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January 31, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dogs: I hesitate to talk about my relationship with Mo sometimes because it irritates me when people talk about their dogs as people, want to relate to them as people, talk about liking them more than people. That is so about a lack of self-respect and so much more which those people are not able to comprehend. I don't want to encourage any of that or for people to think I am lost in my dog. So with that said... Mo is a dog (lol, I just typed god and had to fix that) and I am in fact lost in him. It is what it is. As Mo gets older I am so working through the process of letting go because he is showing serious signs of age. His enormous importance in my life as my constant companion for coming on 13 years next month, we have been together twenty four hours as day except for one week in 2015. And then, there is the history and tie in with Boner my first pup and so much more. Total love and respect exists between us. No question about it, he is my object of affection. And the attachment, the bond could not be stronger. We have been fantastic partners in life, he has served me on just about every level of being. The feel of him is most special. Be it in my chair while he lays on my foot. In bed while working attached between my feet, we go to sleep and wake up side by side. We have petting and massage sessions several times daily. He keeps me grounded in gratitude, relational security and love.

January 30, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It rained today and was cold out! Actually I am treasuring the cold as I look forward absolutely not... to the heat that will return once again in a few months. I slept in until almost three in the afternoon. My health is just so bad with a totally aching body, so little energy and even difficulty breathing all the time. I take Mo for a walk, rise up in energy to create music and also match the joy of people we interact with on the streets everyday even if only for a short while and then I am done for. I crash into just thinking I will not last much longer. Thats ok. For sure. But then again thoughts like that fluctuate with high peaks and valleys. When I am having fun with someone on the Traveling Piano, no way do I want that to ever end, the enjoyment of giving what I have to offer and to have it received so wonderfully. Also, when I am hiking in nature or just sitting still in a quiet spot... I could never get enough of that. The wonder of nature in of itself is worth living for.

January 29, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

We parked at the corner of Charleston and Las Vegas Boulevard today. It is just a big open area on a corner. It used to be a big drug dealing corner but they took all the trees down and have been working on the streets and now the area is just too open to deal drugs. It is a few block up from where I live. People we've not seen in years and/or months found us always so happy to run into us again and to know we are still doing what the Traveling Piano does. A guy and his wife from Queens, New York found us and his energy was just so happy to come across something so different from the usual everything in life. Of course he got onto the piano having never played before and can now say he played the Las Vegas Strip with pictures to prove it! Time is moving fast. I'm a little bit afraid with the truck going into the shop and I dread going through the process of getting it painted after the engine is put in. The dread is finding the right person to do it, find a graphics person to paint the signage back on, get someone to replace the truck door mechanisms, the front window which has had cracks in it and is so old the glass is just becoming cloudy. Oh for the money... I need to hit the lottery which I never play.

January 28, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is just a little over one week until the truck goes into the shop for a new engine. It may be in there for awhile so I feel a need to use it as much as possible to get into nature and also create music and just be with people. Mo and I drove to Redrock Canyon. I knew it would be a shit show full of people with it being Saturday but I did want to be around people. The waiting line of vehicles at the entrance said absolutely do not go into the park. We drove to the overlook and along the way all the usual empty pull offs we're filled with cars. The overlook itself was a hangout with noisy, I mean super noise motorcycles with music blaring, people showing of their hotrods, partying... it just felt so irreverent of the purpose for the overlook which is to enjoy nature.

I knew it was going crowded but not a hangout spot. I've never gone to Redrock on a weekend because I always knew I would find something like this. Mo and I climbed down the mountainside away from it all and hiked along a dry river bed which was full of water a week ago. When we came back, most of the noise had gone. I began to create music and had exchanges with people. One guy played some classical music on the piano that created the same energy for me that I create for others. It was peaceful, healing, serene and surreal in the nature that surrounded us, very balanced, even, beautiful and just perfect. It was a life experience, very simple, impressive on a spiritual level only but one hundred percent. I cannot remember something like that ever happening for me before. When I got back onto the piano to play for myself it was like, why bother? Lol...

