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November 30, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I escaped to the Valley of Fire today. It has been a long time since we were last there. We no longer really hike together. It is more like find a place to take a nap, lol. We search for coves with shade and then take a nap there. Climb a little to find a nice sunny ledge where we can take another nap. Walk a little and then just hang out with no people, cars, planes, buildings just... nature Mo, Me nature and the silence. The truck is feeling secure like it has been fixed. That feels REALLY good. It has not felt this way since about February. Fingers crossed that it stays... good. Here we are at four thousand dollars later from repairs both good and bad. I can never say it enough, thank God for the friends who support the Traveling Piano's work! They are the only reason I can do what I do. Friends paid for the repairs!


November 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yesterday freaked me out when taking a walk with Mo on Main street here in Las Vegas. I was not going to go out today because so many people were out and about not caring about virus infection. I've been going to a specific corner every Sunday if only for as half hour to establish a ground base for when and if the Virus tones down. The amount of people out was just disgusting. This as more people are dying, the infections rise and the economy will crash because of this behavior. But then again I am also. I left immediately to go home. When I woke up I saw that my friend Jane had made muffins for me to hand out onto the streets to those living on them so I really had to go out today. I played a little music, did a Facebook Live, the guys from a tie dye store across the street came and filmed me to help create awareness on their instagram and Jane gave me a few more hats that she knitted. With the muffins and a few books to hand out... off Mo and I went to work the streets in giving out the loot we had gathered.

November 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a basically a take it easy day after dropping flyers off at pot dispensaries for five hours. You can read about that from yesterday. Actually, I was so tried from the last three days I have no energy. I've been thinking about friends and relationships. The intimacy I crave and have craved all my life cannot be fulfilled with anyone person or any group really. It has become a practice out of necessity to not ask for too much friendship from people. It always turns out as too much when I do ask. Trying to achieve my amount of satisfaction concerning desire in relationships is just too much for people to handle. This journey has been fantastic because... I meet people and have these amazingly intense and intimate short periods of time with them and then they move on before I become too much for them to handle. It has been very satisfying all around. Now, with this Covid virus I am missing the relating big time. Whatever small amount of time I get with a friend, that just makes me crave more from them. I feel almost less satisfied than with nothing at all. No one can take my intensity for a long period of time without a break so all relating must be on their terms and their time schedule. It can really hurt sometimes. Friends do not know this but you the reader now know this. It is what it is. I've been dealing with it for my entire life.

November 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wowzey! I woke up my mind was awake, my body not and stiff and hurting... lol! I could say it was my age or weight but what it was... is that I worked seven strong hours yesterday and it has been a long, long time since doing that! A facebook friend Heather and her boyfriend Allen from Los Angeles were in town and we met, they took me to lunch. Heather is the daughter of my friend David. It felt awesome to meet her for the first time. We all had a Traveling Piano moment with Mo who also is having a tired day. The three of us have some very strong paths in life that are similar to mental, physical and spiritual growth. After the lunch I played just a short bit for my apartment manager outside her office for the first time. She also got onto the piano for a photo. All of this conflicting with the corona-virus. Are we all getting used to the idea of Russian Roulette and the possibility of dying? Then Mo and I drove for the next six hours around Las Vegas dropping off Traveling Piano flyers at pot dispensaries. There are so many I wondered if they might surpass convenient stores in numbers one of these days. After the Traveling Piano feature article in this months Las Vegas Cannabis magazine I thought it would be a good time to look for some Cannabis Community support. This is the first time since moving to Las Vegas that I have done any flyer dropping... anywhere. I must have hit about thirty different places and have some more to do yet. Can we talk tired?

November 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friends Eric and Mary drove into town to bring me three cases of cookies stored in their garage that I wanted to give out today. It was a huge help. I did not want to drive out to them to pick it up. I also had hand sewn cova-masks and thick hand knitted caps different friends gave to me to share on the streets. The weather has now turned cold both day and night. That led to an old Thanksgiving feel of being back east growing up. It was on my mind to go around to different nursing homes and play outside the windows but that did not happen. I started in my neighborhood with individual interactions and that led to usual spots where I know the homeless people. I think I may have a racket going with people living on the streets! Lol, who knows what is going on in people's minds... someone was out today giving food to those living on the streets... spaghetti, beans, corn in cans, tuna in cans, etc... of course none of it was of any use to anyone because they live and the streets! They cannot open the cans and have no way to cook anything so guess what they did with it all... saved it for the Piano Man and his Dog! Like 20 packages of spaghetti, 20 cans of tuna, beans, etc... hassling people even in this covid era. If someone is caught sitting at a bus stop after a bus comes and goes... they get a ticket. If they want to harass they can give a ticket to someone with a shopping cart which explains why so many people have been switching to strollers to carry their blankets and belongings.

