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December 31, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

My knowing of how life works, being able to be present, in the flow, not afraid of strangers and being able to ask for help really worked for me... today. I woke up wondering whether I should nurse my oncoming flu or go out and live the day. It is New Years Eve! From past experience I know that nursing a flu is just a waste of time. It will run it course no matter what. Usually I'll hold it off for a few days but eventually, it will show its ugliness full force. So, in knowing I will be sick tomorrow either way, I got myself together with Mo and drove to Forester street where all the homeless are being shoved into a small space with the threat of harassment, jail and fines everyone knows they cannot pay. The fines are to enslave people for self serving profiteers that take away whatever government assistance they get. Then it becomes impossible for them to crawl out of the legal debt system. We parked behind a gated fence on private property so the police could not harass us. There is no stopping, standing or parking in this street that is deserted with little traffic. This, because the government does not want people like me there to be helpful, relate to or interfere with the design plan to rid these people from society as a whole.

We ran into a few friends from the field where we no longer go and they got onto the piano to play some. It felt a little sad because I know how much they miss me and there is no present way for us to meet on a regular basis anywhere unless they come down to where I am with the Traveling Piano on Main street which is a distance away. A guy who comes to this spot on a regular basis and gives out food as a condition that people listen to his bible screaming of hell and damnation through a battery powered amp... he got onto the piano with his sister for a picture. I really like him, he's just totally misdirected and obsessively driven and loud. You know... one of those guys who stands on street corners with Jesus is coming signs yelling that everyone is going to hell? It is always through self-centered ego. In this case, Jesus still loves you so here are some potato chips to prove it. Once it got dark, I came home and wondered what I should do for the rest of the night. This is my fourth New Year's Eve in Las Vegas and I have done nothing special. The Las Vegas Strip gets shut down completely for pedestrian traffic and I felt the need to take a walk down it at least once before I die. The specific spot I would want to be in to see all the fireworks is at the other end from where I live a few miles away.

With four hours until midnight my decision was to go do it, celebrate with others. But, should I walk it or drive down and try to find somewhere to park? Health and stamina was an issue. In my 20's, New Years Eve was all about clubbing and getting laid. In my 30's it was about getting the highest paid gig possible. In my 40's it was about getting the highest paid gig with also the largest crowd. In my 50's it was about the Traveling Piano Journey and now in my 60's it is like... take a damm shower, have a cracker with some cheese, honey mustard, and pepperoni on it and eat an olive. Well, that was not going to happen tonight! I decided to drive and found a large low income apartment complex about five blocks east of the strip that was almost deserted to park in. There were two bottom floor apartments almost next to each other with lights on and some Christmas decorations so I thought that would be the safest spot. There were hardly any vehicles in the area and it was dark. Mo and I walked to the strip and it was just awesome to see hundreds of thousands of people coming together to celebrate a new beginning and stamp a simple date in time. When I was twenty years old I could not conceive in my imagination the possibility of being alive in the year 2020 or, that the year could possibly exist!

After about two hours of walking up and down the strip I was feeling weak and thought I could not wait until twelve. It was a tough decision because I know throughout life that if I just push it in situations like this, I have always been glad I did. A thought of negotiation came to mind. I would walk back to the truck and time how long it would take. Then, sit in the truck for a while and relax before walking back to the strip for midnight or decide if I wanted to just leave. There was two hours to go. I had my fun, just not the full monty. When I reach the apartment complex I heard people screaming what are you doing? There were several tow trucks speeding around rushing to take people's vehicles, even those of people who live there. The residents had been sent a notice that they had to put a sticker on their vehicle for New Years Eve or have it towed. Anyone who lives in an apartment complex like this rarely reads that crap. It is like junk mail and in a place like this full of Mexican's, if it is English junk mail practically no one can read it. This was a scam operation happening and I was hoping I had not got caught up in it. The towing company knew the perfect time to make the hit. Well, I did get caught up in it. They took the Traveling Piano truck. No drama entered my mind just the fact that I may lose a lot of money.

I knew I could find out what to do as the tow trucks were everywhere around me to find out through. Lol, I walked up to the door of one of the two apartments with lights on. It was full of Mexican family and friends in a small room and luckily someone spoke English. I asked if they would cover for me in saying I was with them for the gathering they were having as a visitor. A young girl who spoke English asked the patriarch mother who rents the place and she said yes! Then I went outside to one of the tow trucks and said I had been in apartment 37 and they towed my vehicle while I was inside. The tow truck driver took me to the lookout guy sitting in a dark parked car scoping out vehicles to tow as they came into the complex. He called the office who said they would get back to me. I waiting while finding someone at the gathering to stand up for me if needed. After ten minutes I again approached another tow guy saying it is almost New Years and I am here to play music for these people but I cannot do it without the truck. He called the manager who asked for the guy to verify I was with him and asked him to show proof of his signature on the lease to the tow truck guy. I said thats ridiculous. Who knows where their lease is stored in the house at a time like this especially if they have been drinking which was the fact for everyone. Also, I was aware of how those in the house needed to guard themselves. This could all have been part of an ICE deportation sting. It is happening everywhere even though people are trying to be in denial about it. The manager was trying to hit me up for a $250 towing fee plus a $150 drop off fee on top of that.

