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December 31, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am sure this will surprise some people. This past year has been one of the best ever for me! My relationship with Mo has become more fulfilling day by day. Friendships have begun that are supportive for my life not only personally, but with my work. In my community and neighborhood, several people have joined me in my endeavors. I am feeling more secure for the future financially that I will be able to pay at least my most basic of bills. I love where I live. My trust of people caring about me has grown as has a feeling of purpose in my life. If anything should happen to me Mo will be cared for by people he has come to know and love well. My belongings (we'll most) will be taken care of if needed. Politically, I have more clarity than ever before with greater strength and conviction to stand up for the spirit of truth. With the virus I am learning more and more to live in the present moment and flow with whatever comes my way in life. I have funds from the last fundraiser saved to pay for a piano and the computer fix. Today the 29th person signed on through the Traveling Piano website for a sustainable contribution.

I now have 50% of my basic monthly bills paid for through 29 people from $3 to $100 a month. In all 15 years of this journey I have never had more than 6 or 7 at a time and have never sustained anything close to 50%! Music is needed now more than ever and as well the caring for each other. If you would like to help with a sustainable contribution to keep the Traveling Piano going through 2021, here is the link. Contribution Link This New Years Eve is all planned out. First, I will meditate for twenty minutes. Then, I'm going to take a shower! Then shave my head and trim myself up, put on some new clothes, eat a good dinner. And then Mo and I will walk downtown to an area with zero people around. There, we will watch the fireworks go off at the Plaza Casino. I'll be carrying a backpack loaded with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy and bottles of water for people living on the streets that we meet along the way. Its going to be a great night! When I get back home it will be time for a movie in the dark with candles lit all around.

December 30, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After finishing taking care of the truck registration and everything that involves I created some music on the streets. I christened my new five gallon pot given to me for Christmas and made a crazy soup of leftovers that turned out really good. What I am going to do with four gallons of soup... It began simple enough with a turkey carcass to make some broth for soup. Then came the vegetables. Then I found left over turkey gravy and then left over spaghetti sauce, seasonings... I can't help myself when I get going. Afterwards I lit some candles and settled in with the 1934 remastered version of Babes in Toyland my all time favorite Christmas movie. It is the first movie I watched as a child that I can remember. The fun, fantasy, the terror and suspense. oh my... the excitement, music and romance! And of course Laurel and Hardy with their comedic antics.

December 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I crashed. My physical state was deteriorating fast so I had to just shut down. I've been out playing music everyday for more than two weeks and working to give resources to the homeless. The registration for the truck yesterday triggered mental stress. I have an obsession with anything truck related to take care of no matter how simple. I slept 22 hours. Thank God I can do this. All is good... I hope, have faith, trust. Thank God Mo is at my side.

December 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Before the 2nd of January I need to get a smog test and do the renewal registration for the Traveling Piano. Just thinking about that for today made be tremble with fear. Anything having to do with repair or whatever for the truck does that to me now. So I went through the day just doing what needed to be done one step at a time. It all started at 2PM and by 7PM I had the smog test but no registration. That was five hours which included at least an hour at red lights. You wait longer here in Las Vegas for a red light then anywhere else in the country and I think I hit every one of them today. First the idle was running too high to complete the test. I drove back to the guys that repaired it (at the other end of the city) they were closed for the holidays. Back to the new repair shop in my neighborhood where the old Traveling Piano Art Gallery used to be, they lowered the idle for me. Went to another place and got the smog test. Then I had to find a Kiosk at a random place to renew and pay for the registration. It was at a food market a half hour away and i got lost. Found the place and after waiting in line for a half hour the Kiosk says i need to do it at "one" specific place and gives me the address but not the name of the store. It was in a shopping mall so I look, and look... and look to find the place closed for the day!

December 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up at noon and could feel it was cloudy out and that is why I slept so long. As I get older I become more like a dog when it rains. I just go into sleep mode. It was not raining just cloudy and so I sat ready to get depressed about the future of the world in the next few months. Going out to work on the streets was just not in my cards for the day or so I thought. I was online and saw a post from a friend about muffins she made for the homeless and was about to drop off for me downtown. I thought, "Shit, its Sunday?" I have a commitment I made for myself to be on Main Street every Sunday to pick up contributions from neighbors to share with people on the street. I told myself not to rush but to get my ass out of the chair to followthrough with the commitment. Along with the muffins, I had water the Todd had dropped off, Loretta dropped off a huge box of peanut butter sandwiches, beef jerky and snacks and another neighbor brought over a bag of masks she had sewn. I created music on the street for about forty minutes and then took the food and masks out. It does not take long before it is all gone, not long at all because there are a lot of people living on the streets with nothing to eat. They get what they can when they can get it. People can be amazing. How about these neighbors of mine!?