With someone living on the streets getting enough tickets, that can lead to money for the city "system." Mo and I traversed to the Rescue Mission area, not many of the old people were around. They said the police have been The courts, the jails and all the people who run all that. It is disgusting. We drove to the Salvation Army area and ran into people we had not seen in awhile. Some wanted to get onto the piano to play and I just could not say no because of Covid. We all just do the best we can, eh? People really appreciated the cookies, hats and masks and of course the music. Mo's days of jumping into the Traveling Piano truck and then on top of the piano or onto the bed at home are winding down. I had to gladly help my pup today with all endeavors after the first couple of times. Before the sun set I drove to Foremaster street. This is where hundred's of homeless people are. Many people were there in cars handing out food, the streets were a mess with litter. In the tourist areas of town there are eight (seriously) trash cans at every intersection. Everywhere that homeless people are jammed into... zero trash cans. I was thinking about creating some music there when a text came through. It was Curtis, a guy that looks over a building on the street that is gated with a parking lot. He had seen me out of the corner of his eye and wanted to know if I wanted to park inside the gate to create some music. Of course! And music there was until it got dark.

November 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent most of the day resisting the canvasing and distribution of Traveling Piano flyers to all the pot dispensaries for contribution here in the city. It is big business and there are many dispensaries. You can see I was featured in an article for the Las Vegas Cannabis Magazine this month on the November 11th blog entry. It was a personal Traveling Piano experience my friend Sarah had on meeting us for the first time. I've been procrastinating and it must be done before the month ends. I also need to get into nature but have not had the time. Mo and I drove to the cities edge just as the sun set and went for a walk. I was walking with Mo along the west rim of Las Vegas, I watched the amazing colorful lights of the city come to life as the sun set and thought how the world, the earth's... humanities spirit will never fade away. We pulse between weak and strong in a very natural state of being, always have and always will. This is beautiful and for that I am grateful, thankful! Walking and framing photos was the best that I could do for today.

November 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was able to get to bed last night early enough to get up at a decent hour this morning as I wanted to go play at a social service agency that was to have an outdoor event, a cookout. I missed it last month and because of mis-information I missed it again today! But, I was there and food was being distributed by the place next door who I had an issue with last month. The women who runs that place is just disrespectful, nasty even. But, where I was had five cartons of food to share with me for people who need food and I like them so, I parked in front of their place and created music for the line of cars waiting to get the food from next door. Then, at the other end of the parking lot there is another food distribution spot where I have actually got food from before so I stopped and played there for awhile before I left. It is amazing how much energy I have in the morning to create music. Wish I could get up early enough to do it more often. People were loving it and I was loving them! My friends Eric and Mary want to get me a Christmas present. A present on Christmas... that will be a first in many years. They know how picky and specific I am so I told them I would make a list to give to them so they can pick something out. Lol, all day on the internet trying to find what I need specifically... ugh, making decisions is the worst but better than getting something I can't use and them spending money on that.

November 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I took the Traveling Piano truck back to the newest repair shop hopefully for the last time to have an air filter put in. Why they did not do that before is beyond me. It seemed providential that one of the repair guys had come up to me last week to say there was no air filter in it. I thanked him when no one was around. The truck seems to be running fine for the first time since May but I can't allow myself to feel good about that after all the trouble I've had with it. Through time I will be able to enjoy and trust again. Friends invited me over for dinner at the last minute. I was very lost in my mind all day, actually it was blank, overwhelmed with thoughts of so many things to be done. I was very manic while with them. Even Mo was whining with me all day as he soaks in my energy. We went on a forty minute walk to wear out some of the angst. It reminded me of how in the past people would say they love me and enjoy my company but can only take so much at one time. My energy can be intense. This is why the Traveling Piano has worked so well for me through the years. I have these intense interactions with people for only like fifteen minutes at a time which they will remember for ever, and then they move on. And then for me, another and another interaction one on one until I am filled up with my needs of relationship, that of Fun, Friendship and Respect never wearing out anyone but myself!

