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May 31, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh boy, here comes summer. Mo and I spent a leisurely day in a pool floating around with friends. Ahh... to have found some friends! Now, for myself to be responsible as a friend. It takes work for someone like my self. I must stay conscious of mutual giving. I had suggested a cookout for today and then realized that since it was my suggestion, I would need to provide my share of the food and work. After the last few days of working, I was going to cancel because I just did not have it in me to do more work. In the meantime my friends had planned to take care of it all anyway. I have found true friendship. Eric, Mary and Barbara, they said, "you provided take out dinner a few days ago." The pool you see in the picture... the temperature of the water... ninety two degrees. The air... over a hundred. In the shade with a breeze... perfect.

May 30, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Every nerve in my body hurt from all the work over the last few days but more needed to be done. I finished making all the food, five more gallons worth. My friend Todd brought over more water to give out. With the temperature a hundred degrees I was able to get it all out before the food or water got hot. From start to finish it turned out to be about thirty hours of work over the three day period this time around. Both yesterday and today I created music for people who asked. I so much did not want to because there is so much stuff in the back of the truck to move around, cups, water, food, masks, misc items... and, my mind was on serving food but, when someone asks it must happen especially for someone living on the street. Their asking was a gift for me because when I create music these days it is more healing than ever before.

May 29, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

As always, when I work I make up for all the time I did not work. Having steered away from my homeless outreach for about a week and a half it was time to get on the ball.Twenty four hours of work over a period of two days went into making one meal for about eighty people. Working in my tight space using the small sink area, floor, bed, bathtub, large plastic storage bins... what a challenge! All and all it came out to about 20 gallons of food. The first day was spent cooking the basics and putting it all into plastic gallon bags to store in the refrigerator. Then my friend Eric went to the store to get the rest of the fixings for a dynamite salad which today I cut up into small bite size pieces for people who can not chew too good. I put each vegetable in its own gallon bag. Then I emptied and cleaned large plastic bins I have for food storage under my bed, on top of the fridge, and on the sides of the sink area.

I layered the food in the bins and then mixed and then added dressing and then mixed to let float in the tub of cold water to keep everything... cold! So get ready... here is the list of ingredients. Cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red, yellow, orange and green peppers, celery, parsley, onion and corn. Then I added crisp bacon, sausage and cheese with lentil beans, split peas and rice. The dressing was ranch with salt and cyan pepper. A woman I had met on the streets gave me styrofoam bowls and Eric also purchased forks and water to give out. I would leave an area of people while watching them it the the freshly made piano man food intently which was very gratifying. The taste was crazy with the sensation of so many mixed flavors and textures. It was awesome, just wish it did not take so long to make and then there is the carrying of it all to the truck and the cleaning of everything. It would be great if I had pictures of it all but I just could not integrate the taking of photos. All my focus had to be on the work at hand.

May 28, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

You would never guess where I have been getting the food to cook for those on the streets! From non-profits and churches who just dump boxes of food full of butter, rice, beans, frozen raw fish, chicken, hotdogs and beef patties on random curbs where the homeless stay... in the hundred degree weather here! How are people on the streets supposed to use this food! They cannot. These churches and non-profits take food they cannot use from food banks to justify there "business" and do not mistake, it is in fact a business for those who operate like this. Then, they try to justify doing "good" buy dumping it on the streets verses in a trash bin where it will all go anyway once city maintenance crews find it. I take the food to cook and return to the streets because I just cannot allow it to go to waste. So much extra work, frustrating... but, its my choice, so what is there to complain about. This part of me I am always working on. Live and let live.

May 27, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The days of mask wearing are ending and the days of the Traveling Piano's unbridled interactions of musical fun, friendship and respect are returning, thank God! I went over to my friends house today to do some work but just could not get anything done. I was able to get hold of some Raggin' Piano Boogie archives and began going through them. I sort of do not know how to respond to my past performance, entertainment career on the truck. Trying to keep it in the perspective of... it was what it was, is a challenge. I had a lot of fun creating the promo material and the marketing and I suppose if I really sat down and thought about it I had some fantastic times performing and loved the privilege of being able to drive the truck into unusual places to play in. For example in the middle of a eight lane city parkway all by myself, driving through packed crowds on an ocean side boardwalk, on the plaza of the now gone world trade center, etc...