December 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I was a kid, friends and relatives would come to visit the day after Christmas and I would show them what Santa brought for me. I had created a wish list for Santa this year for the first time since I was around eight years old. Do you want to know what Santa brought for me from my list? Get ready for this... Two long back cashmere scarfs and new thick socks with a set of bath towels and a new set of thick bedsheets! A favorite of mine... large chocolate covered pretzels was delivered along with a box of salty honey toffee milk chocolate covered crackers... and a $50 Trader Joe's gift card to go to the supermarket and buy more! The water from my facet... ugh. Santa brought me a Brita Water Filter that I can attach to my sink faucet. To keep my food fresh, I now have a clear plastic 5 piece canister set. Cooking for the homeless may become an ongoing process with a new five gallon stainless steel cooking pot and as well a 2 quart pot. Doing my laundry can be expensive so Santa gave me an $80 dollar bag of quarters to use at the laundromat. (he doesn't know that quarter machines are a thing of the past, now cards are used)

I now have a new Braun shaver for my head and goatee, an electric toothbrush and an air filter for my room air purifier. There is foot cream and also hand cream, the best I've ever used from L'Occitane (expensive stuff) along with a six pack of luxury organic soaps. Santa also gave me a set of new black wheel hubcaps for the Traveling Piano! My internet connection can be very weak. He delivered a booster, a signal extender and Mo and I can now also listen to music through a new JBL Flip 4 portable bluetooth speaker and... I have a new five TB external hardrive as a backup in order to store all the Traveling Piano archives! As I move into selling Traveling Piano Art Photos, displays are needed to carry around for different locations. Santa gave to me two large black artist travel portfolio cases to store the displays in! Santa gave Mo a new winter coat, a plush chew toy, a large bag of pork, chicken and sausage treats and his 30lb bag of senior lamb & rice food. Did we make out great or what!!! Thank you Santa(s).

December 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... a child was born. He was named Jesus and he showed himself clearly as Christ throughout life from beginning to end. He was a perfect mentor for humankind. Nothing he had said or done has ever deemed him anything but full of love and goodness for all. As Jesus Christ, he made it clear and stated throughout life that he was a human being just like the rest of us, the son of God, as we all are son's and daughter's of God. He showed humanity the path to salvation (as in living life) through love, care, validation, reassurance, empathy and compassion. Christmas Day is when we all celebrate his birthday. We remember to remember that love reigns. It always has, does and will. Members of my community here on facebook purchased presents of all kinds and wrapped them for Mo and I to distribute to those living on the streets in Downtown Las Vegas today. It has been a beautiful manifestation all around and a reason for people to love people. Merry Christmas. God bless us, every one!

Feeling a bit physically exhausted, Mo and I headed out to the streets and specifically to Foremaster which is filled with hundreds of homeless people. The filth was astonishing and, I know filth! It really makes me angry as the mayor and cohorts of this city want it that way. They are all very trump like. We ran into Trudy who runs The Compassion Initiative LV a non-profit that hands out supplies to the homeless. I had a bad run in with her several years ago which she probably does not even know about. Circumstance connected us on Facebook, she contributed to my fundraiser a few months ago and as now a result... of course the past is the past, lol. I also stopped at a homeless settlement I found a few days ago. It is being organized by Morgan, another Facebook connection who has autistic energy beyond belief. I'll be amazed to see if she can pull over the housing project she is working on for the homeless. No energy, tomorrow I need to just chill for the first time in weeks.

December 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

A few friends of mine want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Actually there are 100's of friends wanting to wish you a Merry Christmas... we were mostly too busy today feeling good and having a little fun to take a lot of pictures today. I can't believe a full truck load of wrapped gifts, water and food snacks disappeared as fast as it did. It took only an hour and a half for it all to be gone! All the, collecting, asking people for gifts, organizing, gone in the blink of an eye... lol. I think what is significant about it is how many people there are on the streets. What I gave out did not make a dent in anything. It is a constant challenge to remind myself of the agenda and mission... just one person is enough. It is not about the numbers. I've never asked any of the people I see for a picture. Today was the first time with them and they were all completely happy to do so, these friends of mine. A lot of Christmas joy was created, Mo with his reindeer antlers, me with my Santa hat... I'm exhausted. We also played a lot of music. It is very soothing for people.

December 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been having the best Christmastime of my adult life! Friends helping me to support friends, friends supporting me, friends simply gifting me with Christmas Gifts! Today I was creating music outside the Peddlers Antique Mall on Main street in Las Vegas and stopped for a rest. I went inside and there up front on a counter by itself a Christmas Lantern was sitting. Not only was it the real thing, the way it was decorated just sort of stunned me while I stood staring at it for ten minutes with no thought. I cannot remember anything capturing my attention like that before. I had to have it. $60, no way can I afford that. Then I thought about just being irresponsible, I wanted it so much. Then I went up to the lady selling it and asked if she could lower the price. We went back and forth a couple of times and she settled on $30 with me. In my mind, it was worth $150. Someone yesterday had given me $20 and another person today $10 as a Christmas Gift so there it was, thirty bucks. Before I left I went in to give her the money and she said to just accept the lantern as a Christmas Present. Merry Christmas!

