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June 30, 2021

Evansville, Indiana

After the last few motel rooms, I went into today's and the smell was so bad I just said "no" I'm not doing this. They upgraded my room without a blink of an eye and ended up in a really sweet suite for the night. It was so nice, I would have paid the extra thirty if needed to have enjoyed it. Last nights room had the worst bed I've ever slept in. I literally feel a foot deep into large lumps of what I do not know. The toilet was so stained it look like pee was in it, threads from the rugs were sticking up everywhere. the floors sticky and the wash cloth had been used to wipe up dirt and then put back on the rack for my use. Skeevey people we're out and about everywhere. I am now just getting a chance to write about what happened about a hundred miles west of Hays Kansas on route 70 the other day. I had a tire blow out in the middle of know where. Amazingly enough I had one bar on my phone and called triple AAA. It was going to take them a few hours to get there and luckily I there was a mile marker close by and I have a spare. Then a young trooper pulled up and tried to fix the tire for me which I thought was awesome. In the meantime he called a closer tow truck guy because he could not get the spare down but did get the tire off. Then the two guy said they'd have to tow it in to saw the spare off.

I began to feel out what was going on, the cost of the tow, etc... and said I am sure he could figure an easier way then towing and that I would pay him cash just to change the tire. He asked "twenties"? I said yes how much? He said eighty bucks. I gave it to him and he was done in five minutes. He asked if I just had the tie-rod replaced because he could see how the tire blew apart. I in fact did the day before I left Las Vegas. They had not adjusted what is called the "toe" and that is why the tire blew. They instructed me to go to the nearest town and get that taken care of where I had to rent a room for the night because they could not get to it right away which led to eating at the local restaurant. The next day while waiting for the repair another woman was sitting across from me and we got talking. I asked what happened with her vehicle and my entire scenario was repeated almost word for word except for the tire rod and toe. The cop, tow guy, repair shop, motel and restaurant we're all in on the game that cost me about $500! My mechanic in Las Vegas I told him what happened and he sent me a $25 contribution as a reply. I could kill him. Before that all happened, I was spending the day driving and looking at beautiful Cumulus clouds in the sky

June 29, 2021

Boonville, Missouri

We finished driving through another day of rain and found a clean quiet room in Boonville, Missouri. The room is so quiet it feels eerie. After a while I realized that I live in a small space with a loud air conditioner and I hear seventy other air conditioners outside my door twenty four seven from other apartments in the Las Vegas complex where I live. and then at night there are usually at least twelve helicopters flying above me doing night tours of the Las Vegas strip. That along with the constant police, ambulance and fire engines going, noisy neighbors too. I do not live in a quiet environment and forgot what it is like to be in a quiet room. I wanted to stop in Kansas City fro some ribs, the best I've had anywhere but it was rush hour and with the traffic, on and off ramps and rain... that was not possible. I forgot what it is like to drive through an urban east coast city and in the rain... not pretty. Even though it was hot and wet I had to keep the truck windows open so I could hear the truck in case something began to break or I got another flat tire like yesterday which I did not yet write about. One hundred percent focus was needed with constant viewing of the dashboard engine heat thermometer, the speed, fuel and the oil meter.

I ride behind large tractor trailers and used them for cruise control because they have and use cruise control themselves. The entire day happened with the difficult driving and being able to see in the dark fog, traffic and rain through prayer and thoughts of gratitude. In the room I was mindlessly walking back and forth until I noticed Mo staring at me wondering what I was doing. I could not think of what I was doing while pacing the room from one end to the other. While thinking about how I am deal dealing with people other than the homeless that I must adjust myself especially as an older man. I do not want to be cranky because things and life is now different, not the way it used to be or not as good. Everything is through the roof expensive, people do not care about anything in ways that they once cared I must just accept that life is different. The reality is that as everything seems to get worse it also seems to get better. I get to choose what I dwell on. The truth of the matter is that everything... is what it is and nothing more or less than that.

