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December 31, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tonight was bonzo! Mo and I stayed home. Outside my door at twelve midnight fireworks we're flying off the Stratosphere Casino Motel a block away while police were kicking in a neighbors door who had just smashed his window having climbed in half naked because he locked himself out after a fist fight. He was totally high. I was glad someone called the cops because he was surly bleeding out in the room. Ambulance and police lights were everywhere. Nearby thugs had climbed the wall to get into the complex and I called out "whats going on here" as they replied "who are you asking" and I said "you" while thinking I may be getting myself killed and it might have been better to not have said anything... I so need to get out of this place in this new year.

December 30, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Am I going to do another fundraiser to cover the costs of a new engine/carburetor rebuild, up to four grand? HELL NO! Lol, but if anyone wants to create a monthly subscription via the contribution page on this Traveling Piano website which now has 22 subscribers ranging from $5 to a $100 (most are towards the $5 end) ... that would be greatly appreciated. We have been getting by on basic (street level) social security and food stamps. The truck registration needs to be renewed on the 2nd which will not happen because it will not pass the smog test. I can extend it for 60 days at $1 a week. Thats the plan for now while having it sit in a parking lot. When its time, it will need to get towed to LA for the repair. Thats... is how few sources are for repair of this vintage truck! Considering a new truck with all the amazing history the Traveling Piano has... not an option.

December 29, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is not surprising that the Traveling Piano truck needs a major overhaul, again. When you look back at the past year, more driving happened than the year before when we drove cross country! As much as it did not feel like I accomplished much, I actually accomplished more than in probably any of the last ten years. Mo and I gave support to three mass gun murders, Sacramento CA, Uvalde TX, Colorado Springs CO. That, more than in any ten year period. The Christmas Community Outreach that just happened for people living on the streets was the largest project ever and the ongoing community work through the year has been consistent all along with the Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect.

December 28, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is interesting that after all these years and with all the experience with the Traveling Piano's break downs and repairs while even in travel and the costs, how everything always works out. Yet still, I can become physically sick everytime, not be able to sleep. Consciously and intellectually I have no worries and know everything will be ok but emotionally deep down I must live through meaningless fear and deal with the consequences of its existence. I will be learning until the end of my time, practicing, to become more honest with my letting go of worry and fear. Knowing the truth from deep within is easy intellectually especially with so many examples throughout life. Manifesting trust in the truth of spirit emotionally... not so easy.

December 27, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I do not know why I have been feeling so much joy over having the photos of the truck with the candy. It all just feels totally significant for me. Soon, I will be over it all. In fact I have been procesing the photos as quick as possible to get them into the galleries so I can just let go totally and move on. There are so many past expiereinces of this journey that I have been happy to document through the years. This Christmas seems particualy important maybe because it feels like the last to be giving "big" as I have done throughout life. First it was with family at Christmas. That extended to friends and then for myself with decorating my house. That extended to huge Christmas parties in the past. Now, with the homeless in the past few years the Christmas giving was significant but never huge like in the past. In any case, this was huge for me and I do think it was my last "big" give. I will be forever grateful for the help to have done it and for the grace to have humility throughout.

December 26, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you to everyone who created Christmas for myself and others. Mo and I spent the day driving through empty streets and the alleys of Downtown Las Vegas to find those alone and/or in small groups staying close with one another. The Traveling Piano's truck full of chocolate candy and nuts had a ninety-five percent success rate in reaching easily over a hundred single individuals who came out of their shell of depression to accept some joy. Most we're laying on the ground. It was all good with only one unfortunate incident. One guy who was sitting on a picnic bench separate from others in a park, he filled up with plenty of gifts for himself. When everyone else was done and gone, he came back for more. While I was giving him more he says, "I'm not like them homeless, I live in the apartments across the street and just like to hang out in the park, came here as an immigrant and worked my ass off, those people do not deserve anything they do not want to work."

As my friend Eric would say, "Danny turned into the Terminator." As I told him to give me the candy back, I tore him a humongous new asshole while telling him about the gratitude he lacks and how other people are not as lucky as he has been. I said he may have worked hard but was lucky to get the work and be able to have some mindfulness to climb out of his hole. It was as a result of good fortune and grace, not hard work alone! "Because you were able to do it, you think everyone else can?" Moron! I shamed the hell out of him for taking for himself from me Christmas candy meant for those homeless, and worse, while complaining about them at the same time? Enough of that. Some of the people I met today on the streets have jobs. There are in complicated situations. People cannot find a home for many, many reasons such as greed, bureaucracy, non-profits that take money from people living on the streets under the guise of guidance... the salvation army for example charges people for meals while rationalizing it as self-empowerment. Myself for example... I am stuck where I am because I now cannot prove twice the income of rent needed these days to lease an apartment.

