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March 31, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This last day of March! I want to post a few photos of the Traveling Piano from last month. There can not be more than five duplicates on this entire website of people experiencing musical, fun, friendship and respect. Thats amazing considering how many photos there are. At least 90,000 people have been on the Traveling Piano seat. I would be a millionaire several times over if they all gave a few bucks but that was not the purpose, eh? I just want to unload and say something so I don't own it all by myself. After walking the streets last night I thought, in my wildest of dreams could I have ever imagined in my life's master plan, spending the last stage of my life at age 65 walking the streets handing out... because that is all I could get my hands on... nothing but bread and water to people literally dying on the sidewalks of Las Vegas... not.

Never-the-less, I am living life to the fullest without question and for that I am grateful. Would I rather be doing something else? Not in the moment, not at all. Life is now totally surreal, just the way life should be. All is good in the spirit of truth and there is nothing more. This is not a thank you or bless you moment my friends. If anything send a contribution so I myself am not on the sidewalk next month. Having friends witness my life, people who know me, understand me, "get" me, support me and my work, love me for who I am, that is total fulfillment for me. The sharing of myself and what I have to offer through music, the Traveling Piano and my service for poor, suffering and indigent people from all walks of life has been great therapy for my anger. By nature... I am a very angry person. This journey has been an acting out, a selfish acting out of anger for the sake of love.

March 30, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

At every turn, it is being validated that I am doing the right thing. I thought, "I no longer have a resource for Mo's food." Then a fifty dollar contribution came in almost immediately after the thought. I saw a local ranch online offering free eggs, bread and milk to anyone who needs it. With the Veterans Village food bank shut down I contacted them as a new resource, specifically for the bread as I can give that out on the street. We met today. It is an older couple around my age with a daughter running the McKee Ranch Foundation. The property is right off the Las Vegas Strip with cows and chickens and rabbits and more! Lol, if it wasn't for the cactus I would have sworn I was in New Jersey with all the farm lawn decorations and collectables. They had an old piano inside the house and of course I played the Maple Leaf Rag on it. Without question these people are unique, individual and doing what they do in their way. It is sort of free flowing, they are living with their own space and time schedule.

They put information out as everything is free and then ask for a donation attached to that. I get it. They are sending a message that nothing in life is "free" and they do not want non-respecting takers. Although they did give to me for free! They gave me a gallon of fresh cows milk, a dozen fresh eggs, a great cookie, some pastries and inside the egg carton, their card and a twenty dollar bill. That felt empowering. As we were talking I told them I was concerned about the gas money to get there and they picked up on that with the $20 bill. Of course I wanted all those treats... but really I just wanted the bread to give out and any other food. Then the real messaging that I am doing the right thing... they gave me a head of cabbage and no other vegetable. Random, right? But... for the last three days I have been ruminating in my mind that I have this corn beef brisket and the carrots and potatoes that need to get cooked but no cabbage to go with it. Cabbage is essential in the mix! I improvised music for a minute on the truck before leaving so they could get a grasp of what the Traveling Piano is all about. I arrived home to get the milk in the fridge right away and then thought how I need to get the box of bread given out right away.

I packed my backpack with water and the bread in another backpack and started out. After about a block I realized I forgot Mo's leash and then at two blocks I was like forget it. There is no way possible I could carry the load on my back to the destination area. Wow, I was walking all last summer with full loads of water on my back and now physically its not possible... at all. I'm getting weaker faster and faster. It is what it is. So I returned home and took the Traveling Piano out with everything. That was a much better idea although Mo and I did not get our exercise. Forgetting his leash is what saved the day. That told me to go back and distribute the bread in an easier way. Once I got to my usual area almost everything was gone. I gave it out to people along the way. When I reached my destination people came running up to the truck. They were just as pleased to see me as they were in hoping I had some food. It has been a week or two since being out to where they are. I left and thought, damm... I still have two really large loafs of bread to cut up at home. Seeing as they really needed it, when I got home I cut it up and took it all back out, another backpack full. This time with less water so the load would be a lot lighter and... we walked.

