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May 31, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The last day of May, oh my God. Time... moving... on. I spent most of the day deleting correspondence from Facebook over the years. When reality hits about all the conversations, friends, contacts, interactions, people I've blocked, unfriended, everyone I have ever known on Facebook and what I've said to them, every single word, something like over 20,000 people over the years and all my personal conversations... it is all there to be used, manipulated, sold... no. I'm taking it all off. As I was going through it I was shocked in thinking how all my thoughts and interactions are online for others to use for nothing but self-serving agenda... at my expense. Even if I close the account... its all there. Delating everything does make a difference.

A friend has offered to match all the contributions for the month of June to help me out. There might be one or two unless I really, really work it which I think I am going to do. At this point not only do I not have the resources, I now don't have the equipment to do the journey. I need a new eight hundred dollar speaker, the camera, the truck has not had a tune up in two years, the tires are bald, brakes screeching, insurance due... need to register it and get the inspection, smog test, etc... so looks like June will be filled with fundraising in order to continue. One-on-one giving with 100% of the contribution going to the journey, this is the way I want to do it and it has always been the way. No fees, tips, commercial affiliation, government support, etc...

May 30, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was telling a neighbor about my camera breaking again, trying to explain how my mind was not clear when I let it hit the ground and he clarified in saying I was not present. That... is what has been happening. Why... my mind has not been present does not matter. It is the fact that I must become more "present" ...so I can accomplish more in life and do it with clarity. I was thinking about the Traveling Piano experience. The discovery starts with the hearing of something someone has never heard before. They try they try to discern the sound they hear in the distance with what they know, can associate with but... there is nothing but beauty and a perfect pairing of musical sound with nature. People tell me it is like a piano but not quite, like a harp somewhat and think must be recorded but as they listen, realize it is not. The music they are hearing is unlike anything they have ever heard before. It should be new age but cannot put it into that category because it is too unique. Attraction is the key word people use in why they seek it out, more than curiosity but of course there is curiosity. They find themselves interested in what is and... then they discover and see. That is when I include them to become part of the experience and not just be an observer.

May 29, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It being Memorial Day, Mo and I specifically went to visit Veterans Village, a community for Veterans because... I have been getting to know several female vets and wanted to honor them specifically today. There's the issue of government using men for war and then discarding them when done and then there is even the next layer down... the women who serve with so little respect that many people do not even know there have been women who serve. The women I know have been Marines, in the Army, Airforce and Navy and... we had a good time today also with some of the other residents. The heat was almost unbearable but the new umbrella really helped. Also today, I came across about a hundred high end Trader Joe pre-made salads that were about to be tossed so I took them home with me and gave them out to my neighbors. It was shocking to realize how many people living in my small complex need food, how many said they had none, one guy had not eaten for three days and I am not exaggerating or making this up!

On the street before dark I shared the Traveling Piano with one new neighbor I had met and when I was finished, with the heat and exhaustion from the day I opened the truck door... the camera fell out onto the hard ground. I always put it in a certain spot where it is accessible for me on quick notice but where it is not visible to be stolen when I'm not using it. It is right on the door and I forgot. Both the lens and camera broke. I just replaced it a month ago, there is no warranty and well... this is where I go blank in my mind on every level. Luckily I'm too exhausted right now to care very much. It is so not good to think that I'm ending the month with $39 dollars to my name, the need for a speaker and the truck has not had a tuneup for two years, needs new tires and brakes. About three grand is needed. Good luck with that, eh? Life goes on...

May 28, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am exhausted from the day. Somehow I must learn to drink water on a continual basis verses trying to flood myself for periods of time. I can only bloat myself with so much water! The air is very, very dry. Mo and I headed over to the neighborhood foodbank where people are genuinely glad to see us. I played a short Boogie Woogie from the old days and a guy from an upstairs balcony came running down to give me all his change as a thank you. Another woman came out with her food supplies and wanted for me to have her frozen bologna. The appreciation people show feels very, very significant to me. A patio umbrella came in the mail to use over the piano in the truck. The sun now is so strong its worse than the heat to deal with... which as been about a hundred degrees everyday for the last week.

