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September 30, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

A Puerto Rican friend on Facebook posted about a drive today to collect goods for hurricane victims. It was perfect timing for me as a response to trumps absolutely inhuman response to the tragedy. We need to take care of each other and show it strong. Even though I'm not feeling like I have much energy, I got up early with a feeling of purpose which I need to feel more of these days. The entire day would have been spent there with the Traveling Piano but I could not find a good spot to park the truck and the organizer was very edgy about creating too much attention as she was using her place of work. It didn't work out and I thought, "Well your out... do something!"

Lol, it took a few more hours until I went to a new park with Mo, they did not allow dogs and then we drove to an old standby dog park. Mo really needs to get out and about more. So do I. There was a tree with berries that looked so awesome I came to life with inspiration, went got my camera for a picture and that lead to some very needed musical creation. Several people in the area were in awe of my music. I don't think much of it except for the fact that I am grateful that it has such relevance. I do want to reach more people with it in a way that will be effectful. The most effectful way is through personal discovery as it was today. When people hear it, that is one thing, when we connect as a result, that is everything! So its the end of the month. I'm not feeling very secure these days but when I do that never seems to be any good so... its six of one, half dozen of another as they say.

September 29, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a lost day, not feeling well, no energy... I've been stuck now for a few days, It is not good but I'm just working to accept it until I can move forward again. Getting lost in politics is so not good for me and that is for sure. I see the direction of the world not just here in the United States and I know the end is coming which means absolutely nothing unless I focus on fighting it with anger. I feel a responsibility to let people know how I see things from information that comes to me in unconventional ways. Somehow I keep forgetting that I can best help the world through my work with the Traveling Piano. It is true, I know that in my heart.

It has been proven over and over for twelve years now. I would most certainly not still be sharing the Traveling Piano as I have been if it wasn't worth it for the world and for me but... the worth is fading in my brain. Maybe I'm fading and it is natural. It could be something physical, it could be that I'm not traveling around, experiencing nature to inspire me, not interacting with people everyday, age, my minds on the future and becoming secure and self-sufficient... whatever, wish I had more support from lots of people. Support is very limited in my life and from a few who give a lot with little to give to themselves.

September 28, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It seems that every time I spend social time with people I get sick from the stress of that. I'm not above admitting that I have mental issues that are not good at all. I've said many times... one on one, no problem... in my element as with Traveling Piano work when I'm in control of what is, no problem... as a member of a structured group, no problem... feeling one of, part of three or more people, that takes me back to emotional childhood state that I've never been able to grow away from. So, I was sick for most of the day since last night but still, I forced myself to go to the Asian Cultural center today for their weekly televised music taping. Everyone acknowledges me, welcomes me, tries to make me part of, wants me to be part of but in my head... I just don't feel worthy or wanted or capable of knowing how to fit in. It is a matter of trust that I refuse to give to myself. That is not going to stop me from continuing to try!

September 27, 2017

The Arts District, Las Vegas, Nevada

Little good things can add up to a very one nice feeling! First, morning coffee with a new screen on my door so I can have it open now that the brutal heat is gone without flies getting in that make me crazy. Went to take Mo out to find the two disgusting, abandoned buildings being taken down across the street. And here's the best... stopped by the apt complex office to pick up my mail and found a "white" icing cream doughnut. Not custard, not yellow, not fake supermarket air filled cream... the real thing! Lol... and the doughnut place is only a mile from where I live and no kidding, I have been looking almost every day for the last eight months to find one. Just last night I asked someone if they knew where I could find them.

September 26, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I met new people today, an Artist/Teacher named Laurens and his friend Vanessa. It was interesting to learn how Laurens has made a life through working and art but more interesting to hear his creative process with it all. As an artist he exhibits successfully! Vanessa is an environmental scientist living in Los Angeles and as beautiful as it can get. To get off the "danny brain track" in order to listen to others is not easy, a conscious choice and very worth it. I drove the Traveling Piano into Laurens back yard for picture and to create some swimming music as there was a beautiful built in pool back. Fun! Afterwards we all went to dinner at a nice Thai restaurant that was crazy because, I have walked by the place many, many times with specific curiosity over the last year.

