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July 31, 2016

The Desert, California

God... onto another location. It felt good to get out of the desert and I have mixed feeling about returning to Lompoc but its the cheapest motel room I could find. My options now are totally limited and I'm working to make what I have left financially last as long as possible. Driving through the desert mountains was awesome and I wish I had my camera with me. No way my iPhone could capture all the data needed to process any pictures close to reality. Having driven through hundreds of miles of farmland over the last week I now have the answers to questions that I've wondered about for many years concerning our food supply. First, much of our food supply is owned by a few. The farms are very large and grow over forty food types here in the California desert. It was very odd to be driving and on one side of the road... nothing but desert clay, rock and sand. On the other side of the road... miles and miles of green growth in blazing hot sun. Its all irrigated with a ground drip water system. I saw corn stalks that were so green and perfect they looked fake like plastic. Thats because all the seeds for our food have been genetically modified to resist drought, disease and bugs.

Over the last forty years I've wondered why food has looked more fake, the textures, consistency and tastes have disappeared. Its because the food is not grown in soil with any nutrients. There are no nutrients in sand, clay and rock to grow food. It grows from fertilizer and water. All the ground does is hold the plants, trees and bushes in place as it grows. Ugh! And worse... I've wondered why when purchasing fruit and vegetables it is hit or miss with taste. Sometimes its sweet and more often now it is acidic and acrid. Then it hit me... the fake, fertilized food is being irrigated with old stored water sitting in storage reservoirs and pipes, the irrigation system. Its the same undrinkable water we now find in most urban cites. That is what the food I often eat tastes like! It tastes like it was grown with bad water. Our fruits and vegetables are not grown from the nutrients of the earth or fresh water. It is grown from fake seeds, fertilizer and stale dirty water. Ugh! Time to get a sustainable personal garden plot going everyone...

July 30, 2016

Bakersfield, California

I didn't come out of my room until six at night. The place is roomy and light and cool. The bed is high and big and feeling comfortable, I want to make the best of it. I was feeling some bbq and stopped at the first place I found. It was in a little back parking lot on the outskirts of the city, hardly anyone around. The plan was to get some quick take out and then get right back into the room to hide until I must leave in the morning. The bbq owner was outside and showed an interest in the Traveling Piano so of course I took off the cover and got it all set up. He went inside to get some customers and employees. Unfortunately I had already paid for my meal but he gave me another, not for showing him the piano but because thats the kind of guy he is. He has several people with no money who come to eat at his place at no cost. It so happens a little old guy pulled up in a camper, he was one of the guys I'm talking about and he got onto the piano to play with a huge smile the entire time.

The owner, originally from Mexico considers feeding people in need as a civil duty. He said its the least he can do for his country. He employees twenty five people and everyone who comes come for food sits and eats together paying or not. Or course its all low key and no attention is made about it. Another guy pulled up and surprise it was a guy who I played for when I was spending time with a few little girls who's mother was cleaning rooms in a Los Angeles motel where I was staying a few months ago! Without thinking or getting out of his truck he handed me twenty bucks. So after yesterday and then again today I want to ask you... what are you doing to take care of other human beings who are strangers to you, who are in need? If your not doing anything but would like to... send a contribution for the Traveling Piano. Not only am I in need, you can be assured I will pay forward your contribution at least double what its worth to others. The proof is here everyday in this blog.

July 29, 2016

Bakersfield, California

We ended up in Bakersfield, California. I'm sure there are nice areas of this city, we are not in one of them. There are half dead people living in the streets literally hanging off of structures because it is too hot to lay on the ground. When I opened the door last night to take Mo out to pee I saw a woman laying a towel down on the dirt across from my room to go to sleep. I cannot express the anguish created in seeing that. Do I invite her into my motel room? How much do I give of myself? Am I doing enough? Can I do more? How can I be in this air-conditioned, clean white and comfortable room while she is outside of it suffering. Do not kid yourself anyone reading this or rationalizing anything but the fact that the women is suffering right now... much more than you. When I first arrived and was unloading my packings a guy came over to case the situation and began a conversation saying his wife threw him out and he's been sitting on the corner for two days, has not eaten, no money... all I could think about was the truck and speaker being in the parking lot over night. Across the street outside a thirty five dollar a night motel there were about ten guys laying around looking in my direction. As soon as I got to my room I called the motel desk to get rid of the guy who was talking to me because I knew he was no good and looking for trouble. The first clue was his trying to bond for help over saying what a shitty wife he has. Last night around midnight someone knocked on my door. I kept the lock on, opened it a crack and said, "whats up." Whomever on the other side said, "sorry, wrong room." It was one hundred one degrees at 11:30pm. A half hour later I was tempted to check on the truck but thought why bother, if the speakers gone, the cab's been broken into, there is nothing I can do about it. I found out the average daily temperature here in Bakersfield is one hundred degrees. This city has the worst air pollution of any city in the United States, specifically with air particles and is the most right winged city in California. There will not be much Traveling Piano work while here that is for sure. It is too hot! I ended up finding a cheap motel and that is how we ended up here in the first place... for just a few days. I really need help!

I was thinking how when my friend Mike went into the store yesterday in Morgan Hill he heard someone say, "look outside its the Traveling Piano, I saw him playing last night". It is a lot of fun to make such strong impressions in such short periods of time. When I went to bed last night I had a killer headache and was glad I have some strong ibuprofen. I woke up feeling rested and today was a good day. Its been a while since I've been able to say that. I felt no pressure to do anything and I think the air conditioning plays a huge factor in having comfort. In town there is a camera store and so... as much as I don't want to deal with it I took my camera in to see if they could possibly fix it before I leave. A family business, I enjoy supporting small business, they were interested and told me to leave it with them for an hour. We drove to a nearby park to hang out but it was too hot to walk or play any piano. There was a woman sitting with her belongs on a bench and I began a conversation with her. She is sixty three with a lot of missing teeth and beautiful eyes. We talked about living life homeless and whether life was worth living. Her name is Stephanie and she always tries to look at the positive aspects of life in order to live. She had left her husband who was being abusive to her son and its been very rough going ever since. Her son is presently doing time in prison and will get out in October. Her main reason for adapting positive thinking for her life is so she can give that love to her son. I asked if she would like for me to create some music for her and we worked our way over to the piano. As I uncovered the tarp and got on to play, several guys hanging around came over. The heat disappeared as my mind transitioned into work mode. A guy came by, got out of his jeep and put two large bottles of cold water next to Stephanie while she was sleeping and then simply left. When two of the guys with me were finished, I got on to play. Stephanie was sleeping in the grass and I said to the guy who was still with me, "I'm going to move Stephanie with my music." After about three minutes her head was up and I knew I was soothing her. Then I watched her body sway with the music as she lay on the ground. When I finished she turned to me and said how beautiful it was then noticed the water asking where it came from and how appreciative she was for it. I told her a passing stranger left it for her and then I told her how beautiful she was. The guy still with me got onto the piano and played. At twenty two years of age he could feel the significance of the moment and asked if he could make a contribution of twenty bucks.