March 29, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Let me tell you what is frustrating. Not taking photos for this blog of everything that is happening is frustrating. My photo taking has been woven seamlessly into how everything works but how everything works now, is different. For example, I cannot ask someone to take a picture with my camera because I don't want to chance virus germs getting on it or transmitting them. Having people pet Mo, getting onto the piano, shaking people's hands... all that stuff is on hold. So, I'll just need to be as visual as possible with my writing. Since 2016 every last Sunday of the month, I've been creating music for my neighbors who wait in line for the local food bank at Veterans Village on the strip. They have closed the food bank because of what is happening and have focused on giving food out at a different property where there are more families. Those who are old and single are out of luck unless they can walk a few miles and back to get and carry food. That is just another peg down for those who need it the most and/or are on the streets alone. It is becoming survival of the fittest faster and faster. Instead of once a week the other food bank is now daily. Yesterday they handed out 1500 packages of food! I offered to take the Traveling Piano there but was told it would be too chaotic. In any case Manny who organizes everything made a box of food special for me. That was so appreciated. More of what happened today, I will write about tomorrow.

March 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Working to keep purpose is what I want to do, especially with Mo. As everything changes I want to prepare to transition from this world. Most people do not want to hear about that, they don't want to deal with it, talk about it, etc... neither do I but it is the caring and responsible thing to do. And... its time. Now that I have found someone to take care of Mo, Stephen now a fully grown adult, has been for years now, a young guy who has always been there for me, he lives in Reno, Nevada and has said he would like to take the Traveling Piano when it is time and as well the Traveling Piano archives which are extensive and all on hard drives. I need to write down information on how I would like the process to go as far as letting people know. And also my plants, how to care for them. They are only a few but oh, how I love them.

I'm writing a short eulogy for this website as a last post. Mind you... I am not planing to go but I am planing to go. Sort of like a medical directive. I am planning for "when" I go. Does all this sound morbid to you? It is not meant to be, or that way in my mind. It is sensible, as i said responsible and helps me to feel at peace with whatever will happen. I know the right thing will happen for my life in the right time and more... I really don't have a choice in the matter. I've a clear directive with the God of my understanding to "use me up" until the very end. And part of the directive is with the Traveling Piano work... until the day I die... if I people can support me financially to do that and I can work to get that financial support. Nothing comes to me without the effort and work to get it.

March 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was an easy day. I took a case of water out to give to people on the streets. The Traveling Piano stayed in place. I've connected online with my friends Deva Premel and Miten, they are doing a meditation session daily that I have joined with a few thousand other people from around the world. I've been listening and sorting my own music to delete the really bad stuff from my library online. I've shared a fresh piece of improvised music every day since 2006, you can find it on this website. The point is to show that it does not have to be good or bad or to impress anyone when you share. The idea is just to share it for yourself and whomever wants to connect to it. I know many, many people from around the world listen and have listened to my music but the satisfaction comes from just one other person. Helping, relating to sharing with one other person is enough. It is a starting point. Other than that for today, Mo by myside, thank God almighty for Mo! He is perfect.

March 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is interesting that when trauma is happening I respond very calm and instinctively sane in the moment. Then afterwards there is always a delay... and then the reality catches up to me. The trauma works its way through physically without my having any control over it. As sever the trauma, that is how severe the physical reaction. After what happened earlier in the day yesterday, about two in the morning last night I came down with this syndrome I get... lots of pain, body functions begin to shut down... fever, my complete immune system went bonkers. I took some medical cannabis oil someone gave me to calm down. I had never tried it before. It did not work. As my symptoms got worse I went to 800 ibuprofen, muscle relaxer, xanex... nothing was helping. I thought maybe those meds as they are all from 2015... are finally losing potency. Then I realize I had pain killers from my last toothache. Took two... everything kept getting worse. Then I passed out and woke up today at 4pm... better, not totally but much better then when I passed out. I took Mo for a walk, and also joined the neighborhood watch today. I just came in from another walk. People stuck on the streets alone are suffering right now as much as a human being can suffer, first and foremost because they are alone. Then, its really cold out right now and most are physically sick as it is. Then there is the starvation because resources have closed down. I just ask God to help them. I ask God to help me, help them. I love them all, I love humanity. A singer songwritter I know, his name is Miten wrote in a song... "It is the love for yourself that you share. Never give up, never give up, prepare for a miracle."

March 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Crap. There will be 600 more people sleeping on the streets tonight here. I took the Traveling Piano out onto Foremaster street in the CARE center parking lot behind a gated wall, across the street from the Catholic Charities shelter with about six hundred homeless people on the street waiting for beds to open up for the night. I had the physical strength and a place to create music for people while not being too close to them or having any contact. My creating music is very therapeutic for me, it must continue. Of course we saw a lot of friends and felt appreciation for being there from people who know that Mo and I care for them. While creating music police squad cars began to arrive, about thirty of them with a hundred or so police who got out and stood in a huddle at the other end of the street. I could see people getting nervous and some began to move off the street. Then half of the squad began to walk up the middle of the street, I just kept playing music, they stopped in front of me outside the gate, I just kept playing music. Then a guy come up from behind and said to shut up so he could hear what they were saying. So I stopped playing and he came back telling me they were closing down the shelters as someone inside tested positive for the virus. So, I created a little more music and thought I had better get out of there myself before everyone else learned what was going on. The police thought that was a good idea also.

