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June 30, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm glad this fundraising push is over as of twelve midnight. I was always trying to just give in thinking other people would give back naturally. I learned that my giving, the thinking involved had strings attached like the expectation of obligation in getting back because I gave. That was the way my family operated big time. Or, I was in denial about my giving, was not being honest with myself by always giving to get. That turned into the idea of everyone taking from me until the "well ran dry." I used to give because I needed other people to give or act with me, for me, etc... Now i give for the sake of giving because that is the way it should be. We must all take care of each other. I learned that I must give first because everything starts with me, I am the original spirit of myself, everything comes from within to outward. That can be very difficult when a feeling of neediness takes control.

June 29, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been pushing to raise funding in order to continue. I found an old writing from 2012. It says, I'm not to sure about the "Life is a Lesson" concept but the idea helps to make it more interesting. Constantly I grapple with money, working, exchange in order to live. I got away from the "Chasing the Buck" idea. The idea of money just coming to me or finding ways to working for it... for the fun of it... that has not existed. In the past there has been too much drama, necessity and desperation, manipulation, control for survival attached. I knew that was wrong. Well, anyway... with this fundraiser I've been doing... it has been easier because I don't feel a sense of desperation and a friend, the one who has offered to double all contribution has made it almost fun because the two of us are in it together.

June 28, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is just more fundraising as much as possible for the next few days. I've chosen facebook as my platform of focus and the site has done nothing but hinder my ability and make it difficult by blocking my account access because two out of a hundred people mark off my request as spam. It is very frustrating. I began to feel depressed so I went to the park at sunset to sit by a lake. The water smells dirty but I don't care, its water and so hot and dry. I wanted Mo to run a little on grass verses cement and asphalt. I laid in the grass myself. There was some Traveling Piano music to be had which felt really good and a few girls found us to play and have pictures taken. The first thing I am going to do with the raised money is get a new music speaker. I have had enough with my broken sound system. Two more days to double your money with a contribution via a generous donor. Donate via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend

June 27, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I talked with my friend Sid today from Philadelphia. I used to perform in his Oreland 4th of July Parade back East for many years. He runs it for his local Lion's Club. It brought back memories and a feeling of nostalgia. Also with the 4th of July (and my birthday) coming up, that makes me feel lonely today as I really dislike being alone with out friends on the 4th or not the center of attention in a parade while making lots of money, lol! I've spent up to eight hours a day for the last month raising money to fix the Traveling Piano truck. I've raised as much as I would get paid for doing one 4th of July parade for an hour back 12 years ago. I'm always trying to understand what I am doing. It serves purpose for me on many levels. Raising money is just part of it. The fundraising to to create awareness, to give people the opportunity to share, I'm realizing how many people are enjoying seeing me succeed in their eyes as they feel an inability to contribute, ha... I also enjoy people who don't want to see me succeed... see me doing in it their eyes. There are many more reasons.

June 26, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The day was spent fundraising. I really, really dislike it but there is no one else to do it for me so... it is what it is. I like that I have matured through the process through the years. Everything is much more objective. Emotion does not work well with fundraising. I am interested over the fact that nothing has come from anyone reading this blog. I know many people read it. I know lots of people check in from time to time and... there has been the contribution link on ever page for two years and... nada. Whats that about? I am not allowed to get frustrated, disappointed or angry over that and must stay consistently conscious and honest about it. The decision I made to have this website without obligation or expectation takes work! This blog is first and foremost for me and not to get anything from outside of myself. It serves many outside of myself purposes, but none of them are related to basic intent. Anything that comes from the website outside of myself is icing on the cake, consequences. To expect anything as a result of this blog would be like expecting something from the people I am having an exchange with from the Traveling Piano. Anyway, with that said...

With the hope of a couple thousand people reading this and caring to support... A generous donor has offered to match all contributions until June 30th for new tires, brakes, a tuneup, carburetor, etc... The Traveling Piano collects no fees, tips, has no commercial affiliation. Donate via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend

June 25, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I must remember that I am sixty two years old when it comes to working outside in 110 degree heat, especially considering how much energy I put out with the Traveling Piano. Today being the last Sunday of the month, I went to the local food bank at a Veterans Village. It is a commitment I made for myself, the first since the journey began. The people like me, appreciate what I have to offer and participate in the fun by getting onto the piano for themselves. They are my neighbors! The umbrella I've been using for shade, saved my ass. Mo's ok because he's not moving around and just hangs out in the shade on the piano but he was ready when it was time to go! Still, he'd rather be in the heat than bored to death doing nothing in the cool micro apartment we are in. While playing music I realized it is impossible to have both good and bad thoughts at the same time. All my thoughts were focused on musical fun, respect, friendship and... a sense of community.

