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March 31, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

After my time at the five day a week commitment to create for my friends Eric and Mary's some Traveling Piano music as they arrive at the cancer treatment center for Mary I drove home frustrated. The world was making me so angry, I was so angry with myself that I could no longer take it. The time was ripe to force myself out into nature. Mo and I headed out to Red Rock Canyon where we found a smooth rock to lay on away from all human sounds, hidden inside huge rock and we took a short nap while laying in the sun. Knowing it was getting late, I wanted an easy peaceful ride out which was over ten more miles but once we reached the overlook, I had to stop to create some music. There was no wind so it was perfect. And then of course we began to interact with people from all over the world and I almost could not stop... of course. All that with some photos of the dessert spring bloom just happening...which I knew would happen because it rained two days ago well, Mo and I had a purposeful day and that is always good with a little relief which is always good.

March 30, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

A goaty couple, American traitors with a maga hat on approached the Traveling Piano today (republicans are now turning on their own for the sake of a trump like dictatorship), the guy says "Romney had a problem with a dog on a truck a few years ago." I said what? He repeated it and I replied, "Well, I have a problem with your hat." The wife began to rant as I turned up the music volume and simply stared at them with music and a smile not hearing a word until they both drove off. When someone pushes awful politics in your face, to stay silent encourages and empowers them. It is everyone's responsibility to stand up for the spirit of truth these days. Speak out. Silence can be deadly. This is not what I want while working with the Traveling Piano the threat to our democracy and democracy world wide is more important then my simple "wants."

March 29, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Mary has only six more cancer treatments. It is surreal that I have been able to wake up five days a week (except for when Mo went into surgery a week back) and drive to her treatment center to be there when she arrives and until she leaves. I've been doing it to support her. She loves Mo and greets him every morning with treats. We have been a distraction for her and Eric her husband. The Traveling Piano has had a positive affect on everyone there, not surprisingly it is most welcome at the front doors. I feel so good in having been able to do it yet at the same time it does not feel like a grand accomplishment which it is, in fact. What am I going to do once its over? I need and want purposeful commitment and wish I could make stronger commitments for myself as I do for other people. Hopefully, I do not fall back into the waking up when ever I wake up mode. That will no longer work, especially with the summer heat coming on. Waking at twelve noon or later results in a totally lost day as far as going out with the Traveling Piano.

March 28, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well now, I cannot tell a lie. People in the world have really been disappointing. What I have been seeing on the streets, what people are attracted to, what they are taking into their brains... the confused, the stupid, the non-caring sensibility numbers are growing and growing. It is so disappointing and frustrating and I just want to retreat from it all. I know much of humanity is sick but also know that I have friends still sane and keeping life together with clarity. They stand for the truth of spirit. Myself, I have been putting a lot of work, more than ever before in my life into keeping my own head screwed on straight so I do not fall down the rabbit hole of insanity myself. But, I realized today how to fight the worst in humanity. That is to interact with it. When I avail the Traveling Piano to anyone no matter how disgusting they may be in anyway... we both get along with total compatibility, fun, friendship, respect while feeling empowered and inspired with everything that is worth living for. And so it is. I will always love people as long as I continue to do my part in the loving.

March 27, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up after noon today hung over from relaxing yesterday? Or was it simply from spending time with friends? Thats crazy. It is interesting how I will get up tomorrow in the morning, to go to my commitment but when ever I do not have to get up, usually I just sleep into half the day! I'm avoiding the news around the world today not because I need a break but because I will get distracted and lost in it in the worst of ways. Luckily I am awareness and will not take that route... just for today, living in the present moment, one day at a time.

March 26, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The temperature in the nineties with record heat already is disturbing. We took some time off today to relax with friends. Sometimes with friends, I can't relax and just get more crazy. I was in a pool for most of the afternoon with friends Mary and Eric in the sun and you would thing I would be wiped out from that. My talking turned into like it would be after 12 cups of coffee. Then I went over to a new friends house Pat as he was serving up dinner. Thats when I crashed from the afternoon at the pool but when I got home... my mind went crazy again. It is what it is. I am feeling surrounded with loving and caring people and that includes those who have supported us through Mo's recent surgery. Thank God for good people in the world. Mo... he was in heaven with all the attention and treats he gets from friends!

