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November 30, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Last day of November, amazing! Life is moving fast. Mo and I drove to a food bank today to get some groceries (always an incentive to get up and out) and to share the Traveling Piano with the community once more. It was a good time. We came back and I shared the food with Wayne the guy living across the street. I'm conditioned to worry about the clutch and turning on the car everytime but its all working now after yesterday. Thank you dear lord! There is an Air B&B guest coming here tonight and I am the only one here! So, I had to get all that ready. It is a first. Having stayed with over a hundred different people on this journey, I've never been able to host anyone. I think Bill and Bev did it so they could give me the money they make from it because between this guest and two more later in the week, my friends sent me a hundred bucks today as a contribution. It would be so great if whomever reads this sends something so we can all take this journeys five month fundraiser over the top! I only need $381 bucks to do that.

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November 29, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I woke up physically shaking with concern as I had to deal with finding out and fixing what is wrong with the truck today. Driving it back to Las Vegas as it is, not possible. The grinding sound with the clutch has been serious and the electrical system went off in the cab. No one has been able to figure it out... for the last six years it has happened on and off but now... all the time. Sometimes the truck will stall and then start on its own with the key in it and grind as well, the inside lights, now the electricity off and has stayed on even when I remove the keys. As I laid in bed this morning I thought... "God help me get through this day." I was given the address of two repair shops in town and after my morning coffee it was time to leave but no, wait. First I told myself that I must meditate for 40 minutes. Having meditated, I wrote down the addresses to take with me and gathered several items needed for a few other errands.

First thing when I opened the door to leave, the mail lady came by. To have as many options as possible I asked if she knew of a good repair shop. She said her brother in law has one and he knows about older vehicles. She told me where he was located and I felt a shift, a feeling to leave everything planned and just go to that shop first thing. It was only a few blocks away and in five minutes the problem was solved. (we are talking years and serious) The key lock on the steering wheel was getting stuck and that was interfering with the clutch, starter and electricity. He sprayed some WD-40 into it and wow, thank God. Such a little thing that just needed the right troubleshooter to know. Every day that I meditate, which is basically prayer for me, I sail though that day in special ways... every day.

November 28, 2021

Covington, Virginia

My good friend Barb passed. No need for sorry or condolences. How grateful I am to have been here on the east coast only a few hours away and to spend time with her and be able to say goodbye. It was meant to be.

My friend Barb, you will stay with us in our hearts and remembered for your nurturing and caring nature in living a strong and passionate life full of advocacy for both people and feral felines. Specifically and personally I will always remember you, your love of music and special guitars, musicians and those in need of support to just keep on living. A beautiful artist you have been in life with your magical paintings, Barb, your love and respect of family, knowing your dad and your sisters through you with your enduring respect no matter the hardships, that has been an example for me. And what a champ you were at bucking the system as an FEMA employee for so many years constantly finding in-roads in order to help those who would never had a chance for help if it was not for you.

The hundreds of feral cats throughout your life that you helped in all ways as the main focus for your affection and nurturing throughout life, I can feel them surrounding you with heavenly love now. When your feelings we're hurt by close friends and lovers, did you turn your back on them? Never, you endured with them consistently and through tolerance and patience but not without some complaining to help keep that love alive, lol! Both Traveling Piano pups Boner and Mo innately knew and appreciated your extension of love for them, as well as I. Your independent spirit and insistence on self-healing ways in a holistic sense, in spite of what others in the medicals fields would tell you, your success with that through many years I applaud, Barb. Thank you for your individuality in life. The world has been a better place with you in it. Long live Barbara Zittrer, my friend. Thank you for your support of my life and work Barbara.

November 27, 2021

Covington, Virginia

It was a day to relax. I'm set on leaving here December 7th. We will first head to Lexington, Kentucky for two nights before driving straight back to Las Vegas God willing that the truck is operable and with as few overnight stays as possible. It is time to head back and will take me the full week and a few days to get my stuff and head together enough to get moving. And then, it will be more interesting then ever what will manifest for this journey. I know one thing. Staying in the room I have been in for the last five years well, that ain't happening for another year after the lease is up in June. Hopefuly I can stay in Vegas but I'll go anywhere that is clean, quiet, has light verses in a dark cellar, and that I can afford which is not much.

