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June 30, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Whew, this month is over! Lol, I've been working to... what the hell have I been working to...? I need to clear some of the clutter in my room, I've not even unpacked from camping last week. My room is a micro sized studio. My lounge chair gets stored in the bathtub. I have a keyboard here that gets setup in the bathroom. As I have been thinking how I want to practice I thought, for what? I must have something to practice for. Well, there is something I've always wanted to do that I have done half assed in the past and would like to do better. That would be some James P Johnson stride piano and also a Bach English Suite favorite for piano to a polished performance level. At this stage of the game the energy needed my no longer exist. But I could try, right? It sure would feel good to get some of my old Ragtime pieces back into form. All this would take full time dedication. Do you know how people say they have regrets that they never did something they always wanted to do in their lives? Maybe not getting those pieces in my hands before I die, that would be a regret?

June 29, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am determined to leave this earth on a positive note... of some kind. The challenge of today's world, I always knew it would come to what it is and know what I need to do. Lead the way for myself in the ways I know how. I've said this before that I realize there are people, many people living life to the fullest both purposely and not aware and also ignoring the worlds problems. As much as I would in La, la land want to join them, its just not me, never was. Oh the piano man, so free spirited just flowing though the world creating musical Fun, Friendship and Respect while sharing his adventures of inspiration and empowerment adding such good works and energy to the world... yea, well there has always been another side of me to all that. I've shown signs of it throughout the years but now that other side has been rearing its head more and more. Maybe I need more compassion and empathy for myself.

June 28, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Eric says that it will be just a few months of intense heat, they will pass fast. I must find a way to survive those months and also keep Mo active. For many years I had commitments indoors like at the Las Vegas rescue mission on a real grand piano for the serving of dinners there. Then through covid, then the journey cross country, last year Uvalde and now... I have been playing so little piano it is frightening. I'll never get the physical speed and energy back at this point once I loss it. Even helping people living on the streets. As I get older I become more afraid of the heat, of everything. New plans are in order, I must have something to look forward to. Camping like a week ago, I must force myself to do that again. But then again, the fear. Stupid, useless, no reason to have fear.

June 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Opportunities, some times big flow into my life as always and also good ideas with potential. They fall through. A place to display and sell my art photos, a place to base myself with the Traveling Piano so I can pitch it for backing to create something new. Finding a few volunteers to help with the homeless on the streets. A video production company, a screen writer interested, a potential sponsorship... these things all happen and then fall through what ever crack or into a black hole. Really, it is always disappointing, it erodes at my inspiration to continue especially seeing as I have been feeling like I am burning out. This blog has been negative often now or just definitely not full of fun happenings, synchronistic, spontaneity, etc... So sad to disappoint whomever and I am sure there are those how would prefer I just act all up and inspirational all the time. Ain't gonna happen. I've never been good at faking how I feel. If paid to do so I would but that is called professionalism.

June 26, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was zonked today, no energy. As I write this blog I can feel myself beginning to repeat not just the same themes but specific thoughts. It is kind of scary. Age, lack of activity and new things, interest, inspiration, what is it? For a good fifteen years I prided myself on not repeating anything and now I am even repeating photos sometimes. Ugh... Maybe I can sense that less and less people are reading it so why bother? Wow, head adjustment time... bother for myself. This blog has been first and foremost for myself all these years... to share with the world. How much of the world? That is none of my business. It always feels good though, when I know I am reaching a lot of people. Those days feel like they are over. In 2007 the website was getting millions of hits. I stopped counting back then because of that. Knowing the popularity would distract me for sure. So it is.

June 25, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am beginning to pay my dues physically from the last two days. How did I do what I did with the stamina and strength? One way was through decision and then I thought about nothing else but what I was doing while doing as... I was in the zone. Luckily, I knew when enough was enough. That has been a life long practice to know when to stop. As I get older I have no choice but to stay actually aware, or else. Mo and I went to the mall to return the lousy air mattress pump I purchased. The mall is huge, on the strip and only three miles away. I need to go there more for exercise and walk as old people do in malls, lol. It is better than taking Mo for walks in the heat. He had trouble lifting his leg to step up onto the escalator. My best bud is aging quicker and quicker. Shouting is now the only way to give him a command so he can hear. Also, I must think for him at times when quick thinking is needed. I have been lifting him onto the bed more and more as he has such difficulty jumping. Its all natural what is happening and I am grateful for the process of life.

