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June 30, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We are hiding in a small room from the heat. I tried to take Mo out for a short walk but his paws could not take it, especially on his bad leg, the heat from the cement. I sent a text to the owner of a new large high end strip club on the strip across from where we are living. About two months ago we met, it is here in the blog somewhere and he expressed interest, gave me his phone number and email. I texted a few times with no reply. Sent a text today and said we just got back from Uvalde and he returned the text saying to come over and get a contribution. It was sizable and feels real good! I am thankful. It is the first time ever that something like this has happened from a commercial entity. It was perfectly informal. I made a jpeg and posted it all over, on social platforms. I just love the idea of the unconventional relationship that could exist here and I am ready to associate with a commercial entity, especially a sexy one! LOL, today was a step forward and it paid for my truck insurance due in a few days! The place is called the Peppermint Hippo, some call it a Gentlemen's Club, others a Strip Club... it is high end and there are several around the country.

June 29, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Not too happy about being here in the heat. Mo is too old for it and I am just over it. My room is so small... the neighborhood is awful, the homeless suffering in the streets I cannot accept... blah, blah, blah... very little got done today as I wait for all the travel to hit me physically. I can't think very much, not even sure what I did today... oh, I paid the rent and oh, I don't know. Well, we did what we did in Uvalde, Texas... shared the Traveling Piano's love by creating a distraction from pure sadness, and as a reminder that love exists everlasting even in the worst of suffering and evil. There is little memory of it thank God I have the photos. Look what we did in the heat there! The dry heat here is worse for working with the Traveling Piano. Intellectually, I realize what a huge accomplishment, our going there and just simply living through it all but also the travel, expenses, lodging, the work, the toxic energy on so many levels still, we we're able to reach and uphold the love of people, validation and reassurance, the worth of humanity. There are wonderful people living in Uvalde.

June 28, 2022

Holbrook, Arizona

I'm numb. The crap motel Super 8 by Wyndham I was in, housekeeping did their knock, knock, knock at the door two hours before checkout to "get em' up and get em' out" for the very last time. I needed the sleep which I was not going to get. As with Wyndham La Quinta, now with Super 8... Motel 6... never again. They smell, are worn and cheap and its worth an extra $20 for a good nights sleep somewhere better. The drive was getting good with some greenery and humidity until the days heat hit and then the truck broke down on the highway outside of Holbrook, Arizona. The fuel pump went. I thought, thank God I have plenty of water, I'm a little worried about Mo, not too far from Holbrook, the cell phone had reception, I have triple AAA and cash on hand.

Turns out, one auto repair shop monopolizes AAA business for around 200 miles total. The guy came with a tow truck, no possible repair onsite even if something simple and small it had to be towed. I was in trouble with possibly getting ripped off big time. Back at the shop I was hearing the "parts are hard to get now-a-days" and talk of a motel stay over and I just played it out as best I could which ended up well. Two hours later I was on my way for $140 which was amazing, the parts came right away, the repair guys and entire family got onto the truck for some musical fun, luckily they we're piano lovers, and my returning home form Uvalde helped. Once back in Vegas with the incredibly hot dry air of over a hundred degrees at night... neither Mo or I we're pleased. Once we we're on the bed there was some relief and that was it until we passed out.

June 27, 2022

Grants, New Mexico

Wow, a pleasant surprise... a better temperature for the eight hour drive today. We we're able to drive with the windows open and it was like seventy-five degrees all day except for when it got cloudy I had to actually shut the truck windows as it was too cold. There was rain all around all day. We kept missing it with wet roads and everything. I drove through only about ten minutes of light rain enough to wash desert dust off the truck. Before reaching route 40 we drove mostly with no traffic at all through the middle of no where, north. I can tell you it is a lot less boring to drive through hundreds of miles of flat land with nothing when it is seventy five degrees out verses a hundred ten degrees with the truck windows up. Tomorrow will be all highway driving with trucks, ugh. We are in a budget motel, it is what it is. My bodies aching but nothing like what it will feel like after another eight hours driving tomorrow ending back home into Las Vegas.