The umbrella worked perfectly! It felt so good to know I have a solution now for the sun. When I was on the road I did not have room to travel with an umbrella. I've used one in the past. The last time was in Joplin, Missouri after the tornado hit there five years ago. In the afternoon I went to a pool party over my new friend Paula's house and that felt really good to do. Some social time with people... ahh. I met another pianist there and Paula sings so they created some music on the Traveling Piano and a few other people engaged with the opportunity also. I wore my new sunglasses and a silk shirt a friend sent to me. The shirt was working great until it began to disintegrate, lol! I'm not easy on clothes. I could feel the seams constantly tearing through the day and then the button areas began to fray but... I had a new look for the first time in many, many years. Its time for a new look.

May 27, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

In feeling a little food insecure I hit up a local food bank today. It took my getting up at 7am so I didn't sleep much thinking about how I had to get up but... I did it. At first I was in a "take" mode and before the doors opened a member of the church was giving a sermon. I was too tired, not awake and out of sorts generally with my life to care about how much I was not interested. I first found this food bank about a month ago. After the preaching was done I got in line and forced myself to look in the eye and say to the volunteer steering people, "its good to see you again" which it was... and I am sure he appreciated that. Then while in line the guy behind me went to pick up trash that he saw on the ground and disposed of it. I told him how much I appreciated his doing that and how I wish I could pick up other people's trash in public places more often. Gratitude began to kick in and once I got my "loot" ...no matter how tired and out of it I was... some Traveling Piano time was needed.

In the parking lot I began to create music and it was just so interesting the people it drew near. One guy who comes there every week was in a nearby store and the music drew him out. He plays and has not had the opportunity to do so in many years. Several other people felt very validated and empowered to be able to give themselves a Traveling Piano experience. One woman began to tell me how she was having such a difficult time and the experience just erased all that. Then the guy who runs the food bank kitchen which is a passion for him, his hobby... he found me and said his wife and daughter were over in the van waiting and how he had told them about my last time there and how his daughter wants to learn music. That was some nice synchronicity. By 11:00 am I began to disintegrate from the sun, no sleep and lack of water, so I headed back to my apartment and fell asleep until the middle of the afternoon. I woke up feeling refreshed and finished my day.

May 26, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to my first Chinese Language speaking class today. What the teacher was talking about and saying... me, no clue. I think she felt a little invalidated with that fact and was looking for reassurance from me which I tried to feed her as much as I could. The class is at an Asian Cultural center and without cost to the public. Afterwards I had an exchange with another class member and her young boy who she was bringing in order to learn Chinese. It thrills me to see parents exposing their children to other cultures, educating them, opening their minds, being interested in the world. So, sharing the Traveling Piano with them was a must. Onward... changing routine is not easy for me. I remember when someone once said... "I can see the structure, sense, practicality, thought, creativity and order in what you create even though its comes across as the total opposite of all that sometimes." Writing this blog is very satisfying. Giving is very satisfying. Creating music helps me to stay in touch with myself, its very satisfying. Gratitude is what I live on, especially for being taken care of so that I can continue living as I do.

Creating music has been happening less these days, partly because the broken piano speaker, it is driving me crazy even though other people don't hear what it wrong with it. Its like singing with a high pitched distortional rasp that will not go away. Also there has been less music because of the sun and heat... I need to readjust my living situation now around that. Anything outdoors is done by noon but can start again in the late afternoon... at least for another month when I understand it may become unbearable both day and night. As the sun was setting I went to the park with Mo for some exercise but first I parked in a back parking lot to create some music for myself. The music drew a guy out of the desert. Lol, so dramatic. He was walking on one of the paths. A singer, songwriter... he was a pro a little older than me and was also drawn to Vegas and is living off of contribution as I am. He sang and played ... A Song For You. I recorded it to post online. He is well networked with the upper echelon of the music world especially here in Vegas and well... lets just leave it at that for now. What a gift for me and the universe in hearing his music! It was just me, him and Mo. As other people get that feeling of intimacy (just us) from me and my music, tonight I got that from this guy.

