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January 31, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Really, the end of January. I'm signing a lease for seven months. For my entire life back east in Philadelphia I had a dream of living somewhere else. I've always wanted to live in at least one other place before I die. Other people would do it and that always blew me away. How could they do that? What courage it must take. The last of six kids, every sibling got married, moved out and no more than a half hour away from the home base. With about forty nieces and nephews, one moved to Hawaii, thats it. Since I sold my house I've had a few home bases over the years but they were never secure homes for me. So tonight I realize my dream. I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its official and amazing and on the strip! It took sixty one years but who cares... I did it while still living. Thank you God... and friends who have helped and who are presently helping. This would not be without help from others and my sense of self to be able to ask for help. It took a good 50 years of hard work to get the sense of self that I have. I'm looking forward to contributing to my new community with the Traveling Piano in bigger ways then I have been doing or have ever done anywhere in the past. I've thought about living in NYC, LA, Miami, Chicago, Seattle but never once gave Las Vegas a thought and... its a perfect place for me.

January 30, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I accomplished nothing today. My mind will take that sentence and ruminate on it until I'm beating myself like someone would beat a dead horse. Over the years friends have helped me with this problem. My friend Gertrude would say, "well you got up and came to see me so I get to enjoy you, thats something." Through my years of staying away from drugs and alcohol, friends would remind me that if I was able to do that for a day, it was enough. I did get exercise by taking Mo for a walk today... a friend would remind me of that. And then I would be able to start taking the ball on my own and remind myself that I ate some healthy food, I'm aware of what I am doing and honest with it, extended myself to others, did the blog and posting work to get some contribution, kept my space clean, enjoyed the sun and air, felt gratitude... I could go on and on. The bottom line, I must get out of my head to connect with other healthy "like" people. No man is an island, ha.

January 29, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up in a little daze, then checked into facebook a trigger of distraction for me these days. Then anger began which led to remembering that I wanted to take some action today concerning the recent ban made on muslims, immigrants and refugees from entry to the US. Trump without question is out to destroy America, tear it down he in fact said that but... has not added how he wants to rebuild it for "himself" in true dictator fashion. Unfortunately, his followers have no clue to how or what that entails for themselves and the rest of the world. So the word protest popped up in my mind and I drove with Mo to Mc Carron airport just in time to join with about a thousand other local Las Vegas neighbors in order to stand up for justice and truth. When unjust laws are created, protest then becomes a duty. It was my first political protest ever and I sat off to the side as I was with Mo. Just being there mattered and I was aware of my presence. I felt appreciative to be around people who were doing more than simply complaining. If it is to be that we all here in the United States go down as in have our lives destroyed over this jackass well, I will do that with my dignity intact. This, I wish for everyone.

January 28, 2017

Arts District, Nevada

I went to a council meeting of a non-profit arts center a few blocks away called the City of the World Art Gallery. It was the first place I was drawn to here in Las Vegas and it has called to me several times since. The director invited me to meet everyone and just explore some ideas. 100% of my experience with the place and everyone I have met feels full of potential. Presently, I must simply feel the potential and stay out of the way concerning exactly what that potential means or may be. Ross, the director asked me to put down into writing exactly what my ideas are. Argghhhhh... that is so difficult and time consuming for me to do! Breath danny, breath. I'll do what is neccessary. It just must be done while feeling easy and smooth and relaxed... focused. I spent time outside with the Traveling Piano and several homeless people stopped by as well as some of the poorer neighbors. Some I've met now several times.

The one guy says, "I love you man" and I really understood where he was coming from. It comes from a place of treating each other equal as human beings along with our differences and quirks. Respect is key. Also, I'm setting up limits and boundaries from the start. I cannot give anyone in my neighborhood money and must stay Traveling Piano centered, not personally centered. Also, I want to be present for everyone so I need to keep the relating moving from person to person homeless or not. Creating music and just playing around with the piano today was fun! A media guy appeared with his camera. That always makes me nervous. Defining myself and what I do for people before they do it for me has always been a challenge. Now settled in one spot, this will be very important from the start. Myself and my work encompass many facets and I must remember to focus on all I am verses what I am not.