June 26, 2022

Monahans, Texas

While trying to enjoy my last few hours in a comfortable motel room, I have been trying to get my mojo going to leave in the morning. There is some fear, thats not unusual. It will be a eight hour travel day.

June 25, 2022

Monahans, Texas

Today was a repeat of yesterday and after binge watching an entire television series for nine hours, the idea of re-entering the real world is not so appetizing. It feels so awesome to have been able to detach. I needed a rest period to detach from all thoughts and feelings, all the world's negativity, suffering and concern and just lay in an amazingly big and comfortable bed in a large room with a large television screen and get lost in a fantasy world that hurts no one or anything... and to do it with Mo by my side. One day at a time, easy does it, but for the grace of God and with gratitude we will move forward on Monday morning back to Las Vegas with appreciation, care, empathy, compassion... until a shit head crosses our path probably or I let the internet kidnap my soul again, lol.

June 24, 2022

Monahans, Texas

Consciously, I say to myself... have no responsibility, be lazy, complacent, do nothing, relax, do not care about anything, take time for just you to "be," enjoy the room you are in, do what you want, have what you want, take it easy, no pressure, be care free... this is what I am doing for as long as I want. I am not leaving here until I leave here. This time for myself is absolutely necessary before returning to "ugh" the small room I live in downtown in Las Vegas with the heat and life as I knew it before Uvalde. The toxic religious and governmental environment I am coming out of, the suffering and sadness of human loss, the love with empathy and compassion for those I have met that I must now let go of in order to rejuvenate... yea, that about says it all for today. Although everyday I do work some with the usual.

June 23, 2022

Monahans, Texas

I am so thankful for being able to live the life of my choosing. Please do not misinterpret that as an easy carefree life. Everything is a tradeoff in life for sure, without question. Never, would I take my life for granted knowing how not possible it is for others. Everyday, I am working to let go of the hate wanting to take hold in my brain. Hate for irresponsible human authoritarianism, toxic mentality, self-centeredness, a lack of common sense and complete ignorance of common good. Mo and I are not returning to Vegas until I get myself more centered. And... that is happening slowly. My life sometimes, I speak for and feel the pain of others for them because I can and from experience know it is helpful. The ability to do that comes with huge responsibility not only for others but for myself. If I am not centered and strong in mind for myself first and foremost there is no good to be had for the world from me. We had a few moments with the Traveling Piano outside the motel today and I meditated at two different times for about 40 minutes, showered, washed my clothes, did some photo processing, online postings and was very, very careful to not get sucked into the internet.

June 22, 2022

Monahans, Texas

What? Mo and I found some sand here about three miles away from where we are staying! There was very little exploring in it all as my strength just keeps slipping away. But we did climb to the top of a sand dune. A mom and her kids found us and we had a few moments of fun. There was another family with dark skin I wanted to interact with and they wanted to interact with me but I think they we're not sure if I would be friendly towards them. If there had been more time and they had stuck around it would have happened. For the first time I have experienced people wanting to give a donation for the Traveling Piano and call it a blessing. They want to bless me with money through God.

I've never encountered that before and like it. "Here is a Blessing for you." ($50) But then... I have been thinking that a blessing is a spiritual happening. We need a term for spiritual bestowing in of itself. To re-identify a spiritual blessing through physical gifts lessens the reality of spirituality, and creates confusion over what a true blessing is. This... very convenient for churches looking for money and justification for contribution. Some would say, can a blessing not be both spiritual and physical seeing that all comes through God? The answer, no. However if you want to bless me with some contribution so be it. Who am I to decide for you. Bless me, bless me, please bless me! lol

