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November 30, 2022

Travel Colorado-New Mexico

Gone! We departed from Colorado Springs and the tragedy that happened at Club Q to head back to Las Vegas. Surprisingly, there is the city of Las Vegas also in New Mexico! Who knew? Would have liked to stop and check it, the same as with stopping to take nature photos while traveling along the way... I just needed to focus one hundred percent on getting back. The truck being so old, once I get it going there can be stopping only for gas and/or for Mo and I to pee. I never know if it will start again. We stopped half way for an overnight because taking the southern route is an extra two hours... a sixteen hour drive was not going to happen. The truck can only hit 70 miles an hour tops. There was no way I could get across the Rocky Mountains, the faster way, with it having just snowed. In bed Mo began to shiver. It seemed that he was sick.

In hoping he did not catch a cold my mind went to getting him back to Vegas as soon as possible and then to a doctor and then I began to think he is too old now to recover from a sickness... oh, what a sick mind I have myself. He cuddled with me and I could tell really needed that. After a short while he was ok. For some reason he became scared. That happens from time to time for no real reason from trauma's he experienced as a puppy. Mo is a super sensitive dog with feelings and thoughts... I could never have known an animal could be so emotionally sensitive before he came into my life. Traveling Piano Dog Boner, although sensitive was not as fragile as Mo is. Mo's being that way has always helped me to stay conscious of his and other people's feelings and fragility.

November 29, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

SNOW! It snowed a bit last night and I watched it snow into the afternoon today. It was just a light snow but enough to keep me where I am for another day. The Traveling Piano truck barely has traction in rain. In snow... zero. Snow always makes me feel good and it has been a long time since seeing it happen. In appreciation for the work, the hotel comped us for two nights. The feeling when something like that happens keeps me doing what I am doing and of course, the finances, always on the edge of falling off a cliff. I took a dip in the hotel pool, it was so warm and sweet. Never before have I given that kind of treat to myself in a motel stay. Mo and I are living in the moment, he is loving the queen size bed we have been sharing.

I am just so grateful all the time to be able to act out my rage and despair with love, fun, friendship, respect, empowerment, inspiration, compassion, empathy, validation, worth of human spirit... all that. Equally, to have all that embraced with acceptance and appreciation by others... never felt any of that while growing up. It has happened for my life all through the Grace of God. The God of my understanding, certainly not the God of those who preach negative bible spins and the congregations who embrace the preaching of hate, sin, exclusion, bad consequence, judgement, evil and fear. None of that is my understanding of God. My life shows beyond question of doubt... my way wins, lol! (thinking about Colorado Springs and LGTBQ+ communities worldwide)

November 28, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

I slept in today after telling myself for two days I need to give my self a full day to recoup before leaving to drive back to Las Vegas. I binged watched an HBO series last night and that really helped. It took me totally out of reality, where I am, the day, whats going on etc... I was talking with a staff member and was reminded that Mo and I have been at a high altitude which explains my shortness of breath over the last few days. Of course I was attributing all negative possibilities for it. And... with the Traveling Piano why it has such trouble getting over high passes. The carburetor has trouble breathing now with its age. Lets hope I can get over those Rocky Mountains on the return trip. I shared the Traveling Piano with some of the hotel staff today. Other than that, Mo and I just relaxed.

November 27, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

Good people can be amazingly resourceful and creative. So many people are doing small acts of kindness with empathy and compassion to show inclusiveness for all people, from all genders and acts to counteract gun violence.This is guy I met with his wife and two boys, he is a Mennonite pastor here in Colorado Springs taking a stand for the entire LGBTQ+ community. He also has an organization that disables firearms by turning donated guns and purchased guns through anonymous buybacks... into garden tools and toys. His organization offers a space for people to transform their trauma from something that has brought death to their lives into to something that creates life and purpose. He was very conscious an careful with his desire not to stand out with "special" attention for who he is and what he does. That... in a spirit of true humility. He did not want to be singled out on say facebook or have his picture taken alone with the Traveling Piano as he was afraid it may be used as a promo shot in some way. Thank God for people like him and his family and for clergy truly doing, following and acting in the ways of Jesus Christ.