May 26, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been processing photos from Death Valley, they are awesome. Many will not want to believe the beauty in them, that they are for real. I almost want to make them worse so people can absorb some sense of what exists but... naa. I'll just let them be the reality that they are, which is amazing. Last night I began to work the streets again after a week off. I took out water. Good food is very important. Friends and I made a large pot of amazingly healthy potato salad to take to the streets in early March. 90% of the times I have gone out since, someone reminds me of how great it was. Last night some guy said, that potato salad lifted my quality of life. It was like something I would have if I had a home. It took me right back to the days when I had a home. Thanks. So of course damm it, tomorrow I'll need to start cooking! I so much love to be appreciated and validated.

I purchased a replacement keyboard for the truck which has been needed for over a year. It will not fit into the piano facade. All new keyboards and other brands will not fit! And, all the past keyboards that did fit, have been discontinued. Yamaha, the scum bags have brought up all the used ones from everywhere even online to force people to purchase newer, less quality, more expensive keyboards that will not work for my unique need. There was a rare Ebay posting of a used one online that I missed. Then I saw another used one asking more than the original cost back years ago and then I saw another used one for sale from an online music store. For two years there was nothing new or used anywhere and I looked world wide. I purchased the used one today from the music store and just hope it will last for a decent amount of time. I'll look forward to recording once again. The other keyboards will not allow for that. To return the first replacement I purchased they want a hundred dollar restocking fee which does not sit well with me at all. Thank you dear lord almighty that I have the funds for all this right now and thank you for the website subscribers who have helped to make this possible.

May 25, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Every day I work on letting go of Mo. My holding onto him for dear life is way too serious. The reality is that as an old dog now his life is going to pass soon. In reality, what is soon? What do I know? I tell myself that we both might go together, maybe not. He might be around for a few more years even but I doubt it, who knows? He is everything to me. When I wake up he is life saying to me that I love you. He is a daily welcome into the world. Mo serves as a distraction from negativity that can consume me. I enjoy caring for him and he helps me to care for myself through that. I love to stroke with affirmation and physical affection. I can do that to no end with him. He is by my side 24/7 for that and... he enjoys letting me know his appreciation. Living in the present moment with Mo without projection is a practice, a constant practice. I've said it before... Mo's presence in my life represents the cumulation of all the love I have ever received and known in life to date.

May 24, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I can not remember if I ever wrote down my process of creating music that happened at fifty years of age. During the pandemic I forgot some of it from not sharing it. Now, after just a few times out and about, it all came back to me so I am writing it down to not forget. Depending on the individual, I leave out some words or add a few, or emphasise a specific point but what is below... is the core of it all. I specialize in people who have never played the piano, do not think they can play or have been psychologically damaged from music lessons, lol. This has happened over a hundred thousand times, no kidding.

I tell everyone... 1. Play a note, just one note, only a note and hold it down. It is yours. Relax with it. Take a breath. That is your own note of music, that you created. Who is to say it is right or wrong, good or bad or enough or not. It is simply a note of music. Fuck them if they can't take a joke. 2. Play another note and hold it down. When you mean what you say and say what you mean it is the truth and everyone will like it. 3. Play another note and hold it down. A bird makes three notes and it is called music. If you make three notes, is it not music? 4. Now with both hands just mess around playing notes, bang them out do whatever you want, hit the keys. Now... we're you just playing around? It is called "playing" the piano. You can say that you are a piano player whenever you are having fun just playing. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. When a child plays in a playground can anyone say that child is playing bad?

5. Now for sixty seconds, put your foot on the sustain pedal and hold it down the whole time. I am going to count down for you. Simply play notes, do whatever you want to do, bang on the keys if you want, play one note and just hold it down for sixty seconds, explore if you want but... on the last note hold it down and I will tell you what to do. While you are playing think about the fact that you are playing the piano on the back of a pickup truck here where we are, with a dog sitting on top of the piano. Look at the sky. Listen to all the sounds around you. Just have fun and be aware. Just sixty seconds, ready, get set, go, I'm counting. (aloud) 6. Now... hold the last note(s) down, lift up the pedal, then lift up the note(s). Listen to the silence. The silence of the end, in the moment of silence. It is not even a second in time, this is when respect is created. That is when gratification, wonder, accomplishment, joy, fun, awareness, inspiration, empowerment, the wow, the "now" moment, the learning happens. When a baby makes its first sound, in the jolt of realization, the information downloads. This is the miracle moment. And then it creates the sound again and adds a sound. You do not learn while playing the notes. You learn in the moment you end the music with respect, the silence. That is when the mind takes in all the information be it through self, the holy spirit, the universe, etc..

