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October 31, 2016


We drove into town to do a few errands and spend some time today. At the post office an older woman mentioned a Halloween tailgate event happening at a church nearby so I decided to push myself to take the Traveling Piano there. I spent some time with a few new friends and began to feel disoriented enough that the thought to go to a hospital crossed my mind. I was wondering if I could talk with someone having no address, money or insurance. Anyway, that did not happen. There were two churches having Halloween events so I went to see which began earlier. At the first church the people were not friendly at all. There was no way I was going to hang around there. The second church didn't seem like a kids event nor did it feeling like community so I didn't hang around there either. Mo and I ended up at the lake where I created music for myself and Mo hung out on the rocks and at the lakes edge. The idea of moving on again is exhausting, a little depressing but there is a friend back east in Virginia I can stay with for a spell. I don't know if that will work out I'm just going with the flow here. Nothing is going to happen for my life concerning bigger dreams if I cannot get my health together. So for now... since there is no place for us to stay on the west coast or near Los Angeles which I would really like to do or anywhere else in the country then... heading back east is really the only option. I have just enough money to get there.

October 30, 2016


Everything is so in the moment right now. I'm milking everything I can with enjoyment about this private space I've had and the scenery. I'm taking it real easy... I'm sure now my system has been affected by the spider bite of more than a month and a half ago... it has just accentuated other health issues. I'm staying very conscious and also being careful not to amplify the awareness in my mind. Looks like we will be heading east next week. Four tries throughout the years to have hollywood type fun in Los Angeles has not happened. I really have not had the passion or energy to be able to focus on or pursue anything. I have a problem wanting for things to just happen for me without doing the work needed myself. I mean, I've really accomplished allot but now the passion to keep going is just not there. I need a secure home of my own and must enter back into the conventional world to create that so it seems and how the hell am I going to be able to do that when I really don't want to? I've never been successful at doing things I don't want to do. Some people say they hate their job, go to work but don't want to... my life has never been like that. Not to say I don't have my own different or parallel issues. If its not one thing its another. Back to looking for places to stay... oh God, I'm tired of doing that.

October 29, 2016


I took a funny picture of Mo on my lap while we lay on a lounge chair together. He is everything to me. I've been relaxing. The temperature is mild and its a bit cloudy, the air moist... very different. Birds have been chirping like its spring. I'm staying conscious to not read the news which is a challenge as a result of habit and letting go of the feeling that it connects me with the world. If that was the case, its not a world I want to be part of anymore. I choose more loving, positive, supportive, creative, etc... I've been reading Shirley Maclaine's book Road to Camino which I've been carrying around with me for a few years! Her writing is so easy for me to read. Talking it easy is a must right now. Traveling back east may happen but I'm still holding out for something to manifest and keep me on the west coast. With no money, resources and a thirty year old truck that might fall apart any day... my options are not many. With the help of a friend on the first of the month, I'll have just enough finances to make it cross country if that is what is meant to be.

October 28, 2016


In thinking about my physical health as of late... a month and a half ago I was bit by a spider on my toe. It almost got infected and... your going to get grossed out, my toe turned black from it. Healing began, the color returned but it has been bothering me again, it hurts. It was on my left foot and my whole left side has been bothering me. A large red blotch appeared on the back of my thigh, felt scratchy and then disappeared. Also, I wonder if it all is something psychic. Lol... I think I've now covered all the possibilities except this last one... the election. Maybe its anger and frustration. I've done everything I can do concerning the Presidential Election. I've worked actively in every way I know how and as much as possible to be responsible as an individual to create awareness about the danger before us. I've spent two months, and many hours a day with it all. I've already voted for Hillary Clinton, I've blocked over 180 people (lol) from social accounts, the kind of people I do not want to associate with. Those kind of people are supporting Trump with their vote. They are aligning themselves in self-centeredness which is not compatible in relationship with me. I say, live and let live... as far away from me as possible, please.

What is happening is no joke and I now have a clear conscious that I have given it my all for the love and care of humankind. There is no energy left for this election from me and the results are now out of my hands. I've been staying connected with the world through the news. It is becoming more and more my sole connection to feeling present with other people seeing as I have not been out so much with the Traveling Piano. The worlds news online has not been feeding my soul. It has been draining it. Well, that is over until at least until, for awhile after the election. I'm going to email, phone and spend one on one time with people and keep on as much as possible with the Traveling Piano to feel connected to the world. That means I will not allow myself to read the news and I won't be going onto my facebook timeline to see silly pictures of animals and other fun stuff because... I don't want to get triggered with the political crap. No matter how the news and facts spin from this point on, no matter how good or bad any of the candidates appear... look into your soul to know the truth. So... if you want to communicate with me... email, private message online, post on my posts or phone me, ok? Send a Contribution for the Traveling Piano, that another way to connect!