June 21, 2022

Monahans, Texas

Today was mostly perfect. I did not have to do anything. Just laid in bed until the afternoon. We are in a perfect place, in total comfort, lots of space, I used for the first time my motel stove and new pot to warm up some food I have. Last time we we're here, my back was hurting so bad I could not stand up. Today, I was able to take Mo for a nice long walk and even took a picture of a flower, lol. The where-with-all to take nature photos during this present mission has been, nada. And then tonight I see in the news that the police chief in Uvalde is being protected by the city council and mayor. I happened to be somewhat on the inside of all this but have been trying to stay away from it because of the Traveling Piano's mission. I'm failing... the end of an almost perfect day. Uvalde has a political inside family who values job and reputation more than serving the community, those suffering, the children and mothers slaughtered. The police chief should have resigned immediately if for no other reason respect. He has no humility.

Elected officials and the police have chosen a war with the community at the most vulnerable of times to shield him. The mayor accused Texas Department of Public Safety of lying while withholding information? Really? In the name of Jesus Christ I call them all mortal sinners. I want all those affected by this slaughter of innocence by a teenage kid who has been supported in purchasing a weapon of mass destruction while not old enough to even purchase a beer, and those now being dis-respected by city officials that serve only their special interests, I want the community at large to know my prayers and faith and support is with them. Nothing will ever destroy the spirit of truth, ever! This kind of injustice hits at my very core and can tear at my psyche. It brings out the hate in me big time, wants to grab me and not let go... take over my mind, body and soul with desire to destroy those who put their careers and reputations above life, care, compassion and empathy. Pray for me, send me some positive energy. I need help to detach.

June 20, 2022

On the Road Texas

I left Uvalde just in time because the politics of everything is about to explode and there is no way I could any longer play neutral. I did a good job for almost two weeks but the boil was about to burst in me. Mo and I began to drive north. My GPS told me to turn and then the internet connection went out. So, I drove on this road hoping it was right, I think it was route 277, there we're posts every couple miles saying 277 and none of them said north or south! They were totally useless and there was no turn offs. After about an hour and a half I found myself at the Mexican boarder!!! So I had to turn around and just drive north all day in a temperature over a hundred degrees and thank God the trucks air-conditioning worked! We reached Monahans and signed a the Fairfield motel, the same one as on the way down and as exhausted as I was, it felt so good to be in the comfort of this perfect motel room, so good, so good!

June 19, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Today was our last day here in Uvalde. Two people had contacted us for today to take up the offer of a personal Traveling Piano visit to their home. That has happened several times. I posted the offer on the communities Facebook page. It feels special for me when people take me up on an offer. Few do. There are many reasons, none of them work for me. One women could not reach me and after trying several times, knocked on my door earlier in the day. I was so pleased. And then, she demanded I take a "blessing" from her. That is what people call donations here in Uvalde. I like the term very much. With the second family, I took home dinner. They had been directly involved with the slaughter. The relating became difficult as the granddad wanted to bait me into political talk. He was feeling me out. He said something about Biden and I replied easily with humor about trump and that shut them all up. But then the topic of Catholic came up. They are all diocesan catholics whom I have been losing respect for big time.

He then came out with "those fucking faggots, I hate them" it was so visceral he stuttered. I shut him down immediately saying, nope, don't go there, its wrong as I was thinking this is now what the diocesan catholics are being taught probably because of how gay people brought the pedophile priests out of the closet and the church lost so much money from it. The diocesan branch of Catholicism has always been politically authoritarian which is why they also preach to support trump. It is disgusting for me. I was raised in that shit and throughout half my life also on the inside... deep in many ways. I've been around the block in my life so to speak. So anyway, this guy was also the last county sheriff having retired after twenty years. Yikes on so many levels! The visit ended soon after but we all had fun along with the serious scrape that could have gone very serious fast. Thank God for my self-respect. It is strong. I'm nice, professional, loving, compassionate, have empathy, a desire to please, patience and tolerance but don't fuck with me concerning what I have an immense personal experience with, lol!