I said that I was a poor man with a piano in the back of a truck! Lol, he said to not put myself down, that it is a great idea. It was then I knew I had him. They were towing cars to the back of the property into an abandoned area to get as many as they could. They had to steal as many vehicles as possible before people began to notice and before midnight when people would return to go home. Once they emptied the apartment complex they would then spend the rest of the night towing those cars in the back to the storage lot. They know the people parking there do not have the means to fight against the scam happening. I had got back just in time! And luckily it was an hour and a half before midnight so it could appear I was really there for the party. I had to walk off property where they pulled my truck onto the street and simply dropped it. After the truck was returned for me of course I had to go back and create some Traveling Piano fun for everyone who had helped me out. They were typically Mexican, the women would not come out of the house although one young girl did. The guys were too shy to come over to the truck. A few did just to check it out and one young boy really got into the whole Traveling Piano experience.

The same with another boy from the other apartment that had lights on. I did not push anything. It would have been great to get a group shot with everyone in the truck but that was not going to happen. There were too many reasons blocking the possibility. Still, I stayed with the boys until midnight and got to watch the fireworks. About five sets of them went off at the same time up and down the strip. Being in the middle of it all with all with people on the main strip would have been very exciting even though the colors and variety, not very spectacular. I could see the fireworks going off in a distance ant the Stratosphere hotel and casino a two blocks from where I live. The whole experience of today for me worked with clarity in the flow of this journey. That is why I wanted to write it all down entirely. Strangers becoming less afraid of each other is a fundamental part of this journey. Strangers helping others in need... the fun, friendship, respect, music... and the process of how it all happens even through and with adversity... that all manifested today... the end of 33 years working with a piano full time, in the back of the same pickup truck!!!!!!! Happy New Year! The good people in this world make it worth dealing with those who are bad. This has been my longest blog entry. Will it be the last? Another year of all this particular journey, a fourteenth year?

December 30, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I laid low today. Deep down I know I have a bug coming on. The entire holiday season I was priding myself in being around so many who were sick while I did not catch whatever they had. Well, so much for that. It is coming from my depths, my breaths are short and I am tired. I'll just do the best I can to get through it. If something does develop its going to take a month or two in getting over it. Thats how its been that last few years. This would be a good time to prove myself wrong. This is the first year Ill be ending without getting all my pictures processed and up in the galleries. Not a big deal, I'll get them up eventually. The pictures I have from people over the last few days show such joy! I want to keep this up as long as possible. Your support is needed. I created a fundraiser in Mo's name. Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund Contribute! Clothes, sustainable income, equipment,rent, gas, toilet paper, money for Mo in an immediate emergency, etc... 100% of my funding comes from individual contributions.

December 29, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, the holiday season is moving fast! Mo and I headed to our monthly commitment at Veterans Village for the food bank. The variety, amount and quality of food goes down monthly. I can tell you why. Just like in the 1970's and 80's when small business began to be forced to merge with corporations, small non-profits are now being forced to merge with bigger non-profits. The big non-profits for example, the main food bank here in Las Vegas is taking control of all food that is "donated." Just a side note, food markets and distributors make profit from giving to food banks. But, that is another story. Basically. the small food non-profits are being forced to go through the one big one in control to get any food to distribute. Thus the big city food banks are just getting bigger and as a result are seeping with more and more money they must launder to vendors in order to keep growing.

Along with the money the good food gets skimmed off the top for special interests. Meanwhile non-profits of all types in general are merging and that also causes special interests and needs to launder resources. So with the main food bank here in Las Vegas, after all the good food first gets skimmed off the top for special interest sources none which are related to the original purpose of the food... the rest gets distributed in a hierarchal manor of benefit for the growth of the non-profit industry as a whole. As a result, the poorest and most needy people in the low bottom distribution areas, they get whatever shit is left over. And as I said, its getting worse and worse. Another manipulating move for control and non-profit industry growth is to partner with government and media to propagandize, create fear and laws in a variety of ways to prevent and intimidate individuals who want to give of themselves in the community. It all makes me very angry.

December 28, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

We parked outside the gallery today and I tried to function with it freezing out! When I'm working with the truck no problem as long as there is no wind. When I am sitting in the gallery with just a space heater while working online wow, it was cold. Mo and I interacted smoothly with several people and two people contributed for two photos which felt very good. To survive I'll need to get contribution for a lot more than two photos a day but anyway, it feels really good that people take away something tangible with them from the Traveling Piano. For years I gave away thousands of cassettes, cd's and large Raggin' Piano Boogie posters without cost. They were all just random gifts along with the Traveling Piano experience. I wish I could give away my signed photographs now but Mo and I do not have enough finances to be in survival mode anymore. We need a lot of help. Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund

December 27, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

As people were acknowledging my music today, I think. One of the reasons I have so much affection for people who are homeless is not only because I know personally many of their feelings, thoughts of confusion and fear, their lack of where-with-all to function... I see their truth of spirit through transparency concerning my music. Through these people, I have learned to trust myself and know how I can touch peoples lives because I trust their movement, spirit and words of response to my sharing of myself in my ways, in the ways that work for me first and foremost. My feelings were rejected growing up and there was good reason not to trust the intent of my family. My family was well meaning but how that manifested did not work for me... at all. Their ways were not well meaning for me, they were well meaning for them. Of course I want to add that they lived the best they could along side of me. The first part of my life, 25 years was spent rejecting compliments, validation, reassurance and love of any type for lack of trust mostly of intent. Then I spent a good twenty five years learning about trust and intent. Now for the last fourteen years I have been allowing and embracing the love and intent of others. It is a wonderful thing. It came from not caring, the giving up of what others think. I began the trusting, knowing my own personal love and intent.