May 25, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, I slept into the afternoon. When it happens I always thank God that I can. My life long erratic sleeping rhythm... is what it is and nothing more. I still contribute to life and in fact it is necessary in order to contribute to life. There was gun fire outside my door last night. I felt inclined to go outside and see if anyone was laying on the ground that needed help. For the first time ever... Mo was like, "You go, I'm staying here." Lol... Somewhere in my universe I know that it is transference from Piano Dog Boner. Hard, sharp gun like sounds especially fireworks never bothered Bo until we both witnessed a horrendous shooting, right there with the incident. From that moment on Bo had no tolerance for those kinds of noises and became terrified when he heard them. Mo... same thing ongoing in this life. The two dogs are without question connected in spirit. Separate beings, one in spirit as I am with them both.

May 24, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been have a major difficulty with focus, actually thinking at all. The older I get the more reasons I can find that it may be. The good part is that I can allow myself to just let it be for whatever it is. It is ok. I'd rather have more focus and so I'll just do the best I can to figure out ways... not from thoughts of what I am not doing, but from what I can and will do. I used Chinese chop sticks today. I've tried in the past but had difficulty because my hands shake too much, but not today. I found some Chinese Youtube videos with English captions, this is good. Still, I have a goal to take the Traveling Piano to China. This week I had the feeling of going. If I can just hold onto that feeling...

May 23, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is in the high nineties all the time now and I must remember to drink a lot of water. I have always needed a lot of water. Now... almost a gallon a day when active. One of the only downsides to living here is the dirty stale air in the heat. I purchase a cheap sun reflector cover for the Traveling Piano's entire tarp from China and it seems to be working. It is now the same temperature under the tarp as outside, a hundred degrees. At least it is not 200 under there. It will blow off after the first wind but at least I now have the material to work with to make it more secure somehow. A contribution came in large enough to get an umbrella for shade over Mo and myself while on Traveling Piano. Everything's working out. Mo is having a difficult time with the heat, I must watch him closely and find ways of getting exercises other than walking on the streets... during the day at least.

May 22, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My neighbor had a singing gig at the Brooklyn Bowl on the strip tonight so I went with Mo but could not get in because they would not allow backpacks. The place was paranoid because of a terrorist incident in England earlier in the day and it was a tribute concert for a murdered gangsta rapper. Its very sad how humanity on the whole handles tragedies with fear. Anyway, I tried on a shirt to wear for the first time in years. I'm felt not quite ready for it as I don't have a good body shape or image... yet, for shirts, ha! I did have a new top to wear and took along an old one in the backpack to put on while walking back because I need to take really good care of any decent clothes I have. The top is the 1st new piece of clothing in over two years! It was an hour walk back from the place. Also, I purchased a set of sun glasses that I needed and got some style, lol ...to go out in. I'm transitioning from the tea shirt, shorts, rough around the edges rural me into a more urban, older, accomplished, crisper me... once again in life.

May 21, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am glad for the hiking I did over the last two months before the heat sets in permanently. It was brutal today and will be near a hundred degrees every day for the next week. It feels like a fun challenge to work around the days heat and sun. Where I walk Mo needs to be considered. His paws can't take the heat of asphalt. I just put a reflective cover over the piano tarp to see if that helps anything. My equipment and the piano getting fried in the sun is a consideration. Ideas are floating in my head about the future. I'd like to clone Mo for many reasons... I'd like to hook up with a Chinese oriented casino, maybe create specialty musical spa therapy treatments, build a community project to create a new Traveling Piano truck, create a brand, send Oprah a note... lol, that dream is still alive. Getting more energy and strength for my body is the priority to do anything new. I'm doing it... all of that very slowly. The ability to do "life" in my way, in my time... I have nothing but gratitude for that.

