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April 30, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I spent a couple hours giving out water today to people on the streets. It is very hot out, a hundred degrees hot. I saw my pizza guy neighbor and asked for a pizza for free and he said, sure! So while I waited for my pepperoni, extra cheese and mushroom pizza I created some Traveling Piano music outside of his pizza parlor on the strip. While I did that at least 12 drug addicts, dealers and prostitutes climbed through a fence opening behind me to get into the abandoned motel for the night that is right behind where I live. I want to end this month with a few Traveling Piano photos from the past that I have not yet used. The pickings are getting slim. There is not one repeat photo on this entire blog of the same person. That is always something that I have had fun with, that fact that there have been so many different people on the Traveling Piano throughout the years. I really do hope it is not all over... the aspect of sharing the piano. One day at a time...

April 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Does anyone know what day it is? All my days are getting mixed up. The live videos are getting messed up. I think it is because the IPhone cannot take the heat and... it is also old. We are having a week of hundred degree temperatures. When I give the water out, about eighty percent also ask for food now. It was not like that, so many before. And also, all the God Bless You's I am getting from people on the streets... I'll take every one of those. I do not say it in return because I want them to own their own gift in saying it and it just does not feel authentic enough for me to personally say it back although I want to.

I played my repertoire on the street tonight to hopefully tire myself out and go to sleep earlier, lol. Also I wanted to see how my "chops" are doing as in ability to play. Its all getting sloppy of course as my playing becomes less and less. The piano is practically useless also. The only music I can make on it is all work around broken keys, how they will respond, when, what... etc... creating music now in working with what I have to work with... a major challenge. I can do it with the improve but with nothing else. And I cannot really get carried away with the improve as far as scales and speed and nuance, intensity because the keyboard is now... just hit the note hard and hope it works.

April 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is going to be around a hundred degrees everyday this week... in April! Just don't know... just don't know... but thats good... I do not think we are meant to think we "know" about anything but love, joy, kindness, sharing, caring... lol. It feels like a hot summer day here in Las Vegas. Mo... I will really need to watch him through the heat and be very careful with him. Water... it will be necessary to literally force myself to drink enough water. I took out a case of cold water to give out on the streets before doing the live video. I put it all in the fridge the night before to get cold. Thank God I have a refrigerator large enough to hold water. I lifted the bag and the weight... last summer I was able to carry that pack back full on my back and hold another in my hand while walking. Those days are gone for good. The Traveling Piano must be used. Lets hope that it holds up as it needs breaks and a tuning real bad. The funds do not exist right now. Please make a contribution on the contribution link. I miss getting out into the dessert to create photographs like I am posting today.

April 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I woke up... it was one step at a time, easy does it... I ate, wrote a few emails to thanks supporters... did my meditation... ate a little more and then went to pick up a truck load of water, ham and cheese sandwiched, apples, oranges, muffins and small bags of veggies and bagels to take out on the street. The temperature was in the mid nineties so I'm glad we got a late start. We worked our way up the strip stopping to give people food and water. Once downtown I gave it out and then created music there for the second time. People were very appreciative and also it was a lot for people to take in emotionally. Once done I returned to giving out the food. A women stopped and asked if I was doing what I do as an individual.

When I said yes she asked if I wanted any financial help to keep going. My reply was an enthusiastic, ABSOLUTELY. She gave me forty bucks. All day I was thinking about the gas it was costing and there... that problem solved. Once home I had to carry ten large cases of water across the parking lot and up a sizable stairs case to my room. I didn't want the water getting so hot that it melts into the plastic bottles while under the truck tarp. When it is in the mid-nineties as it is now, it is about a hundred and ten under the tarp. Two guys, my neighbors on each side of my room carried it all up for me. I seriously do jot think I could have done it myself. Now thats a switch from a year ago. Anyway, finally... after three years, I have decent neighbors. It is really an overwhelming feeling to have that after all the crazies i have dealt with living next to me!

