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HIS SPIRIT LIVES ON! ... BONER, THE PIANO DOG ... November 27, 1994 ... February 20, 2010

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February 28, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been posting each month of this blog online from every year onto facebook to try and keep this website alive. Every month through the years I see pitches for contribution. If there's anything about my work that is worn out it is the constant need to ask for contribution. Somehow, that must end. The day was spent at the Traveling Piano Photo Gallery working on the photos for display and interacting with people every once in a while with the piano. I only played myself twice. It was constant work from eleven in the morning until eight at night when I headed up the street to a neighbors gathering of immersive sound, music and noise. It was inside an art studio and I shared the Traveling Piano outside. Inside there was a lot of computerized stuff going on as well as acoustical music all at the same time. About ten people jammed improvisationally creating amazing jazz. It really was awesome.

This downtown area I live in gets more awesome daily with creative and stylish people who are the real deal with no affectation. The diversity of people walking the street during the day and just hanging around is absolutely amazing. While driving the six blocks back to my place I ran into a low rider gathering of custom vehicles both vintage and modern. About a hundred cars lining the streets with people just hanging out and showing off. There was nothing organizational about it and the whole environment was very friendly and cool with mostly hispanic people. I took an energy drink for the first time in five years to keep going as it was a twelve hour day. That was I think maybe a first for working that long? Tomorrow morning I need to get up to go play for the veterans village food bank commitment I've had for the last three years. Getting up and going is not going to be pretty. Crashing after all is said and done will be even less pretty. It feels like, God just use me up.

February 27, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The first half of the day was spent with the Traveling Piano on the street with my working on photos in the gallery and then we went to create music at the mission center. I think the weather is bringing up everyone's spirit all around. It has been really beautiful these days. At night it gets cold and I'll tell you something funny. When I go to walk Mo I wear a scarf, my cossack winter snow hat and gloves. I miss wearing heavy outdoor clothing sometimes, lol! Seeing as summer is right around the corner, I've been milking the cold weather for all its worth! Now it is cold only at night. It is interesting to observe how significant out presence is at the mission center for some people. There are people who come and sit next to the piano just for the music. Others just want to be near Mo because they crave the companionship, security, consistency and love a pup can provide (especially Mo). And then there are those who come to sit and just be close to me because there is a mutual human trust, validation, reassurance and dignity that travels both ways between us. Many do not even acknowledge my presence for different reasons. But I catch glances and movement and see how they look to find a seat near me. Then there are people who come for all three reasons and probably more.

February 26, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am totally focused on photos. The basic rent needs to get paid and along with looking for contribution well, thats not enough. I am going to list this is for myself, I'm sure most people will have no interest. This is how my mind works, it is necessary to be conscious of every detail less I get lost and have the need to start over. (which has happened about 25 times since I began this provess) First, take the picture and then transfer it from camera to computer, create file names and folders and file them, back them up. Choose the photos to keep, archive or toss. Process the ones to use, and then create different size for all three uses... for web, print and then also the blog. Upload and file all that into separate folders. Purchase photos and print them out. Purchase matts, frame backing, plastic covers. Separate the prints and organize them into sets. Organize, categorize and file them into folders. Sign them. Frame them. Create displays and hang them. Find someplace to store all that. Stock for replacements. Put them out for sale online and in real life. Download apps,create accounts, setup different ways for payment, cash, papal, google pay, visa, venmo, etc... Create signs for the sales. Post photos online for sale. Setup the the Traveling Piano outside with signs. Do the Traveling Piano work. Guide people to the photos without it being like I am looking for a sale. If they go to take a look at the photos... sell. Notate what was sold, how many, when, were and for how much. Keep a check on inventory.

February 25, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been creating online displays for the Traveling Piano Art Photo Gallery. It is a lot of work and really taking away from Traveling Piano time, that and raising funds. The asking for contribution in dribbles and drabs just cannot go on forever. I need the big guns as in a producer, publicist, representation, investors but looking for all that is more than full time in of itself. Everyday, I go back and forth with trying to decide what I want to do most. One backer to just keep me going would be nice... I had that for two years when I first moved here, still it was not enough to fix the truck, get new clothes, etc... Many times throughout this blog I have said how I know I am doing exactly what I should be doing in life. It still feels that way. You will be surprised at what that is. What I should be doing most is exactly what I am doing and that is to enjoy Mo as much as possible while he is still in my life. Next... the Traveling Piano's work but more so these days looking for financial sustainability. It is all good. I'm almost a year behind in processing photos for this website gallery of people playing on the piano!!! Todays photos are from people we met in the dessert on Mo's Birthday.

