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December 15, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I feel good about this fundraising. Did I just say that? Although, it is very, very difficult keep track of correspondence and details of who I sent requests to, from what source, who responded and how... who I need to followup with... the constant updates, keeping them interesting and where I updated online... it is allot. And then there is the actual Traveling Piano work and other everyday stuff. It was a beautiful day. Mo and I were driving to the Las Vegas version of skid row while thinking how I'd like to find someplace different. And then, we passed a park where there were about fifteen people from the streets hanging out. The city took the benches out of the park so "those people" will not hang around. That really bothers me. The moronic thinking and behavior... "we would rather have no people using or sitting in the park then have any homeless people so lets make it uninviting for everyone." They are too stupid to realize that homeless people have no problem sitting on walls or on the ground. Anyway, I had some significant musical fun, friendship and respect with several guys there. Then we drove to the skid row area where the police were trolling to ticket individuals several hundred bucks each... who were trying to share food with anyone.

They want the homeless to become wards of the state concerning food... stand in line, get stamped, eat at certain times or don't eat at all... the shitty food provided by Catholic Charities and other "non-profits" who in fact profit ten bucks from each meal compliment of the city... for meals worth two bucks. But thats not what gets me mad most. What bothers me about that is how the "system" is disempowering individuals in society like myself from having any personal responsibility in caring for others. Corrupt authority figures are trying to force not only those in need but those who have a desire to nurture humanity, into giving the control and responsibility over to institutions. People are finding ways around the new laws as people do. I found community members tucked into private property with permission to give out food and necessities. I tucked the Traveling Piano into one of those places until the police left. When they came around again they, thank God... ignored me and just stood making their presence known. These literally poor people I was with... they all live in fear all the time and just want to be left alone to find their way and get along in life with others. This is the fact. There are always a few "other thans" but they are few. Please help me to keep sharing love and care. Subscription/ Contribution Link.

December 14, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Good Morning Las Vegas ABC Channel 13 Action News created a segment to help with awarness about the need for sustained funds in order to continue with the Traveling Piano. Please Contribute and share the link.

Subscription/ Contribution Link. ...for here on this website and/or Contribute via Facebook: Facebook Fundraiser

December 13, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

A guy came up to me on the street and was telling me how he was having a really bad day last week while hoping I would come around to create some music to help get his head sane. This is just so amazing, it always will be for me. I never thought of music as healing and even more... never thought before this journey began that I'd be creating my own music that would be healing for others. I've enjoyed music immensely. I've had some "wow" moments with it and many "I needed that" moments. But I've never thought of music as healing as many people tell me all the time. I know my music has helped my sanity, it has been a release for me and inspiring in a spiritual sense, miraculous even. Being a channel for healing well, so be it.

Also, I know how empowering the Traveling Piano is for those that have never created music before but more and more on the streets I am witnessing how those who can play really need a piano to play on. It gives people a feeling of worth, self-respect and a way to connect. One guy was playing while another says to me, "wow, I've seen him walking around for weeks and would never have thought he could play music like that." As soon as the guy was done playing, the guy talking to me had a reason to connect and went right over to began talking. The Traveling Piano through the years has often been a vehicle for connecting strangers together but in todays world never strangers so in need to connect with each other. Please make a contribution to help keep this going. Subscription/ Contribution Link.

December 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a tooth crown that has been bothering me for over a month since I had it put on so I went back to the dentist today and she filed it down some. It had been driving me crazy, enough that I would rather have had it pulled then deal with it any longer. Now, I keep anticipating the problem that does not exist because the constant dealing with it over the last month became a habit, lol. I still spin at the reality that this dentist has contributed over ten thousand dollars of dental work for me without cost. Later I went over a new friends house and hung out with him and his dad in their garage "man cave." The friendship felt really good. The guy, Adam is a bartender who has a patron who brings him a hoagie from New Jersey every time she flies to and from the east cost.