November 26, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

While creating music outside at the Club Q memorial, a group showed up with supportive posters as did a few trump idiots to cause trouble with a mega phone and huge trump flags in the air. Out of nowhere an organization that attends events with colored umbrellas to create shields if needed went into action and created a wall in front of the trumpers. I was asked to drown the idiots out, make my music louder which was not a problem as I have enough sound to almost shatter a window. I think the umbrellas helped protect the trumpers more that the memorial attendees because most people there for the memorial were primed and ready to attack. We all choose to detach from the shenanigans and it took the morons less than five minutes to realize they were not going to get anywhere with the situation. They left.

The umbrella people, how funny, how fantastic, how effective! At night as the massacre happened one week ago today I wanted to be at the spot creating music at the specific time. It was blistery cold, only one guy was there holding vigil while underground synthesizer club music from the 70's played loud from a boom box. It was perfect for him being high as a kite but I could not tolerate it. He would have turned it off if I asked but that did not feel right. He turned it off while I played music there for about an hour, he played some himself and then we left at about eleven pm. The energy felt erie, weird and dark... which it was.

November 25, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

Mo and I have not had a moment of downtime. There is just too much work to do. We had to get out while the sun was bright and with decent temperatures. We drove to the memorial and while there, people began to move it. The driveway that Club Q is on, opened up. Everyone there just began moving all the flowers, candles and signs up the driveway and to in front of the club. I drove the Traveling Piano truck up and parked in front of it. This was a very sensitive moment. There was dead silence. I had to be super careful. After creating music for a short time the owner of the club came over. I got down from the piano and he thanked me for being there. We hugged. He is so lost right now and so open to support. He just kept thanking me while we hugged and I knew he was thanking everyone and communicating that he was open to the support he was getting. A difficult time, the worst a person can go through.

For twenty years he has had this club. Many people have grown up in it. It is the first gay club ever in Colorado Springs. The club has been his home and family. As family members began to arrive they would hug and break down with him. Everyone is still trying to process what happened. It has not even been a week. How honored I am to be able to be here with everyone, fit in, help the situation, be part of, have the opportunity to give respect, be appropriate, supportive, appreciated and again right in the middle of such a national tragedy. It was a very sad day here at Club Q. The music had to be steady, supportive, not self-indulgent, not over powering, over sensitive, just random notes, rhythm and pattern to fill the air, soft almost in the background yet while giving space for silence. Afterwards I was treated to dinner and experienced some new friendship.

November 24, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

In the spirit of "There is No Coincidence" ...with the temps 32º outside and blustery winds... no way could Mo and I spend time at the memorial. We have yet to recover from traveling. I began a conversation with the general manager of where we are staying while thinking "this person is working on Thanksgiving, extend a Traveling Piano experience." Turns out Jessica has been having a very difficult week as she is part of the Club Q family here in Colorado Springs and knows everyone there personally. Life is showing in every moment, the Club Q... a safe space of all genders welcome, violated in the worst of ways. I feel like my mission here has already been fulfilled in just spending a few moments with Jessica today and with yesterday at the memorial. Everything now is just icing on the cake. As always I am completely filled with gratitude, humility helps to keep me in that way.

Did you get a Thanksgiving Dinner Danny, or enough to eat? Look what I brought back to my motel room after being fortunate enough to have Thanksgiving dinner with those from Club Q here in Colorado Springs today. This annual dinner of course was not hosted at the club. It was moved for this Thanksgiving to the Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church here in Colorado Springs. My experienced cannot be put into words. The amount of diversity, love, respect, courage, intelligence, strength... it was not possible to stereotype anyone at this dinner. I was taken back with how the younger members respect the elders. There we're over 150 of us. These people from many genders, backgrounds, ages and other walks of life. They are all in an ongoing tight knit family as one. Many have been part of the Club Q Family for their entire lives. If I had not spent time in real life with them all well, with all my life experience still, I for sure could never have imagined it. Mo and I were outside with the Traveling Piano as well as on a piano they had inside. Did Mo get any turkey? He got a lot of turkey!