Everything was moving smoothly for about eight hours each on both Christmas Eve and Day until the Traveling Piano truck's tailpipe began to sprew lots of smoke and the truck began to run rough. I barely made it home. So, with what is left of the Christmas candy, Mo and I will hoof it on foot to continue the sharing. I am full of gratitude for my friends and their contributions both physically and financially. It is a Very Merry Christmas indeed! The first guy I approached saying I have chocolate, hard candy, nuts, both fresh and dried fruit, what would he like? His reply... "family". I validated and told him that I am his family as we are both in the same boat. You could feel the warmth through the yearning. (relationship) Another woman said, "so I can pick one thing from all this?" I said no, you can have it all. She took about six items as happy as could be. I would just keep giving until people broke through into a smile with a feeling of abundance. Another guy who knows Mo and I said, "I would not accept anything from someone else." (trust) Someone put a book they hand wrote on my dashboard as a present when I was not looking. Others would say things like "you are a blessing" or "you are my Christmas" and I would tell everyone that the people who care for and about them paid for everything and wrapped most of it for me.

December 25, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We did it... with the Help of Friends, My Christmas Vision has Come to Life with the Mo and I and a Traveling Piano Truck Full of Christmas Candy in the Center of Las Vegas boulevard under the new Stratosphere Casino and Hotel Archway. We are out to Create a Moment of Joy for those Living on the Streets, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Day After. Merry Christmas to Everyone!

December 24, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

This feels like the best Christmas ever! I'm sure I have felt that on many a Christmas. I have had the complete spectrum of Christmas past from the most desperate, lonely to family filled, friend filled, gratifying in every way... all of it. Mo and I got out around ten in the morning and worked until almost dark just giving, giving and giving that of love, friendship, christmas candy gifting... one on one relationship from the Traveling Piano truck. I stopped at all the business that contributed, wanted to just get pictures of the truck over and over. It is so unbelievable that I was able to pull this vision off with the help of friends of course. Three thousand dollars worth of candy, etc... and each bar/bag wrapped individually and with ribbon. A heaping truckload.

With my state of mind through most of the year that of having little clarity with my thoughts, major physical limitations, feel burnt out with just about everything, distractions... in spite of all that, it feels like I did more this year than ever before. Today, I pulled so many people out of their tents and from under blankets to give them all kinds of candy, nuts and fruit. People wanted that. They wanted to be pulled out of their dark places as much as I don't want to fall into my own dark places. We lifted each other up with Christmas Joy. Mo stayed in the truck most of the time as he could not jump up into the truck and I could barely lift him onto the piano. He also hung out on top of the piano as I drove with him up there... up and down streets for like fifteen minutes at a time.

December 23, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I really am super excited. It is such a simple thing and not even a blimp in the world but for me its everything! This is what $3000 dollars of Christmas hard candy, soft candy, chewy candy, chocolate (the good stuff) both fresh and dried fruit, nuts, candied nuts... some beef jerky looks like, each piece individually wrapped with Christmas paper and bags and ribbon... filled to the hilt for those living on the streets at Christmastime via the Traveling Piano. I had a vision. Then a friend said, "I'll help you achieve your vision." And then, more friends said, "I'll help financially. Then friends I do not even know had a wrapping party to help achieve the goal.

Plastic bins in the Traveling Piano... all the candy outside to figure out strategic placement... we are ready to go! This was an enormous amount of work which I know beyond question of doubt will fill hundreds of people with Joy on Christmas no matter their situation in life. All this... thanks to friends, trust, relationship and grace. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Christmas for Me is a Celebration of being Human and Alive with Worth and Respectability. It is warm here. The chocolate began to melt. Oh well, LOL! It is what it is. The cold night air might bring it back to life for tomorrow. The truck cover fit over it all so perfect that it held everything in place for the half hour drive back and, everything will be safe overnight in my parking lot.

