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November 19, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I did a deep clean of my room, studio, micro apartment, teeny weeny space, whatever but it still took all day and its only half done. It takes a long time for me to do anything! When I was younger it took me a short time to do everything! It feels good, this space and its too small to get cluttered. Everything must have its spot. While I was walking Mo tonight I thought about the people I passed who were homeless and just standing on the street not knowing what to do and its going down into the thirties tonight. That reminded me how excruciating it was for me last year traveling when I knew I had to stop traveling and become stationary in one place after so many years. The worst problem was not in having a place. The angst was where to go, how do I find a place, not having anyone to stay with, how long can I stay, how long can I keep going like I was, the money... it was difficult to feel validated as a human being when I was lost in my head.

I can easily cry with gratitude everyday for this space I have now and the support to have it. I'm living bare bones but its secure and who knows even with that there is no guarantee. A neighbor just showed me a bullet he found in our enclosed parking lot outside my door where all the kids play. It had ricocheted off of something and I thought... "Get Rid of the Guns People!" Anyway, no place is going to be perfect although this has been pretty close to perfect for me as a transitional spot. Dealing with people here well, thats another issue. Problem is, this transition has been going on for almost a year now. I'm so comfortable in my small room. Sometimes I just want to hide, and I can! The feeling I have is that I should just keep doing the work I have been doing because I want to, it is good for the world, it is all I feel capable of doing in the present moment and my thoughts tell me I should continue.

November 18, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. A local church was having a fair with resources for the homeless so I decided to check it out as I have walked past the place about a hundred times. The paster extended his hand to me and was very nice. He had seen me on Halloween and his choir director was on the Traveling Piano with his wife and daughter. Seeing the place is Evangelical Lutheran I was wary of the energy so I asked if they were warriors for Christ or Lovers for Christ. They went for the lover definition along with the dogma they follow and I felt somewhat relieved as I've met some very hardcore Evangelical Lutherans in my time specifically after the Joplin tornado in Missouri back when.

Those people were totally ridged and anal, angry with pride in presenting themselves for Christ. There was also a guy I had met at another church about a half year ago from Lutheran Services a social agency that does really a lot of good in this area. Across the street was another church that was open for the first time that I have seen and I went to air a grievance of how I saw the police handling homeless sleeping on their property, the fact that they called the police with no attempt to handle the dilemma themselves in the name of Christ. There was understanding on both parts learned from that encounter although I'm not so sure the pastor there was open to suggestions. Before I left a mom with neighborhood kids stopped by and that was the best part, the hanging out with local kids.

November 17, 2017

Red Rock Las Vegas, Nevada

I simply stopped walking at this spot in todays posted picture and laid on the bare ground listening to silence for about ten minutes. No breeze, planes, people... absolute silence and then I heard the sounds of the universe in my head. Buzzing, high pitched sounds, whirring, faint but audible sounds. In moments like this I realize I am living the dream and there is nothing but wonder, love, joy, gratitude and a desire to share. I cannot walk very far these days and when I stop a sort of nap happens. Thats ok by me, all of it, as long as I continue to be gifted with what I see, my interaction with the world and my ability to participate. It was cold and windy but when I got to the spot in the pictures, everything became calm and comfortable. Before leaving I had to create some music in the beauty of it all and a couple from Virginia found us while coming back from a hike.

November 16, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

As the worlds thought and behavior becomes seemingly more erratic and barbaric I must keep a conscious awareness that constant love and joy exists as well as a maturing evolution into greater heights of wellness, compassion and empathy. I know the difference between the two extremes because I have experienced both and in fact can live in both at the same time. My life has been maturing and evolving forward, this is who I am and the world I choose to exist in... better than erratic and barbaric. Sometimes I forget that. It is a challenge to allow "better" for myself, to know that is who I am, want to be and the flow I want to exist in. Erratic and barbaric although stimulating cannot hold a candle to sophistication. This is known only through the truth of spirit and now is the time to stay close, as close as possible to the truth of spirit least I forget. I can be easily gaslighted into chaotic barbarianism without constant diligence to be aware, accept, embrace and act with gratitude.