My neighbor Bobby who doesn't have a piano to play on found us and he always takes advantage of the opportunity to create music. He's a good piano player! With all the good thoughts and feeling, that is how I was able to play the piano and interact with people for two hours! The heat was not an issue because I was focused on joy and appreciation! Of course now a few hours later, the heat of the moment has caught up with me, lol. I became wiped out for the entire day, not able to do anything else. Have you made a contribution for the Traveling Piano? 6 more days of double your money. A generous donor has offered to match all contributions until June 30th for new tires, brakes, a tuneup, carburetor, etc... We collect no fees, tips, have no commercial affiliation. Donate via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend

June 24, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I got freaked out by Mo last night. We went for a walk around 11pm and when we returned his heart body was palpitating for a long time way too fast. Its over a hundred degrees all night long. He gets so hot he can't even think to respond to my commands. That made me get up at five thirty in the morning to get him out for some exercise. Can you believe 95 degrees felt like a relief? We went to a park with grass and I ended up playing some piano and even interacting with people. I broke my record for the earliest start ever with music. Lol, I was creating morning music for those getting up in the park who had been sleeping there all night. By 9AM it was too hot again to do anything. I'd like to ask you to make a contribution for the Traveling Piano, any amount will help. As you may know I do not collect fees, tips, or have any commercial affiliation. This is what makes the Traveling Piano special. A generous donor agreed to match all contributions for the month of June. This is an opportunity to replace the truck's tires, brakes and give it a tuneup which is really badly needed. Donate via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend

June 23, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was thinking about when a television station came by while I was creating music at a food bank. It was hot, fathers day... the volunteers were not interested and I was not interested in being fodder for television viewing voyeurism. The people standing in the food line were like, "you think I want to be on television so everyone can see I'm standing in a food line"? Was this so the viewers at home can sit in their comfortable armchairs chairs to see how the poor people are suffering in the heat and how there are those helping them and... how they can feel inspired and connected without doing anything? Not on my watch, not in these present times! Lol... I was thinking, come work with us to get your "fix," lets get real and then we can put that on television! They camped out until they got tired of waiting for me to go back to work and finally left. Then there are those that will say, "but the exposure you could get." If there is one thing I have learned from my past as a performer for 20 years is that exposure is worthless unless it is backed up with action to facilitate it. In of itself it does nothing.

June 22, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a constant between 100 and 120 degrees, 24 hours a day everyday and life is a challenge in dealing with it. When I walk I take extra water to give out to people living on the street. Last night one guy was so desperate for some relief... it just makes me think how everyone is needed to help with a take care attitude for other human beings whether they think they deserve it or not. I took Mo out about 12 midnight for a walk. He did a short sprint across a parking lot and got dizzy from it. His body makeup is fragile and always has been as he is a designer dog, not hearty like natural breeds. Its interesting with his thin coat of hair he can handle freezing temperatures much better than heat. I watch his every move all the time when outside and carry water and a bowl with me all the time. Myself, I must keep an acute check on every moment. Sometimes I'm out for only five minutes and must turn around to come back in because I can feel my body getting too hot, or drying out, or my heart palpitating... from simply walking. Until the end of the month, all contributions will be doubled so please just do it! Contribute towards the Traveling Piano's upkeep.

June 21, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

With the intense heat my focus has been more on hanging out with people living on the streets while they suffer and... they are in fact suffering. I found some hydration stations around town as well as cooling down centers that I have been telling people about. As I have been looking back to different periods of time throughout this journey and I say to myself, "Did that really happen?" I've been to some incredible places and have been in amazing situations. All there is to feel and think about it with it all is pure, 100% gratitude and... I just keep going because the work serves as much purpose, even more than my personal experience of it all. What I miss most in my present environment is constant new stimulation of nature as in lush greenery, the beach, simply driving into something new although I do treasure the little things in life as much as the big parts of this adventure. I have some stones I've collected along the way in my micro studio apartment and enjoy them everyday. There are four small house plants that are growing with my constant attention. That is really, really big time enjoyment for me, lol! Its true.

