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March 31, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was taking a walk today in the desert. It is amazingly lush and green with a huge varity of wild flowers beginning to pop everywhere. After about a half hour my camera stopped working. I changed the battery, still nothing. That took me almost into a depression. Taking photos helps me to focus with snapshots of moments through gratitude and the present moment. Without my camera my mind starts to ruminate into nothing ever good no matter how beautiful the nature. I have no money for a new camera and an Iphone cannot give you the pictures you see that I share with everyone. I tried to hike and ran into a homeless guy setting up camp. He brought up trump and how he is going to make everything good. I told him I am not a fan.

He said I must give him a chance that he likes trump because he speaks his mind and says it like it is. I told the guy he was full of bullshit and it is trump's bullshit. Then I asked if he also likes me because I speak my mind and say it as it is. I told him that I can be even more straight forward than trump and even more arrogant. He asked what there was to not like about trump. I said he is a man who campaigned on exclusivity, hate and fear and for self-serving purpose. I told the guy his mind has been warped and as a result he has become blind to spirit. Then I asked his name, put out my hand for a shake and bid him farewell. As I walked away I tried to shake him off... my brain.

March 30, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada has been unreal today. It is in a huge sandstorm with 65 mile an hour winds. A large portion of the strip is in a blackout, street lights, business all out... of course the main casino's have backup on. I was in a movie theater and learned how they play movies these days. They are all streamed on the internet just like everything else we see. The internet went down, the movie went off, I could hear the wind on the roof and then it came back on after a few minutes... wind still going. My apartment's electricity came back on but a lot of the strip is still out! And then here is Mo ever by my side. There can be no words to describe the feeling of knowing he feels bonded to me in love and the trust of my love for him 100%.

March 29, 2017

Henderson, Nevada

We drove to check out a conservancy for a hike. It was in Henderson outside of Las Vegas a place full of cookie cutter houses that you can't see because they are so close together and behind stone walls on gated streets. I'm trying to come to terms with all that because I must begin to get comfortable with making money again or so it seems. I know its a style of living that I would adjust to immediately as I've been there, done that but at the same time I'm loving the living in the pit I am living in now. Lol, its not really a pit. I love the stimulation, the diversity, being so close to the casinos, the variety of everything and all the activity. I'd rather live in chaos then in a place that feels like I've had a lobotomy... I mean for now. Actually, there are a lot of nice places to live close to me. I think I've had it with the suburban life. I used to own one of those cookie cutter properties pre-journey. Still, I need to embrace people who live that life style. I've become a social racist concerning the rich, lol. After finding the conservancy, it was closed. Another area of planet earths nature controlled by the people who live around it to keep out... everyone but themselves. I was thinking... what a joke to have all the walls, gates, locks and trespassing laws. If someone wants to bypass all that they will. I see it happening and hear about it all the time.

March 28, 2017

On My Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been wanting to share the Traveling Piano with some neighbors on the street and today was the day. I got my neighbor Stan with her dog to come out and another neighbor, a singer named Olan went to get something to eat and brought me back a delicious vegetarian dish for dinner. I met a new neighbor a young guy and people from across the street. There are some really crazy people living around me! It is a good thing I know crazy, so I can deal and know how to keep boundaries and distance. Being a little crazy myself helps. Everyone's intent is to get along, be neighborly and friendly and that is all that is important for me. Bobby, an old casino lounge piano player who lives down the street came by riding on his bike and that was perfect for another local girl who jumped on top of the piano to sing with him. A couple of drug addicts I recognized from the other night snuck into my complex while I was there and we recognized each other and that was not a good thing. The police had been called the other night and it seems from the way they looked at me, they think I was responsible. When I drove back into the complex to park for the night, the guy that sells to them took my usual parking spot and made a point of letting me know he knew what he was doing by coming over to his car while I was getting out of mine and then randomly walking away. "Don't get paranoid Danny."

March 27, 2017

Sunset Park, Nevada

Everyday takes self-inertia and motivation for me to do anything but sit in front of my computer doing work or ranting online. Often, to get going on living life is not easy but always pays off. Being online socially or otherwise is not living life for me. I am thankful for my choices, I wouldn't have it any other way, fact is, my choice is the only way. My way in life... thank god I've found away that works. My job is to stick to it and that is work in of itself. Most of the day was spent in the La la land of my head but I did get things done but you know what? I don't remember what those things were!

