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August 31, 2021

Willow Grove, Ambler, Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Keeping myself interested in life in good ways takes effort! Keeping anger in perspective takes effort! Constant re-evaluation of purpose and desire takes effort! My friend Eric dropped off my rent check in Las Vegas today to a very ugly minded management and managing company that has no respect for its residents and creates the most minimal of service. Then there is my debit card to pay bills. The bank necessitates the need to constantly call and prove I am the owner of the card to withdrawal funds from different locations. Then... then... then... lol, I'm complaining and could go on and on. I meditated for awhile, gave myself some out loud talk therapy, and then ate fruit salad. All that helps keep my gratitude for life alive and the ability to share it. The bottom line for today was to get outside because it will rain for the next few days. I just did not have it in me to drive a long distance. Mo and I ended up in a few local towns where I used to perform in the old days.

I just pulled up to random curbs to sit and play on the streets for the sake of creating a short distraction for whomever may walk by and bring some love to the areas. In my self-centered state it felt like a stupid, purposeless thing to do but I got over myself and did it anyway. It is amazing that after all these years I can still feel stupid in wanting to do what I do. Again, that is when I am in a self-centered sate of mind. Of course, whomever was around to experience the music was in awe and thankful and that brought the purpose back. To have a history like mine is kind of fun. I get to say to people, "before you we're born I played on this street for..." and things like, "35 years ago in this very spot I sat on the lap of a six hundred pound Santa Claus in this very truck on the chair I am sitting on after having performed in the Christmas parade here..." First thing today, I booked my last week here and the anxiety of moving on feels daunting, as usual.

August 30, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

A major decision had to be made concerning this journey, my travel, my interactions with people and covid. I have been trying to keep my head up my ass just like everyone I have been seeing and interacting with. I've been rationalizing not caring about personal responsibility, I've been playing the "everyone else does not care, why do I have to." game. Most people where I am are not wearing a mask unless they are being forced through work or business. And even then, people are mask-less. At the same time I am aware that over a thousand people are dying everyday and another hundred thousand will be dead by December because, people just do not care enough about what does not affect them in everyday life. I've been interacting with people not vaccinated and a part of me could not care less if I infect them because it is they... who are creating the deaths, the collapse of potential in life on every level. I feel for the hospital workers dealing with this. The future of the economy we need to function will crash in the near future of people do not wake the fuck up. I see people who once had their heads on straight, losing the facts and reality. So... it is with the upmost frustration, disappointment and anger that I am going to begin wearing a mask all the time again.

I am not going to let anyone onto the Traveling Piano without a mask and/or who is not vaccinated. This puts such a downer on the journey for me. When I began this cross country final tour everything was on the upswing. That has changed in only two months. Most people do not see it. I do. Also, my life and journey creates social awareness. That is part of who I am and what I do. Relationship, community outreach, helping those marginalized, etc... The wearing of a mask is not only to protect myself and others, it is a sign of respect for me, an example for others and it sends a message of awareness and responsibility and strength of character to do what is needed even if I am the only one doing it. So it is. It is a pain in the ass. I hate it. But, I will adjust. It has been what... two years of adjusting now? It is what is is. The music will continue, the journey will continue, the mission will continue and constantly adjust. I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of carrying this journey all by myself with nothing more than my music. Interactions with people on the Traveling Piano, they are my audience, my prop, my inspiration and empowerment, my stimulation to continue. Thank God there are other aspects to lean on... for example people's support and contribution.

August 29, 2021

North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today was, might be, iffy to go to New York City. I wanted to meet the guy who wrote an article on my wanting to find someone to stay with in the city, maybe see my friend Eileen again and another facebook friend who has been hounding me to come to her neighborhood. Of course I wanted to also share the Traveling Piano in the city. It would have been a long drive. Turns out none of the people would have been there so I headed for North Philadelphia and found a small gathering of an organization called the Poor People's Army also known as the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. They are a radical group that takes hold of abandoned government owned buildings for the sake of the homeless and they also find housing for those homeless. They are headquartered on Allegheny Avenue near Broad Street. There is a lot of abandoned wasted housing space in North Philadelphia.

With the areas reputation it feels really good to be there with the Traveling Piano. They we're having a cookout so we stayed a few hours. Neighbors came by. The groups politics are not in my arena at all. I could smell it, lol. Having been around lots of different types of people like those from today, the interactions can become somewhat of a dance in avoiding not to step on toes or trip up the good that is happening. We play nice and work with what there is to work with, the fact that we are both advocates for the poor. There is this guy I keep coming across in the city. It happened again today. He causally walks by and we bump fists. When I first met him, he was on the piano, he told me how is is everywhere and he is! I saw him last in South Philly and that is pretty far away. In a city of over a million and a half people to run repeatedly into the same person in different areas for the third time is very random.

August 28, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

It was raining and woke up thinking good, I'll need to stay in all day. I have not been well at all and suspect it is my kidneys. My weight is at the core of the problem and drinking enough water, aways a challenge. Most of the day was spent sleeping and since I could do that easily, it is what I needed to do.

August 27, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

After getting up at one in the afternoon, I diddled, made a fresh baked soft white bread with lettuce, mayo and a 3/4" slice from a 5" round fresh picked jersey beefsteak tomato, sandwich... nom, nom, nom... took a picture of it and uploaded it onto the internet. Had a bag of potato chips with two bowls of ice cream, made another sandwich, did the blog for yesterday and today, took Mo for a little walk and that was it! All except for answering an email bite from the bait put out a few days ago for a place to stay in New York City. My friend Eileen put out energy to find me a place, a guy Bobby wrote a terrific article for a NY blog which was posted online and then someone emailed me saying I could stay at their place, they might be leaving for a week. And I thought... "no, no, no I do not want to do this." What have I got myself into? There is no chance of not doing it if it should work out. I must follow through on everything I say to others that I will do. I always have, it is very important, it is called being a professional. If it happens I know it would be fun and worthy and purposeful and I would find the energy somehow but oh, the fear! I'm staying where I am for another week and a half. It will be a matter of logistics, parking the biggest issue and I would have to sleep on a couch...