June 28, 2021

Oakley, Kansas

Here is an old man tip for driving long distances. Keep your back straight, do not hunch over the wheel and crunch up your abdomen. While driving I see the police becoming more insidious in order to catch people speeding. They are in used cars with hidden lights throughout. It does matter for me as I cannot drive over sixty five miles an hour in my old truck with the speed limits being seventy and eighty. Having been living in a small room and working in the same Las Vegas areas for the last six years, I have not realized how bad my eye sight now is. I've been sensing everything visually. On the road now navigating the unfamiliar environment is a blur. People in my past have said that driving through Kansas is boring there is nothing to see. There is hundreds of miles of wide open land and sky to see and its beautiful! This journey has been setup spiritually in many ways. Right before I knew I was going to embark on it I got a new iPhone for photos as a backup and now the one I have will no longer hold a charge.

I stopped in a town to get a sandwich and looked for a local place to give it business. I could feel a non-trusting look on people's faces, sensed a repressed trump mentality, signs for the louse we're still up everywhere, I could feel the few locals in the restaurant wanting to get a negative scoop on me. I talked a little with the waitress and said how I wanted to give local business support as she said "yea, the government is trying to put is out of business." I thought, "your having trouble staying in business because you are charging three times the price my sandwich is worth or cost you to make, and charging that even for your own people." Fox news is the only news these people get, there were confederate flags in town, the few people driving around were very slow as the one cop stalked the streets to catch anyone doing anything wrong... I think I was in Limon Colorado. I drove through a red light by mistake. Yikes! I did not get caught. These people are smothering themselves in a very small delusional circle of separatist trust.

June 27, 2021

Aurora, Colorado

The day began nice enough until I began to cross the Rocky Mountains. The oil light came on and I cannot read the oil stick well so I just put in a quart. It should not have needed it so early in the trip and I also filled the tank with gas. Then I drove past an exit sign, the last before going over the mountains that said there was a four and a half hour delay to Denver which I thought must be a mistake but the sign was so close to the exit there was no time to make a decision not to continue and, it was the only route. As I began to climb I lowered the gears but the truck still could not take it as I began to smell the gears burning up as it slowed to twenty miles an hour. Then heavy rain and hail began along with bumper to bumper traffic. The only good thing about it was that it was not 110 degrees. It felt like in the 50's.

Thank God I had put gas and oil in the tank before all that began. And then it was all stop and start for five minutes at a time. At least that was all down hill. I felt thankful the brakes were holding. In Idaho Springs, a little town along the highway I noticed people got off the highway so I put "fastest route" into my google maps and was directed through crazy small muddy back alleys and small streets while locals stood outside screaming in the rain at everyone to slow down. Once finally out, we stayed in a scummy, smelly Econo Lodge that cost a hundred fifty bucks, demanded a hundred dollar deposit on top of the fee upfront and rationed breakfast for its guests with a teeny granola bar, miniature donut and a few ounces of apple juice with a banana in a small brown paper bag.

June 26, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada and Green River, Utah

We began with some music at my friend Alex's home and she took a video for me and then we headed out. Once we hit route 70 to head west the weather cooled some and green pastures began to show.That felt very satisfying. The trucks air-conditioning helped a lot. The heat and wind would have totally drained both of us. There were sever pee stops more for me than Mo, lol. I am going to resist fast food as much as possible on this journey. I purchased dinner at a Mexican Taco place in Beaver, Utah that was real food, authentic, delicious and filling. It was $7 and worth every penny. Our earth is so beautiful. The landscape and scenery, I've missed it so much!

We drove as long as I could, made it to Green River, Utah only about 350 miles. There's nothing here except motels and gas but it is close to Moab and I stayed in this town before. Motel6 was the cheapest place (ugh) you will not believe how much as a walk in... $326 for the night and again, the cheapest place!!! But... as luck would have it I stopped two blocks away before I checked it out. Went to Cheap/Motels/.com on my computer and through Expedia (double ugh) booked the room for $115 tax included. This is all going to cost a lot more than when I last traveled! Anyone want to send me some gas money? That today alone was $76. Thanks Everyone for getting Mo and I going.