It was I think, only the second time in a year that I ate at a restaurant! More income is needed. Laurens has his place here in Las Vegas, a place in Australia and in China. He has been building on his life both with the security of a home and his art since age 20. My life has not worked in his way concerning financial security although I did have the house, cars and "things." My strategy of survival has not been consistent in anyway. Although, I am very satisfied with my experiences. In a way I envy people who have been successful with both ways, consistently. It is what it is. No regrets. And... everyone has difficult times at different points in life. Laurens for example slept in his car for a period of time when he was young. I was making good money when I was young.

September 25, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I felt both good and just ok today. The weather makes me feel oh, so good! I wanted to create music but did not get the opportunity to do so. Instead, I had a meeting and also a talk with someone about China, a television show, etc... the creative process happening is very interesting. Presently it consists of just getting together for short meetings to throw a few ideas that may mean nothing but it is all something somewhere in the mix. I saw a deplorable act with a lot of homeless people at night being moved off a church property. I thought about how disrespectful the leaders are and how they did not even have the strength of character to do their own dirty work. They used the police, and were not helpful at all for people who are desperate. Why not go up to them and offer some food, talk and listen for a spell? The property is huge and a lot of money flows through this church compound.

Why not state the facts of how staying there would not be possible? Assuming that it would do not good for anyone in the crowd is a cop out. People smell respect easily, especially the homeless even if they do not show it. Find alternatives? At the very least, preach! That would surely get them to leave on their own. Also if the congregation came to talk all night with the homeless, it is common sense that they would eventually leave again, maybe with some respect. I want to tell the church that they do not own God's church property and their jobs as followers of Jesus Christ is to administer to the poor not bureaucratically but individually person to person. To sweep them away like trash disgusts me. I may go there tomorrow and try to be helpful with my thoughts face to face. My intent would have to be pure. Being honest with myself is a must. And then I wondered if my thinking was all a distraction from my needing to move on with my own life.

September 24, 2017

The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

We headed out to our monthly Traveling Piano commitment at the local food bank today and had musical fun, friendship and respect for the first time without an umbrella for the sun over the truck at the place. I wasn't even concerned about my bald head. Makes me almost want to cry, lol... for real. The brutal heat is gone. It was very debilitating. There were more people there than I can remember. Some of my neighbors came. My living situation is better as I have adjusted myself to a "I see nothing, know nothing, hear nothing" mentality although nothing happening outside of myself is any better, in fact its getting worse. I park my vehicle now in a spot not as good for the truck concerning the sun but I don't have to deal with a wacko neighbor how keeps messing with it so I don't park near where he lives. Asserting my rights to park where I want is not worth it.

September 23, 2017

Charleston, Maryland Blvd and Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

With practically no energy I took the Traveling Piano out because it was in my minds eye to do and it was such a beautiful day. I did not even get up until one in the afternoon. Maybe it was because of the gallon of ice cream I ate last night! Mo and I drove to an intersection that was perfect where I have not been able to go to all summer because it so exposed to the sun. The corner is an old huge abandoned parking lot/ food store. A guy I met at a concert last night who is a piano student, came by. An older woman strolling by climbed up into the truck for an opportunity to create music for the first time. The owner of the building came by to tell us to get off the property. While looking at the guy I thought, no wonder this place is a pit. His energy was in a deep dark pit. Afterwards, I drove to Sunset Park to create music just for myself in the back of the park in order to try and clear my head and push through some exhaustion. As the sun was setting we met two guys out for a walk and then it was a time for a walk myself with Mo.

September 22, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was one of those out of sorts days. Nothing went as planned but that was ok. My Chinese language class was cancelled but no one told me. I was playing outside on the street and the huge Life Is Beautiful music festival was getting under way. I felt like I wanted to feed off some of the energy and almost went to play on the circumference of the festival but it did not feel right. I played outside the Asian Cultural Center for about an hour until I pooped out. Everyone was going to the festival for an experience not musical relationship which is my thing. People enjoyed the music I was playing as they passed but no one wanted to get onto the piano for themselves. Its funny, when I get tired of creating music these days it is not like I wind down slowly. I'll be playing full energy and then I just die off. It is like the motor just quits kind of sudden like. At night I went to Alex Le's classical piano concert in town and it was the first time I have been to a classical concert in like twenty years. It was the first live concert I think in ten years! Alex is a seasoned Steinway Concert Pianist and I really enjoyed the experience. She has played on the Traveling Piano twice now.