May 20, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been taking care of business. Got some paper work done, made some phone calls, straightened up my place. I cooked a piece of pork in the slow cooker last night. It was so big there was no room for even an onion. I had apple jelly packets, Korean pepper, salt and a few fast food hot sauce packets I had saved for seasoning. I knew the fat would create enough juice. My god... It is so delicious!!! I had pork in its juice for breakfast. So, it took eight hours to cook and two hours to clean the mess from all the fat that sputtered out from the lid, that soaked into the inside metal frame and I did not know there are two small water drain holes at the bottom of the metal frame... the juice had leaked out and covered my entire kitchen counter area with an 1/8 of an inch of fat! Lol, it was worth it. As the sun set Mo and I went for a walk in Sunset Park. Afterwards we found a back parking area and created some music while surprising a few people who were walking in the area. I enticed one guy, his name is John... onto the piano to show him how I do what I do. We had some fun together. He said he could not play the piano but his girlfriend does. I wanted to show him what playing was and to take a picture for his girlfriend to see that he also could play, as in play the piano.

May 19, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up at 8:15 am and took advantage of that. I was asked to visit a local food bank with the Traveling Piano a few weeks ago and so today was the day. The guy who runs it, his name is Manny... he offered at another place he works a few weeks ago, to let me go through the line and get what I wanted before everyone started. That way I could do what I do with the Traveling Piano and not have to worry about the place being empty by the time I finished working. It felt very right and good. I was thinking how I could find sponsorship and charge fees for things like this and make hundreds off of it (as I did many years ago) and here I was doing it for food. But... that is not that way it was... at all. Both parties (me and the food bank) are mutually participating in life and we are contributing for each other, being part of... together so we can contribute to the world in general. There is no agreement, no give and take, no conditions. We are people mutually sharing with each other, talking care of each other because thats what we do. That is what I wish everyone would do. Money and worth is not part of that... at all. It felt very gratifying to create significant moments for several people today via the Traveling Piano.

Todays interactions were full of validation and reassurance. Actually, they always are. My own creating of music felt much more inspired than yesterday and with energy and... only six hours sleep! Did I just write that? Before leaving I got a group picture of Manny with his crew of volunteers. Later on, I met with an amazing contortionist I had seen on Freemont street busking. I am hoping that we can do something with my music and his movement and make a video of it. He is a Muslim from East Africa who is married to an American citizen who now because of all the pressure politically wants a divorce from him. As a result, he will soon be deported after having been here almost ten years. It disgusts me how governments are restricting people's movement around the world. It is wrong. Then, on the way back to my apartment I drove by a place with a sign saying, Asian Cultural Alliance. I stopped in and there was a Chinese Language speaking class going on. I signed up and will begin next week at no cost. China has been on the Traveling Piano agenda since the very beginning of this journey. A new neighbor moved in next to me today. He's a young kid. A knock came on my door asking if I had a fork he could use for his dinner as he has no living supplies yet. I gave him my fork saying, "its the only one I have so you need to return it when your done." Lol...

May 18, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I felt really good about getting out with the Traveling Piano today for a spell. The speaker sound has deteriorated so much I don't enjoy creating music on it but my agenda is for much more than just my creating music and people can't tell its bad, just me. A new neighbor has been watching her grandchild and I could feel the adjustment going on so I thought I might create a distraction, fill some time for them, stir some good feeling and care. Grandma's name is Thelma and Elizabeth her four year old granddaughter wow, what an articulate, playful and creative little girl. Another neighbor Solo came over. He really loves music and I could feel him trying his best to "jive" with me which created some pressure, lol. I didn't do a very good job of jivin' with him.

Another neighbor Lucinda came buy. She's a singer who has been on the piano before and I sort of made her get on for a few minutes to play, lol. Later guys who sleep in the alley behind where I live told me they heard the music and I asked them why they didn't come over as I was playing for them. They said, next time. Afterwards Mo and I hopped on a bus and went down the strip. With my senior pass it only costs a buck, love that. We walked the entire way back. It took a few hours. We walked through luxury residential/motels and into as tourist as it can get. Finally we reacked my neighborhood, what a slum! I love it. My neighborhood is very interesting and I enjoy how people interact. Everyone acknowledges each other. Very soon, I must begin to force myself to go into some higher end stores to look at clothes and get a feel for dressing better. And then I need to get the money to purchase some. Its time to up my ante concerning how I present myself to the world.