June 25, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm still spinning my wheels with no traction. Tomorrow, I will have no choice but to leave and it will be pretty much a straight through drive. Where we will be staying each night I have no clue. A significant reconnection happened today with a friendship that was to me, permanently broken. That took some time from the day along with more packing and afterwards I fell asleep for a few hours from emotional exhaustion. It is the first friendship I ever cut off that I have allowed to reopen. It is also the first cut off that ever made the first move to reconnect. I thought, "my very close friend Cathy (who has passed) we we're on the outs for many years before reconnecting. It happens and I feel grateful that it happened. It also just reminded me of how loved I am in life. I've been getting a lot of validation and assurance for this journey once again into the unknown.

June 24, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Was supposed to leave today, need to leave now This is a real pushing forward against what feels like I do not want to do but must must. If it was not for the support of friends there would be no way. The truck... damm I must go back again to the repair shop for another issue before I leave! What a pain in the ass. It is so emotionally draining. I feel truly and always that I am living the life of my biblical name sake, Daniel. Do you know about the parable of Daniel in the Lions Den? My life, this world is the Lions Den. I live in it with the faith that all is right and good and safe and secure and that the universe has my back. Sometimes I'm good at living that and other times not so good. It is a practice. What is important is that I know the reality of goodness through the truth of spirit 100%... and I do. It is called faith through Divine Providence. Yet here I sit emotionally paralyzed and even angry that I must push myself into the joy of this journey. I trust nothing in actuality and must allow everything in the unseen. We we're to leave today. That is not going to happen. Just get get myself packed and clean and ready to go! Will try again for tomorrow with the need to rush across country to our first destination Philly in time for the 4th of July. All is good... especially with those willing to support us through this fundraiser. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Today after dumping a lot of negativity onto my friend Eric about where the hell am I going to stay when I get to Philadelphia and the dissapointments of having no one to stay with in my home town while knowing many people and family... Literally, a miracle happened from half way across the planet. A friend in Singapore found and booked a week for me with his hotel points... in Philadelphia, PA! Through spirit, this friend booked a room 10 minutes away from the parade I will be performing on the 4th while knowing... nothing except that I am heading to Philly for a parade. This streamlines so many details for me! I said to him... I am loved. I am seen. I am validated. I am reassured. This must be shared because we all get to celebrate the wonder of how life works through faith. I do not own this, my friend does not own this... we all own it together. With this, the journey has officially begun!

June 23, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Most of the time, I dread what is to come in life for me personally. I have been dreading this journey I am about to embark on in many ways. Most of what you see is a "fake it until I make it." This because deep down I know the "dread" that I have is fake, not a reality, false, a lie. The fact is that the truth from a lots of past experience with not only this journey but with life in general... when I am living the journey, doing my work, "in it" enjoying what there is to enjoy... I am always 100% in ecstasy, wonder, love, amazement, in a playful state and full of music, fun, friendship, respect, empowerment, inspiration, synchronicity and spontaneity, all that I enjoy in life. Even during the journey my ability to "know" ebbs and flows. Sometimes I do not even want the ability and know it. The knowing does not help to move me forward from the darkness. It is only through the Grace of God expressed through the support of friends and people who care about life as I do, that I use to move forward.

June 22, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Need to write memories down when they come up. This just resurfaced. I once had a gig in New Jersey for the prestigious Princeton University Tiger Inn. The club a 100 years old, had been all-male since its beginnings and was being forced to include females in 1991 the year I was hired to create music for the last all male banquet dinner. As the night progressed the guys most of whom were fiercely loyal alumni got very drunk. They began to pinch the butts of the catering waitresses and take their clothes off to dance on top of tables for them. The police arrived and that was when the club president and several of his officers came up to me amidst the chaos. They yelled into a microphone, "And now we present to you Danny Kean." I was just the piano player, I had no show! They thought I was going to calm down and control the crowd with my manic Ragtime and Boogie Woogie music? Lol, the club had been termed "Animal House" by undergraduates. I looked at the insanity getting worse by the moment. Then I looked at the president and police as I yelled, I don't think so... and ran.