November 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My anger over the last few days... I think I got to the core. When I know what it is about then I can deal with it. I tend to hide what is behind my anger with distractions so I do not have to deal with my real feelings. Thanksgiving is this week! That can really put me into a needy state of mind on every level. This is especially if I revisit my past as a child with my mom and her amazing celebration of holidays. I am loaded with food right now but feel a need to go get some... something special to fill the voids I create for myself. The operative word "need," a total illusion. The need for intimate friendship and family and to not be alone. Lol, I dropped the dysfunctional family thirty years ago but the Illusion still comes up around holidays. I do not have the type of friends that hang out on holidays or otherwise. It is what it is. I've spent at least twenty years by myself on Thanksgiving. You would think it would not matter at all. This, even though it is something on most years that I prefer. Still, "what should be" plays in my head. I work with the Traveling Piano on the streets now on holidays and spend it with my peeps living on the streets! Last night I had a dream that I could no longer play my old music repertoire because I have not played any of it since Covid-19 first began. I think that was in March. As today is Sunday, I was in a dilemma about going to my corner on Main street to create music with people around... even as deaths and infections are rising.

I do not want to encourage people who are out. They should all stay home. The same goes for me. I went anyway and I played about ten music pieces from the old repertoire just to prove that I can still do it. That was exhausting. I found myself in an altered mind space while playing a lot of it... the performance mind set of "working it" the music. It was exhausting on the piano I am using but... I did it. I can still play at Traveling Piano performance level. Of course I also created improvisational piano music as usual. Three different people came up to give me a dollar bill. I said "I don't take tips." What the hell am I going to do with a dollar? And a chance to get covid from them, for a dollar bill? Keep it. My mind has not been working so much the last few days. I've got a lot of work to do with getting photos assembled, characterized, displayed, printed and ready for purchase. I need to also keep up with all the online stuff, working with people on the streets and very much need to get out into nature with Mo. The truck did not leak oil today... that is a first. Should I feel elated? I do not. All I can do is hold my breath and this point and hope it continues to not leak and continues to work without more problems. After a time I will begin to trust the most recent repair, at this point.

November 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been angry. It is about the Traveling Piano truck repairs, it is about the virus, it is about people and the virus, it is about my having to establish boundaries and limits for myself concerning others and the virus, how I must stop putting myself in situations where I am tempted to act like all the assholes out and about, the "i'm ok, the hell with everyone else" people or those in denial or who just cannot stay home out of choice for the sake of others. The streets, stores, bars, restaurants are packed during the day out and about in Las Vegas. You would never know Covid-19 is a problem. Everyday I am so tempted to go out into it. I miss people, I miss interacting with people, I need people on many different levels. The homeless people I run into all the time do not fulfill my needs for socialization. Mo and I did go out to interact with my friends living on the streets today and to create some music for them. They are very appreciative and that creates purpose for me. We had hygiene items to share, Gatorades, water, banana bread, homemade cookies, hand knitted caps, apples and books. About ten people took books to read. Some people were really hungry for food but I had none. Everything I had was distributed. I am surprised with how many people living on the streets want books to read but it makes sense.

November 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My level of accepting "crazy" with patience and moving past it to continue forward in life just continues to grow and grow. The Traveling Piano truck... originally in the shop... back and forth five weeks for a two day job, was never quite fixed. $2500 later I cut my loses and took it out. It has been in four different shops since... and I took it out of them because they were all inept or non-follow through's... this last shop checked it, tweaked it and said it was done. Took it home, it leaked. How can they not know it was leaking? Took it back... $1200 later they checked it. I took it out and it leaked worse. This time in front of us both! Took it back, they fixed it and... more crap. I'll take it back for them on Monday to put in a friggin' air filter they forgot. Thank God again, I say... for all my friends! The contributions made over the last few months keep the Traveling Piano alive. Now to just get it going again for a length of time. You know... for the Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect and to deliver some warm hand knit caps, holiday candy cane decorations, and cookies for those living on the streets.

November 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had a personal $100 check to cash for the cookies purchased for the homeless. I took it to this place which I have done before. They have always given good and respectful service. They said they needed to call the person the check came from to verify the check. I said that was not necessary in the past, I do business with them every month and what if the person was not home? I cannot be orchestrating three way transactions for a simple check. They asked me to call. I did not have my phone with me. So, they called and were not clear. The check writer hung up. I said to them that they probably came off as phone solicitation. I also said that verifying the check by phone was senseless. If I was trying to do something nefarious I could easily have set up the call beforehand. So they tried to call again as I suggested, "why, they already thinks the call is a scam from you and will not pick up the phone and you were told the first time not to call back by them. Of course they did not pick up the phone. They they asked me what the money was for? I just looked at them and said, "it is none of your business, you're business is to cash checks not to find out the purpose of of the money being transacted." They said they needed to know that is how they do business and then suggested I make something up. I said absolutely not, the question should not be asked to begin with. You need to find a better way to do business and I left. They were not going to cash the check. What a waste of time and aggravation!