August 26, 2021

The South Jersey Shore

I woke up at a decent time, 7:45am!!! It was early enough to get some sausage and eggs from the free breakfast offered everyday where I am staying. I began to crave it over the last few days. Once I began eating it I realized, why? How many times after all these years do I still try these motel breakfasts while knowing they all taste exactly the same and are fake food the worst of the worst. I gave Mo a sausage link and some of the eggs and of course he was ecstatic. As he gets older I've been giving him more crap, just little tastes. He is at the age where it no longer matters. I laid down on the bed as I began to chicken out from driving the two and a half hours each way to the seashore and back. And, I am very weak physically, my mind is in a fog. Also, what is going on in the world is heavy on my mind, always.

Then I began to talk to myself out loud. I was figuring out the years of my life in numbers. "You're life is three quarters spent, you are in the last quarter. Get off the bed and go down to the seashore! Mo and I drove. To get this off my mind I'll say it first. We are all fucked! I saw thousands of people in New Jersey today. The first place I stopped at was a large farm market. No one was wearing a mask, no employee, no customer, no one but me. I left within a minute, disgusted. I drove through New Jersey and all through Ocean City reminiscing. I drove through Longport, Margate, Ventnor, Atlantic City and back up north to Trenton. I saw three people the entire day wearing a facemask. We are all fucked. None of it had a Traveling Piano people interaction feeling. Now... with that said and done, I drove through at least 20 towns where I had performed on the streets many years ago. It was surreal. No real feelings involved sort of like in Pennsylvania.

I stopped to get some soft ice cream, that made the entire day. I stopped at a deli and left because I could feel attitude about my wearing a mask! We pulled off a causeway that had parking for fishing while on the bridge to Ocean City and found a spot to lay in under the road in order to be out of the sun. I took a little nap. Two loggerhead sea turtles kept swimming back and forth in front of us. I felt a little better after the nap but still foggy and my physical strength very weak. It is amazing how I can enjoy life and have fun at the same time as feeling lost in the head with no energy and physically hurting. I just push forward. We found the Longport Dog Park which I heard about. It was a long stretch of beach with on regulations and parking. What a great place to hang out all day if only I had a beach umbrella and chair. It was not too crowded but still the people there were all in one spot with their dogs. They were able to space out and create some social distancing but... zero. I walked in the water a little but did not want to sit down and get sand all over myself only to enjoy for a few minutes.

Today felt like a pilgrimage. It was too hot to really do much but sit and drive. On the beach with Mo, it was perfect but still, my energy was really low. Driving back it got dark and again, we we're on new roads. Then the rain started, heavy rain with thunder and lightening. That along with not much night vision anymore on unknown roads, some fast some really dark up and down and all around... I thought, "wow, just like the old days." I've been through many difficult drives of almost every kind through this journey. I just pushed through. There was one place we stopped at, a diner in Vincentown, NJ. I had the best eggplant parmesan I've ever had and a crab-corn bisque that was so sweet I asked if they added sugar to it. Nope, it is New Jersey sweet corn season and all the food cooked there is locally sourced. It was all so filling I could not eat any desert but that did not going to stop me from taking home a slice of made from scratch in the morning peach cheese cake. Food has been the biggest joy on this journey so far, lol. It has been taking its tool on my physically but... so be it.

August 25, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

I've been trying to get to the seashore. I set my alarm and woke up with seven hours sleep which is not enough but I just needed to do it... 8am. I felt totally out of it in everyway and fell back to sleep... until 3pm. I felt rested but still not right. I took Mo for a good long walk and am able to get to bed by 1am. It feels like my spirit cannot move my body. My body is too heavy for my spirit to physically operate. But, Mo is with me so everything is good. It is what it is. I am going to stay as honest as I can be with this blog.

August 24, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

The day was spent fundraising. It is too hot outside to work with the amount of energy I have these days, anyway. I'm only here at this place for another week. I want to take advantage of every moment with places to go and sharing the Traveling Piano but I need also need to get the funds together to continue. There is only two more weeks for the facebook fundraiser. Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser ...After that I'll continue on GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...Then there is this websites contribution page and CashApp: $travelingpiano ... Venmo: 2156399378 ... etc... My friend Eileen has been wanting to find a place for me in NYC to stay with the Traveling Piano. She contacted IlovetheUPPERWESTSIDE.com online publication and writer Bobby Panza created a "shout out" piece. It brought such a smile to my face because its just a light fun read without any feeling of need or desperation which should not be ever with the Traveling Piano. The caption made me laugh. You gotta read it! This Traveling Piano Man Wants to Stay at Your Apartment

August 23, 2021

North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We can end gun violence! The Traveling Piano shared its Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect today with the Idea of Strangers Becoming Less Afraid of Each Other in North Philadelphia neighborhoods where two people were gun murdered over the weekend. It felt good. Going into these neighborhoods, I just need to tell myself it is what it is. We came across a Puerto Rican guy and for the life of me I still don't know what was going on, lol. He was an ex-gang member once his daughter was born, one of the original Guardian Angels from long ago in New York, selling his 90 year old mothers knick knacks on a street corner to get some cash, has a non-profit named mumble-mumble not sure what name he came up with to share resources with the poor in the neighborhood, his brother came by.

I think his father came by, his sister, child, granddaughter, another girl... it was all very confusing but we had a good time. Then strong storm clouds came in and Mo and I tried to drive away from them by heading to the river. I found a large old railroad bridge to pull in under to get out from the rain where I could create some music... real, real loud. I love the sound of my speakers bouncing off of cement. For an hour I improvised with not a care in the world. Runners along the Schuylkill river park across the street busy rush hour traffic passing by looked on with curiosity. One guy made his way over as his car was parked next to me. It ended up not raining where we were. Mo and I went for a walk in an unkept garden area. We were in Fairmount park. I was thinking how if I lived here I would take care of this area myself and/or get people to help.