I got the hoagie tonight and could not believe how good it tasted. There is no way to duplicate a hoagie from back east anywhere else. I forgot the distinct taste of one and it brought back a very homey feeling. A friend from back east sent me some cash, a niece and nephew sent me some cash as a Christmas present and my new friend used me as the recipient of his tithing. This all helps, gives me hope, makes me feel good but what I need is sustained income to keep going so I don't have to constantly fundraise from new sources that I need to find. Anyway, never will I take for granted the feeling of being loved and appreciated. Subscription/ Contribution Link.

December 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Channel 13 Las Vegas connected with me today concerning my need to raise funds and sent a reporter with a camera out to create a segment. It is the first time I've granted an interview for the media since 2014 because I got fed up with people spinning who I am and what I am about as a novelty and just plain using me without for example saying I have a website to view. But the interest was specifically about the fundraiser and I do need to let people know I exist, especially the las Vegas community now that this is my permanent home. I was very convoluted with what I was saying and as the reporter was videotaping I know how I looked from past experience, how I was holding myself, etc... and well, it is what it is.

A few people who live on the streets and who really appreciate me stopped by and that might help whatever segment is being created if in fact they end up publishing anything. I'm just letting it go. I almost don't even want to see or know anything about it. I can't imagine they can even broadcast a way to find me on facebook except to say search for the Traveling Piano. In the afternoon I went to a museum with a friend and almost could not stay awake from exhaustion. Came back to my room slept for a half hour and then headed over to our Tuesday spot across from the Salvation Army as a food truck served a couple hundred dinners to people in the dark.PayPal Traveling Piano Gift.

December 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano taillights need to get replaced. I can't just replace the bulbs as the one unit is broke. There are not many 1987 Toyota's around any more for parts and so they are pricey according to supply and demand. And then the bill for my registration renewal came as well as the truck insurance. And then the rent for January, gas, food, etc... My donor's well has gone dry. Seriously, please create a subscription as little as three bucks a month can help. I do not use government assistance and have no resources other than personal contribution, my choice... Lets keep paying forward the worth of the work! Mo and I were at the field as usual every Monday night. It is more scary in the dark with winter and the cold. Every season has its uncomfortably. Mo and I just deal with it because people are so appreciative. Subscription/ Contribution Link.

December 09, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

We headed out to the skid row of Las Vegas today and as we drove down the street at least ten people called out to us with a hello! Mo was a real star today. People love seeing him constantly alert moving from one end of the piano to the other. So many people just need to get a hug with him. He's major therapy for many and really good at it! Also, I take pictures of other dogs with him and people love to see their dog being with Mo because that is a natural reality... for dogs to be with each other. The opportunity rarely happens on the streets. A guy got onto the truck and began to play some Bach... real good! After he got off, his smell was, well... when I got back to my place I had to fabreze the piano seat as well as the seat of my pants! Ugh, it happens. It has only happened about four times in the last ten years. But when someone smells bad enough, the smell does not dissipate.

Another guy came over to say hello and told me he was sleeping all day because he is feeling sick but woke up in his tent to the music and it made his day. My playing was unusually strong and clear today maybe because I have not been playing so much and feel rested from it. I zoned out with improve for about twenty minutes and when I finished a guy from across the street yelled that he almost forgot where he was while listening. The validation, reassurance, musical fun, friendship and respect that transpires for myself and everyone through the Traveling Piano and Mo... there is nothing that can compare. It is all good! Please create a subscription... Subscription/ Contribution Link.

December 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent the first half of the day contacting people asking for sustainable contribution to keep going. Everyday, reality is setting in more how I have no security and no prospect to pay the basic bills. On some level I realize none of us has the security we think exists. For the last few years I was constantly assured that my back would be covered but I am too smart to put all my eggs in one basket with that idea but still... there was comfort in the idea. As I began to go crazy with the process of raising funds I just stopped and zone out for the second half of the day. God it is difficult to ask people for money and even more to deal with the rejection. It is my choice and I do enjoy giving people the opportunity to contribute. The Traveling Piano is a way... a worthwhile opportunity to give.

As I said on the first of the month, my funding stopped. There had been one main contributor for the last two years. The well has run dry. There is no reserve, no external income. I must sustain the ability to share the Traveling Piano without obligation or expectation while paying for living expenses such as rent. More about that can be found on the November 24th blog entry. In any case, please set up a Traveling Piano subscription: Subscription/ Contribution Link. Make a one time contribution: PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano. Contribute via Facebook: Facebook Fundraiser Contact me for other alternatives via my email address found on this link: Contact Me.

