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January 23, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had to lay low today again today and missed my Mission Center commitment. Had a difficult night last night being sick and depressed. Took Mo out for a short walk and met a new restaurant owner up the street who seemed very nice. She has a classy taco restaurant with all windows and I suggested an upright piano for some Spanish/Mexican music. I offered to help get it all going. Of course, it is not a situation for my music. When I got back to my place I began to look on YouTube for the kind of music I was feeling for the place and after hearing piano music online wow, as a result my music sounds tired, simplistic and old compared to it all. And then three thoughts came to mind. It is what it is, acceptance and I should not be judging my music for others. After talking with her, I am exasuted... need to rest.

January 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm completely flued out. Well, I did my record of two weeks with my commitment four days a week at the gallery. Today was to be the start of the third week. Once I get started again, I'll shoot for three. I can't even do bed work on the computer. I feel that sick. :(

January 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Damm! Damm! Damm! I got sick and after heading sickness off right after New Years with the medication I had. It is the same flu I was getting back then but now without medication. I'm sick today. Something amazing happens when I am sick with Mo. He senses it and all desire to be fed, go outside even to the bathroom leaves him. Of course I take care of those needs anyway, even to take him for a walk no matter how sick I am. All he wants to do is connect with me physically and be still with me. As I lay on my side he stretches his back along mine for his entire length just to be as close as possible. There can be nothing more comforting than knowing he is my by side and wanting to be there with me.

January 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm worn out! To force myself outside I went to check out a room that a facebook friend posted to rent. This place I am living in well, I just need to keep my options open and begin to look around. The guy is a music educator, the room was as small as my present one but also dark. I cannot do dark. I showed him the Traveling Piano, he had actually seen me awhile back at the field where I used to go on Monday nights. He was volunteering with his family to feed the homeless. On the street we met his neighbors. They were a fun couple who create improvisational shows. It felt good to be a vehicle to connect the two neighbors.

Everyone talked about getting together again with the Traveling Piano but I know there is practically no chance of that. 99.9% of people never follow through. Afterwards, I went to a homeless protest where I watched a bunch of people I know get dragged off by the police. I stood there front and center to witness it all. That was the best I could do. It was tough enough allowing myself to be seen on their side. I don't want the city and police coming down on the Traveling Piano because they know where we stand. Staying under the radar as much as possible has always been a good idea. Well... that didn't happen today, thats for sure.

January 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a recovery day. After twelve hours sleep I woke up barely being able to think or function. Thats ok, I need a day of rest. A couple who purchased a photo yesterday sent me a picture of the photo sitting on the mantle of their airb&b. That just felt so good. The day before I also sold a photo to a music teacher from back east. We really connected well. So, I took the fifty bucks made and invested it today in a few more photos and some poster board for display. I'm specializing in miniature photos because that is all I can do as I processed all the journey's photos for the web never thinking about possibly printing them out as larger photos to sell. It is what it is. They are awesome as miniatures. I'm going to ask for $12 bucks a piece, maybe $50 for a set of five. I wonder how many people still have their poster, CD or cassette given to them while traveling on this journey. I gave away thousands of pieces of product as gifts. Ahh... for the days when I had money.

January 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After finishing a ten hour day, I'm also finishing a four day work, scheduled and structured week. I am beyond exhausted. It is an accomplishment. I don't think I've ever been able to do anything like this before in my life... two full weeks now. For the last fourteen years I've just been going with the flow because I could. Before that I would have set dates of performance and times and that was it. Now it is... be at the gallery at ten in the morning and work inside on the computer and outside with the Traveling Piano at the same time along with longtime commitments for the second half of the day. I thought I'd be dead by age sixty five. In just a few more months I'll be sixty five and still going? In some ways stronger than ever??? Still, the money flow is not enough, not even half enough to survive but I've got this month covered and that is good.

January 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been going none stop. After spending time at the photo gallery today, Mo and I headed over to the Mission to create music as usual. I'm beginning to remember now how in the past, after a full day of work I would need a full day to recover. In this blog I'm pretty sure I wrote about that several times over the years. Now, I'm going four days in a row each week none stop and wow, is it a challenge. Plus I am around a lot of insanity all the time as in people addicted to drugs, alcoholics, mental illness and just confused people in general. This is in the apartment complex where I live as well as in the gallery area of town. Pot is really destroying people's minds and they have not a clue and there is no coming back from it. So, keeping my wits, my sanity, patience and tolerance with it all while doing my work with rational people (non-high) and also staying clear of trouble at the same time... it is a challenge.

