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January 31, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I hung out indoors today at the Las Vegas rescue mission. Alex, another musician I know who provides music for dinner through her students and non-profit asked if I would stand in for her as no one could attend. There is a grand piano and I can play as loud as I want on it. That is always good because I need to put everything, all my energy into what I am doing. It is a noisy room so I do not feel conspicuous and have control over the attention I get. Before I started I asked the coordinator to not single me out for appreciation. So when he did his normal patter with his microphone, it was difficult for him to remember to say... and we would all like to thank... he inserted "God" for the wonderful music, lol! I have always had an ability to create presence in a big room full of people but have never wanted to be the center of attention in doing it. My goal has always been to simply be "part of"... in a significant way. I very much enjoy people looking over to me to show appreciating through a smile, head nodding or mouthing of "thank you." My favorite experience is to see people physical moving unconsciously to my music whether it be tapping their toes or swaying their entire body as they eat dinner.

Many are emotionally moved by my music and I can see it in their eyes and body posture. That happens for many reasons. Maybe it brings back a past memory or puts them in a state of feeling or simply creates a knowing-ness. My energy was great and I could see people smiling from it. The room was lifted up from the presence of Mo and I and the music coming through us. The best part about all that is having no ego with it, only gratitude. The words purpose, joy, validation and reassurance come to mind. After almost three hours without a break, I was physically and mentally spent. It is crazy that I've never felt consciously mentally exhausted from remembering music in my younger years. (I've been playing a lot of my old Ragtime and Boogie Woogie music) Actually, I've never felt physically exhausted in the way I do either. Of course, and then, I go home and do not know what to do with myself as I cannot simply shut off the thoughts of everything that just happened as well as related thoughts of the past that have come about and projected ones concerning it all for the future.

January 30, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some days I just can't do anything or so it seems. It is an illusion from days past because in reality, I eat, poop, think, take Mo out for a walk and do mindless things. I suppose I am just beating myself up in denial with thoughts that I am not doing what I should be doing, can do or am supposed to do. Fact is... I washed and folded all my cloths and towels and sheets, fifteen bucks worth in a laundrymat. What a rip off! Anyway, I also spent time taking the Traveling Piano guts out and tried screwing in some of the many screws that have fallen out over the past year... screws that hold everything together. Also, I spent time gluing the wood sides of the piano together and a lot of other wood parts that are literally falling apart at the seems. Of course everyday I also process some pictures and post online journey information. There is more. I am rarely ever doing nothing. I've been listening to my recorded music from the past years to select something worthwhile to put into an album and oh how it hurts when I think and feel that I am not very good or at least good enough to impress the world musically. One-on-one in person... yes, I am very impressive. To the masses via any media, ugh. Then I spent time trying to tell myself that how insignificant I feel about everything I do and have done is humility. Lol

January 29, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... here I am a 62 year old piano man with his pup traveling around Las Vegas, Nevada after ten years of traveling the northern hemisphere... sharing a piano in the back of his truck with people from all walks of life with the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. The Traveling Piano as it s called has been a success largely resulting from the pure intent of nothing but Fun, Friendship and Respect through Music, Spontaneity and Synchronicity along with having no agenda, especially without fees, tips or commercial agenda in any way. The work is to bring validation of worth and the love of humanity to those who need it. Also to create relief from life's stress and frustrations for those in a rut with daily life.

January 28, 2018

Veterans Village, Las Vegas, Nevada

Today I got the day right. I thought yesterday was today. Mo and I spent time with neighbors at a local apartment complex up the street named Veterans Village. It is a once a month commitment I made and have followed through with for over a year now. I was talking with one old guy who fell shorty after we were done talking. An ambulance had to come and take him to the hospital. It is really difficult for older people especially when they have no resources to be caught in a situation like that. Especially when there is no one to phone who cares. He was there to get some food from the food bank. One of the residents came up to me saying she did not get to see me through Christmas and handed me $40 bucks.

Now, here is someone with very little means who still finds ways to contribute and be generous and most importantly for me... communicate value and worth for my work. People like this make me want to cry with gratitude. I was reminded while working today that what affects people more than my music or personal sharing of the piano with them, is their watching me interact with others. The witnessing of my work lends itself to being able to trust my intent. People see worth in themselves through that. It is through enjoying what they see other people enjoying.