March 25, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Up and out to the cancer treatment center for my friend Mary. Others there are also very appreciative of our being there. They tell me how when they first arrived they we're afraid and concerned and just a mess. Mo, myself and the Traveling Piano helped them to center themselves and feel better about coming and going. Many people have said this. One woman today was shaking as she told me she was crying in gratitude to have the Traveling Piano experience. This needs to be documented because it is what it is and also for those that support us to know how their support affects people they have never met. I was so out of it as I left today that I forgot to shave! The heat is beginning already and its in the nineties and only March. Luckily Mary's appointments are in the morning. Mo's feeling almost back to normal. Taking the staples out of his side in two weeks will be tricky. He's on pain meds until the end of today and antibiotics for a few more days. Dealing with keeping his teeth clean from now on in will be a challenge for me. He does not like his teeth to be touched.

March 24, 2022

Kolob, Utah

We began to head back to Vegas, Mo already seems 95% back to normal. It was early enough so we stopped at Kolob Canyon. I did not expect much and also did not realize it is part of Zion national park, which other than New Zealand is the most beautiful place in the world that I've visited. Being there was a short and sweet treat. Mo could not have been happier. We took a hike to the overlook, a half mile each way which was a bit exhausting but worth it. Then on the way back, I was like "you have to do it even though it does not feel like you want to, but you do want to..." and that was to spend some time creating music and sharing the Traveling Piano which we ended up doing and I am so glad we did. I had to stop, end it all by thinking we had a three hour drive ahead of us. The sun is getting hot already and it is only March. Then on the way back we got caught in the worst three hours of crawling traffic I've ever experienced from all fifteen years of this journey. It felt like it was never going to end. Six hours later we arrived in Vegas. And the construction crawl was so not necessary. Cones shut down the highway to one lane with no construction going on, not even a construction vehicle in sight! Never the less, we had a beautiful day with nature, people and music.

March 23, 2022

Cedar City, Utah

Mo's teeth surgery went well today. Thank God he still has teeth for chewing and a large lump has been removed. There are staples that will remain for two weeks. I wanted to withdrawal from the world with all this but that was not possible. Why? Because of all you friends with you're support. I had to stay in touch with everyone to be responsible, you all have been part of this through you're support and also through my gratitude for that. I was able to stay with Mo in the waiting room until the moment he went under (that was the largest concern because of his age) and the moment he began to wake up... the doctor and assistants laid a rug on the floor in the surgery room and I was able to go lay with him to be present as he came back into consciousness! How awesome that was. And, the doctor took a photo for us. Onward now, the two of us and the Traveling Piano's work through your ongoing support. Thanks!

March 22, 2022

Cedar City, Utah

It was very important for me that Mo and I spend a really special day hiking in nature. We drove about 20 miles through nothing but flat land and found awesome pre-historic petroglyphs and also dinosaur footprints, millions of years old. I almost cried with appreciation for all that is and has been when I put my hand on a print. Wherever we went, Mo did not want to get back into the truck, he just wanted to explore. We began to meander and I felt carried back to another highway that took us straight back to Cedar City but right outside of it I saw a trail sign that said Red Hollow and I remembered the name from a kid at the local supermarket who mentioned only locals really know about it. We came across it from the other side of town. It was all uphill and we just went super slow literally, a few steps and stopping the entire way. That resulted in the upmost enjoyment like "stopping to smell the roses." Normally when hiking I'm looking at the ground a lot so as to not trip or fall. Well now, this over two hundred and fifty pound old man with feet flat as cardboard, a spine with back discs glueing together and full of pin holes forming from age where nerves shoot pain out of... and a hip that hurts more everyday who has long term covid and major breathing issues from covid... I made it to the top not out of breath and with barely no pain, easy peezy.

We both climbed a great mountain with spectacular views as good as it can get. Mo's back legs we're swaying a bit almost giving in on the way down but he loved it as much as I did. For dinner I gave him more steak than he has ever had in his life time. Something special before his teeth are taken out through surgery tomorrow. Not that he chewed any of that steak, he just woofed every little piece down with nary a chew! As I have said a hundred times but still forget, the hike was not a problem because I was so focused on enjoying, appreciating and feeling grateful for the stimulation of being in heaven's nature with my best buddy doing what we love to do together most. When I am in full work mode with the Traveling Piano or when I used to perform with my professionalism under the most difficult of circumstances, it was the same thing... when in the zone there is nothing else, no pain, no other thoughts, no suffering, no fear, anger, concern... nothing except for the enjoyment of being present in the moment with whatever it is that I love doing. Today, I felt divinely gifted and directed.