April 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The video's I am posting are out of sequence from the days I've made them. It shows what number on in the window so thats good. I was not going to post them all because I wanted to post more variety for this page with pictures of people and nature, etc... as always. But, I should have all my videos here. They are all on YouTube, they should also all be on my website as well as they are mine. I finished giving out another truck load of food I got yesterday from Max at McKee's ranch and also water he has been supplying for me. Its hot out now, people on the streets are hungry. Posting these videos, organizing them and filing is confusing, it takes hours. I miss the routine of doing what I did everyday so easily and smoothly although, change is good.

April 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm taking it slow and easy. People are not respecting social distancing, especially bicyclists on Main street where I set up. Every time a group passes me with the wind I hold my breath, not that it does any good. Wearing a mask with very hot breath is not easy to do. I'm working little by little to get used to it. I drove by the famous Las Vegas sign and unlike a week ago people were in line shoulder to shoulder out to the parking lot waiting to take a picture. Not good. The video's I've been making help me to feel connected and I need to have commitments musically, for example to make these videos. Online people listening have been saying things like how they appreciate my authenticity and that I am helping them to feel. It took fifty years to achieve the level where I am with myself to say I have worked a lifetime to be who I am, and now, I will show it and... fuck everyone if they cannot take a joke. As a result... this journey. I am very, very thankful. Thank God I have not had to fuck everyone, lol!

April 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I think I slept with my face in Mo's fur last night, not good as I am allergic to that. I forced myself to go out and do the live video today feeling sick from dog fur! With what is going on in the world I must stay objective and observe and keep going on with life and what I do. As the temperatures rise here in Las Vegas and people on the streets are around less people than ever and become more hungry and thirsty, my keeping objectivity while serving them becomes more of a challenge. Times have changed and few people now read blogs like mine and also they are more caught up in news, online show videos or other things. So this is where I get back to basics with my intent of "one person is enough." That way I keep expectations out of everything and also am able to stay humble about it all. My playing is only for a few minutes a day now, for the video, the old commitments that kept me playing all the time sharing the Traveling Piano with people on the streets has taken its toll on my playing ability especially with my old repertoire.

April 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was completely zonked out today, not feeling well at all. But, I did manage to get out in time for the live video on facebook. I'm not going to post it to YouTube or here because I didn't like it personally. Although, it felt really good to do. It was also the warmest day of the year to date in the mid-eighties today. Last night in the middle of the night I went to the desert to look for shooting stars. I saw three and also created music. At two in the morning there were also three other cars around! Avoiding negativity, living in joy and gratitude... what is happening now with all of humanity... it is a huge opportunity to live in the present moment because that is all there is and... do we have a choice? Lol, none of us know what will happen in a weeks time both good or bad.

Less and less time trolling on facebook, less time paying attention to possibly infected morons who may kill someone like me at my age through their gatherings and protest because they are bored with their own lives as they always have been and... more enjoyment of every moment with Mo... more sharing of my music online live... more wrapping up of this journey with photo processing, organization and filing, more reaching out to friends who understand and support both of us and our work, more support for the homeless in my neighborhood, more eating of food I've been wanting to cook... I made fried sardine patties today... more walking... asking for contribution... creating photos sets that were printed for possible purchase just as all the insanity began... and sleep, lots of sleep enough to feel rested and free in spirit so both Mo and I can contribute to life again tomorrow.

April 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been very lax with this blog! It is the sixth day since I last posted... not good. I just filled in the past days. Trying to piece everything together and remember what I did and what happened is a huge challenge. For all these years I would have interactions with people, take their picture, they would email me for them right away which would be incentive to process them right away to send and also use for the blog... daily. The way I do everything is changing as well as what I do. The transition began before the virus so everything is right on schedule for my life. Although, keeping all the newness straight, all the material in order so I can work with it, that is a challenge. For example, learning how to work with video and my phone, I'd rather not but it is what it is. I would not be doing the facebook live stream if I could not download it onto my computer.