November 26, 2021

Winchester, Virginia

Gratitude needs three components for it to work.. 1. Acknowledgment 2. "Feeling" Thankful 3. Sharing the Joy of it. Traveling Piano Dog Mo spent time with his friend Barbara in her hospice bed today creating attentive care and nurturing.There was nothing but love to be with, for all of us and that is all we need. We were able to drive back to Covington barely. Into a repair shop it must go on Monday. The biggest problem it having no GPS. My phone needs to be on a constant charge and the lighter plug that is used for that is done, kaput and part of the trucks problem.

November 25, 2021

Winchester, Virginia

Today turned out to be somewhat miraculous. When I got up I was feeling awful as in I don't want to do this, can't... the idea of being with my friend Barbara dying in a hospice but mostly the truck trouble. The grinding underneath it, not being able to use the clutch right, the no electricity for the dashboard, or clock... but most importantly for the cigarette lighter that I plug my phone into to use the gps feature which I absolutely need. But I thought, I'm just going to do this come hell or high water. First place I needed to make it to was the gas station. Did that. Then the next thought, get to the hospice before the phone went dead. Did that. While driving I was thinking how I will need to do something before I head back to Las Vegas concerning the phone charge for my gps. The truck, no one seems to be able to find the problems. That is nothing new. And as well I'm getting used to the idea that the truck has a life of its own that no one has control over. When I left Las Vegas in June, being in cold weather was not in the plan at all so I did not bring a coat for Mo. That was another issue for today as when we left Covington, the temperature was in the low thirties.

Well... we made it to Winchester it was sunny and perfectly warm. I began creating music right under Barbara's window and everyone inside could hear it. Unexpectedly, I began interacting through the Traveling Piano with families and friends who were visiting people there. When I went up to see Barbara she was sitting in a chair which I did not expect. She has two friends who have been staying with her day and night. That... was very comforting to know as I thought she would have no one. I was offered a Thanksgiving dinner the place had catered from Cracker Barrel, lol. When I was outside creating music, a car pulled up with two ladies dropping off Thanksgiving dinners in the neighborhood and I got one! In Barbs room, I charged the phone. The motel I booked a room for, I did because they have no dog issues that I need to deal with. Well, now La Quinta is charging an extra $20 for dogs after all these years. Screw that. I snuck Mo inside and will be gone before they find out. Motels are more scammy by the month. It is almost astonishing.

Before returning to the motel, I treated myself to the movies which I've been wanting to do for months. After the movie when I came out it was dark and thought crap, I won't be able to see the speedometer. But guess what happened... the dash board lights worked! And the front lights we're brighter than ever before. The lighter still did not work for phone recharging. When I got back to the motel, for some reason I turned on the lights with the truck off to check once more... everything worked including the lighter!!! That felt so good and wonder if it will work again tomorrow, lol. We shall see. So it was a good Thanksgiving doing what we do best with the Traveling Piano, my creating music and interacting with others to play music and as well, being able to be with a friend in hospice, enjoyed a good movie, having a change of scenery to enjoy once I got myself going and the truck... oh, the truck... gotta luv the truck.

November 24, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Mo and I will head to Winchester, Virginia tomorrow for Thanksgiving to spend some time at a hospice there and hopefully share some peace and love with a little fun, friendship and respect with whomever is working and for any residents able to take in Mo, the music and myself. My friend Barbara entered there a few days ago. It is a grand gesture for me. What made me want to do it was remembering how I used to make grand gestures for friends, it is what I do but now it has mostly been for strangers in my life. I happen to be in proximity so how could I not do this? I love her. The truck has a major problem and I'm hoping it will make it. Lol, when I put the clutch in there is a grinding noise, it is connected to the electrical system. The truck stalled and then actually started on its own after the grind. The grind has been happening on and off since I left Vegas but now is worse than ever. But this time, the electrical system went kaput inside the cab. No speedometer light, clock or lighter. I use my phone hooked up to the lighter for directions when driving because it no longer holds a charge. This all may get interesting as Mo and I just push forward as we can. Today, I've been getting ready.

