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June 30, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It has been a tough month I could say. But, every month is tough, just a different toughness, different circumstances. Some months are tough while others are not. I am feeling confident that I will get the truck back on the road and as well a keyboard. That is just a matter of me getting to work to find someone who can do the job, who will care, who will be generous with there labor, parts, expertise and time. I trust my friend Denise but not her workers who she would give the job to. The music, where is the music... it will happen again soon, I can feel it. In the meantime, I need contribution financially to pay for ongoing costs, I have no resources. Is it not amazing that I have been able to sustain myself for the last few years with no dependability except for God as I understand God? Meditating has really helped me through this month. That has been my consistent, my go to, my foundation, the bedrock of my security. Make a contribution! Help out here. Anyone who knows the journey knows it is worth a few bucks out of their pocket. I can say that with 100% knowing.

June 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I fetched some water from my stash to give out on the street today. An older homeless guy with not many teeth was sitting and asked for some water. After giving him some I went inside my friend Sarah's place to get the rest of it and on comming out I saw the guy crying. I had to stop and sit next to him and ask what was wrong. He used to steal money from his mother and was feeling bad about it, tears and all. I asked when that was. It has been years ago and his mother had died last September. During the conversation I would throw out the word "fuck" in every once in awhile which seemed to put him at ease to be able to trust I was not a do gooder or out to be appropriate and above him. I told him his mother did not mind that he always stole from her as much as she minded that he was safe and happy because she loved him. And I reminded him that he is her heaven. She's looking down from heaven wanting to see him loved and feeling ok. This made sense to the guy and he wanted to just sit and talk but I had to get going. Wish I had more time to spend with him. He also mentioned how he has not had his medications. Homeless people on the streets are really hurting from the lack of social services right now. I feel grateful that I can have some compassion and empathy for them and sometimes create some validation and reassurance of their worth as a human being. PayPal Me for a Traveling Piano Contribution

June 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm posting some vintage pictures of Traveling Piano Dog Boner and Me today from 2008. Today, I took my photos out of the Art Gallery they had been in for the better part of a year. They have not been on display for a few months and the gallery did no work to sell them except for the display and so it was time to just get them out of there. I put them in storage down the street at my friends Sarah's place and maybe someone might want to sell them in one of the booths she rents out at the store. Need to get the rest of my stuff out of the Auto repair gallery also as I'm not going to be doing any Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery work there for the rest of the summer with the heat and the virus happening. I just must find a tactful way to get them out, as her waiting room is decorated with my photos and I do not want to lose the opportunity of going back into the place if the world returns to "normal" which I see zero chance of it doing. It can be very unsettling, everything that is happening. Wow, do I need to play some piano... bad! Please make a contribution to the fundraiser happening so I can get the truck back on the road and a piano to play on! If God forbid I had to get out of Las Vegas quick... that would not be happening right now as I have no transportation. The GoFundMe Traveling Piano Fundraiser

June 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Talk about "out of whack!" What a world. I'm trying to dissipate time spent in anger over the self-centered state of humanity. I know humanity as a whole is not self-centered by any means but the parts that are... just make me really mad these days! The mindset of trump sucking people, the mindsets of denial out of fear or inconvenience, the mindsets of rebellion and resistance to care, the lack of empathy and compassion, the greed and neediness... it is all in our faces right now. The Corona Virus is showing to us all at lot of what we do not like about ourselves as human beings and for those who are slow learners or just morons... they will all learn eventually about that like the rest of us. Not going crazy in my room is a challenge. Wearing a mask outside all the time in this heat and my age does not help my respiratory system but if I can't handle it... I just need to stay in... period. Seeing people in large groups without masks on outside in La La Land... I must keep a constant check on myself about it because I tend to become infuriated. Live, Love and whats that other word? Is it prosper? How and what I choose as prosperous in life these days has nothing to do with career, money or things. It must be all about spirituality.

June 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Doing this blog... it seems like it is taking twice as long these days and I have not been posting daily, consistently for a long time now. This blog has been a fundamental anchor for the journey. Just like getting up every morning and saying first thing... "Musical... Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration." I still say it but getting the feeling into the worlds is difficult because I'm not out there actually doing that these days. I hope I can get the truck fixed soon to do it but still its friggin hot out... never stopped me in the past but I am older now and so is Mo. It ain't over until its over. It is what it is. I'm still sharing the "Musical... Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration" via the internet in the meantime. This slideshow posted today is from the beginning in 2006 with Piano Dog Boner. I had a harp jam! It was surreal, could not have been more fun and I'm glad I have some pictures from it. The truck was still named Raggin' Piano Boogie at the time as I used to be a paid performer of Ragtime and Boogie Woogie piano music for the first twenty years of this piano on a truck gig.