January 27, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Routines are beginning to happen for me. Extending myself to the same people over and over to create friends and a family are happening. Discovering ways to connect and move in the direction for a conventional life once again are developing. Where that will lead I don't know. Its the flow I must be aware of. No expectations, breath deep and staying conscious of an even emotional sobriety through gratitude... thats the way to go for me. Just put one foot in front of the other and see where those feet take me in faith as I always do. Thank god for a friend who has been helping me financially. My niece brought my first framed photo set and it arrived glass and frame broken. The post office is such an overpriced inept government industry. It has made me angry for about forty years now. Ha, nothing like an entity, consistently sloppy, corrupt and able to get away with it. With all the effort, time and cost in sending out that one piece... I'm going to have to rethink this whole picture selling thing. No music for today.

January 26, 2017

Owens Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada

I felt well enough to get out onto the street for a bit today. Of course I drifted to my comfort zone where many homeless people hang out. The police sweep them from one side of the street, they go to the other. They sweep them off of that side and they cross the street to the other. I mean, where are they supposed to go? Even the shelters don't allow them inside until 6pm. So anyway, its been a while since I was there. Some people remembered me with appreciation and I was appreciative to just sit and create music for about a half hour. One woman who was frozen and despondent was swaying with the music after about twenty minutes. She wasn't even aware of that fact. I really needed time by myself on the piano and then of course people approached me. Especially those who once had a home with a pet... they really miss their dog. One younger guy who I had seen before, definitely with some mental issues was milling around and right before I was about to leave got the courage to approach me. It felt so good, really good. I so appreciated his trust. And then once he got onto the piano it did not take him long to come around to 100% mental functioning with intelligence most people would not believe. All his little quirks left, he became focused in clear conversation. It was all about trust, respect, empowerment, music, friendship for us to be able to communicate with no problem. He really made my day because thats all I want from life for myself.

January 25, 2017

Mount Charleston, Nevada

I'm still sick but had to get out. My studio apartment being so small probably has something to do with that for sure and it might be a good thing. Mo and I drove to Mount Charleston about forty minutes outside of Las Vegas because I knew we would finr some snow would be there but... I did not expect almost seven feet of it! I talked with a local who has been there for over forty years and he said he's never seen anything like it. That was a jolt for sure. Who knew? Its good to know that there are different environments to run away to not far away. Mo loves snow but there was no where to get out and play in it. I was too cold anyway.

January 24, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I now have framed photos for sale from the Traveling Piano Galleries. $59.00 with free shipping and handeling. I hope you will want one and support me in this new venture. It might be a lot of fun and the pictures look outstanding in the frames. Interested? Please contact me from this website, on facebook, twitter or through the gofundme account.

January 23, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is no longer possible for me to not be vocally political. I would like for everyone to care but know that this is not possible as many do not want to see the truth. There are those who have not been raised to stand up for themselves let alone anyone else and those who enjoy being a victim. Denial seekers who put their heads up their ass or hide in sand, the list goes on and on. Maybe if a project comes along that takes up all my focus that will help ease the feeling of responsibility needed but presently seeking a balance with my life concerning a priority of joy first and foremost... that is the way to go. If I cannot give myself peace and joy first and foremost... nothing will be accomplished for myself or the world. This could not be a bigger challenge for me at this point of my life.

January 22, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm really out of it today, sick with a cold or whatever is trying to surface. Thank god I have a secure, comfortable place to be sick in. Thank god for Mo always by my side.

January 21, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Damm, I'm sick and its one of those colds where I'm just going to have to ride it out. I wanted to go to the woman's march happening in cities nationwide today with the Traveling Piano but that was not meant to be, probably for a good reason, I could mention ten off the top of my head. I just went through dog hell for over thirty hours with two high pitched yapping dogs constant and manic in the room next to me. There was nothing I could do because no one was there and management was closed. I felt like I was in a kennel with crazy barking none stop for the enitre time. It was incredibly difficult but thank god its over. I think the dogs are gone. I did go for a little walk today with Mo and met some business owners in the neighborhood to get a better feel for what it is like around here. I have some ideas... I'm just floating around with an open mind... really kind of lost which is not a bad place to be... sometimes.