February 24, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm taking it easy today after yesterday. Mo and I had total fun together. He actually had a full grin on for much of the day with teeth showing. Of course, he was feeding off my energy for him. While hiking we almost got into trouble finding ourselves an a rock ledge very high up on a cliff. Physically, what I could do a year ago I can no longer do. There is no way to know until I am in such a situation where its like, uh oh. We were stuck with no way up or down on a very narrow ledge, but we managed. Mo was very cooperative in not moving and letting me lift and guide him up over the ledge. He had half a ham and cheese sandwich in the afternoon and half a pastrami sandwich at night, lol. I've never given him something like that before or as much. Hey, you only turn ten years of age once! I found a picture from his 1st Birthday at the New Jersey shore where he stood with his hind legs planted on the ground while he hopped up and down with his front legs in joy. It shows the same jubilant energy as a picture I took yesterday of him running free on desert rock where we were.

There was no plan to work with the Traveling Piano but it happened anyway. We just met some really fun people and then fun ensued. The journey's work always takes a priority over everything. When some one is interested... so it goes. I was talking about my offering of art photos and the person said they know the work, each photo is worth about six hours of work and that is correct! While the sun set, we sat together alone on a mountain top. We are in heaven together when it is quiet and we are in nature alone. I am blessed to have Mo in my life. Now is the perfect time of year to be out and about. In a few months, neither of us are going to be able to hike when it gets warm. I was very aware today, to enjoy as much of everything right now, as much as I can, while I still can, because life is speeding to its end. There is nothing negative about that. It just is what it is. There's still plenty of life left for for of us.

February 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRAVELING PIANO DOG MO! 10 Years Old Today. We are heading out to the Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas to explore in nature for the day and... we'll be sharing a large Italian Hoagie together... provolone cheese, oil and mayo, hold the onions! If you would like to help us celebrate and I hope you will... make a contribution to celebrate his life! Mo's GoFundMe

February 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tomorrow is Mo's 10th Birthday! Mo's Birthday is my most favorite celebration day of the year and I really look forward to it. It is a month long anticipation leading up to the two weeks before and then "Mo Year's Eve" is just so awesome and then the day itself... I cannot possibly feel more love, gratitude and appreciation on Mo's Birthday. Send him a gift! It rained today. Still, we spent the day in the Art Photo Gallery... I got myself organized with who I have been contacting for this fundraising that is constant. All day was spent doing that! Finding sponsorship or a back, a patron, individuals willing to help with a sustainable subscription on through this website... ongoing. Mo's GoFundMe

February 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today again, we were the art gallery and then to the rescue mission for music. There is so much less time doing the Traveling Piano work these days. The people on the streets need me, this I know. They tell me. I can tell how they come and sit near me to eat at the mission, there is only so much I can do. As far as on the truck, I need to remember there were months of inactivity throughout the journey throughout the years. Avoiding pressure on myself is very important. But, there is pressure to raise enough money to survive and then when people send me the money to survive I feel a responsibility to work with the truck. Some people send contribution and realize there must be downtime, I need to realize that for myself. But, as everyone can see through pictures... I'm still working with the Traveling Piano all the time... its just going slower. My age doesn't help with that any.

February 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been aware of an emotional swirling energy today and I just now realized... it was 10 years ago today my 1st canine pup, companion, friend Boner passed. I called him Bo for short. His significance in life was beyond awesome and he was loved throughout the world! He was in fact my world. The Traveling Piano Photo Galleries are dedicated to him. www.bonerthedog.com

February 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Other than creating music at the rescue mission today all time was spent sorting printed art photos to create displays for purchase. I did it all at the photo gallery with the Traveling Piano set up outside but did not want to encourage anyone to interact with it. I feel like a writer trying to write a book in a coffee shop with all that noise going on while trying to thwart interruptions as I am in thought creating, designing, manifesting my art. The weather is so great it makes me feel joyful and there are so many more people on the street with possibilities for everything. But, I can only do what I can do. And the photo project is huge. I must get it going so I have another source of financial revenue because simply fundraising is not "cutting the mustard" so to speak. I write this blog in a rush all the time now... this takes time too.