November 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

All the truck work Denise my ex-somewhat of a friend did, was a waste so was the two thousand bucks I had paid her to fix my truck before she closed her shop, a waste! There is nothing to be done about it. Thank God for the support of other people, there is nothing I could have done, it is what is is, she is not the first whacko in my life to have screwed me out of money... there are three that come to mind in this journey alone right now. None of it happened out of stupidity, it was not a mistake or wrong choice... just one of those things so I cannot be angry, resentful or regretful, although yea, the one time... I did get screwed in trusting a friend, I was trying to empower him, then the next I tried to empower, I was smart enough not to have expectations and the third... he just turned into whack job what can you do? Actually, I've had several friends in life turned whack jobs... it is very disappointing when that happiness, I am sure it is why I do not tangle myself in friendships too deeply anymore. Although, if I had money as I once did I suppose I would still give large amounts to friends in need. Happiness is a Dog Name Mo!

November 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Part of me does not want to have the truck right now. I'd just like to do nothing. Alas, that is not meant to be. I took to the streets on foot with Mo to hand out cookies and candy, lol! Seriously, two friends gave me candy and made chocolate chip cookies, big ones. They were a huge hit! There is just something special about a fresh homemade cookie shared. I would find people rolled up in a ball in an ally, flies all over them... "hey, do you want a fresh homemade, chocolate chip cookie" of course, everyone wanted it. Only one person out of about fifty turned me down. Then there are the cans of cookies I got on sale. Friends contributed $550 bucks and I purchased 550 tins of cookies to give out in a week or two. Tis' the season for cookies from tins and also homemade. After that, I worked on framing photos to sell. I'm not looking forward to trying to sell them and need to change that frame of mind. Where is the music here? I'll get back to that once I feel the truck is repaired and in working order. Onward...

November 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, it is not like I did not know something was going to eventually happen once I got the Traveling Piano out of its last repair time period. This, because it was not truly repaired. Took it to another shop last week, they really did not repair it either. Now with it being necessary... it is in repair "ugh" again "ugh" with a minimum $1200. Finding a good repair place and one that will not rip me off has been a total pain in the ass! The good news... the fundraiser from two months ago... the $6000 raised for the piano, truck, computer, etc... I did not get the piano or computer from that fundraiser yet, so the money exists for the present repair... thanks to friends who care! And I have a friend who has been chauffeuring me to and from the repair shop, I have Mo, I've got plenty of food on hand, a roof over my head, sunny days, beautiful temperatures outside right now, a fall pumpkin in my room for decoration, a computer that works enough for me to post this, internet service, and the love of the universe!

November 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I need to be very, very careful to keep everything manageable in my life. Today, my neighbor Bill went out with me to share 4 cases of 32oz Poweraides and at least a 100 Huge, Handmade Chocolate Chip Mommy Cookies made by my friend Jane for people living on the streets. People are always saying "thank you for the work you do". Jane says I don't take any credit. I told her that people do not understand... I would not be doing what I do, and certainly for not as long as I have, if others did not inspire and help motivate me to do it. This is my way of feeling "part of" in life, to be in relationship with others in life. Having found a way that I can be in relating with others is a true miracle for me coming from the grace of God through gratitude. If people we're not doing it along with me, doing their part in supplying the resources and funding needed... I would have lost interest a long time ago. The ability, the desire comes from others who also share what they have to offer with me and are the kind of people I want to be around in life. So it began with creating music, then sharing music, then including the world into the experience via online. I began taking on water resources about to be tossed out by non-profits I had been around and sharing them on the streets. Then food began to be incorporated which evolved into looking for food resources to share on the streets. People began to donate food resources which moved into blankets and hats and then masks for Covid. I have been trying to stay away from books and hygiene items people would like to give to me to hand out. Then I began cooking food to share while keeping the music going. Now I am going out to purchase resources myself to prepare, store and then distribute. People responding with contribution just excites me to do more... need to keep it all manageable. It is all exhausting... and fun... and purposeful... and draining.

