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March 23, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another day at the Las Vegas, Rescue Mission. I love being with people there. This is now a weekly commitment for every Thursday and Friday.

March 22, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've learned how to get up from chair using the bottom of my legs! The top part does not work with the back pain I have. Never the less, Mo and I traversed over to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission today to be with and create music for over 600 people being served meals and who live on the streets. God, I love doing it. I love playing on a real grand piano. I love the love people give to me throughout the experience. I love being able to make mistakes with the music and no once caring. I love the noise around me when I'm playing. I love Mo being by my side and I love being able to lose myself in the music while still being present with people all around.

March 21, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, not. It was a mistake yesterday to try and just function through my back pain. I should have done nothing. I'm feeling it now! When I sit down, it is almost impossible to get up. When I lay down, forget getting up... it takes five minutes to turn on my side. Oh, the pain the drama, the pain! It was cloudy all day and that felt really good. It is not often cloudy here in Las Vegas and when ever the sun is shining I have an compelling need to go out and use the Traveling Piano. So today, I did not feel like I needed to do anything. I've just been enjoying the balmy, breezy in the low 70's cloudy weather while processing pictures, filing, etc... I've been meeting on the streets more people who have been on the Traveling Piano which makes sense because I've been around now for over a year in one place but... I can't remember faces or much of anything. Everyone always recognizes Mo first and then puts two and two together. It is awkward when I cannot remember people but I say it straight out and as honestly as possible, I have no memory and interact with a lot of people. I think everyone understands because as with the music, same goes for conversation. People can smell the truth when its pure and everyone will accept truth first and foremost over "fake"... if they are truthful people themselves.

March 20, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It might have been a mistake but I went out with the Traveling Piano even though my back is out of whack. It is my sciatic nerve. I was just going to hang out in nature and meditate, go over my choices for the future but then I felt like creating some music to record for this website while overlooking the desert and that led to having interactions with people. There were groups of people which makes it look like I'm drawing a crowd which always makes me uneasy because then, I can be accused by authorities who are looking for trouble... of having an agenda that they can attack and say it is unlawful such as making to much sound, busking, entertaining, etc... If I get called out unjustly ever in a spot, I never feel safe to go back there again so I am very careful. Well, that did not happen because I blew some people off as nice as possible to make them go away. It is what it is but, the people I did interact with, that all felt very worthwhile and significant. When all was said and done, I did not get to play more than five minutes and there was no quiet meditation or walking/hiking. It got dark too fast. The reality... my days begin too late.

March 19, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

My back is out or something. I suspect it has something to do with my sciatic nerve as my mind is also affected as in having a tendency for depression. I will not allow that to happen and know what to do... get around people, my kind of people. Financial insecurity is seeping into my space again. What can I say about that as it has all been said so many times. On a good note... I had made a salad with odd and ends that tastes fantastic. It was made with potatoes, egg, bacon, tuna, mayo, salt, paprika, thyme, parsley, oregano, dried onion, carrots, celery and mustard, the good kind with seeds in it. Sometimes when I throw stuff together it turns out just fantastic and hits the mark. This time... bingo! I've really been enjoying the meals I have been cooking, more than usual.

March 18, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

My two day delay hit. To know what that is about you'll need to read this blog from past years. It has to do with energy output and how overdoing "it" catches up to me two days later. Also, I woke up with my nose buried in Mo's fur. As I am allergic to his fur, that put me out physically for the entire day. We did get to a dog park where he got to run around while I laid on a bench but then, for some reason I felt desire to create and record some music which led to meeting a few people, interesting people. One guy had a motorcycle accident some years back. His name is Phillip but told me to call him Phil because the dent in his head needs a "fill". It is from his accident, he lost part of his head! Another guy had a very sweet pit bull who was licking my face on top of the piano. Mo was not too happy with that. Before going to sleep I watched "Call Me By Your Name" which was an amazing movie on many levels, very validating and inspiring and such a gift for life. Art in all its forms can enriche people's lives and the older I get the more I appreciate that fact.

