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February 28, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Taking it Easy.

February 27, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm going to be taking it easy for awhile. When I was younger I could try and push myself here and there. Now older, having had difficulties with covid, God I hope it is not all permanent and just other physical ailments catching up with me in life, taking a chance on pushing myself will not do. My commitment for the cancer center made it for three weeks, thats not too bad. For the next few days whether I feel better or not... rest. At least I'm not running to the bathroom like I was the last few days every few minutes. Staying offline more is totally necessary. The sadness, fear and rage... that is all I become seeing what is happening in the world. That does not help a person when they are not well. Meditation... that has been helping. Gratitude, it is built into every breath I take from years of practice and Mo... thank God for Mo.

February 26, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sleeping, total pain and trips to the bathroom, quite literally five times an hour, it has not been pretty. But, the love I feel from people, the support, knowing I have friends even when sometimes it does not feel that way, gratitude, Mo, the love people share for him... my plants, I've been enjoying the plants in my room a lot as I've not been able to get out into nature, the security of having a room, the internet if I need it... all this gets me through my pain, anger and frustrations. As much love and appreciation that I have for life... the shit can sometimes match that. It is what it is. We are all dealing with life on life's terms in the best and worst of ways, eh? Sometimes I wish... naa, I'd rather experience the reality of it all then to live in la, la land. Thats no better than being dead. I am so thankful I can just sleep as much as I need to.

February 25, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been very sick with my old syndrome. I forget what I wrote before and if I repeat myself, so it is. Going to the emergency ward is really a last resort and I've been on the brink several times now. When I woke up today, it was the last day to see my friend Mary's family and her grandson before they returned back east and they wanted to give Mo some birthday presents. Another woman at the cancer treatment center has been taken with Mo and she also wanted to give him some birthday presents. Remembering the old days when I came down with this sickness and I had a performance to do, sometimes when I pushed through and did the performance anyway the sickness would amazingly just disappear by the end of it. So, I hoped for the best and went. Mo now has a gift certificate for the pet store, a new bag of food, several varieties of treats and a new toy. Once I got back to my room I realized I was going to pay a price for pushing myself and was out of commission for the entire day. No regrets!

February 24, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The fact that trump is supporting the genocide of innocent people right now in the Ukraine for nothing more than putin's control and profit... and worse, US republicans following the fascist wannabe like sheep... I blame every stinking peon, community and neighborhood republican voter here in the USA for the deaths of these people and hostage taking of the Ukraine. Those that live life for the good, we had best stick together and prepare for ourselves... now. Last week the media was reporting how Ukrainian's we're out clubbing at night and saying, its not going to happen, it can't happen. This happened the same way in Syria three years before they went down. Live one day at a time enjoying as much as possible, while staying aware and ready to act. My intent in life is for pacifism but if push comes to shove I will only know in the moment which direction will be taken.

February 23, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

TODAY IS TRAVELING PIANO DOG MO's BIRTHDAY He is now 12 Years Old. This day is my most favorite holiday of the year! I am always ecstatic with gratitude, happiness, joy, fulfillment, love and peace for and with MO on this day. Thank God for Mo. I'm just going to repeat here basically what I said last year as my health today is not good. Mo... he is by my side 100% of the time and so very patient as always. We will celebrate once I'm better able to. Thank you to all our many friends and acquaintances who appreciate Mo and our relationship. Mo's life here on earth means a lot to many people, for sure!

February 22, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... 2x's...today on Tuesday... at 2:22am and 2:22pm happened on 02/22/22. And 22 February, (the 2nd month of the year) 2022 is both a palindrome and an ambigram. The date reads the same from left to right, from right to left, and upside down! 22022022. All this is very unique, has never happened before and will not happen with another number in our life time. The reason I am so focused on this, is that the number "2" is my number, as blue is my color, as obnoxious can be my personality at times. No really though... I am into astrology as much as I am into numerology. Not much, although as a Cancer I am as described in every way on every level. The same goes for the number 2. Throughout life, I have always seen at least once every two or three days "2:22" on a clock, phone, microwave, etc... which interests me. It has something to do with being reminded that I am not alone, being watched over with care and that everything is good and ok. I was able to get up this morning for Mary with the Traveling Piano once again and we connected with other people as usual. Then had to go and purchase a new tire and get the tires aligned.

