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April 17, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

A change of scenery was more than needed today. I was not sure where we would go or what we would do but knew it had to be out in nature. Driving out of town we would pass people laying on the sidewalk and my first impulse was to stop and give them water and other snacks in the truck but I just kept saying, not today, leave them. The gun murders, the cop murders nationwide... it is making me very, very angry. I want to drive up to Chicago with the Traveling Piano to do our work as in the past with gun violence and I have the resources right now to do so but then COVID responsibility kicked in, damm it. Prioritization is needed. I will need to find other ways to express my concern and care with the Traveling Piano no matter how much I want to be in the thick of it as I have in the past.

Mo and I ended up at Lake Mead, a man made lake in the desert and I thought how un-natural it feels there. Never the less, it was beautiful, being around some water was just great, it was cool and breezy and not too many people around. Mo and I climbed the rocks a little. His leg agility is fading fast. I am so glad I can give him all the enjoyment in nature that is possible. He's feeling especially tender and loving today. We love each other so much! When I first drove in I had planned on creating some music by the water when we were done exploring, but when it was time to go the energy to do it just was not there. In another time it will happen.

April 16, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I made two loaves of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and lots of peanut butter and jelly crackers to take out onto the streets. My friend Eric dropped off eight cases of water. At the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Las Vegas Boulevard where there was a shooting a few weeks ago, I ended up creating music because one of the neighborhood guys asked. He is one scary looking character, a drug addict and dealer but I know he genuinely appreciates my music so I had to do it. I created music while watching about six totally rough looking guys eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, lol. It was a little bit weird, my music, the truck, Mo and myself a heavyset older white guy playing the piano on a dangerous street corner... they are my family. Would these people turn on me on the drop of a dime if it served them to do so enough? They would turn on me just like life long friends, neighbors, business associates and family have in the past. Do you catch my drift?

April 15, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I drove the Traveling Piano over to my friend Sarah's store on Main Street to create some music for her. The weather is so beautiful right now I cannot miss any opportunity to create music. Of course people were out and about. Everyone loves the music. Everyone that tells me they love the music that is, lol. Sarah and her husband Luis we're dressed in matching outfits so I had to get a picture of them both on the piano with Mo. Then I met a mother with her son and daughter from Alaska. With my huge Traveling Piano connection with Alaska I just had to get them up on the piano. They we're wearing masks showing they care, so the risk felt low. But... that opened the door for me, I was on a run. A bunch of dental school students came by and the energy was so great I wanted to get them up onto the piano. It felt like old times. Fund, Friendship, respect...

I rationalized it when they all said they we're vaccinated. Afterward, I thought... "wow, that was very irresponsible." Vaccinated or not, none had masks on and you can still carry and spread the disease that way. Just letting that go and enjoying what was... is not possible for me. I will do it again if I allow myself to enjoy it. No one tells me how to be responsible or not, or what is responsible or not. There is enough information and common sense now to know. Wear a mask, limit Traveling Piano interactions, do not put myself around people and places where I become vulnerable to care less and... I could not care less what anyone else thinks about my caution, responsibility and example for others. They want to call it fear. And I will in return call what they have say, with a fuck you. So difficult, so difficult, so difficult!

April 14, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Eric dropped off 8 cases of water, I made 5 gallons of apples sauce and along with the rest of Loretta's snack bags from Sunday and Amanda's masks to give out... Mo and I went off to do some good deeding. Afterwards we stored a few of the water cases in my friend Sarah's, Peddler's Antique Mall so they would not get hot under the truck tarp for tomorrow and there was some music to be had "for myself mostly" on Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas. There's the Traveling Piano report for today! But alas, there is more. One of my next door neighbors skipped town. He was so quiet and lived next to me for a year. Eight out of the last ten people who have lived next door to me have been total trouble, six have been evicted so... you can get an idea. And the noise through the walls. Say a prayer that whomever comes in is quite and no trouble or that I can get out of here.