September 21, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The weather feels so good! Mo and I took a drive to the Las Vegas Film office to maybe find some leads and ways to connect with the entertainment industry. If I am going to go into television I'll need a manager, find people who might be interested in producing, etc... I simply backed the truck into a parking space that was open right out the door and a lot of interesting connections happened immediately. Everyone from the office came out and wow, was that fun. They gave me a resource book, cap, bag, tea shirt... could not have been more friendly and interested. A woman who works a few doors down came over with her boss who owns an IT business. Coincidentally she was on the Traveling Piano four days ago on Mount Charleston.

Her boss was an excellent piano player. A woman came down from the balcony upstairs. She has a event management business and thought a client had sent an idea for her to use and loved what we had to offer. We exchanged contact information. Then Mo and I headed for the Asian Cultural center for the weekly taping of the Asian Cultural entertainment television show. There were two internationally known Chinese singers there and we connected. I also met people outside on the street with the Traveling Piano. The first ever Asian Cultural Day will happen in May, Nevada being the first state to sponsor such a bill and I have a huge opportunity to become a huge part of it maybe in China. God, please help me to learn how to speak Chinese because that is the only way it will happen.

September 20, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to the laundromat today. Washing my clothes takes a full day and involves changing the bedsheets, etc... ha, I keep trying to get my whites, white. Soaked them in a gallon of bleach in my tub for a half hour before washing and they came out dirtier? How does that work? Anyway, between the wash and dry cycles at the laundromat, I shared the Traveling Piano in the parking lot on this beautiful day. It feels almost autumn like and is a little weird after months of never dipping below a hundred degrees! My dream of taking the Traveling Piano to China can become real and all I have to do is learn to speak Chinese. I flunked out of Spanish and French and... can a sixty two year old man learn Chinese? What lengths am I willing to go to?

September 19, 2017

Lee Canyon, Nevada

The weather is changing, thank God! The last few months of heat was brutal. I spent the day writing a proposal, a pitch for Traveling Piano investment backing. It is the third one I've written this year. A huge music festival is happening this weekend and I met the director back earlier this year. A part of me wishes I would have pursued involvement. Tickets, the lowest price, $400 and they are sold out. I must figure out how I want to start making money again after twelve years, while being excited about it and not taking a step backward. The words "keep my dignity" comes to mind, ha! As a friend always says, I'll figure it out and I know I will, I always have. One day at a time.

September 18, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

While looking for another place to live I am very much reminded how sharing space with someone is to give up control of having space of my own. I did it for ten years with about a hundred fifty different people and it was difficult. With one person over and over, day in and day out and the space being theirs, me as a renter and not knowing them... I don't know about that. Also, it cannot be a parallel move it must be a step up with the quality of my life. One place I checked had a garage for the truck and that is a huge plus but the size of my living space is smaller than what I have now and with only bout the third of the light from outside. Onward... focus on my goals and agenda is most important. Every time I feel afraid and uncertain I turn to wanting to be productive with those feelings. I use the serenity prayer to have the peace of mind for acceptance, courage and change.

September 17, 2017

Lee Canyon, Nevada

Some people would like to say I am altruistic and I have said since the start of this journey... not at all. And also, I do not share my work through obligation as many religious do or to satisfy the expectations society can create or for the high of it, as in the illusion of anything else... I give in order to feel good. The feeling comes from an actual chemical in our bodies called oxcitosin. It has to do with feelings of love, trust, friendship... intense feelings of safety that someone has your back. Hugging gives it, physical acts like shaking hands, human bonds, acts of human generosity, the giving of time without expectation of anything in return works very well to create oxcitosin.

Nothing can equal the giving of time and energy and also sacrifice. The witnessing of generous acts also releases it. Mo and I drove to Lee Canyon as I am very much needing a nature fix. I am not feeling very secure financially. Meditation in nature always helps although I needed to create and release some oxcitosin more, so... I forced myself to extend some musical fun, friendship and respect with people we came across and then the good feelings came. Damm, I needed it! Every time I stopped at an overlook to take a picture of course we ran into some new friends.

