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December 31, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no way am I going around a New Years Eve Crowd again this year unfortunately, for obvious reasons. I know five people who have COVID right now! So something is needed as a compensation. I just cut up a fresh Pineapple. It is going with the fresh oranges I have. Then there is the Salsa and Chips, the French Onion Dip for the Potato Chips, Celery and Carrots... that with the Deviled Eggs and Chicken Salad with Avocado, Artichoke Hearts, Red Peppers, Olives, Pickle. Then there is the fresh Mozzarella and Tomato along with five different Cheeses to have with Pepperoni and Sausage and several different types of Mustard on Specialty Crackers... fresh Juice and Soda, last and not least... Pecan Pie, Chocolate Brooklyn Baklava, Coco Cookie Sticks and Candied Walnuts.

With Mo by my side (of course he will have some of it) a few lit candles and a computer full of music and movies, we can watch the fireworks going off right outside my window from both the Stratosphere and New Resort Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. I shared the food with my next door neighbor Max. Happy New Year! I'm feeling optimistic for all of us. We are going to grow closer to each other in love and care this year while learning how to pick our battles, live life on life's terms both the good and the not so good hopefully... the most good, good, good. FEAST! Long live the Traveling Piano as it enters the 35th year!!! Or is it the 36th? This blog everyday for 16 years!!!!!!!!!

December 30, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I used to hate people like myself right now! Their thinking was so fake and cliche. 😂 But I can tell you that was false. What I am going to say can be and is real. Choosing every moment in the present as a present... celebrating all that is life and "other than" also. Life is a present in the present moment. Let go of the past with joy! There was a time I could not choose that. It takes practice every day. Practice with me. Going into this New Year feels dreadful and hopeless if that is what I choose to think and feel. And there are times I cannot get away from impulses to fall down that rabbit hole of thinking. All life ending, ended and soon to end... does that need to be sad and bad? NO.

Anything else is nothing more than self-centeredness. My life would certainly end in the worst of ways sucking on me, me, me... need, loss, sadness, frustration, hate, fear, etc... So, I love you all, even the jerk offs when I can get beyond their shit. And... its a New Year. You can be sure as hell, I am going to work to make the best of it by staying conscious and in the Truth of Spirit throughout. Here is looking for you in choosing to feel good with me if only for a moment and build on that, support me in that to help support us all.

December 29, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had a urologist appointment today and my blood work was perfect. The doctor said it does not look like I will have prostate issues. An MRI is needed but he cannot schedule that for me. I still need to see a general practitioner because of the constant pain and exhaustion I have been living with for the last half year. I am ready and resigned to giving myself over to the health system of todays world one step at a time. It has been many years since I've had a full run down of tests, etc... and now I have no choice if I want to live. Coming from an old school way of dealing with doctors and medicine, the change... it is what it is. For most of my life, I've said it several times in this blog... I had the same doctor who worked out of an office in his row home in Philadelphia, Pa. It was the doctor who delivered me into this world and he passed on only a couple of years ago. That translates into sixty years of "old school" medicine and health with the same doctor I had. When I first moved to Las Vegas I tried seeing doctors in clinics and the ineptitude truly traumatized me. Now I'll try the general system of health.

December 28, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, this year I was able to fulfill my desire to see greenery once again and to have the best autumn color experience possible. It was a major life experience and absolutely amazing that the Traveling Piano made it cross country and back once more time. Mo and I met some wonderful people, are types... givers and trusting even more trusting than myself. Thank God for friends who supported the journey. It all was truly amazing. A record of photos have been posted to this years blog. Everything was looking up before it all began to head back downward with Covid variants. Luckily, the cross country journey was swept up with and into the positive energy of a "return to normalcy?" But, as it all began to sink again, we we're already on a roll and got back to Las Vegas before the worst of it returned. That be happening right now.