June 21, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've begun to practice living out of plastic and canvas travel bags. Mo's Ready! He's been singing, "Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above." Me... I'm getting there! The trucks ready! It came out of the repair shop today and feels tight! The steering mechanism would have fallen apart half across the country, so... and, got a new piano into the truck that fits and works and sounds beautiful! I am so looking forward to sharing my musical love with you all. After some more packing, cleaning, making arrangements and asking you for support, everything will be ready to go! Thanks for your support so far, thank you all very much. Bring the Beat to the Street! Please share this Fundraiser. Links are on the "Contribute Here" page.

June 20, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I am able to know 100% with "intent" that I am doing the right thing, I cannot lose. In reality the thoughts and feelings about that well, I have learned that feelings and thoughts are not always facts. I have learned through practice, lots of practice throughout a life time. The knowing of any specific comes from looking back at results of situations. So, now that the temperature outside has been over 110 every day for over a week, I look back to last month before the heat really set in saying to myself knowingly, we need to get out of here for the summer, there will be no way to do our work. I also had been feeling for months how people want to contribute to, be part of life and have a need right now. Along with thoughts of friends who have my back in case of trouble, the pandemic relief to help get me started, Mo's age... I remember with Traveling Piano Pup Bo, asking if are we going to love each other to death on our couch or live every moment to the end together doing what we both love to do. After that all milled around in my head for a while, a moment of decision literally clicked in my head one day and thus, this Final Cross Country Journey came into play. Thank you everyone... it would not be happening without you! The Photo: Chugiak, Alaska

June 19, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

It became very clear for me while on the road with this Traveling Piano journey how the destination and goals are not nearly as important or meaningful as the processes in getting there. Now, I have realized even more that destinations, goals and processes are not as significant as knowing I am doing the right thing. It does not matter what happens with results in life. All that matters is that I am doing what I should be doing, what I know in my heart is to be true. Being honest with myself about that can be a challenge. I've worked ongoing in life concerning the "knowing" of what is best for me through the truth of spirit. Through the Grace of the God (that of my understanding) As a result, I can feel accomplished enough to deal with and live with just about any circumstance or result that comes my way... I keep telling myself, lol.

June 18, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, the Traveling Piano truck did not get out of the shop today and that means it will be in there until at least Monday. I do not know how they can be working on it in this 120 degree heat. God love them. At least it will be out of the sun for two more days in their truck bay. Our departure date is set for Thursday as it stands. I'm going to try and work with the piano that has been shipped even though it has been thrown around in the box during shipping. I can't allow myself to get excited about leaving because I do not want to create expectation for myself and I cannot take excitement anyway. When excitement comes on I can't sleep or get rest, I become physically sick, freeze up from all ability to function, get confused, lol... it is what it is! Although, I really, really, really am looking forwards to being in some east coast tree greenery. And also maybe some beach action while preparing myself for ticks, mosquitoes and humidity.

Everything has its tradeoffs. I was talking with my friend Eric who was giving me kudos about what I am about to do as so many people have throughout the years. I was saying how its never fun and I feel and think down right dreadful about it all unless I am in the actual work of living the dream where it is the complete opposite. Knowing that fact that it will feel good doing it does not help me to want to do it. I just shut down and do nothing which becomes hell in of itself. What I can say is that, it is 100% fulfilling to do what I know I should be doing, to know it is the right thing and through choice. What happens good, bad or otherwise cannot compare to that fact. I topped $2000 in contribution for the journey today and that encourages me greatly. It inspires me to move forward, strengthens me. I feel loved, validated and reassured through the contribution of others.

June 17, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The temperature has been 120 degrees all week and is forecast to stay that way until Monday when it will still be over a hundred ten. Poor Mo, he can do nothing but sit in this room. Every once in a while we go to Eric and Mary's when Eric can pick us up because the truck is still in limbo getting repaired. The piano is still in limbo. My mind wants to shut down completely and do nothing. All is good. Really, even with what is going on, at the same time I know everything is ok. Except for those living on the streets. Normally, I would be out working everyday giving out cold or frozen water and Gatorades. That is just not possible for now so I pray for everyone suffering right now. I am sure many will die, those that cannot get to cooling stations because they are mental or too sick. The universe is in control. We are all part of the universe and the universe is friendly and good. The universe is routing for us. We are all ok, because the universe is ok and beyond our understanding. I have a new set date to leave. It is Thursday, one week from today.