It was once an amazing garden with rocks and running water falls. Now it is just weeds in water hardly seen with huge historic stone steps and walls built in 1812 now covered in graffiti. I've been really disappointed with my old home town. It is dirty, trashy and unkept in most areas I've been in. Returning to where I am staying I am in awe how my Google phone map takes me on a different route every time. How can there be so many ways? When heading home I want to get there as soon as possible but at the same time am fascinated with new roads and neighborhoods I've never seen before, ever. One good thing about Philadelphia... the houses are amazing with character and age both groomed properties as well as houses in natural areas. If only the public spaces of the city were as well kept, the poor neighborhoods cared for and with the food... it would be one of the best cities in the world to live in.

August 22, 2021

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

My weight gain is taking me down and I just don't care because I've been enjoying all my past foods and I'll never get them again so it feels. I found my sour cherry pie, my peaches, "real" chocolate covered pretzels from the store where they first originated on and on it goes, lol. I've been enjoying it all but it is slowing me down. The day has been wet, I took Mo for a long walk and did organizational computer work and photo processing and I slept... allot.

August 21, 2021

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Soon after I woke up I heard a guy screaming frantically outside for his two dogs that got loose. I knew it would be trouble because we are in woods, inside a huge sprawling business park where everything looks the same. The dogs would have nothing to reference. I could feel they were getting lost farther and farther away and the guy sounded so pathetic I had to go find them for him. Mo and I jumped into the truck and began to drive around. About a half mile away I spotted one, stopped the truck let Mo out, he drew them out of the woods towards us, I jumped out of the truck to try and get them inside (which of course was not going to happen) also I had treats with me. (too much excitement for that) Then Mo and I had to run with them as not to lose them... leaving the truck behind, door open and truck running. I coached Mo to run back to where we are staying and of course they followed us. We all ran inside the lobby ran out of the lobby and then they found their owners... who we're frantic and unable to think sanely! I've been there, done that with Traveling Piano dog Boner at least two times.

Then a few hours later I lost my phone. I began tracing my steps from running with the dogs because I had my phone with me. I found the extra leash I was carrying on the ground. I asked the motel to constantly call the phone to see if I could hear it. Then I used the Find-a-Phone website on my computer with iCloud. I was walking around outside and could hear it near the truck but still could not find it. Finally, on top of the black truck tarp, the flat black phone had been sitting there for hours just before the rain began for the rest of the day! I found a place like where I am now to stay for a price close to what I am presently paying ten miles from the beach on the Jersey Shore! But... it is going into the Labor Day weekend and the Jersey Shore where I want to go more than anywhere else will be packed with people many of whom will be infected with the virus. Not only do I not want to play Russian roulette with a chance of catching the virus, it would be socially irresponsible for me to support being in that insanity right now. This is so... so... unfortunate. It is what it is. I'll live with it. Better times and situations are on the horizon.

August 20, 2021

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

I've been lost in my head today, moving very slow, disoriented, I slept during the day and that is rare. It is never any one reason alone but the heaviest issue weighing on my mind is the delta variant of the covid virus that has been growing steadily everywhere. It has really thrown a wrench into this final cross country journey! It has completely fucked up the fundraiser at this point. When I first started with this cross country idea, everyone was reemerging from the virus. The happy and free vibes shivered in the light. People were contributing to life more than ever before and especially for this journey. Now, everyone has stopped contributing. In not knowing how long I will last, at least it is comforting to know I have enough funds to get back to Las Vegas. When I first began, I was feeling more safe with Traveling Piano interactions even with morons rejecting vaccination and then... because of those morons, it is now becoming out of control and worse than ever.

Shutting everything down as before will be almost impossible as we are all worn out of caring. Not only that, but the world's fires, authoritarian armies and leaders and people's inability to discern the truth of spirit... shootings, a hurricane is heading towards my friends right now in New England, people are distracted from... everything. Those that just do not care about anything but themselves are making it all worse. With covid last year I was not really affected very much. My exposure to people was very limited and I was completely immersed in homeless outreach the entire time with music, giving out masks, food, water, etc... I enjoyed being on the streets with only the homeless out and about. Now... I must dance with the virus through everyday people... those unvaccinated, going indoors anywhere, where I set up with the Traveling Piano matters, mask wearing... The unknowns I have no control over. It is one day at a time.

August 19, 2021

Kensington, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Facebook blocked my account for a day because I simply posted the word "moron" to a comment, nothing more. Some jerk flagged it and so the algorithms choose their negative over mine, lol. I have been noticing that on general news site posts, the algorithms only show some of the comments. I will sign in and out with my vpn and depending where I am signing in from the comments are different and so are the numbers of comments. As it is, I only see posts from about 20 friends out of 5000 on Facebook. Online sites such as Yelp manipulates reviews people see. I become more and more disenchanted with the internet as time moves on. Sensible people seem to be commenting less and comments are becoming more and more immature and dysfunctional. The Youtube nasty, bratty kid, gaslit minded syndrome is spreading everywhere. I love having this website where I can say whatever I want.

Mo and I drove back to the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia with the Traveling Piano. I read online that the city pushed out the homeless people and took their possessions so I knew everyone there would feel unsettled. The "push out" is to make everyone move to another street until they leave and then everyone goes back. Where else are they to go? I did not want to drive there today. It felt like something I needed to do. The area is really awful with drug addiction and homelessness, all the housing in the area is filled with the poorest of people. While there, one guy began beating on another guy and then others like animals began to jump in to just kill the one guy. A homeless woman stepped in-between and broke it up before it was too late. As the beat up guy walked by me, I had to block out his feelings of being hurt physically, his rejection, pain and suffering, anger, feeling of no worth, un-loved, etc... There were those present who were very affected by my music in a positive way. That is why I was there. While driving out of the neighborhood I saw a family on the steps of a house that I've seen before and so I stopped and had a very neighborly time with them all. Six kids and both the mother and father present in their lives, I could feel the love and connectedness and it felt very good! I met a guy who has a non-profit as a barber for those living on the streets and he has been successfully traveling the country to go into homeless areas just to cut people's hair for them.