March 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

While Mo and I took our walk today and I handed out a case of water to people walking the streets. Other than that I am doing a self-quarantine more and more. No music today. I'm not so sure I will make it through this virus which is perfectly ok as long as I keep the right frame of mind and put into action my words and thoughts over the years that everything is ok and good and that I am not in control. My breathing is labored, it does not hurt to breath it is just very limited. And oh God, how I must stay away from the news. We already know its bad and going to get really bad, all I need to do is glance over it for a minute to see any new developments that may affect me. Any financial aid will not affect me. I do have a responsibility to keep on living responsibly as it ain't over until its over. Now that I have someone to take care of Mo I want to secure handing over the Traveling Piano and my archives to someone. A friend in Singapore has been downloading the website so that it stays on the internet. The truck and archival hard drives, no one really wants them so I'm still figuring that out. I'm writing emailing, one person a day to start so that I stay connected. Not being around as many people everyday is a huge change. On facebook, I see too much of what I do not want to see. Again, "Danny do not become inundated." I am choosing to think of it al as I am going on a trip, on another leg of this fantastic journey I have been on.

March 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up about 7:30am to take a quick pee before jumping back into bed. Then the electricity went out. I laid in bed while neighbors began to gather and chatter nervously in the parking lot. There was no getting back to sleep so I sat in my chair for two hours with practically no thought. I could not, did not want to think except that I did think about the food in my fridge and freezer I might lose at a time when I cannot replace it. Then dark clouds rolled in and it began to rain. Once they cleared the neighbors came out again and began to get high together and just laugh, chatter, be loud. It was very irritating especially after learning that a hundred people died in the USA from the virus overnight. About five people partied loud and obnoxious all day fucked out of their brains on drugs or whatever and I tried not to think about being on lock down with them outside my door for weeks maybe months. The sun came out, I took Mo for a walk. We spent some time at the (closed) Traveling Piano Art Gallery in the waiting room of the auto repair shop on main street in the Arts District of Las Vegas... which will close tomorrow for who knows how long.

I'm thinking about joining an organization out to deliver food to people and maybe I can get some for my friends on the streets. It would give me an excuse to be out on the streets and maybe I can create some music from time to time. Problem is I don't have the gas money to be driving around. I thought about moving my keyboard from the truck to my room so I can create music but that would mean shutting down the Traveling Piano without possibilities... Then I thought, just wait until tomorrow and see what happens. The roads might still be open and I can get to the shelter areas to create music... then I got real afraid again. The fear ebbs and flows with conscious thought about not letting it grab on to me. You know I'm stressed when I have not felt tired all day with only five hours sleep. I need to be careful not to get sick. Something good happened. I found someone to take care of Mo if I do get sick or die and cannot be with him. God forbid that to happen but at least I will be prepared for his sake.

March 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I drove out of where we live in the Las Vegas Arts District today while people were boarding up storefront windows. We got to the desert in a steady stream of traffic happening both ways as people want to be in nature as much as possible... while it is still possible. All the national and state parks are now closed. We parked on the side of the road and took a walk into the desert, had a talk with God, came back created some music on the Traveling Piano for the universe, my soul and a few others standing nearby... and then drove back to our place while handing out bottles of water to people walking the streets with nowhere to go, hungry and feeling a bit desperate. Hopefully I will find a few Las Vegans willing to make a couple meals a week that I can take to give out. It ain't over until its over and... it is not time for anything to be over... yet.

March 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano is wanted, needed and appreciated where hundreds of homeless people go to hopefully wait to get a bed for the night on Foremaster Street here in Las Vegas. Strangely enough this option has been open for the Traveling Piano for over a year. I just never took advantage because I share the Traveling Piano with people more then play on it myself. Now... through social distancing, the situation is perfect. And, we are within city laws because we are on private property. People on the streets are kind of desperate right now as food is "very" limited. Those usually in the area showing value as human beings, their numbers have dropped to almost zero as most people stay home... which is a good idea. When the music was finished we drove around and handed out a case of water. I need gas money to do that.