January 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I wake up sometimes I still remember to say my old mantra to get me going. Sometimes now I forget. The mantra "musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration" helps get my day going but these days I somehow need to ask additionally, what do I do with the day? This is so ridiculous as going out to create music is not coming to mind naturally and also, I have so many major things that absolutely need to get done right now! But, my mind is blank. In the old days I just made it a point to get outside and create music if only for fifteen minutes. I need that back in my life desperately. It is not only part of the routine that has worked for me, it is healing therapy to create music. I drove to an alley across the street from the bus station and created music for about a half hour. It was good not only for myself but all those who were in the area. The security from the bus station across the street was freaking because an alien (the Traveling Piano) was in the area. Suspicion! There was nothing they could do about it because of where I stationed myself. It is not often I go out anymore without someone recognizing and coming over to greet us. In this day and again the online visibility has helped with the part of my agenda that promotes the idea of "strangers becoming less afraid of each other."

January 26, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

All my routines, the rhythm of my life seemingly has gone off rail since covid a few years ago. My mind no longer kicks in automatically with what to do every day. Along with a lack of physical ability due to age and my mind in a fog, when I do something it can be usually one thing and all focus needs to be one thing per day. Either that or several things with very diminished outcomes. I used to live life through a stamina that had been built up over a life time. An example, like the playing of my old repertoire of music... I could have performed it until the end of time as long as long as I continued performing it over the years non-stop and on a regular basis. Little by little the ability has slipped away over the years from a lack of consistently playing it. Now, the full force of that past ability is gone forever.

When covid happened everything I was doing lost its rhythm. The rhythm of my life allowed for the stamina. Now just getting the rhythm going for one agenda takes full focus and all my strength. In earlier days my rhythm included many activities at once and in one day. No more. Like today Mo and I went for a hike in the Valley of Fire. In past years along with the travel to the hiking area, some Traveling Piano would also have been worked into the day along with blog writing, picture processing and more. Now... I can travel to the hiking area and do the hike and thats it there is no energy left for anything else. My days seem to be about picking and choosing one thing or to do several things on a much smaller and limited scale than in the past.

January 25, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

By the end of the day I realized that a trip right now to California for the mass gun murder there would absolutely not have been possible physically. I created music outside a local recreation center for a meet and greet with the designers and those interested in the mass gun murder memorial being created here in Las Vegas. That happened about six years ago. Most everyne came in a chartered bus and I did not go inside as I did not want to get caught in my opinionating. I simply stayed outside and created music. Homeless people in the area also stopped by to get some resources, the few I have left in the truck. It was a sunny day and I did not have to wear a coat most of the time. I gave it my all musically for over an hour and that wiped me out physically. Took Mo for a walk and by the end of the day I was totally exhausted and physically hurting, I could tell my body was super stressed. It felt good to just sit and create music for myself. People we're interested but for the most part did not engage. One person did tho... the director of public art for Clark county which takes in most of all Southern Nevada. She had sent the email notification about the event. There could not be a better person to run into concerning a possible future here with the Traveling Piano. My job now is to just breath, not push anything, let the future fall into place naturally with no expectation while steadily moving forward.

January 24, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is not happening, I am not going anywhere. There is not enough confidence the truck will make it to LA and back, the cost of the truck engine in transit, soon to arrive will be in the thousands, I do not have $150 per night for a mediocre motel room and there is no way I can stay in cheap motels anymore. This is the first time I can remember ever making a decision and then going back on it. Mo and I, we we're going to drive to Monterey Park CAto support the community after the gun massacre a few days ago. As I made the decision an email came through saying please come to the Las Vegas mass murder memorial meet and greet tomorrow if I am in town, so that is what I will do. It is an opportunity to support my city and create some Traveling Piano energy for those involved. That email, the timing, the subject matter was pretty coincidental, eh?