So there is the Traveling Piano that distributes huge size cookies and knitted caps for people on the streets made by members of the Las Vegas community. The cookie lady mentioned somewhere on line that she needs butter. A stranger to her dropped off 25 sticks of butter to the Traveling Piano to be passed on for more cookie making. The lady that has been knitting hats for people on the streets mentioned a few weeks ago that she needs more yarn. Unsolicited, another person delivered a huge bag of yarn to the Traveling Piano to pass on to the cap maker. This month has manifested some really good, loving, caring and creative energy between strangers relating in the best of ways... along with music! My neighbor turned me onto the fact that right outside my door here on the Las Vegas Strip downtown, I can see Jupiter and Saturn in the Great Conjunction. What is interesting is there are no other planets or stars to be seen in the sky with this! I created music on the street today straight for an hour and a half just... rambling with the musical energy in my brain so full of gratitude and fun.

December 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We found a two week old homeless community of tents and makeshift shelters on a private lot where the city cannot touch anyone or their possessions because it is private. It is the biggest I've seen here in Las Vegas. There were at least 60 settlements. I wanted to take pictures, but for what purpose? I played music for about fifteen minutes and then we drove to an old spot across the street from the Salvation Army. The homeless population is growing and its getting uglier and uglier, dirtier and dirtier and more desperate. Then I went to another familiar area and just created music on the street for an hour just zoning out. Christmas is comming!

December 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, today did not go as planned. Actually there really wasn't a plan. It felt pre-programmed from the start. I got an email from a new friend I met yesterday who has opened a new business right around the corner from where I live. It is called The Kundalini Kollective and it is on Main street. I've been very curious about it as a Yoga studio, next to a popular Brewery downtown seems a bit strange. The name is strange. There was some spontaneity and synchronicity to be had with a feeling of community in celebrating the Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn... the planets today are in alignment with each other forming the first visible "double planet" in 800 years. A Christmas Star! At The Kundalini Kollective... each session deals with breathing, meditation, and a little chanting... also, a gong is used! The gong brings in the sounds of the universe... alive into the present moment!

Traveling Piano Dog Mo and I both stayed for a session and two gongs were used to create musical sounds. It was AWESOME! I had a very supernatural experience with gonging back in the beginning of this journey. I wrote about it in this blog. Again today, I was laying with my eyes closed on the floor and did not even realize the sounds were real. I was flying through the universe alone and found myself here on earth as a gift, from luck, having been chosen who knows, but... the planet I realized is an experiment a heaven for beings like myself to have a way to relate, an opportunity to connect with other beings like myself in no other way before possible. We are all born in gratitude for a breath of air to experience each other like never before. Does that sound crazy to you? Lol, I've asked that question in those exact words before on this website. Think about them, they are very real words. So all the negative in this world... it just is what it is, nothing more. All that matters is the love and the manifestation of love in being together as one.

December 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm getting fatter. Ugh... it is hindering my ability to work. Mo and I headed to Main street today as we do every Sunday now. The truck was then loaded with Christmas presents from friends... not only for myself, but to hand out to people living on the streets on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is a beautiful thing. Being on the streets, being around people is pure Russian Roulette I know. We are all doing the best we can with this virus. Unfortunately, it is not a unified "best" and as a result... well, I must be a realist while living in the moment with gratitude and joy because what is coming down the pike will not be pretty. Its a challenge. I met the owner of a new Yoga studio on the street a block away. She is bat shit crazy and knows it, lol! I can deal with that. It is the one's who do not know they are crazy that I run from. She also created a sustainable subscription on the website for me. That is the second local business to do this and it means a lot! I now have a sustainable income that equals 40% of my basic monthly needs with 27 subscribers from $3 to $100. I be living still from hadn to mouth. Create a subscription on the Contribution link here! Merry Chirstmas, lol.

December 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm really glad the first place I had planned on going to, that did not work out. I needed all the energy for the place I went. It was a Christmas Toy drop off event for True Family Services a non-profit here in Las Vegas. I like the CEO Anne Marie and the non-profit has given me food for the homeless in the past. There was a lot of activity with food, giveaways, bouncy houses and lots of kids. And... so conflicting with the fun... I could not help but think it was a covid-hell pit. Outdoors be it as it may, some of the kids were not wearing masks inside the play area. I was sort of detached from it all although there was activity six feet away from me in all directions. I went into full blown performance mode for an hour and a half. That has not happened in a long, long time. While I was there the company made a respectable contribution which I did not expect... at all. In four years, this is the first non-profit to both thank me and also make a contribution to the Traveling Piano's journey and work. Can you believe that? It is true. Before today, not one thanks or acknowledgment of appreciation. And, pre-pandemic I had been at several different recourses consistently several times a week, weekly and monthly for three years running. Never had a thank you or show of appreciation from a CEO or upper managment. My presence was not for those people and they we're not able to capitalize on my presence but... giving basic respect of gratitude and worth goes a long way with me. They all missed the boat with it... until today. Whoo Hoo! Now I will want to give more freely than ever to Anne Maries on-profit.