My music is both calming and fun at the same time but most importantly full of love and care. What I gift that it is flowing through me! I take zero credit for the sharing in its existence with others as they experience, for lack of any other words... the grace of God. You know, if you want to help, send us a contribution. I work with Mo as individual with no fees, tips, commercial or organizational affiliation. We ourselves are in a desperate situation right now needing the funds for basic rent, Mo's food, etc... You can do that through this website... Contribute ...or on GoFundMe... Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund ...or just send money through Paypal direct... Danny Kean Please help us have a sense of security.

March 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yea, the laying low idea is just not going to work for me. I'm not feeling great and have not been for a couple months but I know in my heart and spirit I just need to work through whatever is on my path until the very end. I remember writing back in this blog concerning Traveling Piano Dog Boner when he got sick, I said to him, "are we going to just lay here on the couch and I'll nurse you until your dead or should we continue living life doing what we do and enjoying every moment of it until the very end?" We choose the later and Bo was on the paino with me up until the day before he died. This morning a guy who donates "holy water" for drinking at the mission ...I wrote about that last month... he called to ask me if I need any water to take out with the truck. Then a neighbor left a note on my truck saying he had bags of cheese left over from a party to give me if I wanted it to take out and so... I just had to go out.

During the days I am usually not sure who is homeless on the streets. Now its easy to tell because they are the only ones on the streets. I am seeing clearly that people are needing the Traveling Piano's presence and music more than ever. No one is around. So I thought, I can just set up and play for fifteen minutes a day if that is all the energy I have. In the beginning of this journey in 2006 I would go out for just five minutes a day and create music... it was enough. The people on the streets are finding life more difficult than ever because all the church groups normally giving out daily meals and food have closed down. They are sharing with each other whatever food they can get their hands on. So the pictures of people playing the piano on this blog now, are of people I did not make a posting for... a few weeks back.

March 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Was walking on my neighborhood part of the Las Vegas Strip, Mo was more freaked out than me in wondering what was going on, I began to get really depressed with the emptiness and then reached out for some saving grace. All I need to do is focus on some tree leaves budding for the spring and that tells me everything is all right. Seriously... and these photos are from the day before yesterday in the desert. I hope to head back there tomorrow before the city begins to restricted neighborhoods into quadrants. This was the first day I did not go to the Rescue Mission because of what is going on. Originally I was going to go create music from across the street while they handed out food from the gates but I do not feel well enough. I've been in this state of being before where it felt like I was dying. I remember being in a motel room 2015 in Arizona and writing instructions down, coming to terms with my passing and then... everything turned around. So, we really know nothing and that is the best place to be in... as long as we let go of fear at the same time. It is called "Giving it up to God or Turning it Over to God" in my world. Right now, I just need to watch my health and enjoy life in every way possible.

March 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I woke up, I asked myself what my purpose now is. I'm so used to having and needing the interaction of people all the time. But, that is not really true. There have been months where I have enjoyed a lot of self isolation. The difference was that it was not all under a dark cloud. There are many things I can do to continue onward in the world and stay connected. For example, go outside and just sit with someone homeless for a while and keep them company. I can play the piano out in any public space by myself and for whomever hears it anytime. Being actively engaged right now in working with others... I need to wait until I feel the strength emotionally and physically. I'll know spiritually when its safe. Stressful angst can really get to me. It can destroy me emotionally and physically, literally. I must stay conscious that everything is ok and stay in a faithful and trusting mode void of fear. Catching that little bugger of fear just as it starts or when I can feel it coming on... thats the challenge... catch it and throw it off. "Danny stay in an observant mode, aware and knowing that knowing nothing is good and the best of all possible states of being when void of fear."

March 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am in a state of urgent desire to do as much possible while I can still do it. Hiking in the Valley of Fire was on my agenda today but I did not get going fast enough. And then once I did well, I ended up in the desert ten minutes outside of Las Vegas on the east side. First I had my St. Patty's Day dinner that had been slow cooking all night. That was perfect. The dry Lake Meade desert area was popping with spring greenery and colors already. The air was cool and there were nice clouds. In a month or two it will be hot, dry and sunny so today was perfect. Mo and I climbed in far enough to not here any noise from cars and it was just stupendous. There was a lot of marble and quartz on the ground with the wildflowers. The view was awesome. We sat on top of a hill and I just healed from stress with gratitude for this earthy experience and the peace that ensued physically healed me... I could feel it. After hiking back to the truck while picking up stones to collect, we drove home and I saw a news video of the governor shutting down the entire state, all the casinos completely and non-essential businesses.