February 21, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a special day. Mary's family all came with her to the treatment center and it is the first time I've met them all. Her son, daughter-in-law and grandson came to visit from where they live in Rhode Island. It was wonderful interacting with them and sharing the Traveling Piano's Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. Eric was beside himself with elation as he has been telling them all about me, sometimes daily for years. I hope their experiencing me personally softens the blow of Eric shoving me down their throats all the time, lol. Getting up in the morning and heading out to Mary's treatments... this marks the beginning of the third week for me which is no small achievement!

February 20, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a take it easy day. I had to keep telling myself, "you do not need to do anything." And that is true, thank God everything is my choice in life including not doing anything. In many countries worldwide, this is not possible. I am very disturbed with what is going on concerning the Ukraine. My mom's family escaped the Ukraine in the 30's during the Holodomor when Russia's Stalin starved millions of people. And now Putin invading once again and worse, trump by his side supported by the USA's republican party and the cows and sheep as in people gaslighted in their brains supporting those assholes. Back to me... my mind I hope is not in a permanent brain fog from having covid. I am definitely experiencing long term affects. This is a first for me with physical health, I've never had ongoing consistent health problems as they have been for over a year now. But, I want everyone to see that with all the anger and difficulties be what they may... I am still enjoying life, adding to life, creating life with joy also and sometimes more than ever before! Just look at what was accomplished since over a year ago. The cross country journey and back, two national television segments, stronger relationships with friends, community outreach of all types, Mo and me, enjoying nature as much as ever, security in having a place to land everyday...

February 19, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I met a new someone new today here in Las Vegas. His name is Pat and I hope a friendship can develop. It would be the second friendship other than my friends Eric and Mary in five years as in someone to spend time with not Traveling Piano related!!! I do not make personal friends easily, lol. We connected from a friend of Pat's who has been a contributing subscriber to the Traveling Piano for a few years. He had to discontinue the giving and when I sent an email thanking him for the help he has given over the years... Pat happened. We took a hike around Lone Mountain where I have never been amazingly enough only 20 minutes away. Having the strength to do it was very encouraging, it was over a three mile hike! The stimulation from spending time in friendship with someone new and the new place to hike helped take my mind off of how weak I have been feeling. We ate dinner together, Pat cooked salmon, green beens and risotto after which I drove home and collapsed asleep. That all was such a wonderful experience!

February 18, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Two weeks of taking the Traveling Piano out everyday! While life becomes more difficult indifferent ways, I continue to accomplish more than ever before in other different ways. After creating some music I came back to my place and crashed for the day, mostly with sleep. I felt like a bear because last night I had tried a new prescribed medication and it drained me of all physical energy. Then thoughts while sleeping became frozen in time and whatever the thought was, it grew with intensity to the point that I became afraid as I could not control it, it would not pass! It was like not being able to breath. I thought, this is how people end up creating suicide or schizophrenia thoughts carried out in horrific ways. Pharmaceutical medications in todays world are created for profit first and foremost. They are no longer created for specific aliments. Most drugs are created with ambiguity to serve as many purposes as possible for the most profit possible. It creates more business because one drug can be prescribed for several different reasons which leads to trying different drugs to find what fits.