June 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm not sure how many slideshows are posted on this website. They all should be but I can't imagine they are. There are a couple hundred on Youtube. The Traveling Piano not only creates Musical, Fun, Friendship and Respect for communities, it also serves to heal communities dealing with difficult situations. This slideshow is from Joplin, Missouri where a catastrophic tornado devastated nearly 30% of the city in 2011. The Traveling Piano needs some healing right now. THe truck is down as is the piano. Lets get it back on the road. Please send a contribution to help get it fixed. This is a costly fix and I need your help. Here on the left of the page... the Contribute Button, on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser or GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe Fundraiser

June 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Words of Wisdom: I believe we are spirit manifest in body. There has been a shift for all of humanity, no exceptions... an awareness has been created, the opportunity to realize that nothing is present except for the moment. Think about it. First, when trump got into the highest leadership post of the world (now gone), that realization brought to light front and center, that anything can happen in the world. Now more than ever, as a result of the corona virus... no one knows what will be, what will happen in a half year from now, etc... in anyway way, shape or form. Unless you want to live in denial, the only other choice is to learn how to live and practice living in the present moment. We can work towards a future but now it is being shown more than ever before, that nothing is certain except for the truth of spirit. Living in the reality of that fact is where security, knowing and reassurance lays and in the end, all that matters is love, joy, peace, fun, music, friendship and respect through spirit. But also... do not give up the struggle that is part of life, just keep going.

June 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I talked with a twenty year old guy today who works on Max's Ranch. Max has been supplying me with food and water to give out to the homeless. The kid, his name is Dakota, said he would be willing to fix the trucks head gasket, no cost. Twenty years old... never did one before, on my old vulnerable truck where fixing one thing may break another... I think I am going to go for it in faith. It just feels right although I know that feelings are not always facts. The fact is truck repair by those that charge a lot, by those that are cheap, by those with fantastic reputations... through my life that has always failed me. It is hit or miss all the time. Even the best of mechanics have never been consistent. God help me and the Traveling Piano truck. At this point I'm just going with the flow. It may turn out wonderful. If not, it can't get any worse unless I am driving in the dessert and it breaks down again and I get stuck without cell reception. But then again if Mo and I die in the desert... good. Ha, not really but what I said... just going with the flow in faith that the right things are happening and all will be ok in the end as they have been.

June 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... is there anyone reading this blog? I know these dinosaur html pages do not even show on many platforms anymore. It is difficult to navigate via phone. It is what it is. There are people I know who check in from time to time. If you happen to read this... please send a contribution. People have done it for Mo's sake in the past... so, Do It For Mo! I have faith... the funds are already up to $700. It will take a lot more to fund what is mentioned below on this page. Last month I was complaining how it was a hundred degrees every day in May... way too early. Now in downtown Las Vegas where I am it is a hundred and ten degrees every day. At night it goes down to a hundred. At five in the morning it is comfortable but I just can't do five in the morning! In Siberia at the North Pole the temperature reached a hundred degrees last week! Did you read about that? One Day at a Time... loving Mo, thankful for friends who show they care, having a roof over my head... air conditioning.......... and the internet to interact with people.

June 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Whoo Hoo!!! Another Traveling Piano Fundraiser! We can accomplish a big-time achievement together! Please share it with your friends, in groups, on internet pages, in the news everyday, via email, etc... until the goal is reached. Send people the contribution link to this website or the Facebook link below.

The Traveling Piano is stuck in a parking lot as its head gasket has blown here in Las Vegas. This is a costly fix. The contributions, as they come in will be used for that repair first. We must get the truck back on the road. It is needed, especially now with the state of world affairs and the corona virus. Music heals. And as well, the Traveling Piano has been working on the front-lines daily to share donated food and water for people living on the streets who do not have the where-with-all to get to resources.

There are no fees, tips or commercial affiliation with the Traveling Piano. It is a 100% community outreach vehicle supported through contribution from individuals like you. There is no other resource. I work as an individual. After we get the truck on the road, funds will pay for badly needed brakes and other repairs. The piano keyboard must be replaced! The computer used to share the Traveling Piano journey, to process the photos, music and the website online freely for everyone daily, it must be refurbished. But for now, first... Piano Dog Mo who hangs out on top of the Piano says, "First... Lets Just Get The Truck Back On The Road."