My pathology of fear and complacency has been trying to shut me down. It can take only a few days for me to become complacent and not want to do anything, become afraid to do anything. And then it can take a few more days and I feel the need to do something, anything to a greater degree then the fear. This has been my entire life. I remember my first performance on stage, I was the principal cast member for a three person Ragtime show in Philadelphia. I was absolutely pathetic, frozen before the show. The other performers tried walking on my body as I lay on the floor to relax. It was awful. Then I remembered my first Christmas party, it was huge with everyone I thought was important in my life, from every facet of my life. People came that I thought would never come because they we're too "important." As I was laying on the floor in an upstairs bedroom trying to pass out, my friend came in and began to kick me silly while telling me to get the hell up and how pathetic I was. Lol, ahh... the moving through fear in my life. As long as I can stay as busy as a bee, everything always turns out peachy and I can constantly bloom and flower.

November 23, 2021

Allegheny Highlands, Virginia

It has been freezing outside. At night it has gone down into the low 20's. The leaves have mostly all fallin' and... I don't know, I do not know anything. I'm just going with the flow. I spend my time staying with a feeling of gratitude while asking God to direct my thoughts. While at the same time fear is always waiting to suppress, repress, polarize and just shut me down. It has not won out yet. I doubt it ever will. It gets close tho. I heard something the other day... grief is unexpressed love. Creative Endeavors Help to Express that Love. Lastly, I found the mother of all Maple Leaves today. It is about nineteen inches wide and about a foot high!

November 22, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Need to get moving on reloading all the photos and music into this site. As I changed hosting companies the inevitable happened. The way things are created to show online must be changed and updated. My time is limited these days while I just keep doing what I can do. I heard something that resonates greatly with me. Grief is unexpressed love. I want to embrace that thought and reality. Creative endeavors such as music, art, the Traveling Piano help to express that love. All there really is at the core of life is love. I used that word "core" yesterday in this blog. These days I work to stay with the core of what life is and how it works in order to live in love.

November 21, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I have come to understand that all human beings want to be helpful for each other. It is when how or why enters the equation, or if the intent is that of need, fear or self-centeredness... that is when trouble can be. But, at the core we are all good. I'm dealing with the fact that my friend Barbara who we visited on the way here has gone into hospice care. She is about four hours away. Early this morning she called be in great distress and then calmed down during the day. Mo and I may go to visit before we head back to Las Vegas if she sticks around long enough for us to do that.

November 20, 2021

Covington, Virginia

The first food bank in town we visited over a month ago, Mo and I drove with Wayne, the neighbor across the street as he had never been to a food bank before and I wanted to help acquaint him with it and to meet the group of volunteers one last time with the Traveling Piano. The was a lot less enthusiasm from everyone this time around. Was it because I declined to go to church with them? Lol, maybe they have read this blog and learned of differences between myself and them personally? Maybe it was something else or maybe it was my imagination? It is with times like this I need to just let it go and not think. I am to present the Traveling Piano and share it with its pure intent and offerings and with no expectations and move on. Keeping my personal thoughts and feelings out of everything is becoming more of a challenge these days in today's world of politics specifically.

November 19, 2021

Covington, Virginia

The entire day was spent trying to reload the photos in the photo art galleries after having changed servers. Unfortunately my time has almost run out to present this website as it has been since 2006. The internet will not even show it on most mobile devices and will not accept the structural uploading of data because my frame work is now of a dinosaur age. I am being forced to change wether I like it or not, whether it is better or worse or not. For me personally... it is worse. So through the following months I will either let it go or find more work arounds which is becoming impossible when I connect with reality.

November 18, 2021

Covington, Virginia

We stopped to meet local volunteers at the other food bank in town today and they loaded us up for both myself and the neighbor Wayne across the street. They we're excited to meet us and we created some music and it is always nice to meet local residents especially those that extend themselves in their community. We all must find ways to connect with each other no matter what in this acutely divisive state of being we are living in.

November 17, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Thank God for people who support my life with more than just thoughts and prayers! On so many levels they are why I am alive today. Lol, that is what I thought today. My friend Wes who built this website for me back in the beginning and has stayed with me since, he helped me to get it back up and running in less than twenty four hours with a new web host. You can read about that on yesterdays blog entry.