January 20, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The inauguration was a real downer for me. It is just so sad this decision humankind has made. I'm part of it whether I like it or not. Most people are clueless to what it will all mean for humanity not just the people living in the USA. The election of trump was created through manipulation and control of the human mind not only from voters but from people around the world. There is a reason trump has taken to twitter. He knows it is a feeding frenzy pit for easily manipulated people not only here in the US but the world. This election was a worldwide election wether people see it that way or not. It was a choice between selling to ignorant people the idea of becoming products for the use of a few or continuing the struggle to create equality for all humanity. It was a very simple choice to make. I've said it before, no political affiliation has been in my mission statement since the start. This election was not about a political parties choice. It was about the direction and course for the future for all humankind. It was not even about trump. So... through my minds eye... it is not down hill from here. We hit bottom. I want everyone to practice daily finding joy in-spite of what is happening around us. Practice now like putting money in the bank so when the real horrors begin we can pull from our savings, so to speak.

January 19, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... I have a cold. Mo and I went out to do errands for the day but basically the day was a blank. Its been raining and I mean strong steady raining. Experiencing this has been rare over the last year. I'm been thinking about how some people say life is a lesson. I don't think so but the idea helps make it more interesting. Constantly I grapple with money, working, exchange in order to live. I got away from the "Chasing the Buck" idea. The idea of money just coming to me or finding ways to work for the fun of it... that has not existed. Chasing the buck was full of drama, necessity, desperation, manipulation, control for survival issues. I knew that was wrong. I was always trying to just give in thinking other people would give back naturally. Then again I have learned that my giving, the thinking involved had strings attached like the expectation of obligation in getting back because I gave. Oh boy, that was my family... big time. Ahh... loyalty. I was in denial about my giving, was not being honest with myself by always giving to get. That turned into the idea of everyone taking from me until the "well ran dry." Then, my main thought became, "Give to Givers." So, someone had to give to me first and then they could have the world, all of it from me. It was still a conditional exchange. No one gives without a get agenda of some type. Money can create happiness but it is not necessary in order to life a full and happy life. Many things can create just as much and more happiness without money being involved at. But I digress, I am really talking about exchange in order to survive with fulfillment and happiness. I give because I want other people to give or act with me, for me, etc... thats the bottom line.

January 18, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Brian invited me out with some friends and we went to Hofbrauhaus a huge German food and drinking hall. Being social in a crowd of people is not something I am used to unless I'm the center of attention so it was interesting, good and a challenge. Its up to me now to pursue new friends, they are not going to come to me thats for sure. For some reason my life has never been that of people wanting to hang out unless I'm the one who instigates it. About four hours after I got back I felt my left nostril close up with a stuffy feeling and then felt sinus pressure and then realized I caught something from all the handshakes. That quick... its amazing how quick I can get sick. Also, I was aware that I was the oldest person hanging out with these people, like at least ten years older but more like thirty five years older. In fact thats getting to be the case with everything, eh? Lol, its very... different, interesting and... it is what it is.

January 17, 2017

Red Rock, Nevada

We drove back to Red Rock Canyon to explore, get out of my head, enjoy life... it was really amazing and awesome and full of being in a daze. After hiking for a bit, I created some music and shared some with other people. The weather was perfectly cold in the canyon. There would be no way I could do this if it was in the heat of the summer. I've been really liking the people here in Las Vegas. The idea of casinos... its simply a strip of what it is. Las Vegas as I remembered it years ago is a city like any other city with the added persona of having a section of it that is an entertainment, gambling venue for the world. I wish I never had to think about what is to come in the future. I do live in the present moment but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about and planning and creating with the future in mind. Not the future as in ten years down the road, the future as in the next year or so.