November 23, 2022

Colorado Springs Colorado

I woke up not having crashed physically from the 14 hr drive (oh boy, when it happens...), so... Mo and I drove to the memorial here in Colorado Springs to make use of the time today. I wore a "hard guy" look so people and the media would not approach and I could just let the music speak for itself. It worked out well. The Traveling Piano is here to create validation and reassurance for the value of life after the mass shooting a few days ago prompted by a sicko with a military weapon promoted by republican politicians and gaslighting news sources, automatic machine guns, weapons of mass destruction as a right to own for everyone. They say, fuck the innocent children and adults killed by those weapons, the right for everyone to own a machine gun or a few weapons of mass destruction is more important for society?

November 22, 2022

Travel from Las Vegas to Colorado Springs

Starting out today, the scenery was well, what a beautiful planet the earth is! I was constantly in awe. I have never been driving east in this end of fall season. The topography was ever changing, a tapestry of vivid rock and ground color, textures, shapes, shades of light, smatterings of snow everywhere... the darker shadows of rock looked translucent. It was a full sun until dark. Once it got dark I stopped on the side of the road to take a pee, it was about 6:30pm. The Milky Way was showing as bright as can be right above me! I missed many once in a life time photography opportunities because I had to put all my focus on destination. It was a long ride and took almost 14 hours. I am too old for this, as is the Traveling Piano truck and Mo. I did not think how I'd be driving half of the time in the dark and how I now have night blindness. There was a point where I thought I might "have bitten off more than I could chew." Doubts about what I am doing kept trying to surface and I thought by the end, "this is not fun." Then, I reminded myself that "purpose" has always trumped fun for my life.

The third time I filled up my gas tank I thought how it had to be the last time before getting to my destination because it was getting more difficult to start the engine every time after turning it off. Gas was under $4 bucks a gallon and I saw one sign for $2.99 a gallon. It has been a long time since seeing that. There was hardly any traffic the entire way thank God until... I got into the mountainous twists and turns in the dark. That was awful. The truck getting over the rockies... not easy and sort of a miracle. Most of the vehicles had Florida license plates, weird. The dry salt on the roads from a recent snow storm at times made be very nervous while thinking if I run into any snow at all I will be in big trouble with the truck. I am posting photos from last year for the same route I took today. The middle picture is a photo with the background of Glacier Montana's mountains with a sunset hue dropped into the Utah desert ground from a photo from last year and... that is exactly what I saw today. And most amazingly... that Montana photo was taken on this exact day in 2015!!! We made it, we are safe and in a comfortable room.

November 21, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My Pup Mo and I will be driving from Las Vegas tomorrow with the Traveling Piano to spend Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs. We want to manifest gratitude for all those who value the diversity of human life. We will be present to honor all families, friends and neighbors affected by the proliferation of gun murder and the demonization of human soul manifest. In the truth of spirit... we are looking forward with love, compassion and empathy. I want to post today basically what I posted for Uvalde, TX when we we're there in June while leaving out the second part in looking for a place to stay because... we no longer live in a world where many people will take in a strange traveler much less an old, single, overweight piano man who struggles financially with an aging pup in a beat up old pickup truck that has a piano in it. LOL So... any help you can give for the expenses would be apprciated. Through Paypal, Venmo, Mail, etc... Information can be found on the contribute link.

This... the basic message. My name is Danny Kean. I have a Traveling Piano with a pup named Mo who hangs out on top of our piano in the back of a pickup truck. For the last 15 years we have traveled throughout the northern hemisphere and also to the south of Mexico unobtrusively visiting communities and creating short one-on-one relationships through music and respect. The Traveling Piano is not for show. I do not perform or entertain. My pup Mo and I work as individuals without fees or tips and without commercial, organizational or political affiliation. My music is improvisational and if we meet I will invite you onto the piano and show you some music for yourself. I am not independently wealthy. Mo and I are finding our way from Nevada where we live, to Colorado Springs through the help of a few friends. Once again, our purpose is for relationship with trust in creating a feeling of validation and reassurance for the worth of humanity. I will have no other interest than in the individuals we encounter through grace and humility. If nothing else the Traveling Piano becomes a moment of worthwhile distraction for everyone who finds us. I live my life through divine providence with faith and gratitude and have quite a bit of personal experience with the tragedy that has happened to the community of Colorado Springs which... has given me the insight and sensitivity to present potential for healing and desire for love of life.