December 26, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went to the Rescue Mission for our usual creating of music for the dinners there. Thoughts about trust came up for me. Trust has been the bottom line relational issue for my entire life. The mistrust of people on the whole, not a problem. The mistrust of people's intent, not a problem. The mistrust of their intent personally and in connection with me... a big problem. At first I can trust unconditionally. Then through time and interactions, relating comes to light that is just untrustworthy. It is not that I look for it but I do draw people unconsciously into my life that are not worth having in my life. I always will. But, as I mature I get better and better, catch the dysfunctions before I get in too deep, deflect people from wanting to enter into relating that will not be a good idea down the road. The avoidance of dysfunctional relationships is learned through having, owning and staying aware of boundaries and limits. That... learned through a life time of therapy. I had to lay low today and take it easy for most of the day.

December 25, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I wasn't feeling it so much, as in Christmas when I woke up. Thats unusual but I pushed through to get out and about with people on the streets. I saw a body laying under blankets on the sidewalk a few blocks from where I live and so I stopped to feel the situation out. A woman peeked her head out and I asked if she would like a Christmas Greeting and she said yes. That got the ball rolling. Then other people from the alleys came around. A guy said he was having such a shitty day and I pulled him right out of it. The woman thanked me sincerely and we drove up to a red light where a guy was holding a sign for money. I pulled the truck up onto the sidewalk and told him to let me do the work as a Merry Christmas present for him and to just run around and collect the tips. Lol, so he just ran around to the cars that were waiting like he was collecting for me and within ten minutes he had over fifty bucks. He wanted to share the money but I told him no that it was his Merry Christmas present. There was a guy huddled across the street in a corner facing the wall so Mo and I drove over to him. As we talked he said he was falling into a deep depression and praying to God to help him and then I appeared.

He was so thankful saying I had brought him right out of his depression. I played some Boogie Woogie and Ragtime for him and he was overjoyed. He lives on the streets and can't walk, rolls himself around on a board. He was explaining how he just cannot get the where-with-all to help himself or have others help him. I told him that I one hundred percent understand that frame of mind. These people... they know me from the streets. Each time we meet we get to know each other a little better. Today I was like family for them, coming for a visit. They do in fact feel like family to me. The family I always wanted. It is a feeling of mutual brother and sisterhood, respect, appreciation, desire to get along, fun, friendship... relationship that is expressed. They would do the same for me as I do for them if I was in a worse situation then they are. The cops have been especially hard on the homeless through the last week. I don't get why except that the sheriff of the city is beginning to show bad character through the police force. Anyway, so we drove on until Owens Avenue near the Salvation Army. I was having an exchange with two women sitting and freezing while waiting for the woman's shelter to open.

A twenty five year old guy by himself with a hoodie on, tattooed and muscled, got out of his car to come over and give the women bags of Mc Donald's cheeseburgers, water and he gave each woman a rose. I got some McDonalds from him also. I was really touched by his gesture and we talked briefly. He doesn't want people to see him as a do-gooder. If anything he would like to see people follow his lead, get off their ass and do something themselves, no matter how simple to show some love to those less fortunate than he, unconditionally. Institutionalized giving is for some people. There is room at the table for individual giving also. Although it may appear otherwise, individual giving is more effective for the world on the whole. This guy was an example of awesomeness. Then as I pulled away my clutch began to give me a problem. The clock on the dashboard went out. I hoped the truck would make it back to my place and it did. I gave Denise around the corner with the auto repair shop a text message and she said she would look at it for me tomorrow. She is a very appreciated security blanket for me with the Traveling Piano.

December 24, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was still cloudy and rainy when I work up but by the afternoon it had pretty much cleared. There was in fact some sun! We went out onto the street with the Traveling Piano to visit some friends with music and then headed to my homeless friends on the street by the mission center. The first thing I heard was "get that shit outta here". That made me laugh. I knew the guy was suffering a lack of Christmas spirit. It was not going to hold me back. A young girl got onto the piano seat and was really enjoying herself for at least ten minutes. She had peed her pants so luckily I have a rubber backed rug for the piano seat for when she got off. Lol, many people who live on the streets pee in their pants because there is no where else to pee. I was careful to spend time with people and also allow them any time they needed with me. I moved around for the next few hours to several spots. We ended up on Foremaster street where all the homeless are getting shoveled onto. It is really awful to experience. The street was partially closed so locals could not come and wish any homeless person a Merry Christmas with gifts or food of any kind.

There was a cop who road up and down the street harassing anyone homeless who was sitting or simply standing. God forbid someone put their foot into the street... I'm not kidding, it was "get onto the sidewalk." They tried to make it against the law to share food with homeless people last year so that the non-profit industry could begin to take control of everything. The law was repealed so they put up signs saying no parking, stopping or standing on the street. That way when someone comes with gifts, the cops can give them a citation... not for handing out anything but for stopping their vehicle. This, on an empty side street in the city. The city claims it creates too much trash yet will not put one trash can on the street. I wrote back a month ago where I live there are eight trash cans on every street intersection that hardly anyone uses. Anyway, there is a small non-profit on the street where I could pull the Traveling Piano onto private property and the cops could not touch me. They wanted to, just like last year. That fact just fueled passion and anger for my music... every time the police vehicle passed by. It all manifested into love for my peeps who... were pounding their hearts with their hands for me. I saw many friends I have not seen in weeks and the feeling of brotherly and sisterly connection was intense.