After all that I drove back to the camera shop. Amazingly enough, in all this heat everything continued as the shop owner his mom and an employee came out for some musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. Bottom line with the camera, I left it with the shop owner and he needs to ship it out for repair. They will get it to me where ever I land up. It may take weeks and will cost hundreds. I need my camera as it is an integral component of this journey and my life. As I left the camera store I saw a food truck and just felt like I wanted some decent food. There was a little girl taking orders and she was so cute I had to take off the Traveling Piano truck cover again and spend some time. Her dad who owns the truck gave me a dinner. I hesitated because I didn't want him to think I was working the situation. He said that kind of thought would never have crossed his mind. Fact is, if I had not had a good shower, slept on a comfortable bed in a clean room full of light with air conditioning with the quiet and privacy I needed last night... I would not have felt nourished enough in physically, mentally and in spirit to be able to accomplish as much as I did today with my work. What a surprise. Not in a millions years would I have thought I was going to create music and interact with people in this heat and have it not bother me at all. I'm using my iPhone for pictures... it is what it is, they are what they are, its what I have to work with and I hope temporary. The pictures look ok when small and with processing but, the quality is about a third of what I've been used to.

July 28, 2016

On the Road, California

Wow, it is difficult... to keep moving. I followed Mike who we have been staying with into town. Before we said goodbye he topped off my gas tank, gave me some kibble for Mo and two hundred bucks in cash. He lives in a house on his mothers property and she felt very uncomfortable with us staying there. Too bad she never even came out to meet us. Mike's contribution to this journey... he gets it. When people experience the Traveling Piano and Mo and our unconditional musical Fun, Friendship and Respect... it is always significant for them. Comprehending the experience for others who do not actually meet us... they usually can only relate the concept according to what they perceive and that is always wrong. This is because they have never experienced us and what we do personally. Some can perceive correctly. Usual they are a giving, open minded types of people themselves. Some cannot understand even when they experience it. Thank God for people like Mike and my other friends who have contributed. In the moment the number of contributors are always only a few... but when you add up the number over the period of the last ten years... many, many, many. We drove south today through the center of California having no clue that it would be all dessert, especially as far north in California as we are. With the windows down it was a hundred and ten degrees for almost five hours. Having drank a gallon of water still, I almost had heat stroke. The top of my head felt like the sun was directly on it. even though I was inside the truck. Sucking on ice cubes did not help. A two pound bag of ice melted completely in fifteen minutes. When it was gone, the water I was drinking was literally hot, not just warm. Everything, my toothpaste, any food, all hot. Mo... I was on constant watch. He is a trooper. There was one spot where I forced myself to stop for a picture because it was so awesome even through there was a hazy smoke from fire's burning throughout the mountains and haze simply from the heat. The few people who had also stopped began to engage with us so of course I had to share some Traveling Piano time.

The one guy was with his two nephews and they were all originally from Homer, Alaska which was fun to hear because the Traveling Piano was there. A nephew jumped onto the piano to improvise and it was just so nice to hear someone do their own thing, simply tinkling around on the piano keys and enjoying it. Then a family of three visiting from China came over, they were very interested. The little girl played beautifully.They were all quiet, soft and easy people. The girl ran over to her car and came back with a Chinese flute to play for me. Their eagerness to connect and share through music for the sake of friendship and cultural exchange was worth the entire day for me. Other people came over but I just could not interact anymore and apologized for it. I was running on practically no sleep in the heat, not sure where I was going to end up at the end of the day, it was very windy, scores of bugs fell out of the tree we were parked under (I think the musical vibrations stirred them) etc... My camera broke. Its not working and is such an integral piece of equipment for this journey, I feel very sad about that. My days are remembered through pictures. Seventy five percent of the information I write in this blog at the end of a day is remembered from viewing the pictures. With my Iphone I took some pictures but the quality is crap compared to what I need to work with. I was recording the girl and later realized I had not pushed the correct button. In general these days my pictures are getting worse for example, I'm taking pictures with Mo's head cut out of them or I'm in too much sun, etc... because my where-with-all to think about everything at once is just not present. With picture taking, I need to think about the people, their positions, facial expressions, Mo's position, the truck angle, sign, camera angle, timing, where I'm standing, everything all around me, the background, etc... all at the same time. Still, I did get a few goof enough shots.

July 27, 2016

Morgan Hill, California

I purchased a ton of fruit for the house yesterday and had to process it all today. I hope it will be used, probably not. Most of it is now cut up and in the freezer. Keeping my stuff out of sight and out of the way so my host sees as little as possible is always tricky. Even though I am leaving tomorrow I want everything to be as easy as possible for whomever I am staying with. To make sure everything stays in place and put back after I use it, is not easy. I mean like the dish sponge, utensils even if dirty need to be returned to the same spots in the same positions. Toilet paper, being conscious of how much I use... making sure the shower walls are all clean and dry after every use... windows, doors, fans closed or opened, or shut off... there is a lot to be aware of out of consideration and every time its different. I could call out fifty things off the top of my head that I must constantly think about when staying with someone. People can have their mess and dirt but when a guest messes up their mess and dirt... lol. Mikes being great about it but thats because I'm constantly on my toes. I drove into town to get some internet and then go to the church the woman I met yesterday attends. Its a different one from yesterday and in downtown Morgan Hill. The city has a nice little downtown area. For the most part it seems people are comfortable here. The dinner place was filled and the people very interesting. I sat down to have dinner with everyone. The people like myself homeless and poor, the conversations were high brow with current events along with present life activities and accomplishments which were significant to say the least! The servers were amazing. They were there to serve food and clean up for people.