The pharmaceutical companies cover their ass for misses by creating lists of system disclaimers even to the point that the drug can kill you but, they cannot be responsible because of the disclaimer. And people keep taking them because they are told to. I believe that part of the problem in today's world with all the "crazy" thinking going on is from people's minds being fucked up from all the medications they take. The new chemically formulated cbd medicines are no exception here. No one knows the long term affects to be found out fifty years from now with that. There is only one medication I take on a daily basis, its to help me pee as an old man now, lol! I will not be joining the tread mill of managing my health through medications for the rest of my life and... I will not get sucked into the health industry to control my mind and body and profit from it. Thats where so many people are now in today's world. By staying connected to my mind, body and "soul" ... I will intuitively know the path to take concerning what is to come next. Grace, gratitude, my truth of spirit has been working for me 100% for my entire life.

February 17, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I almost missed my appointment time today. It is a good thing I always plan to arrive fifteen minutes early. Everyday, I check to make sure of my friends treatment time because I can forget everything most easily if I am not on top of it all the time. I have lists and lists for lists and different kinds of lists of the same "to-do's" so I do not forget, so I can find what I needed when needed, to remind me... anyway. I got to my spot while Mary and Eric we're inside the treatment center. Before they came out an interaction with a woman enthralled with the piano on the truck and Mo happened, Always especially, people are enthralled with Mo. Then we went for some gourmet hot dogs and fries and the day went on. We are coming on finishing two weeks already for this commitment of getting up every morning with an alarm clock and taking the Traveling Piano out to play. Something like this has never happened before... getting up everyday in the morning and getting going with a schedule.

February 16, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

A miracle happened today. My improvisation is always basically the same on the white keys, in the key of "C" and I've had difficulty moving on from that. Well, it happened today as I improvised quite a bit in the key of B Flat. That is using a different set of piano keys that create a different sound to me. It is very out of the box, takes some thought and perseverance to avoid the musical notes I want to go to by nature and when I noticed someone video recording me with their phone I jumped right back into the safe mode, lol. It certainly did not feel comfortable but it worked. And, it is time I force myself out of my comfort zone. I mean, its been fifteen years of the same thing! Lol, before that I played the same repertoire of Ragtime and Boogie Woogie piano pieces, 20 of them for 20 years and nothing more and exactly the same every time!!! I accomplished a lot today, 10 errands and when I came home I crashed on my bed with my pants and shoes on and work up 2:30 in the morning. I was exhausted.

February 15, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The future direction for my life needs to me decided... now. I've been praying on it. Do I move out of Las Vegas, do I stay and keep doing what I have been doing and work to get out of here when it becomes too hot like we did last year, do I focus on my wildest dreams and work to accomplish whatever is possible.The last choice feels most correct, is the most work, is the most fearful and has the most uncertainty. Right now I've been doing the second choice but time is wasting if I want to do the third. I must act now or there will be no chance for it. The first choice... would probably lead to ending the Traveling Piano. All of them would be acceptable choices.

February 14, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is Valentine's Day and I got a Valentine from my friend Mary! Something like this happens every ten years or so, lol. Mo and I are beginning our second week of a commitment to be at the cancer treatment center where our friend is having treatments when she arrives and until after she leaves. When I think about what I am doing I am reminded how when I make a decisions whatever it may be, following through is not difficult at all. The process amy be difficult but is a lot easier when I know its going to happen no matter what. Afterwards we parked in my neighbor and played a few minutes for some construction guys, people at a small apartment complex and met a neighbor from across the street where we live who saw us on Rachael Ray's show last week.

February 13, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I avoided my usual mentality of, need to get out and enjoy these beautiful days while I can, working with the Traveling Piano or hiking in nature. It was much better to just hang out and take it easy. I must not over do anything as my body is still fragile from whatever is going on with it. We had a great day yesterday and will be out with the Traveling Piano for the next five days beginning tomorrow. The Superbowl was today which I really could not care less about... except for my Wildest of Dreams. You can find out all about that throughout this blog. Do I want to let that dream go or get it done as the Superbowl will be here in Las Vegas in two years. That would be my one and only shot at manifesting the dream. Or do I just want to play out the journey doing, what I have been doing or do something completely new.