Afterwards Mo and I went to my friends Eric, Mary and Barbara's place. It was not easy trying to relax and come down from the performing but eventually it happened. They are leaving to go back east for the holidays and wanted to give me a Christmas. They LOVE Mo. He will go to be with them if anything happens to me and Mo LOVES them. They gave me a Christmas. I was given the perfect Christmas unlike any since I was a child. A Thanksgiving dinner has been on my mind since Thanksgiving because i wanted one but was too busy to have it. So that turned into the perfect Christmas dinner! Tom the turkey was twenty two pounds! And after eating some of it (almost all of the tasty crusty skin which I love most) well, I took the whole thing home to eat for the rest of the week. Along with the mashed sweet potato, regular potato, green bean casserole, homemade gravy with stuffing, cranberry chutney, pillsbury muffins, pearl onions in an amazing sauce and a minced meat pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Seriously, like five days of full sized meals I took with me. But that was not all of the Christmas these friends gave to me. That... I am going to save for another days blog because... they also gave me wrapped gifts, like a lot of wrapped gifts! I felt completely loved and fulfilled and gifted and Christmased... beyond Christmas.

December 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a bonafide, non-pretentious old school thrift store still in existence on Main Street in downtown Las Vegas. It is sponsored by a local church but one woman and her daughter keep it going. The woman's name is Pat. The place has been there for over thirty years. Nothing fancy in this place. It is simple and down to earth, small, you can find items for a dime. If an item is a dollar and you offer fifty cents usually they will take it. Martin's Mart, that is the name of the place, it has been a vital outlet for people without money, those needy, etc... Pat sold me a whole bunch of frames last year when I first began thinking about the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery. She sold me about twenty frames for five dollars. I stopped and created some music outside her store today and we had a photo shot with her and her daughter and grand daughter. Then Mo and I drove out to the Redrock Canyon area to sit and listen to silence in nature for a short spell.

December 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I drove to the local stagehand union building where they were having a drive in food bank today. My friend Dave told me about it. I found a perfect spot on the street, off property, so their could be no argument as to my being there or where to park. There was a line of cars on the street for about and hour. Several people invited me into the distribution area so I drove in and then my friend Dave showed up and played a little piano. It was not long before someone complained that they could not hear the orders to be made and that was my cue to exit. Too many bosses on the team can lead to trouble. Then, they posted on Facebook that I was there, sponsored by the union for their members. Ha! NOT. But never the less, there was some good musical fun, friendship and respect going round. I am glad to have been there. Next time I will stay on the street. A member from a local evangelical church called and asked if I would come to their Santa day. Kids are going to have ten minute Santa visits while people wait in their cars outside the church. I said yes as I am aware of how live music is needed right now. When the pastor got wind, he said no. I told the church member it was probably because the idea did not come from him. His excuse was that he did not want for me to draw a crowd of people which is a pretty lame excuse because he knows me. He also knows that people do not crowd around the Traveling Piano or stand to listen. Who is to be around anyway? And, anyone there will all be in their cars. I make some people very nervous in this town. I would make people nervous in any town with my direct and outspoken nature about issues. Word gets around. And, i suspect more people check in on this blog from time to time than I may realize to find my truth of spirit. It can shock people. An advantage of being on the road for all the past years is that I have made my mark and move on before I see the deep dark ugliness that can exist only to create the need of speaking up about it. I have always brought out into the open what others are afraid to bring out into the open. It is what it is.

December 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Personal intimacy for me, it is such a challenge! The need for it is a bottomless pit. That pit becomes most exposed for me when I experience it in any way on any level, in any amount. I desire more uncontrollably and become depressed as a result of that. I need more practice in enjoying what it is in the moment and then just letting that go. Although, I must say I've been successful in letting go with my mother and father, son and first dog Boner. And, they have been the most significant. These thoughts have come up because of yesterday. I had a few significant encounters with people, strangers. I've been able to have that throughout this journey. Personal intimacy with others, it drains me totally. I was up until five this morning not being able to sleep because the feelings were so strong. I was totally trusted, embraced, appreciated and even though it was all for very short periods of time, it was significant and real... in the moment. Of course with many people that disappears as soon as I disappear, not with everyone but with most and that is ok because the moments... they are what they are... fantastic. I left the experiences realizing once again how important live music is for people right now, the lack of it, the need for it on many levels. This I can give to the world and it needs to be as much as possible, every day if possible. Mo and I drove to the intersection of Charleston Blvd. and Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas today. I've never created music on this corner even though I've been on it and passed through it a thousand times over the years.