June 16, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, guess I am sharing both the good and bad throughout this journey as a testament to not giving up. Nope, not going to give up, I'm just going to keep going as there is no other choice in my head. It is what it is, for better or worse I made that statement at the start in 2006. The piano is beat, really beat and I've been looking to replace it for over a year. No where in the world could I find one. The company discontinued the product which is one of a kind for a nitch group of musicians. No other piano I have found fits into the Traveling Piano's facade. Then, the company brought up all parts and used instruments from the internet to force people to purchase the replacement model they began to advertise at a higher price that never made it to market. The quality and size needed for the Traveling Piano is specific.

I finally gave up and purchased a lower quality keyboard. It did not fit into the truck. Then a miracle happened and I saw a used one...nit was the one that I need for sale online. I purchased it, had it shipped and that broke on the second play. Had to return it. No more "used" purchases. Then I found what was told to be a comparable piano and purchased that for top dollar. It came today in a box with no packing. Not only is it used, it had been thrown around in shipping across the country. All this when I need to leave in a few days. Need to send that back and get a replacement. These pianos are no small items. The shipping and receiving to be going back and forth with, is a pain in the ass. Now I need to find yet another piano. With all that, I just shut down today and did nothing. I could not muster the desire to take care of myself and keep going. There will be time for that tomorrow. I'm not going to give up.

June 15, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The 34 year old Traveling Piano truck is having maintenance and repair for its upcoming estimated 7,000 mile cross country and back, a Journey of Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with no Fees, Tips or Commercial Affiliation. The goal ongoing as always... to Empower and Inspire, Create Musical Spontaneity and Synchronistic Discovery through the Idea of Strangers Becoming Less Afraid of Each Other! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this journey! You can contribute via Venmo at 215 639 9378 and you can contribute through the contribution link on this website. Contribute through Facebook here: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser and through GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser or PayPal Direct: Danny Kean

June 14, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The new piano was shipped today and hopefully it will get here with the expedited shipping on Thursday. The new phone I have, anything new is very difficult to learn and worse... to remember because I use nothing ongoing. We are all being forced to live through our phones and apps and be sold whatever at the same time. Less and less in the world is being personally owned to the ability to not have advertising even in your private life is dissipating. I went to Walmart and they no longer use cash at the self checkouts. Then I went to a supermarket and they were all cards only! That... is awfully amazing. The world is also getting rid of coins. I dropped off the truck about the oil engine leak and pray it does not need a new engine but whatever so I do not break down on the road. I do not how how they are going to work on it with a clear head as the temperatures here are 115 degrees every day at least until Sunday when I plan to leave.

June 13, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Soon the Traveling Piano will be driving through fields where the Corn Will Be As High As The Farmers Eye! Just received the first contribution for the Final Cross Country Tour Fundraiser through Venmo. Who knew? People can now just send money through an app to a telephone number! If you would like to contribute using Venmo, send to: 215 639 9378. Lets do Venmo! This is all getting very expensive. Thank God for those friends who are giving support to pay for everything. I am at $1600 but will need a lot more than that! And, thank God for my friend Eric. He is available and willing to drive me around to do the errands needed right now to get ready to leave. The truck will be in the shop all week and it is too hot anyway to have Mo with me. I have no air conditioning inside this old Traveling Piano truck!

June 12, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

What has been happening, I have been setting myself up subconsciously through the universe and the God of my understanding. I can always see it after the fact never during or before. If I try to pre-suppose anything it gets destroyed in the moment of the thought. I remember thinking last month how we need to get out of here for the summer and trying to imagine some solutions. A knowing that Mo would not make it working in the heat and would not be able to enjoy life outside throughout the summer existed. Then I realized how myself, I would not be able to work at all with music and work only in the middle of the night giving out water to those on the streets. Also, the truck with all its old parts running will not make it through the summer getting fried in the sun and trying to run in the heat. At the same time strong thoughts kept ruminating in my head specifically that people want to support and give money right now, that I should provide a way for them... create another fundraiser even though I said those days are over.