It is my material and I want access to to it to use as I deem. Like for example uploading it to Youtube for myself in an organized way that I must create for myself to understand. I can still do that using the old browser on my computer but everyday the browser becomes more obsolete. I woke up after ten hours sleep today and began to beat myself of over the fact. The fact is... I am alive because I can sleep as much as I need to and can work on my own schedule without pressure. As soon as I could get out into the neighborhood this afternoon, Mo and I went and dropped off the rest of the food we had from yesterday before creating some music for the live stream. And now, the blog is updated after six hours of work doing it! Feels good but here I am in the middle of the night again setting up another afternoon wake up. So be it.

April 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My new friend Max from McKee's Ranch, an urban ranch right off the Las Vegas Strip, he filled the Traveling Piano again with food and water to take out to the homeless. He and his wife made about 80 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I took about five cases of water, they gave me raw carrots and small bags of fresh broccoli, a huge about of Panera loaves of bread, sweet rolls and bagels, snakes etc... I took it all right out. Stopped to do the live stream, dedicated it to those in Nova Scotia reeling from the recent gun massacre there and then went out into the night to keep giving out the food. It has to be done while it was all fresh. People on the streets are very hungry. The usual resources no longer exist. They must travel long distances in the city on foot or by bus if they have a pass to get any food.

They come running to me and I tell them to stay where they are because i do not need to be creating attention with what I am doing. I have about a hundred people in my small circle on my routes. I have a little concern about using the gas money these days but I cannot do it without the truck. When it got dark I hit a new area and found mentally ill people in the deserted corners of strip malls, two mothers with two grown men... all of them mentally ill, drug addicted, ugh it was very depressing. People now wearing the same clothes for weeks because of a lack or resources, just trying to hold on. I wish I had the energy to feed them and also provide music but I only can do so much... all, through amazing gratitude. The pictures posted today of people on the Traveling Piano are from the past.

April 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was a torrential downpour of rain with thunder and lightening today. It was really fun as it is a rare happening! Then it drizzled throughout the day. The time was spent making New England Clam Chowder that has been on my mind for two years! Lol, and specifically everyday for the last two weeks. I had a large can of clams sitting around for two years and a bottle of clam juice. I love New England Clam Chowder. A recipe online called for bacon with all the fat. Do you know how much bacon fat there is in a pound of fried bacon? And then the heavy whipping cream and potatoes and all the spices. It was awesome but I could only eat a small amount in a day. The feeling of guilt over the fat is overwhelming!!! Not overwhelming enough to skip enjoying it. The rain stopped right before dark so I went out to make my video.

April 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I did the live stream today downtown after I shared the food I have with everyone. Playing on Main street is getting on my nerves because people are coming out without care for social distancing. There is no way I am going to encourage that so today I took a break from it. I do not want to be around people hanging out who may infect me. With the homeless I have no choice. With those of means, I do. Most of the homeless people where I was had never heard me play before and that felt really good for them to see another aspect of myself. Some had heard me and they came over saying how it brought back memories and reminded them of "the field" where I had a commitment for two years every Monday night with the homeless getting resources.

April 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am making a facebook live stream video every day now at 07:00 pm. I'm very frazzled doing it and am getting over the fact that I do not like my looks. Vanity just gives way more and more in my life as the years go on, lol. Sometimes the videos are very blurry because I forget to wipe the window on the phone. Other times the sound is muffled, my head is not in the frame, etc... it is a huge learning curve for me and... fun! Right after I was done, the people in the Auto Repair Shop came over to tell me that they think Fadi from across the street in the used auto place was being held hostage as he sent them a strange text that seemed like he needed help and saw him sort of being held behind a desk. I called 911 and reported it and chaos ensued. Everyone from the auto shop was over there looking through the windows and as it turned out, Fadi... was drunk! Onward with the music...