January 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After a full day at the Photo Gallery, Mo and I headed over to the Mission Center. There was a noticeable comfort with people on the streets who miss seeing us at our usual commitments. I mean really... two years of consistency weekly... it is a big change. I'm in my second week now of committing to getting up to be at the Photo Gallery four days a week even with the Mission Center commitment two days a week. I let go of two other commitments I had. Also, it ran across my mind as I live around and deal with a lot of homeless people on the streets... how having compassion and empathy for them is a conscious discipline. Patience and tolerance takes self-awareness. When I am impatient with myself, unsatisfied about something from within, frustrated, angry, fed-up, not able to deal with others on their needed terms, etc... it is very easy to transfer my crap onto someone I can easily perceive as in my way, not the way I want to be or undesirable to be around. You know... just like in a roommate situation, a marriage or any kind of relationship in general.

January 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was sinking into the depths of despair today. But, while I was filing Traveling Piano subscriber contributions... it became impossible to ignore the fact that people not only support my work... friends exist who care about me personally and also of course Mo... with action. Monthly contributions are tangible proof on a regular basis that we have the care and support of others. More than just thoughts and prayers... "action" is very empowering! Right now there are 25 people that constitute 36% of my monthly income needs in a sustainable way. Want to join us? Mo and I need your help. As little as $3 a month, the worth of one cup of coffee a month for the piano man and dog amounts to "action" that reminds me of the desire to pay forward that cup of coffee to others. Others who often need care and support on a regular basis even more than we do. Hit the Contribute button! I am living proof of that fact that if you care about others... others will care about you.

January 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

To give you an idea of how everything is slowing up for me, I'm still processing pictures from last April. Maybe it is just that I am working more than ever. Looking back after a period of time will tell. I know my sight is not what it used to be and the computer screen I'm using is really bad so that slows me down a lot. My age, inspiration, worries, etc... all that also slows me down. I took Mo for a walk in Sunset Park and found three musicians creating music for fun. A cuban drummer, piano player and a woman singer. That felt really great and I showed them the Traveling Piano. Maybe they will show up on the street someday and use the Traveling Piano for themselves. I'd love that. Mo found a disgusting, could not be worse, dead carcass to roll in. It was as bad as when he found a bay full of rotting salmon in Alaska to roll in. It will take days for the smell to leave no matter what I use to try and get rid of it. He's a dog, what can I say. He knew it was gross but could not help himself!

January 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was completely out of it today, just could not do anything. I took Mo for a short dessert walk. It is a period of time for me now adjusting to a new structure, new activities and a little change of purpose. Change has never been easy for me. Right now there is less Traveling Piano interaction with people living on the streets and the taking care of homeless people in the middle of the nights with food, water and blankets. I derived a lot of personal inspiration and worth from that over the last year. Now, I must focus on securing my life so I do not find myself in their life position and create new personal inspiration. I walk less, Mo gets less exercise now. Finding ways to eat, cook, keep my place clean on a new time schedule is just crazy for me. I think a large part of my exhaustion is from the emotional and physical work of painting the piano and truck bed yesterday. All is well.

January 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

George who works at Quality Auto fixed my speaker today. It took waiting several hours because he had to do it between his normal workings. Denise the owner of the shop put in my new batteries. While waiting for it all I gave the piano and truck bed a new paint job. A local muralist who's name is Anne, is working on a job across the street and she stopped by to help me the truck painting. That, and also extra cushion has been needed for the piano seat. She wanted to do that but took on more than she can handle. I'm not so sure how long the job she did will last. It is time to take the truck out into more upscale neighborhoods in Las Vegas to create more of a showcase for... what, I don't know except that I need funding. My worth cannot be compromised. Doing anything for an event will be tricky as always in how I wrap my brain around the situation in order to negotiate a satisfactory outcome for everyone if... someone wants to use the Traveling Piano.

January 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was my full day of Saturday outside with the Traveling Piano Gallery on Main street in one spot. I waited the full day to get new batteries put into the piano. It did not happen because everyone was too busy. I'm too confused of a person to do it myself. Parking authority carts passed for the first time and chalked my tires as a time check with the parking. When that happens, I need to move the truck to a new spot every two hours. I've dealt with the parking authority here. They are no different than anywhere else, sleazy and sneaky as can be. Get the money. Twelve hours was spent creating an organizing my gallery catalogue for art photos from the last thirteen years of this journey... to sell. Decision making with choosing photos to use is excruciating for me. Trying to whittle down ten thousand photos to five thousand, to one thousand, to a couple hundred... it is not an easy task to do.