A generous donor has offered to match all contribution for the month of June. This is a great opportunity to replace the Traveling Piano's bald tires, brakes and give it the first tuneup in two years. The Traveling Piano collects no fees, tips, has no commercial affiliation. It is about community relationships with no other agenda than Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. Please make a contribution. Not only will your money be doubled... 100% of it goes into the work. Donate via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend Help us to pay forward your care for our world!

June 20, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well now! I got up at 6am. The Center of Las Vegas where I took the Traveling Piano to share on the anniversary of the Orlando, Florida massacre a few days ago... the center asked if I would come back for their Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast today. Although I do not do events or anything with obligation or expectation like this I decided to change that fact in the spirit of family and neighborhood especially concerning the current political climate in this country. Also, I do want to get up earlier and... if I was going to create music today, early in the morning was the only possible time as we are in a severe heat wave. It is a hundred and seventeen degrees outside right now and that is no joke. I met the mayor of Las Vegas who attended the event. She wanted her picture taken with Mo and I. Her husband is from Philadelphia, PA where I originally came from. This commitment today was the catalyst to get me out of bed. I must find ways to get up in the morning out of commitment for myself. In any case I felt appreciated and am glad I did it.

They originally asked what my fee would be and I said they could make a contribution to the fundraising I am doing but not to tell me beforehand what that would be, lol. I'm not holding my breath about it and I'm fine with having done it for the journeys agenda only. I am always getting a clearer picture of how people are simply people and what that means. People are human beings, spirit manifest. Lets keep it simple. To identify by through gender identity, sexual preference, religion, disability, perversion, nationality, race, social class, age, ability, etc... I mean it can all get ridiculous and troublesome. Blue, Owen and Finley found us today. Blue and Owen have known each other for eleven years. They are both transgendered and now legally married men. Owen birthed Finley three weeks ago and I hope they all live happily ever after. I know its difficult for most people to wrap their brains around this but... why bother trying? They are all simply human beings full of love and joy with a desire to share and be of service to life through happiness.

June 19, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, I met Warren Williams yesterday and he wrote a poem about our conversation and musical interaction. I want to share it with you. He knows what life is all about for sure and he "gets" me and my work, what I do. A freind said he caught my esscense and I agree. This makes my spirit feel grand!

Hear da Piano, 'tat Music to Me, Soul
by Warren Williams
(Inspired by hearing The Traveling Piano of Danny Kean, Pianist, June 18, 2017 at Veteran's Village)

the world is a sound of silent peace
music to those who know its truth
listening I smile hearing heaven sing
as thoughts ponder the noise of conflict

noise of hate envy violence war
noise of greed politics corruption sin
noise of guilt regret denial rejection
noise of people killing one another as sport and play

noise of racism wrongism without optimism
noise of bias prejudice bigotry of ignorance
say what you mean, have them hear Truth sincerely
look 'em wicked noise makers in their eyes

echo to them, "you're warped; get some spirituality
not more excuses with religious pessimism
no more denial of your beliefs you defend to live wrong
cease keeping pride in making home hell for others

silence the noise of Complaining fussing legislating
silence the noise of petitioning protesting debating
silence the noise of opinions against words doctrines opposing theories
silence the noise of policies made to delete law; for laws to quash the policies of failure

waking walking meeting yaw out here
Whites Blacks Browns Yellows Reds
Are we all people or different species
like keys on a piano never played

I heard that piano, for real I did, soothing deep river liquid tones...
a tranquilizing piano neutralizing without keys, a pianist without fingers
that there piano is a shadow, a ghost, a spirit, one song generalizing what's best for all
pianist, piano, keys, fingers all one medicine, one rhythm, one cure, a spiritual reality tuning the world to heal

The Real world, is paradoxical, it's garden fragrance quiets human noise
nature is universal silent music; peace, inhaling truth exhaling love, makes harmonic melody
Listen to the holistic style, Heaven's Piano, freely expressing what makes us share laughter, hearing God sing,
"Hear My Piano Divine, Conform to its Righteous Spiritual Musical Order; It's Me; Caring Heart, Helping Soul. Improvise. Live
Boogi-woogie, Ragga, Ragtime, Honky tonk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Make peace, you all, your Cakewalk Repertoire."