January 27, 2018

Casino Center Bouelvard, Las Vegas, Nevada

When I woke up... late, I realized I was supposed to be at my monthly commitment for the Veterans Village food bank on the last Sunday of the month. It was half over. With my super strong sense of commitment, I threw on my clothes and without even a glass of water and ran to the truck. I got there and guess what... it is Saturday. Hate when that happens. Then a few hours later I headed out for a yoga class. I'm sitting outside the door wondering why there was a class going on and after ten minutes... again, it is Saturday and I was thinking Sunday. There are serious money problems as my rent is going up, my truck insurance, the truck muffler is disintegrating and my computer battery is about to go dead. To replace the battery is a huge 55 step process because Apple products are now so controlling and manipulative. They want not only to own the product they sell to people, they want to own the repairs. This website has a contribution page with monthly subscriptions and more of those are needed in order to survive. Right now eight people contribute a total of $98 a month and I live totally on contribution. That and one special contributor pays for my room.

January 26, 2018

Summerlin, Nevada

The time of day I wake up is, as always has been, a huge challenge. My natural rhythm is for bed around 2am, wake around 10am which does not bid well for a conventional working day which seems to be the path I must get onto. When I try to force myself to change I get sick because it is just not natural. How I can change in my sleeping pattern is beyond my comprehension as I have never been on a conventional working cycle and am now 62 years old. I've been dealing with this dilemma for my entire life! Mo and I went to Redrock canyon and meandered in the dessert for about an hour before sunset. I began to listen to some of my recorded music to see if any might be worthwhile to sell. "Good luck with that Danny." Then I took a long walk around in downtown Summerlin, the upscale residential area of Las Vegas. The place was literally nothing more than a huge shopping mall with a few streets in it.

As I walked by a high end restaurant I thought of my past and how I was never comfortable putting on "airs" and acting the "necessary" ways of high end socializing. God knows I tried as a society pianist for many years back east in my twenties and through all of my highfalutin neighbors when I lived in Center City Philadelphia, PA. I think all the time about marketing myself as a vehicle for entertainment and promotion for a high end business areas like this as I did pre-journey but it feels like I just don't have the energy or passion to start from scratch again. Also the resources do not exist. I am living below poverty level and the truck is beat. It should be after 33 years of full time use. Also, I am beat physically and mentally which means it takes three times as long to accomplish what I did 30 years ago concerning energy.

January 25, 2018

Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Nevada

I created music indoors for the second time this week for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. It is for dinner, about three hours total, the first half for all the people living nearby on the streets outside. The place fills to capacity with several hundred people for several sittings and then the second half is for the missions residents, another couple hundred. It is in a big room and the piano is a grand and I can play as big as I want and explore music in anyway I want as loud as I want. The people are very appreciate of Mo and I being there and also of my musical expertise. They want to applaud but I try to work it so that does not happen especially when the organizers use the microphone to thank me for being there. I've never felt comfortable with applause unless every person in the room is screaming as well as applauding, lol! I know its twisted but if only a few are applauding it feels like I am being exposed to the fact the the overwhelming majority are not applauding. I know... I know... but thats how it is. I did notice a lot more people praying and for a longer time in the room before eating and I'm fairly certain my music lent itself to that... of course along with some Boogie Woogie and Ragtime thrown in. I could see people connecting spiritually with my improvisation and that always moves my soul. I had to push myself with the Boogie and Rags.

Staying committed to the execution of the pieces physically, mentally and emotionally is a real challenge these days although I did better than the last two times. One of the pastors invited me to chapel as there is a service every night after dinner. At first I was like, no thanks but then I did go because I want to extend myself and show everyone that I want to be in community with them. There was a band which was kind of fun and then an old guy doing some bible passage explaining which I could barely stay awake though. Mo was freaking out with shaking throughout the dinner because of the energy and noise which I find a bit strange. I would think by this time he would be used to everything. He is not, but he would not rather be anywhere else because he is with me. He hides on his rug behind me in a corner while I play. I like that people feel special about our being there. Mo's presence is very comforting for people. Inside the Rescue Mission feels like a world unto itself and then there is outside on the other side of the fence with hundreds of people living on the sidewalks surrounding the place. A few blocks away the casinos begin with all the lights and glitter then everything goes into diverse neighborhoods each with its own ethnicities, wealth and sensibilities. Many, different worlds are all living right next to each other and never mingling except to pass through each other.