April 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was a shooting at my Art Gallery (closed because of the virus) today. No one was arrested, no one hurt but man is that place crazy. The entire neighborhood I live in is crazy. The neighborhood watch I've joined is keeping an eye on everything but it does not stop the craziness. Max, the guy who gave me food back to take out onto the streets once before, gave me another truck load today. Someone donated to him $650 bucks worth of water, cereal, muffins, donuts, chips, canned tuna and more for me to take to the streets so of course I went crazy with that into the night with the Traveling Piano. I've been wearing a protective face mask more and more. Someone in my apartment complex has been trying to seal my license plate every night. They get one screw off one night, I put it back on and then the next night they took off the other screw... well, friends of mine from the street booby trapped it today by replacing the screws and then gluing on metal shavings to them. Hopefully when they get those shavings in their hands that will be a deterrent!

April 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I felt a pull to the desert today. We need to get into nature as much as possible. Especially Mo. The weather is now warm, like not need a jacket at night warm. The desert floor's heat dehydrates and over heats Mo so we must get out now, next month it will be too sunny and hot. Once summer arrive's Mo will no longer be able to even go out in the heat. He's an old guy now. The desert floor right now is a green pasture. We missed the wildflowers but thats ok, we have had several amazing years in them and... we still get to see it green. I wanted to go to some areas outside of the Valley of Fire which is closed but they have closed even the road to it. I'm determined to just flow with what is happening right now and do what I can do while I still can do it and... with a feeling of joy, gratitude and abundance. No judgments of what should be or what should not be concerning this virus. Well, maybe some concerning conspiracy theorists, the moron trump is and as well his cohorts. Lol, can not resist in being responsible to state the truth through the truth of spirit. We created music on the street for a short while today as we have been doing for a week now and live streaming it on facebook.

April 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Joanne from Berkeley Springs West Virginia who makes hand-poured soy candles for her Twilight Candle Shop sent me a box of them today as a gift! Candles are therapeutic for me. My friend Doug sent me medical masks, disposal bags, hand sanitizer and gloves. My friend Sarah gave me a box of gloves. My friend Leslie sent me a beautiful card with a hand written note of appreciation for my work and who I am as a person along with $50 worth of Starbucks and Duncan Donut gift cards and also hand sewn masks a friend of hers made. And then there is my new friend Max here in Las Vegas who has been supplying me with water, apples, oranges, cheese and bread to take out on the streets to give out. Mo and I have been on the front line with this virus. We have been connecting with those living on the streets who cannot for whatever reason get to resources and/or just need some human love and care. I myself survive totally on contribution from friends. If you can create a small monthly subscription on this website or send a contribution... that would help pay for my rent, gas, and some needed necessities like a pair of pants (only have one) sneakers (worn through) a few tea shirts and pairs of socks. Anyone have any gift cards?

April 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm still creating music every day for a short while out on the street while not sharing the piano or really interacting with anyone. A few people walk by. I'm sharing the Traveling Piano through the internet. Not having the usual pictures everyday for this blog is really throwing me off because when I look at them at night, thats how I remember what I did that day. I only have a few pictures of people left that i have not posted. The streets are crazy where i am. Everyday something seems to happen. One day its two homeless people fighting hard with a bat and metal pole in the street. A swat team with an armored military vehicle and eight guys in military outfits hanging off it, two canine vans and a bunch of police vehicles raided the place behind where I live... again. I scored more bread, water, cheese and fruit today from Max at McKees Ranch and spent the day and also in the middle of the night handing it all out to people.

That gives me joy and keeps me balance and focused with purpose. It certainly is better than sitting on facebook all day ranting worthlessly to morons that have no brains, lol. I'm beginning to enjoy live streaming on facebook everyday with music... as long as I can still download the videos for myself. Soon the browsers on my computer will become worthless as I can not upgrade my computer system. I really need an angel to come through... or all this will end soon. Damm the idea of planned product obsolescence. As different website functions stop working I must keep switching to different browsers. Yesterday I could not upload to Youtube. I can only download my facebook live on the old firefox browser I am using... when that doesn't crash. When it all ends, it all ends... I'm ready and prepared to flow with and wherever life takes me. I am joyous, happy and free... until I'm not, lol. But I know I will always be, as I can choose that in my heart and mind for anything in life. It takes work to do but I'm up to the challenge.

