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July 31, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Just wow! It is the last day of July and the world is still spinning right now... mostly with denial, lol. This blog that was once posted daily now gets posted every three days or so. My days that used to be filled with 20 activities now have only a few at most! One thing that I must say that has been consistent... with all the complaining, whining, real dilemmas and challenges as well as disappointments made in this blog over the years... I keep going through appreciation, gratitude, joy and respect. As well, I do have fun in my own little ways. I have friends on different levels and in different ways... variety, diversity. The ability to see, experience and create inspiration and empowerment is real and continues no matter how big or small. My desire to express my positive nature through all the negative... well, if that was not still happening this blog would not still be happening. It ain't over until it is over and it is what it is! We must continue to celebrate.

July 30, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a hundred fifteen degrees today and no wind. My room has no cross ventilation and the electricity went out at ten in the morning. I started in with the serenity prayer while thinking about all the food in the refrigerator and freezer going bad. Then I filled the bathtub with water so I would have it to flush the toilet having been through this in the past just never in heat like this. After laying in bed for an hour and a half I could not take the lack of air but also could not open the door and let more heat in. Mo and I left to see if we could find a store to hang out in. All the electricity in the area was out but we were not on the street for more than five minutes and it came back on... thank God! We returned to the room to do some meditating, fundraising, to create some live music on facebook...

July 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Traveling Piano Dog Mo says... make a Contribution! Do it again and again! There are several ways you can financially help. You can contribute on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link Even though the temperature is between a hundred and ten and a hundred and twenty most days, Mo and I are still getting out to hand out bottles of cold water from my fridge to those on the streets. We do it twice a day. Once around dinner and then later in the evening. Just eight bottles per trip because nether of us can handle the heat for any length of time. Lucky, I live right off the seedy area of the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown where it is not difficult to find someone who needs a cold bottle of water! And, as little exercise as it is, at least we get outside for a short while everyday.

July 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I recorded on Youtube today for the first time. It does not let you do it live unless you have a thousand subscribers but you can record and then post immediately afterward. That seems ridiculous to me but, whatever. And the option to download it to my computer does not exist as on facebook which I should be able to do because it is my material. Luckily, I have ways. Speaking of luck, that will be needed to get my truck back in a timely manor as the head gasket and all associated parts gets replaced with a timing belt kit, cooling and vacuum hoses, a muffler, all new brakes, a tuning and whatever else is found, there is a suspension issue. It is being fixed 100% from the contribution friends have been making... thank you so much. It should be done in a weeks time. Please make a contribution for this and other needs to continue with the Traveling Piano's work which is without fees, tips, commercial or organizational affiliation!

July 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The clarity in what I am saying, doing, writing... is hanging by a thread. Thats ok, it is what it is and it is very interesting! All that matters is to transform in life, from life with some levity, to do it as joyful and with as much gratitude as possible. The numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths are beginning to skyrocket here in Vegas. No surprise with that, unfortunately. Mo and I are ok, in the moment and happy to be together. Traveling Piano Dog Boner is also with us in spirit. This I know as well as all my other friends and family both living and on the other side of what... we shall see probably sooner than later. Everything is happening in the right time, perfectly and all is good. I'm not just trying to convince myself of that... I know it in my heart and soul. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I tried to live stream from Youtube today but found that I need a 1000 subscribers. Like I have the time to get that? Nope, not now so I recorded onto Youtube for the first time and then uploaded it a minute later? Thats crazy but the way the system is set up. Creating music live is the way to go right now for me. I need to do it as often as possible and on as many platforms as possible for my sanity in order to feel connected with everyone or just one person is enough. More music!

July 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My mental state of mind is unstable. More and consistent meditation is all that is needed along with deep breathing. Actually everything is ok, can be wonderful in the moment... if I choose. Now I know what it feels like to be in quarantine for the first time. Mo... he's missing nature probably more than I. The temperature will hit a hundred and twenty by weeks end here in Downtown Las Vegas. It has been under a hundred only one day since May, lol... yikes... ouch... ugh. Luckily, I am not obsessing about my homeless friends on the streets. We are all taking care of ourselves the best we can, eh? It is what it is. I must keep myself together so i can help others stay together. The truck in the shop... just need to let that go until I am told it is done and then keep moving forward step by step. The money situation... same, step by step. The music... at least ten minutes a day and for online. It should be much, much more but again. it is what it is. Just cooking dinner takes at least an hour everyday. But you know... the bottom line... I am grateful for being able to choose life and to enjoy it here and there. Visiting the past with its green pastures, and forests, the beach, a nice warm summer breeze, etc... can be very difficult so I work to avoid visitng the past or the nice large living spaces I have had.