November 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

OPPORTUNITY! Looking for friends who would like to lift some spirits up through this very difficult time for so many. We need to care for each other, spread some love around the world. There is only one thing worse than dealing with Covid-19, fighting to keep democracy alive and the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holiday Season coming on... that would be living on the streets with it all. There is an easy 1000 people living on the streets within my reach. Help Traveling Piano Dog Mo spread his love on the streets for you. I just found these tins of cookies on sale at Walgreens for $1, one buck each! They will be gone fast. They are only on sale this week. They are fifteen cookies in each tin, everyone knows the familiarity of these cookies, the tins can serve for storage of small items once the cookies are gone, the expiration dates are for a year from now so they are fresh. This simple small gift will mean a lot to people on the streets. And being able to keep the tins will serve as a memory that others care possible for a long time. Send some money so I can go out and get them on you're behalf. Send $5, send a $100 you know where it is going and that every penny is going directly to people who will truly appreciate. You can Paypal Me Direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link We need to do this fast and buy out the city before they are gone! Got love? Lets spread the love together!

November 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I got the truck back today from the shop. They made a few adjustments and said nothing was really wrong! Originally, they said it would be a hundred and that would go towards any work that was needed. But they only charged me $50 and that created trust. Now I will take it back to them if and when needed. I'm hoping the adjustments will fix the problem and especially the leak of oil. We shall see. It has been my choice to keep the truck after all these years so I must accept and deal with all that goes along with that. How could I possibly let go of this truck with its history? I could of a deal or the price was right, lol. Anyway, it is very exhausting, life is exhausting, continuing to want to contribute to life is exhausting... Mo, he never exhausts me. He feeds me with the emotional inertia and gratitude in order to continue. I've not done my meditation for two days... that... can lead to double exhaustion.

November 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have come to accept in life that people care about me. I am relevant... not just concerning my work but personally, me... I am cared for. In the past my focus has been on "how" people care about me. It had to be in my way, perceived from my needs and also, the people I grew up around did have agenda's... false intent, obligation, self-serving expectation and intent attached to their care. For those like my parents (now passed) who I love dearly, I do not blame them. It was all they knew. They showed true love and care for me as I myself matured in life. They grew up themselves through me. There has been with my need for care... obligations and expectations attached to the acceptance of it, a feeling needed for gratification, validation, assurance, etc... Now I understand that just being cared for is good enough. That comes first. How, when, what, why, who... that is all secondary and not as important.

This awareness happened on a deep level with my past fundraiser. I came to realize that people share financially for different reasons. There are so many different reasons that unless I know what is going on at any given time in the lives of each person personally and intimately, I can have no clue as to why or why not, how much, etc... Some people truly do care but the feeling or reality of not being able to give, dominates over any care with action. Of course there will always be those who do not care through pretending they do... or they are simply unaware. Maybe they want to be in denial of their truth of not wanting to care. Some simply do not care. When I am able to be honest with myself about the truth of it all, none of that matters. The positive awareness that came from the recent fundraiser was the fruition of working a life time to be honest with myself, to understand. Now, I can carry that understanding into every facet of my life. Ahh... if only I can keep the truth of spirit about this front and center in my mind in every moment of life. It is a practice to remember to remember. Knowing and trust leads to gratitude which leads to fulfillment which leads to happiness and joy.

November 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well known YouTuber, Nudist, friend of the Traveling Piano Sarah Jane Woodall also known as Wonderhussy wrote her 1st article for publication and choose myself and the Traveling Piano for the subject matter. I am honored and she did a great job! It is for Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Here is the Article. Look her up on Facebook, Youtube, and on all the other social platforms. You can find the magazine at any of the Las Vegas dispensaries or check it out on this link page 54... Vegas Cannabis Magazine

November 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano is back in a new repair shop. It had never been quite fixed. So today... it went into a shop out of the neighborhood! Hopefully they can do what is needed to make it safe to drive again. Tthe silver lining for this situation and it is VERY silver... I have the money for whatever repair set aside from the recent fundraiser I had that friends contributed to. Up to a few months ago, there were no funds to do any repair. Thanks to my friends! The weather is so nice right now. The virus is getting so bad and as well politics... I think I am going to practice reading the news less and less. The election is over. My duty has been done. Unless something comes my way, I'm not going to go looking for toruble. My friend Eric came and picked me up from the repair shop to bring me back to my place. He is now family for Mo. I feel so safe that Mo will have someone to go to if needed, who he already has a relationship with. Eric, his wife Mary and Mary's sister Betty.