April 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was sunny and nice. It was miserable yesterday with rain and cold but I managed to give out a case of apples and a case of water I got hold of. People really appreciated it. There are those afraid in their homes. On the streets there is a lot more to be afraid of. In the homeless corridor where I usually create music, they were shut down for Easter? I did do my facebook live feed on the street with music. After that I went to the supermarket which as a very disturbing experience.

The shelves are pretty empty, a sign for the future. Who knew pancake syrup would be an item to hoard? I waited in line behind about twenty people to get in for about fifteen minutes. You know... social distancing, and as well, as only so many people allowed in the store at one time. It was very disturbing. I needed cash and have always withdrawn it from the supermarket because there is no charge as at atm machines. They put a limit on withdrawals, less than two thirds the usual withdrawal limit. So I went to a machine and paid $3.50 to withdrawal my own cash. Ugh.

April 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy Easter! My friend Deva was sharing her thoughts on how she feels that all of humanity is passing through a phase of being in the world where, we have begun to live new lives. A new paradigm shift has begun that will result in new understandings and perspectives and trust in knowing there is a force greater than ourselves moving through our lives... as one. I said this in another post and want to repeat it because I feel it is significant... do you realize that this is the first time ever on the planet that all of humanity has been involved in one issue? It has never happened before. Not an event, but an issue. That is an indicator that this situation we are in, it is big and that is an understatement! Humanity is transforming as all life always has and always will... and from all this, we will emerge as is meant to be into something even more beautiful than ever imagined.

Whatever we are all transforming into from this virus incubation period, humanity staying home in their houses, it is like we have wrapped ourselves into a cocoon. A caterpillar consumes 300 times its weight before transforming in its cocoon. Our human race as eaten about 300 times worth of resources. We are over nourished on all levels. As a caterpillar no longer needs its form, it turns into something like a liquid mush. Its cells become rearrange and are reassigned resulting in the formation of a beautiful butterfly. Did you know that it is the same cells that make up the caterpillar that also make up the butterfly? So here we are like in a swirling mush wondering what is happening, will we ever become ourselves again, when is this going to end, our lives are being rearranged, every thing is chaotic, one big messy mush, undefined. What will happen is that we will all emerge once again as what happens with a butterfly... into something more beautiful then ever... in its own time, at the right time. When and what that will be is not ours to know at this time.

April 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am very fragile today. For example I just spent a half hour writing this and then threw it away by mistake. Knocking things over, spilling things... when in this state of being I must be very careful to not hurt myself and I must be conscious of every move, "nice and easy, Danny." I did some meditation on line with my friends Deva Premel and Miten and a few thousand other friends of theirs from around the world. Then Mo and I went to the desert to do a little more meditation. I tried to walk in far enough to get away from all the irritatingly loud motorcycles farting down the highway but it did not work. So I just let it be and focused on the absolutely beautiful day in a wide open spring desert with rolling hills. I laid on the ground and did my first "ohmmm" out loud meditation as in "ahhh...ohhh....mmmm...ahhh...ohhh....mmmm...ahhh...ohhh....mmmm" lol. It felt good. Then we drove to town to create the live stream posted here. The music really helps the homeless people in the area.

Then something amazing just happened! Tomorrow being Easter and a holiday... along with the Traveling Piano I have a case of apples and two cases of water I wanted to take out to the streets but it has been a major dilemma for me as to whether I should do it or not. I was leaning towards not doing it because when in doubt... I know in spirit I had best not. The problem is I have no mask even though I've been looking and asking everywhere. It has been on my mind all day. So... I just came back from being out side and by my apartment door on the ground is a UPS package... 6 masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and disposal bags a friend sent. Never in over three years of living here has there been mail delivery on Saturday. More than that... never to my door, ever! You need to get into the complex through locked doors. All packages and mail goes to the apartment office to be distributed. On weekends there is no mail, it is all held at the post office until Mondays. This is outstanding spiritual validation and reassurance for me that I am doing the right thing.