The only problem was that I had to be behind a high gate that was locked shut. I was on the inside and everyone was on the outside. It was like talking through one of those visitor prison windows. A major plus was the waiting line to get into the Red Cross shelter which takes up a bloc across the street. The entrance was moved onto this street where I was so there were a lot more people then ever before to create a musical presence for. There must have been about six hundred people on and off the street waiting in lines or just meandering. A religious family I know came into the non-profit area to share some food. Beforehand, the leader did some extremely loud street preaching with a microphone and amplifier in hand about how we are all sinners on Christmas. I laughingly told him to stop screaming at everyone. Thank you so much to everyone who contributes towards keeping the Traveling Piano's journey alive for others. It is because of those that give, that Mo and I were able to spend today sharing the feeling of Christmas Joy as individuals within the Las Vegas community. And thank you especially for my ability to give to those that are in need of as much Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect as they can get! My ability to give to others exists only because of others giving to Mo and I. Merry Christmas! Check out Mo's GoFundMe: Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund

December 23, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I sort of floated through last night and today with the Serenity Prayer. Late last night the computer I am using just stopped working. It is my backup computer with problems of its own. The regular computer is broke. The problem was serious because I could not shut it down. I began with the Serenity Prayer into the night and worked hard to just let the situation go and allow the angels to come and help me through it all. Losing both computers means I have access to nothing. Not even my backup hardrive, any passwords needed to try and use my phone to get into accounts, the fundraising info and emails not been backed up in a week... there was no way to get what little money that is in my accounts, out. After two hours in bed the screen lit up and it shifted. I woke up and saw work from a few days ago. How could that be? Then about four hours later I heard a hard click which usually means it shut off... nope, just another shift in the windows on the screen. I don't know what I did when I woke up but I got it to shut down but, could not get it to start up again. I know this might get technical, boring and too detailed but I'm writing it for me. It was all just so random. I thought how I needed to get into the other computer to find the information on troubleshooting. I turned on that machine and it worked! Online and a random page came up with a suggestion on how to fix the keyboard on that machine which is one of the major reasons I can't use it and a $250 problem just for the parts needed to fix it.

I tried the suggestion and it worked!!! And why, now? Then I went to the other computer with the troubleshooting info and like a miracle, I got it going. Immediately, I began backing everything up. Went over to local business friends and asked them to print out all my important information, addressees, account names, passwords, etc... on paper. That should have been done a year ago. Then I paid my car insurance online. Without reason I felt the confidence to purchase online a fan for the number one computer that had keyboard problems while telling myself I can fix it on my own? It was just thirty bucks and I have a strange confidence about it. That... weird!!! Afterwards Mo and I went out to do errands. I was able to pay for the Traveling Piano smog test needed for the annual registration and thank God it passed. Went to the DMV to register the truck with hundreds of people waiting in line and got out of there in a half hour??? Went to get a money order for my rent, purchased some food, withdrew some cash... it was raining the entire day. That gave me the time needed to do all those errands. On the first of the month I had no money to pay the bills I did today, thank God through supporters and Merry Christmas. The original plan was to spend all day, this Christmas time with people living on the streets. I said Merry Christmas to six strangers today and could feel a sigh of relief through their reply of Merry Christmas! People are afraid to say it anymore. We all need the feel of Christmas these days. It is a good and loving feeling with desire for peace, security and... "Serenity."

December 22, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

It felt like I needed to just chill today. I drove to a random place and took Mo for a walk. It was cloudy and a little cold. Came home and it began to rain. Did a lot of computer work... my hands need a rest from playing anyway. The three screws in the fifth metacarpal of my right hand have been hurting me all week with actual pain. I've been on the look out for swelling. It has been about 20 years now since I smashed the hand and I know its only a matter of time as I get older before everything just crumbles.

December 21, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

We set up at our spot on the corner of Utah and Main street today in downtown Las Vegas, in the Arts District for the entire day with the Traveling Piano. There was not much foot traffic which was good because most of my time was spent sitting inside online, mining support. I now have my rent money for the month, the truck insurance, the costs for this website and the money needed for the trucks registration and smog test on the 1st of January. So it is ongoing now, the fundraising, until I can create a sustained income to put most of my time back into the streets as I've done for all these years. There is gas money, food, God I need clothes, Mo's food... anyone reading this blog knows how it is on and on... Anyway, I sold one Traveling Piano photo. Even one person seeing the worth of a photo along with everything else lightens my heart and soul. Also, they wanted to make sure it was signed. I found a little space heater online for $25 that Denise the auto shop owner agreed to pay for. I went and picked that up. The temperatures have been in the mid forties and the gallery door needs to remain open. The heater will be helpful.

December 20, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

A well meaning friend who contributes for the Traveling Piano asked if what I am doing is "panhandling" with the asking of friends for financial support. In response I asked if contributing all of my time and life with no other income but from individuals would be ok if I was a charity or non-profit. Institutional charities have their place. There is also room for individuals when giving to others. I am one of those individuals. My energy, work, talent and soul for the sake of community outreach without self-serving profit as a motive... labeling that as a charity or non-profit (which is really a business) does not interest me. People should give to each other directly, one on one, first and foremost before institutionalizing the idea of giving.