Unconditional caring for human beings, for each other... it really moves my spirit. You can be sure I'm always on the look out for pity, judgment, agenda, burn out, etc... in volunteers or paid workers, there was none. The spirit of God or the universe or however you think... was truly working through everyone. There was a guy there named Jim Farber who played piano. He had spent six years in center city Philadelphia when I lived there. I'm positive our paths have crossed back forty years ago, I just don't remember how. He played a strong piano and all old piano roll type songs. It all sounded exactly like a player piano. The man was truly giving in nature. He had two other male friends who were completely enamored with his playing, One of them cried as he played a classical opera piece. Throughout life I've witnessed single men, not so much women but men who become attached specifically with a genre of music from a specific artist. That has always interested me. Both men and woman have attached themselves to my music. Musicians like myself are very humble about that because although we love the attention and validation we know the music is coming through us not solely from us. Afterwards as it was getting dark I drove to a small little park in the center of the town that had a baby grand sitting in it. Wow, was that fun, short and sweet. Believe it or not that was the first street piano I ever played on. Its a different feeling from playing on the truck outside. A couple who had seen me up the street were sitting at the piano and they moved off to let me play my usual "Find an Acoustical Piano and Play the Maple Leaf Rag on it." There was a lot of fun to be had in Morgan Hill, too bad I have so little time to spend in it.

July 26, 2016

Morgan Hill, California

I drove into town today to upload 300 pictures to this websites latest gallery. The weather is brutally dry and a hundred degrees. There is no cell reception or internet where I am staying. You can get satellite but it is so unreasonably priced with so little service that many people just do without, even though they can afford it. Good for them! A transformer blew somewhere in the area so there was no electricity for over four hours. Its so hot that I could not dry myself off after taking a shower. I just keep sweating even though the air is totally dry. While driving in town I saw a sign for free dinners at a local church. It gave me incentive to push myself. The idea of people helping each other and sharing with each other inspires me. I'm so lost and almost totally incapable of functioning, I could pass out at any given moment, cannot think, feel physically exhausted but I know the answer is to just extend myself and keep doing what I do when ever possible. At a coffee shop, I avoided looking at anyone while I was uploading data. Two very friendly women walked buy saying how cool the Traveling Piano concept was so I just jumped in and engaged with them. They did not want to get onto the piano but Mo did, and I jumped on to play a short musical improve. Then it was off to the church. There were not many people there and even though it was after five in the afternoon the sun was killing me. So I played as long as I could and a woman who helps run the dinners jumped onto the truck. On the way out I stopped at a store to get some fruit. I heard the woman at the cash register say she was having a difficult time but at the same time she was incredibly friendly, outgoing and helpful with each customer. I told her how much I appreciated her attitude and she came out for a quick Traveling Piano jump on, between customers.

I'm giving up my social consciousness as much as possible. My anger is no longer controllable concerning the social injustice in todays world. Sometimes I wish that I have not had such intimate dealings with people's suffering. This journey through the years has given me hands on world experience in thousands of communities small and large... my eyes have become wide open. Most people are clueless to what is happening outside of their internet connection, their own heads or wrapped up family or work lives. The lack of security for my own life does not allow for actively caring and trying to educate people and sharing with those who really do not want to be educated or feel powerless in life. I've been a demon with my attacks online to people. I know how to be a demon as much as I know how to be godly, lol. So, no more posting of anything but Traveling Piano material on social media. I'm not going to read anyones posts... or read the news for that matter. What I share and post on social media must be with my agenda for survival. Our course I'm not going to be abel to help myself with sharing freely the fun, friendship and respect. People have no clue to how much time and energy it takes to share my thoughts, inspirations, empowerment, pictures, music, etc... on a consistent basis, nor do they care. What they care about is what they get from it. That is absolutely fine and what I have allowed from the start. I know how much people appreciate and feel inspired, empowered from my work and that is good. And me... I've been doing it because its fun for me. I like the friendship and respect I've made from it but again the sharing freely takes a huge amount of time. I will keep up with this blog when I can because it is my life, its personal... its still fun for me. When I can find the strength to interact with people through the Traveling Piano, I'll continue to do that. Since I'm still alive the journey is still alive.

July 25, 2016

Morgan Hill, California

There are fires in the hills all over California. While driving yesterday I was thinking how I could never take the traffic right now in Los Angles with the heat and smog. Ninety nine percent of people now drive with their windows up for the air-conditioning so heat and smog are not a problem for them. Me, I still drive with the windows down because I like it and the truck is too old to use air conditioning. It would over heat. By accident I began to play my iPhone through my truck radio speakers. I never had the where-with-all to figure that out. It just happened and I discovered that my music sounds as good driving in the open air with cars passing as it does with ocean waves breaking. Mikes place is magnificently scenic. The picture posted today is from his driveway. It might be the most scenic place in a home where I have stayed. It is full of steep rolling mountains with a huge reservoir lake at the bottom. His cockatoo likes to sit on his shoulder as he plays the piano and it has a favorite song it sings to when he plays. For some music as he plays, the bird sways to it while listening. And then it shits on his shoulder, Mike gets aggravated... end of the fun. He puts it back in the cage but it will scream in its cage until he goes to get it out again. I'm feeling very tired and lost. I just do not feel inspired to change my life into a new path being over sixty years of age but have no resources to survive on my own. Its amazing how many people in the world are in this same situation with all the resources available from those who have them. Those with resources could help if they wanted to.

July 24, 2016

Morgan Hill, California

A guy I met on the road with his girl friend a few months back gave an invitation if I ever needed for a place to stay, not for any length of time but a few nights. He had also sent me fifty bucks as a contribution. This guy Mike plays the piano and works at Stamford University. He said he lives in a small one bedroom place with the most amazing view of the world. It felt somewhat awkward for both of us as its difficult for me to stay with strangers anymore and he has not had a stranger stay in his home. Mike has a dog named Luke and a cockatoo named Buddy. He gets up for work at 3:30am and goes to bed at 9:00pm. I usually get to bed by 3:00am so this is going to be tricky. His bird starts chirping at 7:00am. I'm pretty desperate so I decided to pursue the offer and he was really great about it. It was a five hour drive north and I was not quite sure where it was. It ended up being about twenty miles south of where we stayed a few months ago in Silicon Valley. Mike is helping to keep my journey alive as staying with strangers has been an integral component.

I appreciate his offer for friendship. The world needs more people like Mike. Of course his family and friends are all apprehensive but he has risen above that. That... in of itself says he is his own man and I respect that greatly. The ride was amazing even though it felt like I was driving through a sauna at times. Lots of grapes everywhere. In fact, I found out there is a game played on the west coast as it is on the east coast and probably everywhere else in the country. On the east cost people have made their small properties into small farms to dodge taxes. Same here... just about every home with a property large enough has a small grape vineyard like twelve rows of grapes running about a hundred feet long and they call that a farm to dodge taxes or get government kickbacks. During the drive I was thinking about my age and how now staying a month anywhere feels like two weeks. When I was a kid... a month felt like a year. Now, time passes so quickly driving... four hours now feels like two. Each period of life has its perks!