January 24, 2018

Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

I practiced music in the dark tonight in Sunset Park. Continuing from the thoughts of yesterday... I never thought in a million years I would feel completely whole. Of course the feeling ebbs and flows but I have had the feeling and it continues from time to time. Also, who knew I would ever come to the point of trusting my true intent of spirit. As far as that goes, it is amazing that I was ever able to get honest about my true intent to discover... in order to believe in it. To be able to trust that I am doing in life exactly what I should be doing. Wow! I was raised to live other people's idea of life and how they live it. There were to be no options but to embrace how they think, act and feel. That was never possible for me and I knew it as a young child and also that I would most likely die a young death as a result if I could not resist strong enough. Then a miracle happened. Through what I call the grace of god, I learned how to embrace and who to embrace.

God speaks through other people for me. The trick and effort is in constantly going out into the world to find through trial and error... people who are good for me through my eyes... Godly people. Most people in my life pass through, do not stay long. What a challenge, trial and tribulation that can be and probably will be for my entire life. It is what it is. Where I am going with all this I suppose, is that my life is about exploring and developing as much as possible, relationship with other people for better or worse. My pursuit has always been on a one-to-one level because I have more control that way. Through this journey I have come out of the closet so to speak more in a general way through the internet. But, the internet is not my real world. I do not know where I am going now with this writing, so I am going to stop.

January 23, 2018

My age limitations should not stop me from pursuing dreams. Of course being realistic must be considered but the goal is not the dreams. The goal is to enjoy the dreams purpose, the creativity, the process of desire and purpose. Dreams can be readjusted and changed over time. They do not identify who I am. Who I am is a humble spirit full of grace to be explored and appreciated. If not by anyone else, then I'll appreciated myself all by myself and do it with gratitude. These thoughts are what brought me to this point of my life. They are how and why I have accomplished what I have accomplished. In the scope of the world with all its accomplishments my work may be meager to many people. In fact, there are also those who consider my accomplishments huge. The bottom line for me is that my experiences so far in this life time have been beyond my wildest of dreams.

January 22, 2018

Rescue Mission, Las Vegas, Nevada

The neighbor underneath me is hard of hearing and loves hard music with a beat. He purchased an eight speaker sound system second hand. Also, he is usually "high" so the same music plays over and over. My floor vibrates from it all. It is not all the time, and listening to music is a basic life enjoyment for him. He does not have many life enjoyments. If children were outside screaming and playing, would I go out and make them stop having fun in the middle of the day? It is a balance... 24 hours a day... no. Should everyone adjust to my needs and desires? Lol... ain't gonna happen. So I cope by appreciating that he is having some enjoyment, by knowing it will not go on all day and that its an opportunity to practice some patience and tolerance for myself. I should also mention that he tolerates Mo's jumping on and off the bed onto the floor everyday as well as his nightly sixteen hops on the floor to catch treats in the air that I throw to him every night!

January 21, 2018

The issue with my neighbor passed. For two days I worked on myself to accept, embrace and deal with the situation appropriately. As I was about to leave to create a police report today, I talked with the apartment complex maintenance guy and found out the problem most likely was not from who I thought it was from. And, it might have not been personal towards me, I think. Waiting before acting, talking about it with friends and wanting to respond appropriately in my mind was very fortuitous. If I had knee jerked, everything would have become worse for my living situation. Learning how to relate from within myself outwardly towards other people, it is a life long challenge. This episode brings up the need to get out of where I am living and move onward and up in life as I deem it. No rush of course but incidents such as this serve as a reminder. "God, please help me not to get to a crisis reminder point of moving on, or get a slap in the face real hard reminder, or into a devastating or desperate situation that necessitates no more reminding but acting whether I want to or not, like it or not." Keeping constantly spiritually aware helps with everything.

January 20, 2018

Hiding In my Room, Las Vegas, Nevada

A crazy neighbor has begun to act out on me again. Its been a half year since the last time and who knows what triggered it. He got his dog to pee on my truck and twisted my rearview truck mirror in again. I'm concerned it will break off because it is so old. I ignore the guy so the only thing I can think is that when he saw me earlier in the day, the fact that I did not give him attention created a negative for him. Last time the police were involved. It is amazing how feeling unsafe in my environment freaks me out. In trying my best to let go of the incident as minor without fear of escalation and using all my learned coping tools... still, without thinking about it consciously... sub-consciously it all emotionally shuts me down. My apartment rent is about to go up $100 a month! They are doing it to everyone and so I started looking into roommate situations because I cannot afford to pay more for another apartment. What I have been paying for... the situation I have cannot be better anywhere. Roommate searching online is just more "crazy." Scammy roommate posting online is a big problem. People just messing with other people's minds, scammers collecting phone numbers and email addresses, leasing offices trying to trick people into apartment situations, private home owners using their properties as a rental business... ugh.