March 21, 2022

Cedar City, Utah

Well, we got going today. Not until after noon but it is what it is. It was a three and a half hour drive, Mo was ecstatic from the start. He loves traveling. When I left I had a tea shirt on. When we arrived the temperature was thirty nine degrees! Playing the piano on the street as planned was not going to happen. This is a college town so intermixed with very conservative is an amazing amount of diversity. The room we have is... quiet! Living in downtown Las Vegas there is my room fan, the air conditioning fan, the police, firetrucks, ambulances, fart mobiles (motorcycles) and people noise twenty four hours a day. It feels really nice to be in quiet. I sort of want to hide in it and just shut out the world. I turned on the tv news and began listening to the Ukraine invasion. News about it is on a constant loop. Luckily, I have little tolorance for all that. It is worse than downtown Las Vegas noise.

March 20, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Life is full of change. Everything about that... is life itself. I am being careful to stay in the right frame of mind (wow, it takes work) concerning Mo's surgery on Wednesday with him being an older pup now. We head out tomorrow for Utah and will have a day together in some beautiful nature beforehand. Packing for a simple overnight, keeping my head clear about what needs to be done, the difficulty of doing that is ridiculous, especially with my own age now, and the long term covid complications I've been dealing with. But really... the age and covid is just about finding reason. The reality... every single move of this life journey as been with the same difficulties, same as it ever was. No easier, no more difficult. What has changed for me personally as I get older is the feeling that I am surrounded with people who care, appreciate and love both of us! That is so very sweet. Moving through every challenge big or small in life, the trust and faith to get to the other side has rewarded me every time... no exception. I'm working to not freak out over Mo's surgery on Wednesday. If you would like to send some support, I still have the GoFundMe going from last year: GoFundMe ... This Website: Contribution Page ... Venmo: @TravelingPiano ... Shall I set up another Facebook Fundraiser? PayPal Direct: PayPal Me for Mo If you want to mail cash, please private message me for the address.

March 19, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ahh, the challenge of life. Opportunities come my way and I pray to allow them for myself. I talked to Pavel who owns a pizza shop next to my apartment complex. We are very friendly and he gives me pizzas for five bucks whenever I ask. He works very, very hard. He mentioned how he would like to make his place a lounge and that gave me the idea of having my photo art gallery there. It is on Las Vegas Boulevard. The traffic as in amount of people walking by is not so great and they are usually drug addicts or those living on the street. But the spot is perfect in many other ways. He is interested. I'm thinking about it for a month long fundraiser to get Mo and I out of here before it gets to hot like we did last year. I've met a new friend Pat. Mo and I went over to his house and he cooked dinner. To sit and talk with someone not about the Traveling Piano is rare. But, we were able to keep the conversation going. He loves dogs and Mo got a major uplift and some play in with him.

March 18, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano was on the television news today. I wanted the Las Vegas community to know that Mo is being supported with his upcoming surgery but they got it all wrong. Hate when that happens. They thought the Traveling Piano was making a stop in Las Vegas? We live here, lol. And that Mo was raising money for his non-profit which is an animal rescue? And that it is Mo's animal rescue? Whats a little more confusion in the world, eh? It's all good. They did say the name of the website clearly at the end and that made everything ok. I am just so grateful when people show support, I want everyone to know that there are people in the world that do more than talk and pray... they manifest real support! We stopped at a new strip club opening on the Las Vegas Strip today and met the owner. Wouldn't it be great if Mo was cloned as the first dog ever for the entertainment industry? An industry mascot, a Lassie that never dies. LOL

March 17, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is so much going on... the genocide of Ukrainians (part of my heritage), the attempt to destroy democracy here in the USA (God help us all), the effects of long term covid (I am sure I have), just getting older (part of life), keeping going with the Traveling Piano work (creating music, interacting with people, filing, postings online), all the normal life upkeep (ugh), and Mo's upcoming surgery. (we will get by with the help of our friends.) Mo can feel my deep angst. We will stay a few nights in Utah where the surgery will be done. The anxiety of just doing that alone, totally crazy I know but it is what it is. I am going to really push for us to have a fun day beforehand in some spectacular scenery. We will be near Zion national park. If you would like to send some support, this Website: Contribution Page ... Venmo: @TravelingPiano ... Shall I set up another Facebook Fundraiser? PayPal Direct: PayPal Me for Mo If you want to mail cash, please private message me for the address.