June 18, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

I am feeling very overwhelmed with emotions of all kinds having just finished creating music and interacting with those visiting to show respect outside the Robb Elementary School here in Uvalde, Texas... for the last time. The flowers and other objects of respect are piled three feet high over the entire area. In seeing how significant the Traveling Piano is and how needed, I almost do not want to leave but it is just unrealistic to stay much longer. Never have I been in a place with so many cousins. Everybody is a cousin, it is almost funny. Everyone has tons of cousins. Makes me wonder how they can all find people to marry who is not a cousin! It is kind of funny. Anyway, it was a fruitful time and I am so thankful this has all worked out for the good.

Several families directly affected by this gun slaughter have served me dinner over the days. I just had an amazing beef brisket dinner which seems to be a favorite here with rice and creamed corn like I've never tasted before. It came with a huge piece of home made poppy seed cake with white icing and a real fork (thoughtfulness). It was awesome! But, it does not help the intense anger boiling at my core. My goal was to not "go there" with the following thoughts while here in Uvalde. I can do that with the people I meet and interact with on the streets, those that I would normally never associate with and even accept support from. I usually turn down support from whomever I consider immoral or unethical no matter how much I need it. Sure hope none of those people see this post but.. whatever. Standing up for the spirit of truth is more important for me than anything else. I need to vent big time.

June 17, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

A short time was spent in a parking lot today with new friends whom I have a lot in common. Interacting intimately with people here who have been directly affected through this recent gun slaughter... I find myself smack dab in the middle of the controversies on all sides and in ongoing relationship with people on all sides and all the judgement, denial, ignorance and downright evil that feeds on the opposite of truth through spirit, respect, compassion, empathy, common sense, etc. With my experience and knowing on many levels and having spent time on all sides of the fence through the years... it has been extremely difficult to live in it all and also to keep my mouth shut. Fear has played into keeping my mouth shut, of course. Getting into trouble for myself here could be very easy. I have been keeping the mission in control through prayer and meditation, intent of purpose and care. But, there has been times where in my head I am reeling in anger and even some hate for hours on end. I can only say that here in my personal blog. Keep to the basics Danny. Gratitude rules!

June 16, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Todays blog entry is dedicated to both Annabell and Jacklyn. They were 10 and 11 year old, best friend cousins who's lives have been sacrificed for the sake of gun ownership here in Uvalde, TX. Mo and I had the honor of meeting their family tonight. We spent time with the Traveling Piano as a surprise for Jacklyn's sister, she is 17 year old Jazmin who wanted very much to meet us. Jazmin spoke at the March for Our Lives rally unrehearsed last Saturday in San Antonio TX on behalf of her little sister now gone. These families, I have complete respect for their courage in continuing to live as best possible, for the sake of those they love. And also complete respect for the few friends that have helped Mo and I bring the Traveling Piano to Texas so we can share the love of humanity.

June 15, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Mo and I went to a church service tonight. It was actually the second time this week which is probably a record for the last 40 years, lol! Gilbert, the pastor of a small church named Casa El Shaddai here in Uvalde has given his apartment for Mo and I to use and so I want to participate in his life while here with as much respect and support possible. After the church service several members congregated outside for a Traveling Piano photo op. I've posted the photo online with an offer to visit anyone in the community from now through Sunday. They simply need to text a good time and the address for the visit. 215-639-9378 We will be leaving Uvalde on Monday.

June 14, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Tonight was going to be my last night at the Robb Elementary school here in Uvalde as it has been a week and that was the commitment I made for myself but... there was some serious grieving and my purpose was strong, the music was serving serious purpose. A mother of one of the young boys slaughtered came up to me, people from other families thanked me, community members, kids with their friends visiting who lost little brothers and sisters. These are the people I am here for most, those directly affected. The daughter of one of the school teachers murdered came to gather pieces of respect, trinkets, flowers. that people have left in the piles now over two feet high. One family, everyone had a button they wore of their little girl now gone. The sadness was palatable tonight more than any other day. It made me feel like the work here is not yet done.