January 19, 2018

Bonanza and D Streets, Las Vegas, Nevada

We drove to a regular spot today. I enjoy people who know us and come up to say hello or those who have seen us in the past and can trust our musical the fun, friendship and respect without any other agenda... what the Traveling Piano offers. Although, I must always stay mindful of "crazy" and "unpredictable" always present on the streets. A few who saw us inside the Rescue Mission a few days ago now think we have something to offer because we were with their providers. This is typically why I do not associate with organizations, or anything commercial. It gives people ideas about who and what the Traveling Piano is that can send mixed signals as far as my intent. On the way out from the area, I found a bakery. It is a really good bakery, Mexican owned but not totally Mexican with it pastries. There had some good danish, turnovers and white cream pastries not usually found in Mexican bakeries. They were interested people so everyone in the place including customers had a go on the Traveling Piano and they were loving Mo through it all.

January 18, 2018

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

The enjoyment of nature is a very important part of everyone's life. I must keep that reality and focus for the sake of balance and love. Mo and I took off for Red Rock Canyon it is only 20 miles from where I live. With the looming government shutdown I want to make sure I enjoy as much as possible before government "law" prevents me from experiencing my birthright. Also I want to make use of the pass I purchased to access my birthright of enjoying nature before it expires. While driving through the park I saw a group of kids and they were thumbing, looking for a ride. I thought they were just being silly but in reality they had been lost and it was a long walk back to their vehicle. So I gave them all a ride on the back of the Traveling Piano to where they needed to go while they created music.

That was a lot of fun. We also spent time with a few of my journey stories. Then, before the park closed ($300 ticket if you get caught in the park past closing time) I went on a hike with Mo. What a racket concerning the fine, especially knowing that there will always be a few first timers who get back from hikes late. At first we randomly walked into the desert and then we came around onto a path that led to a creek with a lot of green foliage and grass. Mo was beside himself in joy over the spot, jumping around and running in circles to show it. The smell as the evening dew fell on the plant life... ahh, I've missed it so. It was dark when we got back to the truck and I created music for a short time before leaving. Hikers found as they also returned and they experienced the Traveling Piano's musical magic in the best of ways, through synchronistic spontaneity.

January 17, 2018

Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Las Vegas, Nevada

Today I played indoors and on a real piano. It has been a long time. A classical concert pianist in town named Alex, she has been on the Traveling Piano and in a video I made... she has a Non-Profit called Notes with a Purpose and uses it for musical outreach. She has an ongoing gig at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission for dinner every Wednesday. The place was packed and what a motley crew it was! We all had major fun, the piano was really loud and I was really obnoxious playing on it. I might have killed the poor thing banging as I was. It has been a long time since I was able to play that "big". The people loved it, I'm not sure sure about Alex as there was nothing musical about my playing today, lol. I tried to play some of my old repertoire but that was practically a zero. I did not have the physical or mental strength which is disturbing. Alex recorded my playing the Maple Leaf Rag and when I heard it... time to go back to the metronome. I may go back there to play again. The mission must schedule everything which is not how I work but the trade off is the chance to play on a real piano and get some muscle control back... if I can at my age. The piano on the Traveling Piano truck is a keyboard inside a piano facade. I asked if a meal came with the deal of course knowing it would, and it was very filling and good. Beef stroganoff, chicken fingers, salad, dessert and a couple more things were on my plate... but I already forget what they were!

January 16, 2018

Memorial Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

Do you know how a dog circles in the same spot to position themselves in order to lay down? That is how it felt driving the Traveling Piano around my neighborhood today trying to feel my way into a spot. We ended up at the park to honor those gun-murdered back in October but on the opposite side of the park from where I usually go. Every tree in the park is marked for a person. The one in front of me caught my attention but it was nothing special. As I was practicing a local guy came up and we began to talk as another guy pulled up in his vehicle got out, went up to the tree in front of me and placed a large bouquet of flowers at the base. As he stood there I impulsively interrupted the conversation I was having and began to create music. After a few minutes the guy came up to me, broke down crying for the lose of his close friend and thanked me profusely. We had a short talk and I told him how I think, that he is her heaven and to enjoy life for her. Also, there was no question as to why I pulled up today specifically to the spot today.