March 26, 2017

Red Rock Area, Nevada

I got the Traveling Piano's speaker back, the amp inside it is defective and I must find the funding to replace it. Until then, creating music will be like walking around with two broken legs. The piano will be next... who knows how long the truck will run with the bald tires, needed tuneup, etc... and then there is the issue of clothes. Never the less Mo and I headed out to the Red Rock Canyon area and the park was so packed that tourists were lined on the road outside to walk in for miles. Wow! I kept driving further on and stopped along the road after a couple of miles. The desert area right now is amazingly lush with green and everything is popping into bloom. Who knew in the dessert? I am so grateful to have these experiences in nature beyond my wildest of dreams. Its never ending. After a few miles of walking in I realized that the mountains were always going to be farther away then they looked, so we turned around.

The beauty was indescribable, well maybe I could try and describe it but that would take a few hours to do. As I walked in the fields, the mountains reminded me of Zion National Park in many ways but with a larger view. Back with the Traveling Piano truck we met people from Colorado, Montana, Connecticut, Lithuania and Japan. As I drove "home" once again... it has not sunk in that I am driving "home." On the way back I stopped at the .99 cent store to purchase some vegetables to make soup and freeze in my new big refrigerator, freezer. On my small burner and sink area I made five gallons of kickass vegetable beef soup! Ingredients: Celery, Bean Sprouts, Radish, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Lentil Beans, Beef, Beef Bouillon, String Beans, Dash of Sugar, Sweet Peppers, Kale, Portobello Mushroom, Onion, Scallions, Fresh Garlic Gloves, Thyme, Parsley, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Basil, Pink Sea Salt, Zucchini... Five Gallons, about $20 bucks.

March 25, 2017

Sunset Park, Las Vegas Nevada

Its amazing how difficult it can be for me to get out of bed some days, to even take a shower or cook a meal. I think its because I have total choice in the matter. It is a beautiful thing choice... but there is a tradeoff with my choices today, from the type of choices taught for me as a child. My choices today must be self motivated. It is just the way it is. What makes that difficult is that I was raised in a way where choice was a matter of obligation, loyalty and expectation. The effort concerning my choices today are of a different kind, that of self intention and conscious thinking verses conditioned or for some... indoctrinated thinking. Anyway, even without the music speaker (its broken)... some Traveling Piano fun happened tonight at a dog park with neighbors. The sound was minimal but enough... and the exchange of friendship and respect was fulfilling.

March 24, 2017

Lee Canyon, Nevada

My mind has been very fragile today. The good thing about that is I am aware. Little distractions are trying to set me off into chaos but I cannot allow that to happen. I found a speaker repair guy to work with and dropped the speaker off to him. I hope he can repair it and do it in not too long of a time and be reasonable with the price. Money is a huge concern these days. I just continue to breath and think and know when to shut down the thinking... Mo and I drove to Lee Canyon to check the place out and there was snow. We took a little walk in a pine forrest. The drive and views where overwhelming. It has not totally sunk in that I live here. We are living in nature as good as it can get with wide open panoramic desert vistas, mountains, lakes, urban city life... the only thing missing is the ocean and lush greenery. I created some music using headphones for sound and the quality was awful. Tomorrow I'll need to go to a music store and play a piano there with the headphones. Hopefully the problem is with the headphones, not with the keyboard because... if its the keyboard, I'm done. Last night I realized how important it is for me to keep creating music. Maybe its just time to die because figuring out how to assimilate back into creating money... I don't know if I have it in me. Thats not a depressing feeling for me, its always been an option!

March 23, 2017

Valley of Fire, Nevada

I did not know where I was heading today but knew I wanted to work with the Traveling Piano and find flowers blooming in the desert. The desert did not happen. I stopped at an elder center and met a huge player as in business man in the community for whatever that may be worth in the future. He owns an entire block up the street from me. Then well, my speaker is bad again so I decided to go to this music rehearsal place near where I live as I had met the guy who owns it and thought he might know someone good for a repair. Outside the place another musician who works with sound that had been on the Traveling Piano a few weeks ago came over as he coincidentally lives right next store. He said to stop by his place but when I did he wasn't interested... but thought his buddy might do it. They were conflicted in wanting to help, I told them I would pay, it felt like they were frustrated musicians too needy to help a fellow musician, so I just allowed them to lead me on knowing they were not going to follow through.

Situations like that always leave a little bad residue and with them being neighbors, wish it had not happened. Back out on the street there were a group of musicians talking and before I left asked if they wanted to try out the Traveling Piano especially because they looked so great, lol! They were a singing duo named RAII and Whitney and they were talking with a gospel group they just met and everyone got onto the Traveling Piano to create some instantaneous, in the moment music. I was amazed that they could create vocals that sounded so spontaneously wonderful without having met before. I took a short video of RAII and Whitney singing a single they just put out called No Worries Step Clap with the group of girls singing backup and will be putting that up on YouTube to share.