Truly, I know most will find it difficult to believe... creating opportunity for people to share freely with and for the journey has always been part of it. It has not been for self-serving intent first and foremost. Funding has also appeared for me in recent months to help out with everyday functioning for a short time. Then a moment came in the heat while working on the streets when I saw Mo waiting in the truck... "Thats it Mo, you can no longer do this with me in the heat, we need to leave." I would never just let Mo sit in our little room by himself 24 hours a day while I go out working with the homeless. I called my friend Sid back east and asked if he wanted us to come back for the 4th of July Parade there. Of course he said yes. A destination, a goal was established. I started a fundraiser and friends contributed over a thousand bucks in less than two days. Then, serious complications manifested with the piano, my phone and truck.

With the support people had just showed, my past experiences of how life will work out always for the best, especially when I am doing the right things I told myself that I can deal with it all, the universe is routing for me. With repressed fear, anxiety and depression... I cried a little. Then I was abel to pick myself up and put one foot in front of the other. A new phone was purchased. I was ripped off but do not have time to deal with that as I need to leave here in a week. Never the less its done. The truck is going into the shop on Monday. (pray) And, I think a solution has been found for the piano. That has been the biggest hassle so far. I've purchased two replacements and neither have worked but I think the third time around may do the trick. I would leave even with no piano, that is how determined I am but I know deep down a solution will happen it always does. This blog of over fifteen years show it over and over and over.

June 11, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, I got my money back today for the defective keyboard I purchased. It does not solve the need for a keyboard that will fit into the truck. Buying one online will not be possible if I am on the road. I don't think I can use the old one for the 4th of July Parade in Philadelphia which is the catalyst for the cross country final journey. Dealt with that and the truck engine leaking oil and the new phone I had to purchase, learning new things is just about impossible for me or at least to retain what I learn. The camera I have, need to learn how to shoot in the dark as there is no flash anymore on newer models. Enough of that, I need to spend hours a day also posting online in social sites for the fundraiser. You must engage for the algorithms to show your posts.

Like I have time to be social right now on the internet? Then the cleaning and packing, etc... I cried a little today and also prayed and reminded myself that I have chosen to live life to the fullest. It feels a little like when Piano Dog Boner got sick and we kept living the dream until the very end. And then when he died my life was set up in a way where I was forced to continue on. Like now... it feels like I am setting my life up to continue onward despite troubles, sorrows, hurdles, despair, etc... After I purchased my phone yesterday and before the piano broke there was some Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect to be had with the store employees and a couple of strangers from the street.

June 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

So here it goes! Life turned into crazy mode today. I'll need to get used to all this like I am already not? The truck has an oil leak, again. Into the shop on Monday. Need to leave in 12 days. The piano replacement... I was lucky enough to find a used one because they no longer exist and it is the only model that will fit into the piano facade. On its 2nd use today an important key broke. Ugh, thats going to be a challenge to deal with. My phone... I had to get a replacement today and it cost an arm and a leg because of the manipulative sales practices with older folk like myself with comprehension issues. How do I cope? In knowing people, friends are routing for me. Of course I am traumatized and want to feel disheartened but that is not allowed. My friends and contributors will get me through it all. I mean, its only been 48 hours and $1145 has been contributed. I have the funds to deal with all this. They come in and go straight out! Thank you everyone! There will be ups and downs. I have not begun yet but I know there is only one way to go after today and that is... up! Lol

June 09, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, this is really happening! My pup and I are leaving Las Vegas. (for a few months) It is a truly free spirited move to “let go” while living in the present moment. We are going to flow into the unknown through complete divine providence with some do or die attitude. Now, myself at age 66 with pup Mo almost 12 years of age and a pickup truck that has been bringing the Beat to the Street full time with a piano on the back of it for 34 years… lets see where all this lands.

The Traveling Piano creates music for people to discover through synchronistic spontaneity for the sake of fun, friendship and respect. The vehicle is a “space holder” for short one-on-one relationships with others. The piano seat is shared with the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. There is no entertaining or performing and as well, no fees, tips or commercial affiliation. Funding comes from individuals like yourself. Please make a contribution. How often do we meet others with no other agenda but to share what they have to offer in life without obligation or expectation?