I was there to channel his friend with her message of fun, friendship and respect through me and to create some comfort for him. I told my experience has been that God speaks through people. The interaction was without question comforting for him. How am I sure of this scenario as truth and the fact in purpose? After it happens over and over throughout the journey... that saying comes to mind, "if its looks, quacks, smells and walks like a duck... its most probably a duck." Also, I always realize it in the moment or afterwards never presuming or assuming beforehand. I certainly do not and have not ever gone looking for experiences such as this. It is important to stick to the basics of my journey and the experiences result from that. Next... I wanted to polish my shoes but did not want to give the time and energy to purchase polish that would sit on a shelf for years until I used it up. So, I ate a banana. Then I used the oils from the banana peel to polish the shoes before throwing it away. I love finding ways to be practical and not waste! Pretty good, eh?

January 15, 2018

Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been feeling like hiding... eating and hiding. But by mid-afternoon I was able to pull my act together to get some work done and then I headed out to the park for a long, long walk with Mo. My lack of energy forced me to stop and sit for awhile. Then I began feeling better. I think it was in seeing Mo happily tearing across a huge open field full of jack rabbits everywhere. It was not a matter of his not knowing where to turn he just turned everywhere in full abandonment and joy. That makes me very happy. I was meeting up with a few friends but beforehand I came out of my slump enough to create some music in the dark. There were a few people around and I know it was magical for them. But more so, I knew it would be healing for me.

January 14, 2018

Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night there was some serious domestic screaming, arguing, door banging, fighting, chasing along the walk way outside my door in two different apartments, one right next to me and then when that was over, the one next to that. I mean it was call the police level of trouble. I did not call the police but I did go into cope mode as in shut down which is not very functioning for my life. I think it brings back memories of past insanity in my own life all the way back to early childhood. In fact I thought how traumatic and damaging to a child's psyche it is to be in a situation like that with parents. And also as a mature adult, to have created some of that in my own life in my early years is just sad. The fact that I am becoming more empathic as I get older does not help any in situations like this. Onward... I have not taken many pictures of the Las Vegas strip where I live and felt inspired to do so on a little walk. You can find some impressive neon around where I live! Taking pictures of nature has been my main game but I also want to share some cityscape also.

January 13, 2018

Veterans Memorial Drive and Easy Sycamore, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I headed out to a street where a homeless woman we know lives. She enjoys playing the piano whenever possible. On the way I say a guy cleaning up trash along the street and took a turn to find out if he was a homeless guy just cleaning up trash or getting paid my someone to do it. Mo and I ended up on a corner where I've been in the past and we decided to stay there to practice. Right now I'm more about practicing then creating music. And the place had a lot of homeless people but they were at a distance. As it turns out the guy cleaning the street was homeless. The people who live on the sidewalk there take turns cleaning and have trash bags that they bundle up for the trash men to come collect. I find that amazing. Not all homeless people are slobs, only the really mentally and drugged out ones are. A guy came up to ask if I would play the song I played the last time we were there and told me how it ebbed and flowed and was totally relaxing and made him feel good. Another guy came by and said he could here the music a few blocks away and was drawn to seek it out. Someone else said how our being there just turned their day around from bad to good.

With all that validity how can I not continue as I do? The stories people on the streets tell me about their lives are unbelievably amazing. Some of them are made up I am sure but they are told with such detail and clarity it makes me wonder. It reminds me of the one woman Brenda who says she was a live in girlfriend of Hustler magazines Larry Flint many years ago. Lol, This guy today, his name was Montana and I asked him how he got his name. Somehow the fact that I have been to Browning Montana twice, which is an Indian reservation... lead to a story he had about being there himself which involved his viking heritage and how vikings wore extensions on the bottoms of their shoes so that they could walk through water on the ships floor so that it would not seep into their boots. Also, that is why vikings developed a specific kind of walk. Oh my god, I tried to look that up on the internet to see if it was true because he had a name for them and everything. I couldn't find anything about it. Whether it is true or false, it does lead to wonder and intrigue and wanting to learn. I've met so many homeless people who are amazingly intelligent, alive, interested, caring, appreciative and who are great story tellers!