March 17, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The colors in the mountains outside of Las Vegas today where showing strong and clear. It was awesome. Physically I feel normal after all the energy output from yesterday although I did not get up until 1:30pm in the afternoon. Of course I did not get to bed until after 5:00am. At about 6:00pm I began to feel yesterday. There is always a delay for my mind to catch up to my body. So... I just posted another 200 pictures to the web galleries, will take Mo out for a walk and just take it easy. It is cold out today. I love it. The hundred and fifteen degree summer nights can take as long as it wants to get here. The people living on the streets I am sure do not like the cold. There is a guy who set up some shelter out in the alley behind where I live. I will tell him tonight he's welcome there by me if... he cleans up his trash. It can get really, really trashy with people who are mental leaving their crap each night. One day at a time... one foot in front of the other... I feel grateful for the life I have... for today at least. :)

March 16, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I got myself into trouble with energy today. It was such a beautiful day I had to take the Traveling Piano out. I knew I would be playing for dinner at the Las Vegas rescue mission later in the day and needed to consider how much energy I would have for that. First, we stopped outside of the Glam Factory Vintage Clothing Shop Downtown in the Arts District of Las Vegas, Nevada to say hi to Stephanie the owner. That got me going with the Traveling Piano. Mo and I began meeting other people and my energy began to shoot up and that lasted throughout the dinner. It is such an interesting experience for me creating music in different environments. I noticed at the dinner how playing inside is different from outside specifically concerning light. Inside, while it used to be dark outside with the doors open there... and now with daylight savings time, it is bright and sunny through the same doors. The change was disorienting for my improvising of music. That is a little bit crazy, eh?

Also, I've been falling into an improvisational zone creating music where everything but the music disappears. While creating music on the Traveling Piano outside I must always keep an awareness of my surroundings and cannot escape from consciousness musically for long periods of time. Inside playing on a grand piano, I can zone out for as long as I want. It has happened for up to fifteen minutes my just disappearing into the music unaware of anything but the music coming through me. It is an amazing experience. Having discovered this after sixty years of living just... wow! It is also beautiful for people who hear it. As I come back to consciousness and open my eyes I see people looking at me with the same "wow" that I am feeling. After all that I was exhausted but Mo needed to run and get some exercise so I took him to a park for about an hour. On the way back to my room I decided to stop and get a burrito. I hesitated because of the cost but, the place being in my neighborhood with very good food and new... giving some business in support helped to justify treating myself.

As I went to pay at the counter a girl came up and said, "I got this, I owe you one." She wanted to pay for the meal. I was clueless to who she was and what she was talking about. She told me she had been on the Traveling Piano a few weeks ago and had offered to buy me a meal then or give me a tip. I had said no thanks I had eaten and also wanted to keep the Traveling Piano experience pure without an agenda for tips. She said the experience was significant for her and not to be forgotten. Then the owner of the shop (who has also been on the piano and treated me to dinner in the past) said to the girl, "well, I'm going to give to you the 50% store discount for his meal." That just felt so good that now... after all that fantastic relating, validation, synchronicity, spontaneity and exhausting energy output... it is five in the morning and I still can't get to sleep! It just reminds me of how when I'm in my passion for life, there is no limit to energy. It is forever flowing, as much as I want.

March 15, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was not until 1:30 in the afternoon that I woke up. Thank God I can do that. All night long in a semi state of sleep I was aware that I was not getting the rest I needed. The fact that it was cloudy with some drizzle outside this morning, I think that kept me down somewhat. Once I woke up, I took Mo into the alley to go to the bathroom. A homeless woman was meandering through and as she walked right pass me I said, "how's it going today." She did not reply but after about twenty steps in moving on she stopped, turned around and I heard her call to me, "sir... sir." She held out her hand to offer me a small apple she had. Of course I took it and invited her to the rescue mission later on where I would be playing the piano for dinner. Damm, all we need to do is give each other a little validation, right?