February 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went to the park today and found a spot on the desert floor to lay down and take a nap in the sun. What a park we have to be in! And only a thirty minute drive away from my room. The spot was right where this photo was taken. It is a perfect time of year, no insects or other wildlife to worry about, great temperature, sun at a perfect strength, no sounds of planes, vehicles, people... we all need as much of this as possible, the joy and beauty of nature! Even though I am around people as much as everyone else, often I feel alone in life. Every time a friends subscription contribution comes through I see support manifested... "Hey Danny I'm here with you, keep going with your work." That means everything to me more than the work itself. Please create a monthly contribution. Not only do I need it as the total from friends is still less than 50% of the sustained monthly income I need, I do not want to feel alone in my work which is full time and without fees, tips or commercial affiliation for the sake of others and the world. Use the contribute button. Email me if you need help with it.

February 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I don't even know what I did today. I do know that I have today and tomorrow to prep myself for the work week. Imagine that... work? It is still fun although now with the need to actively make money (when was that ever not necessary, never) actually the commitment to generate money, that is where the word work comes in. For a good twelve years I was able to let all the "work" come naturally as I had a safety net... my own money and then a friend who supported the "work" for a few years. And then there were a few fundraisers along the way and friends who have been consistent with giving. As far as what I did today... I cooked. It takes hours to cook in my tiny weeny kitchen space and especially when I am cooking a lot which is always because I do not know how to cook "little." Also, food will now be ready for the week as I have no time to cook when dealing with the Photo Gallery, working with the Traveling Piano and fundraising all at the same time.

February 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was up until four in the morning last night trying to clean my two hundred seventy five square feet of room that has roaches in it, that are coming from the interior walls of the apartment complex. This is not an easy task as all my work and living needs in the room... which are significantly in amount, are strategically placed to present a sense of cleanliness and organization. So, there is stuff behind stuff and well baby roaches are almost impossible to vet out. Gross, eh? My neighbors are also gross. I should be grateful in not having had to deal with crazy for a good six months. For my entire life I have had to deal with a ying and yang of neighbors. Always it seems those living on one side... great, on the other side, shit. Why can't everything just be nice and easy all the time for both sides? Lol. Street drug addicts, the worst of what the disease can create, have been coming and going twenty-four hours a day, up to six people at a time in the room smoking crack, drinking, sex, noise, etc... its not pretty. I finally called the police, which could cause more problems for me but enough is enough. Getting people like this out is a pain in the ass and takes time. I've had more than my share living where I do, but the benefits of living where I do, are the best I have been able to do. So, all this consumed my day.

February 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

On waking up I did not feel rested and had to get over to the Traveling Piano Art Photo Gallery as soon as possible because that is where I have been spending my Saturdays now. I thought my usual mantra before getting out of bed that of having and creating Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration. Once I got into the shop there was a lot to do as in getting centered in my brain to work the day, setting everything up, finishing my photo library of flowers was a must and the number one priority as well as interacting with people on the street and trying to raise some financing to continue both online as well as selling a few photos. As soon as I sat down to work people arrived wanting to know about the Traveling Piano and I thought crap, why did I do the mantra this morning! Ha, the priorities I make if I mean it with true intent will always happen. While interacting I told them I have not even had my morning coffee I can't think. We had fun. With several people, they were strangers to each other getting up on the truck to have an experience together. That... my very favorite, the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other.

There was musical piano fun to be had all day long. Even for myself, I created music for awhile learning how to do it to the best of my ability on a piano that needs to be replaced desperately. I got the photo gallery completed and to the print shop to process the photos on sale. This is a huge accomplishment for me as I have been trying to do it for years. I start, do not have enough time to finish and then have a need to start all over again because of how my mind works. And then there is the choices and decisions of what, why and how of photos I choose while always thinking when and where to sell, place them, etc... Another challenge is in the idea to keep going. I want to rest and say well, its done. It is not. Now it will be time to matt the photos and create displays for them as well as get them to market. "Put one foot in front of the other Danny, just don't stop moving. I used rent money to pay for the photos, a vote of confidence for myself. None were sold today. That must change quick. I have faith. Just the flowers, I am starting with flower prints... 500 different versions. Next...