You just created your first sentence of music. It was too short to be good or bad, it was just fun. Everytime you do it, you get more used to it, then comfortable with it, then it begins to make sense, then you like it, then everyone else likes it. This is a no brainer. The secret is in knowing when to shut up, when to stop playing. You must stop before your mind starts to say you are bored, before you begin to feel stupid, before you feel like someone is going to tell you to shut up. You must stop before any thought comes in to take away the fun. You must stop while you are still in the fun, at the top of the stimulation because then you will want to come back to play some more because... you are not done. Stop before you are done. It is like sex. If you build it up to the top and do not go over the top... you are going to come back to it because... you are not done!

May 23, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am still processing in my mind the last two days. Processing with the photos help. It was all so overwhelming, the nature, the experience, the music, the people, the accomplishment of putting all I have in spirit out into the world to take the trip and time... two days in a row but, the visual nature... that was the foundation of it all. For almost ten years I have been needing to revisit Death Valley to see it again. The temperatures have not hit the high mark yet, so I seriously thought about pushing myself again to go somewhere else for the day. Then I remembered how physically something like what I went through, it takes two days to play to play out so I choose to lay low today. Mo and I went to a park and took a walk and then I found a tree for shade and laid in a lounge chair that I have. Also, processing the photos reminds me of how overwhelming it all was for me to have seen what I saw once again. I've always been more of a visual person than anything else, even more than musical.

May 22, 2021

Death Valley, California

One thing is for sure! I still have everything it takes to do what I feel inspired... to do. As crazy as it is, we drove back to Death Valley again today. It was the last opportunity with the cold snap we are in. On the way I got lost and that caused an hour extra of driving. The spots we missed yesterday, I just had to see them while it is still possible. Thirteen hours total of travel with four hours to get there three hours to get back. The truck can still do it, I can still do it, Mo can still do it! Two days on the road full blast. Zabriskie Point was a must. For the entire journey of many years now this spot has stayed with me most from many years ago with its textures, size, shapes and colors of rolling rock. In the park there is one area called the Artists Palette. Not only was I drawn there, I felt drawn to spend time there. I created music and felt inspired in a new way for the first time.

Musically, I was creating as one with the nature I was viewing. The nature was creating "drawing" the music. Wow, that was an new and unusual experience. Interacting with people was beyond joy. The journey was alive in its old ways once again. I even remembered the script I have used pre-pandemic, the third thing I usually say when people when they play their third note. "A bird makes three sounds and it is called music, if you make three sounds, are you not making music?" Ahh... I was so alive. So was Mo. He jumped into the truck and onto the piano and back down about eight times. He has barely been able to get into the truck once these days. He was in bliss. When on the ground he would go up to people and just sit next to them. The energy, as I write this the memory of it, I become emotional with relief and gratitude.

May 21, 2021

Death Valley, California

We are having a cold snap, probably the last for this year and there was no way I was going to miss it. Mo and I drove to Death Valley National Park in California. I have been wanting to visit the place since I moved here and have thought about for every week... since I moved here in 2017! It is right across the state line in California a few hours away. I felt very blessed with the temperatures in the low 70's the entire time with a light cloud cover. There we're even rain drops. Death Valley is one of the hottest, driest places on earth. In deep a hundred miles from civilization we only saw five cars the entire time. I drove most of the day with my jaw dropped and was so lost in the stunning scenery that I forgot to eat. No surprise that Death Valley is a national park. I thought I have seen it all. Now, nature for me is just variations on a theme. Not today, I saw completely new, had a completely new experience of nature.

With daylight now until 8pm (woo-hoo) at 6pm still way inside the park the trucks dashboard red light came on. My mind shot back to last month when that happened in the Lake Meade area outside of Las Vegas. Then the light went off, then it came on... life went into a blur. I was far away, like at least an hour from anything. Then I remembered it was the oil light. If I could just make it to a gas station. This is when the scenery really began to be extreme. I drove through it trying to enjoy through the fear and frustration of not being able to stop and take pictures of it all! Wow, that was insane joy and fear at the same time. Then I got lost and just prayed because if it was in the wrong direction I would have been going back into the desert... in the dark and not know it. As it turned out we were on the long road to a gas station verses the highway. The oil was in fact low.