May 17, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally, I got moving some today and now... must keep the momentum going or maybe not, lol. Thank God I feel secure with my basic needs. Thank you God, the universe or whatever and a very specific friend, and Mo too... the bond of his companionship is most precious for me. I've been being amazed at how tender and loving he has been over the last few days. He's always been an ultra sensitive dog but thats not what I'm talking about when I say tender and loving. That is more about how he acts out his sensitivity. It is in a cuddly, want to be close physically and in an understanding and accepting way.

I washed my clothes, towels, sheets, blanket, etc... Thats a big job every month or so and I cleaned. I live in a lot of dog hair. Every morning I get out of bed and brush the mattress. When I take Mo out I brush him every two or three days. I am constantly sweeping the floor and still, there is always dog hair around to be found. It feels very good and empowering to live in a clean space. Mo and I went for a walk and I did some significant volunteer work for a group I belong to. So... it was a good day. I woke up grateful for a breath of air, not because I might not be able to have a breath of air but just because I can have it.

May 16, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was the idea of going out with the Traveling Piano but it did not happen. Still, I'm feeling stuck. Always, I can process pictures and walk some with Mo but to cook, take a shower, do some work towards a future, etc... nada.

May 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was able to get done just the basics today and even that took major effort. Most certainly, I am not depressed... its just that I do not feel driven to do anything. That is both good and bad. On one hand a laziness could take hold but it never has, ever. Laziness is not in me. On the other hand its a great space for creative energy. The challenge is to keep conscious of the fact that there is "space" to embrace. I tend to feel empty, mindless and I want to say once again... its not a negative, does not come from anything negative... it just is. I live in gratitude so the idea of negativity does not apply well, except that I also live in a lot of anger and frustration, lol. Just need to stay honest. These days it can be about politics but under that its really about me... what I am doing or not doing. It is important to remember to remember that I can just "be" and nothing more is needed, ever. I know most people will not be able to grasp that fact and... I have no interest in trying to clarify it because... its just that simple.

May 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

We went to hang out with people living on the streets today. It was at Owens and Las Vegas Boulevard, the first place where I played when we arrived here in Vegas. People recognized and acknowledged us. Before I had a chance to get onto the piano a guy came up wanting to play. He just wanted to explore and I let him do that for over a half hour, just randomly explore his creativity through music. Thank god someone else came by because he would have played non-stop for hours and hours and I would not have stopped him without a good excuse. Someone else had to have a turn. The next guy had been on the piano before and was a top notch r&b player and singer. There was a woman who tinkled around and really enjoyed the validation and encouragement I was abel to give to her. People acknowledged my music from where they were hanging out in their spots with tents or just on mats.

A guy from Vietnam, thats all he had was a small mat to sit on while listening to my music. When someone came along to play, I went over and sat next to him while we talked. After a couple of hours I took Mo to a dog park. Each time I go the experience becomes more disenchanted. The people who bring their dogs, the overwhelming majority are idiots. They interfere with and prevent natural dog play and operate from a mode of fear. Also, there are people who have dogs that are not ready for or not good for a dog park. As I was leaving a mother and son with a new wild dog stopped me to ask for some advise on what to do and how to be. They had never been to a dog park before. My giving advise to someone who wants it, about how to have a relationship with their canine, can there be anything I want to do more? My mouth would not shut up. As they were walking away to go home... advice was still spouting from me as they trailed off, lol!