November 09, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This photo posted best describes the energy of my day! It is probably difficult to see. A rabid wolf with three dogs in a trash bin, one dog holding a chewed off arm with a pointing gun in hand, a hookers leg that had been bitten off hanging off the bin etc... The Traveling Piano truck needs to go back into a repair shop. THe new person recommended down the street from me said he was going to come over to try and start the car and never showed up. His mechanic who has been working on vehicles for twenty five years did not know what a R-22 engine was. Just more losers. That is the fourth in my friggin' neighborhood! Business that does not follow through, inept... do they not care about reputation? How do they stay in business. I know that answer. They don't as with Denise around the corner who's shop just closed or they stay busy and make money with lots of "Funny Business" as in being crooked as hell in chopping, buying, selling and everything nefarious. I'll need to take the truck somewhere not around where I live. I can find no one reputable around here.

November 08, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was colder today with little sun and windy and I was like... I'm not going outside with the Traveling Piano! But, it is also Sunday and I have been creating a commitment for myself to spend time on Main Street here in Las Vegas to establish some consistency in one spot if only for fifteen minutes. I told myself, I can do this! I also wanted to see how Mo could take the temperatures and how long before he got cold. It turned out to work well, The wind stopped, that is the biggest issue to deal with and I created music for at least an hour. Wow, did that feel good. I need to keep it up and do it everyday if possible, if only for a few minutes. But, also... I am afraid to try and start the truck every day now again, because each time it becomes more difficult to start. I've been through a lot with this truck over the last half year! Tomorrow, I will need to find a repair shop. Denise, there is an entire era of Denise and Quality Autoworks on this blog with Traveling Piano repair and the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery right around the corner from my room... I would never take the truck back to her for repair and most importantly, she is gone. The shop suddenly closed this week and everything removed over a period of three days, the name painted over outside... she had to get out quick and I am so grateful I sensed trouble and cut ties a couple months back. But still... that was such a great situation when it started... like so many other situations during this journey through the years.

November 07, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I knew I was stressed, just not how much I was stressed. I cried a little with release from so much stress in knowing Nevada remains blue through our votes today. The number two reason I choose Nevada as my home is the fact that it is a blue state full of diverse socially democratic communities strong enough to keep the republican mafia and bat-shit crazy libertarians in check! I choose Las Vegas as my home because of the diverse communities who show strength of character with action, especially when needed. Most Nevadans connect one for all and all for one. HOOYAH for NEVADA! The number one reason is the potential that exists here where I live in every way. Mo and I went out to work the streets today. This, I was able to do with the help of friends. One friend's hobby is to knit hats. She gave me her years supply of close to 150 of them to hand out last week.

Another friend went and purchased over 200 hundred blankets two weeks ago. My friend Tom purchases cases of water. He takes the labels off and replaces them with bible scripture. When I hand the bottles out I call it holy water, lol! Another friend Amanda sews masks for COVID protection. I've given out at least a hundred of those. For anyone new to this blog, the Traveling Piano creates Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with no fees, tips, commercial or organizational affiliation. With no performing or entertaining, I along with Traveling Piano pup Mo, we create community relationships one-on-one to empower and inspire through music. We share resources in a unique way through the Traveling Piano. Hooray for Nevada, today! Fuck trump. We all know that trump never wanted to be President for All American's. And for those that do not care... you are a minority that we will all need to deal with.

November 06, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When praying and meditating, my intent wants to express a lightness of heart, a gratitude, a secure sense of my existence. My tendency is to make whatever about myself only. This cannot be. All thought and desire throughout prayer must include all beings, the entire world. When I am praying and meditating, it is to my understanding of God, the giver of life, trusted parent, mentor, teacher, creator of the universe. Those who pray and meditate, have an awareness of depth in spirit. The ability to ask the bestower of supreme sin-destroying light, creator of happiness, that which removes pain and sorrow... I pray for guidance of our intellect in the right direction. This is all but through the grace of God. The humility in prayer and meditation creates complete relief from anxiety and despair. Courage is the result. The acceptance in allowing ourselves to be guided to success, to learn the way through life without struggle, creates complete bliss. The gift of prayer is wondrous. These days... prayer with action is the only way to live. Thoughts and prayers without action are worthless to me. I talk for myself not others.

