he can hold his food and water down, others not, sometimes his body functions other times not, I'm taking him out every two hours 24/7. There is no suggestions needed or to be given, I'm covered in every way, on every level, with everything. Just think I should give an update now and then because he is loved by many people. He's 13.5 yrs old. He is resting on my leg right now. We went out with the Traveling Piano for a short while, it was too much for him. Time to rest.

October 16, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am getting it together again to raise money as I have been trying to do since the last fundraiser. While figuring out qr codes, opening up accounts to use them, learning to use my Iphone as most people already know how to do, it all has been excruciating. Literally, I moaned all the way through making these qr codes. I've been seeing how people spend money. Now that cash is used so much less and even credit cards, when people buy something they do not think about the cost at all. It is almost unbelievable to me. It is so easy and fast with a qr code... I think, if people are going to throw away money so easily, I want some of that. In the old days I would not want to add to the ways people spend money without thinking. Now I am going to say... do not think about the worth of contributing to the Traveling Piano, just send me money!

October 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Okie Dokie, I joined a new fundraising platform today. It is called SpotFund . Money needs to be made bigtime. It mirrors GoFundMe that disgusting, non-transparent, manipulating and controlling scam of a bank, fundraising website but... it is more transparent, responsive with intelligence and I can get the info I need from contributors like their email address to thank personally and not publicly. For a few days before I went back and forth with questions to make sure I would not have the problems I had with GoFundMe in the past and that they are not of the same mentality of making money for themselves under the guise of helping people. Of course SpotFund is fairly new so they are hungry for business, more cooperative and wanting to please which suites me just fine. As much as I do not want to be doing this the fact that I am 37 years in with this piano on a truck, there is no way I can just stop unless something like 37 million bucks comes my way, lol.

October 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What is happening to innocent men, women and children in Israeli and Gaza, it is another step down for humanity as we now it. Trying to work with the Traveling Piano with the worlds chaos is more difficult than in my younger days. But still professionalism with what I do needs to stay in place. Keeping the musical fun, friendship and respect going must live side by side with all the shit going on. Democracy does not slaughter innocence randomly. Ukraine is an example of this concerning Russia and with vocal validation. Before you pick sides consider authoritarianism and its lack of value for innocent human life. It is more important then the USA's presence and agendas in the Middle East. Hamas is a terrorist group not the Palestinian people. They would like to hijack the term and even allow their own to be slaughtered for self-agenda as trump and the right wing fascists here in the USA would be the same. With Netanyahu in control in Israel, he has been showing to not represent the Israeli people, he is just another zionist, fascist. Do not support his slaughter. Simply... observe, pray and speak out against anti-democratic behavior. Ihave visited both Israel and Palistine in the past so of course I have a little feel for it all.

October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What I have been taught, learned, observed is the most people share but do not share equally. The issue of deserving that someone deserves more than another person, thats where all the trouble starts. When I was down in Katrina and I met a woman that lost her piano in the storm I wanted to buy one for her. The first place I checked out was a pawn shop and there was a crappy keyboard for $400. I almost purchased it but thought, "I can't give a piano player an instrument that I would not want for myself because its not good enough." The feeling that I had after giving the best I could which was a pretty damm decent piano is something you can only know by doing. Many people know the good feeling in giving. But "over the top" the most possible" "more than for myself" (within sensibility), it is an ultimate experience.

October 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I remember driving down a road past very wealthy estates and farms I saw tents set up in fields here and there. I know from experience they are woofer tents, people who work on the land in exchange for the ability to pitch a tent and stay on a property. Some choose this lifestyle others I am sure would rather have the best bed on the land. That got me to thinking about the humongous estate houses with many rooms rarely used and the levels of trust, the sharing of space since the beginning of time. The hierarchies of property owners, entitlement, workers quarters, kings and serfs, etc... who deserves to live where and how... sleeping conditions, class systems and so on. I have come to the conclusion that money is not the route of all evil. The idea of deserving and entitlement, lack of trust concerning the material world is the route of all evil. The idea of who should have more or less is the route of all evil. I totally understand that for some people it is not an issue of wanting visitors not to have equal or better then themselves... they just do not want to forgo what they are used to, their routines with sleeping and waking, familiarity, do not want their "stuff" messed up, etc... Still, I believe there is a subconscious side to many people's thinking that is all about entitlement.