November 20, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yea well, it is what it is. There was yet another gun mass shooting in Colorado Springs last night directed at the LGBTQ community. This terrible disregard for human life is personal for me and I cannot allow it to simply fade away as it will in the twenty four hour news cycle. I must be response able and do something. Mo and I will head there on Tuesday for a week. It will be at least a twelve hour straight through drive. My first fear is the cold, and then the cold for Mo, then the truck, then for my own physical ability to do it, then for a place to stay and the expenses for gas, food and God forbid the truck breaking down again. Really... none of that matters as much as just simply doing it. If I was not 100% sure of good that will come from it, there is no way I would do it. This is how I manifest my rage and incredible despair over what happened... I do it through love, empathy, compassion, through musical fun, friendship and respect... validation and reassurance for the worth of humanity. Please help if you can with a contribution from this website link or send something via Venmo at Dan Kean @travelingpiano 215-639-9378. Just so you know... very few people ever contribute. I live on a shoe string. Do you know of anyone we can stay with in Colorado Springs? No babysitting needed.

November 19, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Two of my "besties" as in friends who support my life and the Traveling Piano attend a church that was having a bazaar today. Mo and I surprised the event with the Traveling Piano. You know, with the usual Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration. It was a small affair, not many people so we did not stay long. I didn't even go inside to see what was there. Probably, I would have if someone had invited us in. Afterwards, I stopped downtown to see a store owner who suggested a Traveling Piano fundraiser to raise money for Christmas Candy for the Homeless on the streets during the downtown First Friday event. She was not there but I passed the message on that I am interested and we need to talk soon as that would be just two weeks away. I do not know if they will follow through... 98% of people who offer or suggest they would like to help with the Traveling Piano never do and that is the way it has been for over fifteen years! It bugs me everytime even though I am used to it. And, it has been my experience always after all these years that if I push or nudge or just keep at them... I becomes pest like in their eyes. Other people are good with persistence, I've never been good at that probably because I do not want to associate with people who do not extend themselves when they say they want to, plan to, or are going to and then do nothing unless I keep at em'. My energy is precious and limited.

November 18, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I constantly remind myself that I have nothing to prove, no one to impress, when this all ends, I will become simply a memory for most people. All the online work I have done will most likely be buried under the progression of life, I do not have to accomplish any more of my desires, goals, projects... everything, as I said many years ago is now all "icing on the cake" as in beyond my wildest of dreams, did that done that. Sometimes I want a lot of attention like to be the center of the universe for the entire world... lol. It is ok to want. That does not need to translate into, have. Mo and I went out onto the street for a short while with music today. We met some people, did some Traveling Piano. Everyday, I would like to do just a little music along with many other "just a littles" that feel necessary these days. But then again, nothing is necessary except to stay sane. That is not easy in my world today. It is a delicate balancing act to detach from the insanity of others while also embracing it all for the good of... all. One Day at a Time, to enjoy whatever it is I am doing is all there is.

November 17, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

In the spirit of not totally getting lost in Thanksgiving and Christmas thoughts, Mo and I drove to the Redrock overlook outside of Las Vegas to create some music before it got dark. We had about an hour. Two guys got onto the piano and there were so many opportunities to interact with people who so wanted to connect but I had to sort of blow them off. I'm really limited in how fast I can interact anymore and I really needed to create music myself. I even asked one if he wanted for me to take his picture because I was not quick enough to do it while he was playing, lol. It got really cold fast once the sun went behind the mountains. No complaints... no complaint at all after the torturous summer heat for months on end! It is just that the cold really limits activity. I did not even walk Mo, we just had to get out of there. From noon to about three thirty in the afternoon is the window of opportunity to play out in the desert for these winter months. Ha... it is only November! I've been shopping around in stores and online for a few days to find the best place t get candy for Christmas for those living on the streets. A supermarket named Winco is the least expensive that I've found, less expensive than all the stores on the internet even with their Thanksgiving sales.