July 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Deva Premel and Miten, I will call them friends... have given me a scholarship as in no cost to an online Global Gayatri Sangha Gathering they are having this week. Deva Premal & Miten with Manose I have total gratitude for this. It is needed and wanted. There is so much basic, core spiritual centering that I am able to have when connected to them that... I feel guilty on some level for not paying for their time and talent but just need to remind myself to share and pay forward what they freely share with me to others threefold. I will. All through my life I have easily been personable with other people. Now through meditation I am becoming more and more able to be personable with myself. Through my friends I am being able to trust myself. The trust is in being able to trust them. This has taken a life time of searching for a bridge to true meditation. I can sing with them by myself, create meditative sounds by myself without them. It is truly an amazing life experience for me. Before this, fear dominated just as it did before age 50 in creating my own music. It took 50 years learn how to trust expressing myself musically with out fear. Before that, all that existed were feelings of being stupid, ridiculous, different, fear of knowing rejection, separation and embarrassment. Yep... those are the words that express the feelings of expressing myself, in of myself, for me, myself and I... or for anyone else while growing up.

July 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I called on someone to help drive me around today to get my rent money order, some needed "stuff" and food from the supermarket. His name is Tom a young guy I would like to call a friend in the neighborhood. While riding around with him I became aware as I often do with my friend Jeff when talking on the phone that I have a lot of energy in the process of relating with people that needs to be expressed. When limited as it is these days, it is usually about my frustrations in life and it can be very draining for whomever is listening. Sometimes I feel like an old man who is not getting enough real time interaction with people. In a sense that is true. All my interacting both with the Traveling Piano and with the homeless is a lot less right now without my transportation. Today I am posting The Traveling Piano Live Stream Indoors Day 4 video from YouTube. If you would like to help get the Traveling Piano back out on the road, I have a few ways you can financially help. You can contribute on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link

July 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

For a year or two now I've been needing something different, a new vehicle for continued development and maturity of spirit. There have been many tools I have used throughout life. First came lots of therapy both self and through professionals as well as everyday people, I mean really, really lots work for twenty five years consistently. That all ended up in the creation of this journey. Then the sharing daily of musical fun, friendship and respect with people along with the daily pursuit of my wildest of dreams through a sense of fun happened with empowerment and inspiration. The blogging, posting of music and photos has also helped to keep me on track. That has all created purpose, validation, assurance and consistency for my life. Working with the homeless as taken hold over the last few years... giving out food and water like Santa Claus along with the Traveling Piano interactions has been super fun adding to it all. Creating my Photo Art to share and getting an Art Gallery going along with everything else as the pandemic unfolded began. That is now on hold and with the virus, trumps ongoing destruction of the world and the gas-lighting of minds. What is happening is creating an incredible amount of fear first and foremost, then comes anger, hate, confusion, depression, not knowing where to turn, what to do, isolation, etc... you understand unless your in denial.

Through all this surreal insanity I reconnected with old friends Deva Premal and Miten. They are world known mantra musicians who I have met, who have contributed to this journey and who have been sharing online what they have to offer for the world on a daily basis while stuck down in Costa Rica because of the worlds quarantine needs. They are my new "Go To" in order to stay centered and balanced. They have been reminding me that as I act and pray for the world... to do it with a sense of joy and fun. Stay uplifted myself in spirit so I can lift others and the world. I must connect daily with meditation which I do through them... be consistent, go inside myself for a feeling of safety and security every day. If I do not all the negative takes control. It is like taking my medicine, taking in food for my soul, nurturing all my needs without the need for any outside stimulation. Thank God. The gratitude is overwhelming. I don't think I can meet with them again as the feelings of thankfulness are so strong I am afraid of them! Being in nature has always helped as the therapy through others has in life. But nothing can compare to or replace the stillness of bliss and truth that can be found in meditation. It is a practice like everything else, developed through time. I'm posting some mural art photos for today from where I live in downtown Las Vegas.