December 27, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Life now is more transparently uncertain on just about every level except one... the present moment. Thank God for the present moment. Everything is ok in the present moment, everything is safe and secure and do-able in the present moment. I've been feeling fulfilled and comfortable in the present moment these days. Of course there is also pain and suffering all around and from within at the same time but thats life. I have been able to stay in touch with what is important... joy and thankfulness. It will be a challenge to take that into this new year. I have always been up to such challenges. People need what I can supply for them, my love and even anger. The approach must come from a "professional" mentality for me. When I worked, what was needed I did no matter what the circumstances. That must continue now. People think work is related to making money. Not for me. Work... is living and thats the way it always has been, lol! Sometimes fun, sometimes not, sometimes lost in total discombobulation.

December 26, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

After yesterday, I am back to laying low for awhile. No pressure, wanting to take care of myself and enjoy the Christmas season. There being Twelves Days to Christmas I am going to milk that for all its worth and as never before. Getting lost in all that is Christmas this year has really helped me as the usual Traveling Piano work has taken as second seat because of physical issues. So, I laid in bed with Mo and downloading Christmas Movies, Music, Old Radio Shows and Images to create a collection. My many years of collecting has been lost because of a hard drive failure. Soaking myself with Christmas has helped with staying away from the news, chewing stupid people out online with criticism and going crazy with hate in my head over what is happening in the world right now. The mind of humanity becomes more warped daily as I work with prayer and meditation daily asking for God to direct my thoughts. No matter who sick people become in all ways, I will stay clear with the spirit of truth... as long as I stay conscious to practice at doing that. Forty minutes a day with the Gyatri Mantra, singing it.

December 25, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

My original plan to lay low today, that was not possible. It is Christmas. Mo and I needed to be with our friends on the streets! It was the 1st time since returning to Last Vegas and so worthwhile! A guy in a wheelchair pulls himself up to the Traveling Piano and puts his head down to listen and enjoy. Someone comes buy to give him a meal and my improvisation turns into dinner music. People from the past gaining comfort in seeing us again. Mo's presence cannot be matched. Another guy going crazy in his head screaming at a wall... I was able to tame the beast in him as eventually he began to sway with the music and then came over to talk normally, a lady comes up to thank us for being there and says that we are the ultimate Christmas present... I began playing on a street and everyone gets up to yell "piano man" happy to see us. Giving without agenda, obligation, expectation removes all pain and suffering even for this piano man with a bad back. I'll deal with that tomorrow. For today... Happy Christmas!

December 24, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I found a photo of Traveling Piano Dog Boner and I during Christmastime and imposed Mo into the picture to use as a Christmas Card. Merry Christmas! There are not many photos of myself in the world that I like but there are a few, this is one of them. Downloading Christmas images and movies and old radio shows to my computer, cooking a good meal, taking Mo for a walk... not long one's as my back cannot take it, candles lit in my room, door cracked for fresh air, the sky outside my window, thinking of the many beautiful and wonderful people I have met in this world, feeling safe and secure... today was certainly a take it easy day, a good one!

December 23, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ever since the beginning of the year when I had a health issue that necessitated an emergency visit to the hospital, I have been feeling myself getting sucked into the medical health system. For most of my life I have not had to deal with it at all. You cannot comprehend how fucked up it is unless you are experiencing it personally. Decisions... watching out for myself, watching out for unnecessary doctor visits, bad doctors and nurses and assistants... tests, exams... dealing with a lack of coordination with offices, lack of direction, information, incompetence... watching to not get hooked on unnecessary medications... just, wow. Today, I went to get blood work done... I must deal with my pain issues and at the same time not let my physical limitations control my life. When all is said and done, I know beyond questionable doubt that a power greater than myself, the God of my understanding is in control. It is all good and it is what it is.