January 23, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am so exhausted with the idea of going to Monterey Park, CA that I felt like I needed a nap all day and physically just dragged with pain. But, I know from experience, this is nothing new there is always fear and that is what tears me down. Someone may say, "try this or that" and I would respond with... I've been doing this full time and consistently for 37 years. Do you know of anyone else doing what I have been doing successfully for that long? Do you think there are tricks or tools I have not thought of or have not been told to me a hundred times already? Lol... you just have to push through it. But people really don't want to hear about the difficulty anyway, do they. I went and purchased five quarts of oil for the truck, paid my rent, stopped to ask a casino owner for support in person (no luck) took Mo for a walk and I just keep going and going and going. The price for a hotel room is going to hurt this time around. I lucked out with Uvalde TX and Colorado Springs. This time, oh well nothing is new... I have no idea what will happen. I just need to go for it and do it.

January 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

So, a gun massacre happened in Monterey Park, CA. Mo and I are going to go to it. The truck engine might not make it but I'm going anyway. The new engine has been ordered so lets just hope I get there and back. There are two reasons I am going. 1. People will just pass over this tragedy and I cannot allow that for myself and those I know. 2. I want to help keep the spirit of the New Year alive for the community. We are in the Chinese New Year period of celebration. How the process happens for me. There is an impulse of care and desire to be helpful that comes up. Then I ask myself, can I do this? After I say "yes" or "you know you are going to do it so don't drive yourself crazy with indecision." Then I put up a wall to protect those two truths. I do not allow self doubt, thoughts of capitalizing on opportunity break through the shield. I negate false intent or agendas that others may try to apply to my doings and stay close, trust my original intent. Staying conscious of this as well as the specifics as to why I am going has to stay front and center in my mind at all times. We must buck the trend to normalize gun violence. Thoughts like, "oh, well, what do you expect, this is us now" ...not acceptable.

January 21, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I took to the streets again today with all the usual Traveling Piano energy and there is now only a half of a shopping bag left of the Christmas candy, hats and socks. There is so much love on the streets and as always people are so appreciative. A mass shooting happened tonight outside of Los Angeles. My mind began churning with it instantly. If I ever went away right now, 1st the truck engine might not last, there is a good chance of that and second... I have major costs coming up to replace the engine/clutch/carburetor and rooms will be expensive in that area and... no way am I going to do a fundraiser, no way... need to keep remembering... not more nickel and dime fundraisers. Mo got to wear his heavy winter red coat today. The temps are cold but when the wind is blowing it is about three times as cold!

January 20, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am seriously having issues with both my mind and body. One absolutely has to do with the other and whatever it going, a mutually dysfunctional relationship with each other. In spirit I think I am ok which makes me wonder sometimes if I am dying. Who knows, I know nothing and have very little confidence in the health system to find an answer or solution. Yes the medical field now in this day is more of a "system" with little individual expertise on individual diagnosis. Never the less, my mind was blank today with "what do I do"? Then I thought why, how did you stop doing what you have been doing all these years? Get the hell outside with the Traveling Piano! So I did. I parked randomly on the side of a street that homeless people travel on as I still have some stuff to share like the last of the candy, some hats, gloves, socks, etc... People are so happy to see us.

A lady from a store ran across the street to met us like we were a dream come true. People seemed to have come out of the woodwork to say hi. Stories of appreciation about the past overflowed. Always, I hear... please do not stop doing this. That is kind of difficult to hear as I slow up with ability and need to prepare for the future with a place to live, the new truck engine, etc... While driving home I thought, you can always do this an hour a day, even one day a week. Those are all thoughts I have had many times in the past but keeping them front and center as options and as a way to cope, thoughts come and go so easily for me. I do not seem to be on a consistent roll anymore. Like with this blog... I now miss days, sometimes almost a week and then to to back track with the fills. For fifteen years it was a steady practice every night before bed to write, process the photos and publish it all. A guy stated how I have so much energy with my age and I told him, only when I am doing this right now and I'll pay for it physically and mentally later after I stop.