July 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

In doing live streams, I am letting it all hang out. The way I look well, it is what it is. Showing my whole body, showing how I look when I play without props, it is all so raw. I've done it before but on the truck or with just my face no so personally as in my little room, in my shorts, in my bare feet, lol etc... The Traveling Piano Live Stream Indoors Day 3 - Danny Kean is today's post. On Youtube I am uploading Traveling Piano pictures for the thumbnails because seeing the same camera shot from my IPhone daily has zero appeal to want to click on it. There are only two views daily so far. I do not want to put all my energy into getting viewership, I do not have the time right now. So... being connected with one or two people is enough. How often can I say that? For me to remember something especially when it has to do with ego... takes repetition all the time, forever, always. This is what my brain has always needed, constant repetition for everything I want that is good.

July 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today... The Traveling Piano Live Stream Indoors Day 2 - Danny Kean. One of these days I'll begin to create live streaming on YouTube but for now I am uploading the live stream I have been doing on Facebook. I wish the capability to propagate all this to more people was possible, I am doing the best I can which is practically nothing compared to what most other people are accomplishing who do what I do. Constantly, I must remember it is not about the numbers, it is about just doing "something" and enjoying what I am doing for myself first and then it would be nice with at least one other person enjoying it but if not... just for myself. Of course there is more than one other person enjoying what I have to offer online, there are at least 50 people I know of. Fifty consistent family members of people who care and who show it... that is a lot!

July 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

While raising Funds to Repair the Traveling Piano Truck, Mo of course is hanging out with me. I am out to creating 10 to 15 minutes a day of some Stream of Conscious Improvisational Piano Music to share with you once again. I did this on the street back when the virus began. I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my pup and our music! Today I am posting The Traveling Piano Live Stream Indoors Day 1 video from YouTube. If you would like to help I have a few ways you can financially help. You can contribute on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link

July 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm just updating this blog one day short of a week. Has anyone been wondering or worried that I died from the corona virus? I'm still here but found out today that someone who works at the auto repair shop where the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery has been, came down with the virus. I had direct contact with him a few days ago. Ugh...ugh... ugh. I went over to the shop today to tell Denise the owner that I want her to fix the truck, I have the money now. When she talked to me, that is when she told me about the worker and she put a mask on to talk to me which felt respectful. So this was a big move today. The truck will go in next Sunday and then it will be there for a week. I need to self quarantine anyway. We had a talk about how I do not trust her mechanics because they are always so messed up in different ways and sloppy and the price seems high. We worked it out and she is personally going to do it. Lets all hope she does not get sick in the meantime or any of my friends at the shop. They are all crazy, nefarious, etc... but I do care about them as friends.

July 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sadly, it is looking bleak here in Las Vegas as the numbers of infections rise and people just do not give a shit. The state has now entered the red zone of emergency. The greed to keep business open even though business is getting tons of federal and state money to stay afloat, who cares... I call them "I'm ok, the hell with everyone else" people. Kids needing to ride their bicycles in groups on the streets, party together and so called adults must have their time smashed together inside the bars and night clubs. And then there are the tourists bringing infection from everywhere to Las Vegas or out to win a dose to take back home for themselves. Immediate gratification... just can't shut down for a few months, they gotta have their "freedom." Sorry Traveling Piano blog... I'll get back on track, I know I will. It is good I have been staying inside even though it is making me crazy. It is a hundred and ten degrees out everyday anyway. Right now it is one in the morning and a hundred two degrees! Now more than ever I need financial support... hit the button on the left of the page... the Contribute Button, on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or... Paypal Direct

July 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

What a challenge living life in this surreal world! Everyday is a readjustment into the "now." People's minds are becoming more warped daily from confusion, worry and over stimulation. There are friends of mine drifting towards a trump-like mentality. The only way that happens is well, first but for the grace of God... but also it happens from self-centered fear. One example, if those around them support, then they must also or lose those around them. It is not worth it so they rationalize their way into darkness. The problem is not only trump. It is the cronies around him that get sucked into the black hole that he is and then they must support and cover for him because they cannot get honest with themselves about the lies they are living for themselves. We must all stand up to everything he represents, we must stand up to those who are racist and do not think they are, we must standing up for the care of humanity and the planet... be vocal, take action. And for anyone who does not like what I have to say... lets, be clear... I have no respect for anyone who is gaslit whether innocently or not, I have no tolerance for conspiracy theorists, propagandists or anarchists either. It is what it is.

July 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today I mark 38 years without a drink or drug to make me sick. I live with the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, day by day... a mental, physical and spiritual condition that demands rigorous honesty and adherence to a set of spiritual principals. Through the grace of God, I have been able to choose what has been needed for a continuous recovery... that which helps to keep me alive and able to live life on life's terms.