December 22, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

So it begins. A woman named Ranae made a quick movie about today and it just made me Ho, Ho, Ho. Talk about magic! She did it in less than two hours after leaving the event. The Ladies of the Northwest Las Vegas Women's Social Meetup, they helped wrap all the Traveling Piano's Candy for Christmas today... for those living on the streets! Seeing the candy bars wrapped with ribbon was beyond awesome. After all these years, getting so much help with something... what a blessing! My friend Rita created a party to get this done. This... is the first time ever that someone has helped me with a fundraiser... ever! If I think about it too much I will cry with appreciation, gratitude and joy. There is so much candy. And also, this is also the first time members of the Downtown Las Vegas business community contributed to anything of mine. All the candy cost between three and four thousand and all the costs we're covered!!! If only I could raise money like that for myself. I've raised more in the past but over a six month period. This was all in one month! Tomorrow, I fill the truck up. I am siked.

December 21, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was to be a take it easy day as the next five days will be brutal. But I had to run errands, several business stores had candy for me to pickup, I'm still dealing with the fact that the water pressure in my apartment is like taking a shower in a sink, the gate to the property will not open to get the Traveling Piano inside... blah, blah, blah... management every day hears it and does nothing. I meditated, that always helps everything. Mo and I went for a long walk in a park. The printing company that made the Christmas flyers printed 2,000 business cards for me all without cost! Life... all the good and all the bad... just living through it and sharing as much as possible here in this blog that so very few read because everyone is on social sites now. It is what it is. I do what I do. Thank God for Mo in every moment.

December 20, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

There are people who are always offering help, contribute, give. They offer consistently for years and then when finally asked, even with notice... they say no. Then, there are people freely given to for years, the one time they are asked to give back, no. And then there are those emphatic with saying they are going to contribute and will in fact make sure the goal is achieved with whatever help is needed while knowing full well they have no intention whatsoever of following through... at all. Most often, people really mean to and feel they are going to give... until something distracts them a minute later. And then there are always those who give the minimum like five bucks just to say they gave when they have hundreds available.

Many give out of habit. Others, because they know how good it can feel. There are those that give because they know it will save their ass. There are those that give in appreciation or as a pay it forward. Some people give only through obligation and expectation. Others need an emotional attachment of personal need to give. Some people have no concept of giving, they know the idea intellectually but emotionally are dead while being consumed with neediness, anger, resentment, fear, etc... There are those that give because they simply want to be helpful.

And then... there are those that give on the spot, freely without hesitation when asked. Some people offer to contribute without having to be asked. People who you would think have nothing to give then do so unexpectedly, small business full of generosity, that especially surprises me. There are those that want opportunities to give are always looking for opportunities. There are those that are already giving in other ways but will extend themselves more so, when asked. Many say they will give when they can and then, actually followthrough. Some people simply following their heart with spontaneous giving, or give on a whim. Some people go through enormous effort to give. Many people give unconditionally. Some give because they are happy and want others to feel the same. When asking for contribution without manipulation, the reason others contribute at any given time... totally random!

December 19, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Let me tell you about small acts of kindness and what the Traveling Piano is all about. In a few days, a group of ladies will be wrapping individually with ribbon... regular bars of candy to be shared for with those living on the streets. Christmas Presents! Thousands of bars and small Christmas bags full of candy, chocolate, both dried and fresh fruit, nuts, beef jerky... everything to fill the Traveling Piano Truck overflowing. Why, who would do this, for what purpose? Well.. it is cause for personal interaction in a positive way with those who do not think well of themselves, who think others despise them, who are down on their luck, who are just sick mentally, lonley and yes, drug addicts too. It will create some Christmas joy, through "time," if only for a moment spent with ridiculous fun, curiosity, wonder, anticipation. In seeing it all, a feeling of abundance, the Traveling Piano truck full and decorated, something never seen before and for each individual, so many hundreds of individuals, this will be just awesome. Subconsciously, without question it sends a message of deep care, worth in time, money and effort spent in wrapping a bar of candy... for "me"? Individual to individual and without a commercial, organizational or religious agenda, Christmas is about faith in relationship, trust, reassurance, validation for the worth of humanity. Nothing can be stronger than small acts of kindness. They last forever. Want to help out? Candy is expensive! Venmo @dan-kean 215 639 9378 @travelingpiano or contribute via this website or email me for an address to send a check or cash and also I can just come and pickup your donation with my pup Mo and the Traveling Piano. (locally)