February 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I were sharing our Love today at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission during dinner for a couple hundred of our best friends living on the streets and/or poor like us... as we have done every Friday for the last three years! The first hald of the day was spent at the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery ferousiously working to process pictures for contribution.

February 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Time was spent for the first part of the day at the Photo Gallery and the second part part of the day was creating musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration for the dinner at the rescue mission as we do every Thursday. Then it was back to photo gallery work. There is another special online for photo printing and I must take advantage of it. As in a few days ago, the sale ends in forty eight hours and I so very much want to finish processing the first series of my library to the end. I've begun and stopped repeating that process about twenty times over the last few years. This time I am driven, most my time is going into it. 4X6 photos, all flowers... its the flower series, several hundred, I know it should be like ten or twenty but I just can't whittle it down to that few as there are so many awesome photos. The price purchase will put my rent money into jeopardy but I cannot pass up the sale price. It is now or never. I feel very excited about all that. Are you ready to purchase a signed flower art photo to support the Traveling Piano?

February 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We spent time at the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery, actually the entire day. Trying to get back into the rhythm of what I am doing is not easy. I stop for three days and once I start, everything is new again. No new money coming in at the moment and that as always, needs to change. How have I been holding on? Its crazy. I call it divine providence. Twenty bucks here, twenty bucks there from contributions. I was thinking how every time a subscription payment comes in from someone, it is like a hello, as though someone is thinking about me and cares for Mo, myself and our work. I need that on a constant basis. After that thought, a new subscriber signed on for $3 bucks a month. A new friend along with us on this journey, there are now 26 friends totaling 36% of my needed monthly income. Meanwhile I wrote a long article about the homeless and how the city is handling them. It is not good. I posted it online and am not sure if I should post it here. It is not like in the past when I was constantly moving and, it was not possible for me to be a target to attack. I have to live with the same people now, day after day.

February 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It took everything I could muster to get it together and do my clothes washing today, two months worth! Mostly tea shirts, I wear almost nothing but tea shirts for a top and a few jerseys, socks, underwear, bathroom towels and bedsheets. It cost thirty bucks to wash and dry it all and then the soap powder. I have about thirty of each but they are looking pretty ragged since I've been wearing it all for the last five years, ugh. The folding... exhausting. I put it all through two cycles and then it was a good forty minutes to dry so that left plenty of time for Traveling Piano music in the parking lot. The shopping center security tried to get me to leave but could do nothing because i was not soliciting or collecting tips or selling anything and... I was parked there for business waiting for my clothes to get done, lol. Someone called to report a person doing something they thought was wrong. People! There are some people I just want to smack across the head sometimes. Anyway, I met a women who was having her sixtieth birthday and I was able to make her day bright. People who found us and who were seeing us were really happy about that. Everyone was in awe that Mo would just sit on top of the piano and wait for me while I was inside dealing with the clothes. I tried to create music for myself but it is just not fun anymore. The piano is really seen its day. I can create no nuance, the touch sensitivity is almost gone, the keys are uneven to press and the quality of sound is really bad.

A new piano is fifteen hundred bucks and I'm just trying to make rent these days. It is fine for working with people just not for creating music for my own enjoyment. I had some fun with several guys living on the streets. One guy was a New Yorker who just got out of jail yesterday and told me the police picked him up for twelve jay walking tickets and put him in a stone room with one blanket for twelve straight days and then another room for six additional days where he could at least walk around. His nose was constantly running and he said it was because he had been freezing the entire time. Anyone who takes a job that supervises or makes money in anyway off of human beings in conditions like that, God I wish the worst in life for them as they need to suffer more than the suffering they create. It might be their only chance for redemption. So, I got home and then packing all that clothing away in my small space... a challenge! There was a leak under my sink and so everything was out from under there drying all day and after putting all the contents back... I am exhausted. You would not believe the small space I live in. I was dreaming about coming into lots of money and then being interviewed like so many successful people who say in interviews... I was so poor blah, blah, blah, lol. Today was my five dollar movie day, and I missed going out in nature this week. It is all about priorities... I need to get things done, need to spend time doing nothing, need to take care of myself with nature and a movie once in awhile, need, need, need...