Please create a subscription on this website to help sustain the Traveling Piano's work, proven worthy and twelve years running. The Traveling Piano is not about entertaining or performing. It is about creating a sense of community and the sharing of trust between strangers as well as the creation of relationship with others through musical fun, friendship and respect.

Contribute: You can hit the contribute button on this website or give directly with paypal. Paypal Direct Also, email me for any other way way suitable for you. If you would rather just give to Mo,lol... I created a fundraiser for his health and well being. GoFundMe Mo and I were at the Rescue Mission today. After the first dinner I was too exhausted to stay and play for the second dinner. Being at the gallery during the day looking for funds drained me. Print Fast Vegas, the printers who have been helping me with flyers and signs, printed about 2000 calling cards for me without cost. I went to pick them up today. People like this... I am totally appreciative. They want nothing in return, not even advertisement. They are true "Pay it Forward" people. They inspire me to be the best I can be as a person and also with my work.

December 19, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Got up and took the Traveling Piano to the photo gallery by eleven this morning, still an hour later than needed. It is parked on the street to create attention. I worked intensely all day posting and writing and soliciting funds then drove to the mission center to create music for the dinner. People were really feeling my music today. It feels so wonderful to have that happen. There were lots of nods and looks and thank you and people just feeling comfort from it. I'll be eternally grateful for having found my music in this lifetime, My music I realized today, plays to the subconscious mind. I play deep into the soul. What I enjoy most is creating music through a stream of consciousness while watching humanity live. I do not want anyone's undivided attention. That distracts me. So I am watching all the people come in have dinner, talk to each other, meditate on their minds, etc... while creating the music of all that.

December 18, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I got up at eight in the morning and I did the blog, tried to wake up enough to function with six hours sleep and headed over the Traveling Piano Art Gallery to set up for the day. It was cloudy and in the low forties all day. I need to keep the door of the place open so people know to come in (no one did) with the signs outside and the truck set up. I don't know if it would have been warmer to be working on the truck or just sitting and not moving around in the gallery. Mo was freezing. I could not tell if it was my age, just sitting in it or if it was just cold! That along with the crazy goings on in the auto shop. We use the waiting room as the gallery. A few "really" crazy homeless people came in to sit, talk, eat, change their smelly socks... lol well... it was not easy to focus on sending out requests for contribution and creating product to sell. Finally, finally, finally... I decided on and put up a sign in the window and on the waiting room wall... the hours I will commit to. Wed 10-8 Thur 10-4 Fri 10-4 and Sat 10-08. I already left early on this first day at five because it was just too cold to sit any longer... here in the desert, in Las Vegas Nevada.

December 17, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I think I played on my keyboard too hard today. With the temperatures in the forties, the keyboard and speaker are brittle and hard. The same goes for my hands. My fingers felt cold and brittle like I needed to be careful not to break them with a cold snap. I'm always thinking about the three screws in my right hand. When it is cold and damp I can really feel them. In any case it is very important that I am out with my friends living on the streets in this cold in order to be supportive. Speaking of supportive... this will be my last Tuesday for this commitment I've had for maybe... two years? It is just not working for me anymore. There is no incentive from the people I've been working alongside, those who give out food. I don't feel like trying to create incentive for myself anymore for their sake. My giving up both Monday and Tuesdays makes me feel a bit sad and lost. I've been thinking as to why for quite a while now. The same feelings I had when I left my family and neighborhood are coming up. Life became all about my giving and getting nothing to help feed the constant giving. My work on the streets will not change. Where, when and how is changing. I just won't be around the same people who are serving the homeless and poor.

When I think about how as a group, they would all support each other without hesitation as a family if needed... I'm not in that group or family with them. I would have hoped to be after all this time. It is what it is. Of course I know that much of their giving is about obligation and expectation. None of that exists with me, they would have to give unconditionally, and want to. Good luck with that concerning most people. I have asked for support from them because I need it. There has been no interest. So why be giving when there is no exchange in the relationship? I remember so well in the beginning of this journey when my mantra was... I'm done giving to takers, I only give to givers now. My giving to Monday and Tuesdays, the "well" has gone dry. So I move onward. There are a lot of emotional issues tied up in all that for me. One reason this journey has been so great is that I give to people and then just move on without obligation or expectation. To be able to be in a situation where I can give unconditionally because I want to and can... it will never cease to be amazing. Finding support to continue doing that... is a royal pain in the ass. I do miss the days of having all the money from the sale of my home.

December 16, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I took off for a few hours in the Valley of Fire today. It feels like I'm in a flow where what I am doing happens naturally. I'll be doing something and then say to myself, what got me going doing this? I cannot figure out if it is really cold out side or my age is telling me its cold, lol. The urge to feel rushed wants to surface but I cannot let let. I've been spending two hours a day looking for funding. The 4x6 miniature photos to sell, I could really sell allot for Christmas if there was more time but whatever... I'm doing the best I can. I haven't had enough time to sell any yet. The gratitude I felt for the earth while walking around in the desert was overwhelming. Mo and I were in heaven. I'm so happy I can give him these little outings into nature to run around loose and free. We don't really hike anymore, it is more like random peregrinating. The picture I am posting, we were walking around down in all that!