Copyrighted 2017 By Warren Williams, Las Vegas, Nevada June 18, 2017

June 18, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat is no to be believed. Its now 9PM again, and over a hundred degrees outside in the dark. Everyone keeps saying it will be constant and this is nothing compared to what July will be like! I've been sitting by the pool with my coffee in the morning and the enjoyment of my coffee has been greatly diminished. Who wants to drink hot coffee in a hundred degree heat? Lol, by eleven in the morning the temperature reached 108 but that did not stop us from creating some joy, sharing music and hanging out with our neighbors at the local food bank for Father's Day 2017! All we needed was an umbrella for shade and some cold water. My neighbors were so happy when we arrived and I am so grateful to be able to have been there. When I was thirty years old I once worked in a hundred six degrees so I was curious to what would happen and... if I could do it at age sixty two.

But really... it was about today being Father's Day in my neighborhood at a local food bank that operates in a genuine manor. That is what gave me the ability. The umbrella worked perfect the first time I used it but now every time it keeps falling off the truck and it has been a pain in the ass. Today a guy was standing next to the truck as it fell and he said that all I needed was a few bungie chords. That felt like a direct message from another sphere, some would say God, it felt like from an angel but whatever... there is nothing inside the piano except for a bag of bungie chords that I had forgotten about until that moment! Problem solved. After two hours I was done. Mo and I rushed for my air-conditioned room. It is a hundred eleven degrees and I felt fine. My broken music speak loved the heat today. The usual distortion did not exist! Please make a contribution. You can read below on this blog why! It is a great opportunity.

June 17, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is going to be between a hundred five and a hundred fifteen degrees everyday for the next week. As I walk Mo while sucking in hot dry air, I tell myself it is no different than walking in temperatures of minus zero which I have done. It is simply the opposite extreme. Right now at 9:00PM it is a hundred two degrees outside my door. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the fundraising a little bit. We are up to $676 and I am sure I know why. In the past I have gone through hell because of the way people respond negatively and those who do not respond at all. You know... expectations, they can really make life difficult. This time I constantly remind myself as I am sending out requests or answering people who say no... "Danny, you know nothing, you have no idea whats going on, you know nothing." Its working as I'm not taking anything personally.

I don't know what people are thinking, what their situation is, what they understand or do not understand... I know nothing, lol! But... I do know how you can make a contribution. You can do it via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend The goal is $2100 for truck tires, brakes and a needed tuneup. A generous donor has agreed to match all contributions for the month of June. This is a great opportunity. Not only will your money be doubled, 100% of it goes directly the Traveling Piano's work!

June 16, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night... wow, Mo and I came close to well it sounds a little dramatic to say we almost died... because we didn't and it was never in the cards and I know it. But... in the middle of the night I heard two short sirens outside that seemed to stop nearby and it was strange. About a half hour later the entire apartment complex fire alarm system went off and I got up to look out the door and could not see anything because of thick black smoke. Then it began to fill the room as I gathered my computer hard drives, whatever cash I had and Mo's leash. We got outside as other residents were getting out while trying to get some sense of what was going on. I could barely see and had to leave the Traveling Piano truck in the lot where it was because I was sucking in smoke and worried about Mo's sucking it in too. If fire had engulfed the building it would do the same with the truck. Anyway, the fire was in the abandoned motel next door and it was roaring. I was told about thirty homeless people were running out of there like cockroaches.

The experience was surreal and its going to take a few days to process. It was hot with no air movement so the smoke which was also hot just sat in a two block area. Anyway, the trucks sun reflector cover has been working but after a month has disintegrated. It was working until it wasn't. I'll need to get another because even with protection, the piano and equipment is frying under the sun everyday. Enough of that. Please contribute now, to help us continue caring for people. A generous donor has offered to match all contributions for the month of June to replace the Traveling Piano's truck tires, brakes and a tuneup. You can do it on Facebook. Also via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend The goal is $2100 for truck tires, brakes, carburetor and a needed tuneup.

June 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was going through some photos and of course memories flood in. While lending support down in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina with the Traveling Piano, I met Cory who was traveling to Uganda with a sewing machine to teach people escaping from the bush how to stitch hammocks to play in, sleep and possible sell for income. In 2008 I sold my house to fund the Traveling Piano's journey and gave away most of my possessions. I had a truck load of quality fabric I could not throw away. Piano Dog Boner and I drove up to Canada to gift the fabric for Cory's cause while creating some Traveling Piano fun! Then there was time spent on skid row in Los Angeles over a period of two weeks. I'm so glad all this is blogged daily... I would never remember. And then... Mexico in 2007, what a blast that was.