There has not been one day in thirty eight years that I have taken for granted. Being sober and clean affords the courage, strength and conviction to help others and thereby experience fulfillment in life beyond my wildest of dreams. My spirit has been able to develop as an individual part of the whole.

Most people cannot realize that to take drugs to cope, or drink alcohol in of itself is nothing more than a symptom of the disease. It is in fact the core element that leads to all the "dis-ease" that can exist in the life of someone who has the disease. As alcohol is the core element of destruction for me, the ability to ask for help and support is the core building block for growth. The words humility and gratitude come to mind. Everyday, I thank the God of my understanding for having people in my life of "like" mind, both alcoholic in recovery and otherwise.

In these days of misinformation and denials of basic truth and facts, I cannot imagine how difficult it is for active alcoholics with confused feelings and thinking there is no where to turn in this world for relief. But I can say, there is a home to run to. It is in the truth of spirit easily found through prayer. My strongest prayer as an alcoholic... God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage To Change The Things I Can And The Wisdom To Know The Difference. The operative word in that prayer is "Serenity" in order to achieve the acceptance of courage, wisdom and situations of "it is what it is" in life.

I get to share this day with all of you. For me there is nothing better. Thank You with all of my love.

July 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I broke down today from holding off and took the piano off the Traveling Piano to hopefully create some music in my room. There is absolutely no room for it but I just don't care. Creating music keeps me sane and I have been losing my sanity. Do you know I live in a space only 275 feet total? Lol... anyway, I keep telling myself that I'm going to get the truck fixed, why take out the piano? And then I thought, fixed or not I just need to get the piano out and create some music. There is fear that the people who have been contributing will stop because I'm not out working as much these days. And I just barely make it by the month as it is, I mean to the dollar. Also, when I am out... money just happens to help but I have not been out and about!

July 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

How amazing, I think I may be a little depressed! It feels like I should not let anyone know that but the truth is most important for this blog. It will pass as long as I, well the only thing I can really do now is meditate which I have been slacking off with. Doing what I need to do as far as getting the truck fixed... it is just very difficult right now along with everything going on in the world. But... I have faith, total faith that everything is ok and will continue to be ok no matter how bleak it seems and actually is. That may not make sense for many people, it does for me. Contribute... here on the left of the page... the Contribute Button, on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or... Paypal Direct I'm posting a slideshow from when Mo and I were at the Joplin, MO Tornado devastation with the Traveling Piano.

July 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I just want to eat and eat and eat. Some self examination is needed about that. The lack of being able to exercise does not help. Tonight, I think I will take the piano out of the truck and even though it plays like crap bring it into my room to play whatever music is possible on it. Tomorrow I'm going to put the speaker in my friend Sarah's place if she will let me. It is all getting fried outside in the sun and heat. Why it has taken me so long to do this... I keep hoping the truck will get fixed tomorrow! Having the piano in my room is going to be a pain in the ass, there is no room and it will only make what little space I have less space, more clutter. But I think, I am in emergency mode with the need to create music so its going to happen. This blog... I know people come to it from time to time to check in and then there are others who would come daily for a sense of continuity. These days I have been letting it go without an entry for three days at a time. I want to say that I am sorry about that... even to myself. This blog for so many years has been my daily diary and I've become a little lax. But since 2006... a pretty good run, eh? Everyday... kudos' to me for the commitment, care and interest. It ain't over until its over.

July 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Its been a hundred twenty degrees outside my door every day... or near that. I'd bet if the truck was running I still probably would take it out as in past years no matter my age now or health status the work would take precedence. This is probably why the truck is down... the universe is taking care of me in spite of myself. Also, Mo... he without question would not be able to handle the heat this year. Now at over ten and a half years old, his health would not be able to take it. And could I leave him in our room while I go out to do "our" thing? Not so sure I could do that. It is not even an issue of the sun... is the heat. So I look at it as we are having a break to raise the money to continue onward. People are getting pandemic money out the ass. There was the stimulus payments, the pandemic relief payments... I've been getting none of that.

Yes, I could work the system as so many are doing but do not want to risk the little social security that should kick in next month. Ahh... the music, the music... its just down for a short while... my spirit and desire for musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration is as strong as ever. We will find a way. Please make a donation to help support that. On this website to help get the truck fixed and please send some good energy for my finding a good auto mechanic. Three other places to contribute... Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct Send an email for my address to send cash, check or a money order.