April 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We went on main street to create another live video. A reporter for the main newspaper came by. I said I would prefer him not take any photos for the paper as I don't want to draw attention. The last thing I need is for people to be coming around to see us. He asked if he could take some photos for himself and I said yes. He sent me a few, very nice. He really captured the moment. Just after I stopped a crazy guy came and began to taunt Mo. Then a sheriff vehicle appeared and then six more. They told the guy to lay on the ground or they would gun taser him and a friend who was with him. They had done a robbery and were trying to unload stuff up and down the street all day. I was like, "Mo, we gotta get out of here." I did not want to be drawing attention to myself but... as we were leaving the guy laying on the ground started to scream over and over with all the cops standing around, "great music, piano man, really good, I was really enjoying it" lol. Damm, just the attention i didn't need!

April 09, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Doing a facebook live streaming of musical improvisation today was on my mind every minute. The idea just excited me from doing it yesterday. I did it. It was awful... to me. I was way too self-conscious. Scattered in my brain, wanting to make something "be." If I am not feeling natural, forget it. If I am thinking about what I am doing, ugh. And I must stop making noise from my mouth when I play. I sing along with the improve I'm doing and its not only distracting its embarrassing, lol. And, it seems I have little control over my ability to not feel self-conscious at times. When I put myself on the spot or feel like I am on the spot... I am always a zero. It is what it is. Lastly, I must keep it short!

So I erased it all from facebook and I will try again tomorrow. It was ten minutes longer than yesterday. If I am not one hundred percent sincere... if there is any consciousness of wanting to succeed in what I am doing, when I'm trying to do something... it never works. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm going to do it at 6pm west coast time every day. I went out on my town watch route tonight to take a picture of a drug, squatting house and I got caught taking the picture by one of the people living there. They began to give me a hard time and all I thought was "shit, I'm blowing my cover" and... I was in the Traveling Piano truck! I'm waiting for protective masks to come in the mail so I can go back to the homeless areas to create music.

April 08, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was in a good frame of mind to create my first Facebook Live Stream Video. The decision has been made to do it every day at 6pm west coast time, 9pm east coast time. I just need to figure out how to make it from the Facebook Traveling Piano page and not the Danny Kean page. As well, I want to begin streaming on YouTube but I must get 1000 subscribers to do that, no easy task. A new structure is beginning with new commitments like this while the virus keeps the world in a state of flux. Here is the live stream uploaded to YouTube please go there and subscribe!

April 07, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Seeing as there is no Traveling Piano interacting with people right now as social distancing is a priority to help save lives... I have no new photos to post of people playing the piano for the first time in fifteen years! Ha, now everyone who visits this website will have an opportunity to see a lot of photos of myself with both Bo and Mo through the years. It rained some again today. I've joined the neighborhood watch so that is now a new commitment. I hope I can keep paying the rent to stay in the neighborhood. With everything shut down, trouble is moving back in, especially in the abandoned buildings so I walk around and report on that. As well, I give water out to people living on the streets. I've been working on cleaning my room. In around 2014, I remember it beginning to take me forever to clean anything. It is a very strange experience compared to my youth. Actually I have been aware of the decline in my speed and strength steadily since age fifty. With my music, even earlier than that. There was a time when I was a maniac in what I could accomplish in strength and time. Now everything is ridiculously slow and physically exhausting compared.