June 24, 2023

Lovell Canyon, Nevada

Last night was brutal! It went down into the forties with winds at 30 miles an hour all night. I had left the rain top off the tent to look at the stars. Once it got dark and the weather switched there was no way I could have figured out how to put it on so... wow was it cold. After finally passing out I woke to a sun so bright I could not open my eyes, lol. The tent made it shine more intensely. Although it was still cold, in no time at all it became too hot to stay in the tent. I decided to take the tent down and put it back up by a tree that would be a sun shield for at least the first few hours for tomorrow. Then after a few hours it was hot, hot, hot but still I wanted to stay until... my "new" mattress sprung a leak. There was no way I could sleep on the ground for tonight especially after last night.

Time to pack up and drive home after only one night. That was enough for the first time out. Still I scoped out the area for potential future spots with shade and cooler. I've come this far, there is no going back. A one night experiment, practice... for some reason I want to do this. It is totally out of the box for me. I can create enough creature comfort to do this. When it gets too hot downtown I want to be able to escape. The tent view from the inside was beyond awesome. Next time I will not have that view because it is too exposed for the elements. This was a huge accomplishment to do for the very first time, older and not so in shape and by myself. Of course Mo with me was completely comforting and helped me to feel safe.

June 23, 2023

Lovell Canyon, Nevada

Wow, so here we are in the desert to camp out. Driving here was completely joyful. I brought so much stuff its ridiculous. I might as well have packed to go on the road for a half year. But, most of it is for camping. Tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pump, food, lots of water, the computer, back up batteries and chargers, a small table, my lounge chair, an umbrella for shade it just goes on and on. Thank you dear lord for the tent not being difficult to setup!!! Still, I almost hurt myself trying to get in and out of the tent with the mattress giving nothing solid to balance myself with. Mo took right to burrowing into shade spots about four of them in nearby low shrubs. I have his piano rug for him to lay on but he prefers the natural dirt. There are no shade trees here. I feels like i've entered a different world. In only an hour away from where I live.

It is difficult to remember the life I left this morning, lol. Taking a shit in the desert... a challenge. I found a tree to lean against with my butt. When I detached well, it felt like poison ivy on the butt, itch, itch, itch. The sun is a challenge as there is no way to sit in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes. The temperature has been awesome today with periods of cool breeze. It will probably get cold tonight but I have a heavy down sleeping bag and a winter hat I brought with me. No creating music on the Traveling Piano. It took all that I could do just to get set up and somewhat organized. I meditated for about forty minutes and did some work for a new promo sheet and for the NFT gallery proposal that is developing with no expectation just going with the flow. I wish I could have left my computer at home.

June 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent the day working to organize myself and pack and know where everything is, make everything easily accessible and have some clarity of mind about what I am about to do. And that would be to camp for the first time ever and by myself with Mo. Just putting one foot in front of the other. There is so much in my room and moving things around is such a chore. It is not like I am a pack rat. There is nothing I do not use. The space is big time... small. I'm having fun and am looking forward to doing this. I've thought about it many times over the years. If it was along with the Traveling Piano's work... never. When I am working with the Traveling Piano, all focus is to do everything to make it work. Side issues like adjusting to camping and the necessities in doing that... not a chance my mind could evert cope. This I know.