July 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I thought I would stay up until right before the sunrise yesterday so I could take Mo out for a walk at the coolest time of the day. It was still a hundred degrees, lol! I stayed up until 10:30am just because I was awake until then. After waking up at 5:30 pm I went through the rest of the day but today its really hitting me. When I go off a sleep cycle I get sick. It is what it is. This has always been. I just don't have control over when I sleep or not. What a miracle for my life, I've said it a million times that life has worked out to my advantage in being able to sleep as much as I need it when I need it. That... is the fundamental reason I have been able to survive all these years. I saw the movie Call to the Wild with Harrison Ford last night. It was amazing. The relationship with the dog and Ford in the movie parallels mine with Mo in many ways. The bond and communication, my letting Mo be a dog, act like, have a sense of being the animal he is, has been what I have enjoyed most about his life. The mutual respect that has manifested as a result is beyond imaginable. Thank God for Mo in my life.

July 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yes, so I am going a little stir crazy. I am missing the music, the interaction with people, walking and the exercise from giving out food and water to people in the streets, hiking in nature... on line I work to not get lost in my fucking anger of morons who are destroying the earth and everyone on it through their denial, lack of care, entitlement and self-centeredness concerning the virus, the environment and how life as we know it is fading fast. There is a world wide genocide happening and the countries of the world are being taking over by dictators faster and faster. So ends the freedom of human spirit manifest in earthy ways. Never... will my individual human spirit be diminished and my job is to bring, show and manifest the light as everything transitions... for others. We must all act locally, care for each other individually when we can and in spirit otherwise. Stay aware of the truth concerning who we are as spirit manifest. There can be no fear in that, none. Where you see beauty... fear cannot exist. Please make a contribution here on this website to help get the truck fixed and please send some good energy for my finding a good auto mechanic. Three other places to contribute... Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct

July 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Amazing! I made it to sixty five years of age today. And Mo is with me, I knew he would stay here with me until I reached the age of sixty-five when he first came into my life. I actually thought that. Never could I have imagined living in the year 2020. It feels surreal and now with the corona virus "very" surreal. Living in temperatures a hundred and ten and above every day... I need a word for that! People have been contributing to get the Traveling Piano back up and working and I am so appreciative. Still more is needed. I spent a lot of time on Facebook today thanking about 400 people for wishing my a Happy Birthday. I thought, if each one of those people gave me just five bucks... alas that is not how it works. So... I wanted to have a photo of what I look like for my 65th Birthday and it was NOT easy to do because I so much prefer the hot young buck who was Danny Kean of long, long ago.

A neighbor took my photo anyway because I do want to share my Birthday today with all my friends. Happy Birthday! And... I'm pretty proud of myself. Today I cooked for the first time ever cookies from scratch. It took a couple hours for what would take someone else a half hour but then again... I did it all by hand without a mixer or beater and... in a kitchen space that is 3'x4' total! And. that includes the sink, dish area, food and appliances (a small convection oven) Yes, that is for real! And no, I did not give Mo one of these Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, mixed nut sugary cookies. I think he wanted one tho... he did get some of the batter. He always gets to lick the spoons and bowls clean. And then I wash them real good! And by the way... we are only $3.00 from reaching the half way mark of this fundraiser to get the Traveling Piano back on the road! Please make a contribution. Whoo Hoo Weee!

July 8, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I want to talk about death. People do not need to be as uncomfortable as they are in talking about death. It is part of life. We all get to do it. It is just a transformation and what will be revealed will answer many questions that will be absolutely wondrous. We will understand more why and how each one of us is loved. I'm not in control of when I will die, this I know. Still, I do love life but am also getting ready to go. There is nothing wrong with that. As I get older and as the world wears down and life passes more quickly, death is a reminder to enjoy every moment, find ways to enjoy. It can be a fun challenge. It is interesting to see some of my dreams disappear. Like with this virus, the Superbowl dream as I had envisioned it in real life back at the start of this journey, it ain't gonna happen. Oprah, ain't gonna happen.