I love people knowing what I am about who just pass saying thanks or screaming it from their vehicles. And then those coming over wanting to tip me while I say, "no thanks, this is just for you with love." I can say that and people know I mean it and it blows them away. That happens from the gift of knowing my true intent 100% and gives me great joy. Then, there are always a few people interested enough to explore a conversation. Interacting as always before the virus, I miss that totally. We all must just make do with what is possible. It is sort of like me getting older. I cannot do half of what I used to do and less than half is possible but... I just enjoy doing what I can in finding new ways. I created music none stop on this corner today, totally energized from the cool temperature, Christmas coming, that fact that I had energy from sleeping until one in the afternoon, the feeling of purpose and all the traffic energy and people walking and doing business at a distance. It all just kept me flowing. While growing up I lived with a feeling of what I had to say being suppressed, repressed and discounted, totally. And then everything I had to say for years once I found my voice, was just too much for anyone to handle. This is why I was never able to create my own music for the first fifty years. The fears of repression, suppression, being too much... I could only trust rejection unable to live with it. Now, there is a total feeling of satisfaction in realizing that I can say what I mean and mean what I say musically and it works for 99% of people. It took a lifetime of practice and learning to respect myself enough in order to share myself with others respectfully and have it accepted. And, it is communicated with my intent so perfectly and through total gratitude in music. Having the platform that I do with Mo and the truck to express my music as unique as it all is ,and with the mission clear... wow, just total gratitude!

December 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a good day. After getting up I cleaned and organized my place a little bit and put a few Christmas decorations up. Then I pushed myself outside to give out more of the goodies that I have. I wanted to create some music but it did not feel like that was going to happen until... some guy on the street said, "hey, where's the music, I see a piano but no music." That was all I needed. And then an apartment manager from across the street came over and trusted the situation enough to ask if I would drive into the complex and create some music for the residents. her wanting to share the experience she discovered along with her synchronicity and spontaneity... of course that is right up my alley. So Mo and I drove over to create some Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect while she filmed some Facebook live stream for me which I also wanted to do today but did not think would happen. The people there loved it. Several began to create ideas for me to return and get a few bucks in tips from everyone.

I told them that would not work.Iit is not what I do but they could contribute if they wanted through this website and... I would come back without cost if they emailed me to do so. Then we handed out more supplies. People really love the large homemade cookies my friend Jean makes. Most people need any food at all. I've been giving away my clothes that I've kept for over ten years thinking that I will one day again lose enough weight to fit in them. That is not going to happen. I actually came a cross a guy in shorts who needed the black denim pants I had. That felt really good. I like giving people my personal clothes. I gave my leather jacket to someone last month and it felt Awesome! I have another leather jacket that someone who lives on the streets gave to me and it is even better. Then as it was getting dark, i came across a really rough group of people and as I gave out stuff the playing of music came up again. Ha, I sat and played and blew them away with my gratitude and musical spirt while they stood eating the snacks I had just given to them! It was all... awesome.

December 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I finished making four Christmas Cards today and mailed them to four friends that have been helping to give me resources for the streets. It was a HUGE amount of work, took days with thought, creating it and then printing it out so it would fit into the frames took six trips to the photo place! I realize it was probably something very simple but the process for new things that I need to go through is not simple. One little detail changes from what I am used to and that leads to major confusion for me. But... I feel very accomplished in having got it all done and I love the gift. Also, I've figured out how to make use of all the work. I will personalize each and send digital copies to friends who have contributed to help Mo and I do our work. It all made me crazy with anticipation for Christmas. Also, I have had four requests for the Traveling Piano to visit different situations in the past few days. That usually happens once a year at most. People need live music and some joy now in a major way, eh? I'm not going to think about anyone's agenda very much, just accept the request in consideration of what is happening with the holidays, the virus, politically, etc... and spend some time, at least an hour at each location.

December 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went through today much like yesterday, knowing it is best to not think. I am off kilter in a bumbling around sense that I have written about the through the years in this blog. Life is like, "just keeping going, don't think, just keep going." A few days ago I created an event for my time on Main street today, a commitment for Sunday's that I would like to sink into. The event was for people to bring wrapped Christmas gifts for the homeless and drop them off to me to hand out on Christmas Day. I didn't really think anyone would participate and my computer has been crashing every time I go to my Facebook page because the machine is outdated. That needs to get dealt with real soon. I got my act together and hit the spot at exactly 1:00PM when I said I would get there. Surprisingly, nine people showed up. That really warmed my heart. It felt a little emotional because rarely when I've tried to rally people in the past it never works. People want to give. People are looking for a sense of community. People are looking to support humanity and the world. It is a beautiful thing.