June 21, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a hundred degrees and I was wondering whether to chance it physically to take Gatorade out to the streets. It is in this kind of heat when I am most needed so, I went out. Mo and I drove with 10 gallons of Gatorade in a cooler sitting on a crate for easy access in the back of the truck as I have done 2x's in the past. After a while I heard a little knock while driving slow, did not think much about it. Stopped to give some Gatorade out to find the entire cooler feel over and emptied into the truck bed. Mo's rug for the piano was soaked with Gatorade. I still had the ice (80lbs) so I gave that out and filled the cooler with the rest. Then I drove back to refill the cooler with water for the ice in order to continue. On the way I felt another knock and thought nothing of it. Once at the water dispenser I found the cooler was gone. Had the knock been the cooler falling out of the truck? After retracing my steps twice and not seeing it on the road I began to drive to Walmart to get another. Then I remembered the Igloo coolers in Walmart, the quality was worthless.

I so much did not want to go back to where I purchased the original cooler as the store manager was so shitty. Then I remembered there was ice in the cooler. It could not have blown out of the truck. I must have left it on the sidewalk and someone took it. I began to drive around the neighborhood looking for it, asking people on the streets if they had seen it. On the 3rd time driving by the spot spot where it disappeared, the last guy I gave ice to was there. He said someone had taken but he told them to put it back. He said, the piano man is a good guy! After the spill I thought maybe I should just go home. Then after the cooler incident I thought really, maybe I am getting a message to go home. When all was said in done I parked on Main Street to create some music before the day's end. The piano's power was dead. Yep... just go home!

June 20, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was to go camping this weekend with two guys I met a month ago with the Traveling Piano. They called to cancel as work came into play. I'm still doing it no matter what. There has been too much of me invested, researching and buying what is needed, getting myself emotionally ready, etc... I asked what kind of work they do. Video production with a special interest in creating small viral tick-tok segments. Oh my God... I have been wanting to get help in doing that I said. The guy said he thought I would not be interested as I had pooh-poohed tick-tok when we met. Yesterday a guy emailed me about bringing the Traveling Piano to the opening of an NFT gallery downtown he is working with on first Friday which is a big event downtown every month. Turns out he is also a screen writer and I have been thinking about how to find a screen writer to work with. Two potential connections directly related to how I would like to move forward and create some financial stability while having fun and keeping going with the Traveling Piano. So... no big hope, just moving on and through possibility to see what happens.

June 19, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is nothing to say but the same old, same old so... must I have something to say everyday? Except that maybe I need to step up my game in life to have more things to say. Then again maybe I don't want the idea of "need" in my life anymore. "Need" is an illusion and can be my worst dysfunction mentally.

June 18, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is difficult to put into words what happens in my brain when potential success of anything I dream of happening through or with other people begins to manifest. For myself alone, doing myself, creating by myself no problem but when other people are involved, have control even with the slight hint of expectation needed by me, all thoughts become a blur. Stage fright sets in just like when on a concert stage to perform. (I've messed up terribly everytime) In business with high end professionals, intimidation real or not sets in like crazy. My mind goes blank and I can't think or say or do. It brings to mind way back in 2007 when I met by chance with producers from the Oprah Winfrey show. (I was pursuing her back then to help with my wildest dream) It was for an audition, the details are here in the blog. They asked "what do you do?" I was fairly certain they knew who I was as I bumbled my way through in saying I play the piano on the back of a pickup truck while they asked, why? I completely fumbled with a two word answer, "its fun?" They replied, thanks for coming. I was done for. LOL, I still laugh when I think about it. But also when I looked back that was so meant to be.

June 17, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What a process life can be! Mo and I drove over to my friend Eric's place to get my sleeping bag as next weekend I am going to camp for the first time. Also, I needed to get my practice piano so I can play in my room when it is too hot outside. That would include also the bench and stand. Then, the recently purchased 10 gallon cooler and huge insulated case for ice. I'll be taking that out for those living on the streets in the next few days. Along with other stuff, these items have been stored my friends garage because there is no space in my micro room. My lounge chair, shade umbrella and five gallon camping cooler are in the tub. Where I am going to put the additional items.. living in such a small space can be very frustrating not to mention make me crazy. I'll just leave it all in the truck overnight. I need and use everything I own so...