I must reload all the galleries and music which I will gladly do as I say screw you GoDaddy, the web hosting company that screwed me for so many years. Other than that, I've still got something going on with my health. The lack of energy is phenomenal, can barely get out of a chair. I was able to take Traveling Piano pup Mo for a short walk, his needs are as an important as my need to be able to get out of a chair.

November 16, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I am very angry! GoDaddy, the company that has hosted this website for many years has tried to screw me one too many times. They turned "on" my auto renewal features without my consent as has been done several times over the years after I had turned them off. When they auto renew, they raise your rates without the customer knowing ahead of time or knowing at all, unless you look. While they are in the process of renewing, they change the renewal date so it looks like the account is up to date. This way, when the customer looks to see if a renewal is in fact necessary, everything is good so the customer thinks no action is need. Luckily... the debit card I had on file had expired so they could not renew. Then... believe it or not, sometime in the process, they changed my email address to an old one now deleted that I stopped paying for.

This, so GoDaddy could claim they sent notices that I did not get. I've had the same working address on file since the beginning, for over ten years, the main address and now... the only address. So, what they did... was suspended my account claiming it was in-dispute. GoDaddy showed this website with a page looking generic, feeling ominous as though I did something wrong. All it said was "Account Suspended" for the world to see? Not something more respectful until the problem was solved like, "This Website is Down"? Were they trying to shame or intimidate me to move fast on their terms? I moved... I moved... out. I called and when they said the account was in dispute, I said there was no dispute. They claimed the money had come out of my bank account and I was disputing it and had to begin a new renewal payment process with an additional $20 service fee to reactivate. They were lying.

They were never able to take money out of my account to begin with, the card had expired. And trying to create another fee on top of the attempted scam? Imagine if it had worked. I would have had no recourse except to negotiate the extra $20 fee return which was a setup in of itself. They would have been satisfied with the price increase itself. The fee for three years of hosting this website with the price increase and constantly dropping features all along the way, they wanted $432! No way jose! I changed hosting to a different company for the same service with all the old original features GoDaddy took away immediately. The cost for this website for three years with additional features GoDaddy took away through the years... $25 total! Buyer beware. Do not get caught up in the lies of advertising trustworthiness, safety, features, blah, blah, blah... with a company that spends millions on advertising lies to scam people.

There are always many alternatives. In my case almost all alternatives were better than GoDaddy. $25 for three years compared to $432, think about that and remember to remember companies like this. Leaving Godaddy was like getting out of a really bad marriage I had been in and could not get out of for years. Many years ago I was with Nationwide Auto insurance had been with them over 30 years until I got fed up. Finally changed insurance companies and paid $700 less a year! Buyer beware. These companies prey on older people who are complacent or those who just do not have the energy to fight the manipulations and nefarious business practices. Can you tell how angry I am over this? Thats a lot of money! Thats a lot of hassle! Writing this all out helps me to discharge my feelings and negativity while hopefully helping someone to not fall into business scamming.

November 15, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Somethings up with my health and I am just going to take it easy because I have no other option. I've been trying to let go of work mode but there is nothing else much in my life that I want. So, the holidays are coming and I am wondering how I am going to be of service through them because again, there is nothing else but am grateful I have something, the ability and desire to be of service for the world. Last year my hardrive crashed dead with all my Christmas data throughout the years, movies, music, photos, clip art, etc... so I spent the day mindlessly downloading Christmas clipart. Lol, that is all I had the energy to do. Even getting up from the chair, I barely can do it. This physical whatever that is going on... will pass... or not... lol, its all one day at a time.

November 14, 2021

Allegheny County Virginia

No energy today, at all. Thats ok, right? Its cold outside. I actually stayed in bed with my computer for the first hour after I woke up. It was the first time I've done that in about two years!

November 13, 2021

Allegheny County Virginia

For over two weeks I have had it in my mind to share some Traveling Piano with a small, white, country church in the forrest that was having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser today. Alas, I am exhausted and the temperatures are in the low forties. That is just too cold for me. I remember back when, I had set the limit at forty two degrees to go out. Instead, I just hung around practicing the doing of nothing and I mean almost literally, nothing. I brought plants in because it is supposed to go down into the twenties tonight, and of course I did the usual photo processing and online work. Other than that... nothing. Hopefully, tomorrow I will do "nothing" even better.