December 18, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been feeling exhausted physically, blocked mentally, stuck spiritually... naa, the last one I am fine with... my awareness spiritual is what has been driving my life. Here is a pitch I've been using. With it getting close to Christmas, I'd like to create some love for those living on the streets by filling the Traveling Piano truck overflowing with care, respect, appreciation and fun! Mo and I and hopefully with you through your help, we will be out on Christmas Eve, Day and the Day After to create a little time spent with those really down on their luck, create some anticipation, a laugh or two and a few gifts rarely given to anyone living on the streets... good candy, nuts, chocolate, fresh fruit, etc... With expenses as they are today I need to raise $4000. Would you help some? Ways to Contribute: The Website via Paypal/Visa and Venmo: @dannykean @dan-kean 215 639 9378 and you can now send a check, cash or money order to my address. Email me from the contact page for my address.

December 17, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I pounded the sidewalks again today. I need to make use of the flyers I have and when we entered a store it was like, I don't even want to see the owner because I just don't want to ask them for money, lol. Mostly, I just gave a couple flyers to whomever was working and asked them to give it to the owner. Not gonna garner much contribution that way. It is what it is, I just do the best I can. The pictures being posted these days are from a few years ago. They are somewhat sad to see for me. Many of the people are now dead from lack of care. I had a relationship with these people. Any not dead have been pushed out of the area and probably off a cliff somewhere. Myself, I am gearing up to be positive and have fun for everyone on Christmas with the Traveling Piano truck. I've total gratitude for the friends who have been contributing financially.

December 16, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I took to the streets today, I think it is called "pounding the streets?" We walked into business to ask owners for contribution. This, not an easy thing to do especially when I've known many of the owners for several years. Never before have I asked anyone for anything directly. It lasted for only a few hours before I was exhausted from talking and walking and trying to shut up once I got started. It was an emotional drain but good to be with people. By nature, I was raised never to ask anyone for anything. My own blood family will not contribute and actually feel put out because when they we're asked. It is what it is and partly why I do not associate with them anymore. The first guy today, I watched him since he opened up his store and he is now very successful. Through the years he has always offered to help not only with contribution but get followers online, etc... So, today I asked him for the first time and he said no that he is doing his own thing.

So much for that. It is most typical for people who say they will do something to do nothing. That happens about 95% of the time believe it or not. Then I ran into the owner of the Honeypot on Main Street here in Las Vegas. It is a crystal store with salt rock lamps, dream catchers, etc... and without hesitation the owner Jocelyn gave me a hundred bucks. There we're a few other smatterings of contribution from the street but as a headed back to my place while passing the HoneyPot I ran into Jocelyn again and she said "hey wait, I had to move the Budda statue that was in front of the store to behind the cash register to make room for the Christmas tree. People leave money with the Budda for a good cause and its yours." So I was handed an additional wad of dollar bills, fifty-six of them.

December 15, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was not a feel good day. Better to get sick now than when I need to carry out the fundraiser at Christmas. Working this fundraiser is very, very difficult. I am so over it all, the rasing of funds but it has to happen. And none of this is about me. I am sensing that people want to give right now just as I sensed it after covid began to lift. People are looking for a good cause to give to. If I was younger and had the energy to work it like I did when I was twenty years old, I'd be killing it right now with raising cash. As an older guy... just, wow. Everything moves so slow. I need four grand and have raised a quarter of that. With Christmas a week away... we shall see.

December 14, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Much of life cannot be figured out. I've a life long practice of self-awareness and still sometimes, I do not know why I am feeling what I feel. Last night and today, there has been a lot of rage and no ability to work functionally. I observe and just cope and work to go through it. Attributing my feelings to any one thing in particular can be just incorrect but then sometimes when I know... I know. Today I saw in the news, it is the 10th anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school gun massacre in Connecticut. The Traveling Piano went there. It took over two months to recover afterwards. The experience really shut me down emotionally. I feel pretty sure that subconsciously it took hold of me today without my even knowing it and also having not fully processed our recent visit to Colorado Springs after the Q-Club gun massacre. Terrible happenings never go away. You just learn to live with them. Concerning all the gun violence I have found myself in the center of nationwide over the years, it is so very important for me to not over self indulge in empathy and compassion.