The situation is looking quite dire as in a lot of death is coming our way and I went into melt down mode really, really bad with anxiety and of course my throat starting feeling sore, my respiratory track got rough, my voice became raspy and I thought... I need a pizza before all the pizza parlors close, a last supper. Lol, I called a guy who owns a pizza shop on Fremont Street to see if I could get one as it was almost midnight. And he said yes and would gift it to me a large, extra cheese, pepperoni and mushroom. I drove to get it and even though I was already stuffed from dinner ate half of the twenty four inch pie. Now, I feel better. Lol, you can be sure I am going to stay away from the news for awhile. I need to watch comedies on my computer. Thank God I have tons of movies to watch, a few books to read, Traveling Piano work to do along with photos and my room needs a deep cleaning. Danny, stay off your facebook timeline! The idea is to stay home and flatten the curve so everyone does not get sick all at once and for myself... I need to rest and get rid of whatever has been going on with me health wise for the last two months on and off. My body's immune system can turn on and off like a faucet and is run by my stress level. It has always been that way. While waiting for the pizza I said out loud several times, "what are you afraid of, your not afraid to die and when it is time the process will be what it is, there is no reason to fear anything.

March 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was spent preparing to die from the coronavirus. I know that sounds full of drama but I have what Carl Jung called a death drive, and have always had that. So I did my laundry before everything is to shut down, I have my water, food, toilet paper, made my bed, need to take a shower and shave, have my corned beef brisket, carrots, potatoes and cabbage ready for St. Patricks day tomorrow and now I can lie down peacefully and die. Not really. I do not want to be afraid. I think I still have some more work to do with music for people on the streets. The mission center called to tell me they are shutting down to anyone on the outside and will be handing out packages of hot food from the gates. I know a spot across the street where I can set up and play music for all that. If something dire should happen to me, there is no one to take Mo. There are people but they have issues, like a cat, another unfriendly dog or they do drugs and do not take care of themselves very well. Mo needs a lot of care. He will have a more difficult time without me than I him and that is saying allot. He won't last long without me if I go. He's very sensitive, used to allot of stimulation and affection... from me. All this doom... well it is what it is. My job with this blog is to keep it real.

March 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been sleeping a lot a real lot. It is a good thing and thank God I can do it. That has been said in this blog I'll bet a hundred times. Once I got out of bed it was in the afternoon and I drove to create music on the street outside my friend Sarah's store. Everyone who sees us is appreciative. It is almost unbelievable how people who never come by to say hello are doing so. A guy on the street who has passed us a hundred times while walking chose yesterday to engage just when I stopped engaging with people as usual because of the virus. Before the sunset Mo and I headed out to the Redrock Canyon Overlook to take a walk. There was a wedding happening up at the top of the trail were i wanted to go but at the same time felt an opportunity to make someone's occasion special. The limo driver said they would be back in less than a half hour and so I decided to create music for them. They did not come back for an hour! I was exhausted but glad i could make their moment special. They began to dance to my music, came over to the truck for a picture and all I thought was damm, damm, damm what a photo op I am missing. Normally I would have had them get up on top of the piano with Mo and have the entire group get into the Traveling Piano for an experience as well as photo op. It has happened several times in the past. Now is not the time for any people getting into the truck or pictures and I have a feeling it will be a long while before that happens again but... feelings are not always facts.

March 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo's significance in the world right now is beyond my imagination. With the COVID-19 virus happening people are latching onto Mo for emotional strength on the Traveling Piano unlike with any other surreal period in the world we have been through, or tragic event we have spent time with. Just his presence alone is making a huge difference. This is happening only through people who have been contributing to help keep us going. We have $375 to go with Mo's fundraiser. Please help us to reach goal through a contribution. But most importantly thank you for helping us to help others! We work without fees, tips or any commercial affiliation and only through contributions like yours. Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund We played on the street today and also went to the largest homeless shelter area with the Traveling Piano. As I have written in the blog over the last month... I have been having health issues in strange ways and the fact is I do not know what they are about.

As far as this virus happening, it is unfathomable that tests being used around the world... that work, are not being used with our population right now! The fact that there has been no foresight by trump and his administration to have a test for everyone by this time with it being months down the road... or the not allowing of tests that work to be used... is nothing less than a terrorist act on America in of itself. Seeing that I cannot get tested I am going to have to go it alone with desicions as I know with my specific circumstances I am at high risk and God forbid, that I have been exposed to the virus or have it. I'm 65, my immune system has been the weakest aspect of my physical nature my entire life and I am around a lot of different high risk people all the time.