July 23, 2016

Lompoc, California

I've been through some rough spots in this journey. It is important to keep everything in perspective. No matter what is going on... the level of fear, loss, chaos, confusion, frustration, etc... it can't get worse than it has been. The situations change but the ramifications in feeling (and thats all that matters) ...been there, done that with it all. Now physical uncomfortability and the feelings resulting from that also, I have funneled through them all before. Need to remember, feelings are not always facts. Tomorrow I must leave where I have been staying so I went to the beach for one more time as I do not know what is in store for the future. Did you know that the process of enjoying, appreciating and loving ocean waves can wash away your sins? It happened to me today. I want a daily washing!

Mo and I played fetch with a stick in the ocean, we took a walk but most importantly and amazingly, I was able to quiet my mind and just sit and just gaze and just relax. Mo laying contently, sitting, watching, sleeping, rolling in the sand, digging for exploration, coming over every once in a while to give me a lick on the cheek, going off on his own to explore, finding a spot in the sun far away to sleep in and just be by himself for a little while, coming back over to me in the shade to lay next to me, its all just bliss. I love watching him just be a dog. On some level I do not want to embrace that my music in partnership with ocean waves is friggin' amazing. Its meditative. Not sure I want my music to be interrupted as meditative because I don't like to be stereotyped and meditative music is not very popular but... it is what it is!

July 22, 2016

Lompoc, California

I spun, spun, spun around in my brain and also went to the beach with Mo. Online I have been wasting time being completely passionate with people about Trump. The situation hits the very core of my soul. As I would never associate with a supporter of ISIS nor will I associate with those who stand along side the Nazi party, the KKK and fascist dictators of the world... in support of Trump. The writing on the wall is very clear. Yea, I'm being political. I could go into that in detail but do not want to get angrier right now. I'm just cutting people out! Certainly it would be irresponsible to say nothing. The beach I have found is so amazingly beautiful and desolate. The sounds of the ocean waves are totally healing. I took off my sneaks and socks and began to walk while stepping in black shiny ocean tar oil... both feet, ugh! It was covered with a thin layer of sand so I did not see it! While sitting in the sand, late afternoon, dwelling in the colors and textures of nature, watching the seagulls fly, pelicans dive for fish and watching dolphins play... I so much wanted a picture of the dolphins and then one jumped out of the water for me... three times!

July 21, 2016

Lompoc, California

Life can be such a challenge. That is the way it is for me. It wasn't that way when I began this journey or for the 1st ten years but before the journey it was and now it is again. When I began there was my house to fall back on, it was paid off. Now I have nothing, no resources. I made the decision to report on this journey from day one as honestly and as straight forward as I can. That has been accomplished. Over the last year or two my telling the story has got tricky because it has not been all the Fun, Friendship and Respect that friends, followers and readers want to hear. I'm sorry about that but it is what it is. The motel I have been staying in is throwing me out because they have a thirty day limit. Of course I could stay nearby for three nights and return but its time to go. To where I have no idea. It has become excruciatingly difficult to keep moving around. All the thoughts people have had over the years when they say... how can you do it, how have you been doing it, I could never do it and their reasons why... yep, I'm now there with them. The day was spent backing up data, organizing myself to leave, I did my laundry in a laundry mat and my clothes don't smell cleaner, they just smell a different kind of dirty. My clean clothes now smell like the motel room, not very nice. I realized today that most of my clothes have been with me since the beginning of the journey. I've been wearing some of the same clothes for ten years! Its difficult to keep a sense of self respect being so desperate... let alone having a sense of self respect to give to others with the Traveling Piano work. I can't fake it. That is why I have been such a success. Its all been 100% real truth.

While I waited for my clothes to dry I created some music in the parking spot. Everyone around did not know how to react and I didn't have it in me to suggest anything. So, I don't know what I'm going to do, I have one more months funds to pay for a low budget motel room. As far as suggestions and options... I know them all you know. Not only have I thought of them myself, people have been shoving them at me for years and years. Knowing and being able to act on the knowing are completely different. I'm doing the best I can. Right now I'm thinking... make a decision... if I have one month to live am I going to enjoy it doing the journey or am I going to fret and work and try to figure out how to live two months during the one month. I can't do both. I can't do a little of this a little of that, consciously. My life is all about a little of this... and a little of that, but I've never been able to harness any of it into a disciplined structure. Yet... look at this blog every single day for ten and a half years, look at my work, look at my personal accomplishments in life... there is major discipline and structure... in all the confusion. Tomorrow I need to decide whether I'm going back to LA to spend my last month trying to get the Traveling Piano concept to China and myself and Mo on a couple talk shows for fun... or just go somewhere interesting or surprising and just keep on keeping on. The LA option seems like work at this point, I'm not sure I have it in me. It will not work unless I can be 100% sure I have it in me. It would be my third time in two years of going to LA to achieve more goals. My photo galleries have really awesome textural nature photos. I could make so many calendars, I could, I could, I could... but I can't while I'm constantly moving from place to place and working with the Traveling Piano, and lacking support, resources, etc...

July 20, 2016

Lompoc, California

I was thinking tonight, all in all... with how difficult life has been, it is still awesome. What I have been able to accomplish over the last year is nothing short of amazing. My life experiences have been as prolific as ever even though it feels like my life is slowing down. Maybe I'm feeling grateful because I had some significant interactions with people at a local dog park today. Originally I was just going to sit listening to samples of my music for good ones while Mo ran around, but right off the bat a guy began to talk to be friendly. Everyone in the park seemed outgoing and friendly so of course that parlayed into my wanting to share the Traveling Piano with them. I went to get everything set up and they left! But I was there so music began. Then a couple appeared from the apartments nearby.

They moved into the area two weeks ago from across country for a job and the job let him go a week after he started. Its a long story and he shared it all with me. We had a great talk! Then a family grouping happened by. Real quality fun and friendship through music and dogs on the piano. Strangers becoming less afraid of strangers is where life renews itself. After that Mo was feeling antsy to go back into the fenced area of the dog park once again... and again, friendly people. We met a mom with her son and their pup. Wow, that was some good intimate relating and conversation. It was all very fulfilling. Not much else got done today with my present situation of where to go, stay, pay, how to continue and spend my time, etc... but, it just feels right to do what I did and not worry about the rest. Its crazy doing that, living in the moment with no security whats-so-ever and no prospect for the very near future... it is what it is.