March 22, 2017

Valley of Fire, Nevada

We drove to the Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas today and got instantly burnt with a $10 fee from the state to be able to enjoy my birthright, the nature of planet earth. This land is your land... this land is my land... this land was made for you and me... land of the free but... the sign said I was trespassing because I stayed until after sundown. I wanted to simply be in a heavenly world but my mindful world would not have that so... I lived in two worlds at the same time as Mo and I explored in a wonderland that I could never have imagined. Maybe I was imagining it in the moment creating in the "now." If you enjoy these pictures, appreciate what the Traveling Piano offers for people, the world please make a contribution! The music sound sources must now be replaced, I need presentable clothes to wear, the truck needs tires, a tuneup and carburetor work and a screen for the sun.

The Traveling Piano is my full time work, consumes 100% of my life through love and gratitude, now in the 12th year. As I get older (61) my ability to fundraise becomes less and less and the Traveling Piano is funded 100% through individual contribution. My choice from the beginning... no fees, tips or commercial affiliation. How often do you meet a stranger in life that shares fun, friendship and respect musically with empowerment in inspiration without... trying to sell you something. It is a beautiful thing and has happened individually with over 50,000 people throughout the entire northern hemisphere. Please help us to keep going! To the left of this page there is a contribution link and also the GoFundMe link below.

March 21, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Feeling very unnerved. There is only one material object in this world that I care about after having let go of a kazillion possessions I have owned over the years. It is a watercolor painting an artist in New Orleans created for me during the Traveling Piano's very first outing after hurricane Katrina in 2006. The painting is of Traveling Piano dog Boner (1994-2010) and Me sitting on the floor of a random art gallery on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. A watercolor painting of us both was all I ever wanted after Bo came into my life and it manifested from the magic of our giving to the people of New Orleans. My niece shipped it to me from Philadelphia and now it really feels like I'm entrenched, living in one place, a place of my very own after having been transient for the last 12 years. Yikes! Life can be amazing.

I've been living with a small motel fridge that had a tiny freezer that freezes nothing. Enough was enough but anything new, I don't have the money for. The same for anything small and used but I found a used monstrous size freezer/fridge like new online for $50 and how could I resist? The negotiation... my kitchen (behind the fridge doors) now extends into my bedroom and living room! If you only knew what a big house I used to live in, lol... this micro space is so... micro, nice but micro, micro... eventually I will need to move up a notch so I can at least get down on the floor to do adho mukha svanasana! Got space? Want a roommate with a great dog?

March 20, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada


March 19, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I got over my fear and took a bus ride today with Mo. Its amazing how long it takes for me to get comfortable with anything new to move on it. I've had my first ever senior pass for two months and have yet to take a bus ride! We rode the entire length of the Las Vegas strip twice, over an hour and a half. It cost "$1" We sat on the 2nd tier of a city double-decker bus... front window seats. A Chinese tourist from Toronto, Canada took our picture with their Ipad... then I took a picture of the picture they took on their Ipad with my Iphone, lol. That was before I realized I could just give them my Iphone to take the picture for me. Vegas is very unique compared to any other place in the world that I have been. It is truly a large playground. There is the city where people live and do business, the desert nature close by all around and then the casino strip. What makes the strip unique is that it is so large and all about show... gambling, entertainment and shopping. Where in other cities even in New York there are people living in residence as well as doing company and corporate business within the shopping and entertainment areas... on the strip which is about five miles in area... it is all glitzy show... gambling, entertainment and shopping! Very amazing, big and clean!

March 18, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I thought the best way to start a new life would be to create fun routines and that would work into necessary routines that I would want to do. On a specific day of the week I would go on a hike on another day go to a casino, take Mo to the dog park two days a week, see a movie on Tuesdays for example. The social void from not interacting so much with people via the Traveling Piano could be filled by doing social activities with friends. Well, I have not been doing the fun routine. There are fun things I do but not on a schedule or as part of a routine. I have not been to the casinos as ugh, I'm afraid? Also, I don't have the clothes to wear. I really need clothes but don't have the money to get them. Socially, I did the hike yesterday with my neighbors but I don't have money to say go get something to eat or see a show together... I could not sleep the night before thinking about the commitment to get up and go with them. I've not had commitments to other people or a specific routine for myself for over ten years. There is not enough time in the day for me to work with the Traveling Piano and also work for something new. It is all or nothing and... it is what it is. This has been the way it has always been and the way my mind works. I can do a little of this and a little of that Traveling Piano work everyday but not that and a little of anything else. So, as I work the "anything else" there is not time for the Traveling Piano. As I have said through time, the less Traveling Piano not only are my piano playing skills and energy diminishing... so is the focus on having purpose in life. That last sentence is not good at all because no new purpose feels capable of filling the empty slot being created and I mean in all ways emotionally, mentally and physically. I simply must keep focusing on my spiritual nature.