I've been wondering if I have been losing fear or I just don't put myself in fearful situations anymore because when I went into Mexico not knowing a word of Spanish or where I was going... I was freaking out at times of course while loving every moment. Contribute now, to help us continue caring for people. A generous donor has offered to match all contributions for the month of June to replace the Traveling Piano's truck tires, brakes and a tuneup. You can do it on Facebook. Also via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend The goal is $2100 for truck tires, brakes and a needed tuneup.

June 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Through a force of nature beyond myself I awoke at 7am this morning, felt an urge to have half a melon and a bowl of granola before driving out into the desert for the 1st hike in a month... before the sun got too strong! Wow, I needed that! It was short and sweet. Mo needed water twice. Me... get up at 7 and go for a hike... lol, lol, lol. Very weird. It was like spirit was moving through me. On the way back we stopped to create some music in a park, in the only parking spot with shade with a lot of homeless people sleeping everywhere. There was a guy originally parked in the spot and I asked him how long he was going to be there. Like he knew I was coming or what I am about (he didn't)... he asked me if I wanted for him to move and then did. The music I played was very considerate to the environment and everyone resting.

The joy in having people complete exasperated in trying to survive applaud while never looking up from the ground and thanking me as I left... its very significant. I drove back to the apartment as it was hitting 100 degrees in temperature and fell asleep for an hour. Then I got up and worked five hours straight looking for money for my fundraiser to get new Traveling Piano tires, brakes and a tuneup. A generous donor offered to match the total contribution for June. In the picture from the hike, check out the trees to get a perspective. So, as the day ends I say to myself, "did I just do all that?" It feels like I lived through two days. Contribute something, help me out through this website on the "Contribute Here" link to the left or via the GoFundMe banner on this page, ok?

June 13, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was a lost day with little ability to focus. I'm kicking myself over not being able to go on a hike, go to a movie, do anything for myself and I got up at twelve noon. I was trying to meditate and could not focus on one breath without five thoughts going through my mind from every direction. At night I did go meet with some friends and that demanded a half hour walk each way which brought me somewhat to life. Mo... his consistent companionship, thank god for Mo. He's very, very special and sensitive and loving and responsive and present and willing and I could go on for a page on how my partner creates stability for my emotional state of mind. He's the best!

June 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

We visited the Las Vegas LGBT center today to lend support marking the first anniversary of the worst mass shooting in United States history... in Orlando, Florida a year ago today. It was a hate crime against homosexuals. Oh, how so many people in the world would like to forget it, eh? Those who speak out with intolerance towards homosexuality... I hold them responsible for this massacre here within our families. It is not a political issue, it is a humanitarian issue and we must all make a statement, speak out in public against violence and the idea of weaponry. What an illusion of security owning a gun is! I have been drawn to the gun issue many times during this journey... its all here in these blogs and I will stand by my personal commitment to calling out the insanity of it and how we must not allow ourselves to become desensitized to gun murder. Those people who's minds have been warped and blind to spirit, I would like to sink some respect into each and every one of them! 1/2 million Americans have been killed and injured by guns in the five years since the Sandy Hook shooting and Orlando mass shooting today and potus is silent. You too?

June 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I have not been out hiking in nature for weeks. That can be dangerous for my emotional state of mind. Nature feeds my love for life. The heat is partially responsible as are new activities in my life. It is very difficult for me to juggle all the old thoughts with the new ones in my head. Im used to getting up, going out with the Traveling Piano, coming back and documenting and posting it all online while in between arranging the next place to stay. Now there are many more aspects to my life. New focus, scheduling, working to keep my mind straight... it is not easy. Fundraising is most important right now as a generous donor has agreed to match all donations for the month of June. If you reading this, please contribute. You can do it on Facebook. Also via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend The goal is $2100 for truck tires, brakes and a needed tuneup. The sun reflector for the truck is disintegrating. It worked great for a month! Need to figure out something. It was working great until it wasn't.