I am personally supporting with action a Flatten the Curve focus concerning the Covid-19 virus with the Traveling Piano. Especially until I can get tested as I am around the most vunerable people and I myself am in the vunerable camp... until we know more and see a clear direction... I will be suspending work in the Art Photo Gallery I have been setting up and working towards in the Downtown Arts District of Las Vegas. I may lose my working space as a result, so be it. Also... I will continue the Traveling Piano's music and presence without any laying on of hands (as in had shaking, petting, hand bumping, etc... with either Mo or myself. Sharing of the Traveling Piano truck for now with people getting on and off to play will not be possible. I'll simply create music from the truck myself which in of itself is something to behold for people. Some people will feel put off about this and that is where the pithy little maxim "don’t complain, don’t explain" will come into play. I keep it simple buy simply saying I am out to Flatten the Curve concerning this virus never explaining what that is but encouraging them to investiagte for themselves... and most importantly not taking any bait for argument.

March 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been observing what has been happening with the COVID-19 virus for months now. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a rabid anti-paranoid, panic advocate when it comes to media reporting about disasters, the weather, etc... and I read world news, a lot of it from different sources. Since the 80's as my work with the Traveling Piano was 100% outdoors I began studying the baiting and manipulation of news stories concerning the weather that would destroy outdoor events I was booked for and create nothing but unwarranted fear. Something different is happening now. Especially when you see large commercial business shutting down without pressure from outside sources at the loss of huge amounts of money and the ramifications on employees.... many but not all the corporations care about, specifically mega casinos here in Las Vegas.

Mo and I went to the mission center to play as usual and instead of seeing "crazy" I was seeing them figure out how to be pro-active concerning safety. It is a big job as serving that dinner for so many people is chaotic by nature to begin with. There was administration there and as I played music I was thinking how I am like cellophane to them. They do not see me, never acknowledge me first I must always make the move... they could not care less if I am there or not. And then... for the first time ever in all the time I have been there which is two or three years, lol... seriously, the CEO appears in the room and creates a straight line towards me and says, "I just wanted to say hello, gotta run" turns and leaves the room. Fact is, rarely do I know what is going on and I do not need to think the worst, sometimes I do not need to think at all... or project, or assume, etc... what had happened was a strong reminder of that.

March 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We got going today... when I could get going. It would be nice if I could stick to schedule, not today. Some time was spent at the photo gallery and then to the mission to create music for people living on the streets where there was "virus crazy" going on. Staying out of the way... letting people do what they need to do... staying calm amidst the chaos of it all... it is a practice for me to not inundate myself on either side of the fence and to just go on living in-spite of crazy. Barricades were up in the dining room to funnel people and section them off... families over here, residents over there, people on the street only 20 at a time in another area, hand sanitizers, church volunteers not showing up, not telling anyone, running home to their safe spots in fear.

And, the people on the streets... it was raining hard and they had to stand in line to get in. Once inside and soaking wet, you do not want to imagine what that smells like. All those dirty bodies and clothes coming to life with unique strong smells... not pretty. Life is most difficult in times like this with many people on the streets. They feel alone and afraid, have no where and no one to turn to and physically are hanging by a thread. We did our job and I feel humble and grateful for my courage, strength, faith and trust in God to do it. I have no fear but I am more cautious and careful about being sloppy with hygiene. Mo is a force of yearning and security beyond anything I could ever have imagined for people. Just his presence alone is a comforting distraction for just about everyone.

March 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was supposed to rain today but it did not. Still, I did not go to the photo gallery as scheduled. I am sleeping allot. The world's craziness can be draining for me. What a challenge it is to not get distracted and caught up in it. Mo and I went for a walk. The pouring rain from yesterday created a sweet smell from whatever nature exists. I walked past a gas station with a small patch of green grass and the fresh, wet smell of it was intoxicating. Flowers are in full bloom everywhere just from the overnight rain! Mo and I are taking it easy while always doing bits of work here and there. I could not do anything with photos and need at least another days break from it. I am posting a few. They are very nice 4"X7" pieces that I hope people will want to collect. Twenty bucks each... handling and shipping included... would you like one? Email me through this website.

March 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It rained today. I slept through most of it and sort of worked through the day in a fog. Not getting caught up in the virus pandemic online as well as with politics is such a challenge. My desire for others to resist fear and to keep a rational balance concerning perspective is strong. There is something much worse than the coronavirus... catching and become infected with the sickness of growing fear, hysteria, conspiracy theories (the worst evil in the world today) and over protectionism surrounding it. I am hoping to score some food from cancelled events around town to take out with the Traveling Piano for people living on the streets. Many of the usual volunteers are staying home.