January 12, 2018

Circle Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally I was driving to Sunset Park to practice my old repertoire. I am kind of into doing it and getting my chops back a little but... I ended up doing that locally at Circle Park. It was not long before a mom and her kids from across the street came over and they were all ecstatic, especially the little boy. The exchange was very enjoyable as I love interested people who are not afraid to engage in some relational fun, friendship and respect with a stranger. To give Mo a break from on top of the piano I took a walk around the park and while doing so passed some homeless people like three feet away from us who did not look at me and I did not look at them and thought, "whats wrong with you, say hello." It did not feel like they wanted me to say hello. Half way around the park I came across a guy named Pete who laying against a tree and he called out to thank me for the music.

He said how relaxing it was and how the world needed more people like me. I was surprised he could hear the music from the distance and that my practicing was enjoyable to anyone. I purposely played the sound down because I myself would have found it obnoxious and irritating. I invited him over to the truck and we had some deep intimate conversing about life with music. Then another neighborhood girl came by named Sarah who was intensely energetic and alive and just all about fun. Lol, Just even writing that, the memory of the exchange makes me laugh. We took some video and pictures while she got on the piano to tinkle a few notes out. With what happened between the fun with Sarah and the guy who's name was Pete and the neighborhood kids... getting to sleep tonight is not going to be easy because I am so energized.

January 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow! It rained two days ago, the first time I've been in rain for a couple years and... I found the Traveling Piano's rain proof cover is no longer rain proof! The truck was soaked with water laying in it, Mo's piano rug was soaked, you could see where water seeped into the piano and its keys big time and as it is, and always has be... it still WORKS! At least for today in the right now that is. That is all we really have, the present moment, eh? At the park where I drove to, we met a few people and I practiced with some of my Ragtime and Boogie Woogie repertoire from the old days. That felt good although most of it has slipped from both my fingers as well as my mind.

January 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've begun to market the Traveling Piano as a quirky "location" for use in films, television, videos, and also for cameo appearances in different situations as a short feature or passing through, in the background of a scenes. There are many hundreds of creative ways to use this successful concept. If you know anyone in the entertainment industry who might be interested or you yourself would like more information, let me know!

Originating on the east coast the Traveling Piano has been in operation full time since 1987 and is now in its 32nd year. For the last ten years the truck has traveled throughout the northern hemisphere. As of 2017 the Traveling Piano has found a permanent home in Las Vegas, Nevada with a present agenda to offer the vehicle for features and cameo's in all media forms especially for television and film.

Specifics: Pickup Truck with Permanent Upright Piano in the Back with a Pup Named Mo on Top of Piano... stick shift, 4 cylinder, 1987 Toyota 5', 4" width, 19' long, 6'h Truck Bed 7' in length.. piano facade, keyboard insertion, self charging speaker/amplification system... piano man optional, groups welcome (30 people maximum in truck at one time)... mobile on road capability... able to travel distances... fits into small locations including through double glass doors... flexible considering time restraints... all weather, 32 years of full time operation throughout the northern hemisphere... open to all creative use especially for cameo appearances... based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Website has over 70,000 pictures with a daily blog for every day since 2006.

January 09, 2018

In My Little Micro Studio Room, Las Vegas, Nevada

It has been raining steady and strong all day and this is the first time in years I've been in rain. It feels really good. Las Vegas has had no rain for almost four months and that was a light short drizzle for a short time. The last time I was in rain like today, I think it was in Oregon in 2016. Mo and I slept in until noon and then I watched the dark grey clouds outside while listening to the steady downfall. There are still pictures to process for the galleries from last year and much of the day was spent doing that. I've been praying to know what to do for the future, just continue with the present journey or move into something new... what and how. With moving onward it seems I must do it realistically which creates limits and boundaries. Where is my passion and for what? Also, what is possible at my age not only concerning how people think and act towards older people in a working environment but concerning personal physical and mental limitations. Thinking while not thinking can be a major challenge when it comes to balance. At sixty-two years of age... from age fifteen to fifty, I had created my own work for money (teaching and performing) and then for the last twelve years I've been working through universal spiritual principals alone self-sustained from my past years through money and the last two years through the contribution of others. All the past ways... did that done that. I felt somewhat forced to evolved into what is now. Thank God it all turned out for the best. What is "now" must again evolve, but into what? Please God, let it be a smooth transition. I know that will be all up to me with support from above, through other people.