This is the second day I have not indulged in the news or ranting on facebook. I know whats happening and how life is going to become very difficult with a lot of death in no time at all. There is no need to inundate myself with it all. I was online and accidentally saw a famous musician who died today because of the virus. Fear attacked me instantly and I quickly got off that website. And, there is no need to indulge in all the negativity on facebook that I have no control over although I do love tearing people apart with words, lol. But the anger eats away at me physically, mentally and spiritually so now is not the time to be indulging in anger. Watching online comedies, finding interesting news, nothing disease or trumpish oriented, meditation, my Traveling Piano work as in the processing of pictures... that is what I need to be doing right now. There is a good chance that I may become sick so I finally began some preparation concerning that today. Mo's life will be taken care of by supporters of the Traveling Piano if needed. The good part about if I get sick is that I will go fast, although I'd rather stay for the sake of Mo. I'm feeling in good spirit just about all the time except for those moments like with the news that I happen to see.

April 06, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We Will... get through this virus together! That is and has always been the way whenever we all unite as one... we overcome. I'm looking forward to getting back with the Traveling Piano's sharing of Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect here in Las Vegas and as well, around the world. It will happen. The sooner the better! Mo and I are staying inside as much as possible for now. It was cloudy today with a little rain. I'm taking it one day at a time concerning the Traveling Piano. I did take Mo for a walk. We both need to continue doing that. We handed out about twenty bottles of water on the streets to people who needed it. People living on the streets are the only people out and about. A few friends are sending me breathing masks and I am waiting for them to arrive.

April 05, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The feeling of doom the media is creating about this coronavirus for the coming week with all the death about to happen is just God awful. If this is the great rapture and I end up not being one of those not pulled into the heavens... God help us all. A guy named Todd that I met at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission came to my place to drop off four cases of water to give out on the streets. He works as an individual as I do. He had a simple thought while driving on day of how to be helpful in the world while spreading the word of Jesus and he manifested that thought. His agenda is called "Saved City." He purchases water then cuts off the labels and replaces them with another label that has a cross and scripture reading on it and then goes to hand the bottles out to people living on the streets. When I first met him I joked about how many people probably think of it as holy water. Then I thought about how that might actually help people, the idea of taking in some holiness for themselves. As he was leaving he tossed $20 into the Traveling Piano cab for gas because he knows it cost money I do not have to be driving around giving out bottles. I love people like this. Max from the ranch last week did the same thing. They see a need and want to fill it no questions asked. Afterwards, I created music on my street corner for about twenty minutes, for the neighborhood. A restaurant owner on the strip that I know walked by. It was pretty random. I had not seen him in about a year and he knows I don't come into his place because I don't have the money to spend. He gave me a birthday dinner a few years ago. He told me his business is still open for takeouts. He's paying his employees, buying their groceries for them, just generally taking care of them as his own profits take a dive. Then he also threw $20 bucks into the truck because he knows what I am about and told me to come over and get a taco from him on the house! It is the little things that spiritually gives me the reassurance that all is good and ok and I need to just keep on going.

April 04, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been trying to prepare for my death just in case it happens. Try it... it is not easy to do, lol. Getting all my internet accounts and passwords together, instructions on how to close them and creating a last post, writing the last post, directions for and about the few material possessions I have like my night blooming cereus plant and how to take care of it, blah, blah, blah... But more importantly I am rising to the challenge of continuing to live in the moment with gratitude, abundance and joy. A worldwide healing meditation happened tonight and I wanted to be part of it at 7:45pm my time. Mo and I headed off to Lake Meade to a spot far in the desert, away from everyone where the sky is the most dark for the moon and stars.

They closed the road! I can understand all the recreational facilities being closed but the road that hardly anyone ever uses? So we ended up just outside of Las Vegas in the desert off the road which was better because the other place was a long drive away. I created music for the universe in meditation. It included most all the feelings and emotions I've ever had as a healing gift of life to share and manifest in all ways good. Cars with their lights drove by which was distracting but no one stopped. I created single, slow sounds at one point that just drifted off into the air. Then I thought how complete it would be if I was not alone and someone else was hearing the music just as... a car drove buy and I heard someone yell out... thank you. They must have been there the entire time hiding.