November 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I took a drive to Red Rock Canyon to hike and read a book a friend had sent to me. I had no energy to hike and when your feeling like I have been feeling physically I'm finding it not difficult to meditate. When your mind is not working and you cannot think and have no energy, its easy to have a clear mind! Lol. The book is written by a Franciscan Catholic and it is about challenging how we think about living the second part of our lives with aging and suffering and you know... just dying. I only read the preface but even that helped. As a struggled to get up from the ground I decided to feel gratitude for the struggle and it was certainly better than feeling despair, frustration and doom! Keep the humor going... anyway, I just love being in nature as I feel "whole" in nature.

On heading back to the truck, two guys were creating music and so I went to say hi. It was Phil 'Fang' Volk the bass guitar player from the original Paul Revere and the Raiders. He and his friend were hanging out creating music as I do and interacting with people. Paul Revere and the Raiders were a pretty huge rock and roll band in the late 60's, early 70's. Wow, was that fun. I have some video of them playing on the Traveling Piano that I need to share. That lead to meeting a 79 year old native to Las Vegas who was hiking and in amazing shape. Then I met a couple from back where I grew up. I mean literally a few blocks away from my childhood home in Philadelphia and then the home I owned in Bucks County, PA. Our families all went to the same catholic schools and so we talked some about Catholicism which was just crazy to do right after starting to read that book! The difference between them and me is that they are both 26 years old and I am 62, lol. And also, I no longer identify as a Catholic.

November 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Randomly I saw a link online about an event going on today and clicked on it out of curiosity. It was a huge event for local homeless services being held at the civic center. The idea of sharing the Traveling Piano there was the incentive to check it out and of course I didn't get going until it was almost over. Damm! Also, I have needed to check into any social services I might be eligible for. I've not used any to date and have really held off but I'm realizing that if they exist and I am eligible I should use them. It is not like I don't need help or have other resources. I have had no government assistance, I've worked with no income nor do I have any investments, etc... As I moved through the booths I found the health social services. With only fifteen minutes before closing I signed up for Medicaid! Wow, finally, what a move that was. The situation was put in my path and I simply followed through. And, if I had gone any other route it would have taken a half day in waiting.

I ran into the right person who gave me the papers to fill out and eyed a lady sitting at a table with the thought, "she's waiting for me" and then with no time left and people in front of me, the first woman I met came up and said have a seat here. It was with the woman I had the thought about! She quickly lead me through the process just in time before everyone began to tear down the setup to leave. That was so meant to be. I have had no health insurance for at least twenty five years and hope this does not mean I will be needing it but usually when things happen like this, it is for a reason. Who knows what may be. I mentioned that I needed to get Mo's service dog validation up to date and was pointed directly to a woman who has an organization that gives support to dogs who live with homeless people. She couldn't help me with the service matter but can with medical needs and food, etc... I told her I would wait outside until she was done and she would find me on the Traveling Piano with Mo creating music. I wanted to show her what I offer for society.

I waited a long time and met people throughout the wait. As I was about to leave because she was no where to be found I thought, "I'm going to look her up online and send an email saying I waited until the very last person left not only the building but the parking lot." So of course I had to follow through in order to be truthful. Guess who the very last person to leave was! Lol, so I may be able to get help for Mo as far as getting his teeth cleaned which I am concerned about and have been for months. He does not have the kind of teeth where he can chew on bones to keep them clean and they are getting bad and it is a leading cause of death for dogs... tooth infection. I really hope she follows through in helping me because it will also give me a green light to support her organization. It is perfect for me because it gives support to both homeless people and their pets and I can whole heartily support that. Dogs alone, not so much... people and dogs together... yes!

November 13, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a down day... not feeling good, all alone... boo, hoo. Ha, I'm not into figuring out what is wrong physically but then again I spend most of my life "figuring" underneath my living in the moment. I may have sucked in Mo's dog hair all night while sleeping. That can be a killer for me. With what energy I had, I made a lot of soup to freeze with beans and tomatoes, vegetables, beef, ham, chicken pieces and spices. Its yum!