June 16, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was some heavy rain last night and when I woke up it was still cloudy and the temperature was cool! Trudy, a women who serves food on the streets was to be out today so in taking advantage of the weather Mo and I drove to her spot to surprise her. The people living on the sidewalk had their fabrics hung on the fencings to drip dry. I thought about how they all just had to sit in the rain and have most everything they own ruined. They we're all up against a fence on the sidewalk. Behind the fence was wind blown littler. The sidewalk was spotless because they all clean up after themselves. They get littler bags to fill and then throw them in a pile across the street.

While the city complains about homeless trash they never provide trash cans or trash bags or give the homeless credit for how much they clean up the city and their areas. While downtown there are no less then eight trashcans on every intersection (there used to be sixteen) in the homeless sectors... zero. By the time I left the sun came out and the temperature rose about twenty degrees! I am always amazed how people come up to say hi and can tell me what I shared with them years ago. One guy today while he was on the piano I asked, do you know me? He said yea, you gave me a couple pairs of socks back in December. Thatis how it is... most people are full of appreciation and gratitude and... they remember unconditional empathy, compassion, friendship and love.

June 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

In a couple days there will be a victory parade on the Las Vegas strip for the Rangers. (God, I hope that is the name of the team) This is the sports team with its winning the Stanley Cup Title as the best in the hockey league. It is so great I am not in Philly (my home town) where I would not be able to escape the Flyers if they had won. In Philly this would all in your face at every turn, all over the top and just too much. Here in Vegas it has just dominated the news media for the last week. The team is new and has not yet branded everything you can see and hear and the indoctrination of children to be sports fanatics when they grow up has just begun, lol. In any case, when I was younger I would have to be in it all to share in the excitement and when I performed with the truck as Raggin' Piano Boogie would have needed to be in the middle of it all as part of the festivities. Now, with the celebration outside my door within walking distance on the strip... I could not care less. Does this mean I am now burnt out, old and done with it all? I've never been into sports.

June 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo is so dear. He is feeling his age more and more each day. His legs tend to splay when walking. I must be very careful in watching him. Climbing stairs he must take his time or stumble. When he goes to jump into the truck he is now learning to trust that after his initial effort, I will help him the rest of the way up as he can no longer do it all on his own. When he goes to jump down from the piano and out of the truck, I must tell him not to try and he lets me help him while holding still for me to do that. When he was younger and I tried to carry him down he would squirm the entire time. Now, he even will put his legs around my neck to hold one while I bring him down. We walk mostly with the leash now as he hearing less and less. He cannot hear my commands and warnings to stop, lookout, turn, etc...

June 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyday I think about whether to push forward to a higher peak, just keep doing what I am doing and work to sustain that, or just let go of this whole Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. That was the original title. It certainly has morphed into much more than just musical over the years. Doing what it would take to move on upward I am not sure I have it in me or want to have it in me. Of course, I guess I would want to move on up but fighting in my mind what my world says is realistic in every way well... do I really need to live in the reality of my mind or others? This is where I just let it all go and turn it all over to the God of my understanding. Clarification on my purpose which is to do God's will and that means everything good, to add to the world, be of service, nurture, validate, reassure, create and manifest in all the most wonderful, joyful and miraculous of ways for all to partake in... that can be accomplished in simply being.

June 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is the last day with the temperatures in the eighties for a week and it will be heading into the hundreds in a few days. I felt like I was physically able go out, but where? Into the desert to enjoy nature while still possible or to create music on the streets with the Traveling Piano while still possible. I chose the later but it did not last long. My energy is very low. Good thing I did not go into the desert. As long as I lay in bed I am ok. Putting out energy through music, interacting with people, etc... I lasted about a half hour on the street and thought to get home quick. A half hour is better than nothing, right? The entire keyboard is about shot, dead, not working. That hurts as it has lasted only two years. Lucky, while I had the money, a spare was purchased and is stored in a friends garage. But still... $1,400 for a equipment that lasts only two years. That stinks. I've said it before, every generation of keyboard lasts half the time as the one before. It is a total rip off.