January 16, 2017

Calico Basin, Nevada

My head has been getting messed up with uncertainty and also grief about the upcoming inauguration. The noise around me from dogs yapping and people banging doors, talking loud in this studio apartment complex is unnerving at times although I like the idea of people being around. I think any dissatisfaction in life is a distraction from impatience with myself, indecision about moving forward in life. But then again, isn't living and doing... moving forward especially if its in joy? Ha, I know many people will think, sometimes you have to do things in life that are not joyful. But, thats not the point. So, today I went to be out in nature and wow... I forgot how beautiful Red Rock is. Thats a place. I went specifically to Calico Basin which is an area near there, not so touristy and no fees charged. I was thinking how Sedona had been drawing me for its nature. Well, I have that here and am very grateful about that. There were a lot of people there as I forgot it is a holiday, Martin Luther Day. There was so much interacting, hiking was for only a short time. My thoughts about the entire time... "this is my joy." I'm not meant to do anything else, moving forward does not mean leaving what I am doing." The fact that I am not self supporting is an issue. My working for free is not only, not an issue it has been what has made my life successful. I cannot both work for money, as much as needed to support myself, and both work the Traveling Piano at the same time, just can't do it. That means even fundraising to do the work. I can do one or the other.

Doing the fundraising for a period of time in order to go back to the work... that would be like not eating so I can work to eat. How long would that work out for? Not very long. I'm rambling, I know I do that from time to time. At the end of the day I met two young guys and we spent some time together. I complimented them in some way and right before they left they said they were who they were because they were Christians. I had no problem with that but then they asked me if I was a Christian. I knew where that was going and shut them down immediately. They had been taught a script with answers to everything ready to spew and well, because of a lot of practice, I can out spiritualize the best of them as I walk the walk. My set scripted answer is that I have a "personal relationship with jesus christ and... its personal." I said their question is self-serving and not helpful to reel people into their agenda. He was ready for that with an answer also. "We must agree to disagree." That was ok with me but it all took me back into my original state of mind from the day... distraction in thinking how many fake Christians voted for the devil (trump), lol. There was some catfish and collards to be had on the way "home" from a soul food kitchen that I've had my eyes on. That helped and... Yum. It so so important for me to keep the faith as in the "joy" going for my life. Mo is the foundation for my joy. His consistency, his being a dog in every way, his loyalty and bond to me, appreciation, enjoyment of the same things I enjoy in nature and with people, etc...

January 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I printed the second in a series of photos to sell from the Traveling Piano journey. The size, how the photos relate to each other as well as to themselves and also the frame... the printing process can be very different for each picture according to the density and detail of the picture content and colors... whether the ink being used is pigment or dye determines the outcome and there is a lot more. For example, red pictures come out much better using pigment ink whereas the green ones look faded using pigment ink. And then there is chemical emulsion printing which I don't understand and then there's Walgreen's mass printing technique... whatever that is. But every application creates a different result concerning color, brightness, detail, etc... I must find and use the best techniques possible because I know that people who don't care will buy anything... but then again they also usually don't spend anything. I want to go after people who care enough to spend enough to please me... for doing all the work needed to please both of us.

January 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

This transitional phase of my life is feeling very foggy. I do not want to fall back into any traps. Repeating what I have already done that does not work for me... all the did that's, done that's... is not the direction to take. My tendency is to in fact, fall back into old ways. I'm a very habitual person although there have been some very good habits I have developed over the years, also. Another tendency is to enter into a state of mindlessness with a mindless activity. That has worked successfully for me in different life stages but then again...

January 13, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyday I'm putting one foot in front of the other. Drove out into the streets with the truck today. Always, I'm feeling a strong pull to the homeless areas. People can be so amazing. There was a lady running around handing out dollar bills. Another couple came with homemade soup to share. A young girl came up to me to hand me a dollar. She just became homeless last night and is staying in a nearby shelter but did that stop her joy of living, wanting to be part of or desire to share? Here was needy as can be in my face yet life goes on with joy at the same time. I get that, understand that and live in that state of being often. It rained last night and its cold so I am hoping that is why the piano's speaker does not sound right. Ran over and broke glass with the truck. It has been two hours and the tire is not flat. Must, must play music as often as possible because I am losing my muscle capabilities from not playing enough.