The truck now I suppose will always need oil more often. After all, the Traveling Piano is vintage truck now, a 1987 Toyota. Mo was exhausted just from all the driving... ten hours of it!!!! Today was a once in a life time opportunity and I was not going to miss it. I began using the bifocal glasses that I have had for two years. It helped my driving once it got dark because it is now very difficult to see as an old man, lol. I was worried about going down a steep mountain that gave me trouble earlier in the week with my brakes like they were going to give out. I found out the problem. I was going down the mountain in neutral and need to stay in gear. I just forget stuff sometimes that I have been doing for a life time. Its weird. I am on sensory overload from today with all the beauty I took in of this planet we call earth.

May 20, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I escaped the darkness that has been hovering around in my mind as of late. With the temperatures cool for a few days... need to take advantage of that. I have constantly been feeling drawn back to the spot where we found crystals last week. So there we went. Of course I was hoping to find more while also knowing it was a special one time find. The place must be a vortex. We walked around a little, created some music and we both laid in the lounge chair I brought along. With the strong winds like 30 miles an hour the temperature felt like in the 50's. That necessitated wearing a jacket with a hoodie! That is a big change of weather from the past few weeks. Of course we were high up in the air also. I lost all need to think. I was able to get in touch with the fact that I am here for no other reason than to exist. Everything created in life is meaningless unless for the sake of gratitude. So I spent time in total gratitude for existing, especially with Mo by my side. I created music for the universe, the God of my understanding that is always in flux. Then as I returned from nature to the city. My mind once again began to think. Damm... I'm going out again tomorrow to escape into the truth of spirit again.

May 19, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

My brothers death seriously messed me up. Gerry who passed yesterday, he was the closest sibling to me in age and it was with him that if there were a chance for relationship it would have happened more than with the others. So... I guess it could be called a failed potential relationship? In any case, it is time to move forward with life. Sharing food and water with the homeless has been consciously curtailed. I've been feeling trapped in doing it and that is not sustainable so I just need to stop for awhile. The piano for the truck needs to be replaced. I have been saying that for over a year. There is no piano keyboard on the market to replace it that will fit into the piano facade on the truck. I saw a used one one Ebay of what I have and it was a decent price and I knew it was from a good home. I put a bid on it thinking no one else would create a bid and they did when I was not home, and now it is gone. That really, really hurts as it is the first piano used I have seen in over a year. Then I saw another for sale at a higher price than when new and I do not trust the seller. Musical fun, friendship and respect... empowerment, inspiration, nature, photography... homeless nurturing... none of it and nothing else, there is little desire right now. Winning that piano on Ebay would really have helped but I just did not care enough and let it slip through my hands. Damm!

May 18, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Now I know why I was so drained yesterday. My brother Gerry passed away this morning. He was trying to connect yesterday in spirit. How do I know this? Thoughts of him on a significant level passed through my mind and that as been rare through the years. Then, this morning I found out he died. He was a year older than I and I would say the closest in relationship of all my brothers which was practically nothing but still... Gerry was the least threatening of all my siblings (five others) while growing up because he was the "black sheep" in the family, the least respected, he never stood a chance in life to become his own person because of the labels put on him. Probably because he choose "pot" over alcohol in the family. Alcohol has more respectability with my siblings. Through the grace of God I found my way out of all that dysfunction. The term "dead head" back in the day originated from people like my brother. He was a good soul, wanting to do good. There was little to relate to with him growing up. When I decided to get sober and clean myself, the relating became even more difficult. Plus, he has/had a wife who is a relationship blocker. Do you know what that is? Ahh... for another time. Another brother passed eight months ago and through him I learned... the less contact with all those still living in the family the better, especially now. So, I have been spending some one-on-one time in spirit with my brother today saying goodbye.

May 17, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a day in being out of sorts, not able to do productive or non-productive anything so it seems. I did cook for myself. Mo and I went for our walk, we meditated and did enjoy the day with the door to my place open. The goal originally was to go out into the desert as there will be only a few days left before October with the temperature as low as it is today in the eighties. Most days if like last year will hover at or around a hundred degrees. The thought of that is painful to say the least. I cannot even remember what else I did today but that is ok, right? It is what it is.