June 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

More and more through the years I write about my health and how much less I can do because of it. The first two years of this journey we're fantastic with my just getting healthier and healthier. Then it all held steady for a few years and then the weight began to return every so slowly while I complained about it happening through the entire process. Weight is a real energy killer for me. After covid, my body went down a notch and has not recovered. Having new and weird ailments happen with my body is just really... weird. Going to a doctor anymore is worthless. Along with the fact that I am heading towards seventy years old... what the fuck! So, the journey continues everyday with a lot of days minus nature, music and interacting with people but it still keeps going. A part of all that happens with the computer and online. And the truck... oh my, the Traveling Piano truck in its 36th year. That baby has seen its day for sure but its still going.

June 10, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was out of it today, unable to do anything but sleep for most of the day. But, as always I do some work. 230 more photos we're added to the 2023 Part 01 Traveling Piano Galleries. Check them out on the link to the left. When the page opens click on any thumbnail to bring up the photo and then you can see in the url what day and where it was taken. All the galleries are in the timeline of the journey going back everyday until 2006. Also, I processed some new photos and uploaded to the three social sites I use, facebook, instagram and mastadon.

June 09, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I watched the 20/20 Episode S45E32 It Happened Here; A Year in Uvalde. Mo and I we're there with the Traveling Piano one year ago today. I saw online a post from one of the dads who lost his young son. It was in response to an asshole online trying to call out his now anti-gun activism in saying he didn't care about gun laws and prevention before his son was slaughtered. The dads response I want to post here: He said... "You’re right. I didn’t. And I regret that with every waking moment, because I didn’t do all that I could to help prevent these things. I was ignorant. It couldn’t happen to me…until it did. You’re right…I didn’t remember any of the victims names before my son was. But I do now. And I’ve personally reached out and have apologized to several victims parents from each mass shooting. Manuel Oliver Rhonda Jean and Sandy Anglin Phillips to name just a few.

My ignorance from before May 24th is something I’ll have to live with everyday for the rest of my life. I speak up and out to try to make sure others don’t suffer from the same before it’s too late. Because it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, and I guaran-fucking-tee you, you don’t want to live with yourself knowing that you sat idly by while loafs of bread and chickenshits don’t do a damn thing. This is a multi-tiered issue. Nobody is saying that their isn’t a mental health crisis. There is. But our leaders only use it as a talking point and don’t actually act on it. You can be as batshit crazy as can be, but that POS couldn’t have killed 19 kids and 2 teachers with a sock full of rocks. Our mental health treatment failed is way before May 24th.

Our government failed them. Weapon marketing failed them. The School failed them. The cops failed them. I failed him. I failed them by believing that this doesn’t happen in real life. That it could never happen in small Uvalde. But it did. So either change your ignorance now, before it’s too late, and you have a hole in your chest from losing a loved one. Before you have more sleepless nights than you can imagine. Before you feel the emptiness. Do better for not just your loved ones, but for everyone’s loved ones. When I read that... I thought how I wish I could respond to morons with the high road this dad took. The emotional maturity in that response was astonishing. If I had lost my young boy in that horrific way I would have told the asshole that I wanted him dead or tried to nail him to a floor. There is still maturity for me, room to grow. I look up to people like that father.

June 08, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

As much as possible even if for a little bit of time in one day... create music! We headed to a local park and once again, it felt so good. The water in the cooler I now have, it has lasted three days and is still ice water. That is just so fantastic. For a few hours before the park, we stopped along the streets to give people glasses of water. At the park we met a young guy with fantastic energy and it reminded me of how being around youth (the positive kind) can rejuvenate my spirit. There we're more homeless in the park than I can ever remember. I was thinking they we're all being pushed into this park from other areas but... there are also homeless sleeping out in the open on the sidewalk outside my apartment complex (a first) not just in the ally behind. Staying aware to be positive, objective and focused on what I want in joy for my life for whatever time is left... so be it.