November 12, 2021

Lexington, Virginia

One last day seeking out autumn color... I drove back on route 64 as yesterday as it was so amazing with views but getting dark. Mo and I drove through Goshen, Virginia and along the Maury river to Lexington. There are a lot of confederate people in Virginia still honoring the sin of a lost war for slavery. I try not to think about it and worse how so many of them claim to be Christians at the same time. Anyway, what awesome natural beauty in this area. I was reminded of so many past drives on rural mountain roads, through mountain passes, along rivers, in valleys and on hills throughout the northern hemisphere with the Traveling Piano. When I first arrived here, my host Bill and I drove to Lexington to visit a friend of his.

The town hit me as a must stop for music with the Traveling Piano. It took what... a month to do it? Defiantly, I'm glad I did in knowing it was a kind of a special place. Of course those places usually have a university and in Lexington it is Washington and Lee University one of the oldest schools in the country. Next to it is the Virginia Military Institute. In Virginia and West Virginia, even in Pennsylvania there are so many awesome small towns of just a few blocks and not far away from each other. We met plenty of people. I'll tell you something really nice about the people in Virginia. In every town we have visited without exception, the residents have thanked us for being there, for visiting.

November 11, 2021

Natural Bridge, Virginia

I really hit the mother load of autumn color today, the mist vibrant and intense color I've ever experienced. It was not so multicolored but the orange was way over the top. This is what I wanted ever since before I left Las Vegas in June, to see the autumn colors one more time and specifically in this area of the the country. There was zero chance in my thoughts that I would see it but the feeling existed for sure. Getting back to Las Vegas in September was the original plan. When I first came across country, I kept thinking how this Autumn would be the best ever and probably the last like it. The trees were more diverse and green then ever before. I'm sure in the diverse areas the multi colors were phenomenal. When I arrived in Covington, I constantly tried to adjust to my disappointment that it was not going to happen or I missed the good areas. The reality, fall came very late this year. The trees in many areas still have the leaves on them.

For years I have been close to the Natural Bridge but never got to it. Today, was the day. It is massive. The stone bridge part covering is so massive there is a highway that runs over it! With most of the leaves gone at the bridge I was able to see it all better and there were plenty of people around. That made me grateful I missed the fall color in this specific spot because as a result I also missed most of the tourists. It is a state park so I was able to use Bill's pass otherwise it would have cost eight bucks. How wrong it is for the government to be charging fees for people to enjoy the nature of this earth. The park industry, and it literally is an industry, is as corrupt as it can get. I've written about it many times over the years in this blog. George Washington and all those guys were at this bridge. They carved their initials and names into the stone. Some people would call that graffiti. Feeling grateful...

November 10, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Exhaustion has caught up with me. I think it was from the long climbing uphill hike the other day. That, along with putting out music with high intensity for the last two days and interacting with people... my mind lost its clarity, body exhausted and feeling physically not right at all. I stayed in bed until the afternoon. It was a most perfect day in the mid-70's, no pollution, sunny skies, a light breeze... I had wanted to go to the Natural Bridge which I've been wanting to see for the last fifteen years and then create some music in Lexington, Virginia.

As I sat on the porch outside with a cup of coffee I had to keep telling myself to just do nothing, sit and relax, I do not have to do anything, what other people think does not matter. I took the time to cook two bacon, cheese and egg sandwiches which I have not had the time to do in a week but thought about day and night. They were totally enjoyable to eat. Still here I am doing this blog, processing photos, etc... I'll now run to the store, do some cleaning and then hopefully just... do... nothing... until bedtime. I need the rest.

November 09, 2021

Clifton Forge, Virginia

There are outstanding people living in this rural area of Virginia and West Virginia... incredibly educated, inclusive minded, interested in life and diversity and as well, willing to participate and contribute to the lives of others even if not so like minded. Also, most of the people I have met are very spiritual people in many different ways and not just the indoctrinated, demanding, protective and fearful religious ways... those types are not spiritual with their religion at all. Plenty of those people also exist here. Everyday flows according to when I wake up and now with daylight savings time, the days shorter... damm daylight savings time, lol. We had enough time to drive to Clifton Forge to create music on the streets and that was it.