March 17, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no question about it, I keep experiencing the beauty of nature on this journey because I want to share it with my world. As a result there is always an abundance to be found. Today I went on a hike with Mo and my neighbors Logan and his wife Abby and their new pup Maude at Red Rock Canyon. We drove in their car and they paid otherwise the hike would not have been inside Red Rock. I'm super conscious of a money crunch. There are staples that I now cannot afford. The ability to be social is a problem because of that. Anyway, I was completely worn out at the end and that felt really, really good. Now is the time to hike because it is already 90 degrees out during the day. In a short amount of time the sun will be too strong for hiking. If I had not been with the distraction of people I wouldn't have been able to do so much.

There we're a lot of people on the trail, just everywhere because there are so many random trails and climbs and its a tourist spot. At the end we sat for a short spell at the top and I was astonished to find we were on the other side of where I hike and create music in Calico canyon. It has been on my bucket list to climb and see what was on the other side and here I was sitting on it. Also, once again I could see my apartment about twenty five miles away under the Stratosphere Casino, lol! Every time I say to myself, "I live here!" Mo is number one in my life, then nature then the Traveling Piano which includes Mo nature, people and music. Having this apartment is crucial for my life right now and I can feel a change of focus as a result... to what, remains to be seen.

March 16, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect... every morning I wake up to grasp feeling in those words and then I open my eyes to Mo with gratitude in order to start working on gratitude. It works and that is what keeps me from diving into a pit of despair over anything I can find to put myself in a pit of despair. It has worked now successfully for over ten years. I must start looking for an apartment alternative. This place is going to rip out the cement pool outside my door next month and redo the parking lot. Along with the noise, dirt, smell and the fact that work here in Nevada starts at sunrise well, thats not the worst. I know they are going to try and make me park the Traveling Piano out on the street and in this area, that just won't work. It is not safe enough. They didn't tell my any of this before I moved in but that is why they gave me a seven month lease and not a year. When they are finished I'm sure the rents are going to go up and I am sure they are getting ready to deal with the onslaught of tenant complaints and from me about my vehicle in particular. Then again I must not project trouble and that is why I often simply shut down my mind.

March 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have no energy as of late and that is with ten hours of sleep! I wonder if its from sleeping in fake air all night. I must have the air conditioner on, also an air purifier and humidifier. There no windows to open and with the pollution and noise well, it could not be anyway. I decided to take Mo to the dog park and there I could walk. The walking did not last long. I basically sat. While wondering if I might be depressed I thought I should create some music before leaving as that has always been therapeutic for me. Once I started creating music people began to connect and I came to life. Earlier I was thinking how maybe I could get to bed early to get up early but once I came to life I knew I was going to have to scrap that idea. I've been observing myself, my modes of feeling, levels of thinking... there are little impulses of losing my purpose. Oh well, the weather is beautiful, Mo's with me, my truck works, if needed (absolutely needed) I have a resource to fall back on... I must just enjoy. That is what we are here on earth to do... enjoy.

March 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My thoughts tell me everything is going down, people are getting crazier and its just going to get worse and I'm dying. Lol... nothing new. I think I said about ten years ago that life is like a roller coaster and I prefer that to a life of a straight line and nothing more. The would bore me to death for sure. In wanting to have as many life experiences as possible, well I can say I have had extended periods of nothing but a positive life where I could see, feel and share all of it. Those periods have been in this journey. Of course I want more, but the bottom line is I have lived beyond my wildest of dreams. I think I said that also and it was only about two years into this journey. No matter how bad life gets I can at least say I've lived the good life also. One more time, as I have also said in the past, everything now is just icing on the cake. My sense of purpose feels blurred more and more. When I think that I must remember that my purpose is to simply... breath. It is that basic for everyone.

March 13, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

We must all remember to remember that the internet is not life in of itself. If we must let go of it for good, relating to life will begin in new and different ways along with the ways we have learned from the past. Could that be fun? I stayed in today to take care of errands and business. A guy out in the parking lot began to yell for help again. He's an older alcoholic, vet, drug addict who could not get up off the ground. I went out and asked what he needed and called 911 for him. Everyone else around just ignored him. If there is someone outside your door on the ground in your apt complex parking lot yelling for help... go out and see whether they need help or not even if they have cried wolf before. How much effort does it take to open your friggin' door and ask them what they want.

On the subject of homeless people... I ran into a woman in a back ally getting ready for work. Did you know that there are many homeless people who sleep on the streets at night while working a full time job during the day? There are many sad reasons. Don't assume homeless people do not want to work. Lol, I know I'm sounding arrogant and directive. So be it. Lastly, I love the .99 cent store! Not the dollar stores... there is only one .99 cent store. I just had a huge fresh, ripe sweet honey dew for a buck... quart of strawberries, black berries... a buck! Ok, one more thought. Its an awesome experience to be in my place and not feel like something will come up where I'll need to leave, a place... a home actually after so many years where I can just retreat and stay inside without being bothered for as long as I'd like.