October 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

On the topic of the many different people who have invited me into their homes through the years... With all the experiences, over a hundred fifty I think... I would still feel a little uncomfortable with a stranger staying with me... if I had a home. A lot of effort would be needed to adjust myself to caring about them enough to feel as welcomed as I would want for myself with other people. Well, thats just the truth. Old ways, indoctrinated thoughts and habit I am fairly certain I'll be working on to empty from my psyche for the rest of my life. As far as sleeping arrangements in people's homes, everyone cares on a different levels. I'll never forget the first time someone gave me their bed and took the sofa for themselves. This has happened several times. People have also shared their cellars, sofas, floors, air mattresses, futons, garages, outside tents and yurts, some spaces are set up nicer than most bedrooms. Everyone has always tried to make the spaces as comfortable as possible. Most situations are not as nice as what they have. (like their own bed)

October 10, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been thinking about the many close friends and my parents who showed me and gave me the example of dignity throughout their entire process of aging and dying, how they put there best foot forward consistently until the very end will amaze me into my own last moment. Respect comes to mind. I want to be an example of that. There is a tendency to just let it all go and not care about how I look to for people or for myself. I want to not care to function in the best ways possible, not caring about how significant what I have to offer for the world is. The difference when I was young concerning that last sentence is that I did not know how significant I am. Now I know that it is so much, it is almost difficult to comprehend. This journey has been one big recommitment just over and over and over. But, it has been worth it to keep doing that.

October 09, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went to an old spot today, the field. It is where many people go to share resources with those living on the streets. Mo and I were there weekly for years. Trudy who took me to a music concert last month, I wanted to give her one of my night blooming cereus plants as a thank you and I know she will take care of it as best possible. Once there I found out that I already gave her one the night of the concert! So now she has two. It is a very special plant related to my mother and the house I once owned. On this blog, I've mentioned it many times through the years and have posted photos.

October 08, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I enjoy meeting new people. I appreciate anyone who comes into my life with a perspective that I have not yet experienced... with any idea. I am curious as to how people embrace their lives both good and bad, progressive or not. Relating is another story. Travel offers an escape from complacency in every way and opens up the realm of meeting new people on a whole new level from when in one spot only. In Las Vegas, I get to meet people from all over the world. But when I go out into the world to meet those same people on their turf, the experience is much richer. Its not feeling like travel anymore for the Traveling Piano. The money is not there, opportunities, my energy with age, certainly Mo's energy but you never know. I've said in the past, an Artist Residency somewhere would help or a few sponsorships but that would mean going commercial in a sense. So be it, change happens, I am getting closer to pursuing that.

October 07, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I started this journey I said to myself, "you wouldn't travel and do this "schtick" on your own but can do it with Traveling Piano Dog Boner so while he is still around do it! What happens in the future is not as important as what is happening now in the present. I have several models in life to follow. Most have now passed, my mom always putting her best foot forward, my friends Mike, shining as much as possible until the end, Gertrude never giving up her spirit... John who was always with me in thought, my loyal friend Kathy and today I still have friends who are alive as an example to keep going and Mo... he is slowing down fast and I want to keep going while he is around but... there is more of a sense concerning his comfort than there was with Bo. Mo is more fragile, sensitive and tender. I'll need to watch and not push him to be on the piano when the energy is too chaotic or the weather not satisfactory.

October 06, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tonight is the 21st anniversary of the monthly 1st Friday community celebration in Downtown Las Vegas. Interesting Traveling Piano fact, I am sure I've written it before... as a performer many years ago, I was hired for the very first ever 1st Friday event. It was with the same Traveling Piano truck still in use today and for a hundred bucks! A true community event, it was 36 yrs ago, 1987 in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Neighbors simply brought out tables to set in the middle of the street to share a huge dinner with each other.