December 22, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

This will be a low key Christmas, not really out of choice but out of a "it is what it is." I must say that my life, it is a wonderful life to not have to do anything I do not want to do but, there also is the fact that I would like to do more than I presently can. And, what I can do feels significantly less than in the past. Serving the homeless with food and Christmas presents as in the past is just not be possible. I do not have the physical ability. Creating music and sharing the musical fun, friendship and respect... if that happens it will be for a very short while and I doubt the idea of pushing myself to do it is a good idea. I have my old pup Mo for Christmas. There actually is nothing more I need or want to do than hang out with him. The gratitude of waking up with him in the morning, caring for him throughout the day, having his attention, validation and reassurance 24/7 our relationship of respect, trust and admiration of his being a dog and our stewardship together in life could not be better.

December 21, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

About five days ago I stopped following the news and wow, it has been difficult to do. I've known how attached to it I am, how it creates a feeling of being worldly and connected and knowledgeable on a deep level. It is also a great distraction for myself. I find a voice for myself through it but at the same time... it is just about all negative, redundant and doom oriented. My life force these days must be honed into what good I can do, what I can change in the world, my purpose and the wisdom for that is not going to come from the media, nor is the courage or desire. And, there is no fun in it! I've often said that anger is a great motivator. It is, just not for me anymore.

I do not want to leave this world through anger. So, it is day by day in finding myself once again, what I want to do with the rest of my life, what I can do, what is realistic without saturating myself with world events. People say shoot for your dreams, anything can happen well, no. That is not the way it works. My dream to be president of the USA is not going to happen, lol. I never had that dream, just saying... being "realistic" is a real thing. I've so many pictures to share from this journey. Thank God I have the web galleries on this website where they can all be posted. I still have photos to process from the beginning of the year!

December 20, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to check on issues with the truck today and also to price out a paint job. If I am going to continue with it, work needs to be done especially with presentation as the paint really has pealed off from the cross country trek. Just about all the trim is gone and the rust is way unacceptable. It looks good in pictures because of my photo processing but in real life, not so good. While out and about, I took Mo to a park where he can run off leash. He knows where we were going while driving. His memory on such matters cannot be more clear. I played some music first and then we walked. My energy level is low. I've never had back pain for this long.

I am sure age has a lot to do with it and that whatever is physically going on is a matter of age. I'm slowing down physically. So, as I get better with clarity about life and purpose and self and gratitude and relationship... I fade into the sunset physically. And... as a survivor, that is what people like myself are called... the fade ain't going to be pretty as I am going to push my life to the limit as I have no choice. That is the way it has always been. What has been said about getting older is true... there is just no easy way. But then again... there has never been an easy way for me to live life from the start. Worthwhile ways, but not easy... ever.

December 19, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went to the park today for a walk and to create some music. I must build up my stamina in creating music so I am thinking to do that by five minutes a day. My energy level, just wow! But I am up to the challenge of pushing it. Today, just twenty minutes. Of course I was drawn directly to several vehicles giving out food and resources to homeless people. I talked with a few of those sharing stuff and as well, with some homeless people. It felt weird not operating as I once did with the sharing of food myself. No one got onto the piano, none of the homeless people I used to know are around anymore.

There is a whole new community and they know nothing about the Traveling Piano. One woman interacted but she was looking to make a few bucks with some sex. I laughed with her insinuation and then she asked for a hug. Of course I could of interpreted that as a last ditch effort for a sale but when she thanked me for the hug, I knew in the way and from the tone of her voice that she just needed some validation that everything was ok, she is accepted as a human being and looking for some warmth and affection, just as I look to Mo for that kind of comfort.

December 18, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The major opportunity that came my way which helped to get me back to Las Vegas from the east coast. While the possibility of it was just wonderful, perfect... my ultimate dream with work and the truck... it pooped out, turned into nothing. On returning to Vegas, I could feel the interest I had once felt no longer existed but I did not push anything. Then, they said come to present the Traveling Piano for the next five days for their entertainment, amusement complex but with no other specification. I suggested we just try out the first night seeing as no terms had been created. Then on the day I was to begin, the sent an email saying they had a board meeting and because of funding they would need to cancel the idea, that they have heard my music and will keep me in mind for the future. Bummer, but I was also consciously aware that I really deep down did not want to do it, did not know if a could considering my present physical state.

