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June 30, 2016

Jalama Beach, California

I drove to Jalama Beach today and took a walk on the sand with Mo. There was no one else around and that was just so fantastic. Getting a grip on what is going on in my life is very difficult. Enjoying nature for my life is so very important. Sharing it all is just as important. My goal was to force myself to wait for the sunset. I have not done that for a while. There was a little pull off on the road above the cliffs and I sat and waited with Mo. It has been a very long time since I have just sat doing nothing but enjoy the ocean waves, the sky, the sun and beach... normally I walk and/or take pictures. A few days ago at another beach I was able to do it for about a half hour. For about a half hour before the sun set I created music for myself. A few cars, rv's and trucks drove by but the road does not allow for people to absorb what they are experiencing until they have already passed.

I was thinking about how creating lasting and close relationships in life with people who are there to help me in anyway, I have failed at that. But then again, how important is that to have? I do have friendships and relationships, some that have lasted a life time but they all have limitations. In reality, all relationships have limitations unless your into obligation and illusions. I'm not into either so that is why I think I don't have the security of another person or people in my life to help at this point of my life. Hence, there is no one to give me a place to stay. Also, I know how intense I can be as a person and that relating for a long period of time, close... with anyone is probably too much for anyone to handle with me. Now... with my dogs Bo and Mo... I am so very satisfied with our partnerships built on a nurturing love... our working relationships with each other totally built on respect, empowerment and friendship.Thank God for the consistency and total acceptance I had with Bo and now with Mo.

June 29, 2016

Lompoc, California

There is a coffee house and music store on a street corner downtown that I've been eyeing as a place that might fit for a Traveling Piano stop by and so Mo and I drove there for a cup of coffee. Its a busy little spot, a small hub of local interaction with parents and kids arriving for music lessons, people just stopping in for a cup of coffee to take out, eat a sandwich, hang out for a short spell. I just sat and waited for people to become interested. It took a little while but it happened. My interactions I don't write about so much anymore, how many times can I say the same thing over and over? I mean its all great but I don't want to become too redundant. Ha, wish I could follow that line of thinking when it comes to communicating negative aspects of what has been going on with money, a home base, etc... People were more interested in Mo than the fact that there was a piano on the back of a pickup truck and that he was sitting on top of it. The music store had a grand piano which I played on for a few minutes and that felt good playing on a real piano. I'm really hanging by a thread with this journey but am determined to play it out until I don't.

June 28, 2016

Lompoc, California

I actually woke up with some clarity, focus and feeling kind of rested and good. That is important to say in order to keep away negative drama. The original plan I began for the day faded but I still was active the entire day. Staying away from thinking about world events like the threat of trump, mass shootings, gun control, greed, chaos in other countries how human nature can lead to stupidity when sold self-serving agendas no matter how destructive they can be... staying away from all that kind of thinking is an absolute necessity. There was a resistance to going out to create music so I forced myself to do it. Channeling negativity through music really works. Its harmless and actually quite healthy and healing. I met a few people in the park and am realizing how it feels like I need more talking interaction with people because I can't shut up once I get going. But then again, thats nothing new. The reality is that I just need to remember to shut up sometimes... and I'm out of practicing with remembering that! Lol... I have an outlet for everything in life and that is music.

June 27, 2016


I spent the day in total lala land and I don't me Los Angeles, California. In my head I just could not function and when I am like that I simply try to embrace it without going over the edge of getting lost forever. I'm posting a short video of a guy playing the Peanuts Theme Song in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. I may head back there but as of now I have no place to stay and enough money for a month. The drama in me says, "where should I die, where should I die."

June 26, 2016

Gualupe, California

With as difficult as life is for me I remind myself everyday that I have Mo. He is a constant gratitude source. Even when I am one hundred percent self absorbed, his presence well he just always be! I have my truck thats working. Everyday I see the seat upholstery that was replaced recently and am relieved I don't have to look at how its falling apart. I have enough funds even though it is just for today for a motel room and even though thats almost unbearable its something and working for me... for today. I have a way to connect with people on my terms. That can't be any better! Although, I do constantly have to deal with assholes in life, always almost everyday well, it happened today in a park. The sun was setting with only three other cars in the area and a ranger babysitting with his cushy job doing nothing but sitting there to tell people what they can and cannot do in the middle of no where. I found a spot to park near the ocean after driving almost thirty miles looking for one. You see, most of the people living here are either Mexican or poor white who feel no empowerment whats-so-ever, or military or government or rich farmers who are rich from using the Mexicans and selling drugs to the poor white.