May 16, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night I went to bed at 9PM and woke at 9AM today. And even with all that rest I was out of it for the entire day! Maybe it was the getting up at 7AM all week and the work I did with the Traveling Piano yesterday and my age, and my energy, blah, blah, blah. I want to give myself as much rest as needed. Also, I have been around people a lot more lately and that can drive me crazy anymore, lol. What is that about? More being in nature is needed. Mo... again and again I will say it. He grounds me. When I meditate I do it while focused on him in gratitude. He loves when I meditate and knows it is a special, peaceful and safe place to be in for both of us.

May 15, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh my God, I got up at 6:45 AM. Yes, I did do that. And, it is like the fifth day in a row of getting up early. Anyone who has read this blog knows what a feat that is to achieve. Mo and I, both our physical systems are whacked from the change of sleep pattern. We went to a commitment and thank God, it was almost all in the shade. That was a huge worry for me concerning the heat and sun and, I put up the umbrella which was not half the hassle I thought it would be. We were at an elementary school community bazaar. All the teachers and helpers came around the Traveling Piano truck for a photo. The principal did not want for everyone to get into the truck together because of COVID? Lol, really? But they can all gather together off and around the truck? And then she said that she did not want any photos put online. I said yea well, there will be photos put online. Everyone will be taking photos of me and what is going on and posting them but I am not to do that?

Lol, other than that she was flexible and easy to flow with and happy we were there. It felt so good to be doing what I do best and that is to share the piano seat with others. With the Covid mask mandate lifting and being in an environment where most people are vaccinated and still wearing a mask, everything felt good. The rhythm, words of what I say and how I talk with people is totally off. The "script" I have used for so long... I've forgotten it. Trying to do everything the way I used to do, which was worn out anyway, just will no longer work. My focus just needs to come through intent for people to have fun, learn something and create music for themselves especially if for the first time and to feel really awakened, astonished and accomplished as a result. Then there is always the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. With intent in place... how ever it happens is not so important as it actually happening. And, it always happens with through the Traveling Piano.

May 14, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Amanda has a small group called the Vegas Masketeers who have been sewing protective Covid masks for the Las Vegas community without cost since the pandemic began. The group has made and given away well over 10,000 masks and has shared at least a 1000 with the Traveling Piano to give out to those homeless on the streets. Mo and I will join the group tomorrow with the Traveling Piano at a Community Bazaar from 8 AM to 11 AM to create some musical fun, friendship and respect. Getting up early, the energy needed... lol, this will be an experiment since I am so out of shape and practice with everything since before Covid. Mo... I'll need to get the umbrella out to shade him! We both have been feeling old!

May 13, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a hundred degrees everyday now. I got up early again and we headed over to our friends house to work online in their backyard with shade and a pool. Being up so early is extremely disorienting and I cannot function but with day three under way, it is getting a little better. Yesterday, I had a very strange experience on a mountain peak where there were two burnt out fire camps. With the one I saw a little sparkle in the distance and was drawn to it enough to get out of the truck to see what it was. It was a pile of white crystal from broken geodes and some were not broken yet. This was a stunning find with no one around and it felt magical. Now I know what to look for. Why would anyone leave these in this spot? They we're there to be found without question, a gift for me. I gave one to my neighbor and another to my friends today.

May 12, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was day two of getting up early. My apartment management has been creating the need to have all vehicles removed by 8AM for painting needs that are not getting done. I cannot get started on that or this blog will become a rant. But... I've decided to create lemonade out of lemons so to speak and am using the opportunity to get up earlier. There is only one thing in life that has been more difficult for me and that is dealing with my alcoholism. Been doing that successfully coming on forty years. I am afraid to get up in the morning, always have been since childhood for many reasons. Anyway, Mo and I ventured out into nature and we ended up in Lovell Canyon about and hour and a half outside of Las Vegas.

It is in a forest of pine trees and extremely beautiful, wide open land. We made it up almost to the summit up one of those one lane dirt roads where thank God no one was coming down. I would not have been able to back down and there was no room for two vehicles. I've been on many a road like that on this journey. I chickened out just about 500 feet from the top. It just got too steep. From getting up early there was absolutely no energy to even hike it. Mo too, he is out of his routine. Both of us laid down on a trail in the shade to try and nap. With too many flies, we drove back down the mountain and and found another shade tree. The weather and temperature was amazing. I created some music overlooking the view from the pictures posted today.