April 03, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This CoronaVirus is reminding me of tornados and firestorms in that, when the Traveling Piano was in Joplin, MO after the devastating tornado there I would be driving down a street to see an entire house leveled except for the toilet where the bathroom. On the toilet untouched would be a cup and toothbrush in it completely. And then also, in California after the Kern County Erskine fire storm you would see a house and lawn completely untouched while everything three hundred and sixty degrees around it for blocks and blocks was charred to a crisp. This Virus is spreading to random places in random ways to random people. I'm tired from the last few days but feel I must keep going, that it is wrong not to keep going. There is an unhealthy vibe somewhere in that. A need for consistency or else people will let go me me because their only attachment is to my work. It is what it is and that may be. But it is not more important than doing what I want to do in the moment for my life at any cost. The picture today was from a guy on the Traveling Piano a month ago.

April 02, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My calendar days have really been mixed up! I lost a day last week, I thought yesterday was the day before, well... I'm so confused that what I have to say next happened yesterday! Max from the McKee Ranch Foundation called me to say he had bread if I wanted it. Max from the McKee Ranch Foundation here in Las Vegas loaded us up for the 2nd time today with fresh bread to share with those on the streets in need. He knows I specialize in people who have fallen through the cracks and cannot/did not for whatever reason... get to a food source today. And with truly focused intent, Mo (who was given a needed bag of dog food) helped keep the Fun, Friendship and Respect alive while I not only handed out two at a time... a couple hundred loaves, buns and beagles, we did it all in four hours with some time spent creating music for people in all that! Thanks McKee Ranch!

I feel very grateful to be living in this period of time. All of humanity is joining as one to acknowledge a power greater than ourselves. In the joining... are you going to choose focus on a deceptive virus out to create fear and suffering ongoing? Or, are you going to choose to focus on the truth of spirit as the greater power here? That which communicates security, abundance and joy, the greater power tells us that all will be ok and is in fact ok, in the moment. There is more than faith and belief in the truth of spirit. There is a knowing. Life and death are as one. There is life in death and there is death in life. We get to choose what we want while here on earth. In each moment that we choose to embrace our individual spirits as one, life becomes both beautiful and auspiciously great. Mo and I spent some time in nature today with music and just sitting in it.

April 01, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I felt a pull outside to create music today. We began on Main Street for neighbors staying inside to help slow the spread of the virus who might be able to hear it. When Mo jumped up onto the piano on this beautiful day, it was clear he was just as happy to be in his Traveling Piano spot as he would be out exploring nature. I set my phone time for one half hour so I did not over extend myself with energy. Creating music is therapy for me and as well, if I stop playing I will lose the physical ability quick, considering my age and the way my health has been deteriorating. I saw a group of people up the street and hoped they could not hear me. There is no way I am going to be part of encouraging groups of people to be outside together right now. After main street we drove to Cashman Center where tents are being set up to quarantine homeless people. I wanted to play in the entrance where people were waiting but it was suggested that I might interfere with media broadcasts. There was no problem leaving that spot when I heard media was camped out there. Becoming a media darling, do-gooder in conjunction with what is going on for me is totally not compatible with what I am out to achieve.

I found a spot across the street farther away and created another half hours worth of music. As I was leaving I could hear someone say, "please don't leave." Mo and I headed over to Foremaster Street to play behind the gates of the CARE center and the feeling on the street was comparable to both Hurricane Katrina and after 9/11. There was a feeling of stillness in the air and people were somewhat numb. The Sandy Hook Ct mass murders and Joplin MO tornado were both different feelings from what I saw and felt today. And to think it is just beginning! But still, there will always be fighters... one woman began to dance to my music, many people where giving me a thumbs up. I heard a voice on the street yell out... "thats beautiful." On the way home driving fairly fast down a street I heard a guy in a wheel chair against a wall far behind a fence yell as I passed, "do you have any food." How he spotted me so quickly and was able to respond that fast is beyond me. I had no food but did have some emergency snacks in my bag so I drove back to give those to him. We knew each other from past experiences on the streets.