May 13, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My very close friend Stephen stopped by for lunch yesterday as he passed through from Reno, Nevada driving to where he now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was with his childhood friends Kevin and Ryan whom I also know. That visit felt really, really good. His dad stopped by while on vacation in Las Vegas from Philadelphia today. That was a coincidence, the two being around at the same time. I don't miss visits from people in my past as when I lived around them they never visited when they easily could. It has always been about my needing to reach out, ugh. Many friends have died, (thats what happens when you get older) drifted away... I let them go (as in love from a distance because of dysfunctionalism) or they have nothing they can get from me or a reason to connect as in obligation, expectation, loyalty, etc... I've never wanted relationship out of obligation, expectation, loyalty. It would be nice to meet some new significant friends to hang out with. That was not possible while living on the road for over ten years.

May 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

We were in a small local park today in the late afternoon creating music while a lot of homeless people where laying around. At about five in the afternoon they all began to pack up their belongings to leave before the cops came to shoo them into the dark. While I was creating music several people began cleaning up other people's trash. One guy stayed until the entire park was spotless. I met him. He is almost forty and from the east of Africa but has been here in America since the age of ten. He lives on the streets out of choice and is clean, smart and giving. His food and clothes come from organizations that feed and cloth the homeless. He helps those organizations in that process. His mother taught him how to be in life.

He showers in different shelters and has been here in Las Vegas for the last three years. His cleaning is to serve God and he enjoys doing that. Where he sleeps each night is not an issue, he doesn't think about it. Picking up people's trash gives him purpose. I could see the energy and joy of that purpose clearly as he worked. His contentment comes from caring for others... strangers. What a vocation! Living with homeless people as a homeless person himself, picking up their trash. When people talk about being a "free spirit" he's the definition from my perspective. A free spirit is someone who lives in a contented frame of mind. I am sure there is joy in that for him because I could see myself through him. Although I do not always feel joyous... I do know the feeling well and can see it in others. I wondered about how much obligation and expectation was involved for the sake of Jesus or his mother.

May 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Back when, not too long ago I said the journey as I know it will be ending soon. Exactly when, why and what that meant or was to look like to me, I had no idea. It could end today and then again it might end six years from now. "Soon" is a relative term and "as I know it" is key. More and more I realize it is all just a transition. There is no actual end. My mother thought the world was going to end "soon." It did for her... just not in the way she thought it would which was from a religious armageddon along with media chaos and predictions. She thought about it, felt the fact her whole life.

I lived with my dad and felt an impending doom as he began to show physical signs of deterioration in his later years. As he used to do things like fall down or just sit in darkness and watch television, (drinking gave him trouble later in life) I would think and feel, "he is going to die any day now." It was all a very real for me as I analyzed and calculated from life experience through fear. I was sure of what I thought I knew ...everyday... for fifteen years. Wow, what a waste time and emotional energy that was. So anyway... before the journey ends and at whatever cost or consequences... I am going to make the best of it minute by minute. But its not going to end, just simply continue to transition...

May 10, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Stephen who is family to me drove through Las Vegas today with friends from high school who I also know, Ryan and Kevin who are living in Brooklyn, New York. They came from Reno, Nevada and are heading for Flagstaff, Arizona where Stephen is now living. We had lunch together at Sunset Park with some Traveling Piano music and had some interactions with people while waiting for the sandwiches to be made. I really treasure seeing Stephen. It is amazing how often our paths cross even though we live far away from each other. After I dropped them all off I visited with some new neighbors who run business nearby where I live. Of course there was also interactions with people passing by. I parked in a small parking lot that had shade! Shade is always good to have in the desert! It was a full day and I'm feeling gratitude.

May 9, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Even though there is alot of dangerous life where we are living there are also really great art galleries, retro stores and lots of music. There are really good people of all types also. I laid low today and backed up my archives. That is always a days work and also made another picture gallery for this website, the 2nd one this year already. There are over 1,500 pictures posted of the journey on this website already for this year! It rained today which feels strange in the desert.