March 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

A "super bloom" is supposed to be happening in the desert and I did not want to miss it. I must practice ignoring ridiculous hype in the media. Now that the idea of a "super moon" is getting worn out I've noticed baiters are now calling the moons different colors to get attention. There was one flower I found blooming and it was super, lol! Mo and I hiked in Calico Basin which was glorious and you could hear the silence. It is as beautiful as any place I've traveled to in the world and I keep telling myself, "you live here" you can do this everyday. There is nothing like nature. For all the religious people who say we are here to suffer for the next life... wrong! They are missing the entire point of being here on earth. Which reminds me about a religious guy I wrote about a few days ago. He never did call me so that keeps the score at one hundred percent of all religious people I've met on this journey not being true to the convictions and the intent they put out. Here this good... I am not anti-religious. I do have issues with people saying one thing and being another.

It disappoints me but then again like the super bloom hype its a practice to not listen to what peple say who I don't know. It is best to observe what they do with the words. Follow through with action on words, that creates credibility. When I got back to the truck it was dark and I wanted to create some music as a most beautiful night was beginning. Today was the first day I wore shorts. It was like eighty five degrees out! We watched the full moon rise over the mountains. People who found the Traveling Piano while coming back from their hikes were in awe. Right before I left a young punk came up to assert himself in an obnoxious way. The sound was too loud for him. Lol, I basically told him to shove it but still, that little bit of annoyance wanted to take full control of all the beauty and goodness of the day. As I drove off I had to keep saying out loud... "you must take it all Danny, the good and bad, accept it all and practice the love of it all."

March 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm still recovering from yesterday. It feels good. Mo and I went to visit my friend Brian. Mo loves to play with his dog Sparky and Brian has a lot of aloe plants. I wanted a piece for my apartment. On the way back someone told be my brake light was out for the second time so I stopped at a auto parts store which led to my taking the cover off the piano and sharing it. As always, in my mind there was no way I was going to share the Traveling Piano today but when I woke up I did say my mantra of Fun, Friendship and Respect with Musical Empowerment and Inspiration which always sets the stage for any opportunity that should arise during the day. There was not much more I could do today. I'm thinking about committing myself to a schedule of every day for one week. I've never done that before playing on the same streets in the same neighborhood to help build community and just give what I have to offer to the area with no other agenda. Maybe some support will come through it maybe not... I'll put out a request for some to the businesses but without expectation or obligation.

March 10, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I wish I could pass my process of life on for other people to use but it is much too complicated for even myself to understand at times. What happened today was at the top rung with Traveling Piano Journey... out of the norm and from another plane of experiential existence. Mo and I took the Traveling Piano with my neighbor around the corner to play on the Las Vegas strip and to also show a Super Burrito restaurant owner the truck who treated me to a terrific burrito. While interacting with a couple from the street, a girl reached into my cab when I was not looking and stole my iPhone from inside my bag on the floor of the cab. She had been on the truck playing the piano just before so luckily I had her picture. She was lost in just wanting to be normal for a short time and I suppose, was not thinking about stealing in the moment. I printed the picture out and turned on "Find My Phone" from my computer. Then I began going up to homeless people in the neighborhood asking if they recognized her. Everyone did recognize her. Everyone living here is connected in some way. I filed a police report, the phone is $700 and I don't have the money to buy a new phone. I was able to keep drama, anger and revenge out of the equation as I garnered a lot of info. I found where she hung out and news traveled fast. Thank God the homeless people have been respecting me and that is because I work to respect them. I offered a reward. By the end of the day I knew there was practically no chance of getting it, no one even knew where to reach me or how to reach me as the phone was turned off for security reasons so no one could use it. It would be hacked or sold for parts. No one could get into my gated apartment complex or knew my apartment number. But somehow I knew everything would be ok no matter what... thats the feeling that created the solution.