When I took Mo out this morning there was a guy laying behind the trash bin with no top on trying to pull blankets up to cover himself against the wall. He was mental and I told him there was a mattress to lay on around the corner behind the wall. I am gifted in connecting with people like this because I can be on the same level of functioning as they are as in spirit. You know as a human being? I want to tell everyone when they think about people in need or see them and want better for them... just keep saying to yourself, "what can I do, how can I be helpful." I guaranteed on my life that if you say it enough times something will come to mind for you to do that you will want to do and enjoy doing. Even if you don't want to do anything, fake it until you make it. That is better than just complaining about it or feeling bad.

January 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm working to commit myself to this situation of staying here. It not easy after eleven years of moving around. I think the summer will be ok as I can get an additional portable swamp cooler if needed for my room. The maintenance guy says he thinks the air conditioner will be enough. I just got hub caps for the truck as I lost one and spent $40 cash and then I went to get plexiglass pieces to craft a shield for the air conditioner air flow, another $61. I've been printing out photos at different places experimenting with quality and prices so I can begin to sell them. I'm not going to invest more money in frames until I sell the ones I already purchased. Been trying to slip into people's parking spots in the parking lot across from my room because I will need to park over there for the sun concerning the equipment getting fried. I'm going to need to seek some friends to hang out with so I can create a home for myself here.

January 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

My room, studio, apartment, I don't know what to call it... it is complete and I feel very thankful. One person helped me with all this. It only takes one person to affect another life in a great way, a meaningful way, sometimes in a life saving way. Now, to move forward with a sense of gratitude. Last year was difficult with constantly finding places to stay. Now I can move on to new difficulties, lol. As rough as last year was... I accomplished more last year with the journey than in any other year... I think. Tonight I did some crockpot cooking. My very small kithcen area... I have had practice with "small" from cooking on bathroom sinks in motels over the years!

January 10, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today I printed out pictures of the journey for the first time ever. I found some frames to put pictures in for my wall. I like them allot and it was all easy to do. They are sellable. Now to decide what, where and how to keep going. It is necessary to follow through with the idea. I purchased about fifteen frames for incentive to do that. In the past (my old life) I've purchased stuff to make and sell. It all sat in my cellar until I had to give it all away when I sold my house. I was telling myself I was saving it for retirement work, lol. Now there is no time for dilly dallying and I must be responsible for the support I have been giving to continue onward...

January 09, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

How amazing it is that I "live" (still not used to that fact) in the center of this major city and exactly one half hour away from my studio apartment is the dessert picture I'm posting today! God forbid I need to leave as I put a major amount of effort into creating my room. What would I do with all the stuff? I'll need to post pictures for sure. The only foreseeable problem is the summer. Everyone keeps telling me how brutal it will be. With my room now at least fifteen degrees warmer than outside, when it reaches a hundred outside consistently for weeks, well... how can my small air conditioner work enough, can I live in a small constantly air conditioned space... Mo does not function well in heat and me with my age, etc... I must remember all this is a non-issue for a few months. I don't know how healthy our world will be in a few months let alone me or what the weather will be. So... enjoy the day, make the most of the day, focus on now and work towards the future I want for myself now. Projecting trouble as a present reality is nothing but a waste. The key word is now. Be aware, prepare but don't inundate myself with negative projection.

January 08, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

How long can you sit... in a room... by yourself... in total silence... with no distractions... and just... be? I've been practicing being ok without stimulations from outside sources like television, online social networking, news, my own ruminating distractions of anger, frustration, resentments, etc... although ruminating gratitude and joy is always good although I have to constantly choose that as it does not come naturally. It can be very, very windy here and thats the way it was today! I'm realizing what is so different about my studio and this place where I am staying... everything in it is mine. Although I have stayed in many places, I have not been in a place since I sld my house back east ten years ago where absolutely everything is mine! It is what it is.