August 18, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

I'm missing just hanging out in nature and taking photos. Working with the truck as much as possible seems most important. I'm not missing the heat of Las Vegas right now. My friend Eric has been checking in on my room there. Where we have been staying is in a business park in every sense of the word. The place is too huge to take photos of and is landscaped beautifully throughout with grass, trees, bushes, picnic tables, chairs, walking paths, a creek and huge well kept corporate buildings everywhere. With the virus, there are very few occupants in them as most people are working from home. The virus for myself is a daily dilemma. Thank God it has not been as bad here as elsewhere... I say as the numbers rise. I hope it does not reach a point where I must just drive back west before I feel finished here or to a place with few people around. I've been enjoying every moment possible with the Traveling Piano. I'm enjoying the room I have been staying in. I've been loving most, the taking of walks with Mo while he enjoys romping in the grass with all the smells. I've been working my way back to wearing a mask outside. Wow, is it difficult. I'm glad for the indoor mask mandates. Pressure to do the right thing can be helpful. I found out that vaccination booster shots are due out in September and I'll be getting one as soon as possible.

August 17, 2021

Lambertville, New Jersey

A friend from New York City who I've never met came to connect today at a point somewhere in-between where I am staying and her home. That would be Lambertville, New Jersey. I have always like this town as it has always felt simple with deep history and it is non-pretentious. Make no mistake, it is also a tourist spot. We parked on the street and there was a non-stop supply of people wanting to engage and find out what the Traveling Piano is about. Can we talk total fun? There was one dic head who irrationally attached himself to me with palatable rage and would not stop. I told him to "get the fuck outta" here after he tried getting in my face. As I said it, I thought... oopsie! Doing that with irrational people only makes a bad situation worse. The moron then followed me to a public parking area with his truck and where I was going to leave the Traveling Piano truck but could not because of the obvious. So I drove to the local motel on the street and asked if I could use their parking lot.

They could not have been happier to allow that for us having seen us interact with people on the street. It was really all about Mo, everyone was loving him! My friend Eileen took me out for a meal. She also brought with her care package which included fresh made New York bagels. There are no better bagels in the world than fresh New York Bagels! Oh, how I have missed them. She also brought some soft dog food for Mo in consideration of his teeth, some laundry detergent, 2 boxes of face-masks and some healthy dog treats for Mo. I had taken a photo of the crazy guy because he really looked dangerous and then as time went on I figured out he was probably a drunk looking for a reason to drink and also a white nationalist gun freak who had seen my small bumper sticker that says "gun free zone." He could not address it directly as the coward he is so he went for the Mo being abused in having to sit on top of the piano angle. It happened a week ago in South Philly when some idiot yelled, "this is not a gun free zone buddy" out of the his car. I called the police and sent them the photo from today because he was in fact a lit firecracker.

They verified he was in fact a drunk from the next town over and filed their own report because I did not want to. He was not drunk when acting out on me. Speaking of police, Eileen and I had a very nice conversation with one of the towns police officers and it felt very good, just like how it should feel everywhere... respectful, professional, genuinely interested and non-threatening but ready to do whatever is needed for public safety. I had to pull myself away from Lambertville because I was pushing my energy level. Eileen and I sat and talked on a bench way into the dark. Aside from NYC she had also lived in Las Vegas for thirty years! As a complete stranger except for Facebook, she ran around New York a few years back getting me birthday presents for my close friend John who was turning eighty years old and hand delivered them to him for me. He died soon after that and I will never forget her gesture of caring for a complete stranger!

August 16, 2021

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

The Oreland, PA Lions Club who helped facilitate this Final Traveling Piano Cross Country Journey by having me back for the Fourth of July parade that I performed in for like 20 years in the past... Tim a member of the organization texted me asking if I would bring the Traveling Piano to their monthly meeting tonight. Of course I had to do that and so drove to the restaurant in Bluebell where they were having the meeting to create music while everyone arrived. Of course that led to the employees coming out for a photo and a lot of random musical fun, friendship and respect with a variety of strangers. I really enjoyed all of it. The temperature is so wonderful it would be difficult not to enjoy anything outside right now. I am very familiar with the sensibilities of the people in this area of the country. I stayed for two hours while it got dark and almost could not leave. The locusts are very lush with sound right now and they always put me in a trance especially when creating music.

It was very cloudy all day. I forgot how it can be cloudy without it raining. I've not had that experience in many years, especially with living in the desert. As I drove to the destination I just kept saying, its not going to rain, I don't care if it does. That always works, taking the drama and energy out of manifesting what I don't want. When I got back to where we are staying the desk guy was enthusiastic to see me. One of the guests has been on the truck and told him what I am about and showed a picture from their cell phone. The desk guy and I had harsh words together last week and so all the praise that had been loaded into him helped concerning respect. I offered to share what I do with him even though I was exhausted because... thats what I do. And, it was sort of like now or never. We had some fun for a few minutes and I'm glad we both can relate now. Just in case you want to help out... you can contribute through a variety of ways. CashApp: $travelingpiano or Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser and through GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser or PayPal Direct: Danny Kean and of course on this website Contribution Link just look to the left of the page!

August 15, 2021

Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania

With the weather so perfect, not going outside today would have created a lot of guilt! If nothing else, I had to take Mo for a walk. Also, of course I wanted to create some music. We just began driving and found a park that I had passed many times and was curious about. There were signs, "no dogs" "no bikes" signs with lists of "no's." Just a community park but, it had a guard. Where I was without question was not guard worthy, lol! I began to realize those in control of this park are totally anal and paranoid. Two young girls came over to give me a dollar. As usual I said no thanks and instead invited them up onto the piano. Once up into the truck bed they freaked as though I was a predator. They said they had to get back to their mom. I said, bring her over with you. Mo and I went for a walk. A bunch of kids were under a picnic housing and engaged with us through calling Mo so we went over. There were about eight kids and just quietly hanging out not. They said is was a birthday party, a girl there turned eighteen. In thinking they needed a little shot of energy I told them to come over to the parking lot for a surprise.