Our trek will begin with a straight cross-country race to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, my original hometown. After that Mo and I will meander around the country doing what we do best. Your vote of confidence through contribution will give us the courage needed. This will be an expensive peregrination with overnight stays, gas, food, truck repairs (god forbid) and basic needs. I am predicting a 7,000 mile journey in just three months. When it is finished we will return to our work in the Las Vegas community with homeless outreach and more music. I am excited. Can you host us for a few nights? Do you know of anyone who would be willing to host us? Send a message. Mo and I have stayed with over 150 families and individuals throughout the Northern Hemisphere in both rural and urban areas since the inception of the Traveling Piano’s journey in 2006. We love people. In places where people have never seen a piano or a piano man play, they are most special places.

Along with your contribution I will move forward one step at a time and put one foot in front of the other. I have done this before and know what to do. Please stay in the zone with us. We are out to empower and inspire. I will be posting updates on this fundraiser daily, everywhere. You can contribute on several social platforms or on the Contribution Link for this website. So far... you can contribute via Paypal Direct... PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano ... and then there is GoFundMe ...or maybe you might prefer Facebook. Tell me how you would prefer to donate if not here. For the love of music and relationship, the Traveling Piano! It is what is is! Coming Soon to a Street Near You! By the way... these photos are from Death Valley last month.

June 08, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The angst of just being on the road again... the one hundred percent devotion to and for the ways of other people I will stay with and meet with the truck, consideration that I am in other peoples spaces... the energy needed for the 4th of July parade I'll be doing... Mo not falling off the piano when the truck is moving because he is so old... oh for the love of projecting. I need to just chill. I could not sleep all last night for the first time in... forever. We cannot have that. I MUST start getting up early. I thought that by putting my head on the pillow at eleven, I would eventually fall asleep. Nope. I spent time meditating, that did not help, got up and ate something, that did not help, took herbal tinctures... nothing helped. There are many details to attend to get ready and to be abel to work while traveling and then the traveling itself. I MUST stay away from expectation in all its forms.

June 07, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Never in a million years would I have thought to return to Philadelphia. Dealing with life long dynamics of people I grew up and left from there... do I need to see them, do I want to, do they want to see me, do I have to tell them I am there... ugh. The fact that I have no one including family that I can stay with just about says it all. Some areas I do not want to ever see again. I would like to just stroll through a few old areas and neighborhoods, the nostalgia of that would be nice. Although I am sure it has all changed allot, it would be nice to see some center city neighborhoods, the now gentrified upper Bucks County countryside, the New Jersey beach again. I was raised in all that. The last time I left for good was in 2015.

June 06, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, this is really going to happen, the last leg of this journey. I am working to prep myself to leave in two weeks for a few months. It is a truly free spirited move. In the past I have always negated the idea of "free spirit" and have said life is all about negotiation. In the journeys realm it is all about letting go, living in the moment and flowing through the unknown "freely." I am moving forward in complete divine providence. This is with the courage I would have needed had the China aspect of this dream manifested. That is in the willingness to die along the way if it so be, especially considering Mo and my age. I cannot look back to draw on the past of this journey. The negatives would shut me down immediately and the positives had all burnt out. That is why I settled here in Las Vegas back at the end of 2016. To continue onward is a matter of life and death. Mo and I cannot work in the heat of the summer here, we would die for sure. It is too hot for either the Traveling Piano's work, for any personal play or in service for the homeless. Spending the summer sitting in the small room we live in is not an option. So, I am excited. There is so much work to do that I cannot think too much about, or I will never get off the ground with it all. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, I've done this before and know what to do. What gets done and what does not get done... it all with my favorite saying... "It is what is is." The priority is to stay in the zone of freedom. Right now my life is for the glory of ourselves as in humanity as a whole, the world, the universe and the God of my understanding through Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with Inspiration and Empowerment. The idea of Relationship, Strangers Becoming Less Afraid of Each Other is at the forefront. This, through Creating Music for People to Discover with One-on-One short Synchronistic and Spontaneous interactions.