I cannot own any of it, feel special about my experiences through ego concerning any of it. I work very hard constantly to stay self-aware about all that. This is why I have had such success in being able to provide space for healing, for healthy distraction and to show the truth of spirit through love. A toll is taken for that emotionally from within. I embrace it with gratitude but still, there are so many feelings to process. So much sadness, hurt, rage and concern for those directly affected. I'm posting a few photos from Sandy Hook today. It was then when I first experienced the validation and reassurance for the worth of humanity that I often speak about when I go to gun murder/violence tragedies to spend time with the communities. The tens of thousands of people who went to Sandy Hook were there with respect, all of them that I witnessed were there to validate and reassure the worth of humanity with strong intent.

December 13, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today felt rushed with a lot of running around. After doing some personal errands, I visited my friends Mary and Eric before they leave to go back east for Christmas. I dropped candy and boxes off at my friend Rita's house to get wrapped with Christmas paper and ribbon so I can give it all out for Christmas presents to those living on the streets. She is having an event where about twenty five people will attend to have a Christmas wrap party. Rita has been very generous with her Traveling Piano support. I am always amazed with people who live modestly and how generous they can be without being "loaded" with money. No one has ever organized and event to help me out before, ever. This, for the homeless... maybe someday, someone will hold a Traveling Piano fundraiser for me, myself and I... to keep it all going. Who knows... it could happen. What Rita is doing... I've been working as I do for over fifteen years her party for the Traveling Piano will be a first! There is still time for more "firsts" in life.

December 12, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, I got up early went to the dentist... what a racket. To get a cleaning there we're 18 x-rays and an exam. There are now-a-days two types of cleaning... surface and deep. For the deep you need two more appointments mandated by insurance, one for the left side and on another day, one for the right side. That is just insane. Afterwards, I went to pick up 1000 half page flyers from the printer to hopefully garner some contribution and the owner gave them to me without cost... what an awesome guy! I'm really getting help and hope I can continue to push forward and take advantage of it. Four hours we're spent putting dried fruit, chocolate and hard candy into clear plastic Christmas bags to drop off at my friend Rita's tomorrow to store until Christmas. This Christmas project will be the biggest thing I've done since the old days when I had huge parties at my house. There will be about 50 different gift choices on an overflowing Traveling Piano truck all decorated and just awesome. I hope I can carry it off. I know I will. Please make a contribution for this, it will all cost about four grand!

December 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am moving through a lot of fear these days. It can be debilitating and not about anything in particular. Today was really bad. I'm not using my time as needed. I began mediating and just got up to begin doing something as simple was watering the plants while mediating out loud. Of course I'm a little burnt out from all the stimulation yesterday. The fact that it rained all day and is cold out did not inspire me to do anything but at the same time I could not enjoy doing nothing because... the feeling of fear was just not allowing me to do anything. I have a dentist appointment that I need to get up early for tomorrow. There's the dentist and then the getting up. I am not afraid to get up as much as I am afraid of not being able to get up. LOTS of fear. Appointments are coming up, I am needing a schedule to get through Christmas with the Candy in the Truck project for the homeless. Can I follow through with this? There is no choice as I am already into it deep. Fear... for several days now. But really, I'm always afraid, have always been... probably always will be.

December 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We had a full day today and starting out connected with the crew of the LasVegan Food Pantry in Downtown Las Vegas. I created music there for about an hour while they got ready, put food into vehicles that pulled in and while they cleaned up and then we got a Traveling Piano photo. Afterward, I drove west to Summerland where a contributor wanted to meet Mo and make a contribution in person. That really was a lot of fun. It means a lot to meet the anyone who contributes. While there we had a few interactions with other people. They wanted to contribute but of course I asked for it to be online. That rarely happens when I ask. People want to give in the moment. I want to keep the moment pure without a financial exchange. It is more important that people put forth effort for me as I do for them. They both said they would.

And then the one couple ended up giving me the cheese cake pieces they had just purchased from the Cheesecake Factory nearby. So much for a financial contribution! So, I could have made $40 bucks from the two interactions but it just is not worth it for me. $20 bucks online and because of the effort... that is worth more and if not that way and nothing comes from it, so be it. The majority of people in life will never understand that and guess what... they do not have to. Speaking of effort... my friend Joanne from back in West Virginia makes soy candles to sell. I burn a candle every day. I asked her for some and every year she goes through the trouble to pack and ship a case to me at no cost. That there, is friendship, love and appreciation. It felt like Christmas when they arrived.