January 19, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It has become clear over the last month that I am a celebrity. When I think about it I ask myself, what does that mean? How do I know? More and more people, strangers acknowledge us on the streets, while driving, etc... It is in the reaction of people who have not seen us in a while as tho I am bigger than life. I can tell that people are consciously not reacting but know who we are when walking down the street, etc... Mo is the big giveaway. They react and then divert their reaction. For sure online I have had direct exposure to at least 20 million people over the last year with the Rachael Ray show, the viral TikTok, the local news and through the work travel to the gun massacres. The exposure has been all positive thank God. A bigger than life persona for people, I am not sure how to respond to it in my head. In reality it means nothing to me. It doesn't help anything except by way of positive validation. I'll really know I am a big time celebrity when people begin to show they hate me for no good reason, lol. When I was a younger performer in Philadelphia PA, my friend Don Kawash labeled me "A Minor Local Celebrity." We used to joke and laugh a lot about it all the time. Now, I am not so minor or local, its bigger and worldwide even. It feels like maybe I should do something about or with the knowledge as I process the reality of it but in reality... it means nothing. Although, there is fun in the idea of it. I have never desired to be a celebrity, how could I when the possibility, the feeling has never existed for me before.

January 18, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

With more than half way through the month, pressure is building to decide what I am going to do, how to move forward. What will I do when my present rent lease expires. How to get out of where I am into a better place or God forbid, stay. A new truck engine is ordered. I need to raise $12,000 and a fundraiser in the old conventional ways is not going to happen. There, that is one decision made. How I want to leave this world? In what shape, doing what and how? What is the legacy that I want to leave for myself no matter if it sticks or how long my existence is remembered? How do I want people to remember my life? Does it really matter? Yea, I guess it does for me personally while I still have some control over my existence. The reality that I am sixty-seven years old plays into a lot of my needs, desires, ability, dreams and potential no matter how you look at it. I realize that whatever the decisions I make, the "process" of realizing them is all that matters. Enjoying the process is a must. So... I really need to write down what kind of person I am in all aspects, the persona I want to leave with as the Traveling Piano man, identify myself as others who will find me in the future surely will do in their own ways. Of course, this ongoing blog describes everything I am but it needs to get crystalized. The Traveling Piano's work mission statement is set. Who I am as a person needs to get set in a like way. This will help with practical decision making.

January 17, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Winter in Redrock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas, lots of snow in the distance, passing dark clouds... Mo and I walked down from the overlook just off Rt 159 to the river bed below as we have done many times over the last 6 years. For the 1st time ever we found water and it was clear that recently it has been a good two feet higher! This spring is looking to be a super awesome wildflower season in the desert with all the rain we have been having. Mo's arthritis in the cold wetness kept him at a slow place today. He followed me practically the entire time two steps directly behind me. I had to keep turning around to make sure he was there.

January 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yep, some days it is just like the photo posted for today. Frumpy. Someone sent it from a few days ago. The photo is really funny to me as it shows me lost in my own head while creating music on a cold, cloudy, rainy day with Mo always on the look out. Each day I care less and less about my looks because it feels like there is less and less ability to do anything about them.

January 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

We stopped across the street from the Salvation Army at the end of the day after giving out stuff to those living on the streets for a few hours. This is an old spot for us up on a hill next to traffic always flying by. People are always lining the sidewalk, waiting to get into the shelter at this time of day. Those who have a need to respond with clapping and yelling thank you from across the street or those who come across the street to interact even though they know they will lose their place in line, that feels very gratifying, purposeful, complete for the journey and I always make sure to give as much love, validation, fun, friendship and respect as possible. We all need each other. They know it. I know it. Many, many people in the world know this. From my personal experience which is quite a bit worldwide, the majority of people know this truth believe that or not. We all need to be in each others lives.

January 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I drove to the Redrock Overlook because I felt better today although the entire day felt like I was living out of my body. It was sort of like I was observing myself. First, the truck tire was almost flat but with enough air to get me to the tire repair place up the block. All was fixed in under ten minutes and they only charged me fifteen bucks! There was some quick music and photos. A guy was there from Philly where I grew up. Unsolicited, he began to talk about how he wanted to help me get a new truck and was going to fundraise and introduce me to the right people, etc... etc... etc... as I thought, "If I only had a dollar from every person I have heard say all this." Then Mo and I drove to the overlook. I wanted to get some walking in but began to create some music first. A guy from Taiwan approached us so... it began, the Traveling Piano's work. Afterwards, I was playing a little more until I turned around to find a whole group behind me. It was somewhat unusual as I do not attract groups of people and these people were not in any one group per se’. They we're all taking a picture of me so I said now its my turn to take a picture of you all. Lol, they all got into the truck and we had a Traveling Piano moment.