Music does in fact bring people together and without controversy. The Traveling Piano makes a difference because it is without fees, tips, political, organizational, commercial agenda... Traveling Piano Pup Mo and I are here to share some love for humanity. This is happening through small individual donations from our friends. We can use your help to keep going and also to get us home... to Las Vegas. Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link And Venmo: @travelingpiano - 215 639 9378 or email me for another way.

June 13, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

I had a stomach ache, felt weird through the night and for the first few hours awake. In my bag I have two covid tests and took one. There are people from everywhere that I am meeting nightly and shaking their hands, they are on the piano, etc... the test was negative. It might have been not enough water. Drinking enough water is super difficult. By the time we went to the elementary school I had enough energy. By the end of the night I was covered in dirt. So was Mo, the truck, the piano, speakers... the winds would kick up the dirt while I was interacting with someone and there was just nothing to be done about it. I met the guy across the street, he is a young guy who had just purchased his house and moved in the weekend before the gun slaughter. That is really a tough deal! I'm supposed to go to another food bank in the morning, its not going to happen. A lot of sleep is needed to be able to get up and work with the Traveling Piano. When I am done, it takes time to wind down.

There are many families visiting with their children. This is good. In my day as a child, I would have been treated as too young to know or be shown anything in what my parents called an adult world. I talked with Gilbert about how long to stay. His world is so fragmented he does not know anything from moment to moment. He has his full time job and is waiting for his mom to get a serious cancer operation an hour and a half away, he has his preaching and then the trauma of being on the inside of this most horrendous tragedy which is why we are here. I will not be here for more than two weeks. The original plan was to hold vigil for a week at the school and that will end on Wednesday night. Then, it will be day by day. I'd like to gift some other areas of the city, a school, the hospital, etc... the heat will dictate wether that happens or not.

June 12, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

I've this "way" that has been setup for me spiritually that deals with attraction verses promotion. When I get in the way of it, failure results always 100% of the time. Problem is, I am never quite sure when I am getting in the way. It sort of just happens. A neighbor was out watering her yard and so I went over to connect as several other neighbors had approached me with gratitude. This neighbor, she did not want the "noise" in front of her house. Ouch, but then again I am sure she wanted nothing in front of her house as all the insanity is in her face and will be forever more. Her husband is also very sick, the ambulance was there two nights ago. Never the less, I am so sensitive... I cannot think of a word strong enough to describe it. Immediately I thought, it is all over, time to leave. There can be thousands of people wanting something from me and the "one" who does not can easily win out. This is something I realize I will need to deal with until I die.

June 11, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Getting up for the city food bank this morning as planned, that was a no go, not a chance, nada. Exhaustion set in big time. Cooked some food for the day, went to the school with the Traveling Piano for a few hours and not capable of anything else. The heat is God awful and debilitating! Care must have action attached to it. One of the church services I went to, the preacher talked about faith and freedom verses death. In North Korea for example if you are of faith they will kill you, was said. That was a segue into the freedom to own a gun. Take that away and they will then come for your bible next. Then, after your bible they will come for your faith. You will die like in North Korea. Shit like this coming from authoritarian leaders be it church or politics (both are now as one with this immorality), is it any wonder why so many people are fucked up? Is this really the time to stand up for gun ownership in Uvalde and to use Jesus Christ as your pillar of strength to do it? I suppose so for those who consider a gun first over the lives of little children and innocent teachers and mothers.

June 10, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Tonight was basically the same as last night with less interaction. The heat and humidity makes everything very difficult and I can't really walk Mo or myself for exercise. Police coming up to me to say how they appreciate our being there feels significant. Tomorrow, I would like to get up in the morning to play at the city's food bank that happens once a month but I have my doubts concerning the heat and after I arrived I went right into everything, there was no down time from the travel here. Gilbert my host has been on the run and his cousin stopped by with some hummus I've been craving, a small gift card for the supermarket and she came to the memorial with some water and treats. With everything going on in people's minds, they still are keeping care for others upfront.