A perfect storm began... my being the piano man that everyone has been talking about in the neighborhood, my being able to apply significant pressure points with who and how I talked to people, luck with who I ran into and where, incentive, the grace of god and St. Anthony... I'm sitting in my room about 10pm. Usually I don't have my blinds open when its dark out. A homeless guy I never met knocks on my door... is this yours? It was the phone. He waited until a car came into the complex and then walked in with it and then began to knock on random apartment doors asking for the piano man. And then he saw me through the window sitting with Mo on the bed... bingo. He was a guy in his forties, life long Las Vegas resident, on the street three years now, drug and alcohol issues... he was telling me how he's a good guy... which he obviously can be. I learned how some of the homeless will steal six days a week and then make sure they do at least one good deed on the seventh. I said, thats how the mafia justify their lives! Another guy told me how even the good people start stealing because after its done to you so many times you just naturally do it back and it becomes a way of life for everyone, just constantly taking from each other. They know how and when to dumpster dive for fresh food and cooked meals and how to get new clothes from dumpsters and wear them to go into casino's to get the free meals offered for guests. Most homeless people, you cannot tell they are homeless because they are wearing nice clothes from the dumpsters or from breaking into tourist cars filled from shopping sprees.

When I went to make the police report there were over a hundred people waiting to make their stolen reports. The people at the window suggested I go to a sub station which would be less crowded as the wait was an easy three hours. I gave the guy tonight fifty bucks in total appreciation and gratitude. The whys and hows, manipulation, games, hustling amongst themselves, me, whatever... it doesn't matter. What matters is that the phone miraculously came back to me right into my hands from no where. I went back to the place where I asked to call the cops if they saw her. I told the guy to put out the word that I was not angry and all, forget they ever saw me. With my ability to analyze, a hundred scenarios... reasons, why's, explanations come to mind but there is absolutely no way to know for certain any of it. Human beings have been trying to figure life out with specifics since the beginning of time. There comes a point where it is best to just stop it. Forget it. Let it go. Life can be so wonderful when you just accept what is without the need to know anything except that wonder's do happen. As the guy sat in my room talking for a good hour I had to consciously trust in goodness. As he was saying, I don't know the game going, whether he was checking me out for a double hustle and was there to rob me in my room, just a good guy, needed the reward really bad, was doing a favor, whether this all was about me or someone else... I know nothing except for the fact that there is a lot more going on everywhere around me for reasons beyond my comprehension and therefore to try and make sense of any of any of it... would be none sensible. While asking one group of guys if they knew how I might get the phone back, another guy walked up and asked if anyone saw his phone, as it was just stolen. That was very, very odd and the best thing I could do was to think... I know nothing.

The casino where the phone was tracked to... security went to see if they might have had it in the lost and found... about twenty five cell phones came out of a bag! The one mind of humanity is really spinning now in life. Its spinning into crazy land and I do think it is for the good in the long run. We are all spiritually evolving into a higher level of consciousness. It may not look that way but it is what it is. from my perspective. I wish you could know how random it was that the phone came back to me right to my door in less than ten hours after it was stolen from a complete stranger. Once again, what I was feeling the entire time and was sure of beyond a question of doubt... life was happening beyond my reality and in the moment almost like in a parallel universe and my job was not to try and go there for understanding but to let it play out for the here and now... just be, trust, go with the flow and if nothing else allow myself to experience the wonder of it all. I knew to do the footsteps to get it back, when to stop, when to retreat and let go of it all... and then it happened. This reminded me of a promise I learned way back about working to live my life in the best light possible that... I would intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle me. Yep, I know how to do that now. It all comes from the practice of staying conscious spiritually, through mindfulness and awareness. Spirit first, mind second. Then getting the phone out of lock down mode with iCloud and Apple took, I kid you not... seven hours. That process was three times worse than the theft, three times worse! They know what they are doing to the customer but just do not care. I had to lose all my data in the process. It is all about their covering their ass with their product and sales and keeping control of their tracking, whatever makes it easy and efficient for business first, customer second. For my personal life... I am people first and do as little business as possible. Focusing on loving relationships with people is the way to go. Onward....

March 09, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My neighbor Luzana with her pup Lily joined us for a short while with the Traveling Piano on the Las Vegas Strip today and after we were done there, drove to a local park where a lot of homeless people hangout. Today was the hottest day yet and my mindset as always... play with the Traveling Piano as much as possible because I don't know how much time is left to do it in all ways but specifically with today... before the weather gets to hot. I went back to the main business street in the arts district until the sunset to get a feel for the energy of whether I want to try and create something there for the community on a permanent basis. Easy does it, one day at a time, slowly I go, mindfully and steadily. When I work a day with the Traveling Piano its almost impossible for me to work towards anything else. The process takes all of my time for the whole day. It is a state of mind the fills the day whether I'm in my apartment or out on the street. It is all or nothing, it is what it is.