It would have taken every minute of a week out of my life, be rough on Mo because it would be at night time and cold and my entire Christmas would disappear. The tendency would be to put all negatives on the reason why this happened but the fact is I have no idea. The company and staff changed hands while I was away, the first time event they are having may have been a flop, the main decision makers may have not known about me until the last minute and were not on the same page. Most likely but again I do not know, they may have assumed I just wanted an audience to perform for enough that I would do it as a honor. LOL... not. I am sure my life was directed on the matter from a higher level of being in knowing I would not be capable, or it was not the right time, never the less the very fact that opportunity came about without my initiation says allot. Now... I need to let it move on without thought on the matter.

December 17, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have had severe lower back pain for a month now. It is exhausting. When I am laying down I am ok. Once I get walking I am sort of ok for a while. Standing after getting up is almost impossible and sitting in an chair... just wow. It is debilitating. I remind myself that I've been through severe back pain several times in life and it passes but I cannot remember it lasting this long. Even strong medicine does not take the pain away. Often I feel nauseous. If I thought anything could be done by a doctor I'd go see one but experience says to just wait. Doing my Traveling Piano work is not really possible. I have not had the energy or ability to even unpack yet and it has been several days. This also puts on hold any cooking and serving concerning those living on the streets. Last year at this time I was collecting presents and cooking out the wazoo for people. Ahh... limitations. The last six months... did that all happen? The past has disappeared faster than ever. Thank God I have the photos and writings to remember if desired or needed.

December 16, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

A Traveling Piano proposition came up about a month ago, very promising and amazing. It drove me to get back to Las Vegas as soon as possible. The possibility was reassured and came about without my initiation. Well now, I got back and it feels like any possibility is fizzling out. Luckily, I know better than to invest assurance in anything that lacks clarity and some form of actuality. Still, very disappointing but from my experience which is life long and extensive... but, I have no idea what is going on. Maybe spirit has been leading me to get back to Las Vegas. The proposition was certainly incentive and gave me a reason to return verses feeling a dread of the same old, same old in returning. Maybe I am being led to something else. Maybe, maybe, maybe... it all does not matter. Nothing lost, nothing gained with a knowing that all is as it should be in the best of all worlds. It is a reminder to simply focus in the present moment with what needs to be done right now.

December 15, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I enjoy sharing how my life works. So... I get back to Las Vegas and nothing has changed in the neighborhood except that there is a fence blocking the lot where nefarious people have been building a neighborhood for themselves. It gets built, the city tears it down, it has been an ongoing cycle right next to my place and... there are no roaches in my room, so far. The first person I come across in my small apartment complex is a new mentally ill resident with his door open and blaring music. As he tries to engage with Mo and make friends with me, I fist bump and run... into another resident who cannot resist giving me a hassle when ever he sees me. I should move out of his and his dogs way because his dog is ferocious and will eat me and Mo. The neighbor two doors down got evicted three days ago, thank God I missed all that chaos. Everyone wants to tell me about it.

A couple neighbors are glad to see us. As I sit in my room some guy in the ally is going berserk trying to kill the steel wall as he screams with rage and uses whatever to bang on it. On and on it goes right from the start. It only keeps me aware that my tendency for complacency will not do. I must find a better quality of life considering my living space. But... also, I wake up every morning and open my blinds to the sun and sky and the Las Vegas skyline. I open my door to the fresh (usually in the mornings) brisk winter air. That... cannot be better. Then, I can close my door and feel safe in my room and the fan blocks out most noise. There is no need to interact with the chaos around me as when I was younger. There is nothing I can do about any of it and I know exactly what is going on. All is good, really and... Mo is with me, so are my friends!