There we're women from India, the guy from Taiwan, people from Morristown New Jersey and Nashville,Tennessee. Wow, that was so much fun. Afterwards I created music for myself just a little more and then Mo and I took a walk into the desert. It looked and felt so different then ever before! First of all, it being winter changes the color of everything. Then with the cloudy day and the ground is saturated from rain. The spring wildflowers are going to be fantastic this year. Before leaving the truck I did what I should know better not to do. I left the fucking camera back in the truck thinking there would be nothing new to photograph especially with the clouds. I was wrong and I should never leave my camera, ever! I enjoy manifesting my visual experiences for others. The colors, details and textures of the mountains and desert were intense. There was white snow on the mountain tops and that turned to the usual grays, reds and orange but today there was also a special peach, lemon color in the sand on the ground. From the piano on top of the overlook I did not see this. Once we climbed to the bottom, there it all was. Mo was beside himself so happy as we have not been in nature for two months.

January 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I took it easy again today. There are about four Covid home tests I have and I used one of them. It turned out as a negative. They are simple to use yet I would never be able to figure it out unless for a video I downloaded from Youtube. And this, even though I've done them before. My body is getting old but the real problem is my weight. Nothing new. I just do the best I can. I lost two pounds a month for the first two years of this journey and did it in a healthy way while making a vow never to diet again. I tried many fad diets, starvation and discomfort throughout my years. Even to extend my life, I will not diet... I don't think. Never say never. Food is a major enjoyment that I am just not going to suffer over until I die. Yet I do anyway. Choose your suffering Danny, lol. If I suffer as a result of food, so be it. No one can tell me anything about the whole issue. I've been up and down, in and out and all around with food, healthy and not healthy, the educations about it and everything in between.. the psychology of it, exercise along with it and everything else.

January 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was not until four in the afternoon that I woke up. Physically, I needed the rest. I've not been well. But then again, I have not been well for years. And, again and again, I am thankful that I can sleep as needed. Other people do not have that luxury. But really it is not a luxury for me, it is a matter of life or death. Deep down I heal in all ways through my sleep. I know if I push myself too much well, that just has never worked throughout my entire life. When I do... something goes wrong physically and usually in a major way. Mo sleeps all the time and now I sleep with him. We are together alive sleeping together, lol! Actually, it has been shown many times in this blog through the years that they way life works for me is to have down periods where when I get going, I wake up and accomplish twice or three times as much as in any down period of time.

January 10, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I took to the streets today to give out some blankets and what is left of the Christmas candy. We ended up at an old spot across the street from the Salvation Army where there are lines late in the day to get in for a bed. Most of the people now are new since we we're there on a regular basis over two years ago. I've been at this spot many times over the years. Some have found homes, many have died on the streets, others are now in other cities, I'm sure the prison industry has sucked in many as there are many entities that profit off of imprisoned people. The judges, lawyers, bail bond people, employees for all that and commercial business corporations that put prisoners to work for slave labor wages. Anyway, a few people came across the street to thank me and have an exchange. A girl was waiting for a room next to me away from all the others. She looked like she was about fifteen years old but was actually 25. When it was time, someone from inside came to get her. She preferred the salvation army as they do not demand her entering a program like the women's shelter down the street does.

It is all about money first. Some shelters make more money as a non-profit over keeping people for a period of time and there are certainly enough people needing help to enforce that so they reject those needing a bed just for over night. Rejected people go to the salvation army where it is so networked with the government they get hotel stay prices for anyone. Just like with rooms... the nicer the are, the safer the room, the higher the cost. They take the fees from the person's disability, social security, government funding and the fools that contribute to the organization. The salvation army, women's shelters, red cross, rescue missions... they are all a money making industry working under the guise of the term "non-profit". Getting into the truck to play today was the first time ever I almost did not have the strength to do it. I didn't feel exhausted, just did not have the strength. Tonight, something just does not feel right physically. It feels like I want to call someone to do a wellness check on me tomorrow... for Mo mostly just in case something goes wrong.