March 08, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

We drove to Sunset Park which is the main showcase park for Las Vegas. I was hoping for more shade trees in thinking about when it will get hot but alas, not too many. There were no places to park the truck in the shade. Where we first parked people liked what they saw but were not interested in interacting. The park has a huge lake and as I walked around I had to keep telling myself that this is where I live because... I've been in a hundred different parks throughout the northern hemisphere just like this one but always while passing through in travel. There is a large open area where I could park away from everything and everyone. A guy pulled up next to me with his son and asked how long I would be there as he wanted to run home to get some money to give to me. The two had been walking and heard the music. That is just so awesome as it was a genuine desire to give back or maybe simply to just give. Think about it... the time and effort... he was gone about twenty minutes. He came back and gave me thirty bucks so I know he wasn't loaded which makes it all even more significant. His son stayed with me while he was gone and we got deep into conversation along with the music. I'm the one who stepped into the fact that they were religious.

I don't know what it was I said but anyway... the energy was of people who are walking the walk with their religion which when I find them is like finding a needle in a haystack or a four leaf clover, lol. It feels very good. Then I found out the dad is a retired LA cop. We talked a little about that as I have had major police issues over the years not with the Traveling Piano but police brutality and murders of repressed people in communities throughout the country in general. He asked for me to go to his baptist church with him. After holding back a lunge for his throat with my church anger I told him I just might. As he suggested I might might some fellowship and I'm always open to new friends. The main gateway to any possibility of that happening was the guys complete sincerity and the fact that he extended himself to me unconditionally without agenda first. That was very impressive and I don't take people like that for granted, or the time I spend with them. When I got back to my apartment the electricity was out again. Last week there was no hot water for three days. A circuit breaker went this afternoon and its the second blackout in a month. There can be no chance of this happening once it gets hot thats for sure. A letter to management is in order.

March 07, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My dearest, closest family type friend Stephen was driving from San Fransisco to where he now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and stopped along the way to visit. I've known Stephen since he came out of his mothers womb and spent time with him and his partner Shehara in November. It took conscious effort to not be depressed before he even arrived with that fact that he was only staying a night and would be leaving. He used my sleeping bag on the floor in my tight little space and with the air conditioner, air filter and noise machine going, there was no snoring to be heard for sure! We drove out to Lake Mead and found a random road to the water that had a spectacular view with the color of rocks and the vastness of open space.

During the two hours in the area I could literally see the ground turn green, a quick spring was happening before my very eyes. The hot sun will turn everything brown in no time for sure. We created some music, took some pictures and video, met some random people, walked a bit, talked... what a gift to have someone in my life to love but even better, who loves me and extends himself to show it. I've not been very lucky with people like that, there have been a few, there are presently only a couple and its enough. I learned something new. Did you know that a planet and a star are two different things? Earth is a planet, a mass and a star is gases, energy only... like the sun. How could I not have known that. Maybe I did and forgot. Stephen reminded me. Feeling grateful...

March 06, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I posted a contribution request online as socially, I have many new friends who know little about the Traveling Piano journey. the passing of time necessitates my repeateing what I am about that my work is that of creating musical fun, friendship and respect... to interact with people while having the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other... and I share the love of nature through imagery. The Traveling Piano work is without fees, tips, solicitation or commercial affiliation. What makes the Traveling Piano magical is that very fact. No self-agenda except to share joy. There is no performing or entertaining. Mo and I, we create short significant relationships through the sharing of the piano. Everyone finds us on their own terms synchronistically, and the all the experiences are spontaneous. My work is also shared freely online and through this website, a daily blog with pictures and music... everyday since 2006. The first ten years was paid mostly out of pocket from my life savings and the sale of my home. Now in order to keep going I need your help. Please make a contribution.

The sharing of unconditional friendship through music is a special gift for the world. The Traveling Piano is a space holder of sorts for the love we all need... and the world needs more love now in these difficult times. My work takes 100% of my time. I have chosen a basic life of poverty but do need resources in order to work. Asking for contribution feels like the most worthy way for the journey. Trust me, it is not easy to do that and I know the 100's of other ways. The Traveling Piano presently needs new tires, a major tuneup, brakes and carburetor. New piano equipment will soon be needed and... I have been wearing the same one pair of pants, sneakers etc... for over a year and a half. This is not a complaint. It is what it is... a time for a change of clothes. The Traveling Piano is my chosen full time job. It is my passion, my work... it is what I do best and what I best offer for the world. The dynamics would change if money entered the equation in anyway when interacting with people. I have more experience with that fact than most people. If you have been appreciating the pictures and musical posts... and for some friends it has been for last twelfth years now... please help this worthwhile cause. Make a contribution via GoFundMe or directly to the Traveling Piano Website. Contribute Here If you need help with processing or would like to contribute in another way please send an email from the contact page, thanks.