November 16, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I make a major decision, it is most definitive. I know when it happens, just can never seem to make it happen. It happens like a spark. The decision to collect blankets for those living on the streets in the cold and to fill the truck with Christmas candy was solid. The thought locked in as I said to myself, "I'm doing it no matter what, it is happening." Not sure how but I know it will happen. When thoughts are real I know it and then just go with the flow. The most recent was when I decided to go to Uvalde, Texas after the massacre there. And before that, the massacre in Sacramento, California earlier in the year. Every single candy bar is going to get wrapped with ribbon. It is all about the anticipation, the surprise in finding out what it is, the receiving of not just a candy bar but a gift. The interaction... the relationship, the Traveling Piano's fun, friendship and respect. I asked my friends Mary and Eric if they would help me wrap and also my new friend Rita. They do not like wrapping at all but said they would help. It will be thousands wrapped candy treats. I'm going in deep with this adventure!

November 15, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am posting the Traveling Piano Christmas Candy photo and have begun to dig in deep with this project. I want to fill the truck with candy and go out on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Day after Christmas sharing it with people who live on the streets. It is going to cost about four thousand as candy is expensive and I'm not going to give people what I myself would not enjoy. That... would be dollar store candy, a rip off to buy anyway. How I am going to raise the money for this will be a challenge. Especially seeing as people use money differently these days with Venmo and other online payment apps. GoFundMe is out of the question. That company screwed me out of almost three hundred bucks with the last fundraiser I did with them not to mention two months of run arounds. Don't get me started on that. And Facebook... done with that too. Going up to people face to face is how it will be. That takes a lot of "balls" to do. Many people I know will feel put on the spot and get mad for my asking. Same with asking one on one online. It is what it is. This will be fun tho, and I need to not become totally obsessed in doing it. There is living the rest of life, the music and also finding a way for myself financially and with the Traveling Piano into the future.

November 14, 2022

Valley of Fire, Nevada

Weirdly, I woke up at 7am. After doing some online work, this blog for example, Mo and I drove to the Valley of Fire. We had not been there in over a year. We stopped outside of it in April. Mo could not have been happier. He knows where we are going when in-route somewhere. He was wailing almost the entire time in anticipation. There we're more people around than I expected. But we just walked into the desert away from all activity. The temperature was in the fifties so there was no worry about the sand being too hot for Mo and the sun destroying me. As I began to ask for meaning, direction and clarity for my life as this is the place to do that, the answer came... all that matters is now, right now in this moment is all there is. The message was clear. I laid on the ground with Mo and meditated and even slept a bit. We drove out of the park to get back to Las Vegas before dark.

I must force myself to go more often. Even today, to tear myself away from nothing. I had trouble starting the truck twice while there. The change of temperature I am hoping was the issue. It is really feeling its age, especially now in the colder weather. Me also, the older I get the colder I get. Temps in the fifties now feel like the forties. What an amazing life. They changed the pricing to get in from ten bucks to as a senior, thirty bucks gets me the entire year and camping access. So I did that and am trying to get the never to camp overnight sometime. Fear comes to mind in doing something out of the box like that. I've never done it and have been thinking about it for about two years. Comfort and simply functioning and now the cold nights in the desert... "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" This place is about my most favorite on earth. It is a vortex and I belong in it... when its not scorching hot.

November 13, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm working in my head to allow my sleeping cycle, my inner time clock. It has been the same for my entire life. In several ways, I know why and how it is from my formative years but there is also an innate spiritual side to it. It is not a coincidence my life has been setup so I can sleep as much as needed and wake whenever I do. It has been clear also, that I heal physically when I sleep and also tense up physically when I sleep and that can lead to sickness if I do not just get past that to have enough rest, subconscious rest. Ahh... who knows what, nothing in life is ever for one reason only. I was feeling a little sick with a respiratory issue and was able to sleep it off and into the late morning today, thank God. It feels like there is no way I can do any significant project moving forward in life if I do not get up early and onto a steady schedule. While I tell myself I want to... maybe it is just not meant to be or I would. Allowing my process is the key to life. Of course it is not like others or conventional it is... what it is. I feel gratitude for having the ability to live as I do. But then, why do I beat myself up over that so often? One day at a time...