Originally I wanted to spend time in Clifton Forge as well as in Covington but I got involved in a conversation with someone I met and that went on until almost dark. The same happened with someone else yesterday. Meeting and spending time with like minded people is very validating and enjoyable. It has been unexpected for me in this area where we are staying. I was talking politics with someone and they said their friend who lives in Appalachia thinks that all the authoritarian trump/fascist minded religious living there are reincarnated cows.

November 08, 2021

Lewisburg, West Virginia

It was a beautiful day and we found a spot in downtown Lewisberg, West Virginia to sit and create music until the sun went down. There we're not too many people around so the time became a stamina test to see how long I could last creating music, lol. It was a little over an hour with a few breaks for people in between. Plus, I know people we're listening and enjoying it from inside their stores. I really like this place, I like the people, the feel and the look. All towns throughout the USA with educational schools in them no matter how rural have a vibrant, positive energy attached to them and the people are more open minded without question, less fearful of something different being in town. Lewsiberg has several colleges. Before we left Covington I stopped off at the post office and we had some fun there and at another store where people were interested.

With the fundraising, rarely does someone contribute as a result of this blog but, I want to put up the links from time to time anyway. You never know. We are $651 from goal to get back to Las Vegas...
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November 07, 2021

Hanging Rock, West Virginia

In the spirit of milking by opportunity to spend Autumn with the fall colors in the most beautiful of mountain, rural country farmland... we drove to a spot called Paint Bank, Virginia. The ride there would have been the most awesome of everywhere we have been but the color has passed. Point Bank had a general store, that was it but the store also had a large restaurant that was packed, a tourist and biker location in the middle of nowhere and very nice. In still looking for a good spot we were told about Hanging Rock another twenty miles south then west. On the way up the mountain for four miles it was one of those uh, oh drives where I hoped no one would come from the opposite direction and there was no opting out to turn around. Once at the actual spot I was surprised to see cars in the parking lot but it was also Sunday. The walk was a mile more and up all the way with impulses to stop, give up and turn around the entire way. I was thankful I had my winter coat on along with a heavy sweatshirt because with the wind it was cold! Creating some music was on the agenda but on the way down something got blew into my eye which was super irritating and I wanted to get out of there before the sun set. I am no longer good at driving curvy, dark and mountains rural country roads in the dark. I felt accomplished in the hike with Mo and it was a real true West Virginia in the fall woods experience, I know them well.

November 06, 2021

Valley Ridge, Virginia

I checked out a new road to take a walk on with Mo and it was in an open spacious area with green grass and a really nice high school and some apartments all surrounded by mountains. I thought, "I could live here if it wasn't for the pollution from the factory." I mean pollution that blocks out the sun and creates a haze in the air on every level and also a film on the ground and the smell... I worry about Mo walking in the toxicity on the ground. The river has signs that says report dead or sick fish because the factory has been known to dump toxic waste into it. We found a cave! It was called Island Ford and it could have been an awesome exploration.

Except, there was no way I or Mo could climb over the entrance rocks and into the depths of it where it is very large. We are too old and out of shape. But is was fun to be inside as much as we were. Much of my time has been spent processing pictures of nature, more than playing the piano or sharing it right now. My priority has been to enjoy as much nature as possible. Expectations and obligations nag at me, I create them and also fundraising has taken a third seat these days which is a little scary. Having this house where we are staying without the distraction of people in it is just completely awesome! Thank God for trusting, giving and sharing people in this world.

November 05, 2021

Allegheny County, Virginia

It feels like the days are too short, I am not accomplishing very much. There is the going out with the Traveling Piano, then processing some photos for the day, a brief period of posting online and the day is done. Age, I am sure has a lot to do with it all. Mo is definitely feeling the cold weather with his arthritis, his back leg is becoming less useful daily. He could not jump into the truck yesterday. I ordered some supplement support online that should be here in a few days hopefully that will help. Damm... health related support is so expensive I am sure the supplement capsules cost just pennies to make. We still walk everyday. For both of us its a use it or lose it feeling. I've also been going through my recorded music to pick out anything that may be acceptable to put out into the world on a larger scale. There has been a piece of musical improve posted on this website everyday from 2006 to 2018. I'm sorting through the to dump the worst ones.