March 05, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, where I am now in my life is interesting to say the least. The idea of working my way back into making money... I should say "feeling" my way back into making money is very interesting because I have no interest in "working" to make money and/or feeling it. I cannot do what I did pre-journey. Finding a new way to do the same old is the only possibility, a transformation of sorts. There is no way I can go backwards in life at least for me there isn't. Making money became not fun and that is why I left all that. The only thing palatable for me now is raising money through contribution which I really, also am burnt out of and people just are not as giving these days... or maybe thats just my personal perception... or excuse maybe? Everything is fine as I explore. I wish I could revisit all the nature from the past... experiencing the worlds nature has been even more fun than the music... sometimes. Interacting with people... I must keep putting myself out there in the world to do that or I will simply wither and die. Although... being in nature keeps me alive. :)

March 04, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There are people waiting for me to send their pictures from the Traveling Piano but I just can't get it together to do anything today. After I have a good busy day anymore like yesterday, I'm just worthless the next day, no energy and little thought possible. It is what it is. A girl left her computer in the back of my truck. Luckily she is my neighbor and I took her business card which never, ever happens. So I called her and thought about how cool it is that I've been having fun with so many neighbors through the Traveling Piano. I very much want to be part of this community. Although I tried back east when I owned a house, I never really felt good with my community at large as in a member that was wanted or valued for anything other than what it could take from me.

March 03, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Its best to think as little as possible. Today was a difficult start. I knew everything would be ok once I got outside and going with the Traveling Piano. We drove out onto the streets and came across a couple laying against a wall. I stopped and asked if they wanted some music and they said yes. We had a good time. They were too weak to climb into the truck. We appreciated each other's friendship. Then I drove around the corner to a business that I found yesterday and played there for a moment. Today being First Friday a large monthly event for this area, people were getting set, the energy was swirling. Each month it gets bigger as the weather gets warmer. I've been just pulling into random spots on the streets to get a feel for different areas and have been meeting key players for business and events. The synchronicity, the timing in meeting certain people is just about every time, more than interesting. About half way through the interactions I realized I forgot to shave today and thats not great for a first impression with people, at least not the impression of being able to be professional... a look I must start creating again.

My interactions were high energy with everyone and I stopped at about six different streets in the area until my energy ran out. What am I doing? The time is limited for being able to play as I know by June the temerapture will be 100 everyday and the sun too strong to be out in with the Traveling Piano. Everyday I think, just today... enjoy today but still I'm always thinking about the future and resources to continue... right now I have none. The truck needs a major tune up and I'm caught between being who I am with the journey, deflecting how people want to see me as in being simply a street musician and then creating a persona (once again as in the early days) as a respectable business man who is musical. I must force myself to drink water when I'm working... its very difficult to do as I am always preoccupied. I'm as tired as can be right now.

March 02, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I ate some sauerkraut with potatoes and hotdogs then went out to create some music before sunset on a street nearby. I'm trying to get a feel for whether I can develop something with the Traveling Piano for the neighborhood... see how it feels to just sit on the street, create music and feel the energy around me. A nearby store owner comes up to me and gets onto the piano seat and we do our thing. Almost immediately after, he invites me over to his place for a free spa session in his float sanctuary spa where you lay in a tank of water to relax and meditate, etc... I said, "your the kind of person I want to connect with, someone who knows about sharing." He replied with "yea, well I came over here and you freely shared your piano and self with me." That exchange reminded me how I must shop around for like people and not get down because of the people I interact with not oriented in and with my ways. Its two for two at this point... two takers and two givers I have met so far in a business sense. It is a fact that most people just "take." Some take for the sake of taking, others justify it, see if they can get away with it and others take while being worried that they might feel obligated to give. Then there are those that just give for the sake of giving. People like that are nothing but joy. I got back to my studio just in time... wow, sauerkraut can really clean out my system fast and strong!

March 01, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It must be said that although its difficult in many ways I am truly enjoying where I am living right now. People say how they hate this place and then I think about how people have said that absolutely everywhere I've stayed. Then there are always those who know how to appreciate where they are. Some neighbors, I'm finding are not my kind of people like that should be a surprise or its not supposed to be? I'm not naive enough to know that there is no such thing as a perfect place where I will get along with everyone. I met another store owner today who seems really nice and I hope we can establish a rapport. Where I am is called the gateway district. Its a few blocks from the actual arts district on the strip. Where really doesn't matter as not many people really know the boundaries of everything. A neighbor from my apartment complex stopped by when we were interacting... this neighbor thing going on with me... its very new. The guy on one side of me has not even looked at me as we stand next to each other to open our doors, lol... thats fine with me and the woman on the other side has just stepped into my room to pet Mo without thought. There's whites, blacks, asians, gays, dykes, mexicans, old, young, drugged, clean and sober, alcoholic, religious, working, non-working, male, female, money, no money, struggling, comfortable, dealers, homeless... and me. Every type of person is living where I am in my very small micro community. I love the diversity.