There was also a little walking and picture taking and I was amazed how everything stayed so green in the desert throughout the brutal heat of the last few months. It was interesting to see how there is actually a fall environment starting in the desert with yellow mum type flowers or, it might have been ragweed. We met a group of people out collecting pine nuts. Driving on the way back I impulsively made a turn off the main road and drove on dirt for about a half mile and found myself in complete silence in cool desert air as the sunset. I created music for a short while and found the meditative place in my head that I was looking for. It came through the music and the silence and the peace of where I found myself in the moment.

September 16, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Pushing forward, the goal for China ever present and also immediate needs. I went to look into another roommate situation and the guy was not home when he said he would be. It was in a very nondescript neighborhood, no character, no aesthetics, nothing interesting anywhere. Onward... that means I began to zone out in uncertainty and with a lack of inspiration. I called a friend then took Mo for a walk. It was dark and I found a woman painting a silver bus near the bus terminal. Here art was intricate and beautiful and she inspired me to go get the Traveling Piano to create some music for her while she painted. It was also in the spot where I met a woman who drives a bus. I told her one day I would stop to create music for her. The bus artist loved my presence and music but dinner arrived so she went inside to eat as... the bus lady coincidentally passed by so... I drove up to where she had parked to wait for her next run and created music for her while she waited. There were a few other people around really appreciating the passion I was putting out musically. I was very tired but oh, how I needed to create music and did not realize it consciously. I released energy through my music that I needed to let go of.

September 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was very out of sorts when I woke up. Not feeling well, very lost concerning desire, focus and direction. Today was the kickoff event for the first ever Asian Cultural day in these here United States with the state of Nevada taking the lead. I told everyone I would be there with the Traveling Piano and so I prayed for desire to extend myself and to give everything I could for the event. It was sort of like a "fake it until you make it", "put one foot in front of the other" situation and of course it turned out wonderfully. It was a big event, lots of "bigwigs" with a lot of hoopla much more than I expected. Even though it still felt intimate. When everyone came outside for pictures I felt a little desire for attention but what I was doing with creating energy and an ambience was so good that the work I was doing surpassed any personal desire. I knew that people knew it was perfect and that they were enjoying it subconsciously if not consciously.

After thirty years of doing what I do, I can tell these things. There were so many personal photo opportunities I could see happening for the Traveling Piano but it was not the time or situation for that. Eventually, naturally I began to interact with people on the truck with the piano and that really brought me to life. I created music for hours and stayed outside almost the entire time for everyone arriving and leaving. As far as the ceremony inside, I've seen enough of those in my day so I wasn't really interested. Some people thought I was getting paid, others thought I was busking and then there were those who just experienced the fun without thought of agenda, which is the way I like it. Most people who think in terms of agenda would not be able to grasp that I was simply contributing and being part of for the sake of nothing more than Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. I'm finding that I must create my own self-respect these days as I get older, the truck looks older and I am not propping myself up as an entertainer or promoter.

September 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I walked to the Asian Cultural Center tonight and I felt detached. We did not stick around. Feeling part of is not easy for me. I woke up at 8AM with little sleep so I was determined to stay awake all day so I could get to bed earlier and wake up early again. I must... do this. It was one of those days where I kept telling myself not to think because none of the thinking would be helpful in fact there is just too much fear and separation in my head these days. I must find ways to inspire myself. Online I did a search for the Traveling Piano and a guy who has been cloning me for years dominates most of the search engine findings because all that comes up is media links. He's a media hound so over and over there are links about a guy who gave up everything to travel with his piano and dog, etc... its not me but my idea. Does being the original hold any clout? Lol. Also there is another guy who took my name for his performing and teaching business many years ago and he comes up because he must pay for ads online. Feeling less and less significant these days, I must reach from within to remember who I am and that is all there is. What I do, whatever legacy is left behind is not relevant to enjoying the present moment in life... through and in spirit.

September 13, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My life's destiny has been created from what has impressed me most... the intent that I have been able to trust from the actions and behaviors of people I consider most important. As a child there was an attempt to teach me what desires I should have in life. That did not work! Thinking about intentions as being good or bad well... early on in life my focus was on what others thought about my intentions especially bad thoughts they would have if only they knew what I was really about. As an a young man I became so focused on my desires there was no other thinking but for the desires in of themselves. Basic intent in life is more important than any desire. I was thinking about God and Jesus, etc... and I was thinking how the words "through him, in him, with him" work for me but ... "in the name of' not so much.