October 27, 2016


Yesterday after the hot springs my health took a downturn. Its a little better today but still... I've been observing my health over the last month concerning my shortness of breath, dizziness, numbness and lack of energy. I've thought about blocked arteries, bad kidneys, disintegrating discs in my neck, too much weight, age, diabetes, crones syndrome, lack of exercise, my mind, how I can't seem to build stamina and it might be one or several of those things but... it feels like the pollution and smoke in the area is getting to me most. Four days now the mountains have not cleared from wildfire smoke and its affecting my respiratory system and everything else. So, I'm here for two more weeks and I hope it clears and stays clear until I leave. There was no smoke at the hot springs. Austin, who I met there sent me a video he took with his phone and its very excellent!

October 26, 2016


I had to go back to the hot springs today. After all was said and done I've found out wow, the place is a strong vortex. I haven't talked about vortexes in a long time. A vortex magnet is me. I don't look for them but as I get older and I fall into them they just keep getting stronger and stronger. It should not be a surprise but anyway, the energy there filled and depleted me both at the same time totally. My health going up the hill was the worst in my life. When i got back to where I am staying I passed out. That could be for one of ten different reasons but when I look back at the day... it was the vortex that affected me most. There were people there representing all types of energy, all types of consciousness. I laid in the warm water for hours. You'd think I would be relaxed. I was totally relaxed, energized, manic and depleted at the same time. It is a crazy feeling. With people I became intuitive and could feel all their spirit and energy. I know this sounds crazy to some people but there's a history of all this here in the blog over the years. Even park rangers came and were the jerks as they can be. Five people a few dogs, total peacefulness and they threatened tickets for the dogs not being on leashes.

Do trouble, no danger, people just hanging out enjoying themselves in public land that is ours... and they have to climb down a hill to harass. That really pisses me off. Lucky there was an insider there with privilege who took control of the situation so as ridiculous as it was... I just put on Mo's leash and laid there with my back turned to them until they were gone. There was also a lady cementing a stone into one of the hot spring tubs. She rakes the trail as she comes down it. Just a few people have taken stewardship of the place, no one in charge. There are personality clashes but they manage to keep it together to keep the government from taking over the place in order to charge fees. All the older regulars go there to drink and smoke pot. The younger people visiting where of clear mind. One said, they couldn't understand why people can't just enjoy what is... they feel a need to try and make it even better. Back at the top with the Traveling Piano before leaving I had an interaction with a couple and the guy from the other day appeared. Mo was exhausted also, more than I can remember him ever being.

October 25, 2016


We went back to the hot springs area to find them and did. I am so glad I did that! There were a few other people there and four tubs with varying degrees of naturally heated mineral water, sulfur springs, it was so amazing in an amazing setting along the Kern River outside of Lake Isabella in California. It was as special, as special can be. I was in the water for an hour and a half. You know its special when I can sit and do nothing for an hour and a half! Mo and I climbed down a steep hill and climbing back up was not easy. Ten steps stop and rest, ten steps stop and rest. I must be very, very careful not to over do it with my heart but... I did it. I'm so thankful to have had that experience and hope to do it again before I leave the area.

October 24, 2016


We drove to some hot springs I had heard about thinking there would be no people around. Wrong! There was a large group of "burners" having been to a music festival over the weekend. One guy immediately showed interest in the Traveling Piano and so that took priority. I took off the cover and we all had fun. Then others showed up... on and on. There was one guy strung out on meth or crack or something and he was really appreciating our interaction but wow I had to really experience some love for him through my fear because I didn't know whether he was going to snap and go for my bag in the truck cab or take the speaker when I left to go to the hot springs, etc...

What he ended up doing was opening his wallet and almost begged me to take the last three dollars he had because he was so appreciative and knew I don't have much money. His friend recently committed suicide. It all made me think of how we must take care of each other. And I hope people think about that when it comes time to vote. We live in a "we" world, not an "I" world. Finally, Mo and I started down for the hot springs. I backed out because I did not feel like I could make it physically climbing back up. Damm, oh well there were too many people there anyway, I felt safer getting back to the truck and one the way back Mo and I found another spot for a short hike that was just... everything good.