November 12, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyday seems the same right now. I get up, waste some time online, eat, meditate when I can, beat myself up for what I am not doing that I tell myself I should be doing, take Mo for a walk, either do some Traveling Piano music or Homeless outreach... the where-with-all to do both does not seem to be there these days physically. Mo and I walked with a backpack of socks and hand knitted hats to give out. Seeing people laying on the ground, their heads in a cardboard box, shivering in the dark with it being in the low 40's... it is just terrible. There are others out doing what I am doing, a load of blankets we're given out tonight thank God, because I have none right now to give. I came home to see a sniper cop in my ally pointed at the usual drug motel shit going on next door. The cop was right out in the open. Two shot, one killed. A few days ago two cars drove down main street shooting at each other. None of it gets in the news... we do not want to scare people away from the money to be made from the up and coming downtown are now, do we.

November 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Something got into me and I created to visuals for online to collect blankets and candy to give out for Christmas. With Thanksgiving on the horizon I need to prepare with a plan of action so past emotions, memories and needs of all that do not take me down a rabbit hole. They were a lot of fun to create and a lot of work. Thinking of what I wanted, then collecting the pieces (about 30) and then photoshopping it all took about twelve hours. Then the second only took about four because I know better what I was doing and what I wanted. Do you have a used clean blanket to give out? Maybe you can gather blankets as part of a group or purchase a few online and send them to me. Be it one, twenty or a hundred blankets, Mo and I can pick them up from you or they can be dropped off at mutually agreed location. Blanket collecting will continue through the holidays. Sharing is a gateway to joy. Caring for others who you do not know helps to bring humanity together.

November 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

This guy, his name is Legend from the streets here in Las Vegas, a painter, artist, he always wears his sculpted art, beautiful pieces of steel welded together. Mo and I have known him through the Traveling Piano for years. This photo does no justice for his arm bracelet and shoulder piece. He's an awesome guy! I took a $20 Canadian bill that has been in my wallet for over 8 months to the casino. With the exchange into $USA I walked away with $13.80! Most all gambling machines nearby said bet with 1¢ and then with something like a 60¢ minimum in small letters underneath. So a dollar goes into the slot. I make the 60¢ bet and I am left with 45¢. Wow, a 5¢ incentive to continue after losing 60¢. What seemed logical was to put in another dollar since 45¢ was just sitting there. That or cash out and go stand in line to get my 45¢ with a ticket from the machine. This in an environment of dollars and the bait of fortune. Which option to you think the casino is betting on. Another bet, the gambler taking the time and effort to cash out the 45¢ or just throwing the 45¢ away by leaving it in the machine to entice someone else. Ahh... for the days with gambling machines when you could bet all the money you put into the machine, crank it with anticipation, see the spinning of the bars, hear the bells, the overflow clink, clink, clink of coins with a win drawing the attention of everyone around you, the feel, the smell of money... there is practically no sense of engagement to be had with the experience of betting now, nothing shared with others in the rooms, it all felt stagnant, stale and penny-pinching casino-wise.

November 9, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

November 8, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a rain day! A rainy day here in Las Vegas, Nevada, how very awesome.

November 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've always had the gift of insight. Of course also, I've always also worked to have insight. There is no illusion of what is happening in the world and it all points to the demise of the best system of self-governing ever devised. That would be through the ideals of American Democracy which will never die as ideals in the spirit of togetherness, inclusivity and equality cannot be destroyed. To not become totally depressed with what will happen tomorrow is a huge challenge. It will signal a point of no return for humanities self-centeredness in the worst of ways. Many years ago in knowing the a huge human transition was coming, I also knew that few would be able to stay in the truth of spirit through the transition. Now as I myself am challenged, the time has come to double down on staying grounded with the reality of spirit and my minuscule place in the universe as a unique manifestation. No more educating, creating warnings for awareness... my job is to let everyone flow as in turn to the dark side, lie to themselves, allow their confusion and just give what I can give in the best of ways... to all. Thank God I have "like" minded friends. I will always stand up for my truth if confronted and then hopefully be able to move on. Spiritually, humanity will learn and grow through this time period of evolution.