January 09, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I must get used to saying and realizing that Mo and I are in the 18th year with the present Traveling Piano journey (his 13th) and my 37th year working full time with a piano in the back of the same pickup truck which... needs a new engine right now which means also the carburetor and clutch, a paint job, and work on the doors, windows, a new windshield, the piano case rebuilt, the torn cover repaired... GOD! Engine parts are difficult to find for all cars right now and especially for this vintage one. Luckily I have someone to do the work and he found an engine although $600 more than the usual purchase price. The whole fix will be about $12,000 for everything still cheaper than a new truck and a new truck would not work anyway. Trucks today are not built with the size, height, interiors that the Traveling Piano needs. And again, I've said many times through the years, the history of this truck, what it has gone through, the experience of it, the energy that is has manifested, there is no way to replace that. My head hurts, I need to stop for now.

January 08, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was beautiful, the temperature perfect, the sun came out in the afternoon. It has been awhile since creating music so that happened just around the corner on Main Street. We met the right amount of people and I had a few of my favorite things happen. A local piano man who knows about the Traveling Piano really wanted to play on it, five guys who did not know each other, strangers got onto the piano to play... that is truly a favorite, strangers becoming less afraid of each other. Music bringing people together. A woman began to cry with the feeling of empowerment for herself and the process is always a favorite. And, a homeless guy who was mental and talking angry japper walked by... I offered him some candy and randomly through his (seemingly) non-sensible words and phrases I would hear, "and his name is Mo" and "thank you very much." He knew us and all about us. I didn't recognize him at all. It is just so beautiful and amazing how people who seem absolutely crazy and are in fact a little mental are actually sane at the same time. This, when empowered to be so through trusting relationship, inspiration, empowerment and gratitude.

January 07, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, I mounted a new painting on my wall. That was basically all I was able to do today. I feel complete now. How friggin' amazing to have had Boner in my life after wanting a dog for all of my life. He manifested at age 40 and we had fifteen amazing years together. I wanted so much a water color painting of Bo and I. That happened at the start of this journey when we went to support those affected by Hurricane Katrina. I commissioned an artist I found down in New Orleans (when I had money). Part of my mission had been to put some money into the economy along with sharing the Traveling Piano with those who lost theirs in the storm and just to create musical fun, friendship and respect. It was the first time I ever gave of my work unconditionally and was a total success all around. The painting of Bo and I is the only possession that has mattered to me since the journey began and practically the only thing I own from the past. When Mo came into my life, I thought of having a companion painting. Linda Smith, an excellent watercolorist living here in Las Vegas gifted me with one and my friends framed it for me as a Christmas gift. Now, the two paintings are on my wall. I could not feel more emotionally happy, full of joy and grateful for these two paintings!

January 06, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Three more Christmas photos. It was only two weeks ago, right? There are about a 100 posted in the latest Traveling Piano Photo Gallery. Last months blog is saturated with Christmas time. It was the last ever huge personal Christmas endeavor like that. In my younger years I gifted my family big time when I had one. As a young adult, I hosted major social parties, then many alone years I spent Christmas mostly alone. Now with this journey I have had my last huge community homeless gifting splurge. Today was the final wrap. I picked up all the plastic casings and decorations and homeless resource supplies from my friend Rita's place and took them to my friend Eric's place for storage. About a thousand photos in frames were originally in the plastic casings.

There have been about four huge sorts of my photos to sell somewhere. They were stored in those boxes. Now, there will need to be a fifth huge sort but not now, no way, no how. And also I had to pick up blankets, socks and hats I have for those living on the streets. It is a lot. Eric's wife Mary is not happy about all that stuff in their garage but since it is for the homeless she tolerates it. And, I need a break from it all. The next major cold snap, I'll take it all out to the streets but for now. I need to just get away from the homeless community outreach for awhile. It can take a toll emotionally on me after awhile. I have been going strong since before Thanksgiving when Mo and I traveled to Colorado Springs after the mass shooting at the Q Club to give support with the Traveling Piano. Time for a break.