October 23, 2016


Damm, smoke from a fire about an hour away is drifting so thick its swirling even inside the place where we are staying. It woke me up this morning! Can we talk raspy respiratory system? Can't really get away from it, there's no where to go just need to laid low until it passes. It was a very dark day. I almost left to drive to another city. By night fall it began to clear, thank God!

October 22, 2016


Today is how I define fun! It was a beautiful day. How much time we spend is not as important as spending time in joy no matter how short. We went to the Lake Isabella coastline and created music for the beauty of nature. The picture I took may be in my top five favorites of ever. I know the music can travel for miles. After I stopped I could hear people from different directions yelling "thank you" in the distance. I couldn't see them, they didn't know where the music was coming from and I'm sure they were puzzled by the piano sound but knew it was live. This is a most fun scenario and creating these "happenings" for my life... for other people... I just love it. Then Mo and I took a walk in a daze just enjoying each moment.

October 21, 2016


My life manifests so much beauty to share. I wonder if my ability to appreciate all of it with so much gratitude is simply the luck of the draw, as in the grace of God? All I know is that the more I love it, the more of it I get. I have moments of panic because time is closing in on me as to where to go, what to do, very, very little money but... I have this space all to myself right now where I don't need to care what anyone thinks if I sit and do nothing all day long... so even though I am always doing something... I don't need to care what other people think about whatever I'm doing, lol. This usually is a problem when I share space with someone so I catch myself when urgency surfaces or I begin to feel paranoid about being judged or judging myself and... I'm just enjoying "being" for all its worth.

October 20, 2016


Part of me wishes I did not have internet. I "need" it and the depending on it to connect to people and whats going on in the world is not good for me. First, relating to people online is definitely not a substitute for reality and... it is not reality. When I'm here writing to myself I am completely in my own head. When I am doing the same in writing back and forth to people online I am still, completely in my own head. It cannot be a substitute for socialization that is fulfilling to me. As far as being online, I have been talking with hundreds of people about the election, I feel absolutely driven, it is taking up almost all of my waking hours. I am seeing a sickness going on that is absolutely draining the spirituality out of life for many. Peoples minds are being manipulated and indoctrinated into a mob mentality and they are all out blindly, and thoughtlessly screaming, stoning the United States into oblivion. I watched the debate last night and witnessed Donald Trump not able to commit to honoring democracy with acceptance of the popular vote... unless he wins. Thats a fascist trying to take over the country. Then I see people bashing him but the problem is they include Hillary Clinton in the bashing. We must all see the accomplishments and qualifications Clinton has, but so many people want to focus only on the negative as though there is no positive. I can nail anyone with positives about Hillary Clinton and when I do... they cannot return one positive about Trump concerning government or caring about community. Trump supporters and all Clinton haters are very, very blind and cannot see that fact. It disturbs me, Oh God how it is disturbing me because the danger of being lost in blindness accompanied with anger, hate, fear and frustration is so very present more than every before in my world. I hope we do not end up destroying ourselves.

October 19, 2016


So to continue from yesterday, I was able to physically keep moving forward yesterday through watching my friend Gertrude some thirty years ago who in her mid eighties climb the tower at the Cliffs of Moher with me in Ireland having just got off the plane from America. I was astounded to see her climb a few steps, rest a few steps steadily moving forward for hours until she accomplished the goal. She taught me about pacing. I felt like something was terribly wrong physically yesterday and I did what Gertrude did when she fell head first onto a cement slab in Ireland. She didn't go running to the hospital or for medication, she sat still, quieted her mind and healed herself by relaxing. I did the same and it worked. My friend Larry now gone, passed onto me the confidence to just keep moving forward through obstacles. My mom, she gave me my passion to embrace life for all its worth. My dad, the ability to navigate the relational aspects of life.

October 18, 2016


Mo and I went climbing on huge boulders today up a huge dry river gulch. It was just so amazing. At the end there was actually a small pond in the rocks with cattails growing and fireflies. The same water must sit there for a year at a time at least and there has been no rain to replenish the area but still... the water was crystal clear. I laid on a rock in the sun. Getting to the spot was very interesting as I am having a time with my breathing. I get out of breath real easy, sometimes just standing up and also I get dizzy but you know I just pace myself and keep on doing what I love to do and I think it may be significant that I can still climb boulders at sixty one years of age. While I was moving ever so slow I mean an hour felt like eight... I thought of how I have had mentors throughout life who have each given me one significant learning lesson each. I'm going to continue this tomorrow.