January 07, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I woke up peaceful this morning. There was a lot of noise, the trash trucks are serious bangers, a huge sharp loud thump woke me but still, I felt peaceful. With no fear, no insecurity I went about finishing my nesting. Its about 95% done. I'm in a daze, in awe of having my own space again. The summer scares me a little because its forty degrees now outside and the room is hot. I can't imagine an air conditioner doing the job that it will need to do in constant hundred degree sun but thats not now. So, the room is full of my new furniture, my creativity, my belongings and no one else's. Oh, what a feeling. I don't have to worry about the electric bill, the heat or air, internet, insurance, cable, trash, water, taxes, repairs, a mortgage, upkeep... its all included in the rent. Even the cleaning is minimal because the space is so small. So, it all happened in a week. I went from a room with nothing to a room that nothing more can fit into, all my necessities, storage... I'm going to make a video of it all.

Mo and I took an hour walk on the strip as I thought about how I am living in las Vegas. People are friendly, strangers go out of their way to say hello. Thats just in my neighborhood. When shopping in stores on the outskirts I found some people wreaking of arrogant snot-i-ness. I'm feeling optimistic even had an impulse to work for money... for the fun of working that way. The truck lost a hubcap again. The good thing about that is I won't have to throw away three when I purchase a new set. I can now store them in my studio apartment. For the last eleven years I've had to throw away all the hubcaps when I lose one because I had no room in the truck to store them while traveling. I've driven a ten mile circumference from where I live and from every direction I can see the Stratosphere Casino tower while thinking, "thats where I live, right next to that thing," as I head towards it!

January 06, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has a first Friday of the month celebration year round and it happens a few blocks from where I now live. Ninety percent of the people I have talked with since I have arrived here have brought up the event as they all think the Traveling Piano would be perfect for it. Now, I began working on this truck before First Fridays were invented, before First Night's on New Years Eve, I began at the dawn of Sponsorship so... I pretty much knew that it would not work for the event but I went anyway to check it out. As I suspected there were policies and regulations, permits, agenda... no way was it a neighborhood gathering as the purpose first intended. Of course it was sold as a way to bring people downtown into the arts district but as always happens. it is now more about being an event then people hanging out. There was lots and lots of art in the galleried art buildings and that was super fun.

I ran into Bob and his crew who I had dinner with the other day. Before it got dark I did play with the Traveling Piano in the area to get a feel of the energy. It was a feel of when I used to perform for these events... not a good feeling... and why I quit and began the journey. I mean, twenty years of it was enough! Away from the center I found another group of artists in a more relaxed environment. The art was in a building that I have been drawn to several times over the past few weeks. Thirty local artists share the same space at no cost. How cool is that! They were my kind of people. If it wasn't so cold out I would have stayed all night. It feels difficult these days to write coherently for this blog. I'm acclimating to what is happening, its only been a week since I moved here even though I was using a motel for two weeks before that. I just need to give myself time with no expectations. A friend is helping me financially and thankfully without obligation so... just breath Danny, just breath.

January 05, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Always, I'm having moments of Traveling Piano with people when out and about. A security guard in a shopping center parking lot recognized me with interest and so we met formally in a personal way with musical fun, friendship and respect. Today, I let go of my plastic gallon water containers. I always travel with at least three gallons of water because in some places the water is too foul to drink and well, I've easily saved a thousand bucks not buying bottled water throughout this journey. Also today, I purchased a small philodendron for my room. Thats a major settling down gesture. Lastly, I've been needing a lot of sleep and need to keep saying, "I live here." When I talk to people wow, the story is changing fast. For example, saying I have lived (past tense) on the road for eleven years is a lot less stimulating than saying I'm living on the road and have been on the road for the past eleven years.