May 8, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is some crazy shit going down where I live everyday, literally. Police assaults from drug addicts, guns pointing, a baby was smothered in the back apartments the other day, a woman pulled out of a room by her ponytail and dragged cross the street, drug busts... strangely enough I have no fear about any of it although it is very disconcerting. There is nothing I can do about it except report activity which I do. And, I stay aware but that is built into me. I have a hand held canister of mace which I've yet to take out with me. In thinking about death which I do often and not in a morbid way... I was thinking about the miracle of Piano Dog Boner and how I was able to embrace his passing with 100% gratitude and... I was able to give that to myself with Bo, why would I not want to give that to myself, for myself? I am going to start working on going out of this world with totally gratitude for the experience, the good, bad... all of it. It will take probably more practice than I needed with Bo so I had better start right now!

May 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The temperature was seventy today so there was no chance I was not going to take advantage of that by going into the dessert. My mind always goes into a state of awe in nature. I can become dazed without thought. I started on what was going to be a short hike at one spot with Mo so I didn't bring any water and we got lost. That will never happen again, I'll take water even if there is a 99% chance I won't need it. Mo was having some trouble. He can't handle the sun very well. I found some awesome rock and a huge boulder that looks like a giant's head with eye's, nose and mouth. We went back to another area where we once were before and there was some Traveling Piano interaction with people. I could have created music there by myself for a good long while but the speaker is just getting worse and worse.

Oh, how I don't want to deal with that. The truck... on the way something was flapping hard under the roof. I stopped three times to try and find out what it was because it was serious, loud flapping like a piece of something broke off and... was flapping really bad. On the way back it started again and I just dealt with it until it finally broke off what ever it was, lol. The truck seems to be running as usual but it needs work desperately. That, I don't want to deal with either. It will never cease to amaze me how things can go terribly wrong with the truck and then the problem simply disappears. That has been happening for years! Walking down into the earth from above today, I could never express my gratitude enough when it comes to enjoying nature. I need to proliferate the photos I take as much as possible. They come from a space of pure love.

May 6, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course I slept alot after working yesterday. Thank God I don't have to push myself but then again when a push is needed I'm the one who has to do it for myself as I answer to no one. That is a situation of... six of one, half dozen of another. Do you understand that? Both sides of the fence has its own trials and tribulations. Some people say how wonderful it is that I "don't have to" anything but there are always things a person has to do and everything is our choice whether we realize it or not. Enough on that... I've been freaking out a little about my age. Now I know all the cliches about that but, this is about having flashes of reality of what it is to be in my early sixties. I remember through the decades how I would say well, I'm out of touch with the teens, can't touch the twenties anymore...

The thought of someone forty being my child and that I can have great-grandkids is just wacky but it is the reality. Also the reality of how limited I am in what I can accomplish now. People who still work and accomplish into their older years have stamina built that they feed on from routine. I have never had a routine and it doesn't look like I'll ever be able to establish one. Flashes of life through the decades as in the world, how it has changed has been going through my brain. How I have seen so many things and habits and ways of life that have been adopted by society began. As far as what to do and what I cannot do at this point of my life... I can lose weight... again, which has been a life long issue and a huge one with this journey. Part of me says I'm just to tired for effort anymore, another part says I want to die healthy, another part says just go out of life enjoying what is... period.

May 5, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Its First Friday around here already once again. That is a large event held in the Las Vegas Arts District once a month and this is my neighborhood. I used to be hired for these First Friday events when they began back east in the late 80's. They started as First Night for New Years Eve... a community family, neighborhood alternative to drinking and parties. Business and agenda took them over. The same has happened for First Friday events. They are now about drawing people to business areas under the guise of "neighborhood and community fellowship." Las Vegas First Friday gave up the guise of "neighborhood and family" and centralized the event into one area but this month the business now ignored, decided to bring it back into a larger area. I would love to be part of this event but... did that done that... they are no fun for me unless the local business running them can appreciate my work and what I have to offer enough through a decent fee or they extend themselves to me in a respectable way. Unfortunately most musicians are craving to play music for people to the point that they will sometimes allow themselves to be used. Business takes advantage of that and so performers end up getting paid less then if they were busking on the streets for the night.