December 15, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

A neighboring business up the street who supports me was having a little holiday event today so I took the Traveling Piano there for a few hours. As soon as the sun set over the truck it was just too cold and windy but it was nice spending time with people. I came home afterwards to fundraise and then took Mo out for a long walk. Make a contribution for the Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund do it for Mo, don't do it for me, do it for him I dare you! Lol... Lastly, I dug out ten small Christmas Decorations from under my bed and put them up in my room. Thats a good thing. I almost didn't because part of me was too lazy to move a few things out of the way to get to them out even though it took only a few minutes.

December 14, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've felt very positive all day. There was very little piano playing but the truck was setup on the street while I was inside the art gallery preparing photos for printing out and for frames. I have really nice photography to have, especially when presented in nice matts. I'm specializing in miniature 4x8 and 5x7 prints. I have places in stores to put them. Setting it all up and organizing it takes time and work. People have come through with contribution to get me through the month and that is a load off my mind but still I must not let up on asking more and more. I'm still only at 52% of sustainable income. I went into the supermarket and walked around saying, "I can buy this, I can buy that." It as been awhile since I've purchased any food. It has all come from food banks. It was cloudy and cold today... not a good day for the piano and I'm too focused on earning some income to do anything else anyway. I have a new lamp for my room. A neighbor who is moving gave it to me. Its really nice, Two ladies I ran into on the street the other night gave me a pack back full of quality gifts. I needed just about everything in it... gloves, a hat, good socks, a black lightweight jacket, cookies, personal hygiene stuff, a flashlight, hand written card with resources on it... it felt like Christmas, it was personal, thoughtful, generous and really touched my soul.

Today in 2012 a guy using an automatic machine gun, (because of those who support ownership of military weapons) he massacred a school full of children in Sandy Hook CT. The Traveling Piano was there to serve as a space holder for those in need of love, respect and a little fun distraction. Never would I have thought I could be appropriate, let alone with a piano on a truck with a pup on top, in such a time of grief. I knew from Virginia Tech's request for the Traveling Piano after the massacre there, that I had what it takes to create validation and reassurance for humanity. It worked through gratitude and a life of wanting to learn how to express empathy and compassion. I'll never forget the ten's of thousands of people who went there from around the world not because of curiosity, hype or anger but purely to validate and reassure the worth of humanity.

December 13, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The first part of the day was spent intensely mining email addresses to send invites for people to contribute to the Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund The Traveling Piano was setup outside on the street while I worked inside the gallery with lots of talking and noise going on, loud music, etc... A guy was talking about how a police helicopter latched on to him last night while he was trying to run from something. A guy I had a run in with the other night... who wanted to come inside to wash the blood off his hands from smashing a car window down the street, a car he had broken into... showed up angry and meth-ed out, etc... same old, same old. A young kid looking to deal drugs hung around outside... a realization came to mind. All my life I have had a connection with my name, Daniel from the bible. He was put into a lions den and with his faith he tamed the lions. They were supposed to eat him. I've always wondered throughout life when my "Lion's Den" time would come. It is here, I am in it. Everything I have learned and practiced has come to this point of where I am in life. Around me everywhere are drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves, killers, people who spend their lives in and out of jails, I am dealing with people in the mob, mexican cartels, homeless people, scammers, dealers of drugs and stolen goods... it just goes on and on.

There is no knowing of anything, no order, no consistency, little truth, no good old fashion values or principals, everyone and anyone can turn on everyone and anyone on the flip of a dime, nothing makes sense, is dependable, predictable... all reality is confusing. I was thinking, this is what life is turning into for all humanity. My job is to keep the faith in the fact that the world will be ok in the end. I will be ok along with everyone else, focus on staying away from drama and practice the truth of spirit at all times, that of love. It is amazing to watch when someone is flipping out crazy and with anger... how others around them know what to do and how to calm the insanity. They are well practiced at it... that of not taking anything too seriously and letting most of the chaos just float through. Mo and I went to the mission to create music and be with peeps from the streets tonight. Afterwards i was emotionally whacked, exhausted. My music was trance like, I just zoned out in it and people loved it.

December 12, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had a dream last night like I have never had before. There was a voice that came through in it that I am familiar with. I dreamt that I slashed my throat to end my life and then a short series of events happened. Other people were in those events. After about twenty minutes I was still walking around and wondering why I was not dead yet. Then, I realized I was about to die and reached that very point. That was when a voice entered and said, "ok... it is time to end this dream now." I woke up. This particular voice I am familiar with. It has come through to me several other times in my life when I was in danger of seriously causing harm to myself. It was a reminder that I am not alone in this realm of life. There are others with me in spirit, strong. So enough of that. I felt energized today and people at the mission center hearing my music could tell. They were reacting strongly in a positive way, more than usual. I was not aware of the difference from other times but was aware that I was getting more responses than usual. An organization dropped over about 15 crates of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to get rid of them at the mission center. They were going to go to waste. I tried to duck my head from anyone suggesting that I take them.