The Traveling Piano is simply a piano on the back of a truck, the same truck delivering piano music full-time for 35 years, twelve months a year! The Traveling Piano journey has been blogged on its website with writing, pictures and music daily since 2006. The journey is not about performing or entertaining. It is about relationship through music, one-on-one with people from all walks of life... musical, fun, friendship and respect along with the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. There is no other agenda. The piano is shared with everyone, no exceptions. Every dollar contributed goes directly to the source. There is no profit associated with the Traveling Piano. Mo and I need your help! Please make a contribution. Do it again and again. The Traveling Piano manifests and expresses inclusion, care, validation, reassurance and gratitude for all!

June 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We MUST get the Traveling Piano back on the road. Please send a contribution through the link on this page. And also, here is a link to do it via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donate/3553939674633546/ ...and below is a photo with text to copy and past into an email to send to others.

The Traveling Piano is simply a piano on the back of a pickup truck for everyone, no exceptions. It is unlike anything, anywhere else in the world. The Traveling Piano inspires community involvement through one-on-one relationships for the sake of Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. There is no other agenda and there are no fees or tips associated with the Traveling Piano. It is not a commercial vehicle.

I am piano man Danny Kean, the sole proprietor of the Traveling Piano. My pup Mo, he hangs out on top of the piano with me. We create music for people to discover through synchronistic spontaneity. Whether on a mountaintop or on neighborhood street, when people find us they are empowered to try the Traveling Piano for themselves. Over 90,000 individual people have created music on the Traveling Piano, most of them while creating music for the very first time.

As the result of a common shared experience through what the Traveling Piano creates… strangers become less afraid of each other, visitors to the community feel welcomed and neighbors get to know each other. The Traveling Piano peregrinated throughout the Northern Hemisphere for ten years. For almost five years now in Las Vegas, the Traveling Piano has worked with constant outreach in the Rescue Mission areas of the city as well as Downtown, at Veterans Village, in almost every neighborhood as well as in the nature that surrounds the city.

How often in life do we meet a stranger who shares what they have to offer with no agenda for something in return? The Traveling Piano needs your support to continue. I would like to ask for your business to adopt the Traveling Piano for the sake of community with a monthly subscription via the Traveling Piano website. 100% of your contribution goes directly into the work.

The Traveling Piano began as a self-funded entity twelve years ago through personal savings and a home sold to pay the way. Now with those funds depleted my chosen path is to partner with community members through contribution. You can follow the Traveling Piano on its website blog where you will find a personal daily entry for every day since 2006. In a world where people have been losing the ability to communicate as a result of division, anger and frustration, the Traveling Piano helps empower a bridge to our worth in humanity together. Unique spirit is shared freely. The experience personally affects up to 2,000 individual people weekly here in Las Vegas.

The Traveling Piano originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has been Bringing the Beat to the Street full time since 1987. For the first 20 years, it was presented as a fee based performance entertainment vehicle, never for busking. Since then, it has been offered as a gift for people everywhere throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Please invest in this worthy and proven, successful endeavor. Contribute! Contact me for any alternative or more convenient way for you to help pay forward the ongoing work. A new iconic Traveling Piano is needed; it will belong to all communities. Join Mo and I for a Traveling Piano adventure into a neighborhood to witness our work. Invite us to your business location for a short no obligation personal Traveling Piano experience. Contribute Here: PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano or on Facebook: Traveling Piano Facebook Fundraiser

June 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada


June 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a lot of time now for me to look back at my life and see how it has worked. It has not been easy but I can say without question that it has worked out exactly the way it should. I do not think my life has been pre-determined or pre-planned. It is more like a work in process that works on a level more than I am capable of grasping. The idea of time is not relative in it all. There are hundreds of examples of bombastic synchronicities and spontaneities that have happened through the years. They can all be found in this blog. It feels like the Traveling Piano truck being broken down right now, my inability to get out onto the streets with food and water as much as I would like for the homeless... that is a purposeful and meaningful situation for what would normally be called a plan. Normally I can only know things like this after they happen. But now the before, during and after periods of time are closing in to a state of oneness.