It was a very weird situation once they finally got there, too much weirdness to get into, there seemed to be a chaperone not interested and wanting to be nasty. Everyone was disengaged from each other even from the truck. When I suggested they all get onto the piano everything abruptly stopped and all of a sudden they had to go. No one really seemed to care about the birthday girl. The kind of feeling I've only had two other times in the entire fifteen years. Once in Canada, once in Florida and then today at this park. A non-trusting vibe, paranoid with them initiating the exchange and then running from it as tho I was being intrusive or dangerous. Then... two older guys stopped and then a couple. They all knew each other as this is a small town where everyone knows everyone. The real-estate taxes to live here are through the roof unlike anywhere else I've known because there is no revenue from commercial business or anything else. The four of us had a terrific time. It turned around all the shit that had been going down. The couple, we talked for like a good half hour after the two guy friends left. I'm so glad I did not have to leave with a bad taste in my mouth but I won't forget the weirdness of the park, that is for sure.

August 14, 2021

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Mo is definitely on his Final Traveling Piano tour. His upper front teeth are wobbly as can be today and he's slowing down fast. Everything is as it should be. This has been known and part of why we embarked on our Final Cross Country Journey... to live life everyday to the fullest to the best of our ability and in the present moment. It is all good! Also, I setup a CashApp: $travelingpiano ...today. The more ways to contribute the better. Thank God for the people helping to support us right now! I went to the park to create some music. The heat wave is passing and there was a perfect breeze. Creating music with the trees with a few summer leaves falling and the sounds of birds and the locusts well, I just went into a meditative state with strong intention in every note. I can be in total rhythm with nature and it is glorious when it happens. The new piano I was able to get a few days before we left is such a relief. I've missed creating music with nuance and being able to express myself to a point where I can enjoy what is coming through me. I tried to focus on just enjoying it for myself and not needing for others to hear it or to record it or do a Facebook live, etc... it was for God, the Universe, the angels, myself.

For weeks before I left I searched my room and my friend Erics house for my sheet music, what I have left of it. It was gone and I forgot how to play the pieces of music I have been playing for a lifetime. Beating myself up for losing the sheet music lasted weeks. Online the other day a friend just happen to slip out, "I still have your sheet music." I was blown away, a little angry and relieved totally. Some of the sheet music I have had for almost fifty years. He borrowed it to copy and never gave it back and I forgot. The onus is on me. Never under any circumstance can I let out of my sight something that I care about so much. I pressured him to send it to me immediatly and fast knowing that he would not do it unless I sounded desperate and I did not want to chance losing it if something happened to the guy. I paid him for two/three day mail delivery and it came today. I put a piece of music in front of me to play and then all of a sudden I remembered it without needing it. Lol, the sheet music is nothing more than a security blanket, a needed security blanket. A mom and her two boys on the road traveling, having a tough time of it, stopped in the park for some diversion and synchronistically our paths crossed. With some spontaneity we we're able to create a little musical fun, friendship and respect for them again, thanks to everyone contributing here for the expenses.

August 13, 2021

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

So, today is a lay low day recuperating from yesterday. After eating a long needed huge ruben sandwich at a famous local Philly Jewish Deli and the kielbasa fun at Czerw's, being with a new friend Jen, driving around the city, interacting with the Traveling Piano off of East River Drive on the Schuylkill River and then to FDR park in south Philly for awhile with a short period of music and finding parking in South Philly, talking with some neighbors... why should I feel like I should not be worn out? I want to stay with Jen but parking would be a huge issue. A friend wants me to visit in NYC but for only a few days is not worth it. I would not get much Traveling Piano work accomplished.

At my age now I need a week in one place. There is the distance and then parking overnight in NYC will be $50 a night, just for that. Staying with people on their couch, I just can't do it. I'd have no private quiet time to wind down, would not be able to get the sleep I need when I need it and it would just be too uncomfortable. And... Mo in bed with me is important. Now, when I was back in my 50's I could still do it and function. Not now. Should I stay where I am yet another week? Taking care of myself with Mo in comfort and some fun and ability to function in life comes first so I can work with the journey. Thank God for the friends helping me to accomplish everything.

August 12, 2021

Port Richmond, Center City, South Philly Pennsylvania

I could not leave Philadelphia without a visit to Czerw's in the Port Richmond, Kensington area of the city. The Kielbasa Boys have been making old-fashioned Polish foods there for 75 years. My dad would fry their Kielbasa with eggs every Christmas as part of our family breakfast. Kielbasa is a Polish sausage of course tender meat with a heady garlic flavor salted with spiced and packed in a casing. They smoke it in traditional brick-oven smokehouses with no preservatives or fillers and it is fresh daily and it is the best Kielbasa in the world! My friend Jen drove with us to their small out of the way building on a street named Tilton. Kielbasa is great also with sauerkraut and also mustard. We picked up some Cheese Babka which is a cross between a cake and bread and freshly made Pierogis which are potato and cheese filled dumplings.

I told the guy John that we we're visiting from Las Vegas and wanted a picture while mentioning the Traveling Piano outside parked in the ally. He showed interest and of course you know what happened as a result! It was all a fast and short time of synchronistic, spontaneous, furious musical picture taking fun, friendship and respect and... John gave us everything as a gift, enough Kielbasa for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week. And all this, thanks to everyone who has been contributing to our journey! 24 Days to goal in helping Mo and I to keep going and then get back to Las Vegas. Contribute through Facebook here: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser and through GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser or PayPal Direct: Danny Kean and of course on this website Contribution Link just look to the left of the page!