July 19, 2016

Lompoc, California

I'm still functioning in spite of mindlessness. It is just not feeling like enough functioning to move forward. Eating is a problem always. On the road its difficult to eat healthy. Thats bull, its always difficult for me to eat healthy unless I'm being served without any need to think. I was feeling so lost and needy that I treated myself to a healthy Asian Fusion restaurant nearby and brought two meals. I ate one and a half of them. The rest will get eaten tomorrow. As I returned to my room I saw it is a full moon. That is without question affecting of my state of being. What a beautiful moon it is but it can make me so crazy! I've been thinking about this guy I met yesterday and how he worked all his life for the county and state park systems. In the late eighties he got so fed up with the corruption and quit leaving his pension, back pay, benefits... everything. He's been very poor since and does not regret his choice. His superiors were forcing him to burn all end of year surplus such as cartons of toilet paper that had not been used in the park stalls, 10's of 1000's of dollars worth of office stamps and supplies, etc... all to assure the budget would not go down. You would think they could have at least given it away. If you read this blog you know how I feel about the park industry from my journeys experiences. They create a need for money they do not need and then use that money to pay themselves handsomely. And of course when that becomes not enough from greed... they create more illusional needs in order to charge the public to enjoy a nature rightfully theirs to enjoy without cost. Of course, poor people lose out completely in this scenario.

July 18, 2016

Lompoc, California

I'm not fully recovered from when I was sick a week ago. Its either that, or I am dying. It might be the air in the motel room where I am. My ankle is black and blue with a little swelling and my wrist is hurting. The wrist is either from the computer, the leg from a fall on a hill the other day or maybe I have a blood clot. Lots a pessimism loading in with my present living situation. I'm taking it very easy but also working as much as I can to transition. Taking the Traveling Piano to China keeps nudging at me as well as dying with a healthy body. The need to keep extending myself to others while I am alive is very important for me. People write to me with appreciation. It always brings a smile to my face and then I want to scream back... help, I'm dying, broke and homeless! Anyway, I will keep doing until I don't. That means I must keep a good attitude for myself through it all. Its really difficult for me to write all this because I'm always thinking of what people want to hear verses what they do not want to hear... verses how crazy perceptions may become about me because of what I write... and very much how what I write can taint opportunity for the future but... I just need to be true to myself, for myself. I know my entire world will benefit from that. There is proof! Its all in this blog of ten and a half years.

I went to drive to a park to practice. The "use it or lose it" phrase is front and center with my piano playing finger muscles. On the way I passed a bunch of girls waving signs for a fundraising spaghetti dinner being held at a local church. As I passed them I thought, "extend yourself Danny, extend yourself." I turned around and went back for a short while to share the Traveling Piano with them and garner attention from cars driving to stop. It was too much out of the box for them. They didn't quite know what to do. An old guy drove by and asked for my number and how much I cost for hire. I told him I don't do that and he asked if I would stop at his house up the road for his wife. I did that. They were a great older couple married over forty years, just loving good people. We had some fun together. He couldn't climb into the truck so he went and got his ladder. They ran to get their neighbors. There was no practicing to be done today. Also, my steering wheel has been making serious noise. I asked the guy if he knew anything about trucks. Turned out the there was no steering fluid left in it. The guy had some in his garage and filled it up for me. So the synchronicity and spontaneity of everything that happened with me extending myself with my work and like with the steering problem getting taken care of as a result... this is how the journey works. Need to just keep going until I don't.

July 17, 2016

Goleta, California

Yesterday, I stopped at the pier in Santa Barbara because I saw this amazing art van. It was covered with thousands of figurines glued to it. I pulled up next to it and the guy saw me saying, "wow, I've never seen anything like that before ( a piano in a truck) but I knew he was thinking, "get away from my spot" lol. With a lot of energy he was hawking tourists for dollar bills every time they took a picture of his truck. With no shyness at all he would plead for a buck using the art for money pitch along with asking if they take a picture to please drop a dollar while saying "a cup of coffee costs more than a dollar" over and over. He could have cared less about his art, the people, the interaction it was all about the dollar. He was fixated on the dollar and would probably pull in three hundred as it was a packed, sunny, summer vacation tourist Saturday. He's been doing it for over twenty years. He said he owns a house but I'm not sure I believe him especially with how he smelled. In twenty one years his largest pull for a day was six hundred. So, I'm sure he doesn't have the energy to work for every day and does not get fifty on some days. The people were amazing. He really had to goat them, guilt them into a buck. He had to push pass excuses and their hesitations to take a picture. More than half would not give him a buck, one friggin' dollar. I think I have busked only once or twice in thirty years. I could never work that way. My entire professional musical life has been as an entrepreneur booking jobs although never have I been a person who works for the money in a traditional sense. When I used to work for money it was for the respect value of money... as in the prestige it brings, or simply for the fun of collecting it and also the accomplishment of booking the work at my price... I've never worked because it was something I had to offer even though that was the way I sold my work. I've always enjoyed unconditional giving. That is why money as an exchange has always been an issue.

Back at my motel room I looked online to see the reviews for the place where I am staying. Several comments gave it two stars saying it is a place where men down on their luck stay, not a very good place. Wow, that really hit me between the eyes. I've been here a month and must move on because they have a thirty day limit. I'm about to get thrown out of a pit. My options are closing in on me. I don't have enough to move to another country, get an apartment anywhere, (no history of income or proof of residency for over ten years) Somewhere do have a copy of the house I owned and paid off many years ago. I do not want to go into any type of system or welfare bureaucracy... that would never work for me, finding a roommate has been a failure and renting rooms in houses are now too expensive (I don't want to live with a greedy landlord) ...if I'm going to live in a pit the street is no worse. My physical ability to work is very limited and my where-with-all and energy to become entrepreneurial once again well, its just not there... so its looking and feeling like I will soon just disappear.