So its easy for those with power to not give a shit about anyone else but themselves. The creep came over to tell me that Mo was not allowed in the park not even in the car. Man, that pisses me off! It is wrong, period. We did take a really nice walk to a beach earlier and I was rehearsing in my head the entire time to say that he was my service dog if anyone questioned but... when the park ranger said to get out of the park my anger took control and I completely forgot! Oh well, driving all day through rural country... wide open mountain spaces in nature was amazing. Of course, I dare not stop the truck anywhere or get out to sit in it to enjoy. Most of this land is not land to enjoy, live on or share and people like me are getting pushed out more and more through the years. It belongs to private owners, government, military, business and surveillance is everywhere. America, land of the free not. Every though... personally its just unbelievable that in spirit what is most enjoyable for me in life even more than music or my work with music and aside from Mo is nature. I always seem to be able to stay connected to nature and enjoy it even if it is only to drive through it without stopping.

June 25, 2016


There was a festival parade Mo and I checked out today in Lompoc. It reminded me of how, "I did that, done that" and am so glad I did not pursue the idea of being in it today, the energy does not exist for me to do parades right now. Constantly, I am feeling lost and conflicted... making my own decisions for life is so rewarding but has never been remotely easy. How many times have I said that? Many. Now... letting decisions happen on a subconscious level... thats not so difficult. The problem with that is I cannot depend on my subconscious decisions unless I am activity working to be conscious that they will not destroy me or that I am spiritually in a solid and positive state of mind. This piece of music I am posting was created with a mind full of rage. Its so clear for me. I find it very interesting how not rage full it sounds.

June 24, 2016

Lompoc, California

It was another beautiful day. The guy who works the front desk where I am staying was very curious about the Traveling Piano so I shared it with him. He was totally appreciative. Not having much where-with-all, I did get out and find another park about a mile from where I am staying with a lake and a huge open field... just a few people. It was wide open and again I am reminded that there are park areas everywhere not charging fees as well as those that do. The place is called river park because its next to a river but the river has been dry for a long time. As I have been feeling a lot of rage these days from reading too much shit in the news, I am becoming more conscious that the only way to unload it all is through my music. There is little I can to physically to help the world but what I can do... I can do with music. I'm posting an improvisational piece of rage that I uploaded on Youtube today.

A woman who had heard me in a park playing yesterday found me on Facebook and posted this: Hi, I'm the lady with the black Suburban from yesterday at Beattie Park. I know I thanked you a couple of times already for sharing your talent and obvious love for music but your musical passion touched me, and the effects it has on others was seen clearly. I was just praying to my mother to ask Creator for assistance on my behalf, and to give me a sign I was heard.....and them you showed up playing her favorite genre of music. I'm tearing up again thinking about it! That's why I told you that you brought her with you...and while listening to you she was able to comfort me. I hope you have infinite success in your music, as it touched this anguished soul for the time I was honored to listen to you play. You have a beautiful spirit, which comes through in your music and you are truly blessed with the gift of healing! For me, at least. :D thank you, again...I'll never forget it!

June 23, 2016

Lompoc, California

A heat wave passed and now the weather is just gorgeous. I need to remind myself with all the other thoughts that go through my mind in every moment... "Its really a beautiful day." At night the temperature is cool enough for a jacket. Just wish I could walk on the beach or in the mountains. Just can't get over the insanity of closing off the enjoyment of nature for all the people in this city, all tourists and visitors because of an endangered bird that lays eggs (like there is no other solution) or because of private land or the military. Its just wrong. All the encounters we had today were with random local people and our interactions were totally joyful. On one corner kids where selling snow cones and the guy asked if I wanted to purchase one and then I jokingly suggest I do a trade with the piano and he suggested I have one for free as a promotional offer and then the music began. At a small local park I began to create music just for myself and of course people hanging out were very appreciative. One little guy called out "thank you" as I was about to leave and that transpired into another family affair.