August 11, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

Was going to drive down to the seashore today to check out options of staying there for a time but my need for sleep would not allow me to get up early enough to do that. The day was spent piddling around, I did some posting online, took Mo for a walk as the sun was going down and before another heavy duty rainstorm passed. The storms have been happening everyday. It is very hot here and the humidity... 100%. When you get up past noon the day goes very fast, lol! Although, when I am out and about with the Traveling Piano I always make up for lost time and more.

August 10, 2021

Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

I've been out of sorts, not being able to think. It all has to do with leaving and having difficulty deciding where to go. Money is not an issue but then again it is as I have trouble allowing myself to spend it these days. Also, I need to raise more to get back to Las Vegas. I must have a comfortable place to stay in and function. And then... where to have that comfortable space. And then, how much am I willing to pay for that comfortable place. How long do I stay. It just goes on and on. I literally spent four hours at LensCrafters today. They strung me along to try and get me to spend money along with the insurance plan I have for new glasses. After telling them I would not pay past the insurance allowance several times... I found a pair, they rung me up, put it all in the system and then tried to get me to pay an extra co-pay and would not back down saying they had no glasses under $300 and 20% off on top of that in the store. This, in a store selling Dollar Store quality glasses. Wow, did that make me angry. They thought I would be worn out and just go for it. Lol, fools!

The guy who called me at the beach the other day was jerking me around too. That is very disappointing. He had hired me 20 years ago down at the seashore (my favorite place) and asked me to come next week to play, saying he would look into a room for us to stay in and really... he was just calling me from the photo that went viral in Philly a few weeks ago to see if it was me and if I am still around here in the area. People do that. They call fishing around just to see if I am for real, lol. I started putting pieces together and then figured the guy out. Thank God I did not put too much into the potential but still, I am disappointed in the guy not in anything else. People and how they operate sometimes... ugh. The fundraiser to keep going has really slowed down. I think it is because people are a lot less happy than they were two months ago with covid, politics and the wildfires around the world. Also, I just don't have the time to spend on "working" the fundraiser while I am also figuring out all that it is to be on the road and working with the music, fun, friendship and respect... empowerment and inspiration, etc... lol, all the time. I am hoping the everyone who reads this will contribute and also share the links for others to contribute. Contribute through Facebook here: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser and through GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser or PayPal Direct: Danny Kean and of course on this website Contribution Link just look to the left of the page!

August 09, 2021

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I drove through all my old neighborhoods in Center City, Philadelphia today. At first, sort of like with my old suburban neighborhoods, I felt little emotional attachment. In fact, the first half of the time spent was disappointing. It looked like the city I left many years ago but older and with no upkeep. The streets felt claustrophobic. They were crammed with the traffic lane and also new bike lanes separated at the ends of each block by lanes of dirty white poles and the parking lanes on every street were taken by tented "covid" eateries extending out into the streets with actual parking interspersed. All that... on streets in need of major repair and the sidewalks and buildings needed a cleaning. And, the streets in Center City Philadelphia are narrow to begin with. But then after some time I found better streets except that the leaves from the trees were already dropping like in the fall which did not feel right and felt dirty.

Then it began to get nice once on the east side of Broadstreet. It was cleaner and groomed like I remembered. I began to take pictures of houses I lived in. I had some sweet living quarters throughout the years. I once rented an entire carriage house for $350 a month back in the late 70's. I lived in a super cool tiny trinity house, a huge loft and in the first renovated house in an entire neighborhood which has now been gentrified out the wazzoo. We visited Independence Hall and I thought, "the USA began humbly with Independence Hall here in Philadelphia PA... humble, as are many of the countries leaders still to this day." And then a quick walk over to the Liberty Bell, it has just rained some. I looked in on it and thought, "a little smeared, a little wet but ever present and shinning still."

Our last stop was on South Street where I had lived. I purchased a Gyro from a great little Greek restaurant on the street that opened about the time I first moved there some 45 years ago and it still has the same owners! People throughout the city we're recognizing the Traveling Piano from a photo that went viral on the internet about a month ago in the Kensington neighborhood of the city. People were waving hello I heard several people say "thank you" and one couple came over to the truck after I purchased my gyro and so I shared the Traveling Piano experience with them, played some music and we talked for like an hour about the homeless and drug addicted and other stuff. Before heading out I drove to another few spots. It was a long day and I feel grateful for being able to have all the reminiscing in real life.

August 08, 2021

Warrington, Pennsylvania

Having no idea what to do, where to go today in my head, the only thought was to find a place to walk Mo that he would enjoy, a new place. I drove all over and eventually ended up in an empty fairly new park in a fiarly new area developing with single homes. The park had a paved hiking trail that was awesome. It was along a creek and through a forrest opening up into a large meadow with a reservoir lake. It reminded me of parks in the area, the way they were in the 70's before too many people made them into destinations. The place was still raw and you could feel it. Before leaving I felt inspired to create some music so I drove under a large tree for shade and people began to discover us. Not many, but a perfect amount of enough. A family of five got onto the piano and they had a baby just a few months old.

I love babies on the Traveling Piano! A young teen who came to play basketball with his friends came over. He was fairly accomplished from years of classical piano lessons and played some really beautiful music! Two local teen girls came over and we're very interested in everything about me and my thinking. The kind of people here I know well. Very suburban almost upper middle class interested in education and comfortable in the neighborhood lifestyle. I like it and the kids where enthralled I hope for a life time. If they email me for their photos they will remember for a life time. Otherwise, I don't think the experience will stick in a conscious state of mind past a few months. Little can compare to the energy, joy and excitement of young kids interested in discovering life in different facets and how it all works.