July 16, 2016

Goleta, California

It felt like I was on holiday from the moment I woke up. I think a power greater than myself was in charge. I got up at a decent hour, just propped right up and out of bed. Mo and I headed for Santa Barbara. I've been skirting the periphery of the city for some reason. Today we explored it some. Everything felt leisurely, no pressures, no concerns although I did go through two periods of anxiety. Santa Barbara is really nice. Its really, really nice. In some parts it felt very comfortable like what I was used to before the journey. That feeling of life style seems out of reach and almost incomprehensible. Those feelings brought on major troubled feelings. I want that life style back now. It was never meant to be gone forever. The comfort of it helps my productivity levels. Anyway after getting over those feelings and also the audacity of a sewer scraping Motel6 wanting a hundred seventy five bucks for a room along with a supermarket charging me twenty bucks for a box of instant milk (I use it for my morning coffee)... I went to hang out with some new friends. Today, I am sober for thirty four years. That sounds a bit unreal. Living thirty four years of not drinking or drugging with a disease that makes you drink and drug. Its a friggin miracle... of course a daily reprieve as long as I do what is needed to take care of myself, take my medicine so to speak. Someone told us to check out nearby Goleta beach as it is dog friendly. What a treat that was! It was phenomenal with huge gatherings and picnics some with a hundred people each. At the ends of the park, which stretched along the ocean, there was practically no one and you could drive right into the areas. I parked the Traveling Piano twenty feet away from ocean waves crashing in front of us and created music on a perfect day in every way. The sun, wind, temperature was perfect. Of course we met and interacted with many people.

After a while we meandered to another beach in Montecito. Another off leash dog beach! I played with Mo by throwing sticks into the ocean to fetch. There were plenty of dogs and people running around. Then I had another get together with a few more friends. Before dark I decided to race back to Goleta to play for the sunset. It has been a long while since I musically played a sunset on the beach! The only problem... the sun set behind us. Oh well, I played for the moon rising and then took a walk on the fishing pier there. Hundreds of people in the dark... families of ten, with babies and all... Asians, Mexican's, Whites, Blacks all fishing for the fun of it... a family thing to do. So, the best part about this beach... no restrictions like keeping dogs out even if they are in a truck, no ten dollar fees to enter, no extra dog fees (for parks thats a real agitator for me) no big brother watching people anywhere, no fencing created with the idea of protecting people from themselves, no permits, no licenses, no limits on fishing, dogs off leash, the lack of regulating was reflected in the rangers attitude, that of being friendly, non-intrusive, non-intimidating with just no restricting policies. When I left I noticed the grounds were completely clean from all the people that were there! A restaurant was in the park. I treated myself to a bowl of thick clam chowder with bread and butter along with an amazing salad that had large lumps of goat cheese, fancy lettuce with cherry tomatoes and onions, candied pecans with a sweet salad dressing, large berries and a perfectly grilled piece of fresh salmon on top. I ate, Mo by my side in the dark with the moon and ocean right there with us. Today was a leisurely holiday out of my head, in a sort of a daze living in the moment and enjoying it all.

July 15, 2016

Lompoc, California

I spent two hours on the phone with Apple today trying to get my phone to work. It was a simple solution but the reps are so untrained... as difficult as this is to believe most do not know the basics, like what the phone screen looks like. The fact that I have entered into the world of technology well, I am always beating myself up about that. Most people think it is absolutely necessary for survival but I know it is in fact not. How people have willingly given up privacy, personal ownership, free access to living life on their own terms and without conditions, its awful. I just want to drop out. There is a county fair happening and I turned on the television to see all the most ridiculous security as in people stripping, going through metal detecters to get in and enjoy a community event. The fact that people are happy about that, welcome it and think its going to keep them safe makes me realize more and more how stupid people can be. Over the last twenty years when increasing security everywhere in this country (I watched security emerge as an industry)... I ask how many people have been deemed a threat, been caught to thwart anything... name one incident where all this friggin security has paid off in your life. Have all the restrictions been worth the tradeoff? No, but most people are too stupid to see that. Trying to be playful and fun with the Traveling Piano while looking over my shoulders all the time for police who are out looking for trouble, dog fanatics looking to see if Mo is being abused, making sure I'm not trespassing, breaking law restrictions that never before existed... its all getting very difficult and is a big, fat, pain in the ass!

Then then there is the other side of it all. The cleaning girls (most) have been so nice where I am staying, I wanted to create some music for them as they cleaned my room. A couple from new Zealand was checking in with a room and were so delighted to find Mo and I and the Traveling Piano. We went for a walk and there was a bunch of kids playing in a playground but I did not have the energy to interact. Someone put a gardenia on the trucks windshield the other day and that little act of kindness is still with me. One of the homeless women I met while visiting people living in the bushes nearby came into the motel and asked the front desk to call me. She had brought me a little Mexican snowman figurine in appreciation for being nice to her. That was very significant. She kept asking if it was alright and hoped she was not stepping over any boundaries. It is things like this that happen that stir so much love from within that I say I must continue even if I am to die homeless and broke as a result. Of course when I say this people say, "oh, thats not going to happen." Its the same people that have been saying for ten years, "something big is going to happen for you." Well people... I'm one month away from broke, homeless and on the street and unless you do something to help I'm going to be a dead man... I'm doing the best that I can but its not good enough and I am truely ok with whatever happens.

July 14, 2016

Hwy 1, California

For as difficult as everything with this journey is right now or should I say bad... that is how good it is too. Everyday when I get up thinking how late it is, I remind myself of how I am able to get up late. Everyday I get to create life for myself with no one telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc... Wow, what a gift that is. The nature and mountains everywhere have been inspiring me to live everyday. We went back to a secluded beach spot we found earlier in the week... just to be able to do that, to be in a place where I can do that... gratitude. We sat and listened to and watched ocean waves break for over an hour less than twenty feet away from where I just laid in the sand against a rock not caring how dirty I was getting. A school of dolphins where fishing in front of us with small pelicans flying by. Water lapped up over small boulders with a full sun shining and it was neither hot nor cold with a perfect wind. Mo laid with me by my side. In pictures I have seen so many exotic, secluded beaches around the world and wished so much to be there and see what it would feel like. I had to remind myself that I was there, in that clean, secluded beauty and serenity presently in the moment!

Before going back to the motel room I stopped to get some Mexican food. They were setting up for a bus load of French tourists. They get a bus load of French tourists every single day, between 60 and 160 paying dinners. Back at the motel I told the guy at the desk and he said that last summer they had a bus load everyday of Polish tourists who went there and when he asked the bus driver if they tourists loved the food, he said that they didn't think it was that great but he liked the place and so thats why they went there. Can we talk pay backs? Lol... Outside my room I'm looking at the trashiest people I've ever seen. A big black pickup truck pulled up next to mine and I saw the guy driving literally throw his dog out the window. It landed on its feet so I assume he always does that. Then the door opened and a huge guy emerges in a ripped white teeshirt, pulls his zipper down and starts peeing right there in the parking lot. I looked to see if he was drunk but he did not seem so. Then as he's talking with his buddies he finishes his can of whatever and throws it against the wall to get rid of it with no thought what-so-ever about trashing the grounds. Once I heard him start talking, thats when I went to the front desk to see if he checked in because I was going to move the Traveling Piano truck away, far away from the guys vehicle.