I wasn't in the mood tonight. And then, the head guy asked... Danny do you want them? I told him if he ever had an oversupply I would take them to the streets myself. I had to say yes because I do not want him to hesitate in the future. So I took about 400 sandwiches and said I would take 400 more tomorrow. I headed to the streets thinking no one would want them. Most of them were smashed. I was wrong. Everyone I came across wanted them and I was able to give them more than they could possibly want... which is always fun all around. I noticed my gas tank was going on empty and thought about the cost of getting more gas driving around as I have been doing. A guy randomly came up to me on the street and said, let me give you something to help you keep doing what you are doing and he handed me a twenty. That... is how it works. I'm really glad I did it and laughed at myself about how driven, focused and insanely energetic I can be when it comes to giving to people one after another, one on one. It reminded me of earlier days with the Traveling Piano on the streets of a city where I would go through up to fifty interactions in one day. That... a lot of energy put out.

December 11, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a full moon and I can not remember when I last felt a positive energy from a full moon. Usually it is an ominous energy or just absolutely crazy. My mind is so out of sorts that I am just going with a flow. It is a good flow and has been working through the serenity prayer. God grant me the "serenity" to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I feel emotionally drained, probably because because of yesterdays work and also I went for more government assistance today. Renewed my health insurance, etc... I need financial help right now from wherever I can get it. That... was emotionally exhausting for me to do. Every particle of my up-bringing says, don't do it, it is wrong, you are wrong for doing it and will get caught, it means you are a loser, low life, you will be stigmatized for life, being in the system will close potential and future possibilities, on and on. Well, I did it, the people there were amazingly positive and helpful. With the way my clarity of mind and anxiety has been over the last year, I cannot see myself working in a conventional way ever but who knows, I'll never stop trying. Onward with the music and a little more security. I can't imagine anyone fighting the use of government assistance more than I have even though I know it exists for people in my situation and... I am legally eligible.

December 10, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I woke up it felt like today was the day to just go to social security and get it over with! Finding out if I am eligible and just put myself into the system as I am now old enough and I need help. I'm also concerned about my clarity of mind for the future and security from literally becoming homeless down the road. The people there were great and I am eligible for very little but every little bit will help and... I can work on social security and... when I turn sixty five in July other benefits will kick in with more assistance. I don't know why it took this long to look into it, maybe not wanting to admit I'm old, lol? Maybe because i just don't want the stigma of being on government assistance? Which is ridiculous because who is not on social security when they are old? Just about everyone is. So that felt... I don't even know how to feel about it... it feels to good to know I am building a way to have something to fall back on. Its not like I have anything to fall forward on, lol. After that Mo and I drove directly to the Salvation Army to create music for people being given meals on the street.

It has been a few days since I felt able to work with the Traveling Piano. All of my energy has been going into fundraising to pay the rent on the first. Then, the people serving food had leftovers which they usually do and I took it all which I've never done before. I suppose I'm on a food marathon these days. I gave out a couple hundred hot meals while driving around along with pastries and other goodies to everyone on the routes where homeless people stay. As time goes on I see how living on the street is worse than I thought. I mean people always need blankets and in the heat really needed the water I gave out. But, I always thought when people go to bed they have had dinner from the mission center or from somewhere else. Nope, just about everyone wanted food because they were hungry. Maybe five people said no they were full. I realize that many will also save it for tomorrow. That will make their lives a little easier when they get up and going in the morning.

December 09, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The sun was out, I wanted to go out and play but spent the entire day organizing what I am doing. That is finding people to contact from my past to send a request for help, notating who I contacted, where and for what. On Facebook I've been individually asking friends to make a sustainable monthly contribution here on this website even if for a cup of coffee a month, five bucks. Then Mo has been doing somersaults to get your attention so you will make a contribution to his fundraiser at his GoFundMe link. Whenever I do this I must start from scratch with the organizing. I've contacted 700 people so far. Then there is the selling of photos and presenting myself on the street for potential backers. And alas, there is the actual work of sharing the Traveling Piano with the poor and homeless. That is being put more on the back burner, what I enjoy doing most, what this is all about... but not right now because I myself will soon be homeless if financial support does not come through. I can feel it in my bones, people thinking... "why doesn't he..." in a million different scenario's not realizing that I've already thought about throughly their thoughts and all I can say is that I am doing the best I can in the only way that I feel capable of and it does feel without question as the only way because... it is the right way, exactly what I should be doing as difficult as it is. Being dyslexic I must take data and structure it in a way I can understand which takes forever. I cannot use templates or take directions, I must take in information and then find my own way to understand it. As much of being dyslexic, it is also about how my mind works emotionally.

December 08, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm fighting balance. Getting caught up in fundraising... I've always been an all or nothing kind of guy. Once I start I cannot stop. My life now is about switching modes constantly with more focus than ever before. Dealing with inept representatives for business is totally draining. I thought my domain issues were done. Not. GoFundMe with Mo... I was hoping it wold be easier than last time in dealing with their site bugs. Not. Anyway, I literally had to force myself to take Mo out to the desert for just an hour. It was cloudy with a little drizzle so I thought we would be the only ones there. Not. We did a little walking. I did a little just standing still in the awesome wonder of nature to try and recharge... I must take care of myself. The money from the photo I sold yesterday, I used for gas money to get out there. Please create a subscription on this website. Donate some money so we can continue! If you cannot figure it out on this website. Here is the GoFundMe link.