October 17, 2016


I'm not moving forward with what will happen in a couple of weeks when I need to leave here. Do you know that saying, use it or lose it? Well, I'm not exercising so my health is going, I'm not playing the piano so my ability is going, I'm not working to raise money or networking or working with the Traveling Piano so it feels like the journey and my dreams are slipping away... I'm forgetting, that happens very easily for me. My options are very limited. I use the Traveling Piano as little as possible these days because I know its life is truly on the edge of being over. After all its thirty years old and has been through some very tough travel over the years. If it falls apart I will lose everything because it carries me and everything I work with and live with. There is no fall back contingency to help me out. I hate to bring this up because I have said it so many times, its embarrassing, my most fundamental life issue... my weight. Its weighing down my ability to operate life tremendously. Anyway, there is a good side to all this. In having little physical energy, ability to think or go out and work... when I lay outside on the deck in the sun and beauty, I mean almost unbelievable beauty in my lounge chair I can relax to the point of no thought and complete relaxation. Lol, I don't have to work at stopping my spinning mind because its not working and I don't feel a need to move around because there is no energy to do that. Ahh... its a nice feeling to be almost dead! Just kidding, I mean totally relaxed.

October 16, 2016


Don't have anything to say today. I'm barley functioning, it is what it is. I'm simply embracing life for all its worth, working to stay in an appropriate, helpful state of mind for my spirit. When I can do nothing even almost think nothing I can... lay outside and stare into the beauty Mo and are experiencing and at night lay out and stare into the sky and through the universe. It really is so beautiful!

October 15, 2016


I was thinking about when Traveling Piano Dog Boner got sick and I made the decision that we were going to live every last day to the fullest together doing what we enjoy most... that is how it feels for me right now. I do not want to miss a moment and Mo and I are living every day like it is our last... with all the enjoyment that can be, with as much love as possible. Most of that love and joy has been coming through nature. Mo and I drove through beautiful today, fifty miles of beautiful. We stopped along the way several times to create music, take a few pictures to share, walked along a river, climbed on a few boulders... interestingly enough while writing this I realized it was seven years almost to the day that Bo got sick. The Blog from that Month

October 14, 2016


I'm trying not to go crazy. My priorities have been on the election. It feels too important to ignore. As someone said this is a personal interest verses community interest election. My community is the world and I want to give it everything I have to give. We must vote for Hillary Clinton and support her in that vote. My passion, intent and anger with communication in trying to reach as many people one-on-one as possible is completely draining me on every level. I pray on it and its what I should be doing. Problem is I must leave where I am soon with no place to go and very little resources left with a truck soon to enter its 30th year on the road! Then again with this election, questions run through my mind as do I want to get out of this country or go down with the ship and how do I want to go down and with who if thats what is going to happen. The only answer is step by step in the moment to feel how I can best serve the world. The sky today was even more magnificent than I could have imagined ever in my life. At sunset the colors changed everywhere through miles of mountain ranges. The tops along the mountain ridges were lined with a red gold from the sun, everything below in multiple shades of grays and browns and the sky, all shades of blue and red through ever changing clouds. I was walking with Mo without my camera! With an almost full moon rising in all that... then the night sky in the moon light with varying types of clouds swirling... even with what I just said, it was really indescribable. How can I be in this amazing reality of nature? Thank God Mo is with me. What about the dreams I have yet to fulfill like China and Hollywood? Is it all completely over?

October 13, 2016


I meet a woman yesterday, part Blackfoot Indian. She reminded me of a very special experience I had almost one year ago to the day. I happened to be on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation at Two Medicine, Pitamakan Lake in Glacier Park Montana. The Blackfoot Native American Indian Tribe had one lone warrior princess. She was named Running Eagle. While Mo and I were exploring with the Traveling Piano we visited a sacred spot at a cave behind a water fall where Running Eagle had stayed for a Vision Quest. She showed her face to me in the rock. I captured a picture of it. Seems, most people cannot see the image. It is as plain as day for me. I can find nothing about it, seems no one has ever talked about it on the internet or on the reservation. I wonder if some Blackfoot Natives to this day shun her behavior as a woman in worry that the other women will follow her lead and leave their duties as wives. You know about the issue of women with self-empowerment raising to a position of leadership and how both men and women to this day from all ethnic backgrounds... will do anything to destroy the possibility of a woman being an equal with men? Some people still to this day in 2016 simply cannot grow up! Here's the Traveling Piano blog from that day October 9, 2015