June 09, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

On waking up at two in the afternoon, my back was function-able. I still ache but wow, nothing like in the past week. Thank God for that! We had enough rest, Mo is hanging in and I began getting organized and focused on what to do. Going outside was not on my to do list with the heat and sun. The chosen path is to hold vigil at the school each night as the sun goes down from around 7pm to 9pm. There is another memorial in the center of town full of performers and without question that is not what I am interested in... at all. One on one relationship through music is my agenda. Uvalde is not at all what I expected. It is a fairly large town compared to small towns. There is money here. All the convenience stores, etc... The trip here took longer than anticipated. I'm already not looking forward to the return trip, lol. Last night it did not feel right to be taking photos. Tonight, that changed. Already, the Traveling Piano's agenda has been fulfilled... in just the two nights. Neighbors came out of their homes from across the street where the slaughter happened and from down the block to say how peaceful the music was for them last night. I was really conscious that it was late and I did not want to disturb anyone or be intrusive so their coming over specifically to tell me was very validating.

I was honored and grateful to have had sensitive and emotional interactions, very significant interactions with those on the Traveling Piano who we're best friends, family members, close neighbors and on the scene of those slaughtered. The police like our being there. The fact that it is only a few blocks away from where I am staying is very helpful. Gilbert my host, went and purchased food for us. Mo and I are being taken care of so that we can take care of others. We met Gilbert's cousin who was the FB connection that got us here. When I was young, one of my greatest fears was to be a "show off" and for others to think I was trying to be "special" or a "braggart wanting attention" etc... Let me tell you what is beyond my wildest of wildest dreams. To know my true intent in life 100% and to trust it, live it and to have it validated by others. All I ever wanted was to be part of and to share what I have to offer and to want for others to benefit from that. In times like this... I am complete in mind, body and spirit through the truth of my intent.

June 08, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Well, we arrived. After some mis-communication resulting in three hours of extra driving which was to San Antonio and back to Uvalde... I landed in Gilbert's apartment a man who reached out to me from the community to offer his home for Mo and I to stay in while here. The drive, once again... without the trucks air-conditioner would not have happened. It is just a miracle that it worked the entire way and is still working. The temperatures are over a hundred degrees with a hundred percent humidity. It will be interesting to see how this all works out and my ability to work in it all and then there is Mo with his age. The drive here was through the Hills of Texas which I never knew existed. There were beautiful mountains, hills, ridges river, canyons, valleys, varieties of tree life and lots of private ranches full of wealthy people for sure. I could not see the properties as they we're tucked deep inside the lands but the ranch entrances as basic as they were said it all. We stopped at the school where the slaughter of children and teachers happened and created music in the dark for about an hour. It was kind of late at night. Only a few people were around and that was good.

Gilbert our host, is a life long local resident of Uvalde and the pastor of a local non-denominational bible based, Spanish/English speaking church. He has been through some severe life changes in his recent past. He is still going through severe life changes. He is the guy who first ran into the killer here in Uvalde, like... within twenty feet and was shot at by the killer as he retreated. He also works at the funeral home across the street from the school that had to take the children from the school and do what a funeral home does. He has had to deal with the media over the last few weeks and today he was at the hospital with his mother undergoing major life threatening cancer operation. With all this going on... he moved out of his apartment to go stay at his mothers home so Mo and I would have a place to stay with some privacy while here. All the motels are filled up with people for the funerals. Until last week they were all filled with media. I can say that he represents his church, the first religious church to invite me to stay in their community in all fifteen years of this journey! With everything going on in his life he is extending himself to accommodate us. This represents walking the walk in Christ for real and it is a super rarity from my experience. More than rare again, a first ever.

June 07, 2022

Monahans, Texas

The day was spent taking it as easy as possible and enjoying my last day in this wonderful place I've had to be in. The only problem has been the heat, too hot to go out. Mo by my side is just beautiful, a companion beyond words. It is not easy for him as an old dog all this travel and moving around but then again it is no longer easy for me either. Together, we make it work. The priority is to relax the back! Tomorrow we land in Uvalde.