September 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I must give myself the feelings of friendship. No one can do that for me and be very aware not to shut down possibilities by pushing them away. Feelings of friendship are not natural for me. People having strings attached in relationship with me as in wanting something makes me wary but I also realize there must be something in common to feed off of in order to relate. People rarely reach out to me actually almost never I suppose because I have set my life up like that for better or worse. I don't have any natural feelings of friendship with people, thats just the way it has felt for me. I'm the one usually reaching out to get the feelings by calling people, telling that I need and want, etc... ugh. I do what is necessary.

September 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a low key day as I think about focus, staying connected with the world, contribution, what I want to do and/or can do... etc... There is a person I've been dealing with who has triggered issues from within myself dating back to when I was five years old. That amazes me that I can still have issues triggered but awesome that I can be aware and have choices on how to handle them. Now, it is a matter of which way to choose and how. I find it to be a mixture of my taking responsibility for myself but also addressing the person directly in a productive way to command the respect that is lacking. Ahh... relating to people, lol. Like I said before I did not have to deal with people on relational levels like now basically for twelve years. At most it was a week or so in visiting with someone but never ongoing. The fifty thousand or so people I have met with the Traveling Piano, they were all sweet interactions of fifteen minutes each and then done, gone... onward.

September 10, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I joined in the Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect of the First North American Guangxi Convention with the Traveling Piano here at the Asian Cultural Center in Las Vegas, Nevada today. I gifted the center with the Traveling Piano and was there "working it" four hours which is the longest time I have spent non-stop interacting with people in years. So, I'm tired but don't know it because it takes time to come down from being "on" for such a long time. Tomorrow, we shall see what it is like. (my energy level) When I got back to my place I thought, "What the hell am I doing?" Life does not feel clear and focused. I look at that as being in a state for potentially huge creativity.

September 9, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, I am living in a clusterfuck of crazy! Thank God I know it and so far I'm able to deal with it. That is, in the sense of what Sergeant Schultz from an old television show called Hogan's Hero's used to say over and over... "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!" People are great until you get to know them, lol. This apartment complex style living is not so great. Two apartments down from me another tenant moved out today because of bedbugs. Please God... not for me. After obsessing a bit over the hurricane forecast to hit Florida I took Mo for a walk and went to visit some friends to help keep sane. There are a lot of tools I have gathered in order to get through life and most of them are in play everyday. It is a lot of tools because I need a lot! The days are getting shorter fast. The sun goes down an hour earlier then it did just a few weeks ago.

September 8, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is difficult to get going these days. Nothings new, eh? Keeping the focus on the journey and getting to China is a challenge. While on the road thats easy because there is nothing but the focus. Living in one place with all the distractions of conventional living is different then constantly traveling. The temperature outside is luscious, a cool and balmy eighty degrees thank god, thank god, thank god. Once it got dark it rained for hours! Relief is on the way weather wise. Before the rain Mo and I went to the Asian Cultural center for some Chinese language lessons. The teacher was occupied with other students so a dad of one of the students who comes every week and who speaks Chinese helped me and I actually feel like I made some progress for the first time in two months. Outside, the manager of the place acted as translator for me with a few Chinese people on the Traveling Piano and she was excellent in helping out. The Chinese people I have been meeting are not shy at all and full of joy in my sharing the Traveling Piano with them.

September 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is actually some rain happening. The temperatures are dropping, thank God! I gave up on my truck repair guy and except what has been done and move on. I have not had much luck in finding capable repair people over the years. In any case the Traveling Piano has been tuned up which it really needed, has new tires, filter, etc... and as far as the stalling... it will not do it when I need it to show any repair guy so I'll just have to wait and deal with that when it permanently stops somewhere and I get stranded. Ugh, onward... I went out to create some music in the neighborhood just before it began to rain and well... I'm looking forward to doing this more as the weather cools down... to at least under a hundred degrees!