June 10, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've made a monthly calendar. It has been at least twelve years since I did anything like that. Structure is once again entering my life with scheduled tasks. Do I like it? It is what it is. If anything, it is a sign that I am in fact transitioning with my life once again and that fact is good. My life does not work with complacency, never has, never will. The fundraiser I've started for new brakes, tires and a tune up for the Traveling Piano is happening. I'm up to $321 of the $2100 goal. It is very interesting as I have tried fundraising so many times in so many ways and finally... I feel good about it without expectations and disappointment or aggravation over perceived reasons why people don't give. I think it may be that I'm maturing but maybe more so that someone has joined me in it, suggested it... a donor willing to match whatever I raise for the month of June. Mo and I found a ward of Mormon 18 to 32 year olds distributing food for the Las Vegas Food Bank through Lutheran Social Services today. It is always good to see people of different faiths working together. Especially when I can work with them too... and get some food at the same time! :)

June 9, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Going with the flow in this ever changing world of uncertainty is a challenge but I'm up to it... I think. It used to be just my life being uncertain. My world and my life are now as one. I went to my second Chinese Language class today and was 99% clueless as to what was going on the entire time . They all might was well have been speaking a foreign language for all I know. Thats a joke, but I was in fact clueless. It was two hours long and I don't have an attention span of two hours for anything like that. A five year old in the class who was sitting next to me and has already learned some and was able to pick up everything being said while I picked up nothing. By the end of two hours he was squirming and I thought, "how come he is allowed to squirm and as an adult I'm not allowed." I was completely out of my environment in not being in total control as the teacher myself, in being a simple student along with everyone else, relating with other students, etc...

I was never, ever comfortable in a classroom environment even as a kid. This was the first classroom situation I've been in since I was 18 years old, lol. It was humbling and good for me. Afterwards I shared the Traveling Piano with a few of my fellow students. I'd like to find someone who speaks Chinese to shadow me with the Traveling Piano so I can go to Chinatown here in Las Vegas and learn how to converse. Afterwards I headed down to Owens and Las Vegas boulevard where a lot of homeless people hang out. There a guy I know there with a half an arm who juggles tennis balls. He came a running up to us with a tennis ball for Mo and then began to work the corner of the street juggling for tips with my music to inspire him. He is literally, mostly crazy but had the clarity to come up to me before we left saying, "man, I really respect what you do." He gave me a good feeling.

June 8, 2017

Henderson, Nevada

Dear God, I have a problem. I took Mo to the dog park today and some guy had his "open carry" by law, gun with him. Whenever I see these people with their guns, an attitude of pretentiousness always accompanies them and that tends to enrage me, hence my problem. I mean really, at a dog park why does anybody need to be showing off their gun. It simply is not necessary unless it defines who they are. I thought about going over to ask if his gun was replacing his dick in order to feel like a man or is he just too afraid not to carry a gun. Anyway, onward... then over the last couple of weeks I was thinking about the constant smell of skunk in the air here in Las Vegas and where their could possibly be skunks. I figured it out today. Its pot. Our society has no clue to the growing weed epidemic now that selling pot has become an industry. Worse, they have no clue to the ramifications. I do... and I can tell you the ramifications are not good. The smell is everywhere. On a better note, we met a guy with a most curious dog and had some Traveling Piano fun with them. After that I wrote this blog, I got into bed to hide under the covers. Its a full moon.

June 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

A generous donor has agreed to match all Traveling Piano contributions for the month of June! Hopefully I will be able to replace the Truck Tires (they are bald) and Brakes (screeching) as well as get the 1st tune up (putt, putt, putt) in two years. Please contribute. Along with a check, money order and a variety of other ways (private message me for information)... I just created a button for you to contribute directly on Facebook. Also via this Traveling Piano Website Here: No Fees Deducted If You Send as a Friend The goal is $2100. Lets do this, lets have some fun together!