When the original virus quarantine began I was like wow, I am out here on the streets all alone when creating music except for the homeless people I come in contact with. It was really nice in a way and amazing. Now, as business opens and people are filling the streets who could not care about getting or spreading the virus... as the virus is getting worse with new records of infection and death daily... I have been in a somewhat self-made quarantine like everyone was before. The difference is that mine is a result of the heat and no truck mobility. Deeper on another level of reality, I think my being inside right now is saving my life from the virus. Now is the time for me to be in quarantine for my own safety from the morons out there. It feels incredibly right and clear. As I have said hundreds and hundreds of times, I am doing the right things and the right things are happening. I just really miss the music right now as well as interacting with people and also sharing what I have to offer in the ways that I have been doing it for years.

June 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

As business opens up and people begin circulating more and more with the virus getting worse and worse, I retreat more and more. There is a culling of the herd going on and that is not happening through a spiritual sense. It is happening from an I don't care, I won't be affected, good get rid of the undesirables... sense. Every human being must must be desirable, that creates conflict in my mind because those that repress and will create harm in order to repress... like trump and the nazi and kkk that support him... as well as others who do the same and will still vote for him while saying they dislike him... sorry, not desirable for me. Ahh... politics in my blog... it is what it is. Please God, help me to keep a balance balance through Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect along with Empowerment and Inspiration!

June 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

A piano to play on is needed! The truck needs to get repaired, the piano replaced, my computer fixed, clothes... starting a fundraiser, sending out requests for contribution... well, the people who do contribute are my inspiration to continue onward with life. I am posting some old pictures of the Traveling Piano in New Brunswick, Canada back in 2008 with Traveling Piano dog Boner. Please God help get me back on the road with my work!

June 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm still going out almost everyday walking with water to give out via my backpack because the Traveling Piano truck has broken down. It is interesting when I realize what I am doing without consciously doing it. For example, my ability to do whatever, as it gets less and less I simply adjust but keep doing. So, if I go out and share just one bottle of water a day because that is all I am capable of... that is enough and is as good as a hundred bottles of water. This is how I have always thought and it is the way to think for sure. With the Traveling Piano journey my goals have always been grounded in the idea that if I can just affect one person's life... that is enough. I've never had a "more, more, more" I need or want more problem concerning the journey, ever. With most other things in life it has always been about "more, more, more". With this journey... just one day at a time, do what you can, something is better than nothing.

June 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've entered an era of posting photos from past Traveling Piano experiences with people as a result of the Corona Virus. There has been easily over a hundred thousand different people on the Traveling Piano seat throughout the years. And I have pictures of about 80% of that. What a blessing! I've achieved everything in life that I have aspired to achieve. Wanting to get along with people from all walks of life, sharing my individuality, my spirit with the world, having stewardship of a dog (I've had two) world travel... I think that is maybe all I ever wanted. The rest has been like icing on a cake. I have achieved the basics. Everyday I want to ignore responsibility concerning the virus and just go out and play, pretend as others do that nothing is happening but... 2000 more people are dying here in the USA everyday. I will not ignore that fact for the sake of others. I need to get the head gasket on the truck fixed! God please help me, or someone reading this blog... through God.

June 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I found a raw slideshow of Traveling Piano Journey photos from a night of Bringing the Beat to the Street in Las Vegas, Nevada so I am posting it here for today. It has about five mintues of music with it. Oh the days... I can no longer upload video's to YouTube with this computer I am using. Everyday I send out at least one email for contribution to get the truck fixed. Its going to take a lot more than one a day to find someone... maybe. Something is better than nothing. The heat is amazing. Mo is amazing. I think I'm going to bring the piano in so I can play it... I'm losing my chops! How I will play it in my room I have no idea. There is no room or place to sit and play. Maybe I will put it somewhere else where I can go and play it until the truck gets fixed. People on the streets are wondering where I am, what happened to me. They surely are missing Mo and the water, bread, etc... I've been taking to them almost daily for the last half year. One day at a time...

June 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I missed a day here somewhere. Mo keeps me grounded in life. I love him so much, probably because he loves and appreciates me so much. What a dog! Getting a fundraiser off the ground, finding a truck mechanic to replace my head gasket... I just live one day at a time, do the best I can, keep the faith that everything is happening in the right time in the right way and asking God to direct my thoughts and actions ongoing. This website has hundreds of testimonials to the success of my way of life. Could it have been better, can it be better... that is none of my business. My business is to live in the present moment and enjoy life to the best of my ability with desire and whatever action I can take to make all of life better, and better and better! I am feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude for those who support me and this journey of mine.