August 07, 2021

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Of course Covid is on my mind and everything about it concerning the Traveling Piano's work... all the time. I'm thankful the numbers are lower here where we are. I will not take the Traveling Piano out where the number of infections are acute or where populations are consumed in dysfunctional thinking or just do not care enough to get vaccinated. Yesterday of course wiped me out so there is little I could do today on any level. Mo is very curious with tennis balls.He sense their existence. It is almost like he manifests them. I'll never forget when we we're at the top of Bryce Canyon in Utah and he dived into two feet of snow and after a few minutes came up with a ball in his mouth. Last week we we're visiting someone and he was whining at a book case. Neither of us could figure out what he was doing or what he wanted until a half hour later I walked by and saw a tennis ball on the top shelf where he could not see it. Then at the beach yesterday, how random it was that a tennis ball washed up onto the beach from out of the blue with no one around and nothing else around.He went to get it but then lost interest after retrieving it the same as with other times.

August 06, 2021

Belmar, Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

I am like, "did that just happen?" Mo and I got going at noon and drove to the beach which was an hour and a half away. It felt like it had been a life time since being at the Jersey Shore. We drove down the main beach road and then pulled into a bay area to get out and stretch. I almost cried with emotion in being there. The beach is my favorite place, the air and the environment, the day was perfect. Of course there were a lot of people around and I had to constantly adjust to that fact to share the experience. Usually I go to the beach when no one is around. I've been very lucky that way. As I drove the length, I began to scope out spots where I could get a photo of the Traveling Piano with the sand and ocean. We found a perfect spot right on the boarder of Belmar and Spring Lake Heights. I was going to get a photo and move on but ended up spending the entire time there. Everyone was easy going, the people, meter guy, rent-a-cops, the real police, the beach ticket takers... I kept waiting for someone to tell me to move on but it did not happen. We we're very welcomed.

Locals came around while I was thinking how about how nearby I used to perform on the boardwalk in the summers and purchase Italian Sausage from vendors. Then an Italian guy living across the street came over and said he was cooking sausage and asked if I wanted some. How crazy was that! Of course I said yes and he made me two sandwiches. They were amazing! The first place I saw before anything else when I got into town was a soft serve ice cream place. Ever since I've been back east that was the first thing on my mind to get a soft serve ice cream from the seashore. I was going to drive to the shore just for that alone! Well, I did it. I got my ice cream cone before doing anything else. Next... Jersey Peaches have been weighing on my mind. I purchased a few peaches from the supermarket when I got here and was disappointed as usual. Hot-house hard crunchy peaches with no taste should be outlawed. As I was playing some music a guy drove by with his wife on a cart and there was a bag of Jersey Peaches hanging on the side. I asked where he got them and he said here, just take a few! It is not a Jersey Peach if you bite into it and sweet juice does not run! Yum.

I must have been aligned with the universe today. I think that initial feeling of emotional gratitude when I arrived started wheels turning. I was getting something from the cab when my cell phone rang. The call came from about an hour south at the beach in Somers Point, NJ. This does not get more random... it was a guy who hired me for a community event there about 20 years ago asking if I was still working and if I might be able to come back for this years event at the end of the month. He still had my card and knows nothing about my life now, that I live in Vegas, that I have only been doing community outreach with the Traveling Piano, am at the beach just for the day while visiting and doing what I do... It was impossible to try and tell him about my life now and how random the timing and place of his call was. I suggested he might find me a place to stay to do the job and mentioned where I am now. He brought up that he might be able to use an expense card to get me a place and to message him tonight. When I got back to where we are staying I did just that but... think I blew the entire idea with making it all too complicated. There is still a small chance that something might happen if... I can just get out of the way and let the universe create its magic! Staying near the Jersey Shore for a while would be excruciatingly awesome.

The main catalyst for going to the shore today was to take Mo to a dog beach in the next town over. After 6pm they let dogs on it. I've never been there and did not end up going there. You won't believe this. Where I had been sitting with the Traveling Piano for the last three hours... the town had just designated that spot as a dog beach this year and it opened not at six but because it is Friday, it opened at five! The timing was perfect. Mo and I walked to the waters edge. He was too beat from the sun to run around and also because he is an old pup now. I found a stick to throw into the water and he got going a little with wanting to fetch it but I needed to not be in my clothes and sneakers to get wet with him to really play. I have a feeling that will happen before we head back to Nevada, just not today. It was a wonderful day. I feel very happy and grateful and it is just unbelievable how I have been getting to experience, enjoy and be with everything I've ever loved about living here on the east coast for most of my life.

August 05, 2021

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Finally, I got to bed after four in the morning and did not wake up until two in the afternoon! I needed the sleep and am grateful to be able to use these days as needed. My energy was spent from yesterday. It was supposed to be raining today but the sun was out. This reminded me of how media weather reports here are not dependable at all. Back in the late nineties, the media began to capitalize on fear through weather reports. It began to destroy outdoor events as event organizers attached themselves to the fear through projection. That is when all my performance contracts became rain, shine or cancellation... I will be there to do the job and must be paid cancelled or not. I was not going to take the hit for event paranoia. Outdoor events began to cancel more than a week ahead of time because of foul weather reports and when the day would come, 95% of them were sunny and beautiful.

The media, ahh... the media. The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News has reached out to me twice since I have arrived. The first time was from a columnist who sent an email with no subject line asking if a picture seen online of me was for real. I replied suggesting that as she was resourceful enough to find my email address, that she might do a little research to find out for herself. I mean, there is the website, the newspapers own archived articles, online social platforms, etc... Then a staff writer emailed me yesterday asking for a story. I'll just ignore that. It brought back a very disappointing memory of the last story I gave to the Philadelphia Inquired in 2015. It was meant to be a farewell to my hometown after 30 years of full time respect worthy work with the Traveling Piano. The article was to also contain a link to this non-commercial website for all of Philadelphia to know how to stay in touch with me.