April 13, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

This has to be the fastest April on record. My neighbor Miles went out with Mo and I tonight and as a result, I was able to create music on the Traveling Piano while Miles served the food I made... lots of food for our friends on the streets! Some of my neighbors are really bad and some are really great! Miles is great! The bad neighbors are driving me crazy. I have no relief from the streets. I work with crazy and live with crazy while my rent is being raised. That last part I can deal with. The constant foot traffic in front of my door and window with transients 12 feet from where I sit back and forth, back and forth and one guy tonight actually came to my door and looked in. I was furious and went to the door and said do you belong here? He said he was looking for his nephew which is a stupid "tell" that he has no nephew. Need to find a new place to live. The apartments are now going back to monthly rentals and half year rentals... a huge negative for me as they will just keep raising rent and people will just keep using the rooms for nefarious needs. A good prostitute can make a months rent in one night, same with a drug deal or those renting space for five people to stay for one night. Ugh

April 12, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

7 gallons of celery, potato, carrot, apple, onion, parsley, sour cream, mayo, salt, pepper, friend chicken sausage in butter. Organized, prepped, cooked, mixed, packed and delivered. This is the music I have been making to take to the streets with the Traveling Piano again and again... until it is all gone! And then there is the massive cleanup. Oh, and I just posted the first photo gallery of about 200 photos so far for this year of 2021. Check it out.

April 11, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course I had to take it easy today because of yesterday. I can feel myself fragile, faint, heart palpitations if I push myself at all. Thank God I can feel and know when to chill physically. This... something that was a problem for most of my life... pushing to hard and making myself sick as a result. Ha, now it would not be about getting sick. If I push myself too hard I will just drop dead and I know it. Mo and I did not do our Sunday commitment. We went and picked of some goodies that were dropped off during the week and then went for a walk around the neighborhood to give some out. That did not last long with Mo. He was hot and exhausted in a very short time. In the heat he cannot think and needs to be lead by me. Normally, he is off leash when we walk.

April 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I may have pushed myself too hard today, we shall see. At nine in the morning I began to cook and did it non-stop until 5pm. I called up "Doc" from Holy Smoke-Misfit Missionaries to come out with Mo and I to create just a teeny weeny bit of music on the Traveling Piano and to give out buttered bagels and five gallons of this... boil the potatoes the night before and refrigerate. Begin: Cut up and fry chicken patties in butter until like crisp bacon. While that is frying cube the potatoes. When chicken is done put it all in the freezer to get cold. Hand chop the celery. Dice carrots, onions and parsley in a food processor. Mix all vegetables in a huge plastic storage container. Add mayo, salt and pepper. Take chicken out of the freezer and add to the mixture. Then: In separate large pot add some potatoes and mix with mayo and a little salt and pepper. Add some of the vegetable/meat mixture. Move that into an even bigger pot. Then: Repeat - Repeat - Repeat the mixing until the biggest pot is filled. Doc is the guy I went into the tunnels with under Las Vegas last week. That is where he goes to work with the homeless. I forgot to get his picture today!

April 09, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, I just had to get out to create some music. With no food, I just went to a few spots and created very much needed music. I am in a dilemma about moving as my rent is being raised significantly and coping with the crazy people all around me is becoming more difficult. The problem is that real-estate management and landlords have become ultra greedy and rent here is now becoming like everywhere else in the country. Gotta stop thinking about it. Creating music was nice, need to get a better piano to play on so I can enjoy more. Although, everyone on the streets appreciates it, so...

April 08, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Getting my third COVID test because of the way I have been feeling. I cannot take a chance knowing that I interact with so many vulnerable people. And... I have not been totally responsible while doing the best I can. You can still get it within a two week period of the vaccination, in fact you can get it even though you are vaccinated just not as severe and no one knows if you can have it and be transmissible without knowing while vaccinated and... the vaccinations themselves are not one hundred percent effective. So better to be safe than sorry. Cannot believe we are already past a week in April! I do feel grateful that I have been able to get vaccinated. Wish I could travel and knowing I cannot makes it worse. Wish I could get enough rest to get up earlier to create music. Wish, wish, wish... nothing will happen until I do, do ,do. This month eleven years ago the Traveling Piano was riding solo with out Boner or Mo and I was in Texas, Kansas and Colorado. Check out the April website blog from 2010!

April 07, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sleep, sleep, sleep... that is what I have been doing a lot of, out of necessity. Mo is what gets me up. He needs to be feed and no matter how little... needs a walk everyday. Thinking about making the food that needs to go out onto the streets makes me sleep more because I want to avoid the reality of the work involved. It is a lot of work and doing it in my small space is a total pain in the ass! The music is suffering greatly, there is so little these days. Between not being out and about with the virus, the sun and heat now here, the piano not being fun to play because it is so worn, and the cooking and distributing food for people on the streets... God, help em get back to the music!