At the rescue mission while creating music, it was all completely effortless with no mind restriction and I felt complete to a new higher level than ever before. People know it, I know it, and everyone is totally appreciative. One of the volunteers came over to say, "You would not believe how many people just sit and nod there heads back to mediate with the music you are playing." And then with the Ragtime and Boogie Woogie... it is just one big wow for everyone including myself. I can feel the room alive with excitement and joy directly from the music's energy along with the presence of Mo and myself. While leaving I thought for the first time ever that when I am gone forever, I will be missed. It was not a good feeling thought. I felt sad that I will be missed. While playing I was thinking how the present experience must end but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy this as much as possible. I am so in my element there it is mind boggling. I do whatever I want musically, cannot make a mistake and everyone loves it all... without giving me their full attention. And, I get to be creative in a huge room on a grand piano with hundreds of people just all hanging out, being together as one!

March 14, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went to check out a hacker club. It is a collective, a workspace for building, tinkering, making, fixing, creating everything under the sun and where everyone who belongs shares the same tools and information on "how to" anything and everything. They were a nerdy bunch lol, and not so interested in the Traveling Piano and variations of clubs like this exist around the world. Outside, I created some music for a short while in some very strong wind. Mo's ears can really flying when the wind is blowing. Everyday, I appreciate his being. More than that, in every moment of every day not only his spirit but his physical nature as a living and breathing creature. He fascinates me with wonder, gratitude and joy.

March 13, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've got a new thought process going that I want to hang onto. Along with my gratitude litany every morning as soon as I can be coherent in my mind, "Thank you for Mo, the bed, the walls, the toilet, etc... I've been making a point to realize that this could be the last day of my life, not in a negative way but a positive one in order to enjoy it to the fullest. And, from the thinking of others that I want to attach to... change is not only a necessity it is inevitable. The world only spins forward. Change is fundamental to being alive. It is what living things do. In the face of this inevitability and the necessity for change, we have a choice. We can try to resist change with all our might but the consequences of that in today's world will be catastrophic. Or, we can engage in the more difficult and painful work of trying to change for the better. I look towards ways that are hopeful to see that change for the better is actually possible.

March 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was cooking for half the day and then I went to meet Tasia who I had tea with last week. The agenda, to do something with the truck in order to keep it going and maybe find a way to create a new one and also just to hangout. Mo and I drove to the same place as last week as I wanted to share the Traveling Piano with the people working the store. They are fun, interested and welcoming young kids. Ha... young, me not any more. Maybe I should avoid age awareness as I did before I got old. It does not help anything and only serves to segregate. To go even farther, it only serves ego with a delusional hierarchy of more knowledge, manipulation and control. These days I am being aware that it also serves no purpose to call people out concerning political issues.

If confronted I can state my stance but to fight negativity with negativity, anger with anger or hate with hate does not create any opposite. To "tear a new asshole" so to speak in people who say things that make me angry is a talent I have. I've been working to comprehend that fact being positive and to transform my thinking and behavior into all about being loving, caring and understanding of the truth, nurturing is the only way to go. The understanding part takes staying honest with myself in accepting that some peoples minds are simply warped or mentally ill... and blind to spirit as I've said in the past. Also, I must not use what people say, do and how they think to serve my fears, insecurity, or neediness for attention. I saw a video of folk singer Pete Seeger's "Take it from Dr. King" the other night and it put me in the right fame of mind.

March 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The days have been delicious with sun and the temperatures. I think about enjoying every day as if it is the last. Mo and I were driving down the street and saw Champ, a guy I have not yet figured out who has been living full time in a van on one of the parking lots for the last twelve years. He has been in the area for thirty years and offers free parking to people on two lots and keeps any tips offered. He also walks the area for different places of business keeping an eye on everything. Seems like he is sanctioned as a working member of the community by many. Then I stumbled onto the end of a Skratch Pad Jam at DJ Rob Alahn's Hip Hop, House Music place around the corner from where I live. It hurt that I missed most of it because... what I heard was way beyond awesome.