November 05, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Colder weather is setting in. It only took until November? When I think back to how it was between a hundred and a hundred twenty everyday since May... whew, that was difficult. Seeing people sitting on the streets not used to the cold, it is very difficult. I could take pictures of it all but that just does not feel right. They would allow it especially to get help themselves and as they trust me but still... I was never into those pathetic starving children, animal abuse television ads or posts on facebook to garner support for them. That is too exploitive for me. Still, the suffering is real and difficult especially when it is someone mentally ill and they are just sitting with nothing on, shivering in the cold unable to help themselves. I need to simply objectify the suffering and help in whatever way I can. Thank God I can do what little I can do, have a lack of fear of interacting and have the Grace of God to do what I can. It drives me crazy when people give me kudos' and say what a wonderful person I am while they do nothing themselves. And thank God there are people who help me with resources to help others. They are who I focus on with everything I do. I focus on other givers in my life, that give to me, so that I can continue to give to others.

November 04, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yesterday took a lot out of me on every level emotionally, physically... I care so much for loving and inclusive people believing in equality, validation, assurance for all, the hate and prejudice coming upon us all is devastating. Sticking close to those who give of themselves through the truth of spirit, thank God I have people like that in my life. I ask God, what more can I do? Stephen, who is as close as family can be for me, who will handle my affairs should I die or whatever, he lives in Reno, Nevada and visits Las Vegas once a year with his work. We got together to go through some instructions and had dinner. I love him so very much, he has always been there for me when I've needed him. We did not get a picture together, I just did not have it in me to do. After his leaving and after yesterday with the election still up in the air... wow, I don't even know how to feel. How so many people voted for tump shows a very sad state of mind for humanity as he and his cohorts create a genocide of not only the American people but of the world. Living is really one moment at a time now. Denise who owns the auto repair shop where the Traveling Piano Art Photo Gallery was getting set up before the pandemic began... the shop has closed down and not for any good reason. I am SO thankful I got my stuff out of there and had cut ties. The closing of the place was inevitable with the way it was run. The furnishings for the gallery, a fantastic show lamp, table, chairs... with no place for them, I had to let it all go.

November 03, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally, the plan was to opt out of this election day and spend it in the desert. I had voted early. But, instead I went around to different polling places to create some love and appreciation for our social American democracy and give support to those waiting in line to vote in order to save it. Mo and I first began downtown at a voting location where my homeless peeps kept finding us. I had some books and hygienic supplies to share with them. It may surprise many people that those living on the streets enjoy reading whenever possible. Then I had a way too long conversation with a guy was working to direct people to the voting booths. He could not vote himself, so he thought he would work to help others to vote. After that, Mo and I drove to another location, actually where I had dropped off my ballot a week ago. There was a long line and people were very welcoming until two self-important volunteers came up complaining the music was too loud. They wanted us to leave because people were complaining. What a downer. It reminded me of the old days. But that is for another blog post. The fact was, they were the only people complaining. I got rid of them by saying I was only going to be there for five minutes. They left arrogantly yelling, you only have five minutes like they had a say in the matter... not. After about a forty minutes we left. Many people thanked us and crossed our path with a thumbs up and a few who had witnessed the "downers" validated, that it was not too loud and no one was complaining. This election day did bring back a memory strong, from 1987 with the Traveling Piano. A woman, older and Jewish was running as a progressive on my town council, a place that was fundamentally corrupt, controlling and manipulative republican Catholic through and through.

The woman running for office thought that voting should be a celebration and a good time for everyone to come together. She hired me to play music outside one of the polling stations. When I began to play, poll workers came running out of the building like they were under an alien attack and began screaming for me to get out of there. I was inappropriate and it was not respectful for the election process. I suppose I was not conventional enough for them but it was really about the fact that I was not on their team. That was the first time I think I ever attacked people verbally in public, lol! Wow, almost thirty years ago on the Traveling Piano. The next place today, was out in an area of the city that I was not very familiar with and the waiting lines again were long. There was a glitch in the machines that created an hour late start this morning at several polling places. So, a request was put in to keep the polls open an hour later to make up for the lost time. A judge had to rule on it and had not done so. The polls were due to close in an hour and a half. Why would they not simply stay open until everyone got the opportunity to vote? Why was a judge needed? I suspect typical voter suppression at work. We all know who is at work to suppress the votes. The polls stayed open. I was pretty zoned out in that spot for about two hours just boring myself to death musically although, everyone seemed appreciative. There was a guy roaming around us constantly, I think he was enamored mostly with Mo. I could not tell what he was about. He was a redneck but could have been a progressive redneck. We both had an amazingly honest and calm discussion before the end of the night. I knew he wanted to engage. He was not a Republican or Democrat but a trump supporting Proud Boy. That really threw my head in a spin, lol. I learned from him, mostly it was just validation of what I already knew. His main election beef... Biden called his "club" racist. They are in fact a club of alcoholic troublemakers he said, but not racist.