November 04, 2021

Roaring Run, Virginia

Beverly who owns the house next door to where we are staying and a few businesses in Covington saw the local newspaper article about the Traveling Piano and wanted to have an experience. She is an artist and a retired school teacher. Her husband was not interested but would not let her meet us without her sister-in-law Shelly coming along because he was afraid Mo might be a serial killer dog or something like that. Silly people! I mean, do your research if you have apprehension... there's this blog, a thirty five year history on the internet, been here interacting with people in the community for a month now and... I'm friggin' friends of and staying with their next door neighbor, lol.

Anyway, we met and the two girls we're delightful! We went for a hike to the Roaring Run Falls in the Jefferson National Forrest about a half hour away from where I an staying. The place was full of Autumn and its colors. I got there a little early because I wanted to be creating music when they arrived. As I was creating music a father with his young son found us coming down from their hike. They we're elated in discovering the Traveling Piano. He said he could tell the music was live. It was such an awesome experience for the day and so of course, also for Mo and I!

November 03, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Burr! It got cold I mean in the thirties cold. It has been a long time since feeling that. In the old days I decided forty two degrees was my limit in going out to create music with the Traveling Piano. Now older, I think fifty degrees will be the new limit. I spent the day backing up files and also, Mo and I went for our usual walk. This is a perfect little city in so many ways but then again it has its drawbacks the largest being a paper mill factory that pollutes the air something fierce and you can be sure, with lots of toxic chemicals. Bill and Bev will now be away even longer than expected and they offered to extend my stay until after New Years. I do not think that can happen as I need to re-register the truck, get some medical treatment and there is a lead for doing some transitional Traveling Piano work that is big and fading daily as I am not back in Las Vegas to explore it. But then again... potential is nothing more than potential.

November 02, 2021

Allegheny County, Virginia

I gave Traveling Piano Dog Mo some pain medication for the first time today. I had some and was saving it for him until I was sure he is in pain. He could not stand or use his back left leg, arthritis is making his leg unusable. He's an old pup now. After resting a few hours we went for a walk. It was cold, dark and rainy today. I spent the day focusing on backing up my data, always a major challenge with total focus needed because of my dyslexia. I've been praying for God to direct me everyday to how I can be most useful for the world. My activism through the years and with today's politics and insanity, it is all creating an enormous amount of anger and even some hate which I must dump. When sharing the Traveling Piano with a fascist or a gaslit conspiracy theorist who can't shut up or a maniacal trumpsucker... letting go of my ego to just give them some love... so difficult. I need the God of my understanding to direct me totally in rising above it all respectfully and with response-ability to continue doing my work.

November 01, 2021

Roanoke, Virginia

I drove the Traveling Piano to get a covid booster shot today. The experience I am having right now with Autumn and the Fall colors has clearly been providentially led for me. The timing of my being here in Virginia, the length of stay and specific instances. I remember hiking last week to the top of a hill where I was a little disappointed with not seeing the color and view I had anticipated. As I began to walk down the hill I could here a couple coming from another path across the top and asked about where they came from. They told me where the path went as they walked by. I decided to retrace my steps to take it and found exactly what I was looking for. It felt like they happened by just to direct me. I ran into no one else the entire time. I've been back and forth to Roanoke three times now and the gps has been clear on the route.

Today on the way back, when the gps told me to turn I thought, that it did not seem right but I did it anyway. There was another route I wanted to take through the trees and thought maybe that was where I was going. The route was not the other route and where I was led was in no way direct. Mo and I drove through falls colors like I've never seen before in my life. It was magical. I could not stop anywhere to get a photo as the was no road shoulder and the twists and turns were constant. I was thinking how I had no choice but just to have experience, pure and without distraction. The photos I am using for today's post, they are from last week and about 5% of the intensity I experienced today. As I think back on it I think, did that really happen? Angels guided me back to Covington from Roanoke through just what I was looking for. I would never have found that or had that experience on my own.