June 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to take Mo out for a walk. A guy passed us and said, "thanks for the blanket." That just brought such a smile to my face. Of course I have no idea who he was but he sure remembered me. He looked well dressed and ok and must have been laying on the street somewhere in the winter trying to sleep when I was giving out blankets. My not being able to work right now with the homeless or creating music in any neighborhood because the head gasket blown on the truck, this is excruciating. I must raise $1200 and that feels just as excruciating as time is moving on. I really miss creating music and playing the piano. It has not been that long since, but the not having a choice in making music or not now... its excruciating. I must look into finding a car mechanic. My friend Denise I don't think would be a good idea to use anymore because I only want her to work on it and she will give it to other people to do who I do not trust. Meanwhile, the truck just sits in the parking lot as I sit in my room filing information, spending time on facebook trying to show people that I am still alive with the Traveling Piano, meditating and meandering in my head. Help!

June 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been wanting to donate blood for a long time so today I did it for the first time. It took about 15 minutes and was easypeasy. I could have made some money giving it for research but here in Las Vegas the hospital supplies are critically low. I don't like the idea of anyone profiting off my blood which they will do from this today but... they now test your blood with a very accurate COVID-19 antibody test and give you the results within 2 weeks. This test tells you if you had COVID and recovered (it can’t tell you if you have an active infection). Those that test positive can later donate their plasma (containing antibodies) to help COVID patients in hospitals. The accuracy of the test they use was certified using 400 blood samples from before the pandemic that they know are negative for COVID, but positive for other viruses like flu and cold viruses. The test had ZERO false positives out of 400 samples (much better than many other antibody tests). I get questions answered for myself and if I have antibodies I may truly be able to help save lives down the road and also it helps to save lives today... so after weighing the pros and cons... it just makes sense! Everyone should do it... not like its a big deal or anything, right?

June 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Corona virus is changing the world. The amazing part is that everyone is affected although most people do not realize it yet, or want to. When everyone was afraid at the start, I could go out even with the Traveling Piano because Mo and I were the only one's out. Now as everything is opening up, and the Traveling Piano truck is busted, I am in isolation while everyone else is out and about. Talk about a switcheroo. That is the story of my life, everything is backwards. Isolation is a lot more fun when you get to choose it for yourself. Now with all the morons out and about without a care in the world, no masks, no social distancing... that is forcing me to stay inside as well as with the truck being down, I cannot go anywhere anyway. I do not like it... at all. Nature... I am missing it a real lot. Being in nature every once in a while is what has made living downtown, in the pit of the city, palatable. Please God, take me out of here... or at least give me back the choice of leaving. I'm ok... everything is fine and as it should be. This I know and I am doing exactly what I should be doing. The music is not done and neither is the Traveling Piano. Just keep going with the flow Danny.

June 8, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I did not get up until four in the afternoon. For the second time in a month, I think I had a serious physical problem maybe with my heart half way through my sleep time. Rest takes care of it and thank God I can get it. So of course the day was short. The need to muster up asking people for contribution and help, with a positive attitude and with energy is probably what kept me in bed. Just the prospect of doing it again is exhausting. But that is what I do, that is part of my work. I gain a tremendous about of gratitude from supporters who contribute personally, one on one for the Traveling Piano's work. Then I take that gratitude and manifest it into the actual work itself! This is how I feel part of and not alone in my work and life. It is just that after all this time it is no easier to do. And the thought of getting the truck fixed... God help me. And finding a good mechanic... I thought I had one, but no longer have total confidence. So tomorrow I write up another request for help and start looking. A patron, a backer would be very nice. It is not like I have not be looking for one for the last thirty five years.

June 7, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

A few days ago I was thinking how I do not want to do this anymore, but still I am doing it. No matter how little, I do what I can. I take a back pack of water out when I walk... pulled the truck out and drove it about a mile up the street to give out the rest of the food I had in my room... people appreciate it. I need to have and feel purpose. While missing the personal interaction with people on the piano, it is so crazy. I actually did the whole process with someone explaining how I began to improvise with a girl standing about ten feet away on the sidewalk. I created a live video with music for facebook. The head gasket for the truck is blown but I was able to get the truck back to my apartment before it overheated. I do what I can. Am I desperately still doing what I do with my last breath? Is that bad? No... it is what I do, what I love to do, the only thing I can do right now. So no matter how little... I continue onward. It will cost $1200 for a new head gasket, the piano needs to be replaced, thats $1200 and I have not had a new piece of clothing since 2015. Onward with the Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect... the Empowerment and Inspiration with no sugar coating. It is what it is.