I said, must be difficult as I know one of your rules is that you are not allowed to masterbate. Lol, he admitted that he sometimes breaks the rules. He just wants to fell like he "belongs" to a club and he thinks he can add some worth to his chapter here in Las Vegas. I told him he cannot be acting like the mafia by causing trouble and hurting people while doing good deeds to justify that he is a good person. It is one or the other. You cannot ride the fence. He said even some of the Nazis with Hitler were good people. I said... nope, there is no riding the fence when supporting life or death for others. You cannot say some people have more worth than others. He said trump had made three peace deals with other countries. I thought, "there is no hope here" and said "do not miss the forest for the trees." Of course what he said was not true, at all. Then I changed the subject. His group works to round up homeless people and send them back to their families. I laughed and said many homeless people are homeless because they ran away from their dysfunctional families! We talked in depth. The bottom line, I realized more that... humanity is fucked! Vulnerable minds looking to be part of, to belong... those that live needy lives for relationship are getting sucked in and gaslit out their asses by those that serve themselves. That would be all republican trumpsuckers and gaslit conspiracy theorists, the worst evil in the world today dehumanizing our existence. All those types have no problem killing their own if it serves their purpose. There was a real feeling of people concerned for each other and wanting to connect and care today. People are very afraid. The weak minded are being led astray through the overwhelming amount of false and manipulative information available. Humanity is going to go through a large growth spirt. It will not be painless but in the end... everything will be ok. I doubt that I will be around to see that end. While parting the Proud Boy said, I just hope you have a more open mind to feel a little better about the Proud Boys from our conversation. I told him I did, that our talk was a gift. And, I was thankful, it was in fact a gift that I could have a conversation with someone like that and not feel the need to rip them an new asshole, Thank God! fact is, I could see he was a good person full of love. I told him that. But also... he was completely lost in a cult like mind with twisted rational and thought which he felt was completely clear and sane. God Help Us!

November 02, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

For most of my life I dreamed of living in wide open space. Here, where I now live, 30 minutes from a city as urban as it can get... I walk, sit, take naps in space as wide and open as it can get! Mo and I walked an easy five miles today in mostly shade from clouds and a temperature around 70 degrees. We were in the Calico Basin area west of Las Vegas. I think I have neuropathy in my feet but that is not going to stop me. The environment interests me much more than the pain and while I can still walk I am going to enjoy the ability until the very end. We needed today in order to deal with the election tomorrow. Never do I go into the desert without constant amazement for nature in all its glory. It helps me to keep perspective with life on every level. Having Mo with me, every moment we are together it is in amazement.

November 01, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sometimes it can look a bit silly! But when the music is going... it is rather significant for people passing by when I am on Main Street outside my friend Sarah's store. As much angst, anger and hate going round... there is more desire for love, care and there is a strong sense of appreciation for all the goodness that exists. This was the Traveling Piano's experience and feeling today in Las Vegas. I'm working to make this spot on the street the new home base and create a presence there on Sundays for people to come and drop off resources so I can pass them out to those living on the streets throughout the week. I could also set up some Traveling Piano photos by the truck for purchase so people realize I am not a busker and it might bring business in for the store too. If too many people congregate in the area with this virus happening, I'll just leave until they go away but I do not think that will be necessary.

I took out cold Gatorade today. It was interesting. Three people on the street called out as I was passing by and asked, "Do you have any Gatorade"? I only had it two other times this past summer and fall with all the other stuff. And also people usually do not call out, three in a row. The one guy says, "Oh yes, the good stuff!" This because the bottles were large and cold. At a corner, there was a guy full of anger yelling into the air, moving back and forth. I enjoy finding people like this because I know they are mental from drugs or maybe they are just mental and need some validation, reassurance and care. That is right up my alley as I have no fear so I pulled up next to him and said, "Here, have a Gatorade." He broke down crying while yelling, "Thank you dear lord, he came back, he came back!" Lol, it must have been the same guy I've done this with before on different occasions. It is rare I remember faces or people on the streets. On some level the relief for him is more about people not being afraid to approach him. I am sure of this. At my usual place of distribution people were very happy for the Gatorade but more happy to see Mo and I. That fact is "validation, reassurance and care" for me!