July 13, 2016

Lompoc, California

First, I went to take Mo on a little hike in the hills where there are homeless encampments. I wanted to create music and hang out with people there. No one was around. Most live as normally as possible. They get up and get going every morning to pick trash for recycling in order to get food money, shop, look around for food, take on menial jobs, exercise, find supplies for basic living and then return back around 7pm. I didn't want to wait around and it felt like I was trying to hard too connect. Mo and I had a nice walk with an overview of the mountains. I began driving and down a random street I saw a sign for a park. We drove about ten miles through terrain like I've never seen before and I can't describe it. It felt as rural as possible, like I was in a new land with huge mountains, deep valleys and constant wide open hills. At the end of two different roads (the ocean was at one of them) I found out why no people can enjoy all of it... miles and miles of military control.

You just know the farmers are using all this land to raise their cattle without cost. Its called payoffs. The original park I was heading to actually was close to town and we stopped, I created music in the shade of trees and hills... there was actually a little water running in a creek next to us and we were totally alone until a group of twenty year olds came for a picnic. They were the type of kids who have been raising themselves, next generation of babies included. We had a short time together, there wasn't much interaction as they were all over the place with energy. On the way back to where we are staying I felt the need for some healthy food. I've been living on nuts and chips, ensure and subway five dollar, twelve inch subs. In the parking lot while I was waiting for some California/Asian fusion food cooking, we met a daughter with his dad and mom who were interested in trying out the Traveling Piano.

July 12, 2016


I was telling a friend how I am about to be broke and homeless and not feeling like there is much life left in me as a result. They stated about how crazy that is after what has happened throughout the journey and how much I have been able to contribute to life. I said that all life and journeys end and asked... is death supposed to happen in a certain way? Hundreds of people have said throughout the years, something big is going to happen for you. I never paid mind to any of that and let me tell you why. All the big things that have happened... all in the present moment.... I would have missed them all! As I have said many times, "the journey to the goal, not the goal in of itself." People have been sending significant messages but, words of support without action do not help the situation at hand. In fact, well meaning eulogies are just nails in the coffin. "Danny-if it has to end I want you to know that I will not be the only person to whom you have given great joy and unforgettable memories. I will NEVER forget hearing your piano on the air of an empty beach... Like magic coming from ... Somewhere...every time I'm on a beach I think of you! Think of that." Another... "hope all iz well and u are still able to do what u wur doing... You are a good man. I call u mr kean cauze i respect u and what u do:)

July 11, 2016

Cachuma Lake, California

As I constantly work to function... blank. Anyway, the housekeepers where I am staying, several bring their girls to work with them as they have no other option. I decided to share the Traveling Piano with them today and spend some time. Also, I checked out an area where there is a large community of people living in the hills along a dry river bed. There are many encampments hidden in the bushes and most people watch out for each other. I didn't meet any drug addicts or alcoholics just normal people and a few with mental problems working to survive without a home. People would find it interesting how clean spaces are kept. I get that... as even in my motel room I need a sense of order and to keep it clean so I can keep a sense of clarity. I must really stay conscious of visiting areas and spending time with people in dire need as I am closer to homelessness then any sense of a home, or home base. I'm losing the ability to know what a secure home feels like and its really sad... I tend to feel like I'm slipping into hopelessness with no way out. Giving as I have over the years to people who are struggling was so much easier when I was not struggling myself.

July 10, 2016

Cachuma Lake, California

I was sitting doing work in my motel room and one of the house cleaners walked by saying its a beautiful day as in I should take advantage and get out into it. I took the cue and drove to Cachuma Lake which turned out to be another money sucking county park. Mo and I found a vista point on the way back. I trespassed into that public park through a wire fence and found a really nice short trail with some satisfying views. It was very hot and dry where we were. No music... to weak. The scenery and drive was awesome, beautiful and I am constantly grateful to be able to enjoy it.

July 9, 2016

Lompoc, California

After not being able to get sleep I had one way outloud conversations of gratitude with all my close friends who have passed over the years. On waking up my main concern was to not push myself. It was the afternoon and a rummage sale was going on across the street. Being my birthday I was thinking how to spend it and knew the only option was to extend myself or get fucking depressed, lol! Two people in my life reached out to help me have a happy birthday and that was enough. So... I took the Traveling Piano across the street right before everyone packed up to leave. The woman running the market was a true lover of people. I could feel her. An hour or so later I told myself, "Don't push it Danny" it was such a nice day but I know I am still sick. I took Mo to a park for awhile then headed downtown to a coffee house to download an update on my phone. The internet speed at the motel where I am staying stinks. While there I just threw myself into Traveling Piano work. I couldn't help myself and was just careful not to raise my energy level too high. That worked out well and it felt like a full day. Part of me wants to drive to Dallas to lend support for the recent shootings there but my resources are so low, my energy, some of the nasty elements I would be throwing myself into there, the time of year with heat and sun... its all a problem. I'm just feeling my way through life.

July 8, 2016


Damm, not feeling well again. I'm not surprised, my upswing came to fast. Still, I looked outside and a family was playing ball in the parking lot and messing around on skateboards and I said to myself, "play danny, get out and play." So I went down to interact with them through the Traveling Piano and I am so glad I did. We had a great time, I got to meet a great family and felt energized. Tomorrows my birthday and I closed off my facebook page from comments because... last year I had over 600 birthday wishes which was fun and I know many people needed a reason to connect so... I had spent the day immersed in responding to basically perfunctory posts on my page. I was distracting myself from the fact that ninety nine percent of people want to see me happy, enjoy seeing me happy, love my work but will do nothing to help create the happiness themselves. I wish I could live off the feeling of good wishes but that does not work. Its like when I ask for help and people respond, good luck or I'll pray for you. Whoopee, let me tell you how much that has helped... nada.