March 16, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Traveling Piano Pup Mo Update! A local Las Vegas animal owner assist non-profit has stepped up to help with every aspect of Mo's present medical needs. They found a reasonably priced Vet to do what is needed and will handle most of the tab. It will be a three hour drive to Utah and they offered to take care of transport but of course I will be going with Mo thanks to the support of you, our friends.

He is going to have his teeth removed (as they are infected) under anesthesia which is very dangerous for older dogs. So, God forbid concerning the worse case scenario...we will drive up two days beforehand so we both can spend a day in nature together again before the operation and again, thanks to the support of our friends. The surgery will be next Wednesday on March 24th. If all goes well Mo should be able to walk out on his own.

If you would still like to contribute of course you know 100% of any help will go towards keeping us going. There are several ways to send support. This Website: Contribution Page ... Venmo: @TravelingPiano ... Shall I set up another Facebook Fundraiser? PayPal Direct: PayPal Me for Mo If you want to mail cash, please private message me for the address. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

There is an amazing amount that goes into all this. He needs to have his shots, blood work needs to be done along with Ex-rays, there is the vet's time and expertise with assistants, the teeth cleaning and extractions, antibiotics, anesthesia, a biopsy will be needed for a lump he has and also the gas money and over night lodging. All empowered through friends. Just... wow!

March 15, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We played at the cancer treatment center today. Getting up was difficult. I brushed my teeth, fed Mo, gathered what was needed with a cup of coffee to drink while driving and headed out. Someone emailed with a contribution, "heard some beautiful music outside of Labcorp today after getting blood work during a time of physical illness and it was so uplifting and beautiful." Comments like that soothe my soul. Afterwards we headed to the truck repair guy as he needed to do some work on it. He was incredibly busy but took the time, three hours to work on my truck on my time line and charged me nothing. All these beautiful people and the support entering my life at this late stage of living. It all just adds to my completely successful life experience of being fulfilled as a human being. Not to mention what a buffer it all is for my incredible anxiety I live with over the gas-lighting happening throughout the world in people's brains, the murdering of nations and democracy, my fading energy in the world and Mo's fading energy. The good parts of life... makes it all good.

March 14, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I pushed ourselves with energy today to visit old stomping grounds at G street in Las Vegas . It was lined with homeless encampments that the city will destroy and force everyone to leave in a day or two. Homeless people are harassed daily. The goal to break moral, make life as difficult as possible for those living on the streets so hopefully they will all just all die and disappear. Hundreds of old friends we're around, it was a heartfelt reunion. Mo and I have not seen many of them for two years. Some cried in telling how present life is, several just hung by the Traveling Piano to stay close to us or sat across the street to spend time watching us and listening to the music. That is a very rare happening. We were a comfort, a lasting memory of past goodness. Mo and I we're feeling the love as I thought how we all need more love these days. As I create love here in Las Vegas I will never feel hopeless for the people in the Ukraine. As long as I do something about the situation right here on my own streets the world benefits. I realize most people cannot grasp or comprehend that reality but they do not need to. In not being able to help the situation there, I can certainly help the situation here. This is what we all need to do right now for each other, be helpful.

March 13, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

A few friends have sent some help so far and I felt a resistance to thanking them. It took a little time to accept that I have friends who have our back. Also, part of me wants to objectify and be in denial of the risks and inevitable future down the road. Friends are helping to keep life real for me through support... so I can consciously stay present and go through the process in the most helpful and giving way possible for Mo and all of us. Support: This Website: Contribution Page ... Venmo: @TravelingPiano ... Shall I set up another Facebook Fundraiser? PayPal Direct: PayPal Me for Mo If you want to mail cash, please private message me for the address. Wow, we are all going through a major spin in life, eh? We will continue with the musical fun, friendship and respect and find ways to continue the empowerment and inspiration... the joy, appreciation and gratitude.

March 12, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Calling all those who Love, Appreciate and Enjoy Traveling Piano Dog Mo's presence in the world! We went to the vet for a checkup yesterday. His teeth need to be removed including his signature front teeth and... pronto. With his age and breed, infection has set in. This is a primary way dogs die. We have a vet who will do the job. He is 3 hours away and will be considerate with price. A owner assist non-profit has offered to help. This is an expensive undertaking. I know the risk concerning his age. There is the gas money, the ex-rays, blood work to make sure it can be done, the procedure with doctor and assistants, anesthesia, medication, cleaning of the teeth that will remain... he also has a growth that must be biopsied with what that entails. Depending on my own health we may need to stay overnight. The vet is in Cedar City, Utah. As you may know we work without fees, tips or commercial affiliation and depend on our friends, our "village" to carry on with the work so very important now in the world. There are several ways to send support. This Website: Contribution Page ... Venmo: @TravelingPiano ... Shall I set up another Facebook Fundraiser? PayPal Direct: PayPal Me for Mo If you want to mail cash, please private message me for the address. Lets do this!