It is a two way street concerning response-ability. Performers desire to appear as legitimate as possible by being propped with representation no matter how small the fee is. This does them in so to speak when it comes to making there way through life solely with music for a calling. The event did not extend down as far as my neck of the woods. It stopped about three blocks from where I live. With my desire to be "part of" Mo and I did take the Traveling Piano into the event area when it was beginning to meet in person with the Traveling Piano a few new business people we have connected with through walks in the area and online. After that, we got out of the chaos as soon as possible and drove into my neighborhood to spend time via the Traveling Piano with my neighbors and some visitors parked in the area. There was no agenda as in performing, entertaining, tips, fees or commercial affiliation. It was 100% pure musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration. I was creating music for people to discover and those that did discover us, they loved the random synchronicity of the situation. Mo and I enjoyed relating with people through pure love.

May 4, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is almost a hundred degrees outside and it feels fine. Check back with me in two months after some consistently hot weather and we both will see if it is still fine. My apartment is staying cool. I was questioning whether that might be a problem. The Traveling Piano... don't want to deal with that right now, I know the equipment is really, really hot under the black canvas tarp. A sun reflector cover for it is in the mail. I've got some new clothes and a pair of sneaks which feels good! Still need to get the speaker and camera repaired. "Just keep doing the best you can Danny." I'm so grateful that I'm still doing the journey. With what is going on politically I must not become outraged. Any response must come from objective observation.

I mean really, nothing can happen that I did not know would happen once I began to see the mind of humanity becoming gaslighted. Look up that word if you do not know what it means and just read this clearly please... if you are a trump supporter, someone with your head stuck in the sand so to speak or someone who calls yourself a Christian while voting for the Republicans now destroying all our welfare as one... your mind has become warped and as a result you have become blinded to spirit. Seek your spirit, who you really are in spirit... immediately! I read a statement that JFK said and I like it. If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. I say, stand up to those wanting to rid the world of diversity. Do it now!

May 3, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

All day long, every day, these are some of the things Mo brings out in me to I say to him out loud. Your really something, your the best, I love you Mo, thank you for being with me, we are really partners, eh? Your a monster, I'm so glad you trust me, I have so much gratitude for you Mo, you really like me don't you Mo, I can see it. I'm so glad your with me, your my buddy, your amazing, thank you God for Mo, your so handsome, look at you, your such a dog! Do you know what? I like you.

May 2, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It has been my 61 years of personal expiereince which is a note worthey amount... that 90% of people living on the streets will help you in any way that they can even in knowing they will not get anything for it. This includes the mentally ill. About 20% of ordinary people who live "normally" will do the same. All that God wants is for us to care for his kids. We must... take care of each other, deserving in our minds or not.

May 1, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was going to throw some last minute support behind the Las Vegas May Day March but the cops were very dickish about Mo on the piano. If it was a commercialized, sponsored event... that would not have happened, eh? I've never had trouble in the almost twenty five years that I have been in parades with my dog on the piano. The fact that I said I would be moving slow with the people walking did not matter. I made some killer spaghetti sauce but forgot to buy the paste. I had plenty of sauce with no paste and no stores close buy to buy any. I asked the local pizza parlor that I give business to if they would accept the unusual request for me to purchase some from them. They should have just given me some. "No, we don't do that for customers." I said, "Oh, do many customers come in wanting to purchase ingredients all the time? No more pizza from them.

A new restaurant about to open right next door to where I live... a place as a neighbor I would love to support had its door open and they were cooking inside. I popped my head in to ask... and before I could say anything... "get out of here we are closed." I said, "I just have a quick question" ...get out! Ha, he would not give me thirty seconds of his time. There is no chance I'm going to give him .30 of my business. There were people at the abandoned property behind my complex looking it over to survey what it would take to clean it up. I asked how I could get in touch with the owner because I have an idea they might be interested in. The guy said the owners an asshole and he won't be interested. Then as they were leaving he said something that alluded to the fact that he was the owner and I replied, "Are you saying that your the asshole"? Lol... people, people, people.