February 12, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally, Mo and I got out into nature today for the first time since returning to Las Vegas in December. WooHoo! It felt really good. We kept the time short and also created some music and shared the Traveling Piano too. Constantly conscious of not pushing anything, I need to work my way back into physical activity and creating music. I was able to walk down a hill and back up. Mo, he has limitations also now as an old man. We sat and looked out into miles of land and mountains. The days are absolutely gorgeous in temperature and with the full sun. The desert is brown but soon will turn green, sooner than usual I think as the temperatures are rising each year... as we all know. Last year it was hitting the hundreds in May.

February 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We completed the first week of my new commitment, five days out with the Traveling Piano but even more significant... I got up every day in the morning with an alarm clock. I am not sure that has ever happened before, ever! People are loving us at the treatment center. One lady originally from Columbia, after meeting us yesterday brought Mo some dog food, treats and a blanket! Lol, several other people have wanted to tip us... I know they want to contribute in the moment but that is not how it works for me. I give them the information and ask that they do it online but of course that never happens. Taking tips leads to confusion as to what this Traveling Piano is all about and that is that. Another couple from my home town area back east, actually 2 miles away from where I lived, the woman is enthralled with everything, the husband knows to keep his distance. I could feel them yesterday. These people and myself, we are like fire and water politically.

I talked briefly for the second day today with the wife and a learned a new racist name for blacks. The husband a retired Philadelphia cop, they use the word "deuce." (thats a philly term) She was robbed by someone who was black years ago. I said, "good thing he wasn't white, you wouldn't be able to call him a deuce." Then she started in on guns, oh my... good thing the husband was in his car. I said, yea my uncle committed suicide with a guy and I've been at Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, Connecticut after the gun murderings there. I am against gun ownership. If I had one and got mad enough I'd probably kill whomever with one." Yesterday, they started on about Biden giving drug addicts crack pipes. Some people actually believe shit like that because they want it to be true, what fox news morons tell them. This is so they can do nothing but try and tear down anything different from them. I said, "harm reduction" works. People like this cannot help but interject their trumpism into every conversation.

They live the lies they are told through trying to connect with like others and/or convert. The same for fundamental evangelicals, same thing. They cannot talk without trying to connect through their mentalities. They weave self-serving agenda into every conversation. None of these types of people who want so very much to connect with me can see, that clearly... someone like myself who does what I do, in the way I do it, as a completely giving and inclusive man of equality and caring... outside of any "inner circle of trust" well... you will never, ever see a trumpish or fundamental type giving unconditionally as what the Traveling Piano offers. The two ways are not compatible. It is apples and oranges. My work is not "for" anything they stand for and I do not work from a place of righteousness or judgment. Although, personally over the years, I've become VERY judgmental as a result of lots of life experience, lol. I truly know right from wrong as in, the truth of spirit verses gaslit.

February 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a method to my madness. I must always find ways to want giving to others, to help others. Finding ways to make it work for myself, to get something out of it is a must. A friend has begun radiation treatments. I have made the decision to greet them at the place everyday with Mo and Music and the Traveling Piano. (38 days) We stay there until everyone is gone. What is in it for us? Incentive to get up in the morning, everyday. (on par with the most difficult of things to do for my entire life) The realization that my life will not continue if I do not get up in the mornings has become clear. As a result we have been getting to enjoy perfect days of sun, temperatures and bright skies. My improvisation is most fresh and clear in the mornings. The patients coming and going, the doctors and employees get to enjoy the Traveling Piano which absolutely brightens the day even more. My own physical ailments and whacked mind... gone when I am in the working "zone". I feel purpose, have an agenda for the day. Mo loves to hang out and meet people one on one. It is an all around win, win, win. This is a big deal for me because it is personal. It is bigger than something like being featured on the Rachael Ray show or any acknowledgment I could get outside of myself.