June 6, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The weather was great today with temperatures under a hundred and wind so, I had to create some music for myself. I did it for a good long while. Tried to see if I could play some of my old repertoire but could not with the piano being shot, the keys stick and are uneven. I tried not to think about the head gasket on the truck and am afraid to drive it for more than five blocks away. What I need to do to in order to have it repaired is like going into the hospital for my 350th operation. I had to constantly remind myself not to invite people onto the truck to play today for themselves with the virus still happening. Since the city opened for business yesterday, 200 more cases have been discovered and 4 more deaths have happened in the state. That is a lot for this not so populated state. Todd stopped by to give me five cases of water to hand out on the streets and twenty bucks for gas to do it. Unfortunately I cannot drive the truck anywhere until it gets fixed. Todd buys cases of water and then takes off the labels of the bottles to replace them with bible verses. My friend Becky stored it all for me in her shop. Before dark we joined a protest with families who have lost a loved one needlessly through police gun murdering people who are unarmed. Mo's company is totally getting me through this time period.

June 5, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was vacillating between feeling serious hopeless today and the fact that I am not allowed to have that feeling. Such is the life of a survivor. The Traveling Piano truck is dead in the sand. The head gasket is blown. What to do, what to do, what to do... I can drive it a few blocks for now but need to stop and make sure the water does not run out from flowing into the oil and evaporating into engine. I was told it would not make it to the grocery store. I cannot get out into nature or do the food feedings for the homeless. My mind is blank. It is not like I've not been in tough situations before but I've always had transportation. That is very important to have in my mind. There are solutions. Knowing which solution to pursue and how is the problem.

A sealant on the gasket did not work. Oh dear lord above, another fundraiser? That seems to be my job in life... raising funds, creating music, sharing music, sharing the Traveling Piano experience, sharing visuals of nature and people's photo experiences with them, helping to create validation and reassurance for people especially on the streets while supplying water and food for them, raising funds to do it all, raising funds to do it all, raising funds to do it all... the Traveling Piano truck, 35 years old... but it not over until its over. Today, here right now on this post... the last two photos I have of people on the Traveling Piano from before the virus.

June 4, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is becoming very difficult to keep my spirits up. The heat arriving a month earlier than usual is awful. It has been up to a hundred and ten degrees everyday and only down to the nineties at night. Being another year older, physically I do not think I could have done the community resource commitments with the Traveling Piano as I did last year even if I was still doing them. I just cannot play the piano in this heat. And also, I cannot sell photos at the gallery not only because there are no people, the gallery is too hot, the auto shop people are messy. Again, no people anyway. I kept my chops up, as in my fingers strong with the ability to play the piano from the grand piano at the mission... that commitment is gone because of the virus. The trucks head gasket has a leak. That is a high priced fix, so the truck is down. That means I can't drive around to give out food and water. The piano is about worthless anyway and needs to be replaced.

It is too hot to walk and carry food and water. My walks with Mo... we had a great strip to walk on, clean new sidewalks, rows of tall palm trees, rocks and bushes lit at night. The city this week ripped it all up, took it all out, including the irrigation. It was all brand new! Talk about money laundering contract work for landscaping in the hundreds of thousands. So now, walking around is all about cement and nothing more... in this heat. So... no piano to play or share, no money, no truck to even go and get food, no nice area to get exercise, the heat, the virus, the Black Lives Matter issue... Mo is on edge, he's totally aware of the chaos when outside. So let me end this with a note of gratitude. I have my rent paid, Mo is with me, meditation helps, I have food to eat. Tomorrow my friend the mechanic Denise is going to try to put a sealant on the head casket to see if the leak can be sealed and then I hopefully can get myself another few months with the truck.

June 3, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've not been self-quarantined as everyday Mo and I have been going out on the streets to work on the front line with food and water distribution. Today we stayed inside because of what happened yesterday and wow, that was difficult to do. It is very important for me to go outside everyday and Mo needs to walk! I tried to settle into all the indoor work that needs to get done but just knowing I could not go outside was excruciating. And the temperature, over a hundred all day... I used to keep the door open with the air conditioner running in the heat. No more... it is too hot and dry. I did not know what was going to happen all day but knew that I would rather not have my head shot off or Mo harmed, or physically harmed myself to have to go to a hospital so I stayed in. Around 10PM a text came through that everything seemed clear. Still, I was cautious and staying very aware as we walked. Not a fun feeling...