December 07, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a lot going on. Being on the street at the photo gallery first thing in the morning before even having coffee. Doing the fundraising online while keeping notes about who, what , when, etc..., stopping at a moments notice to interact with people on the street while focusing on the Traveling Piano work with them and creating awareness about the gallery at the same time... I've raised enough to pay for the truck insurance, now for the rent and I need things like more product to sell, a coat, shoes, etc... Two people signed up for subscriptions on this site. One for $5 bucks and another for $30. Thank God for them. There are now 24 subscribers equaling 33% of my basic monthly needs. Are you one of these subscribers? if not... please? Click on the Contribute Here button. Today on the street I sold the first autographed Traveling Piano photo of myself, Mo and the truck! That as a lot of fun to have done!

December 06, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up at one in the afternoon today after twelve hours of sleep wondering what was up with that? I had really been conked out. We went to the Mission Center to create music and they had more of a surplus of food than yesterday. Seriously, no exaggeration... I just got back from personally handing out from the back of the Traveling Piano at least 2,000 sandwiches... I gave them all individually to people living on the streets, about four each! The Traveling Piano truck was filled over the top. A casino gave them away as a result of a cancelled event. I felt like Drew Carey on the Price is Right but with everyone being a winner. Giving to people more than they could possibly want, the fun of that... the appreciation, friendship, respect, validation, purpose, gratitude given to me as a result is beyond measure. Can you imagine hundreds of people saying to you individually... "bless you, thank you, I appreciate you, wow I was starving, thanks, thank you very much, thank you piano man, this is great thanks, thanks on and on...

All this from people of every color, age, ethnicity, every walk of life imaginable. I hope I can continue my work as I may soon be out on the streets with them next month but I just don't care about that as much as I do in giving until the very end. It is worth it to me. if I must leave this life dead on the streets from giving to people on the streets... so be it. It is what it is. I've always been an all or nothing guy. That is not going to change now. Last night I gave out about a thousand sandwiches. If anyone wants me to continue onward, they need to send me some money so I have the resources to continue. But if not, that is ok too. I'm ready to go from this life no problem. I've experienced as much joy as their can be along with a huge amount of musical fun, friendship and respect! It has been a great last two nights. Now I realize why I slept so late into the afternoon today. I just feel it in my bones, it was for the energy I needed for tonight to do the work I did tonight.

December 05, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Please create a sustainable contribution on this website not to help but to literally keep us going and from ending up on the streets. This is literally where the situation is right now. A sustainable contribution on this website, $5 the worth of a cup of coffee a month, that much will help. Also, I set up a fundraiser for Mo. Check it out and please contribute. Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund We created music for the people on the streets at the Mission Center dinner today. They had an oversupply of dinners in packages. I took them all, about 500 and passed them out on the streets afterwards. Music... caring for people on the streets... this blog, filing, updating pictures, trying to sell photos, asking for contributions, keeping the fundraisers going and then there is the Traveling Piano work on the streets, working to pay basic bills, it is a lot for this sixty four year old man to contend with. I must find the financing to print out pictures to sell.

December 04, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I literally lost a day in my head. Tha would be today.

December 03, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Seriously, I spent over seven hours transferring my domains and emails from GoDaddy to Hover today. Finally, it was done. I now only have one email because that is all I can afford with my domain address and I've kept my four domains. Now I hope GoDaddy does not screw up the webhosting for me because I stopped doing business with them for the emails and domains. The Traveling Piano website is grandfathered in and almost to its limit. I could never afford to switch somewhere else right now financially but I would very much like to. My usual Tuesday commitment out on the streets happened in the middle of it all but dealing with taking care of myself came first. I set up a fundraiser for Mo. Check it out and please contribute. Traveling Piano Dog Mo Health and Well Being Fund

December 02, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The day was spent organizing and setting up the Photo Gallery on Main Street... again, while trying to figure out how to move my website domains and emails to a new company while also dealing with my internet VPN and paying for all that. As I struggle now financially I still have faith in my work and the way to go about it. I must raise a thousand to get through the month. That time especially now with the holiday season would be better spent sharing the Traveling Piano with people everywhere while feeling s sense of togetherness and the sharing of selves without agenda. Please create a subscription through the contribute button and you can also make a one time donation right here: PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano

December 01, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I are so in tune that I woke up without him nudging me. When he saw I was awake he jumped off the bed to go outside to throw up. (something he ate last night from the street) The timing was unusually perfect and when he was done we both climbed back into bed and went to sleep again. I could feel his appreciation and he could feel mine for not throwing up inside. Once we got going a few hours later, I drove to Veterans Village for the Sunday food bank. We've been going there with the Traveling Piano on the last Sunday of the month since I first arrived in Vegas. I was staying in a motel across the street. Today was the third anniversary. Last week was the last Sunday of the month. I got my weeks mixed up. My going there every month is like going to get a fix of needed appreciation, love, friendship, validation, hanging out with people and of course food.

People don't see what I get from it, they only see that I am giving to them. It doesn't really matter because everything is 100% mutual all around. After that was done we headed over to the Art Gallery where I am making another go at setting up. The room is looking good for a makeshift photo gallery. Now I just need to get people into it and make some purchases. I also need more product to sell. The chain on the lamp in my room broke last night which makes the lamp useless. I need the lamp but a new one cost $50 which I don't have. And the store I found one of those cheap clip on lights and just put that in the lamp shade. It was fifteen bucks and even that hurt. I'll need to raise money in order to pay the rent at the end of the month. I worked sighning photos to sell and placing them on a screen and moving the signs back into the place from my room. That all took half a day.