December 07, 2018

Snow Mountain, Utah

We headed back to Las Vegas, I really wasn't ready... the hassle a few days ago helped because now I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth that will need time to dissipate concerning Zion and then I remembered also, I have no money to stay! Being frugal is now an art for me. In three days I spent $6. Lol, it was for a Subway hoagie. Mo and I stopped at Snow Canyon on the way back. I had absolutely no desire to create music. We hiked and on returning to the truck as often happens, an exchange began with a guy and then the sharing of music began. I improvised for only a minute and thought... "what the hell am I not doing... its a beautiful day, I have time, I'm at Snow Canyon... I must create some music." We drove to the overlook and I got about a half hour in before another vehicle appeared with three guys hanging out. They were blown away because down in the Canyon they had heard the music and it was driving them crazy wondering where it was coming from and then... they spontaneously and synchronistically found us! Thats the way it works and it is a lot of fun, full of wonder and relationship.

December 06, 2018

Hurricane, Utah

For some reason... yesterday did a number on my head as in it twisted me up. I need to remember when I am stimulated, no sleep is needed. I had only six hours yesterday, did all that hiking, dealt with the police and ended up processing some of the pictures until 2am. You would think I would have been exhausted and able to get to bed early? Then, I couldn't sleep so I got back up and wrote a complaint letter to the cops which I decided not to send. You know, nothing is really different... ever. Back when I began the Traveling Piano when it was called Raggin' Piano Boogie in 1987, there were several times I was stopped by police. Once was at a bus/train station. Literally, they thought I must have been crazy doing what I do and held me there for over a half hour trying to find something on me to justify their simple mindedness, lol!

I got a Facebook email from a local Las Vegas television reporter expressing interest in my fundraiser. I called as requested and now we are playing phone tag. It was cloudy today. I did not want to go back to Zion because I'm scared of running into the police again! I tried to get my brake light fixed, it is an electrical problem I'll need to look into when I get back to the city. We found a hiking trail nearby that was just perfect with amazing views! Now, I'm getting some work done on my computer. Tomorrow morning we head back to Las Vegas. Yesterday's peaceful time in the park erased a lot of need for negative thoughts in my head. Today, they have been trying to re-enter but I just don't want them. Negativity can become automatic with my thinking. It can attach itself to everything good. I'll just need to become hyper aware of that, eradicate negativity as much as I can from my being.

December 05, 2018

Zion, Utah

Wow, in Zion National park today I fell into a zen-like state. It was so beautiful, big, magical, stupendous and more. Walking along streams with babbling water. There was practically no one around. We took our time. Climbing down rocks is getting difficult! Ha, I still do it. At a certain point I realized my cell phone was not with me. I was positive that it was when I began on the hike. Then all my coping skills came into play. There was no way I was going to destroy the moment with fear, drama, beating myself up worry that I'm losing my mind, etc... I got back to the truck. It wasn't there. Ok, I resigned myself to walk back through the trail as in, just to the footsteps, do something no matter how little the chance of finding it. We were rarely actually on the trail. We walked along streams through grass and rocks. I shot up a prayer to St. Anthony being conscious of intent. I needed to have 100% belief in my intent that St. Anthony would find the phone for me. It worked! Immediately I got the message. "Its in your backpack."

The park cops interfered with my Zen like day in Zion National park... again! As always, total jerks. My brake tail light went out so that was their excuse to close in on the Traveling Piano man being a possible terrorist. Dic: Do you have any guns in the back? Me: No. ...Dic: Why are you in the park today? Me: To enjoy it? ...As I am looking for my papers in the glove compartment... Dic: Is that a knife I see in there? Me: Come on officer, how threatening can an old guy with a sweet pup and a piano in the back of an old truck look to you? As they held me there for ten minutes looking for trouble so they could search under the tarp... a wild turkey came out of the brush and stood directly in front of the truck. I took a picture of it through the windshield. They could not find anything on me other than the tail light so they had to let me go. I was not going to let them search without a probable cause. This was at the end of the day and it really put a damper on it all. Hate when that happens.