March 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Mary is doing better than she was last week. We went out to lunch with her husband Eric yesterday. She has not been able to eat. What a meal we had, it was awesome, I was so full I did not eat for the rest of the day. With the Traveling Piano outside the cancer center where we have been, I remember in the beginning how no one really interacted with us or got onto the piano for some fun and... how I attributed that to the environment of where we have been situated. It was a wrong assumption because now everyday people are interacting and getting onto the piano so much so that I have not had anytime to play this week! Maybe it was my energy in the beginning feeling out the situation. When I was ready, my energy opened up to allow the connections?

March 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I took Mo to the vet today for a check up. He needs teeth removed, there is lots of infection happening. I've known about that. This is where very difficult decisions come into play of how much financially am I willing to suffer through verses letting him pass naturally. Putting him down will never be an option I hope to God. He is not that bad right now anyway so I must not get ahead of myself. Getting the teeth worked on, I will do that even if it takes another fundraiser. If I would fundraise for the truck and piano I can fundraise for my pup... again. Mo serves the world and humanity, it is not just about me and him although... it is all about me and him. People have been engaging with us daily. I could be asking them for help but that just destroys the fun of it all. Never, will a be a Sally Struthers, lol. I wonder how many people remember her begging pathetically on television over and over again for a dog rescue non-profit she was getting paid to promote.

March 9, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank God for all the smiles today. The Traveling Piano is a number one "Space Holder" for smiles. Thank God I am able to extend myself to and for others so I can experience smiles and that I have found a way. After the cancer clinic this morning, I went to get myself stuffed into an MRI machine for eighty minutes! I barely fit and could not move while they took several scans of my body to find out whats up with all the physical stuff that has been going on over the last year(s). Mo waited outside the room patiently as the noise inside from the machine was off the charts. When we reunited he just threw his body against mine to stay connected.

March 8, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been going to doctors quite a bit for my eyes, feet, pain, my general physician, getting blood tests, scans, all kinds of tests, mri's, prescriptions (I'm avoiding)... most of it feels like a waste, but the time has come to do what I can do and just trust in the process although... I am reminding myself again and again... I will not give my life, my quality of life over to the health care industry. Being on Medicare and Medicaid I am also only going to let the health industry gouge the government to a point on my behalf. I've already stopped at certain points. Of course Mo and I were out with the Traveling Piano first thing this morning. I've lost count of how many weeks we are into this commitment but... it is happening. The guy who comes into the waiting room to take my friend in for her procedure, she told me said, "I love coming out for Mary, there is always music playing." That would be me, in the parking lot, lol.

March 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It takes work not to go crazy these days, literally for real. Once again, I have made this commitment for myself to plant the Traveling Piano outside my friend Mary's cancer treatment center five days a week so I am there when she arrives and until she leaves. Of course interaction with others is also a constant. My work with the Traveling Piano is making a difference in the world. I have a lot of gratitude for that. And then there is what is happening in the Ukraine. as I am 50% Ukrainian and my mother's family history of past horror's there... I am just so fucking angry and must watch that as to not get lost in it and make myself sick. Then there is all the rest going on in the world and the USA in particular. How to ride through the storm, how to ride through the storm... it is not in my nature to ignore it, thank God. As I write this I am reminded to practice living in the present moment while staying aware and ready to act. Knowing what actions... ahh, that is tricky.

March 6, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

After sleeping in for the second day, that felt really good... it will be back to alarm clock mornings tomorrow. I really wanted to go into some nature today. At the same time I wanted to take the Traveling Piano out too. We ended up in the desert only three miles outside of Las Vegas. After parking the truck Mo and I walked over a hill and found red rock like in Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire. The only difference, all of it was destroyed with graffiti, it was full of broken glass and empty gun shells. What pigs there are in this world. Still, we managed to find one small spot without graffiti and Mo found his sweet, happy spot. He loves little cave like areas that have a powder like ground when he can dig and make a mess and burrow into. That made me very happy too. We walked and climbed just enough not to exert ourselves too much and it was a cloudy day, so that made for a perfect outing.