December 14, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well! We made it home. I should feel good, right? We left Holbrook, Arizona at sunrise which is in the middle of the night for me. A snow storm was heading for Flagstaff and rain and wind for Las Vegas. We raced. The roads through Flagstaff we're a little slippery for a few miles only and we beat the storm. Gas in Arizona was $4.50 a gallon!!! We got back the Vegas by 1Pm. I got the truck unloaded and it began to rain. Thank you dear lord to get back and everything inside just in time. My parking lot gate key battery died, someone let me in. My air conditioner/heater busted, they replaced it right away. A glass jar fell on my glass ceramic stove and made a big hole. That needs to stay quiet and fixed without management knowing. I went to tell them and then thought better, much better.

There is no room to put my stuff. It is not like I am bringing home more than I took. Need to get my plants from my friends Eric and Mary before they leave for a month. I know they have grown huge and I have no Idea how I am going to deal with that. My plants are super important. Mo jumped onto the bed and his paws dirtied the sheets just from running across the parking lot. It was so nice to not have to clean his paws everytime we come into the room. Wow, we left here June 26th... never in a million years did I think we would be gone as long as we were. What was it... six and a half months??? My back is killing me. Did I just drive cross country with a bad back, yes I did. We'll, I am numb right now... it is not a good or bad numb... just numb... and grateful.

December 13, 2021

Holbrook, Arizona

My buddys front fang fell out today. That has been coming for quite a while. Now I just need to hope that his mouth does not become more infected or he will go fast. We are all going fast, eh? Oh for the energy of youth. The pain and suffering was not less there was simply less poignancy about it all. I think that happens with emotional maturity. The last time we were in Holbrook was in 2015. I remember hanging out with a bunch of guys at a local shelter and decided to have dinner with them. To get the dinner we all had to watch a religious propaganda film for 45 minutes beforehand. When it was over the guy sitting next to me leaned over and whispered out of the side of his mouth sarcastically, "they almost had me." I still laugh when I think about it. The last time I was here I thought was was going to die and even wrote out instructions for Mo one night. I think it was from too much breathing of mold in West Virginia where we had come from.

December 12, 2021

Tucumcari, New Mexico

We found a cheap motel for $50. It said online the place had been refurbished. It was ok except the bed sheets had a bo as in body odor smell. Watching the terrain change while driving is awesome. Through Texas the land was flat dark brown shades with deep holes in the ground. Then into the brush and stone of New Mexico. This is the perfect time of year to be driving the southern route cross country when it is not hot. The middle route would have been a mistake. The Rocky Mountains would have been impossible to get over and I am sure we would have ran into snow. With the Traveling Piano's age and my age (I not so courageous as I once was)... it just would not have been possible. It feels really good to be in wide open land and space and sky again, just as good as the greenery did a few months ago and then the autumn leaves...

December 11, 2021

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What a difference a day makes when we have a good place to stay. I've decided to stay for another night to take it easy and hang out... lay with white sheets on a queen size bed with my dog in a clean, nicely furnished room with a window cracked open for fresh air, looking out into an open field, four flights up from ground level, quiet, sun shining, clear skies on a brisk Saturday afternoon after a good walk outside, no pressures, no obligation, expectation to do anything... hoagie in the fridge, donuts for later, a good $50 room booked for tomorrow one day closer to Vegas, I think I'll watch a movie. I cannot remember when I've felt so comfortable and easy like this not having to do anything. Just thought I would share that with you all because the best part... now I have friends who appreciate my having it nice in life and want for me to have it nice.

December 10, 2021

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Wow, the LaQuinta room last night was disgusting! I left without a shower, just had to get out of the place. After the rooms I've had, crappy places are almost intolerable and when charging a high price, thats even worse. We found an inexpensive place, excellent place in Oklahoma after a seven hour drive which is a lot for me. The truck is all falling apart... but we are still trucking! The outside rear view window being held on with duck tape, the tarp cover barely holding by a few snaps, oil needed every few hundred miles, the muffler hanging and there is a strange whir in the engine. No fear... we are going to get back to Las Vegas come hell or high water or... tow. Ahh, for the love of adventure? The wind was blowing us all over the road today! Never fear, Mo is here. As much as I need to get back to Nevada, I am staying here where we are for an extra night to enjoy it, to recover from last night and do some preparation for when I return as in what I would want in a proposal to continue with this journey if meant to be. I'm still reeling from the joy in Kentucky the other day!