November 6, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, I've so much invested in this journey and everything it is, the music, the writings, video, photography, myself and my pups, the travel, helping people living on the streets, living my dreams out... I sort of cannot stop now and really do need to play it to an end. My priorities are defining themselves daily. A better place to live, the truck rebuild/refurbished or recreated, representation to help achieve my thoughts, projects and to continue with the fruition of dreams in existence from the start. Right now promo material needs to be rewritten. A venue for the photo gallery and to showcase the Traveling Piano would be next. For Christmas this year I would like to fill the Traveling Piano truck with candy, all kinds of treats for those living on the streets and take it all out on Christmas Eve, Day and the Day After. That will cost several thousand bucks. Have you priced a box of candy lately? How I am going to raise the money I am figuring out. No way GoFundMe that screwed me this year out of almost three hundred dollars. That website is now a racket. Facebook... no more. Individually with $25 or $50 contributions... I am so tired of doing that. I need to go for the hundred or more contributions along with looking for representation and a patron.

November 5, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some days I need to just do nothing but piddle around. That would be today. It is sunny, I need to get out with the truck just, no. A perfect day to clean my room, no. So much cataloging, organizing and online work to do, no. Cook or go out and give the rest of the socks and knitted hats I have to people on the streets, no. Creating the feeling of pressure, expectation, obligation or anything else, no. I just hung out with Mo. Of course, we take a walk everyday. I've been doing all that other stuff everyday... am so glad I quit Twitter, I need less of that shit in my life. So, when I feel the need to vent, comment or react to something that pisses me off... I just sit with it, find or think of ways to let it go from my head and take a look at the bigger picture for my life... there is not s much time left at my age and with everything that is going on. Just feel good Danny, nothing else is needed in life, do your best to feel good.

November 4, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I can feel very lonely at times. When that happens I work to redirect my thoughts. It usually comes from thinking I do not have something I should have or should be doing in order to belong to this world. Sometimes to not feel lonely, I run to eating junk food, often I turn towards Mo. I go give out stuff to those living on the streets, my work on the computer helps and so does mediation or to eat something healthy. Nature is a big help and I have not been giving myself to that these days. Always I need to remember but often forget, the music. Music has never been the first thing I turn to when I feel lonely. That just is what it is. I remember the realization back in the beginning of this journey, I wrote about it, a huge turning point for my life when I realized there is a difference between feeling lonely and feeling alone. I used to feel very alone. The idea of being alone out of no choice has not been in existence since I began this journey and never again will exist. After embracing the fact that I am a "giver" well, it is not possible to both be a giver and feel alone if you ware walking the walk and giving of yourself to the world in some way consciously.

November 3, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It feels like spring here these days. Not autumn, the humidity, temperatures and sun feels like the end of April and beginning of May. It also feels like I need to go somewhere, take a trip, do something different for a week or two. One day or one thing is never enough to create a release from complacency. I have a bag packed for an overnight or two. I also have packed 90% for a long term excursion. I'd love to go camp somewhere and have batteries for stuff like the computer and coffee but I'm too scared, have a feeling of bewilderment about doing it all. Now that the nights are cold I am thinking about that? I had all summer to go camping when it was warm at night! I may still do it, just throw myself into the unknown.

November 2, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I connected with Doc and Teresa from Holy Smoke - Misfit Missionaries and our friend Amanda today. They all go into the underground tunnels of Las Vegas weekly to spend time in friendship with those who live in those tunnels. Food and resources are also shared with everyone. Today, some Traveling Piano music was added with pup Mo and his love. I created music outside the tunnels and it traveled deep into them. It was actually cold, I needed a scarf (no matter what its still better than the heat) and was just about to put on Mo's coat when Amanda came over to say the music was causing some guy to have a mental breakdown as he was hungover or something. Lol, time to go...

November 01, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I almost want to be in denial that it is already November and 2023 is just around the corner. It feels scary. Actually, everything feels scary to me these days. It is time to take off to go somewhere. Also it is time to do something new. I drove my friends Mary and Eric and their friends to a concert tonight so they would not have to deal with parking, finding the place, etc... and just driving someone else's car and in the dark and trying to find my way was almost a frantic situation for me. The message was clear from that. As I get older I need to push myself to do different things in different ways. Complacency is just so easy for me and at the same time not possible. Although it feels like I could just hide under my covers in my room for a few months... maybe I will. Why not? And then come out and get back to work. In any case it has been really special to be running into people I've known for years on the streets. I will never get over the amazement of how people can live on the streets for years. As always, the Traveling Piano music is totally respected.