November 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was a huge Rock and Roll Marathon today in Las Vegas and they closed the entire strip as well as all the streets in my neighborhood for it. I got up early to get the truck out while I still could and parked up a few blocks by the memorial for those killed in the recent mass gun murder. I came back took a short nap but spent most of the day at the memorial with the Traveling Piano. As of today in the USA so far this year alone 13,464 people that we know of have been murdered with guns. Another 27,486 have been shot and hospitalized. Because of moronic pro gun people there have been 315 mass shootings in the USA just this year to date. That really pisses me off. Anyway, people come to the park to process their grief and fear and just have a safe place to be and maybe heal some. There were 22,000 people at the concert directly affected and then all the family members and friends. That is a lot of people affected first hand by just one gun lover.

I met some new neighbors and a few kids and John who lives by the park and is the sort of official mayor for the park brought dinner out for me... a nice piece of lamb with a baked potato, salad and bread. John is a life long Las Vegas artist. We almost became roommates. I wanted to interact with people and create music all day but I should have known better. I did last five hours which is pretty good I think... before I almost passed out from exhaustion. At one point Mo and I took a walk to the strip just to check out the action. It was pretty cool to see and hear the pidder patter of 10,000 feet running up the strip. It was pretty quiet except for that. I thought about how much money sneaker makers reap. The Memorial Park is two blocks from the strip. Every quarter mile there was supposed to be a rock and roll band. At the corner near my apartment the US Air-Force band played. Lol, not so Rock and Roll. As the tax payers paid for the band it would have been nice if someone knew they were there. As it was, the runners pidder pattering by head them, about four neighbors and me. The city made a huge chuck of money today with this marathon thats for sure!

November 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The guy who works the food bank at Veterans Village told me of a new Veterans apartment complex opening today on Veterans Day. He said he would love it if I was there. So there I went... except he didn't want me with the Traveling Piano because the place was setup for a lot of hoopla for presentations, the mayor, senators, a band... the woman running the show told me there would be a lot of opportunity for me to volunteer and play inside when they got a piano. I bit my lip. Constantly I must accept that people will have their ideas about me and my agenda that are not remotely correct. The opportunity to perform, do I want? Not. A need to volunteer? Not. So anyway, I drove to the local park to hang out with some homeless people. I held space for some unusual music. As I kept my cool with attentiveness a kind of mental guy swooned on the piano while another stood there rambling on and on with talk and Mo sat there trying to take the attention with a constant whimper that he does.

The three of them kept it up continuously for about ten minutes while I just stood there being attentive to the chaotic sounds. It was all pretty funny because they are completely lost in themselves! Later, as I was creating music a guy named Scotty who is living on the street comes up to tell me how beautiful the music was. As we began to talk he asked, "Are you originally from Philadelphia?" I said yes and then he asked, "Were you at Hurricane Katrina?" I said yes, and then he proceeded to tell me in detail how we had met in New Orleans ten years ago while he was living on the streets after Hurricane Katrina, how he played on the Traveling Piano back then and the conversation we had in complete detail from back then!!! After that, I drove to another park where more homeless people who have seen me around found the courage to come up and interact. And then after about three hours I almost passed out from exhaustion. It was all amazing, beautiful, wondrous, magical, synchronistic and Godly.

November 10, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My energy level is zilch. I'm going to stop saying that because I've said it enough. Playing out with the Traveling Piano for just a couple of hours exhausts me both mentally and physically. I'm not the only one. Mo is showing less energy also. He's aging very fast. I can see it. We are both the same breath of air. There is something special about accepting life on life's terms. An uncertainty that creates opportunity to live in the moment where all the magic exists. The trick is to actually live in the moment verses thinking about how the end may be near. I have a lot of gratitude going all the time. It feeds the joy of living.

November 9, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm so thankful for Mo. I'm so thankful for this teeny weeny place I have, that the truck still works thirty one years and going and that I personally can still be of service for the world. My service feels less significant these days as I am doing less, get less feedback and it is not as exciting and stimulating as it has been in the past. Being able to give myself validation, reassurance and kudos' has never been my forte. I have been thinking about how constantly traveling, new places and staying with new people has kept me going over the years. As that died down, experiencing nature, processing it and sharing it online fed my spirit. Now, everything is different being back in one place as in pre-journey. I must find ways to stimulate myself ongoing to experience spirit alive and kicking all the while thinking in terms of survival. Nature is still there to fed me but I must extend myself more to experience it these days. It feels like I'm going into a blah, blah, blah mode so I'm going to stop, lol. Still having musical fun, friendship and respect along with inspiration and empowerment or I would not be writing this blog if the opposite was true.