December 09, 2021

West Memphis, Arkansas

The trick to finding a good, reasonably priced overnight stay... look for refurbished or new motels, avoid motels that used to be good, made their money and now, are complacent, no longer care. I was exhausted today from driving and once it gets dark I cannot see. Not knowing where I was, I saw a LaQuinta which used to be a good place before Wyndham purchased the chain. They used to be dog friendly so there was no hassle. It is like eating at Taco Bell, every ten years or so, I go back hoping for a different result which will never be. I booked a room too tired to care about the price, I just wanted a good nights sleep. It felt like a stripped sterile prison cell and smelled like a dog kennel, that... no exaggeration. They now, not only charge dog fees they discriminated with pet owners by putting them all on a pet floor for dogs. Can we talk dirty? I will try to get my money back but am not holding my breath. The photo shows LaQuinta at the bottom for $120... and Marriott at the top for $70. Who named a city in Arkansas, West Memphis... when West Memphis is right across the river in Tennessee!!!

December 08, 2021

Lexington, Kentucky

A cold snap is happening here in Lexington with the temperatures in the low 30's and 20's. I thought to myself how the temperature means nothing when I am focused and having fun and that was the agenda for today. I met Anabelle six years ago when visiting Kentucky and she has stayed in touch ever since. She sends a few bucks every month via my website and is a musician herself. She sings and teaches. Shortly after we met she became pregnant with twins named Evelyn and Roselyn who died a pre-mature death which was very difficult for her and then she had a boy named Will now four and a half who I met today. Today is also her mother Diane's birthday. Her husband Carl used his Marriott reward points to get Mo and I a room for two nights here in Lexington. Why am I telling you all this?

I'm not sure, lol. But there was no way I was not going to stop here on our way back to Vegas. It will be the only stop to share the Traveling Piano. My back or whatever the physical problem I am having is severe. That was not going to stop us today either. The time was full of joy. Many neighbors on the street came out with their kids, the next door neighbor came out with her cello and the guy across the street came out with his dog... we created music, sang Happy Birthday, Anabelle sang and played some Christmas songs with her son and a neighbor girl... this all is what the journey has been about from day one. If I should die pushing myself too much with the journey and what I enjoy doing most in life... so be it I will have lived a complete life! I know people who read this will say, don't talk like that, lol. It is all good.

December 07, 2021

Lexington, Kentucky

Before leaving Covington I stopped to take a picture of a new friends restaurant down the street named Michael's. Bonnie who also owns the house next store sent over a pizza with a soda and another forty bucks to send us on our way. Her gestures mean a lot to me. I inserted a picture of the Traveling Piano and posted a few reviews online for her. Last year I did that for Pavel a friend who owns a pizza shop in Las Vegas who always gives me a free pizza and it has had something like four million views on Google. I am hoping Bonnie's place will have that luck too. Off we drove, it took six hours to get to Lexington and I am wiped out!

December 06, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Packing, cleaning the house, trying to get my head into a mindset that I am leaving... it has been a month and a half at least, I think, don't know but whatever... amazing to have had this big house all to myself with all my needs being met... being about to experience the autumn colors, share the Traveling Piano for up to a hundred miles all around and to have made new friends who I now care about deeply. How could I not with them trusting and sharing their lives and everything they know with a stranger. (myself) I wonder if they we're here while I was here all this time if it would have been different? Lol... who knows. But I do know that I want our relationship to grow. Bill and Bev are true examples of humanity at its best. I'm posting some photos today from South Philadelphia back in August.