You must not only hear but also see DJ's performing with what they do in order to truly appreciate it. I'd love to get one of those guys to jam with me. My being so out of the box... corny, not their energy in anyway, white toast, etc... with my music, anyone DJ who would connect with me musically would be a very special person indeed! Then it got dark and I went to walk Mo in a park where we have never been and met the Dream Team Outreach, a non-profit cooking hotdogs and wings for whomever was around. They were holding a memorial with pictures and candles for hip hop and rap artists who have died in order to show respect for their having been here and alive on earth. I'm very interested in getting together again with the head guy to learn how he works and what he is about.

March 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was all drizzle and rain and... I loved it! It is only the second day with steady rain in over a year here in Las Vegas. I can smell the wildflowers coming. I'll find out tomorrow if the Traveling Piano cover is no longer waterproof. Last time everything in side got soaked. Don't know if that was because of the wind, I'll see and am hoping its not soaked. The piano insides became damaged last time. One day at a time I deal with it all, one step at a time, one moment at a time. With my drug, alcohol and crazy neighbors I simply keep saying... let them live their lives in order to not get sucked into the insanity and also, everything passes while keeping focus on who I am and how I want to be. I've been avoiding online news once again. It serves no purpose, there is nothing knew to know and I can only change the course of my world from inside myself not the world outside of myself. It takes time away from all good in my life. I must remind myself it is not the only way to feel connected to the world. It does not create any kind of socialization that I want. The negativity all around me and in the world I must counteract with positivity. For example, this may sound crazy but I know in my heart if I say, "get rid of the guns" I must do it not with anger, demand or control and manipulation. That comes from a place of self-centeredness.The message intent must come across as good, uplifting and positive.

March 09, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I have a commitment for work, it takes up my entire day to be ready in mind, body and spirit and especially now-a-days. I'm sure part of the need is because of age. If I am not of clear mind it shows through my music. Mo and I went to the Las Vegas rescue mission today to create music for dinner and I did not have a clear mind. While playing pieces of music I have known for a life time I get brain farts forgetting where I am and what I am doing. It has to do with focus, sometimes ruminating thoughts and sometimes getting carried away with what I am doing in the moment, I lose control. Interestingly enough, when I am improvising nothing matters because no thinking is involved. The manifestation is all feeling through spirit and one cannot miss when life and energy is happening solely through spirit. Living in an environment with a lot of mentally ill, drug addicted, alcoholic neighbors does not help. I left them all back at my apartment complex slithering around corners with the hope that no one sees them, wheeling and dealing with each other on the sly, so they think, while at the same time oblivious to anything outside of their diseased minds, self-centered in the extreme.

That is not a put down it is just plain fact. It is the nature of disease. Their minds manifest noise and chaos in their heads that they do to want to feel or think and it is manifested through playing loud electronic or rap music, talking a hundred miles an hour at the top of their lungs, constant banging of doors and constant back and forth walking in front of me as well as throwing up outside on the side of my truck which happened last night. To give whomever credit, they did try to clean it off. We all live in amazingly close quarters that has a small balcony walkway and my door and window is always open as I sit and do work about twelve feet from it all. At the rescue mission none of the craziness comes into play. All the people living on the streets and all the diseased minds are being satiated with food, love and music and I feel nothing but joy and gratitude in being able to be part of it all especially the nurturing part. Wow, to have a job where I am constantly receiving validation and appreciation, it is very fulfilling. Sometimes I'm sure people think I am getting paid or something but... whatever. The bottom line is that they enjoy for themselves the short time we have together.