October 12, 2016


It was an interesting day. My sleep ability has been off with people staying with us where we are so... I was able to get to bed earlier last night exausted from no sleep the night before and then I was able to get up at 7am this morning. Wow, that was such a good thing! Guy, Luke and Mo-Jo left in the morning and Mo actually whined when they were leaving. I thought Mo didn't seem to care whether Mo-Jo (he's a dog) was here or not but then again he's never ever whined like that before. I guess he really just likes Mo-Jo being around. We drove into town for a few errands and to look into the sound battery piano problem I've been having to see what is going on. I stopped at a random repair shop and the guy was helpful, verified the batteries were dead, suggested a place to buy new ones and said he would put them in for me.

Luckily, the guy I'm renting from let me use the security deposit I put down for the rent this month so I had the money for two deep cycle batteries. They power the piano and amp for sound. The place where I brought them from also put them in for me but I went back to the first place anyway because they were so nice and I wanted to share the piano with them. I found a group of very good people... genuine, giving and interested and that really got me going with energy. I had such a good time there! I just hope I can wind down to get to bed early again so I can wake up early again. Half the day was online reaching out to people in order to send the most powerful message possible about the upcoming election. When I began to create music with the new speakers... the sound quality was completely different. The weak speakers really affected the piano sound output more than I would have thought.

October 11, 2016


Guy and his dog Mo-Jo, the owner of the place where I'm staying came up for a few days with his friend Luke and wanted to check out the Traveling Piano... so we did. The power cut off after a few minutes, something is wrong as it is doing that all the time. I suspect its the batteries, deep cycle marine, they need to be replaced. Ugh. I went for a walk with Mo and Mo-Jo just in constant amazement of the views. The picture is from high up where we are staying and way down throughout everything you see in the picture I posted for today... I've created music and walked all through all that! It truly is a blessing. Having people in the space where I am is not easy. Its very difficult for me to focus on doing anything and wonder if its because I'm out of practice as I have not shared space in a long while, or if its because of age. Mo loves the company.

October 10, 2016


God wants for me to live, at least for today. It feels a little weird for me to write that. It is the first thought that came into my mind this morning. Last night, I laid out on the deck under the stars with an amazing sky above thinking I can't wait to see what that all about. Of course, Im not going to study it, thats to much work, lol. So, I'll need to die in order to find out. The thought was not of a "plan" mindset its just that I think it may not be possible to comprehend during this lifetime. So in living... that means I need to get my health together. On some level I know there are serious problems like probably high blood pressure, circulation, too much weight wearing down my ability to function. Most people would say go to a doctor, get medication and I say we all have been trained into that way of thinking. As far as medication, it was never meant as a life style. It was meant as an aid to recovery. Then human greed took over and it became a way to make profit. As a result many people now feed off medication. I have has several good friends throughout life that were great recovery mentors. First, I'll recover through spirit being conscious in asking how can I best serve the world while working to do it... while enjoying the world.

Next, I must let go of the coming presidential election. I've done as much as I can do. My vote is in the mail. Everyone knows how I feel about it and I've reached out to as many people as possible to voice my thoughts and also have ditched many people as friends because I can no longer tolerate their disrespect for humanity... not my kind of people. I do not associate with people who's self centeredness will damage the world. Next... I have oatmeal, lol. I'm going to start eating it to help clean out my arteries, drink more water. More time spent solely for breathing and stretching must be. With food choices and amounts, a lot of conscious diligence is needed with choices. Its not like I haven't done it before. Focus on the future of what will be after this month... as in financial backing and work, be it what I've been doing for the last ten years or something else and also a place to go... Fun, Friendship and Respect. Having been renting a place for the first time and for a month now (a very different situation for me) what I notice most that has been absent... doing my own dishes in a kitchen sink. "My Own" are the key words there.