March 5, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Something I consider somewhat of a phenomena with the Traveling Piano is that the encounter can affect people so deeply that they revisit the experience yearly. I've had people from the start who connect with me as an anniversary type memory to thank me over and over through the years on the day they met me. This is just so wonderful. And since I have the photos well categorized, usually it take no time to find and send them one of their photos as a thank you. I do not take for granted at all the significance of my work nor can I take any credit for it. As someone once said, I am simply a "space holder." Spirit flows through me and if I try to own any of it, that just creates a block. It is just unfortunate that some of the experiences with people that I have had since we have first ment, I have had to actually block them, for varieties of reason. That... has been just unfortunate. But in the realm of over 100,000 encounters and the percentage of those that have stayed connected... the percentage of crazies is very small. Mo and I mostly hung out today. The need to mediate happened twice as my mind tends to become completely owned by what is happening in Ukraine and how peoples minds are generally becoming more confused and specifically gaslit in the world.

March 4, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We we're at the cancer center today for the last day in the week and I'm really glad I decided to do it with Mary there or not. The Traveling Piano really helps people, it heals, it is uplifting, it is a distraction from present day horrors in the world. How do I know this? People tell me all the time, I get to see it in their faces as I always say... there would be no way I would be doing this if I was not 100% sure it was having the desired affect. Especially with the trade off and ways I struggle in life to keep it going with all its purity as in not taking money for it. I know, as no one else knows, how significant it is when people try to tip me and I say, "no money, this is just for you." The sun and temperatures are very satisfying these days! It lifts me up to doing my work the very best that I can and I so enjoy it, the creating of music, being present, paying attention to others and their responses and just sharing myself with the world.

March 3, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The days are perfect right now. I'm thankful to have made my new commitment ti get me up and out of bed to enjoy the day. Outside the cancer center where we have been five days a week, I was thinking how it is not really an environment for people getting onto the piano to play and then one of the nurses came outside and she got onto the piano. After our exchange, as she was leaving she said how enjoyable the experience was especially since today is her birthday. Yep, thats how it works people choose to participate in the Traveling Piano out of the joy of what they see and hear, celebration, freedom to be uninhibited, and sometimes they just get swept up in the offer to participate through the synchronistic and spontaneity of it all.

Afterwards, we stopped on Main street downtown a block away from where I live to create music for a few minutes. It was the first time there in almost a year. We parked outside The Kundalini Kollective, a yoga, mantra, ayureda, sound healing, mystical arts place. The owner Mandeep supports the Traveling Piano's work. Then I had to say to myself, STOP. I wanted to continue but know better concerning my health. Need to take the slow road to recovery. At night outside my window, the Stratosphere Tower Casino on the Las Vegas Strip has turned its lights yellow and blue in support of Ukraine. It felt empowering and good to see.

March 2, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Made it to the Traveling Piano commitment today. I've already lost count of how many weeks. Mo and I park outside a cancer treatment center that my friend Mary is going to for her treatments five days a week. We are there for a distraction when she and her husband Eric arrives and for when they leave. People are telling me how significant it is for them that we are there and that we are very appreciated. There are people that wait until we arrive before they go home from getting treatment now. That... has created just a little of a dilemma because... today Mary and her husband Eric said the doctor is canceling the next few days of treatment because Mary cannot eat and is losing too much weight. At first I thought, "good there is no need for me to put the effort and energy out for the next few days." This all has been a major challenge for me, more difficult than any other Traveling Piano challenge in all the years, to get up every morning first of all, and then to drive to a five day a week commitment first thing in the morning. And then I thought, "damm, there are other people here that we are also helping and our presence is very significant for them also, ugh... I need to just keep doing it with Mary there or not." When she is done at the end of her treatments at this facility, that is when I will be done. It is just two days more in the week. If she was out for a week, then I would take the break with her. We are figuring this all out as we go along.

March 1, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, I was sick for the first two months of this year. Here's looking forward to mental, physical and spiritual improvement. Mind body and soul, emotional stability... in the face of a world hurting and many not even aware. Love still, will always be stronger. I am love, Mo is love, the Traveling Piano's work is love. Still somewhat convalescing from the weekend, my friend Eric stated how it was weird for him and Mary to go the cancer treatment center without the Traveling Piano being there. He said it to make me feel good but in knowing the significance, it registered how I just needed to push myself to be there for them today. I'm being very careful and it felt ok, so I did it and am glad I did. They we're surprised and I got through the day accomplishing quite a bit.