June 05, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

People remembering and connecting (not rare) to tell me that it is the anniversary of their Traveling Piano experience up to 15 yrs later... puts me into a state of awe. The words humility, gratitude and honor comes to mind. The reality of it is difficult for me to comprehend. It is a respect beyond my imagination. Same thing when younger adults go out of their way to consciously address me with "sir" to show their respect. I am one fortunate man to have experienced so much validation in life from others through my work! Another old aquaitence from fifteen years ago sent me $100 last night. He included a message... Danny. . thinking about you. My 94 year young dad remembered you from your visit years ago down to LBI to play concert for us in the rain. Hope all is well. On that note... I called up my friend Sid today to say I am going to head to Philadelphia to be in the 4th of July parade he has setup up every year since forever and that I used to perform in every year from I think 1989 on until I stopped performing for this journey. Oh my God, am I really doing this? Yes.

June 04, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The conditions in life right now are directing me clearly. There is no turning back. I must follow my dream to continue what I am doing until the very end. With Mo in the heat the other day and his inability to tolerate it anymore... Piano Dog Boner came to mind. When he got sick with old age we had a moment together. Do we want to stay where we were and love each other until "death" on the couch or go out and live every minute possible doing what we love to do most. We choose to live life to the fullest. Same now with Mo, we need to continue onward without reservation doing what we do, loving what we love. Mo may die, I may die, the truck may die before both of us but we are heading out onto the road. The Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration, The Traveling Piano’s Final Tour! Coming Soon to a Street Near You… possibly. It does not matter how much I am able to do this physically, that I have little clarity of mind these days, that the trucks chances of making it are slim, that Mo is getting old... I suppose the intent is the true "Free Spirit" people have talked about with this journey where I have talked mostly about the negotiation in living the intent.

June 03, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

A woman I know named Trudy texted to say she has lots of bread and a case of eggs if I want them. My room does not stay cool even with the air-condition unit in heat like this... it is a hundred ten degrees everyday. So, Mo and I drove over to my friend's Eric and Mary to hard-boil them for sandwiches. With water and apples and egg salad sandwiches we hit the road. It was a hundred fifteen degrees out. Mo can no longer sit in the truck in the heat and the truck itself, I just do not know how long it will last as it constantly needs to keep running everytime I stop and myself... my clarity is minimal in the heat and just always anyway. I backed into Eric's car when I was leaving. What a fearful downer that was but it all worked out. People on the streets are so appreciative. I had the water in tubs of ice and as the water went I gave people the ice and cold water. The homeless are really suffering and people are not out and about to help them because it is too hot.

People on the streets trust and know me and appreciate how I am out in the heat myself. One guy, somewhat mental, maybe blind, looked like he just came out of a garbage bin after five days almost begged me to take the dollar he had for the water I gave him. I see proof everyday of how people want to be needed, want to contribute, want to pull their weight in life but have somehow fell through the cracks of society and more-so have been shoved through the cracks by those who just do not want to care about anyone but themselves. The true piranhas of society are those trying to ignore the plight of others. There were people cleaning trash from the gutters they are staying in, trying to shove it all into the one trash can they could find because the city wants for people to see trash around the homeless to justify wanting them to disappear or die.

June 02, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'll need to find a solution for the heat. Most days will be between a 100 and a 120 degrees until the fall. This with global warming, it gets worse every year as Mo and I both get older with less tolerance. Maybe travel to a cooler place to stay for a few weeks at a time is in the future. I am sure I could raise the money to do that just not to pay for commercial lodging. Finding people to stay with can be tricky in this day and age. I purchased a new (used) piano to replace the old one which is practically useless, Now, I can record again, adjust the volume and the keys will not stick... for how long I do not know as the sun bakes everything under the cover. And, with it being over a hundred even at midnight for the last few days, I cannot try it out! Things... life will work out. Ha, of course it will... how it will work out is questionable. For my life, as long as I can stay honest with myself and in a state of humility and gratitude... all will work out for the best. This I know.

June 01, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is time to begin using the sun shield for the truck and piano. Everyday, it needs to be put on with about 20 clips to hold it on and then taken off to use the truck. It is time consuming but the only option. Last month the heat arrived and now the sun is strong with the temperatures over a hundred every day. Global warming is really happening. How Mo and I are going to survive this summer is a mystery. There was a time when the heat did not affect me like it now does as I am older, same with Mo.