February 9, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The weather, the sun, the sky, the temperature today was 100% perfect. Day three I woke up, with enough sleep, drove to my destination which is pretty much a straight highway run for twenty minutes, and began creating music and for the first time in a very long time while feeing dare I say it, really good! And then my friend did not show up as she was too sick to get her cancer treatment and so after a half hour I left. The Traveling Piano was a real treat for people there. A woman sat in her car in front of us staring with tears running. The improvisational music does that to people. Constantly staying aware not to push it too much after some rest we drove to Franklin Printing. The owner offered a substantial contribution for printing a couple of months ago before I got sick.

I wanted to surprise him with a thank you visit. He wasn't there but his staff of about ten came outside to meet us a get a photo. Surrounding business neighbors we're also interest. People have been trying to give me tips but I cannot go that route. Taking tips while working is off brand. If they want to contribute, via online is the way. After that experience I sank into the Traveling Piano "zone" but had to pull myself out of it. I know when I come down from the energy I rose up to it will be a crash. Physically, I am not recovered yet. Mo and I were near one of our favorite parks so we had to have a run. Again, "not too much Danny" and Mo, he now runs like an arthritic, old dog. And, that is what he is! But, that is not nearly as important as the fact that he is still running and wants to.

February 8, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Day two of this new commitment, I woke up after fasting ten hours from both food and water for some blood tests. This was the third time the place screwed me! "Mr. Kean, sorry we cannot take you at your scheduled appointment, you will need to wait at least an hour and a half"... then an hour and a half goes by... "Mr. Kean, I'm sorry the wait will be at least another hour and a half." I turned and began to walk out the door, "Would you like to reschedule?" I said, not here! Man was I pissed. Decisions must be made now for the not so distant future. Am I going to start living life for the health system to make money off it through appointments, testings and drugs? I ask this question for my dogs when I began seeing the veterinary industry rape people's wallets to keep their dogs alive. After that, I went and created music for my friends Mary and Eric while Mary got her cancer treatment. That made the day better. Then a nap, then being very careful for the rest of the day in taking it easy. The new schedule just two days old has set me off-kilter.

February 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend began chemo treatments today. I felt inspired to support in a big way and be at the clinic when she arrives for her treatments and until after she leaves with the Traveling Piano and Mo in the parking lot. It is an over the top gesture and well, I have always been over the top. Now, it may be just a crazy idea because it involves 38 days, five days a week, (i've never done anything like that before) I'd need to get up in the morning with an alarm clock everyday (which has not happened for as long as I can remember, if ever) and considering my present health well, it will give a jolt to my system, I don't know if I have the energy and it could create the end of life as I know it. If I die as a result, this would be the way I would want to go. It is the perfect time of year with the weather sunny and the temperatures in the 70's. My life must change if I am going to continue with it. We went cross country and back, now something new must happen again as I cannot go back to what was. It will also be good for others coming in and out of the clinic. Today was out first day, my first day out in a month as a result of covid.

February 6, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

1st time ever successfully fried breaded chicken breasts (only took 66 yrs) in my seasoned, iron frying pan with flour, egg, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper... crisp on the outside and absolutely juicy perfect on the inside Woop, Woop, Woop, Woop! Earlier in the day, random (unconditional) acts of kindness, every single person needs to create them. I share something like this is to show that I walk the talk! I tell everyone, just one person you need to relate with. As many know my health has gone to shit. Hopefully I am building it back up. But, for the last three days I've taken to the streets again with minute acts of kindness, just one... for one person while walking Mo.This is a huge downsize from the past Traveling Piano truck loads, eh? But I just do what I can do for now. A large home made quart container of Traveling Piano Man Ukrainian Borscht soup with large chunks of beef, beets, carrot and onion. I said to the guy, you really need to eat this hot. He said, "I'll take it to 7/11 and heat it, they will not like that but, too bad." This one little act creates all around... an awesome feeling of being wanted, needed, respected, appreciated, validated, reassured, worthwhile, on and on for everyone. Who would not want all that from such a small act?