Then, the guy who thought of it created a copy write of the name and sold "First Friday" to every town in America for $10. Then he began structuring it as an event and began selling the event structure as a package. Then he began to market the name "First Night" as an outdoor alcohol free New Years Eve celebration in communities. Mo and I spent a few hours on Main Street today to help be part of the event away from all the hoopla. We setup where it is more about community relationship than entertainment or performing. That means where there is a lot less people, and away from the commercial aspects of it.

October 05, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

One more day of heavy posting. I talked at length with a guy today, we could go on forever talking and there is a lot of disagreement in it all. But there was something I could trust about his intent, his core in spirit. It was good. Sadly tho, I could detect he was infected with conspiracy theory. It comes from wanting to know about everything from every angle too much. Thank God that stage of my life is over, the need to know because I've learned that I know enough and what not to delve into as I will never know to understand. One thing I know for sure and I've said it before, conspiracy theory is the worst evil in the world today. Conspiracy Theory dehumanizes us all, destroys us in spirit. It objectifies the truth, destroys what is most essential in order to relate and what is destroyed is the ability to trust in relationship to whatever.

October 04, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some more heavy thoughts for today. Thoughts of what I want to stay clear about as the world becomes more and more unclear. The idea of God speaks through creation and is based on growth in love. God so to speak wether acknowledgement be simply of good, positive energy or the universe, through Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Hinduism or Buddhism ... speaks in the name of progression and growth in the truth of spirit with clarity, respect, patience, tolerance, acceptance, belief, trust, emotional maturity and within the human realms specifically, equality. Authoritarianism in religion is not of God. Ideology is not of God. Any bible or "holy" book as the end all of fact, truth and justice is the devils tool. Any sacred book rationalized and understood as anything more than a tool of love... not of God. The bible is for self discovery of God's love and also the Quran, Bible, Tanakh, Tao Te Ching, Tipitaka, etc...

October 03, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The journey has shown dark times in the last few years. My goal is to stay transparent and in the truth of spirit. I had some dark thought I want to share. The devil lives through fear and is based on destruction. It seeks to infect the mind with conspiracy to create confusion, to dehumanize spirit manifest. Never for the sake of progress and always for the sake of repression, the devil suppresses with rationalized lies of what should, should not be, is and why. The devil is unethical. The devil preys on lazy, vulnerable minds be it a child or an emotionally stunted, immature adult. It speaks as an authoritarian to control, manipulate, influence and dominate. There is no middle ground with the devil, no negotiation, no flexibility. Any idea of choice is a deception. The devil has a one track mind in its rejection of love.

October 02, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

To replace bad energy from yesterday I drove the Traveling Piano to last nights murder and parked right on top of where someone was killed to create music. The goal, to acknowledge spiritually some validation and reassurance for humanity. There were a local group of kids hanging out and we interacted with some musical fun, friendship and respect. That felt really good. When I was about to leave I saw a phone in the piano space. At first I thought one of the kids left it but it seemed to nice for one of them. I called the number on the phone to find it belonged to a lady from the Philippines who I met in Redrock Canyon the other day. She was getting ready to leave on a flight back to the Philippines and I had just enough time to run to the airport to give it to her. Can you imagine her relief? It felt like a present from the Universe through me to her for my creating the energy of intent for the the guy murdered yesterday. Or maybe it was him saying thank you. That would not be the first time something like this has happened. Goodness always comes from goodness created. This journey is living proof of that and very clear.

October 01, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tonight there was another gun murder outside my place across the street from the Travelers B&B where the major drug deals go down on Las Vegas Boulevard. I heard the shots go off and thought it might be a car with a noise effect as there are hundreds of kids riding around with the mist obnoxious loud engines as possible. But no, the police came in five minutes to sweep up the mess like nothing happened and the city kept it out of the news as usual because it is downtown. My seeing the body being taken away will be in my brain for days. Either someone in the city or on the police department is getting paid off, or the police use that place as a hub to keep track of what is going on... it does not matter. The situation is getting worse and worse. Someone else was gunned down less than two weeks before. It has been going on for years. I used to go to the monthly police/community meetings until I realized they are just an inside joke for the police department and nothing more. I'm very angry about it.