June 06, 2022

Monahans, Texas

A little bit here, a little bit there... we keep going. I'm almost physically able to drive again, plan on landing in Uvalde on Wednesday. The heat plans to stick around for two weeks... between a 100 to 110 everyday. It will be a huge challenge in staying both emotionally and physically capable. Maybe outside for ten minutes every hour, maybe I'll need to leave Mo in and go out just myself with the Traveling Piano... no matter what we are going to do what we came here to do for at least a week. People in Uvalde are looking forward to our arrival. We are going to need support to help get us home. Remember... this is only happening because of friends who support and... the world thanks you, seriously the entire world benefits from whatever you can contribute. This I know. There is no way I would be doing this if I was not 100% clear that this is 100% significant for all of us. How do I know? From fifteen years of 100% successful experience, especially in communities presently experiencing tragedy. Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link And Venmo: @travelingpiano - 215 639 9378 or email me for another way.

June 05, 2022

Monahans, Texas

Everyday I think about the future and nothing works. The only option is to learn to live in the present moment. Fear, resistance, insecurity, exhaustion, stress, incapability... all of that wants to consume me, it is there, it does exist big time concerning my going to Uvalde and I am not simply creating drama about it. But something stronger exists within me... love for people, love for the world, courage, need, purpose, gratitude, the desire to followthrough with intent that is where I am right now... with the necessity to follow through and manifest the intent of my soul. It would be great if I could grab onto the idea of "fun" through all this... and why not? There is a lot of fun happening. I've been enjoying a nice clean room up in the air with lots of light, twice the size of my micro apartment back in Las Vegas, Mo is with me... I have music in my life, relationship... my life is not the past or what I see other people enjoying... it is what it is. And, I must say... I am appreciated and loved by others... that is enough.

June 04, 2022

Monahans, Texas

So... here, an example of how it all works. Intent is everything and must be revisited consistently. You all know my intent. For my last night before arriving in Uvalde I wanted to make sure I was rested. Drove an hour out of the way to stay an a new motel that I knew would be satisfactory. As soon as I got here my back went out seriously, it took 10 minutes to simple turn on my side, could not get up, stand or walk. My stay was extended with no choice. The general manger discounted my room, it is a two room suite, big enough to have two television screens, sofa, large window four floors up looking out over raw Texan landscape with a king size bed. I had a free upgrade from last years motel stays. What a perfect place to convalesce in but... a huge drain from the present contribution. I decided to ask the Uvalde community for help on arrival with a place to stay even though I know there will be little rest staying with someone. I posted on their facebook community board what is below:

My name is Danny Kean. I have a Traveling Piano with a pup named Mo who hangs out on top of the piano in the back of a pickup truck. For the last fifteen years we have traveled throughout the northern hemisphere and also to the south of Mexico unobtrusively visiting communities and creating short one-on-one relationships through music and respect. The Traveling Piano is not for show. I do not perform or entertain. My pup Mo and I work as individuals without fees or tips and without commercial, organizational or political affiliation. My music is improvisational and if we meet I will invite you onto the piano and show you some music for yourself. I am not independently wealthy. Mo and I are finding our way from Nevada where we live, to Uvalde through the help of a few friends. Once again, our purpose is for relationship with trust in creating a feeling of validation and reassurance for the worth of humanity. I will have no other interest than in the individuals we encounter through grace and humility. If nothing else the Traveling Piano becomes a moment of worthwhile distraction for everyone who finds us. I live my life through divine providence with faith and gratitude and have quite a bit of personal experience with the tragedy that has happened to the community of Uvalde which... has given me the insight and sensitivity to present potential for healing and desire for love of life.

I am looking for a place to stay with my service pup Mo, who has over twelve years of experience in being a perfect and obedient friend to everyone unconditionally. The lodging in Uvalde is filled up and prices are through the roof. I want to ask if you can host us or know of a reasonably priced room someone can rent to us for the week. Myself, at sixty-six years of age there are certain needs I have in order to function productively. That would be a private, quiet, clean, orderly room with some light so I can decompress and rejuvenate for each new day.