February 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The idea of purpose and/or a concrete manifestation of purpose, holding onto purpose, does not happen naturally for me in life although my desire and capacity for it is great. In my heart and mind I know my basic purpose is simply to take a single breath of air and enjoy that. To do something with that breath of air is a whole different thing. With this journey I have had to renew my purpose every morning I wake up. I do it by saying to myself as soon as I can consciously think... Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration. Then I start a gratitude list as in, thank you for Mo, thank you for this room, thank you for the bed, thank you for the toilet, etc... until I come into a reality I can deal with. These days, holding onto the purpose is a challenge. Remembering to remember has always been a challenge for me. Thoughts of whatever I am doing as being too much work, boring, I'm tired of it, need something different or more, the end is near why bother, etc... want to take over my mind. The need to stay with and think more about my mission statement words individually becomes more necessary. I need to spend a moment with each word and want to "feel" them. Whereas for many people the idea of giving up cannot be, and is not an option, those thoughts for my life are a must. I must be allowed to give up for myself, it must be an option. Having choice in life comes second for me after a breath of air. That is not the easy road although it is my road. And then there is when my mind goes into automatic and feels driven for the joy of life. That comes only from the grace of God.

February 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I did nothing today. Well. I always do something like back up files, create online postings, take Mo for a walk. etc... Being around drug addicts, alcoholics, dealers and thieves who live on the streets has been getting on my nerves. I need to get away from it. They are easy to get sucked into, there is drama and chaos attached to it all. The way they move, the erratic behavior, the always sneaking in no particular way or place just... sneaking around in everything they do looking for action, looking for trouble. My next door neighbor has wasted people in and out all night and sometimes in the daytime. The door is right next to my room. Dealing with people in life on the other end of the spectrum has its own insanity, its just a different insanity. No matter what kind of people I am around, they all get on my nerves from time to time in their own ways. Thank God I can escape into my room or nature once in a while. Posted here on the blog today, is a video with a little Heart and Soul in it.

February 8, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Finding time to write this blog is a challenge! Forget processing journey pictures in a timely manor. I am back logged with pictures still needed to process from April of last year! I woke up, fed Mo and headed for the gallery. There I spent the day interacting with some really interesting people on the street. I enjoyed myself greatly with that. The spot I am in is perfect, especially now that the days are warmer and people are coming outside to walk around. I'm getting to meet people who live locally as well as around the world. I met a sharp guy from Colombia, people from Germany, a few folks from back east where I came from and maybe some people who may become involved with my work. Along with all that I was trying to put the gallery back together from last nights work.

I sold two photos today. I think that will eventually pick up once I get into a better groove with everything. Online there was a deal for printing photos at half price so I had to get as many photos ready for print before 12 midnight central time and rushed like a maniac getting the photos ready. I purchased several hundred with only five minutes to spare. I used all the money I made to do it. Now... its really going to be a... put the foot to the metal mode. Does anyone remember that catch phrase? I'm in deeper than ever with the commitment to create and sell photo art and create a sustainable living. And I must make my rent for next month selling them. The two purchases a day is going to need to grow into 200. And then there is all the regular Traveling Piano work...

February 7, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There were several options for today. Fridays are now for the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery commitment and then the Mission Center later in the day as has been for several years now. It is 1st Friday, a monthly craft/drinking/art fest down a few blocks from where I live. A new taco restaurant opened up nearby and I was considering a pop-up photo art setup outside the place with the Traveling Piano. There would be a lot more people as it is closer to all the activity. I opted to stay at the Traveling Piano photo gallery which is at the opposite end of where all the activity is. I need to establish myself there for people to be able to find me and Mo and the piano. We skipped the Mission Center, that would be just too much to handle. The entire day was spent selecting different photos for sets of series... six photos each and all 4X6 prints I recently purchased. Then I had to matt them, put them into plastic sleeves and then mount them on foam boards for display I found on sale at the .99 store. I created the displays to present outside so I would gather more attention and borrowed a large display light from a friend across the street.