November 8, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

So, I'm not feeling well but forced myself to take a walk with Mo anyway which was good to do. Thank God I have this best buddy with me to help me to take care of myself through my desire to take care of him. Now that daylight savings time happened, I'm seeing a lot more local business happening because people have their lights on before work is done. It gets dark at five in the afternoon which I think is way too early. I met two women who have an accounting business and its a large space for what they need and also two guys from a new recording studio nearby. There are several music recording studios within a couple blocks from me and a few really nice office work station places. That is a new concept that I have discovered. I don't know how long it has been going on. Different business go and rent space in the same office. The city was working fast over the last month with new sidewalks in the area and the working has seemed to stop over the last two weeks.

November 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Not getting lost in social issues everyday is a challenge. I keep asking myself, "how best can I serve the world." Getting lost in social issues and trying to set people straight on social media is worthless. Creating love is the only way to go. Then I ask myself, "what do you want to do." Many options come up constantly. I've been asking myself this question for so long, its the same one's that come up over and over. Then I ask myself if I really want to do this or that, or have the energy at my age. Now its about how can I connect with and create a partnership in order to accomplish anything because nothing is going to happen just by myself anymore. Then the issue of compatibility comes up and that is most difficult to deal with in my mind. I forced myself to attend the local police sponsored community meeting tonight at the local police station and it felt good to have the police community liaison and patrol officers see me and for me to see them for the sake of working together to help keep the area where I live safe.

November 6, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yea, I have a cough, cold, whatever lingering... waiting to explode. That is how it usually works. I feel it coming on and then I do everything possible to keep it from getting worse which does nothing but delay it until one day everything explodes full monty, I get real sick and then slowly recover. So I sleep, drink lots of water, take Airborn several times a day, make sure I get fresh air, eat right... thats been going on about four days now and everyday I can feel it inching its way to the full monty.

November 05, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Now I know what is going on with me physically. Heart failure has been on my mind as by nature I am drama ridden, lol. It is a cold and it is beginning to come on strong. When you get older colds feel different so they are not so easy to tell. Anyway, I am very blessed and I want you to be blessed. If you do not know, it demands action to be blessed. With what happened today in Texas, more gun murdering of innocence, I began to feel overwhelmed and then angry... hate began to seep into my spirit. So... I decided to go to the local Las Vegas memorial for all those affected by the gun murdering last month and listened to many details from gun murder survivors there. That people can trust me with their truth, there is nothing better in life. Do you know what the most painful thing that can be said to someone affected by gun murdering?

"I know how you feel, I can relate, I know what it must feel like" and the worst "I understand." Just be quiet and listen. And then... a huge group of survivors from the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida appeared. They came to Vegas to lend their support to everyone here. What amazing synchronicity for that to happen. People who were present when the gun killing happened in Orlando, family members, the bar owner, a bar tender were here to visit. That they would all share their lives with me and allow themselves to trust and feel my support with the Traveling Piano well... please get out into the world and create a positive every time something happens. I do it to counteract any negativity from myself or others. Go walk down a street and smile at a stranger. It makes a difference. Do something in real life.

November 04, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a complete wash out as far as energy. I know whats going on the question is, can I find the inspiration to do anything about it. Getting in and staying in shape physically has been my longest running life challenge aside from, staying clean from drugs, drinking, relationships and feeling "part of." The hike on November first and then the Traveling Piano work on the second has drained me. The crap I've been eating does not help. The temperatures outside during the day have been delicious. At night when the wind blows wow, brrrr. When I was working with the truck the other night I took out my scarf and winter coat to use. I thought, "you silly man, as you are getting older the slightest bit of cold is getting to you."

November 03, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm pretty wiped out physically but today is the first Friday of the month and the downtown area where I live has a festival every 1st Friday. I have made a commitment to share the Traveling Piano in my area where the festival does not extend itself to. It for my neighbors. Always, I meet new neighbors and a few more homeless people who have seen me around but who have not yet had enough courage to approach me as someone safe and respectful. There is no difference in the Traveling Piano experience between what homeless people say to me verses those who are established in apartments or high end housing. They thank me from the bottom of their heart, tell me how significant our exchange has been for them in a relational sense and how meeting me totally affected and changed their day into a positive.