March 09, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Until noon I daydreamed in bed in a semi state of consciousness. Today was to relax and do nothing even though I had a list of about fifteen things to do. Hardly anything got done! I do not know where the time went. It is taking a long time to do anything these days. I am not depressed, just slow. This blog, it took me until today to update this months page and blog entries from the fourth until now. I've never been that far behind and it took hours. Oh well, it is what it is and... done. I went to the store and took Mo for a walk... cooked and cleaned a plant, lol. Very basic stuff. Tomorrow... some nature with Mo and maybe a cheap movie and then back to work for the week.

March 08, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I worked my butt off giving out a couple thousand bags of chips and cookies I got my hands on from the mission center the other day for people living on the streets. Mo and I ended up on the street where the city has been shoving all of what they consider undesirables. The street has three shelters on it. I was able to position the Traveling Piano truck half way in and half way out of one of the shelter parking lots, the only one that I respect. No one was using the place to go in or out. After the giveaway I began to create music. The police could not tell me to move because I was on private property while being exposed to everyone on the streets. All the streets now have signs saying no parking, standing or anything else allowed.

There were about six hundred people hanging around and waiting in line for a bed for the night. I know a lot of them and we all enjoyed being together. It would have been great to have just created music until the waiting line finished, but I was just too exhausted. I was the only one to bring food to the street today. Not sure if bags of treats should be considered food but it was at least something. The spot was perfect. I'll go back there again when the parking lot is not being used. Someone died while we were there in the courtyard, an open air shelter. I wished whoever it was wellness as they traveled to wherever we will all be going someday.

March 07, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I worked twelve hours today none stop processing desert photos for print that needed to get done before midnight in order to take advantage of a repeated online sale for printing that I took advantage of a few weeks ago. There is no way I could pass it up but now coming up with the rent for next month will be a challenge. Before bed, I took Mo for a walk. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to walk down a dark street and as I begin to pass two dark figures just standing under a bus shelter a few feet to the side of me with no bus coming... knowing they are looking at me with my first impulse to not engage... but then extending myself to acknowledge them with a low "hey" as I walk by head down... and then, about ten steps beyond in the dark I hear from behind me... "Piano" ...in acknowledgement back, it is awesome. People living on the streets are more afraid of you then you could ever believe and they think you do not want them to exist. These guys know Mo and I from somewhere with the Traveling Piano. With the word "Piano" they were saying, "I know you, I respect you." There is nothing more gratifying for me than an exchange like that. It is full of validation and reassurance all around of what being human together, is. Through the Traveling Piano it is called, taking a chance with Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect.

March 06, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today... time at the Art Photo Gallery and then to the Mission Center to play music but I also loaded the truck from the mission center with a few thousand small snack bags of chips and cookies that need to be given out to people living on the streets as soon as possible. It all completely filled the truck bed! I thought about how crazy it was in knowing the work it will take to give everything out by myself from doing this several times before but, at the same time it will be crazy fun, purposeful, spiritually and emotionally fulfilling. Tonight was First Friday a festival a monthly festival in my neighborhood and I just did not have the energy to take the Traveling Piano out on the street after the full day of work. More and more people are walking the streets and that is a good thing.

March 05, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to say hello to Priscilla who has been showing my photo art for sale in her gallery. It is the most high end art gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District and if it sells them she will take almost 50% of the fee. I really appreciate her accepting the photo art because she normally never shows art photography and is usually not interested but... she took them down from the walls. They have been there for months so I am not surprised. Also, the price tag is high for them. I told her I may begin hanging photos for sale in other places of business and she was like, "oh no... no... I need exclusivity." I almost laughed in saying they are not even on the walls anymore for exclusivity and if she wants exclusivity she had best start putting some work into selling them. I didn't say that because I appreciated the opportunity to show them. She said she would put them back up in a few weeks and after a few months review the situation. I have no expectations... it was just fun to have the first Traveling Piano art photos ever printed showing in one of the most prominent art galleries in the city. Mo and I spent time in our own art gallery before going to the mission center to create music today.

March 04, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My passion for living life has not come naturally nor did I create it. Passions have been inspired through situations, environments, and events that have come into my life through synchronistic, spontaneity. Music has never been more of a passion than other aspects of my life. I have... always had a passion for relationship with people, animals and nature first and foremost. Music has been a vehicle for that. When I think about why I have not done and what is needed to create many dreams I have had in order to manifest them in life... being honest that the desire to do what is needed to create those dreams, the passion for that, the ability just does not exist. It is what it is. I need to be honest with myself about that. The reasons are many but, the bottom line is... it is what it is. Coming to terms with a lack of desire in a none judgmental way is crucial for the passions I do have in order to continue. Letting go of the baggage I've created throughout life on my own and from others concerning exceptions and obligations takes never ending consciousness.