I let some of these gifters onto the truck for the piano, just could not resist. We are all being as safe as possible. So, someone dropped off Christmas candy yesterday at the store where we setup all wrapped up into about ten gifts. Another large bag of knitted hats came through. Banana bread muffins, chocolate chip and regular muffins, apples, oranges, carmel popcorn, two cases of granola chewy snacks, hygiene supplies, two cases of water, big chocolate chip cookies again, about thirty bags of mixed treats and six boxes of misc presents for people to open. Is that all just beautiful or what! Once it began to get dark Mo and I drove around giving out the perishables. Others are giving out food around town but there is much more help needed. And wow, its cold out! We played music for the homeless in another usual spot tonight, also. Mo... he would rather be with me than eat. For many people living on the street, they would rather hear my music than have the food and stuff I share with them.

December 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo peed the bed last night for the first time in his sleep. It was not too bad. He caught himself. I woke up feeling him prancing on the bed like what did I do, what did I do? Then he moved to the end of the bed and laid down. I turned on the light and he was just looking straight forward, freaked out. Lol, poor guy. I've done that a few times in my life. Once in a strangers house that I did not feel comfortable with on this journey. A rich stranger. Lol, I just covered it up, made the bed and left in the morning as planned. That... was a freakout for me as they would not have appreciated knowing from my telling them... at all. I sort of lived through the day in a daze. Life outside is a daze. The part of the Las Vegas strip where I live has a quiet erie feel, not many people around at all. The downtown Main street is packed with local people, mostly upscale walking the sidewalks and in bars and eating like nothing is happening. That really bothers me with this virus. I'm supposed to take the Traveling Piano there tomorrow to pick up supplies but do not want to be a presence that encourages people to be out and about. It is a huge dilemma for me. I washed my clothes and the bed sheets today. It took most of the day! I was going to pay the place to do it for the first time ever but they wanted $75. No way. I don't have it.

December 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My virus test came back negative. Even though I was concerned, I guess deep down I new it would or be a negative I would feel more relieved that it is not. I suppose there is more work for me to do here on this planet. It would have given me an excuse to just shut down for two weeks. I always want to shut down even when I do not want to shut down. That will not make sense for most people but it is like my living in two worlds at the same time. Most people will not understand that either, lol. I am like an energy vortex, my life is the best and the worst always at the same time. It is a matter of the present moment where I choose which to focus on. Sometimes I do not have a choice. That is when "grace" through divine providence sets in for some good energy. The days are crisp, the nights are cold now, finally. The people I see on the streets have blankets but there are no amount of blankets that will create comfort in anyway for them. It is Christmas time, I want some of that old east coast feeling of winter weather, not too much. The way it is right now outside is perfect.

December 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was told that if I am not contacted about my results I do not have the virus. What if they made a mistake in putting the contact information into the computer system? I'll need to call tomorrow and tell them I want the results. In the meantime Mo and I walked around town giving resources to homeless people. I actually had more conversation individually one on one then ever before with several people. That felt good. I also set up an event on facebook and posted it all over the place. That took forever. It goes along with my committment to spend time with the Traveling Piano downtown on Sundays. At the end of the event statement, I posted about fifty ideas. Here is what it says:

Welcome to the opportunity to create some Holiday Community Spirit by gifting a random stranger living on the streets with a Christmas present ...not meant to help with needs, not distributed to groups or by groups but hand delivered with a Smile and Love individually throughout Christmas Eve and all of Christmas Day. This is a time for Christmas Cheer from the Traveling Piano Truck here in Las Vegas along with the usual Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. Give a gift. Wrap it with Ribbon and a Bow! Something special to open as a surprise. So, be it a gift card, present it in a box wrapped with a bow! All items are to be new, nothing used. We can create a list. If there is something you will gift, not listed I will add it to the main list here so others might also. Presents can be dropped off into the Traveling Piano on Sundays until Christmas between 1PM and 3PM... on the corner of Main and Imperial Streets in Downtown Las Vegas. During the week packages can be left at the cash register inside the Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall located on the same corner. Leave a note with what is inside the Gift Package. All Gifts will be distributed by the Traveling Piano Man and his Pup Mo throughout the City on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Join us if you would like! If it is a Hot Meal, a specific time can be arranged on Christmas Eve or Day to pick up again, at the Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall located on the corner of Main and Imperial streets in Downtown Las Vegas. Merry Christmas! Message the Piano Man for any questions. We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute!