December 05, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I am out of commission today, physically unable to do anything. It has been a year of physical problems. Not one issue, it has been many that make one general... whatever. I can barely stand and then take five steps before needing to stop. Oh, the pain, no breath! Well, I am sixty-six and have lived those years hard and rough! When I get back to Vegas, I'll probably see a doctor, ugh... if I make it. Still, even with the physical slow down, my life has been in a major slow down physically this year... I'm not so sure it shows in my work. I may have accomplished more this year than in the last six years.

December 04, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Mo on top of the Traveling Piano yesterday... he is a handsome, old pup now empowered to the fullest and enjoying life in every moment, in every possible way. I threw my back out today. It is amazing what stress will do even after mediation. Ha! There are two guys coming to stay here for the next few days. This house we are in serves as a Air B&B for Bill and Bev the owners. So, I needed to clean, it has to be done anyway before we leave on Tuesday. Have never, will never stay (if possible) at an Air B&B. They are a bad outfit and have been since day one. I watched as the owner capitalized on human greed in his business practice, how they manipulated and siphoned people off of couch-surfing and destroyed a wonderful opportunity for people to give and share around the world without fees. Not to negate the greed of the people themselves who embraced it but they we're "sold" on the idea and took it hook, bait and sinker. Ahh... for the old life when travelers, strangers we're simply invited into homes for the sake of hospitality and being a human being. Then to the organizations that supported it like Servas, then Couch Surfing then for profit B&B and now AirB&B. The problem is the hotels are now becoming such a rip off and so spammy that AirB&B's may be the only option for the future unless... we all return to a giving and sharing nature of accomadation. Good luck on that one.

December 03, 2021

Allegheny County, Virginia

The Traveling Piano has visited throughout the Northern hemisphere 1000's of towns and cities both rural and urban in this present fifteen year journey. I have found that good people can be found in every place visited. They may not be the majority but who needs a majority to enjoy life? In Covington, Virginia, Mo and I have been fortunate to have met some exceptionally very good people! We spent time today with neighbors and new friends at the Alleghany Highlands Industrial Heritage and Technology Discovery Center opening in the downtown area. Every place same with rich and poor.

December 02, 2021

Allegheny County, Virginia

I threw my back out today. It is amazing what stress will do even after mediation. Ha! There are two guys coming to stay here for the next few days. This house we are in serves as a Air B&B for Bill and Bev the owners. So, I needed to clean, it has to be done anyway before we leave on Tuesday. Have never, will never stay (if possible) at an Air B&B. They are a bad outfit and have been since day one. I watched as the owner capitalized on human greed in his business practice, how they manipulated and siphoned people off of couch-surfing and destroyed a wonderful opportunity for people to give and share around the world. Not to negate the greed of the people themselves who embraced it but they we're "sold" on the idea and took it hook, bait and sinker. Ahh... for the old life when travelers, strangers we're simply invited into homes for the sake of hospitality and being a human being. Then to the organizations that supported it like Servas, then Couch Surfing then for profit B&B and now AirB&B. The problem is the hotels are now becoming such a rip off and spammy that AirB&B's may be the only option for the future unless... we all return to a giving and sharing nature of accomadation. Good luck on that one.

December 01, 2021

Covington, Virginia

How to make the Traveling Piano Man and Pup Mo's day... the neighbor on the street where we have been staying, she saw that we will be leaving Covington, Virginia on Tuesday to head back to Las Vegas and so she dropped off $30 cash with a Doctor Pepper and a delicious Pizza from her restaurant named Michael's to wish us the best, to thank us for what we do and to support the journey! Mo's favorite treat is pizza crust. There are Air B&B people coming here this weekend so I need to get the place ready and also, it will take all that time to get myself prepared to leave, mostly in my head prepared. Also, I've been cleaning this place and trying to make it a little better than it was when I arrived. That is exhausting!!! Doing something for someone else without expectation or obligation and out of my journey's set mold... it is not easy, lol! Reminds me of how selfish I am in many ways. Thankfully, that self-ishness is not controlling me.