December 09, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I feel just so grateful everyday that I have Mo with me. After two weeks of trying to decide how to solicit funds to fill the truck up with candy, I made a decision today and put together a postcard to go hit the streets. I am going to give them to businesses and ask for money face to face. Lol, that will be interesting, especially with the store owners I know who are as cheap as it can get. A printer offered me a huge discount a year ago that I never took advantage of, but at least I know I can trust his prices in knowing he is a giver so the order is in. Hopefully he will still give me a price cut. Next I will get more business cards with nothing new on them. The decision wether to add social media addresses to my business cards and qr codes for contribution... just no. When I give someone my contact information, that is it. And although social media is what people live through now does not mean I must or want to. I've reached my boundaries and limits with it all. I have an online presence and that is enough. If people do not want to come to this website because they only use Instagram or Facebook, so be it. Sights like Tik-Tok, I have a presence on but do not have the time to "work it" and I do not trust the people who own the plateform anyway. Living in the moment is what interests me most. If I do not accomplish what can be accomplished via online, so be it. Real life is netter. Enjoying whatever I choose is the key to a worthwhile and happy life. If the Traveling Piano ends because of those choices, that is ok. I just do the best I can in the ways that feel good for me.

December 08, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I pitched an empty space for the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery on Main Street here in Las Vegas today. The owner got back to me which felt respectful and I appreciated that. It takes hours to write down my thoughts and make them clear and decisive for others. Lots of hours! It does not look like it will work out but at least I made the effort. I uploaded and filed 200 more photos to this website's Photo Art Gallery. Things are getting accomplished, I'll just leave it at that. My friend Rita has set up a Christmas Mimosa party that about twenty five of her friends will be attending (all retired women) to wrap candy bars with Christmas paper and ribbon for me to give out to those living on the streets on Christmas. Is that a hoot or what!!!??? Where's the music? Mo and I took a good hour long walk. There are other things I did today I just cannot remember now what they were.

December 07, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Damm, I have a schedule sort of happening. That is very weird. I see a dentist next week, my friends Eric and Mary are leaving until New Years so I need to go to there house and get what I will need that is stored until they come back. They had the watercolor of Mo and Myself framed as a Christmas present to give to me. Knowing that is coming makes me want to cry with happiness. I will now have a watercolor with both my life dogs, Boner and Mo. Then, there is an eye doctor appointment, my friend Rita's gathering of friends to help me with the Christmas agenda, another therapist appointment, need to get the truck registered and the smog test, pay the insurance... so many years of just focus on the Music, Fun and Respect... life is changing fast. How I am going to pay for everything... I just do not care about right now... I just need to keep going.

December 06, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been getting therapy from my medical coverage. Thank God and it has helped very much. Having found a good therapist out of the gate with the terrible insurance network I belong to, and the most basic of medical insurance, is nothing short of a miracle. From twenty five years of past therapy, I know a good therapist for myself... for sure. I did some other errands today, dropped off the Christmas Candy I wrapped to Rita to store. She drove down to me to pick it all up. Renewing some help with social security in office was not too painful although humbling and then I came home and thought through the rest of the day about how I am going to continue forward and prioritize everything that needs to get done. That, while knowing deep down what will in fact get accomplished, will not be near that goals. But, then again... this year, three mass shootings I traveled to. The Traveling Piano Musical Fun friendship and respect on the streets still happened.

Helping those live on the streets with resources continued. Raising the funds (ugh) to do it all happened all with having been sick with covid, and the lingering physical/mental consequences of that with my age well, I have been accomplishing quite a lot! It has not been easy. Especially while living on the most basic of income. A Rachel Ray show segment happened, a news segment and I had a online super viral video which was all fun but nothing more. What I do not want from people is to be portrayed as a "poor" good guy with a special warm heart, who helps other people only. Who I am and what I am about is many things. I may be all that wishy washy stuff but what I do is simply my work. I have been fortunate enough to have chosen it in a way that works for me and there is nothing more special about me than any school teacher, a medical nurse, counselor, good musician who cares passionately about their work, or a good friend . And, I am who I am and do what I do all through the Grace of God.