April 06, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I don't know what is going on with me. The heat is here, that slows me down. Maybe my allergies are worse than ever especially as I am older. I wake up very stuffed, am dripping down deep which causes me to cough all through the night... and other physical ailments. That fact that over the counter so called medicines like cough syrup, allergy medicine and mucus clearing tablets can cost almost a hundred bucks is insane. It has been proven year after year how little all this stuff works but still, I'll get it with the hope that it will help and at rip off pricing... it is just awful.

April 05, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

All this food! When you go to a food bank at the end of the day, they have food that needs to get dumped and you can take as much as you want so of course, I do not want any to go to waste and it is so needed on the streets... I fill the truck. Then to organize my brain for the energy, prep, cooking, packaging in my small space is a huge undertaking with the key phrase... "nothing can go to waste." Potatoes, cream cheese, gallons of milk, beans, large packages of frozen chicken patties that defrost before I get home, carrots, onions, butter, bread, etc... the list goes on and on. I gave about fifty percent to my neighbors and to people on the streets who have a place but are very poor. Still... there is so much!

April 04, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was not expecting a high energy Easter day. While having my morning coffee my friend Curtis called, "I have a 130 spaghetti sausage dinners do you want them? I called my neighbor Miles, "I need your help, are you available?" Also, my friend Todd had dropped off 8 cases of water yesterday. I had the forks. Met another guy along the way who gave us about 20 tea shirts. Off we went to the streets. This week the city made it even more difficult for those on the streets to get resources. The appreciation and smiles we're awesome. We we were done, about 30 more Easter Bags of goodies, candy, eggs, etc... we're picked up.

Loretta, from my Sunday committment has been consisent everyweek in dropping off items. So I had to go back out with all that. As a result I did not get to create music on Main Street as I have been doing every Sunday. Along with Mo's presence and my love for everyone and my neighbor Miles went out with us... you would not believe the smiles! It was GREAT! Thank God for friends and neighbors who care... just people in general. Happy Easter! It was over 90 degrees so Mo mostly hung out in the truck. A solution will be needed for Mo and the heat that has now arrived for the next half year!

April 03, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am rarely current now in posting this blog daily as I have been for all these years. It is something I have taken pride in doing and disappointing for me. Oh well, at least I am still doing it... especially with so few people reading personal blogs these days. As time goes on I tend to jump off the "in" "current" "trendy" bandwagon of life. There is little choice. It is a matter of struggle or continue doing what is possible on the path developed. New neighbors are moving in and more are to follow. They are of a loud culture and looking like trouble. It was so great for the last year. I was in heaven and do not know if I can return to the chaos, frustration and fear. I need a peaceful and quiet home. With my door open, strangers are going back and forth, back and forth the same ones up to ten times an hour twelve feet away. Why? For no good reasons that is for sure. Been through all this many times through the last few years. Mo says Hi! ... with his funny smile...

April 02, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I created a super large 7 gallon food cook to take to the streets with the Traveling Piano... and it is looking like my first food fail. I needed to find some super starving people who did care, lol. That was everyone I found. It is all good ingredients... mixed beans, rice, hamburger, sausage, a little chicken, carrots, cabbage, onion, tomato, pepper, corn, cayenne pepper, garlic, salt, sugar, brown sugar, cajun seasoning... presently a mushy almost soup consistency... the problem... the beans are not cooked enough and that is a sure what will wreck it. ugh! Hard crunchy raw beans, and, the taste and texture is confusing beyond belief! I guess, it is what it is. I called it crunchy bean soup. My neighbor Miles went out with Mo and I to give it all out along with masks, food, candy, cookies and water. Let me tell you the most favorite part of it all! Miles offered to clean my burnt crusted pot for me!!! There is nothing I like less than cleaning that pot.

April 01, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have some awesome photos of desert lichen. It is like an ancient mold that grows on rocks? I'd like to create puzzles for people with them. This would entail a lot of work and everything I already do takes longer as I get older. Farming the work out would be an option but I have no backing finances to do that. Finding the backing would be just another full time job with a payout in the future which, well... my time does not have a very lengthy future enough that I want to spend my time trying to develop it.