December 09, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

While waiting for my test results, Mo and I drove out into some nature. I decided to go to Redrock Canyon even though it now requires a reservation to get in. It really is just a way to collect an additional $2 for entrance which totally pisses me off. They are being insidiously manipulative and are breaking the contract for those who have purchased a yearly pass. Of course they let me in without the reservation but said I needed to give them the $2 reservation fee. They are claiming as reservation is needed because of so many visitors. The park was 75% empty. It only fills up on wekkends and holidays. I said that I did not make a reservation why am I being charged a reservation fee. Then I reminded them that they are breaking the contract for my pass. They said the pass lets me in without having to pay the usual fee. I said NO, the pass lets me in without paying any fee. All this really destroys my ability to enjoy the park and just creates so much anger over how the blatant disregard for norms, truth, fact and the rules of law have been greatly damaged by people like donald trump, his republican cronies and all the morons who support them... even though they suffer as a result.

December 08, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Got another COVID test. Now to decide whether to stay inside until the results. Felt lucky the 1st time, now not so lucky. The last three days, I've had a little headache, sore throat and a tiny infection in my respiratory system. So basically, take the test destroyed me emotionally for the entire day. I got hold of a huge sheet cake, vanilla with my favorite kind of icing and ate 90% of it. Lol... it did not make me feel better but it did distract me from the feelings I am having. At night a walked with Mo a little and when we came across someone homeless walking... I would say, "hey, do you want a cookie" ...does that sound funny or what! Always they say yes more out of loneliness than anything else. And then I say... "do you need a cap" and of course they do as it is really cold right now and the fact that I have these great hand knitted caps to give them, it really makes a difference. Then I say, "do you want a bottle of water" and lastly, "do you want a mask." We share a few words of friendliness and then I leave knowing they feel better... I can feel fulfillment from them. Its personally very gratifying for me.

December 07, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went out to our old haunts today with the Traveling Piano up around the rescue mission area. When people who know us find us, I can feel their love. They miss us. I was able to give out more of what I had yesterday and I created some music which was also appreciated. Not becoming paranoid about the virus is a huge challenge. I have a little sore throat. This does not mean I am going to die. I've been ranting strong about issues and writing on them. Writing is therapeutic for me. I have a sound bowl that someone sent to me sitting in my room. Its been here for about two weeks. I need to get to it to share with you the story of it and... I have not been meditating. It is very frustrating to not have a mind sound enough to be consistent with taking care of myself in ways that work. When I get worried enough I'll get back to it. But... these days I cannot play around with worry and anxiety... there is too much danger in that. I seriously need to meditate everyday. I told myself that creating music was my therapy for the day. No. I need to use every tool at my disposal in order to keep a sound mind.

December 06, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today in Las Vegas: It amazes me how someone can be on the street screaming, flailing about, rambling away with gibberish and I'll walk up to them and say, "here, have some cookies" and as I am leaving I'll hear "thank you" right in sync along with the gibberish as they go on. It creates a lot of love in the air. They feel the care, the acceptance, the connection, trust... and their appreciation reverberates through the universe.

Mo and I started out on the corner of Imperial and Main street today as will happen with every Sunday possible. My friends Eric and Mary stopped by with cans of seasonal butter cookies to hand out along with really nice warm knitted hats made by people from their church. The cookies are perfect for people living on the streets. It takes time to open the cans as they are taped shut. This lets them know they are fresh and also they get to spend some time with the love given in sharing them. They can eat some and save the rest for later and also use the tin can for small items after the cookies are gone. Someone came up and said, "so these cans everyone has came from you I see" lol!

Kristel dropped a bag of freshly made muffins. Jane made a huge tub of potato salad from bags of potatoes I gave her last week. She added ham and lots of other goodies to it. I had spoons and cups to distribute it all. She also made more large chocolate mommy cookies and dropped off books for people to read and as well, more of her hand knitted hats. Seven of the books went in five minutes. Loretta who has a sales booth in the Peddlers Mall on the corner dropped off additional knitted caps and scarfs along with a large bag yarn for Jane to keep on with her knitting through the week. Todd stopped buy with six more cases of water to hand out. Is all this awesome or what!!! I created a little music on the street and then Mo and I we're off giving out everything around town. Food is needed as is water and warmth. People are completely appreciative.

December 05, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Living in the moment is the name of the game while dreaming of a future and working towards it. Such a task it is to live in two states of being at the same time while also knowing there will be an end to it all and I mean... the... end. I love Mo. I love people. I love the security I have concerning physical needs right now. There were many periods in this journey where people assumed I was living as a "free spirit" lol, when it came to physical needs and security. I may have been free spiriting it but, at the same time it was fucking hard and difficult too. The only times I was truly free were in present moments. No one ever has had a "free" ride in life. The sun where I am is glorious to wake up to everyday. The day temps are perfect. The nights feel like winter and that is also a nice change. Mo and I took off with the Traveling Piano today for a few hours. I was parked on a city sidewalk with homeless people hanging out. Where I was, a guy was sleeping against a fence.