December 05, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ferociously, I worked twelve hours today wrapping Christmas Nuts, Candy and Dried Fruit into plastic gift bags with ties to take over to my friend Rita's place for storage until Christmas. I had to get an idea of what I am working with to fill the truck, funds needed, get it all out of my tiny room and have a little fun. It was indeed fun doing while listening to Christmas music all day. Although, totally exhausting as I am processing Colorado Springs in having had no downtime. Whatever does not get done in the next month as a result of time, so be it. I am doing the best I can. And, I am still coming out of a covid fog. Yes, that is a real thing. My friends Eric and Mary have been coordinating with Rita and myself concerning storage in their garage. My friend Sean who makes a monthly contribution is sent 2 sour cherry pies for a Thanksgiving that I have frozen. They cannot be eaten until the right time where I can savor them to death! Lol, my apartment manager temp held them for me in the office freezer until I got back. Mary gave Mo a wool coat last year that was way too large and now fits him perfectly and he needed that while in Colorado along with an under coat. It all worked out perfectly along with the funding. I received just enough money and comped rooms to pay the hotel, gas/oil and food was shared from Thanksgiving for the entire stay!

December 04, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night, on the way home from dropping off and exchanging candy, blankets, etc.. for storage at a friends house, I checked out the .99 cent store to see what they had and they had Christmas fun, big enough size candy, perfect for what I am looking for to fill the truck for Christmas. Problem was, once it is gone it will not be replaced. So, I had to get it all pronto. Mary and Eric were going to pickup everything for me this morning before it was gone. I sent pictures through text of the items I wanted, but only one went through. So I got out of bed and began running around myself to get the rest. I could not believe how much was already gone in less than twenty four hours. I dropped everything off with Rita who is storing it for me. I am in really, really deep now financially and finding contribution is a must. But, I got the stuff and that feels good. Also, a small animal adoption non-profit here in Las Vegas called PAWsitive Difference, they have helped Mo in the past with medical needs and food. They purchased more food both canned and dry and his arthritis medicine for us today. That is a big help, it was like a hundred bucks! Mary and Eric paid for what they got and that was almost $300. I'm getting the help and I need it! Still, this project will cost as I said before something like $4000.

December 03, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

There are truly wonderful people in the world. Jessica, the general manager of where I was staying in Colorado Springs, her mom likes to knit and found out I give out blankets, hats, scarfs and gloves to people on the streets here in Las Vegas so she gave me two large cartons of knitted wool everything to take back with me. The last time I was in the Valley of Fire I had a short conversation with a woman working in the Welcome Center who lives in the Valley of Fire and mentioned what I do. She comes into Vegas to get supplies every few weeks and stopped at my friends Eric and Mary to drop off about fifty brand new blankets with a bag of knitted hats and socks for me to give out. Eric and Mary's garage is getting full because I was storing candy in it so my new friend Rita stopped by their house to take it all to her's where there is more room. There is no way, absolutely no way I would be doing any of this anymore without the help of others who offer. To have people offer without my asking just warms my heart totally.

December 02, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up and jumped right into a television interview to kickstart the candy Christmas drive. While in Colorado Springs, I met a news reporter from there who is working at News3 in Las Vegas. While driving back he emailed me to ask if I'd like to do a news segment. This type of thing needs to get done "while the iron is hot" so to speak so we did it while Colorado Springs is still in people's minds, he also mentioned our time in Uvalde after the massacre there in June and also Sacramento, CA back in February. The purpose was not only as a special interest story but to garner some contribution to fill the truck up with candy for Christmas to share with people on the streets. It is going to cost about four grand as candy is very expensive now. If you would like to help out please send a contribution from this website. Also, Venmo @travelingpiano Dan Kean 215 639 9378 and you can email me from the contact page here to purchase candy online and send it, or to send a contribution by mail, or to make arrangements for me to come and pick up the contribution. It can be money, candy, gift card...

December 01, 2022

Arizona to Las Vegas

The damm motel we stayed in... it was really a nice room, great price, accommodating staff but... they destroyed everything by waking me up at 7:30am with an in-house, robo ring, ring on the phone with loud music a "get up and out" tactic used by shitty motels and this was a Marriott! Doing that is my biggest motel pet peeve especially when checkout is not until noon. You can tell them not to do it, they will anyway. And then... they do not take cash! Tell the guest that when they are booking the room, before the reservation goes through, before they check out in the morning! It is completely self-serving, they know they have you because they have your credit card already on file. And, when coming in late a guest is going to go around town looking for another room? I remember the days when being able to use credit cards was an iffy issue. Anyway, no snow, the drive was easy. Route 93 from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas I think is the most boring road in the USA except for once you hit Nevada and the Lake Meade area. The dark rock mountains are always just magnificent and almost unbelievable. Anyway, we are home in one piece and the Traveling Piano truck did its jobs once again! A true miracle.