February 5, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are able to see the Rachael Ray show Season 16, Episode 85 in its entirety, it is different from the segment downloaded for social platforms online. There are actually three Traveling Piano pieces that fit into the show as a whole and that conveys a more complete story of what the Traveling Piano is made up of. The Traveling Piano is used as a lead in for the show, then the segment itself and then plays out the show with some of my improvisation. I wanted to cry when I saw it because it was so good! The online segment does not feature any of my music. Rachael's reaction to watching the segment is in better perspective with the entire show. As a whole, the energy and all the parts as one... I love it. If only I could get a copy. The show will not give me one because of legalities... whatever. I wish someone would rip it for me.

February 4, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've had photos go viral, I've had news segments shared in-network nationwide, been on the front cover of over 15 newspapers some large some small (back before the internet took over) but... today the Traveling Piano was featured on nationally televised show for the first time, The Rachael Ray show. (It only took 35 years for tv to find me, lol) Here is the clip:

February 3, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... the Rachael Ray television show produced a Traveling Piano segment that will air tomorrow morning nationally. I have not been talking about it as in the past sometimes myself and my work can be spun in the worst of ways, lol. So, I always wait to see whatever first before commenting. While over my friends Eric and Mary's house today I checked out the show for the first time to see what it looks like. They showed a trailer promoting tomorrow's show and the Traveling Piano's few seconds looked really good! Damm, you would think these shows would send me a curtesy link to see the segment but none of them ever will.

I need to search ways to view it and... I cannot promote the segment for them or share it outside of their viewing circle which really sucks. My viewing circle would actually widen theirs if they shared and I shared. Control and ownership is the name of the game these days. I do have the zoom video part because I filmed it. After watching about 90 seconds I could not watch anymore of it because I could not stand to see myself talking, lol. What they took from the interview that I saw with the trailer... ahh, the magic of editing! It can really work in one's favor.

February 2, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My head is still in a fog from being sick last month, I think. Maybe it is in a fog from living life in general. I just keep going. When I take Mo out at night for a walk I see people living on the streets, laying in the dirt, in a corner coughing with a thin blanket and the nights right now are cold, in the thirties. Before leaving for cross country last June I was so burnt out from helping those living on the streets. I was thinking that maybe I was done with that part of my life. But in seeing it in front of my face everyday, there is no way I can do nothing. So I will try to manage better this time around as I continue once again. I really do not have a choice in down sizing as my stamina and strength has been slipping away with age.

There was a time a few years back when I would carry up to 30, thirty-two ounce gatorades on my back to now no more than five. Filling the Traveling Piano truck over heaping with food and cooking ten gallons of food in my micro kitchen to take out to the streets... those we're the days! So my present plan... back to square one when I took four large cup containers of soup or something out with me when I walk or drive. Overdoing everything in extreme which I have so much enjoyed, is over for my life. Maybe not... lol, because I thought that back in June and then for the rest of the year it was bonzo with the amount of work I was able to accomplish while on the road cross country and back.

February 1, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

So glad to be done with last month! What a sick month it was. I mean literally, I almost died from covid and complications from it. Thank God I did not have to go to the hospital even though I sat for three days literally staring at my pulse oximeter one digit away from calling 911. Two different friends had sent one of those things. I did not even know they existed. Meditation is now essential even if my mind cannot stop thinking throughout it. I just put in the time and thats good enough. It is an act of willingness to not freak out about life or death, anger or joy. My music seems far away from me right now but I've been listening a lot, to the music of others.

I'll get back to my improvisation and sharing it with others as soon as I feel stronger. Not pushing into normalcy or beyond must be paramount for me right now. Time is a funny thing for me. I've said this before, I can do nothing for two weeks and then in two days I can accomplish three weeks worth of work. Onward with life. This is the start of the 194th month for this blog. Thats almost unbelievable for me. For sixteen years I took great pride in not duplicating one photo on this blog. Well, those days are over. As of 2022, I can no longer make that claim, Ha! It is what it is.