I choose the spot because it was sunny and hoped I would not disturb the guy. When I finished he thanked me for giving him a front row spot. Others came up to tell me how needed it was and thankful they were that we were there. And of course there we're plenty of cookies, knitted hats and bottles of water to hand out. Again, people seem to be crazier than usual. And why not? This corona virus just adds more fear to their lives. Who knew there could be any greater fear for those living on the streets? Talk about having no one to be with but other crazies living on the streets... it is very difficult. Someone had a dinner they were eating and I asked how they got it. People who passed by minutes before were giving out dinners. I said, "damm I am always missing them!" They laughed, went around the corner and pulled from their spot a ten pound bag of frozen chicken thighs to give me. Sometimes little spots can be found where people can build a small fire to cook food meat on a stick.

December 04, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This pandemic is wearing on me big-time this week with lots of depression, anger, lack of desire... sometimes I am like, I need to be an example, keep going, help people by them seeing me continuing on as always... as I sink down into the depths. I must constantly remind myself how thankful I am for Mo in my life always at my side. He is much more than a dog, not to be compared with people... just an amazing companion in so many ways. A friend last night reminded me, what about the music? I knew that had to happen today and also the extending of myself to others to show some care and love and thats what I did. Now, I feel a little better. Todd, stopped by and dropped off cases of water, Eric dropped off four cases of cookies I was storing in his garage, hand knit hats and books my friend Jane gave to me to share were stored in the piano facade, masks from my friend Amanda... Mo and I took off to the streets and also sat for a while and created music for friends on the street while they sat on city benches. People were bat shit crazier than usual today. The cold weather and their needing to live in it 24 hours a day does not help. We are appreciated, valued and thank God Almighty I have found purpose to help keep me going. My rent is paid, there is plenty of food, the truck is working... Mo and I get to enjoy each other... today. That is what we have... the right now. It is enough.

December 03, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been trying to get a grip on life through nature. Two days ago, the Valley of Fire was nice, yesterday two hours of hiking through desert brush. Both Mo and I could hardley move last night in pain and with exaustion. Today, we were going to spend one more day in nature but of course I got up late so we heading out not quite knowing where we would end up, just wanted to get some nature in before sunset. Well, did that, done that. Many times I have thought, "wonder what it would be like to be at the very top of that mountain" and then to find myself there. I've seen this mountain 100's of times just outside of Las Vegas, had no plan of going to the top ever... somehow it just happened today. This type of climb... almost over for me and Mo. It has been a long time since coming off a mountain by sliding down on my ass! It was steep to say the least. And, we did not see the small trail until we got to the top! We just climbed up the side. Ten steps, rest... ten steps, rest... ten steps, rest...

December 02, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

On the other side of the fence where I am in this photo posted today, there are hundreds of homeless people on the street. This is in a private parking lot that I have been allowed to use. I cannot create music on the street because the police will ticket me. The city does not want comfort for the homeless as it encourages them to live. But where there is a Traveling Piano will there is a Traveling Piano way. Also this creates social distancing for me which is important now concerning the virus. Those on the other side of the fence are living in filthy trash. While downtown in Las Vegas there are eight trashcans on every corner I kid you not, in the area where the city tries to shove the homeless all onto one street... there are "zero" trash cans. This way they can complain in the media how homeless people are filthy. If there were cans and bags present, there would be homeless people cleaning up after each other. The music from the Traveling Piano can reach a city block with the speaker in the back so this works!

December 01, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am going to start the month with ranting. I've talked about my beef with the park industry many times through the years, how they have brainwashed people in saying fees are needed for upkeep, equipment, maintenance, service employes, rangers blah, blah, blah and it is all busllshit. They take the money and funnel it into political agendas having nothing to do with the parks. Then there are the brainwashed people who parrot for them, stand up for them and secretly are willing to pay whatever is needed to keep people out so they can have the parks for themselves. Redrock Canyon outside Las Vegas... I paid for a yearly pass which i snow void as there will be a $2 increase for each visit. Worse, a reservation must be made at least 24 hours ahead of time. You must sign up for an account on the website to make a reservation where they will collect all your data... who you are, your email address, where you are coming from, when you are there, how often, how much money you spend on parks on and on. They will sell your private data and make many million from it. This from the 600,000 people that visit the park every year, the the annual fees, $15 a pop for every visitor and the additional $2.

Greedy character opens up a vulnerability to be fooled by others into giving away personal rights, money, whatever. This happens through lies, manipulation and propaganda feeding on self-serving nature. Always, those/others less fortunate suffer as a result. Greed and self-centeredness once embraced spreads as a rabid disease often uncontrollably. Stupid, lazy, greedy, self-centered people do not realize how they destroy themselves and the world as a result. They cannot see the forest for the trees about their own demise as part of the world because... immediate gratification and a sense of me, me, me is most important. It creates illusion for them. Their perceived care about others are in ways only play pretend, as they must lie to themselves, hide from their needy nature. Deep down they know they are living contrary to the truth of spirit. Caring about others can only happen when it serves themselves, when it can hide the truth about themselves.