January 04, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been shopping around for stuff needed for my apartment studio. I have not been in this world of domestication for a long time and am acutely aware of how life works for many people from an outside perspective. People work for money to spend on stuff so they need the job to make money to spend on stuff. They are always working around people spending money on stuff so its a no brainer... this consumer culture that exists. Everything is about money. It is no wonder why so many people cannot understand my life or... now past life? I'm preoccupied with nesting. It feels like I'm losing my identity in the process. A friend who used to live here in Vegas is passing through and invited me to his friends house for a potluck dinner. I was at least twenty years older than everyone there and they all were into getting high and drinking so I enjoyed it to a point but then had to leave. I think that happened when I realized I was getting a contact high and my lack of clarity was not the usual lack of where-with-all.

January 03, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Living out of bags has become such a habit over the years, I'm afraid to take everything out of the bags. What if I have to run, leave in a hurry? If everything comes out, after two weeks I'll forget what I used in what bags and it took years to develop the routine. Everything's new. I've been putting together shelves, the bed, the room... I've done this before in back when I had a home base in West Virginia but is been years now. In West Virginia it was a friends place and I had people around me that I knew. Now... I'm on my own for the first time with a new place.

January 02, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I drove around today to get stuff. I'm creating a "nest." I wake up thinking, what the hell am I doing? What if I get stuck here? And then I must tell myself, "Thats the idea, your settling down into your own home base." A friend is helping me, thank god. I went to check out a bed from craigslist and randomly stopped at a small used furniture store and found a bed, mattress and box spring for a really cheap price. Even if everything doesn't last long it will have served its purpose. I found a chair for $13 bucks, lol. It looks like $13 bucks but then again it will do the job for now. I took Mo to the dog park. He really needed that. I've been finding shelves and household items I need. It feels like I am being led to stuff. What I am doing is the right thing. Of course I keep the Traveling Piano running whenever possible along with all this newness. In the summer I will smother and melt in this room but... thats not for a few months. "Live in the now Danny, you don't know whats going to be six months from now."

January 01, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is very difficult navigating on the floor of my new teeny weeny studio apartment, lol. I have no bed, chair or table because I don't have the money to get all that and I want to make sure I'm staying here... because anything I get I'll need to give away if I don't totally settle down. Its been eleven years on the road. When I use the bathroom I need to say to myself, "this is my tub, this is my sink, etc... to get used to the idea of putting down some roots. Getting up and down off the floor is not easy at my age and so out of shape. Everything, the computer, a glass, pants... its up and down from the floor. Anyway, after waking up, I took Mo for a walk. I saw a guy crashed out on the ground on a back street. Once I returned to my place I got the food together from last night and drove back to him. It was a beautiful day. I began to create music until he woke up and realized I was there. Then I offered him a bottle of water an sat down next to him to have a drink and talk some. He didn't want any of the food and thats how it went throughout the day. The giving away food idea isn't working. I ate over 20 deviled eggs myself in the last 24 hours. No way they were going to waste. I love them anyway. The guy has been living on the streets for half his life. He's forty five with some mental issues. I really appreciated how he looked me in the eyes clearly when he talked. With just about every person I meet living on the street, when we get talking failed or troubled relationships come up. This guy talked about his dad. I was thinking about taking pictures of the experience and decided not to. On one hand I think how false intent would be exploited concerning my doing that.

My intent would be to normalize the idea of spending time with someone looking as they do and living in such a dire situation. The intent would be so that others might not be afraid to pursue some friendship with people who really need and want some... for the sake of everyone. If it feels right and the person is ok with it, I will pursue pictures in the future. This guy today was too out of it to make the decision for himself. After leaving I drove down streets looking for others who were alone and ended up back at Owens and Las Vegas Boulevard where most of the people hang out. I was going to play on a side street but while droving down one, the guys hanging out looked not happy at all probably from hangovers. The street had more trash on it then I've ever seen anywhere. On the corner where I stopped all the people living across the street from me on the sidewalk where cleaning up trash and sweeping dirt away from there living space. People who have met me over the last couple weeks enjoy coming up to talk. They appreciated the familiarity. I'm thankful for that and now other piano players are not shy to have a shot at some playing because they have heard how I just like to share the piano. They know I have no agenda other than friendship. People are now actually on the lookout for me. They tell me how they talk about me to others. One guy today was a really good jazz piano man and I actually learned musically from watching his exploration of communication musically.