Instead, the editor directed a conscious omission of the website link and ok'd a piece that painted me as a gray haired, goatee-d' old piano man (with a god awful photo to match) who pounds on piano keys with a dog that snoozes atop a piano that is jammed in the back of a pickup truck... a man homeless with no job or money who sleeps where he can find a bed and plays music with staggering drunks on the streets and does so... as can be said in two words... because, "It's cool." All those words I just typed... directly from the article. I appreciate the interest but there is no way I am going to trust the Philadelphia Inquirer with any possibility of that happening again. The Philadelphia Inquire was wrong and disrespectful in communicating to its readers who I am personally, my work and what I do, how I do it, my intent, history, purpose and motives. And, exposure with no contact information is worthless for me while they profit off of me and my work? Nada, no, nope.

August 04, 2021

Trenton, New Jersey

Keeping my head oriented to work with some personal play in life and at the same time being socially responsible and with also having down time everyday as in living spiritually, mentally and physically healthy... that is a total challenge for me and always has been. Some days are better than others. Distraction through anger is the biggest block and I know the anger blocks fear. Garnering funds to continue well, for many reasons it has slowed to almost a total stop, reasons beyond my control but also the working of fundraising in with all the above is just an added step. Its all good and I know that so, I do not worry much. Covid, I work to keep worry about that at bay. After a start today totally lost in my mind as to what to do, I decided to drive to the Jersey shore even though it was in the middle of the afternoon. There is a dog park open on the beach after 6pm and even though I would not get back until after dark... so what. Although, the hour and a half each way was a concern.

Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain and I plan to take a day off to work but with the fundraising, photo processing, this blog, etc... I'll still need to do, is that a day off? Lol, on the way, several glitches began to take over in my mind as in alternatives to the beach and questioning whether I should even continue in that direction. As we were close to Trenton, New Jersey, the city began to dominate my mind and I decided to stop and do some playing there with the Traveling Piano. It has been on my mind to do that since I arrived back east. I was driving down random streets feeling my way into the situation while reminding myself of intent... that of musical fun, friendship and respect... empowerment, inspiration, the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other and then I saw a tent set up on the sidewalk at a local park. Food was being given away and tables for COVID vaccinations were being set up. I spent about a half hour there and then continued to find a street with homeless people hanging out. I stopped there also and then on a downtown neighborhood street with a lot of noise and people hanging out. That was fun and good for the neighborhood kids too.

On the way back I drove through more beautiful Pennsylvania back roads with gorgeous land and properties. Having lived here for most of my life it is unbelievable how many roads I've driven on through this visit having never known they existed. Along with the known roads, I've been down just about every road in the area now. It has all been awesome! I stopped at the supermarket about two miles from where Mo and I are staying. One of the employees was on a lunch break and began asking questions and showing interest so that started. Then another guy came over and so it was. More just great journey interaction. Of course trying to come down from all the energy output today is going to be a challenge. It is now, almost four in the morning with no end to the day in sight. Contribution will be needed to get back to Las Vegas... I am hoping the everyone who reads this will contribute and also share the links for others to contribute. Contribute through Facebook here: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser and through GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser or PayPal Direct: Danny Kean and of course on this website Contribution Link just look to the left of the page!

August 03, 2021

Nockamixon, Pennsylvania

After a meeting with the hotel manager about an incident yesterday (they really don't care about anything) I booked another week where I am staying. I'm milking this the ability to stay here for all its worth because it will not only be more expensive elsewhere, I will never get a room like I have again for the price and I'm just not done here in Philadelphia yet. I began driving north not having a set destination in mind and found myself at an old place that I used to create music back in around 2008. It was in Nockamixon State Park and there is a huge lake there. We met some people and Mo got some water time in. He was actually able to play for a moment with two other dogs. I got kind of nervous throwing the stick into the water because his teeth are really loose and ready to fall out. Still, I do not want for him to miss out on having fun in life because he needs to be careful. Everything now with his age is a judgement decision considering balance with constant awareness.

I was able to create some music for myself there. A few fisherman were around and were in awe of the music. My improvisational music by a lake in nature has been since day one... a fisherman's dream. It is compatible in every way and they always tell me so. "It doesn't get better" (the fishing, relaxing and the music) ...they tell me every time. On the way back I discovered a field of Zinnias my favorite flower, a summer flower and a flower that takes me back to many memories throughout life. They were on a farm and I got to go cut as many as I wanted for ten bucks. While doing it I found marigolds, cosmos, sweet peas and sunflowers. I really, really enjoyed walking through all that. So now the flowers are in my room and will hopefully stay alive for a couple days.

August 02, 2021

Souderton, Pennsylvania

It was not an easy day. Starting out with issues of where I am staying and dealing with a hotel receptionist who has a chip on his shoulder trying to intimidate and dismiss me as a guest really pissed me off. It was not the first time and it really set me off in a bad way for the day. As an older man, the need to adjust to disrespect and new ways of people now in life is not easy. Business that jumps to assuming negativity and covering their ass when not necessary, over compensating for projected trouble and giving me attitude when I am giving them business and my money really ticks me off. Anyway, moving on... the store that makes my favorite milk chocolate covered pretzels is fifteen minutes away from where I am staying. The pretzels are impossible to get anywhere else in the country and exorbitantly expensive online. They are Asher's pretzels.

I went inside and there were shelves of "Hurt Chocolate Covered Pretzels". I wondered why another brand was being sold there and then found out "Hurt" as in broken pieces for half price! Feeling sorry for those hurt pretzels, I purchased a truck load, lol! It was a day for running errands and when finished I was going to go create some music until the truck began to act up. When I put the clutch in metal would grind loud, real loud. It is not the first time this has happened. Everytime I take it to a repair shop the problem stops. So, I just dealt with it and headed back to where I am staying as quickly as possible. On the way back it stopped but I wasn't going to take any chances in driving any more with it today. Hopefully tomorrow it will disappear like it has in the past.

August 01, 2021

Horsham, Pennsylvania

It is raining out and a good excuse to just chill with my pup on our hotel bed with some photo processing to do. Hmm... I've got 4 pillows with different feels to choose from on our king size bed with clean white sheets, which pillow shall I choose for today... I say with total gratitude! Is it August already? Yes, it is August. I feel very detached from Las Vegas right now. One Day at a Time...