January 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Registering the Traveling Piano in Nevada is a big step for me. I now feel legalized in a new place and it is a statement for myself, that I am officially living somewhere else for the first time in my life. That has been a life long dream. I was raised to stay close to home (where I was born) for my entire life. It took a friggin' year to say I am settled "in" somewhere new that is mine after so many years on the road. Hahaha... "mine." For whatever that is worth which in reality is nothing. But, I have always wanted to live someplace else other than where I grew up in the Philadelphia, PA area back east. And now, it is done. Also, this is a step towards independence and self-sufficiency again. I have been using my friends address back east as my legal home address all these years and now I'm back on my own a little more. Somehow I want to become financially more independent than I am and that... is a real challenge in many ways. For more than a year now I've been living bare bones with one contributor basically taking care of my rent and truck gas. Also, a fundraiser I did last year got me through the year and it was absolutely necessary to have done. With the money raised I was able to get the truck repaired, some clothes, Mo's needs, food, and pay for the misc costs of living... such as all the truck needs, insurances, etc...

January 7, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was time to transfer all my legal driving needs from back east to Nevada. While experiencing a miracle of sorts I was reminded that it happened because I kept saying to myself, "get out of the way, stay out of the way, let it happen" over and over. It was eleven in the morning and I knew the Dept of Transportation closed at four so I just set myself to finishing by six. Someone had randomly said that the DMV takes appointments and it is time to switch over not only my license... I needed to register and get the truck inspected and also get new tags. There were about four hundred people there so I was thankful I had made an appointment. As a result I was in and out in an hour and ten minutes. When the service representative said I needed to take an eye exam I thought... trouble, while I rattled off the top line as fast as possible so it would seem the entire test would be easy. It worked. The second line was not needed.

Never would I have been able to read the next line if they had asked. I had all the paper work needed and was very careful about that because I know they send you home if all the documentation is not present. Only problem, my registration papers had expired. I forgot to print out the new ones. Somehow they did a process that pushed through the present registration in their system. The Traveling Piano truck is now registered as a "Classic". It saves some money as mandatory smog tests are not necessary. After all, the truck is now in its thirty second year and so I think it fun to have it as a classic still on the road. The only glitch is that I can only drive it 5000 miles a year so I must not get obsessive about how many miles I'm using and just deal with everything as it comes... one day at a time. If I need to re-register it down the line, I will. It was a very good day in getting that all done!

January 06, 2018

Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada

While driving into Nevada in 2016 I saw an amazing rocks, a sculpture of color stacked on top of each other and I never forgot it. I wondered how I could get closer to these aggressively day-glo painted stacks out in the desert. Then about a half year ago I saw a post online as to what they are and where, so today Mo and I took a drive there. It was a destination, a two year art installation and it will soon be gone. I am glad I saw it. Wow! It was much more than a bunch of rocks. It was 3.5 million worth of thought and creativity and worth every penny. I could critic it in positive ways for days. While there I created some music because I felt very inspired. I was surprised people were around until I learned what a huge undertaking the project was. The art is a big draw for both locals and tourists. I met a family with means from inner Mongolia a specific part of China that I would like to take the Traveling Piano to.

The parents have a six year old girl was proficient at playing the piano. I could feel a deep respect from them for piano music. They all expressed an interest in helping me get the Traveling Piano to China. Maybe now is the time it will happen? I must stay out of the way and let the heavens continually direct my life of course all the while working in the direction I want to go. After that another typical Traveling Piano spontaneous and synchronistic moment happened. We met another family driving from New York City to Los Angeles where they live with a young girl who had just given a recital at Carnegie Hall in New York. She was a national winner of a young composition competition or something like that, or so they said and had just given a recital. She could play the piano very well. Two children proficient at the piano from different parts of the world to find us in the period of a half hour, in the Nevada desert... very interesting.

January 05, 2018

Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada

Still feeling raw with my health it is First Friday here in Las Vegas. It is a monthly festival up a few blocks from where I live and I like to spend some time with the Traveling Piano down where I live so Mo and I parked across the street from my apartment complex on the corner like I've been doing every month. Nefarious characters are everywhere and they often come over to the truck and get onto the piano to spend some time. Every time someone comes over I say to myself, "you know nothing." It is not my job to figure out whether they are working the neighborhood for drugs or sex, homeless, whatever... my job is to spend some time and have Musical, Fun, Friendship and Respect with my neighbors. There was a woman with her young child and dog in a car. She came out frantic asking me to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow to help calm her child who was bouncing off the walls inside the car screaming and flailing herself around. The mother said she has autism and it had stopped and now has returned. I said to myself, that is not how autism works.