January 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After playing our usual Friday at the Mission Center, Mo and I were driving down a back road to a supermarket and came across a large neighborhood food bank that has been going on for several years outside of a small strip mall church. It was a perfect place for the Traveling Piano to be but I cannot be in two places at the same time. Consistency for the mission dinners is a must. It cannot be sometimes or iffy. There is going to be a Chinese New Years parade that begins in the spot where the Traveling Piano sits on Main Street four days a week. There will be no parking on the street that day and thats very unfortunate as I would like the exposure. Also, nothing can be on the outside pavement that day without a permit so there goes all the exposure for the Traveling Piano Art Gallery. I will contact the parade and see if they have an interest in the Traveling Piano but from past experience, thats a "sell" and I'm not interested in selling myself for nothing in return. I have had a dream from the beginning of this journey to take the Traveling Piano to China. It has been written about in depth on this website through the years.

January 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Getting up for work... gone are the days when that happened conveniently. Gone are the days when I worked without pressure. After forcing myself out of bed, luckily I did not need a shower. I threw my coffee pot, coffee, filter, sugar, cone, spoon, computer equipment, food, a gallon of milk, cereal and some other needs into a bag and got out and over to the gallery to open the shop by ten. What a fucking challenge, but I did it. Then, it took me an hour figure out what I was doing. It all needed to be sorted and then I began the day between online looking for funding, interacting with people on the Traveling Piano, and also talking to people in the gallery all the while keeping in mind that I had to get to the rescue mission by five to play for the dinner there. And then... the batteries for powering the piano and speaker went dead. I definitely have to get those replaced first and foremost. Fear. Now I'm back to finding rent for next month because I can't work without batteries to work the piano and sound. They are a necessity and must be purchased.

At least the money is there, it would not have been last month. The cost will be least three hundred fifty bucks. Two guys from Australia came in curious about the Traveling Piano Photo Gallery and so we played on the truck, took some pictures, they purchased one of my photos for twenty five bucks and that felt like three hundred. I love when people are interested enough to purchase one of my nature photos. Figuring out food now as in when to eat and cook is tricky. I'd like to get ready now for tomorrow so I am all set but I need to walk Mo, stop thinking and just get to bed so I can get to work on time and make another twenty five bucks from selling a photo or maybe twelve photos (fat chance on that) to pay for the truck batteries. At the mission it felt good to play on a real piano. I missed last week because I was feeling sick and really needed the break from it. Although, I can feel the weakness in my hands from not playing so much. There has been less playing because my time is being spent looking for funds! But oh, how good it felt to improvise and just forget about life for a while creating music.

January 8, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It makes sense why so many more people do not contribute. I spend the Traveling Piano time in areas with people who have no money I would like to think... but thats not really the reason when you look at the fact that over 90,000 people have had one on one interactions with the Traveling Piano since its beginning. There are hundreds of different reasons but mostly because I tell people its not about money which is the truth. Never the less... I set up outside today and first, the piano stopped working. Then the speaker stopped working but a guy named George who works in the auto repair shop where I am set up with the Traveling Piano outside got it working. Then the piano began to work 50% but the batteries went dead. That is sort of how the day went but I got through it. At the start everything was great. By the time I went to bed I had to be careful with every move I made as physically life was out of sorts for me. Mo and I interacted with a few people on the streets. I spent time looking for contribution online and sorted through photos to create product for the gallery.

January 7, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

The hound dog part of Mo has had a grip on him more than usual. He wants to do nothing but sniff these days. So, I took him out of the city to sniff some nature. And... who would go hiking into the desert to take a nap? Me. I do not have much energy for hiking these days so I hike and nap, hike and nap... it works. And... if your going to hike in the driest, hottest desert... now is the time of year to do it. Especially in Lake Meade... these photos are from twenty five minutes outside of Las Vegas to the east. You can see where I parked the Traveling Piano in the one photo if you look really hard.

The Traveling Piano is something good for the world, for zero profit, for all people, and a way for you to do something, a way to respond to all the crap going on in the world. Contribute to the Traveling Piano. Create a sustainable contribution through the Contribute button on to the left of this page, it is seriously needed. Care about the love and relationship that can happen through musical fun, friendship and respect and the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other.