July 7, 2016

US One on the Coast of California

Felt well enough to get out of the room today and we really needed it. In nature I can be feeling sick, angry and afraid but even though... none of that matters. I laid on the beach with Mo by my side, my eyes closed... we enjoyed the sun, the sound of waves and fresh air. We broke the law and trespassed on "public" land? ... to enjoy the beach without paying for it and I am so very thankful we did. Call it civil disobedience. The enjoyment of nature is a human right in the land of the... free. This motel room we are in... its the longest I've ever stayed in one motel and I'm beginning to see the underbelly of it. We are now considered a regular so the housekeeping doesn't care so much about us anymore. Makes me feel a bit uneasy. Whats going on in the room next door made me so uneasy today, I'm locking everything up tight when I leave. If a bullet comes through the wall I would not be surprised. The guys trafficking something in and out, started drinking first thing in the morning, the truck he's driving... not good. I'm learning about the lot lizards and sac chasers around here. I wonder who reading this knows what they are? Lol... A guy who's been living here for a couple months is in in a coma at the local hospital. Room service went into his room today to get his dog sitting in there for six days. Where is this journey taking me???

July 6, 2016

Sick in a Motel, California

Preacher Dan says... With everything going on in today's world specifically with the United States I am realizing how education plays such a huge role in life and gives way to create a positive perspective. For example if you educate yourself with history... when you look at president Andrew Johnson who used his personal prejudices, opinions and racism to condemn the entire South to over a century of poverty... and for today's world with Trump for example, a simple fact in knowing what a dictatorship is, how it functions, how it comes into power serves a huge purpose for direction. When we educate ourselves and not simply parrot what we hear from others, we realize internally the country has gone through much, much harder times, say with slavery and the civil war, the imprisonment of all innocent Japanese citizens during WWII, the forcing of indigenous people to leave there homes or die with no place to go for the sake of profit from gold (actually the murder of just about all native Americans)...

The United States is an experiment, it has never been perfect, a work in progress with periods of ups and downs. Let work to make sure each up-swing gets better than the one before. And it has... with all the present problems we are in the best ever when you look at the down periods. I think it will become even better if we start adapting some successful models from other countries. There are countries that do not imprison for the sake of consequence and profit. There are civilized countries with empowered people where law enforcement do not have or use guns. There are countries where college education and health care are free and no one suffers as a result. People must take care of each other. Its really bad for me in the present moment of now if I do not keep the correct perspective that the United States always comes around to a better place. We are on a pendulum that swings. It must, that is the way of life. We must accept that there will be bad with the good and continue to work for the good, that is the way it is. As people always say to me... just keep going.

July 5, 2016

Santa Barbara, California

I forced myself to drive to Santa Barbara an hour away in order to replace my phone. The ride was glorious. What a great day and place to share the Traveling Piano but I had to force myself to resist because I knew I would just get extra, extra sick from putting out energy. Still, even though I am sick, once I got back to the motel room I could not sleep. Seeing the homeless people everywhere in Santa Barbara within all the wealth and in knowing we all should be taking care of each other well... my frustration went into political ranting on facebook until the wee hours of morning. I'm getting rid of people in my life who would support a candidate like Trump, people willing to cut of their nose to spite their face, do not care, cannot care or are just plain morons. Its not a matter of opinion for me. Its a matter of life or death for many. There is no way I am going to stand by and say nothing with the writing so clear on the wall with the nazis, kkk and world dictators supporting him. I would never want to associate with someone who supports ISIS, I'm not going to associate with someone who supports Trump. That is exactly how Hitler rose to power in only two years. It was the fault of people too afraid to speak out. So publicly in this blog for the first time ever, I am politically speaking out. Maybe its because I'm sick, lol. I think its the first time, I mean after over ten and half years and having no idea what I have write from one day to the next...

July 4, 2016


Totally flatout sick, didn't even get out of bed until after six at night. Thank God Mo is with me.

July 3, 2016

Lompoc, California

Sick! I've not been sick in a long time and its not fun while on the road. I must keep pushing myself. I cannot remember sneezing so much, major sinus and head congestion... body ache. Mo is going crazy, he's not getting enough interaction with people and he's not used to being in one room so much. The only way it feels I can feel better is with comfort food. I wanted to go get some for tomorrow, like some hotdogs and deviled eggs and such. Being alone on July 4th doesn't feel good and sick on top of that along with the uncertainty of the future like in next week? So I pushed myself to get out mostly for Mo and we drove to the supermarket.

When I was leaving a lady with her husband yelled out how cool the Traveling Piano idea was and I asked if she wanted some interaction even thought the tarp was on and everything was tied down. She said yes and then I became as always, alive. Its just a matter of extending myself in order to give. Once that was over I said to myself keep going and... the woman who service the rooms where we have been staying have been very nice and they work very hard with long hours and practically no appreciation. So... they got to see what I do today and be part of the journey. I really liked that!

July 2, 2016

Solvang, California

A series of small events led me to Solvang, California today. I was like... Slovang? And then once I got into town I was even more like... Slovang??? It is pretty close to where I have been staying and its a Danish tourist trap! I mean like totally old Danish in architecture and every other aspect. Every room in the area was booked and its all about shopping and eating so... I stopped in a Danish bakery and saw two chocolate eclairs figuring they were not going to be cheap but I wanted them anyway. Then they asked for $14 bucks and I said, ain't paying $7 bucks for a small pastry. They put them back and I was on my way. Even if I had the money, I'm not going to support money gouging. The town was too full of tourists so Mo and I ended up nearby at Nojoqui Falls Park which was almost totally empty. There used to be a huge waterfall there which now is barely a trickle. Mo drank all the water that was there. We had some interactions with people and I created some music until the bugs got to me. They were impossible and I didn't want to douse myself and Mo with bug spray. The drive today was awesomely beautiful with brown ground and dark green trees on rolling hills and in mountains. I think some allergy symptoms are coming on.

July 1, 2016

Lompoc, California

It has been getting down into the 50's when it gets dark and also misty... I've been used to dry hot sun. There was a car cruise event down the main street and I was tempted to jump into it and share the Traveling Piano but did not. I'd rather do my one-on-one thing because the level of appreciation that I feed on does not come from events where people are looking to be entertained or are making money. The local park was my kind of spot for today. A young autistic girl found us, she had heard us a few nights ago when she was out playing with her brother and dad. She was beside herself from a distance more in all of the piano than Mo. After her standing in the same spot for over ten minutes I told her to call her dad over and we had a good time together. Also with a group of other neighborhood girls and two kids in the parking lot, maybe looking for trouble. They found us! Ha, during our interacting something spooked them and they ran but the one kid was a real piano lover, he had been playing with a piano tutorial application from YouTube on his phone.