June 07, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

With the day temperatures going down to the high eighties, Mo and I headed out to the Valley of Fire. We checked out the campsites as I really want to start doing it but have been afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I found a spot and began to create music, could not stop. It lasted about an hour and felt so,so, so good! A couple visiting from Germany found us and we had some fine relating. They we're having some relationship issues and I was able to create some levity with and for them concerning that. Then we drove to an overlook area that rarely has people. Since it was cloudy there were practically no people. Again, with the music... so nice! When we first arrived at the park I talked with a couple that was camping to ask about the tent they we're using. It was near the area where I was first creating music so they heard it from a distance. Synchronistically we connected again at this overlook and this time we engaged. The guys mother played the piano, it is her birthday tomorrow and she had an early death. Along with my music, the moment became emotionally significant for them and I felt grateful to have been a part of their lives. Mo was in his heaven.

June 06, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I really needed to get out today to create some music. The inverter will not work in the heat at least I think the heat is the problem so I just took out the spare battery to use. The keyboard is dying, it hurts so much but it is still usable and I will just make due until I cannot. Finding someone to try and fix it will not be easy, I just can't deal with that right now. I pulled up under some shady trees to a group of about fifteen people many that I know who were single filed on the ground down the sidewalk. Everyone came over to get some water and then I set in to play some music. When I was done, it was kind of surreal with everyone just sitting there dazed. I could feel awe from everyone and felt really honored to be someone in their lives to give them a special feeling, my feeling of love so they can all feel validated with worth and reassured of... heavenliness. The music was God talking to them and they new it. As I left, they all waved with a quiet thanks. It was like I put them to bed for the night.

June 05, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I headed over to the WaterMill water dispenser in a local shopping center, what a find! I filled the new barrel with 5 gallons of water and 40 lbs of ice. This is so easy now in not having to deal with plastic bottles, carrying them up and down the stairs of my apartment, getting them cold in the refrigerator, loading and unloading... just fill the barrel, less than five bucks, have cups on hand and hit the streets. I can deal with having the barrel in the back of the truck all the time as the tradeoff is huge. It feels so good to be able to have something for people on the streets everytime I go out. And... if I don't use it all in a day, it all stays cold over night even with ice cubes for the next day. People really appreciate the water being ice cold.

June 04, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course, I have been down for the last few days as in doing nothing but lying in bed. I'll wake up feeling good with strength and thinking about doing something but knowing not to do anything. Then after a few hours validation comes through that I should not be putting any physical effort out. I sink with a little depression and can feel actually sick with exhaustion on and off. Its all good especially as I know it will happen and what and am prepared. The last push with work in the heat was to the max. Thank God I had the capability.

June 03, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been thinking about my life as a youngster. Writing about this, I am sure I've done it somewhere in the past but here goes again because it is very significant for me. When I was young I was taught never to brag and that translated into never saying anything good about myself and also rejecting any strokes from anyone else. if I was ever complimented I rejected it. People used to fight me on that but I was adamant. Individualizing into my own person with maturity changed all that. Responsibility took hold through gratitude and humility through knowing that I am not singular in life but part of the whole in the truth of spirit.

That means when I speak good of myself I do not own what I say about myself, for myself. Everything in my life comes through and with the God of my understanding as he speaks and acts through other people throughout life. My life feels whole and complete in being able to state my success of purpose, my love, appreciation and accomplishments in life and also... to be able to stand up for my reality and knowing nature about many issues in life for and as an example for whomever it may help support.

June 02, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Great Traveling Piano Popcorn, Ice Water Giveaway has Ended! WhooHoo and Whew! It took two weeks as an individual giving one-on-one for those living on the streets from the Traveling Piano truck. This, as a result of my fb friends contribution. It was in 95 degree heat, up and down alleys and for random people walking the streets, laying in them and also for homeless encampments. Mo and I both survived the joyful work!!!

Purchased and shared was the truck gas as needed, 2 large coolers for water (20 gallons of Gatorade yet to be used), 1000 paper bags for popcorn (still some left), a gazillion large, 32 ounce styrofoam cups. Can we talk the fun and abundance of 120 gallons of ice water and 560 lbs of ice in this dry heat? We found an inexpensive source for ice and water. And then there was the $400 worth of bulk popcorn purchased, the choice of having both buttered along with sweet and salty or all of one! Onward to the music...

June 01, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Working my butt off all day getting ready to finish the popcorn project!