March 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

A true miracle happened. On the 1st of the month my blank, unsigned full rent money order was stolen with the receipt intact. Anyone who knows about money orders also knows that a money order can work as untraceable cash. As I work 100% from contribution dollar to dollar and live off of food banks... this was a dire situation. All tools at my disposal from my present journey experiences came into play. Faith, patience, letting go, embracing one day at a time, positive past experiences, desire for gratitude, putting on foot in front of the other to rectify the situation without thought as to whether what I was doing would help or not, etc... The theft happened at City Market also known as Bells Market on E Oakey street right off of the strip near where I live. The store owners pulled strings far and beyond the call of duty with full trustworthiness was able to find a way to refund the money to me today. I want to ask everyone to help me thank City Market by doing business with good business, those who show who they are in service with action!

March 07, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Here is what is awesome to me. People who have practically nothing... sharing anyway with a focus on giving through their neediness. I tell people, if you feel like you are not worth much and feel like you have nothing to give... that is a false illusion. Give something, anything to anyone and you will feel self-worth and validation. The showing of appreciation as I was playing for dinner at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission... three different people from the streets walked by the piano and dropped off unsolicited, tokens of appreciation, people who are sleeping on the sidewalk at night. Everyone has something to give if the desire exists.

March 06, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

People rarely contact me. I know they are absorbed in the present with their lives and I am not in that picture with them. I'm sometimes guilty of that with others. But also, I have been told it is because when it comes to me they do not see need or they think I'm too busy for them. Lol, wrong! So what, ignore me? Ha... food for thought. Of course the issue always comes back to me. I must do the work to initiate relationship if I am feeling needy. That is just always the way it has been. Everyday, I feel grateful about the room I have to live in. When I lived on the road for over ten years, sometimes is really became difficult, the constant need to stay aware of the people and homes that were being shared with me.

The knowing of when it was time to leave, when whomever was fed up with me or just had their own issues, when I was no longer entertaining and how people did not know how to say get out, lol... or communicated with indirect negative behavior to say time's up... with all that I've always spun everything here in the blog to a positive or just ignored some of the horrors. It would serve no good purpose to focus on the negative and give that to readers that would feed off it and... negative experiences do not fit in with the mission of Fun, Friendship and Respect. Still, I've shared enough crap that I've lived through since this blog began in 2006. Anyway, I'm taking every opportunity to interact with people these days before the heat starts up for the summer season here in Vegas!

March 05, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been enjoying the cool air while we still have it. Although, I miss lush foliage and sometimes rainy, cloudy days. Waking up to bright sunshine everyday makes what I miss worth while. I'm on a second floor and when I open my blinds first thing, I look over the skyline and it shows me clearly, a brand new day. At night it gets downright cold and I tell myself to enjoy it because when it gets to be over a hundred degrees after twelve midnight... that is not easy to tolerate. I spent time with someone new. We talked about creating a new Traveling Piano truck. Finding a way to make any process feel and be exciting is not easy because I must decide for myself what I would like to manifest. Decisions, decisions, decisions always take all my effort. Plus, I've been dealing with this in my brain over and over for so many years. Can we talk exhausting? It is now or never. I just want it to happen. Than, I'll be more than willing to pass it on and out of my hands with some credit and security for myself from it... for sure. So I've got the ball rolling on product with music and pictures, the truck, still creating music on the streets, at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, keeping my "house" clean, taking care of Mo and myself physically, piano classes have begun for others, I had my first showing of photos in a gallery, been keeping up my emotional health, always doing errands, this website, posting online, still going... but somehow money needs to begin getting generated from it all.

March 04, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas, Nevada Arts Factory area is always fun to visit for events but I enjoy more the everyday neighborhood magic that happens. For example, on a quiet Sunday morning like today Jai, while his dad held a yoga class inside, on the Traveling Piano had a short piano class with me. I walked across the street to smell some blooming spring flowers, a couple from California found us and also two girls from Japan. We created a brief photo shoot with a passing bride and then Chris the owner of Tacos Huevos came over to share a fantastic entree with me while Mo hung out waiting for someone to jump onto the Traveling Piano for some endless play. Afterwards, we headed over to the Las Vegas rescue mission to play for the dinner there.