January 05, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've always prided myself with content on this blog over the years. 98% of the photos have not been repeats, are original and there has always been new content in each month although my personal thoughts, feelings and complaining happens repeatedly all the time. I can't help that, it is what it is. The only thing missing is some of the bizarre personal experiences I've had with people. Many of them have been left out as to not to personally offend. I suppose my purpose here is to show who I am in character and how I work through life, all of it, both the good, bad and indifferent. It certainly does not help me move forward in many ways concerning funding, sponsorship and alienating some people as a result of my personal intimacy. The way I have been has never been to my own personal spiritual detriment because I know my intent and I say nothing without conscious thought of what I am saying and why. The phrase, "be true to thy own self" comes to mind. I worked on my truth of spirit concerning that for the twenty five years before this journey began. It may hurt when people apply false intent and motive to who I am and what I do but never will they destroy me or lead me astray from my truth of spirit. My life is a work in progress and I am always out to reach that "one" person who may benefit from my work. Reaching millions of people is fun, but one in particular is awesome and beautiful. The one-on-one relationships are what matter most to me.

January 04, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Often, I peel away the layers of who I am and why I am. When I feel angry, often it is because I am in child mode where I am being forced to make a decision for myself and/or impatient with myself. In those periods of time is when I "act out," turn to the outside and just begin to hate, hate, hate. You know... like a child screaming and creating chaos in frustration or to get what they want. Much of my political opinions and activism of any type originates from that. Also, there is compassion, empathy and desire for the good of all. That is the mature part of me. The interesting thing is, I was taught never to makes decision for myself, that I am incapable, no one is and, that is why there are experts and authoritarians to do the difficult work of telling me right from wrong, what is possible or not, what I can or cannot, should... do. So my life is about wanting someone to tell me what to do and to do my life for me while at the same time rejecting all that to the fullest and finding my way into a sense of self. It ain't easy and what has been accomplished has been a lot of conscious work on a daily level for most of my life. Fear rarely motivates me. Anger as a motivation, yes! It is an emotion I have learned to use, to "act out" towards others and the world by turning hate into love. Althought, I still can turn it into myself in the worse of ways.

January 03, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've some big decisions that I have been avoiding. The Super Bowl is here next year and time is a wasting if I am going to go for my wildest dream, the one that began this journey, that I pursued strongly for the first two years of doing a streak across the field with the Traveling Piano while playing wild Boogie Woogie piano, lol. Then there is the truck, it needs to be rebuilt or a new one made. That demands backing, sponsorship, representation, business, etc... and then there are the photos I've framed to sell and then there is the issue of where I am living with the lease ending in June. Moving somewhere else is not in my realm of reality right now but something has to be done about that. Most importantly, deciding what i am capable of and getting honest about what I am willing to do... such a challenge that all is.

January 02, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano rises once more with the help of R&R AutoSystems of Las Vegas and a bit of synchronicity. With three hours to deadline... the truck was (temporarily) repaired, smog test passed, registration for 2023 accomplished and insurance paid. Thank God! The timing, process, trust and discovery of what happened really is amazing. Still, knowing all would work out with faith, I got physically sick over it from stress, silly me. A new engine or engine parts are needed soon. Finding the parts will not be easy, especially for a truck as old as it is. Finding auto parts in general even for newer vehicles is becoming more difficult as the world becomes more difficult. One day at a time, thank God for friends and service people who care with expertise and Mo and trust and faith and acceptance and gratitude and humility!

January 01, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

With the Traveling Piano truck sitting in the parking, not able to use because of needed repair, Mo and I took to the streets and walked around for a few hours sharing more of the Christmas Candy as New Year treats. People really appreciated it. Myself having some treats for Mo and for my dinner, old holiday standbys like deviled eggs, pickle, ham, cheese, etc... we stayed in bed for the day. Taking the truck in for repair tomorrow, getting the registration done and the smog test and the possibility of leaving it for a month and even finding a way home from the repair place... just need to stop thinking. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. This may be my year as I am certainly like the Energizer Rabbit, Still... Going... Going... Going!