Within an hour a pastor from the community dealing with everything in the center of all the chaos messaged me with an invite. He lives in an apartment that he is willing to give to me and will go stay with his mother while we are there. Here we have a community dealing with a tragedy as horrible as it can get yet humble and gracious enough to help facilitate healing for themselves from an outsider. When you allow the world to help with your sorrow not only do you heal, the world heals. Hopefully my back will improve by Wednesday and then we will drive down which will be about a five hour drive.

June 03, 2022

Monahans, Texas

I asked the general manager of the motel we are if he had an ideas for getting a room in Uvalde. He did not. As far as my back problem, wow. Last night was a trip, I could not even turn to my side or stand to walk. With the general manager being interested I asked if he would like to see the Traveling Piano which would also serve to see what I am capable of and to find out what will happen if I push myself with the back problem. Of course I fell right into work mode, he got onto the piano, a mother staying at the motel with her son got onto the piano and even I got onto the piano. So now, it is a wait and see as I try to take it easy physically. Uploading updates on line takes more time than ever. I am going to have to start reaching out to individuals online living in Uvalde to ask if they will host us. That... is not going to be easy. It is not the type of place that is used to having strangers in it, my now being older and with a pup is not attractive to people. The Rachel Ray Show did a re-broadcast of its Traveling Piano segment in February today. Maybe if someone sees that they will feel safer? It may also scare people away thinking I am someone out to capitalize on their tragedy. Would you like to help us keep going? Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link And Venmo: @travelingpiano - 215 639 9378 or email me for another way.

June 02, 2022

Monahans, Texas

There is not one motel in Uvalde with a room for a week. Once I get there, I do not want to be moving around, 100% of my focus will need to be on work. Leaving New Mexico today, not only did I not feel rested, my back pain from a few months ago returned... like I cannot get up to stand at all, I need to roll on the floor to get up. When I walk it feels like the top half of my body is caving into my hips. And driving well, not fun but... I have decided not to complain and just live with it. I know it is not going to go away for a long time and there is nothing I can do about it and there is no other choice but to simply do the best I can. Mo and I did get a better motel room for the night and will probably stay a few days in order to make a plan. It is still a five hour more drive to Uvalde. Mo and I are in a perfect, comfortable, new motel and they gave me a discount when they heard we are heading to Uvalde. The manager and desk clerk came out and we all had a Traveling Piano moment. My resting space is very important. A lot of it has to do with age. I cannot crawl out from sleeping in a tent or a car or a cheap motel feeling like shit and deliver the clean energy of the Traveling Piano's fun, friendship and respect. Mo and I need to enter our work from a place of comfort. Mo is very happy where we are staying. Thank God he behaves the way he needs to as a service dog.

June 01, 2022

Las Cruces, New Mexico

After all day driving in a hundred and ten degree weather we ended up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I took a chance and used the trucks air-conditioner after about an hour. It worked really well but I had to regulate the cab by constantly turning it off and on. I watched the gas needle drop twice as fast with the air on. The engine was able to handle it pretty well. Small favors. It has been many years since using the air for any length of time. When I look back, we could not have made it through today without it. Too much dry wind, dirt and heat. It felt providential to have the air. We we're at a nice place and I was going to stay another night but the damm housekeeping kept waking us up. Three times the first day and when they did it the second day I told the manager, you woke me up again and now I can't get back to sleep and so I've leaving goodbye, adios, I am out of here! Many cheap motel managers when they think you are leaving tell housekeeping to tap, tap, tap on your door an hour before checkout to wake you up and then run away. That really pisses me off. We are now in another cheap motel and I just want to get some rest. The gas alone for this trip will cost six hundred dollars. If you can help... Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link And Venmo: @travelingpiano - 215 639 9378 or email me for another way.