All in all, it was just fantastic and validating of how much I needed to be in nature such as this. Most people have no comprehension of the reality, the beauty that exists in nature here on planet earth so for me to be able to feel the wonder and see it all... I am very blessed, grateful and awe inspired. It was healing in the sense that it opened me up to the grace of God, miracles... they happen in the present moment. So does the crap, like the cops. Learning to live life on life's terms, is a challenge that will go to the grave with me. Thank God not so much for the day but for Zion park and my ability to enjoy.

December 04, 2018

Hurricane, Utah

We drove to Hurricane, Utah today. Mo and I are being treated coincidentally, providentially to the same motel room we were in at this time last year for the same majorly low discounted price. If I think about it, I can cry. I've not been away for over a year. It is so needed! Also, I just need to get out of being on the streets with people living on them all the time. But... I don't know what to do with myself. As I drove today, I was thinking about how Las Vegas like other cities, is now not only rounding up the homeless in preparation to make them wards of the state through profiteering non-profit agencies... they are forcing city residents to not feed or help them by handing out $200 tickets for those caught feeding a homeless person. Not only that, they are creating fear mongering propaganda articles for the media to scare people away from each other. It all makes me as angry as I can get, and so very sad. My tendency is to lash out with a major media blitz of my own asking if we are all going to get fined for smiling at homeless people. Of course there will be no need for concern because they will all either die or become institutionalized, out of sight for the sake of profit. So the answer, just keep doing what I am doing. Whenever possible break the law if I see a need to. I'll keep creating validation and reassurance for everyone I meet through the truth of my spirit and music. If only one person, that is enough. Please help me to continue doing that. PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano

December 03, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It feels very strange on Mondays now. A few months back the sun was so strong I needed an umbrella over the truck. Now, the sun goes down at four and by the time we get to our usual spot, it is pitch black. Also, its cold. A few months ago the temperature was more often than not over a hundred degrees in the dark. Now its dark and cold and also, I have been developing night blindness over the last few years. So... I never used to close my eyes when creating music because I needed to see what is going on around me. Now... it does not matter because I can't see anything either way! A woman came up to say, "when you create music all the angels gather." And that... is why I do what I do in the dark and cold, in the sun and heat, whatever. We were at our Monday night commitment at a place called the field.

December 02, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

After spending hours today working intensely to create some semblance of order concerning my raising funds not just to keep going but to live the basic life I presently have, Mo and I took a walk and spent time in a dog park. Getting my head set to go away for a few days this week also consumed time. Then there are many pictures to process, always. I like spending time with myself. With the outside world I see that as I get older, respect from people who do not know me gets less and less. Appearance is what gives many people value and I'm too down to earth to play a game that I am "somebody." So, as I look older and frumpier and fatter and I interact with people who know nothing of my work or accomplishments in life... I'm forced to go inside and find my own self-worth for myself and then continue onward. PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano

December 01, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

November flew by faster than any month I can ever remember. It was a beautiful day today and up the street from where I live a fundraiser was happening for homeless teens. Its been awhile since I've spent time with anyone other than the actual homeless on the streets. So, this was fun for a change except for the dodging of people thinking I was there to perform or entertain. I was there because this was in my neighborhood and I wanted to share relationship with people, music being the catalyst. Also, I wanted to contribute to the success of the event even though the people holding the event could not have cared less whether I was there or not, lol. Supporting local neighborhood events is important. Bringing people together is important. Any opportunity for strangers to become less afraid of each other... important. Now what I have to say next... very important.

My funding stopped today. There had been one main contributor for the last two years. The well has run dry. There is no reserve, no external income. I must sustain the ability to share the Traveling Piano without obligation or expectation while paying for living expenses such as rent. More about that can be found on the November 24th blog entry. In any case, please set up a Traveling Piano subscription: Subscription/ Contribution Link. Make a one time contribution: PayPal Me for the Traveling Piano. Contribute via Facebook: Facebook Fundraiser Contact me for other alternatives via my email address found on this link: Contact Me.