Every minute of today (about twelve hours) other than walking Mo and sitting in the tub for an hour, was spent processing pictures for people to purchase. That is not a passion as much as a driven state of mind to get it done, which I realizer at the same time will never get completely done. Although, there is a passion to have something nice to share with people, something tangible to have and to hold. I hope that eventually the passion to see how many I can sell will develop and how much money I can collect but I have my doubts because, I've done all that in the past and burnt out of it all as in "did that done that." Still, the need to do something to raise the money to live pushes me and doing something completely new seems insurmountable. My crying sixty five years of age would be easy to do but that is just an excuse. I know it. Although the physical reality of age... is also, is what it is.

March 03, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Little was done today. I just have no energy. The energy drink I took on Saturday really messed me up. That will never happen again. Gone are the days of energy stimulants for me. I think it is my kidneys that are a problem. So, I took an epson salt bath, purchased some cranberry and apple juice to help clean them out and trying to drink enough water is always a challenge. Mo and I spent some time in nature but just meandered around for a short while because again, no energy and it was five dollar Tuesday at the movies... the only splurge I ever give myself with money. Money... I'll start dealing with that again tomorrow.

March 02, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I don't think the work from the other day messed up my physical condition... it was the energy drink I took to get through the day. They no longer are safe for me to take. It was about five years since I last drank one. I'll just need to adjust in doing less and everything slower as I age. Thats the natural way and the way I will choose for better or worse. I took Mo to Calico Basin for a short while to be in nature today. I was too tired to spend a whole day in nature somewhere. As soon as I got home, I collapsed and fell asleep for three hours still recovering from Saturday. As I remember, it takes exhaustion forty eight hours to catch up with me, always has. Today was meant to be a day off. I purposely pushed all thoughts about this website or art gallery photos, playing the piano, raising money, people or anything else out of my mind. That was pretty easy to do as I am completely exhausted mentally and physically.

The other day while playing at the mission center a guy who I have not seen in a while rolled up to the table next to me in his wheel chair. He used to come in as a regular for dinner. He was glad to see me and randomly wanted to give me five bucks. On Mo's birthday George who works at the repair shop where the Art Photo Gallery is, he gave me twenty bucks. These people are very poor people, I often find food for them. The money was given as a friendly gesture, a brotherly gesture as someone who would offer half of their hamburger and some fries to a friend. It was with the same intent that I give to them. Two days ago Denise from the auto shop had some extra gas from a vehicle and filled my tank with it just to be nice. These random, unconditional gestures from people really move my soul into its proper place. I have always thought this is how people should be with one another. I grew up around such needy and greedy people who did not give anything unless under personal obligation, expectation, as a pay back or to get something in return or unless they could feel a truly desperate need from me. Unconditionally sharing between people in life is the best part of life.

March 01, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

About five in the morning I woke up wracked with pain and stiffness throughout my body from yesterdays constant moving around with sorting pictures, playing the piano and jumping in and out of the truck bed to share it with people. I took some ibuprofen and slept a few more hours before getting up to go my monthly Veterans Village food bank commitment. It is usually the last Sunday of the month but I went today because I think of it as every four weeks verses three, today being the 1st of March. People said they were taking bets on whether I would come last week or this week. It feels so good to know that they look forward to my being there from month to month. They would miss me if I left as other commitments most certainly do. Volunteers and people living on the streets when I see them, are still telling me how I am missed and it has been two months now. Too bad the volunteers do not miss the Traveling Piano enough to help me out financially in order to continue the path I was on with them. It is not like I didn't ask. I constantly tell the people on the streets where they can find me four days a week now.

My dropping those commitments might be for the best because their lack of support has forced me to move more into the photo art gallery development. That takes away from working worth people on the street... who knows where it will all lead. More people than usual got onto the piano today and when I got back to my room I was going to push the day so I could get to bed early but thought it be better to just rest because of yesterday. Then my body went into a shut down, I mean functionally as well as mind in not a good way. Then i fell asleep for five hours. All is good, I ate, am writing this blog, made a quick posting online and am just taking it easy. The best part is in not wanting to think about anything. For most of my life I did not have the ability to just shut off my mind and not think. Maybe age has something to do with that now, whatever... I'm really grateful for the ability to just stop thinking about anything. It is very relaxing and reassuring and peaceful and... safe. And the ability to be able to spend time alone and away from all people... just Mo, me and myself, I'll never take that for granted. Of course I always do my down time through a conscious awareness of spirit, the God of my understanding.