I'm working to keep toxic energy out of my space, there is a lot around me these days. I do that by consciously not thinking too much because the toxicity manifests through thoughts of what I see and experience. Toxic thoughts always win over good healthy thoughts so its best just to have no thoughts sometimes. I'm out of Traveling Piano flyers and thats just not good. I have nothing to give people so they can contact me for their pictures or for opportunity that may happen. There are no funds. I looked up pricing online for 2500 business cards and an ink stamp with my information on it for making cards to put on photos to sell and with tax and shipping its $150 bucks. I just can't seem to ask for money from anyone these days for contribution... haven't sold any pictures and charging fees for anything... not able... yet.

March 03, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

This day, I do not know what happened in it except for the routine I've set up and that is to review all the Traveling Piano photos to date, sift through all the music improvisations, cook, take Mo for a walk, meet up with some friends and think... which is all about remembering to remember that my foundation in life is through simplicity from a starting point. The largest tool I now possess to clear unwanted clutter from my life is to begin with square one which is to be aware and conscious of one musical note the first note. If I am not able to do this I do not move to a second note... period. I absolutely love the sound of one musical note whatever it may be. Simplicity is so easy. I also love complexity... to the extremes and everything in-between but I know in my soul when I start at the beginning... in being clear with just one note, this is where it is at! I have discovered the starting point of everything with oneness. Now I can choose to connect and stay connected with everything at anytime! My starting point is with my spirit, soul, music, universe, God, intuition, goodness, love, the random quantum physics of life.... :) I do that by beginning with the creation of one single musical note.

March 02, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went out onto the street today to create some community with neighbors. For the first hour I felt like Lucy in the old Peanuts cartoon strip hanging out in her psychiatric booth listening to people talk about their problems. One guy living on the streets came up looking very serious telling me he was about to lose his mind as he cannot get his meds to keep him sane until tomorrow. Another girl was talking about how someone painted hate language on the outside front of her apartment last night and she feels insecure. Meanwhile across the street there was a drug house with single people and couples going in and out constantly. I learned it is called a "honeycomb hideaway" where people who live on the streets go to do their drugs, have sex, buy and sell drugs, trade, etc... I cannot believe the police are able to let them get away with it. The activity goes on twenty four hours a day.

And then some good old fashion Traveling Piano fun began to happen with both neighbors and visitors to the neighborhood and we all hung out. There was singing and piano playing and dancing on the street which felt really good. After it got dark the king pin drug guy came over from the house across the street meth'd out of his gourd to get in on some of the fun. As he began to play the piano I (oops) took his picture as I do with everyone on my piano, in my house so to speak... and he freaked. The situation got very tense as he was trying to escalate his frenzied state of mind and I knew there was no rationalization to be had. But my experience and expertise stepped in to diffuse the situation and as he walked away I got Mo off the piano, jumped into the truck and tore off to drive across the street and into my little apartment compound behind my gated cement wall!

March 01, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Creating music at the rescue mission here in Las Vegas is very fulfilling. In my mind I keep worrying that people are going to get sick of my music when in fact it is creating as sense of consistency for people. Today was my second day on a row and every time I am there, more people from the streets come up to me to say how thankful they are for me and what a great piano player I am. I've been seeing more families coming in. A guy with his wife in a wheelchair and five young babies who have been roaming the streets from Houston Texas since the flood there, they sat next to Mo and I at the piano. They came in for dinner and will be spending the night on the street. Yesterday a woman came in with her five kids and luckily they have a bed in the shelter for the night. If people knew how desperate the situation is for ten's of thousands, they wouldn't be spending billions of dollars on crap. People need our help and care. It does not look good concerning the money stolen from me yesterday. I made a police report. The moron came back into the store and they took a picture of him. He said he does not have the money order anymore. I am going to make copies of the picture taken and post them around the neighborhood. The only purpose it will do is to call the jerk out for what he is, a thief as well as an idiot for returning to the store thinking no one would know or care... and that idiocy... I am going to call out big time.