October 09, 2016


First, I began enjoying the hummingbirds and then, an amazing woodpecker took over the hummingbird feeder and sucked all the nectar out in a day and a half. A woodpecker sucking nectar from a humming bird feeder??? When I come to sit outside it flies to a tree and screams at me to get the hell out of its territory. Then a mouse came into the house. Thats gone forever, it ended with a trap. There has not been any more spiders that I know of. The last bite was a doozy and still hurts. There has been an animal in the crawl space above the ceiling several times. I haven't been able to figure out what it is. The last time it was up there, its been awhile, I banged ferociously on the ceiling and walls while screaming to freak it the fuck out!

I think it worked but... a few days ago a squirrel came up to the window in front of where I am sitting inside and it looked in to check out the situation. This same squirrel has been at other windows in the past. It wants in and wants to claim the space for its own. Today the bugger came up to the window again but this time it began to widely attempt to terrorize me just like I had done to it... in the ceiling. Now I know what was up in the ceiling. It began to scratch and claw and bang itself against the window glass like four feet in front of me. Lol, I went outside and it was going to stand its ground until Mo entered the picture. Life and nature... it is all so very interesting to me.

October 8, 2016

Southern Sierra Nevadas, California

My intent with the Traveling Piano needs attention these days. I'm talking about a tendency to go out and "look" for people and interact solely in order to say I'm still doing it and have worth as a result. And then there is the getting pictures part as further proof. This is not the way the journey works. With that in mind along with feeling good... it was a beautiful day with Mo and I taking a walk on the lake peninsula with incredible views. I created music for myself, the focus on just enjoying the moment and taking in as much of heaven as possible... for myself. Of course, as a result people entered the picture from no where. A granddad and his girl who were fishing at the waters edge. Three mountain bicyclists found us. On the way out I stopped at the supermarket and a guy with his son who had seen us a week ago curiously came over. There were a few other interactions which made it a perfect "natural" day.

October 7, 2016

Southern Sierra Nevadas, California

I stayed with a girl named Holly a few years ago. She had a carry bag that she was using that was perfect for what I need. About a month ago I began looking for a new bag in thrift stores and online with no luck. I had forgotten about Holly and her bag. Surprisingly, she called out of no where to say that every time she has used her bag since we met, she thinks of me. She sent it to me in the mail with a card that included a check for a hundred bucks and a little ball for Mo. Just how awesome is that! Then I thought, how the hell am I going to cash this check! I don't have a bank account and the last time I tried a check cashing agency for twenty bucks its was a long royal pain in the ass. The local supermarket had a Western Union so I went in to ask if they knew a way I could cash it.

The supermarket owner was there and simply cashed it for me with a two dollar charge. Now... what are the chances of that in today's world! The goodness did not stop there. Sometimes it pays off to be a monster. I accrued enough reward points from staying at Red Roof Inn over the last half year to qualify for six nights of free stay. They would not give me the points for whatever reason until... I began to consistently bomb every email I could find on the internet from the top CEO's down with my proof and demand that they uphold the agreement. It took four months and the result... 8 nights of stay. Was it worth the hassle? In my situation yes, about five hundred bucks worth of hassle! But, what a waste of time, money and resources for all involved.

October 6, 2016

Southern Sierra Nevadas, California

First I stopped at the hardware store to purchase more glue for my sneaks. They are falling apart again. Along with the Gorilla Glue, Epoxy, Super Glue, etc... there is now Goop glue specifically for footwear. If thats not a sign of the times I don't know what is. The sales guy said I would be surprised at how much of it sells. With todays lack of quality product and expense in buying sneakers... its not like the old days when you could get two years of wear and then simply toss an old pair away for a new pair. That is no longer the case for me and hundreds of thousands of homeless people. We drove to the post office where I dropped off my absentee ballot. Everyone has until October 22nd to register to vote. I've been talking with people via Traveling Piano interactions. Many people have never been on the internet and only know information about the world taught to them by friends, neighbors, family and preachers. From my experiences, the outlook is grim for this election. I'm telling you, if you are a survivor you must begin to fight for your life to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Those supporting Trump know he's a dickhead, they do not care if he ends up enforcing martial law, takes over their lives in telling them what to do and how to live it whether it is only to serve Trump or not. Trump lovers have attached themselves to the idea of personal success through an authoritarian persona and charisma. Followers have no clue to how a Trump presidency will destroy their lives personally. They embrace the success of dictators like Hitler while ignoring the fact that he murdered 6 million people. They have been fooled into thinking that Hillary Clinton is the devil and they have no clue to what losing their freedoms would feel or look like nor do they feel empowered enough to care. This situation is very serious. If you do not speak out and he takes over... the loss of life that results... will be on the souls who said nothing and did nothing to prevent it. Mo and I drove through the small towns of Weldon, Onyx, Canebrake and turned around at Walker Pass. In Lake Isabella we shared the Traveling Piano and one little girl in particular who felt extremely empowered in creating music for the first time ever.