The bottom line... as human beings I have found at the core... we all just want to get along. I came back taking Mo for a walk and to share water on the street. People were either mentally off from the heat... its over a 100 both day and night, or really just worn. Everyone I saw is feeling lost and I was not just projecting that. I gave a black guy a bottle of water and he said, "pray for me will you." I almost cried with the sincerity of it. Everyone was extra appreciative... in an, "I need some loving" I appreciate you way. There was an ambulance for a homeless guy on the sidewalk with about six police standing along side. I heard one of them say not mean but direct, "you can either get on the gurney to go to the hospital or we will have to arrest you."

The cops looked at me with a concerted effort to acknowledge me with respect as I passed. On the whole, the Metro police here in Las Vegas have been the best that I have experienced throughout the country. Most work hard to be good police in spite off what they need to deal with at the top and bottom. I really hope they can find a way to call out their own and get rid of the foul ones. So, the point of this is that I want to ask everyone to please be as kind as possible with strangers you see and meet on the streets and to the cops also when you see they are trying to be amenable. It takes nothing accept a heart in order to smile, look someone in the eye and acknowledge the worth and value of being a human being.

June 2, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Something very bad happened today. A guy I know, we mess around with each other and sometimes our interactions are over the top. Like I'll be walking down the street and he will race a vehicle towards me as though he is going to hit me without my knowing it is him. There have been other times, he has issues, I try to avoid him but we both like and respect each other. Anyway, today I dropped the N word on him trying to create some levity with what he did and it was just so wrong. The timing was so wrong, it just awkwardly came out. Two members of a gang from LA were present to do some business with him. I had no idea. The guy realized the trouble we both created for each other and tried to let them know I was ok while calling me out on their behalf.

They were not going to have it. I got a phone call saying I need to lay low, don't go out onto the streets until they go back to LA. At the same time, I'm thinking the guy and his crew which I all know very well might have to do something themselves to me to save their asses. Ugh, so what am I doing? I'm doing my work as usual along with extra meditation and prayer. Sometimes, things just happen that you do not mean to happen. I had been caught off guard with my mouth. Just before, I had reamed out a city council member who sent me an email saying we must let go now of protesting the Floyd murder because of the policeman who got shot last night here in Las Vegas. As most people know I have always been a one hundred percent Black Lives Matter advocate... in action and not just words. Wow, all this is really happening. Please God, lets get back to the Traveling Piano's Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect.

June 1, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

So much life! Shall I write the good first and the what is, or what is, first and then the good. I'll force the what is first to end on a high note. The truck broke down on the street downtown for the first time where I was stranded. It was going to cost me a hundred fifty to get it towed but I managed to get it started and just kept the gas on, went through red lights and stop signs to get it back to my place. I'll deal with it tomorrow. Denise who has fixed it for me and gave me a tune up last week, she looked at it earlier in the day when it broke down on the street nearby. So now I just wait until tomorrow with that. A huge protest came through downtown on my street for the first time. It was large and peaceful. I watched thousands of people walk by a restaurant full of people inside playing La la land in their heads not only about the corona virus but about the protest happening right in front of them on the sidewalk. Then gun shots. Someone killed a policeman a few blocks south and the the police killed someone a few blocks north. It is devastating, I'm working very hard to not drop into a great big black pit in my mind and soul. Now... the good stuff.

Max called without notice just as a woke up this morning to say he would arrive in a few minutes with water and food. He dumped cheese and ham on me to make sandwiches. Like I have to to make the food and hand it out too? Lol, I guess I'll need to make the time. Bread, oranges and apples also arrived. Mo and I then went to the streets to pass it all all. We drove to my old corner by the Photo Art Gallery to create some music. Luckily it was before the protest came. It felt good with very few people on the street and just creating musical notes in the air, zoning out, releasing stress. I create music on the piano now by stabbing the keys lol, it is the only way to get them to work. Still, it is music just limited in what and how it is made. Mo is just amazing. Thank God for Mo. He keeps me centered in love and gratitude. I never feel alone with Mo. He is love. He loves me. I've just a few pictures left for this blog of people creating music with the Traveling Piano from the past and lots of nature photos to post. There have been at least 90,000 different people on the Traveling Piano throughout this journey!