September 6, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The moon was as orange-ly bright as it could be tonight while rising. I could feel that there was going to be a full moon from all the energy around me. I am focusing on the present moment while always working to shut out negativity that I do not need and have no control over. Soon the brutal summer heat will leave and I will be able to get out more with the Traveling Piano and also get into some nature which is so very much needed. I hope I do that because complacency is so natural for me. No worries, when ever complacency comes on I always get pushed out of it whether I want to or not, lol. I feel Mo with me all the time and am very conscious to the fact. In the middle of the night when I wake I can feel him stretched out along my back as I sleep on my side and its very comforting. Oh, for the old days when I had my own money to go lend support to people with the Traveling Piano after disastrous world events like the recent hurricane in Texas and what is coming for the people in Florida. At least I did it when I could and was able to make a significant difference when possible. I'm also thankful it is all blogged here on this website over the years.

September 5, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My full time work these days is to keep a good frame of mind, be mindful, have as much in the present moment mindfulness as possible. I have a few friends keeping me afloat one major contributor helping me stay afloat, thank God... and I am laying low, keeping to myself away from the insanity where I live to avoid drama with all the rift raft living here. I go through gratitude points always, remind myself that I have options both good and bad, try to think about fun, friendship and respect... remind myself I have a roof over my head, a sense of security in many ways, food and most importantly Traveling Piano Dog Mo by my side, thank God, thank God... for him. I'm also feeding off the fact that one friend went down to the shore for the Labor Day weekend. The beach is my favorite place to be so I'm enjoying his having been there and also another friend has found a home to move into. Their having that newness, stimulation, empowerment and accomplishment makes me feel very good. Along with Mo I should mention also that I work to... remember to remember that I am not alone and have friends. That is work. And then there is music in my life. Thank God for that.

September 4, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been avoiding the news media publications online. There is nothing to find out that is worthwhile so it seems. All the worlds negativity is too much for me to take in right now. I have my own negativity to deal with. The ACTV news station which is part of the Asian Cultural Center here in Las Vegas called and asked if I would give an interview for the Sunday news show. Of course! I've avoided giving news interviews for a few years because they serve no good purpose except for viewers to be a voyeur and news stations to create and spin a story about me which I have no control over and cannot trust. Ten years ago the media was very different. Anyway, I have been trusting the people I have been relating with. A beautiful Korean pageant queen interviewed me and the segment was only seven minutes long. I think they wanted to get a feel of how I look and act on camera. It was fun and I'd like to do it more often. Its viewership here in Las Vegas is up to 200,000 on cable and worldwide via the app, in the billions.

September 3, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

One day at a time, one hour, one step, one breath... I drove the truck to the park after the sun went down. It has not been under a hundred degrees for weeks. The truck stalled three times after having it in the shop for a week and spending a thousand bucks. (which included new tires) It goes back in on Tuesday. They did not fix the horn and I don't even think they checked the battery or connections. Onward... It felt as good as it gets to be creating music just Mo and myself in the dark while looking at the moon in wide open space. I lasted about forty five minutes and felt an urge to push it further but reminded myself to stop before I was actually done so I would want to keep going tomorrow. It is key to always stop creating music while still interested and full of desire. When I begin again the starting point will be with the same feelings and thoughts that I stopped with. Afterwards I spent some time with a few friends.

September 2, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I forced myself to take the truck outside of Vegas to the Redrock overlook as it has been too long since I was last out there. Creating music after the sun went behind the mountains without it being too hot would be perfect. When I arrived the sun was still up but I found a tree where I could park that blocked it! That was more than just perfect. Not long after I began of course people were all around and I just continued to play like in years back. Everything was not always about interacting with everyone on the truck there was a time simply creating music for people. Everyone was stunned just watching me and I stopped to say, "your all supposed to be watching the mountains with the music." We all laughed and then the interactions began. I also took a short walk with Mo into the desert before it became too dark.

September 1, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano Truck repair has not been finished but I have had enough with waiting and the garage where the repair is happening will be closed until Tuesday so I took it out, will get the tires needed tomorrow somewhere else, and then take it back to get the repair finished next week. First thing, I hit the local streets before sunset and into the dark for some interaction and music with people. It only lasted about two and a half hours as the heat is just too much even at night and my stamina is not so great. I must find a way to practice somewhere because I'm losing not only my stamina but my finger muscle movement and power. Everyday, I must reevaluate my life, what has worth, what I want to do and if I can do it. Seems like I don't want to do anything until... I'm out doing my thing working with the truck. It is then I become full of life and joy and purpose. Mo... he just wants to interact with anyone possible all the time. Thank God for Traveling Piano Dog Mo!