October 5, 2016

Kern County, California

Time slows down for me when I am alone. I have not been minding it one bit! Mo keeps me connected to the living, ha. Being online, that is something I must stay constantly aware of. An impulse says to stop when I've had enough and if I do not comply when the impulse happens then it really begins to take control of me. It takes an act of force to detach. I say, "enough" and put the damm computer down! Lol. Mo... we sat out on the deck in the sun this morning. That has been happening as often as possible, like just about everyday. He often lays on my stomach facing me with his paws up around my shoulder inches from my face in a lounge chair. It constantly amazes me how he prefers my company first and foremost even over food and treats. He has been raised to be independent. Sometimes he exerts his independence and I like to see that. I like to see my dog being a dog.

October 4, 2016

Kern County, California


October 3, 2016

Keyesville, California

Dear God above, thank you. The three pictures posted today... all from today. I had to get outside with Mo for a bit. It is very hard on the truck and it is time consuming to get in and out, down and up the hill from where were are staying but it must be done every few days. Sometimes it feels like I've come full circle with the journey. In the beginning there was no interaction with people. People evolved into the journey. The beginning was more solitary with enjoying life and creating music. The enjoyment of nature is also something that evolved. Mo and I meandered down into fields and along the local lakes edge. It was windy and cool, feeling like autumn. There is no season that tugs on my emotions more than autumn. There are no fall colors here for a reference but the feelings come up through the slightest awareness.

With today feelings arose from the cool temperature and breeze. On the way to the lake I saw a place while driving and thought... what would it be like to be down in that? So, after the fields and lake we drove to the Kern river running low with huge smooth boulders on both sides. It was just amazing to meander through it all. I laid in the sun over the water on a huge flat smooth rock bigger than a two car driveway. We were in a park and after the rock Mo and I drove into the woods deep until the road came to a dead end. I created music with Mo and the sounds of the wind, water and trees. There were a few birds and squirrels rustling around too. Being about to walk around in nature, climb over rocks and hills unable to think... only to feel, see, hear, touch, taste the air, smell and exert energy... at sixty one years of age, wow... gratitude.

October 2, 2016

Lake Isabella, California

Mo and I meandered around through unpaved canyon dirt roads today. The deeper we got into the wilderness the more trucks and guns... everywhere. Its what people do here. Whereas some people go fishing, hiking, hanging out in a friends yard... some spend the day shooting guns at whatever they see that seems fun to shoot at. With my "gun free zone" bumper sticker, of course we did not stay to play. We passed at least fifteen gun toting trucks parked along the road through a three mile stretch.

October 1, 2016

Wofford Heights, California

Much of my time is spent reaching out to people one-on-one concerning the upcoming election. Constantly I must stay conscious of it all not being a distraction for more important, urgent and present needs personally. There is nothing more present than the possible danger of a fascist taking over the strongest country in the world. Hillary Clinton with all her mistakes has been serving the Untied States for a long time. Donald Trump's resume shows that he serves himself one hundred percent and in fact uses the United States to do that. All good people must speak out. I feel a personal responsibility to do that. I was raised to bow down, be afraid of and respect authoritarians like Trump and in having escaped that indoctrinating way to live life... I still can speak the language and can be that "way" with the best of them even better... having now had my feet set firmly on the ground... on both sides of the fence.

I know how to bully. Some people get freaked when they hear me insult with the arrogance that Trump uses. Of course, only when its not being directed towards them. They claim my journey is false, that I am not who I say I am. You know... all Fun, Friendship and Respect. I am... who people want me to be. I am full of love, I am full of hate and everything in between. You can pick and choose. Isn't that nice, lol? What I strive for is love and the aspects of hate that are part of me, I work to be responsible for. The emotion of anger is a great motivator. I am no longer at this point true to my mission statement of "no political affiliation." Life changes, my mission has changed as far as the political aspect... for now. What is happening is more important than my mission statement. Good thing I have no one to answer to but myself eh? Thats a perk of being on my own.