A restaurant that has been empty since I moved here opened around the corner. I've been watching the place thinking about what a good spot it is for a restaurant. I stopped by to say hello. It is called the SinCity Soul Deli and provides Caribbean BBQ. The owner, chef William got onto the Traveling Piano, treated me to some amazing beef brisket and one of his beef appetizers. Within a one minute walk from my apartment there is a New York pizza place with an Italian restaurant, Venezuelan, Beef Taco place and a Mexican Seafood Taco restaurant along with an authentic Puerto Rican street stand to go to along with about five fast food joints and a local bar/resturant. Too bad I do not have the money to eat out!

November 02, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

So with the five hours of driving and then the hiking I did on top of that as well as enjoying nature yesterday, I have been up and down with energy all day. Entering back into the real world from the dreamland yesterday can be a pain in the ass, often. When I am working with the Traveling Piano everything is wonderful. When I am exploring nature...wonderful. When I get social that is when problems arise. That happened today on Facebook. It is a responsibility to speak out on issues whether unpopular or not for others. The fact that so few people do that is simply a "tell" of how important it is for me to do it if only to help one person. So I posted on several Las Vegas group pages... To those it may concern: Please stop capitalizing with merchandising, advertising and promotion on the death of 59 people and 500 others who got shot in Las Vegas with the idea of making the tragedy about your agenda, business, personal caring or anything else for profit.

I continued... Same goes for American Flag waving. The dead people would all tell you the loss of their life was not about America except for the fact that some moronic American's have been promoting the type of gun ownership that killed them. Trying to rationalize that a portion of your proceeds from whatever you are selling or promoting will go to victims does not work. Give 100% of the proceeds and then you can say your truly giving. Using other people's money to give while you also pay salaries and expenses from the money, just no! The VegasStrong phrase and hashtag has become an abomination. What happened is first and foremost about "individuals" people, who have been murdered and those who will be traumatized for the rest of their lives from the tragedy. It is not about the American flag or Las Vegas which is what it has become about with the phrase VegasStrong.

So... one group I posted to was mostly venomous women who began to attack as a mob and I realized there was no hope for them so I just deleted myself and blocked them all. There are just some types of people I want nothing to do with. Nationalistic, gun nuts using capitalism for self-serving gain or just plain indoctrinated angry idiots who have no clue to what empathy or compassion is... that can all fit into one type of person that I want to be as far away from as possible. It is too bad that my journey and mission has reached a point that it feels I must take the strongest and most passionate stance for my truth. This has nothing to do with musical fun, friendship and respect and when people freak about seeing a different side of me other than my work mission... I always say that I cannot and will not be the one dimensional person they would like to see. The fact that they add absolutely nothing to my life, and would never care to... why would I give a shit? Lol...

November 01, 2017

Snow Canyon, Utah

So much I needed a dose of stupendous nature and I know where to get it. A little over two hours outside of Las Vegas, through a small section of Arizona and into Utah near Zion, Canyon I can find pure beauty. Mo and I checked out a state park there near St. George. It is a different world from where I presently live. Can we talk squeaky clean and white Mormon with a very conforming energy? Although, in the nature that we found the feeling is quite different. The energy there has no judgement. White mountains made of petrified sand dunes and lava rock made from dripping hot lava flows... the black color so pure that it was blue. We took a nap on different cliffs one in the sun and the other as the sun set over an awesome, dramatic expanse of planet earth.

I was reminded once again how we are living in heaven and how fortunate I have been to experience it to the fullest. The beauty of nature is what I will take with me when I leave this planet or whatever state I am presently existing in. I also created some music and of course people found us and so I was able to share with them. The day was complete with everything that is most important for me. The pictures I took are also part of that. As I go through them I am finding it interesting that the energy and focus of the pictures are different than usual. Physically, I was exhausted and the photography reflected that. The aspects of timing, lighting, focus, etc... it is all something no one would be able to detect but me. As I get older my eyesight is changing and that is reflected also in the processing of photography.