Wow, it was all non-stop work and I got it all together by dark. Then work began with the Traveling Piano. I don't even remember meeting anyone or what I said as I was so worn out and in a daze. For the first time I tried some herbal energy shots from a small vile and that helped to keep me going without the jitters. Now... to not get hooked on that. Only one photo was purchased for the entire night but, I felt really good about the accomplishment of getting it all together for the first time both indoors and outside and now I have more product, photos in two sizes, 5x7 and 4x6... framed, matted, signed and attached to displays. The library catalogue is focused on flowers only for now until I get everything set, filed and organized. There are two hundred and fifty different photos of flowers. Once I get in the groove of presenting everything. I will tell people to purchase a flower to support the Traveling Piano's work in the community.

The next theme will be vistas of scenery from around the northern hemisphere. I noticed tonight that I have to tell people to come inside the gallery and look around. Younger people these days are not used to going in and out of stores. They do everything online. They need to feel welcomed in and know it is ok to do. So, I went to put everything away, I laid six panels, nine photos on each panel together... and turned them to the side to put into a box. I forgot to close the plastic sleeves the photos were in. As a result, 95% of the photos fell out onto the floor in pieces. The matts, the back boards, the frames, photos and also all the time spent deciding what when were was wasted. I thought... really? I was so exhausted it was difficult to keep my body in an upright position. From ten in the morning it was now twelve midnight. If I just stood still my body would begin to sink into the floor, lol. I never felt that happen before.

February 6, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After spending time at the Photo Gallery working on photos, Mo and I headed for our usual commitment at the Mission Center. While at the Rescue Mission I could feel that people where there just to see us... there was an emotional attachment that we have created for each other. Not many, maybe about twenty. I could feel their neediness and how they miss seeing us at our old commitments. If for not wanting to see us they would not be at the mission for dinner. The place as does not have good associations for many people. Of course most people were there to eat, then a few for the music, and then those that I speak about where there is a relational connection, emotional support and the need to be seen by Mo and myself. That means a lot for me. The music is the vehicle for all that.

February 5, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been out of sorts today and do not know if it is about politically what is happening everywhere, drainage of emotion from last nights dinner, it brought up a lot of past history... maybe the chaos of the Art Gallery and its environment in not being acclimated enough yet. The photo art gallery is where we spent much of the day. Maybe I was drained from the cold... its been freezing or from having empathetic feelings concerning a few friends going through life problems. And then there is instant emotional drainage from the fact that the backup computer I am using froze for three hours and that being an inevitable problem for communication once it dies. Maybe I'm drained from simply thinking too much! As I do not have friends that I hang out with... every time a monthly subscription contribution comes in, it feels like that friend saying hello. I need more friends. Please create a contribution in subscription form.

February 4, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Time was spent today at the photo gallery even though I have not scheduled myself to be in on Tuesdays. I worked on all the usual online activity, looking for funding, creating the picture gallery, organizing and filing, etc... It is too cold to play the piano. At night I did something very strange. On facebook I can rant, strong, hard, passionate and angry through words. I began doing that with someone over a local Catholic church and how they have no loitering signs out front, keep their doors locked except for parishioner use when others can also come in... and how they use armed guards with weapons out of fear verses faith to protect themselves. I was calling out someone's words in their saying they would be willing to help the homeless, they called my bluff, I wanted to hold them to it and we ended up having dinner, the woman and her husband. They cooked me a delicious meal and we had an animated and somewhat giddy time! I applaud their courage and faith to have me in their home... I could have brought someone homeless with me but preferred to go alone. That might happen in the future, who knows. They will be moving away from the area in a few months and are fundamental catholics even to the point of choosing churches with old traditional ritual only. They are in their early thirties and wow, I kept realizing how old I am now, around them. This experience was just like back in earlier years of the journey when I used to go and stay with people I've never met. I may pursue future meetings with strangers in this way... for a dinner they are willing to share. It was too dark for the Traveling Piano so I invited them downtown where I am at the photo gallery to have an experience the next time they are out and about.

February 3, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was interesting. I felt a little more energy and also a conscious need to feel my way through the day with what I wanted to do verses what I think I "should" do. Mo and I headed out of the parking lot not knowing where we were going and ended up driving to the Valley of Fire. Mo really needed to run around. I needed the air, open space, exercise and some exploring in nature. I figured it might be cool as it was very windy today. So I took my scarf, hat, gloves and an extra sweater. In the shade it was friggin' nose-nostril freezing cold! When we first parked not so much. I did not expect anyone to be at our first stop off point but people were there and engaged with us before Mo even got out of the truck and so, hiking took second priority. I pulled off the cover and two grandparents with their grandson from Washington state and a guy from North Carolina had some Traveling Piano fun with us. It was really great because we were all strangers connecting, one of the basic purposes for my work.