January 6, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another day of taking it easy but of course I'm always doing something. I'm glad I did not become deathly ill over the last week and I really needed some time away from the pressure of my commitments as well as the dropping of several commitments and replacing them with new ones. After more than two years on Mondays and Tuesdays, leaving those volunteers feelt like when I left my family. There was no good reason to stay. I needed their support and there was none to receive and... I had given enough of myself unconditionally... the "well" went dry. They were not the kind of people I had hoped to be embraced by as one of their own. There were several issues that became transparent through time. I needed some support to keep going forward with them as they would support their own and there was none. It was not to be, so onward with my work and new people, in new areas, in new ways.

January 5, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I updated the year for this website today. Even though personal blogs are disappearing and especially dinosaur structures like this website, even though more and more people are turning to their phones and as a result can no longer navigate this website, and as computers disappear in the world... I'm going to stay with the consistency of this way until the very end. It is my personal project that means a lot to me and serves purpose on many levels. My old neighbor and friend Wes, he has been the wind beneath my wind with it all from the very start. I do it all myself but he checks in for any problems I may have and has taught me from the start.

The biggest thing I have learned from Wes is not the technical aspects of this website but how to be specific and clear about my questions and how to give clear direction for what I want so he can understand how to be helpful. It took years for me to understand the basic technical aspects and I used to drive him crazy sometimes with my downright stupidity. But, as I've said many times, as a very slow learner, I do learn. The tenacity, the followthrough, the consistency, time spent and dedication I have been able to create concerning the building of, all the content and the depth of spirit for this manifestation amazes me beyond my wildest of dreams. I am so very grateful and feel humble in my accomplishment of it all... seriously!

January 4, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hey you reading this! I want to keep the Traveling Piano going and would like to ask if possible, for you to set up a monthly contribution for the Traveling Piano's work. Any amount will help. Sustained contribution is desperately needed right now especially as I get older and everything becomes more difficult to keep up with. What sets the Traveling Piano apart from buskers, entertainers or performing is that 100% of the focus is on one-on-one community relationship. There are no fees, tips or commercial affiliation. Neighbor trust and togetherness, the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other is the agenda. As well personally, there is no outside income for my work and what friends presently contribute does not equal 50% of my monthly expenses.

After fourteen years of sharing what I have to offer without agenda, the work in its present form continues because it clearly makes a difference in the world and specifically in peoples lives everywhere. People need, want and appreciate the Traveling Piano fully and with gratitude every day. I look to friends to contribute with a sense of paying it forward in order to feel a kinship, that we both care about lifting other peoples lives up and that we are doing this together. I hope you can help. If you go to click on the contribution link to the left of this page... here's hoping... :)

January 3, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have decided to stay low for a few days. I want to get through the flu I have before the medicine is gone. I did not go to the mission today, I'm not going to the gallery tomorrow... I'll get back on track Wednesday. Although, I'm always processing pictures, looking for contribution through the Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund . Also, I must continue posting online to people stay connected. I am so pissed off with what is going on politically that I took Mo for his walk, which is a given everyday sick or not, I took him down the strip with my bright red cap on that reads nothing more than "LOVE" stitched in large white letters. People understand clearly on all sides of the fence when they see it. I let the hat speak for itself, never letting anyone see that I see them looking. When they say, "I like your hat or great hat." I say thank you like it is not a big deal.

January 2, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well the storm I knew would be coming... came. As in the flu, strep throat, whatever has been feeling its way out of me for the last three days. In the middle of the night last night, I began coughing hard and loud out of no where, that on top of the sore throat that was all ready there, a full blown flu had hit. My weapons were ready. Cough syrup I purchased on New Years Eve for a rip off over the counter price of twenty bucks and amoxicillin pills that I had not used from a year ago. Thank you dear lord that I have that. The cough medicine almost did not work. It felt like I would have to take the whole bottle. Luckily, that was not the case. I called in sick today for my usual commitment at the Rescue Mission with piano and music for the dinner with people living on the streets. Hopefully, I will be able to knock this out of m quick. Thank you dear lord also for Mo with me. What a comfort he is!

January 1, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I was twenty years old the idea of living in the year 2020 did not exist for me. I could not even imagine the world exsisting in 2020 for no particular reason except that I was living in 1975! A self-premonition came to me for this year, 2020. I will either die and go to heaven or will think I died and went to heaven. Surprisingly I was not very sick or exausted when I woke up today and thought it best to just relax. Especially after last night. That was intense. Today begins the 34th year of working full time... with a piano in the back of the same truck and... the 15th year of doing that without fees, tips or commercial affiliation! It really is amazing.