As information seeped out in conversation I thought maybe the child had stabilized in life and now with the woman doing whatever she does, that has created instability and the child is furious about it and she was. The poor dog in the vehicle with her was taking it all in and I thought, "you know nothing Danny." After a time the child did come out and calm down, I hope the music and Mo and the truck, etc... helped. My next door neighbor finally came over after hesitating for over six months. He plays the piano and I drove him around the block and through an alley as he played with Mo on top of the piano. Ha, I'm sure he's going to be dreaming about that tonight because it blew his mind to be actually driving the streets while playing the piano on the back of a truck. A guy from New Jersey stopped and left his car running in the street while he spent some time. I couldn't figure out what he was doing or what he was up to I just kept thinking... "I know nothing. I met a film guy with his wife and boy from Toronto. After about two hours I made myself stop so I did not wear out physically.

January 04, 2018

Arts District, Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent the first four hours today on the phone transferring my truck insurance from Pennsylvania to Nevada and working out a decent price for it. I've been here a year and am now settled for the first time in twelve years. After working the representative for all that time I think I got the lowest possible price. I am against forced vehicle insurance. So it went on and on, "well sir, we strongly suggest you have liability coverage blah, blah and if you don't you must sign a separate form saying that you reject it." I told them, "send the form, I reject it." I've been around and know the game. Transferring from state to state, I knew they were going to raise the price but I just kept working it until I got it down to three dollars more than I am presently paying. I'm turning the Traveling Piano truck into a "classic" so it will have special plates. Its too old to drive any great distance anymore anyway, and this way I can surpass the smog tests and fee's here in Nevada. Saturday, I go to register the truck and switch over my drivers license.

January 03, 2018

Right off the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm always working. To do anything else other than what I already know to do work wise, is not easy. I did force myself to take a break and go to see a movie today, thats good. Also, I went and spent some time with a few friends. The way my creative mind works can be torturous. The way my mind works can be torturous, period. I must find desire and then assert my spirit with that desire in order to function with my mind. Simple tasks like to make a cup of coffee have never come naturally. I've always had to think consciously about most actions that make up the functioning of life, more than most people I've met. The only thing that comes natural for me is to take a shit. Then, even with that I must think about what I am doing when I wipe my ass clean. Too much information? Lol, probably but that is the way it is.

I want to stop thinking about what I am able to accomplish, what I desire to accomplish, what accomplishment would serve the most purpose for me and the world at this stage of the game and just "do". Or... should I just keep on keeping on with the Traveling Piano as is. The truck is too old and beat up to pass off as a performance vehicle as I did in its first twenty years of use. I could never command a decent or worthwhile fee these days using it for performance, promotion or whatever.

January 02, 2018

The Arts District, Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm working to lay low and rest until I fully recover from the cold/flu/strep-throat, whatever has been at me for a month now! The health situation is really beginning to piss me off. Trying to exercise to become healthier and also put out energy with Traveling Piano work while knowing when to stop or having the ability to stop without overdoing it... a major challenge for my life, in all areas. When I get going on something that I am focused on... stopping can be a problem. I miss hiking in the desert. This website is messed up again. The internet says there is no www.travelingpiano.com and my friend Wes who helps me with the website is away on vacation until the end of the month. So... you are only seeing this today on January 2nd if you are coming through a bookmark you have made, or from another inside or outside web link.

January 01, 2018

Freedom Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to visit a neighbor with the Traveling Piano who had moved away but I could not find her place. While driving down the road I spotted a huge park and it was filled with families and kids. The feeling of community was palatable and so I stopped to spend some time. It was not long before people came over to meet Mo and myself and to see what was going on and that felt really good because even though people did not want to intrude, they were not afraid and very interested. Also they were very much enjoying the music. I was only going to spend an hour because I must watch how much physical energy I put out as I am still hung over with a little flu/cold or whatever is going on with me. The one hour turned into four hours. A car pulled up next to me that looked like trouble and I could feel lots of chaos from a hardcore family full of adults and kids who were getting out.

By the time I left we had become very friendly with all of them and they would not let me leave without food. Every parent I met wanted nothing more than to have their kids learn and have a new experience through the Traveling Piano. The entire place was ethnic as in Spanish or Latin yet I felt like I was family with everyone. The family that had pulled up next to me was bottom of the barrel poor but with a smart and worldly sensibility. I'll bet that it was because they had traveled to and lived in different places throughout the northern hemisphere. People who are well traveled without question are smarter and more open in every way. Money or schooling cannot compare to what you personally interact with in life. That last family helped me to feel like a human being through extending themselves in friendship and not being afraid of stranger.