Then Mo and I not so much hiked but just climbed up and down and around rocks and hills finding different amazing vista views all not far from where the truck was parked. As I was climbing thoughts of how I use to "step and hop and leap" over and through rocks without thinking has now turned into "stop and think where that foot is going... and step." Thats about it. Mo still runs and jumps over and through everything until he is just pooped out. By the end of the day his legs were weak to say the least. He's older now. We drove to another spot where it was just too cold to get out of the truck and the strangest thing happened. Another vehicle pulled up right next to us which was really weird and in an unusual spot. A familiar looking guy smiled and waved and I thought I knew him but did not. He reminded me of my friend Dave in Arizona almost to the point I thought it was him. He knew of me and had even tried to connect in the past. He was a classical pianist living in Japan and on a trip sleeping in his vehicle and driving around taking nature photos.

He gave me his card. We really had no time to talk or do anything because he was running to get a photo before the sunset. The whole exchange was intriging. I drove to another spot where I could sit in the truck and look at the scenery until it got dark because it was too cold to get out of the truck! A guy was there in an open convertible taking pictures and was about to take one of the Traveling Piano. He looked so like he was having such a joyful life experience, visiting Las Vegas, renting a hot car that he was going to enjoy cold weather or not... and I just had to add to his experience so I got out of the truck, pulled the cover off again and we had some fun with music and pictures. Another guy showed up and we kept going. As the two of them connected, we threw the piano cover back on and I got out of there before I froze to death.

February 2, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I got up feeling able to go for a walk with Mo so we headed out into the desert. It was nice and sunny and breezy until... a wind storm came up. Oh my God, the dust and sand blowing as we ran back to the truck. I was more afraid of the hood blowing off then anything about the piano. Right now the winds are gusting to 50-70 miles an hour. Earlier, I got caught up with ranting online about a local Catholic church that has no loitering signs out front, doors locked except for mass, and armed security. Looks like I am going to have dinner with the woman I was ranting with and her family sometime this week to talk. I was going to play music today for people at an overlook with the Traveling Piano but... too much wind! This journey began, the... Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration in February of 2006 and I have a blog entry here on this website for every day since it began.

February 1, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up this morning thinking I don't want to do this anymore, I can't... it is the same old same old. The original plan was to spend the day at the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery on the street and force myself to interact with people passing. Yep... force myself. I still have no energy from whatever I've been dealing with physically I suspect it might be walking pneumonia. Whatever it is, I don't want to know about it and if there was ever a contagious point I'm way past it by now. After being on facebook about ten minutes (not usually a good idea first thing in the morning because I get stuck on it ranting) ...I saw there was a community event a few miles away at 730 N Eastern Avenue to get people registered to vote. I decided to go and support it verses go to "work" on the street for the Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery for neighbors, the homeless and tourists. When I arrived at the spot there was nothing going on. I looked across the street and saw a bunch of people and a tent at someone's house so I figured it was over there. I drove over to find it was a fundraiser for three young girls who were in a horrific car accident and survived but will need months of rehab to get even to stand again. The youngest girl is eight years old and the community was rallying to help them.

It felt so right to have landed at this random function with the Traveling Piano. It was just like the old journey days, spontaneous and synchronistic. About fifty percent of the people spoke English the rest Spanish and all ages were represented. It was perfect, my energy came back, it was nice and sunny, Mo was happy, we spent about four hours drawing in people who were driving by while kids stood with signs to sell tacos and other food. It was just a happy time of musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration. A bunch of teenagers spent about a half hour figuring out a favorite song by Kanye West and I thought how crazy that Mexican teenagers are getting sucked into that moron. Lol, I decided to just move away and let them do their thing. On the way home I ran across a girl on a skateboard with art in her hands. She hung onto the back of the Traveling Piano while I drove her down the street a little with Mo on top of the piano for a video clip she wanted to make. I feel grateful. I love to feel a sense of community and to be able to contribute, be part of. I have a lot of experience in knowing that a power greater than myself intervened today to take me out of my head and place my body exactly in a location with people where I could be be helpful not only for myself but for a caring community.