June 6, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am in a really good place to live for several reasons. It is affordable and on the strip of Las Vegas. The idea of that is fun for me. My place has safe parking for the Traveling Piano in a gated lot, behind a wall where the truck is not seen from the street and I can see it from my apartment. This is a primary concerns for living anywhere... Mo is welcomed, there are a lot of diverse, decent people in my complex. I am in the Arts District around my kind of people. There is opportunity for doing just about everything. I know in spirit I am serving a purpose here in community not only with my immediate neighbors but with the people living on the streets with simply my presence. That means a lot to me. All utilities are included, the internet connection is decent. The sun shines through my window everyday. I have a city view from the second floor. Ability for social interaction is abundant and I can always retreat to my secure and quiet (with the air conditioner running) micro size room, lol. The heat and strong sun create limitations for work and moving around but every environment has its hassles. There is a tradeoff for living in everyplace except maybe if I was on a beachfront. That... would, well no even with that I would want a change after awhile. It would be after a long while tho, ha! I do miss lush greenery and babbling brooks. But the main thing is there is no way I can become complacent here. The dirt, the danger! I am in the mist of inner city transient drug dealing, alcoholism, thieves, prostitution and desperate people who are homeless. All of that reminds me that this apartment is a stepping stone only. My focus is to transition and move on. Where I do that does not matter and Las Vegas provides all the opportunity needed for now. But "complacency" is the key word... that is what I tend to want in an illusional sense so my reality will not let it. I guess, because I chose to live life verses wither and die into nothingness.

June 5, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

A woman asked me if I was a Christian. For me this has always been like someone asking me if I am gay but anyway, I told her that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that I prefer people experience that fact by witnessing my life and not through words or books. It is really nobody's fucking business. I didn't say that last sentence. Hahaha... It is sort of like tipping the piano man a dollar bill. I realize they are seeking a way to connect, embrace, accept etc... but its all about them!!! Ha. I just deal with it. The encounter did bring up a question for me. I have often invoked the spirits of my friends to be with me. I want for them to enjoy my heaven here on earth with me, friends both alive and passed. I talk to God, the universe, whatever with gratitude but I don't talk to Jesus like I do my friends Gertrude and her sister Mary (who died before I met her) etc... Why not? His entire message here on earth was that he is the same as me. His goal was not to be put on a pedestal so that people only looked at him from a place of need or adoration. He was not into the patriarchal, matriarchal, hierarchical class system with relationships. Where's the sharing in that picture? Just because Jesus doesn't need or specifically want as far as I know... does this mean don't waste the energy or bother to invoke his presence with everyone else? Is he too special, above, to good, perfect, almighty... to place with everyone else in my life?

June 4, 2017

Boulder City, Nevada

Oh my God lush green grass and trees! Mo and I drove with my neighbors Tim and Jess and their two dogs to Boulder City to be in a park, you know... anything other than a desert park. It felt very, very good. We planned to get there before the sunset when the temperature would be better. It is now over a hundred degrees everyday and I am constantly told... just wait, its going to get real bad for a couple of months without any relief. Well, for today Mo and I got some needed desert relief. He could not have shown his appreciation more for a bit of the old days in a green countryside type environment. There were lots of other dogs there and the people were very chill and relaxed. Everyone just sitting in the grass, lots of talking and just hanging out. I drove with Tim and Jess as there was no way I could have just hung out and relaxed without sharing the Traveling Piano parked on the street. I would have been "working it" as the place was a perfect environment for the Traveling Piano. I will do that another time.

June 3, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, that was a lot of writing for yesterdays blog so I'm just going to keep it short today. It got up to 114 degrees in the shade outside my door and once I got Mo out for a late night walk it was still 90 degrees. Mo's having difficulty with the heat. It is nice when we are not moving and just sitting in the shade but anything else... and with his paws on the hot ground... we need to be careful. The interaction I had to have yesterday has been on my mind and it hurts because all I want is peace and harmony, especially when my work is involved. Sometimes, it is just not possible. With Mo... it is always possible to be in peace and harmony with him. My pup grounds me in love, peace, harmony... everything that is most important for life.

June 2, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went for my second Chinese Language class today, the teacher was a no show. Onward... I almost forgot that today is First Friday... a large Arts District "community" event, but it is really all about bringing business into the area. As far as being "in it" I have no desire as I have said many times in the past... did that, done that, there is nothing "in it" for me except for the idea of being burnt out from the work as I performed for events like this for twenty years before this present journey. The business organizers can't pay me enough (because they can't deliver the respect) for what I have to offer. As far as I am concerned, fees are absolutely part of any obligation and expectation associated with "community business" events I participate in. Some musicians participate satisfy ego at no cost. That is not something I have ever been interested in. All it is for me would be a large responsibility that I take on with any work paid or not.