May 11, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been so whacked in the head! I've been writing the blog posts here but not posting them. Just today I realized why nothing has been showing since the 7th of May. I want to start getting some pictures of friends on the streets. Them not feeling exploited is so very important. It takes a lot of trust for them. Some people say no and then I must help them to know and feel that is no problem. One woman said, "we owe him he dose so much for us." No, I said! You owe me nothing I am not going to get any picture on those terms. A guy Turtle and his girl got onto the Traveling Piano for a photo. I told him I may do another fundraiser so he made a video segment also for me. Interacting for any reason on the Traveling Piano must be 100% absolute fun and never for an agenda of need, never. For support, contribution... yes.

May 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Who knew Pop Tarts are still around!!! I was able to score about ten boxes to take to the streets with the Traveling Piano and then water, I purchased cases for the first time (ugh) what a racket. Having water is a basic human right!!! (should not be for sale) Now regular sink water is being sold as purified, then alkaline charging more than 2x's the price, then ionized, blah, blah, blah... but the Pop Tarts for people on the streets... everyone loved them! They were something different to share and with the water here in the Las Vegas heat right now, you cannot drink enough water to stay hydrated. I give everyone two bottles unless they just want one.

May 09, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is Mothers Day. I love my mom. My mother Anne, she was a ferociously passionate, Ukrainian Catholic, a family oriented woman having had seven children. She had faults, serious faults and lived with fear, lots of fear. But much more than any of that... she loved life and she loved me as much as a mother can love and she cared for me as much as any human being could care. Her intent in life was spot on 100% pure... for the sake of love, togetherness, security, goodness and joy. My passionate nature in life, the best and the worse... that all came from my mother. Having passed away almost 40 years ago my mom is still with me in spirit, in every moment, in every thought of love. I share my life with her everyday as I am her heaven. Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

May 08, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, Mo and I just zoned out over our friends Eric, Mary and Barbara's house in their back yard that has a swimming pool and waterfall. We laid in my favorite lunge chair while listening to the water and breeze and watching a flowering tree swaying with hummingbirds flying around. Jasmine is in bloom with the smell of that, so nice. It was not too hot with the sun was shinning, the water temperature was perfect and Barbara cooked dinner for us all... hot dogs in buns with beans and salad, with relishes, corn on the cob, chocolate covered strawberries to die for... it was a pretty amazing afternoon. I just sat through most of it not thinking. Mo, was in his heaven. He did not want to go in the water and I did not feel like pushing that agenda with him. The photo from today is from 2011 in a pool.

May 07, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

These past days have has a magical flow in them. Again and again I thank God for my circumstances, the ability to sleep in as much as needed. It was after noon when Mo and I began to search for a creative fabricator, I need a shade cover and some kind of air conditioning to save Mo and my life while working with the Traveling Piano through the summer. The umbrellas I used to use we're for stationary setups where I was for periods of time. Those days are now gone. We ended up interacting with a little guy who had lots of fun on the Traveling Piano. I said "just bang out some music" and he did. Then I said, "we're you just "playing" around? He said, yes. Then I said, "well then, you are a piano player. It is called... playing the piano!" Then, I needed to get some Traveling Piano signs I had stored in a back area of the store I had been using as a home base for the last half year. There we're four large cases of water there also. The next few hours was spent handing all the water out to people on the streets. Plastic and the selling of water has become such a horrible racket. The size of bottles sold are not enough to be helpful to someone living on the streets so each person needed two bottles. They were not cold but also, they we're not hot from sitting in the truck overnight! Then I purchased a new pair of bedsheets for myself!

May 06, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been zoned out alot. Many people are in this worlds present state. With the temperatures now around a hundred everyday I am concerned about Mo and my survival through the summer. I took a drive to a park where Mo and I zoned out next to a pond with ducks, pigeons and geese flying around. It was a nice change of scenery except for all the poop on the ground. In the parking lot I cleaned out the back and put stuff back into the piano case. Chris, my auto mechanic wired the batteries for me inside the case in a way that it took up most of my storage space. I just don't want to deal with it. I was very conscious while driving the truck hoping it would not break down especially in the heat. I decided to create some music as the sun set. A group of Native Americans we're having a ceremony in the park and as it finished they all began coming towards me to get to their cars. I decided to play them all out with music. A woman named Kit (I think) engaged with us and she got onto the piano seat. Another guy from the group came over and handed me a hundred bucks. How cool is that? Very. I was tuned in spiritually with the group and they with me. Interacting with Kit as in the old days with everyone, felt very nice!