China... doesn't look like that gonna happen. But, as I have always said, it was never about attaining the goals as much as the process of heading towards them. And, thats the truth. It has been a fantastic ride. I'm fairly certain life is going to get amazingly more fantastic in the coming year. How I embrace life's fantastical experience is totally my choice. I want to do it with as much fun, joy and peace as possible. I got this. Anyway, please make a contribution here on this website to help get the truck fixed and please send some good energy for my finding a good auto mechanic. Three other places to contribute... Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct

July 7, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat is unbearable during the day. I only go out at night. It is up to 120 degrees daily downtown where I live. Every night, I've been taking out water but there are not so many people out on the sidewalks. I wonder where they all are? Hope they are not dead. My needing to ask to get the Traveling Piano truck fixed and a new keyboard is excruciating. People making contributions keep me on a positive path. Every penny will go right into the truck and keyboard, my computer repair and so I must also, keep finding the rent money and finances for other needs. Its crazy how the Traveling Piano has morphed into community outreach in ways more than just the musical fun, friendship and respect with the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. Now it has been sharing resources for the homeless as in masks, food and water.

July 6, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Here is to everyone showing care for those they do not know... care for the health of those at high risk by wearing a mask to protect... and here's looking forward to hanging out together once again on the streets in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. I took these mural photos today downtown. It was a hundred twenty today. Mo and I cannot handle it for long outside anymore. We are too old! I photoshopped masks on the mural of the mayor and her alcoholic husband who was mayor before her. I put a slit in his mask so he could hold the martini in his hand and the mask on here... lol, she would never wear a mask. She made a fool of herself on national television a month ago saying we should keep the casinos open and whatever casino has the most people die in it.. that casino should close. And she said, she would never go into one for that experimentation because she has a family. What a moron! Please make a contribution to get the Traveling Piano back on the road. I'm going a little stir crazy and need to get out into nature.

July 5, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo is very happy and appreciative, I am very joyful and grateful for our friends, what an opportunity we are all in right now to get back to the basics of our Interconnectedness through for example, the Traveling Piano's Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. We love you all! Contribute to help get the truck back on the street! (love first, money second) You can contribute on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser ...or Paypal me direct: Paypal Direct or here on this website: Contribution Link

July 4, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy 4th of July! I love my home here in the USA. I love my country of America and our system of government. For me it is better than any other system of government in the world. I wish more people would educate themselves about the American Ideals our government is built on. There has been too much focus on those who use our government wrongly and not enough focus on the potential through our system for progressive change. A most important tool to keep democracy alive is the media. Local News is at extinction level. We must support and read local news. We must continue to know what is happening in our own back yard, in our own community and not just from large city newspaper and media reporting, or nationally. We must be able to make informed decisions as residents, as citizens in a democracy and as well-intentioned people concerning the choices we have to make on an everyday level concerning basic life, business and as well as for the future... in our own neighborhoods Support the media. Do not be tearing it down and talking negatively about it. Those who want to destroy our democracy have been trying to destroy the media. Support local neighborhood news. Celebrate our Freedom concerning the Media and Freedom of Speech! Happy 4th of July!

July 3, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

How Awesome Is This! I connected with Amanda and Onnoleigh through the Facebook Vegas Community Strong Resource Group. They are making a difference by creating protective masks to give out where needed here in Las Vegas in order to help battle the Covid-19 virus. They drove from almost an hour away to hand deliver masks to me so I can share them with those living on the streets who really need support. Everyone needs to feel validation and reassurance and to know others care about them now more than ever before. It is people like this who contribute to a life that sustains us all. Amanda says... wash your hands and wash your masks! Please create a contribution through this website to get the Traveling Piano fixed. The truck sits in a parking lot waiting for some care. I will need to walk and give out these masks. It would be much better to do it with music from the Traveling Piano.

July 2, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Up until last month I prided myself on never repeating a photo in this blog, never saying the same thing twice, lol... but that just silly because I have complained over and over and over about the same crap. But anyway... Photos of what this journey is about, the sharing of the piano seat with over 90,000 people, that part of the journey I want to keep alive... and so, some photos are going to get repeated because with this virus there is no allowing for social closeness with people. We must keep the dream alive, keep the music alive, keep the fun, friendship, respect, the nature, empowerment, inspiration, joy going in spirit if nothing more. The fundraising is going well with over a thousand raised... I need six thousands so please contribute, even five bucks helps.

July 1, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Where you see beauty... fear cannot exist. These are flowers of beauty via the Traveling Piano Photo Art Galleries. Please contribute to keep the Traveling Piano on its mission of Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with Nature, Empowerment and Inspiration along with Resources for Homeless Communities everywhere. Not a business or Non-Profit... this has been an individual endeavor funded by individuals like yourself for 15 years now throughout America. My pup Mo and I are now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Your help is needed and thanks to all who have contributed to date!