Community of course is very important to me so I did take the Traveling Piano out into my area of the neighborhood as I do on a continual basis anyway. But I did it away from all of the nights hoopla as in the spotlights, barricades, vendors, etc... The Traveling Piano was set up directly across the street from my apartment... just me, Mo and the Traveling Piano for my neighbors that live in the nearby apartments, one house (lol) and in the alleys as well as for any visitors that passed by. My goal as always is to establish relationship and a feeling of friendship, respect and fun with everyone through the unconditional sharing of music without any fees, tips, or commercial agenda. That is what we did and it felt very gratifying. Especially as I felt no financial work type of pressure. I did post online when we would be out there and a time frame for local online community groups hoping someone would stop by for a visit. Still, if I decided to not do it... I had no one to answer to but myself.

A neighbor came over at the start. He was thrilled, had seen Mo and I several times in the past but we never connected before. After a period of time of getting to know each other, politics entered the conversation. How I wish I could just block out what is happening in the world right now concerning politics. Always, I am working on that. Along with the guys anger and prejudice over the local people living in the alleys or anywhere else they can find to sleep... in being feed up with all the drug addicts and thieves in his face everyday, he revealed that he is a trump supporter. Basically, in his opinion, if they can't get their act together to his liking and ways, let them suffer and die, get out of his face and space, they all deserve what they have chosen. The largest problem with this type of thinking is that it comes from a place of self-centered anger. It is really anger from his lying to himself as to who he is in spirit. His anger helps him to negate responsibility for others. I told him... "Your mind has become warped. As a result you have become blind to the truth of spirit. Our purpose in life is to have empathy and compassion for all. It is not a "movement" for you to create a "label" with in order to manifest prejudice for yourself." He said that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I replied with the fact that Hitler was not entitled to his opinion nor is any world dictator, demagogue or authoritarian.

I said, "it is a challenge as well as a daily practice for me to have empathy and compassion for people like you". He continued to try and argue, analyze, disseminate, compare, confuse, rationalize, etc... and I just said NO with it all. When you are in the truth of your spirit... none of that is necessary. True love needs no explanation, understanding or justification. Being honest with your true self in spirit is key and again... a practice. It comes from feelings of goodness. I stood my ground firm and strong and did not take any bait for argument. (that too, is a practice) I simply repeated the basic truth of spirit until he gave up and left. It hurts for me to have done that. It hurt the love of my work, it hurt that I hurt his desire to enjoy everything about the Traveling Piano... to have maybe felt some humiliation over the experience but... I must be responsible with what is happening all around me in the world. That is more important. The hate, the lack of care, compassion and empathy... I must stand up to it with the truth of spirit face to face with as many people as possible. We all know on some level what is good and we must now speak out for goodness more than ever. I will not allow anyone in my face to blatantly lump all homeless people into a group of losers to reject as worthless souls. Thank god all that bullshit ended and then the night became relaxed and perfect.

We hung out with visitors, for the first time people living in the alleys actually came out of them to hang out with us for the music. They usually listen from a distance. Trust builds from respect, the truth and people who want the truth can smell it. One woman laid on the ground nearby to totally soak in the moment. Another friend came and sat with her. That of course happened until the huge red cockroaches took over their spot. People from all walks of life stopped to spend some time, some very seedy, some not. I was careful the entire time for all the obvious reasons... the darkness, heat, crazy people, drugs, neediness... the last part of the night I spent with one of my neighbors. We got to know each other better. His name is Tim and a few days before when I dropped my camera, he was the guy who brought up the idea of my being present or not. I grabbed the word over the course of conversation and have been holding onto it for dear life. Stay present Danny, in the truth of spirit, anger cannot take hold in the present moment. In fact... everything heals in the present moment. In fact I attribute my awareness and consciousness of being present with the camera situation taking care of itself as I mentioned in yesterdays blog.

June 1, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another experience happened today somewhat like what happened last month with flapping under the truck engine roof. The camera fixed itself. I picked it up and noticed a low battery sign. When I dropped it the other day and again the day after when I was trying to get it to work the display was just not there. I put in a fresh battery. Then I noticed the lens itself was working and have no clue as to why. Both parts that were broke... working like nothing was ever wrong. It is... a miracle. Mo and I went to the park at sunset and I created music, we met some people, had some intimate conversation about how the experience was healing, went for a walk. Please make a contribution via the menu link to the left of this page or below on the GoFundMe link. Every contribution for this month will be match by another contributor. This is an opportunity to get some Traveling Piano truck work done. It is very much needed.