May 05, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Automatically, I just took to making bread and butter sandwiches today about a hundred of them. When I used to see people handing food like this out on the streets I used to scoff at it saying to myself, "you can do better than that." But know I realize that you do the best you can with whatever you have and this is all I have right now. I used thick slabs of butter. It made some people laugh. Some people really like simply bread and butter. Others, are like..."Eww... thats it? I'll pass." Lol... Then again some are really hungry... I'll take whatever you have. There was a ten dollar bill laying on the ground where a woman was sleeping. I told her to take it and put it in her pocket. She said, no you take it. She knows me. Then she said, maybe you can go around the corner and get some water for me? Three bucks for a gallon of water at a 7/11! It is just getting more and more difficult for people living on the streets who must make purchases to survive from convenience stores.

May 04, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dealing with crappy apartment managers can be such a pain in the ass. It hurts so much when a good one leaves. They are very transient where I live. My lease is up for renewal and I am being screwed with a huge rent increase and as well they are making me pay my rent in a different way which will be a huge inconvenience. There are so many other issues right now here, that I just hid in my room for most of the day. If I left the parking lot with the Traveling Piano I would lose the only spot in it and have to park on the street overnight. That cannot happen with all the equipment in the back. The fear of summer heat is coming on and need to find a solution for Mo. Still, Traveling Piano interactions are happening more and more and that helps to keep me going. I am loved and appreciated, that also helps. As an older person now becoming complacent in where I live is natural and along with the last few years on the road, how burnt out I was moving constantly from place to place, looking for places to go by myself, those memories say constantly... just settle down somewhere. When am I going to feel secure in life? Ha, never... that is not how my life works. There are periods of feeling secure and then not, and then so, and then not, and then so, etc...

May 03, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Back to the truck repair place. Chris the owner took time from his work to sort through all the electrical wiring to connect the piano with the invertor with the isolater with the truck battery for power. I so much appreciate his doing that for me as well as doing what was needed to get the truck running once again a few days ago. Once before I had said I'd stop by his house for his kids birthday party. Today I said, "hell, no stop by... I'll stay and share the Traveling Piano for the entire Birthday Party time! Dan, one of his employees got onto the Traveling Piano for a moment. He had caught a mistake in a repair a half year ago and spoke up about it and wow, did I appreciate that! Once I got home I was emotionally exhausted. The truck, the beginning heat, the Traveling Piano work, the world in general, evil people in the world, dealing with the homeless, myself... thank God for Mo... he grounds me in the reality of the present moment, in love.

May 02, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The day was spent repeating over and over... "you don't have to do anything." I was trying to take a day off. Tomorrow I take the truck back to the repair shop so maybe the piano wires can get straightened out. So, I slept in late today, was on social media, took a long walk with Mo, and just basically zoned out. I also tried to figure out and/or decide how I am going to work my finances as the prices of everything rise as they are doing. I sent a complaint to my apartment manager with a little fear that they will not renew my lease at the end of the month even though they are raising it fifty bucks a month. The homeless are moving next to my apartment wall and selling drugs, having sex, defecating, etc... and, they are beginning to seek me out as I go in and out of my apartment complex asking for water, food and whatever and this... I do not want. My private space is off limits in every way. Until now, most did not know where I live and that was good!

May 01, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat is here. It has been a hundred degrees the last two days. Mo and I went over to our friends house and I took a dip in their pool and tried to relax. It takes a lot more than a few hours for me to truly relax. We ended up talking most of the time. On the way home after running a few errands I saw a guy laying on the sidewalk and so I had to go give him some water and food that was in the back of the truck. The water was warm but the best I could do. Earlier I had picked up food from my friend Lydia. So with the one guy, I was triggered to go out and get rid of everything else I had. There we're masks, food, water and socks, enough for about sixty people. Then I started on this blog which was back logged for five days. It takes so long to do now, but must be done. I miss the daily consistency I have been able to have for so many years for people who come to visit every day. It is what it is.