June 22, 2016

Ventura County, California

Wow, this motel room I am in is helping me to realize how much I need my own space to sort things out, work and focus. Often, that is not possible when I am sharing space with someone. I took a good walk with Mo and when doing that I am always in awe of the fact that I still see lots of new types of flowers and trees everywhere I go. It is never ending. Also, I've been seeing some of the neighborhoods here and am reminded also how every place has rich, poor and everything in between... slobs, clean freaks too. I walked past a property that I am fairly certain has a huge weapons arsenal on it. The owner had a military jeep, a sort of tank, the house looked like a small compound and there were two ominous large looking trailers locked up next to the house.

If people knew from what I see around this country... anyway, last night I purchased some fried chicken and there are two meals worth left over. I thought... chicken caesar salad. So I went to get some croutons, dressing, shredded carrots and lettuce. A large bowl was needed to mix it all in and I thought get a cheap throw away (because I have no room for storage) from a local dollar store, a place I don't like to give my business to and then in the supermarket I saw a bucket. Not just any bucket but a bucket that folds up. That I can use and keep. On the bathroom counter in my room I made my salad and then like any normal cow, pig or horse... I ate my caesar chicken salad out of a bucket, lol!

June 21, 2016

Lompoc Beach, California

We drove to a county park beach about twenty five minutes out of Lompoc where there was nothing but nature except for a small cement park with playground swings next to a lagoon area and a lookout gazebo. There was no access to the beach because a bird lays its eggs there. A bird fanatic with influence in government rigged the situation so not only the dunes, the entire beach is always closed to the public for miles. Just imagine living in a huge seaside city on the beach with no beach access anywhere for the public or visitors. Outside the city the military takes over and of course all that is also restricted. This type of government overreach infuriates me. Aside from the metal fences and huge warning billboards there were a few people around and when they saw the Traveling Piano they were just beside themselves. We had fun! Before the beach I stopped at the city park where they were setting up for the Lompoc Flower Festival that is happening for this week.

There are no flowers in this festival, its more a town festival with amusement rides, a parade, food vendors, crafts, etc... Many years ago this was a flower seed farming area but not anymore. Online there is a photo of flowers with the festival name saying the photo may not represent the actual event, lol. I went and played some music in the middle of the field where it was all setting up to see if the Traveling Piano would create any interest. I have decided to stay open to the idea of working as in the old days once again. As painful as the thought may be for me, if someone wants what I have to offer and is willing to "contribute" a good fee for this journey with lots of fun, friendship and respect included... I would be game, possibly. There wasn't much interest. Of course I caught them all off guard, the decision makers were not there, they are not well funded, and spontaneity does not seem to be on the bill of fair for the event. There is no way I can go back to the past anyway. I left all the past for good reasons.

June 20, 2016

Lompoc, California

Today was a hide under the blanket, just close the world out day. It was necessary although I did send emails out to media outlets about the Traveling Piano GoFundMe. As I start "working it" back into the conventional world, I am acutely aware of how what I write in this blog can affect all kinds of issues when it comes to support but... I am going to stay true to myself and the purpose of this blog and the journey. Placating for support just won't work for me so I'll just need to trust that God or the universe or whatever will take my intent and make it work for me as it has done for over ten years now... when I did not need outside support.

June 19, 2016

Jalama Beach, California

Wow, I am so out of sorts. I found a cheap motel room in Lompoc. It might be the most basic place I've ever stayed in. It is clean but as worn as can be, I mean it feels like third world. The bedsheets have stains but I know they are clean, etc... The drive here was awesome. It felt like the wide open rolling hills of Montana or driving through mountains in Colorado and the brown colors of the Nevada dessert. Sometimes the heat was dessert like but on the coast? In the fog of my brain I kept reminding myself what a beautiful day it was and the scenery with Mo by my side, a truck thats working, money I have left no matter how little... in the present moment, I need to enjoy what is. My funds are so low my debit card was declined but luckily I had enough from what is left of my GoFundMe account. After setting up my room with a small humidifier, ionizer, a small fan to keep the air moving and a white noise machine to block out the outside noise, a room freshener, candle, the piano rug for the floor, my coffee pot for the morning... Feeling like I was working on auto pilot, I must have subconsciously felt inspired from the scenery so I drove to a beach wanting to create music for the sunset. It has been a long while since I've done that.

The motel receptionist told me there was a really good burger place at Jalama Beach, it was a fifteen mile one way in and out road from the highway. It turned out to be a county park, rv spots, ten bucks to get in and the "tell' of corruption was a three dollar extra fee for dogs. The beach was only about a quarter mile long with no maintenance. The energy of the place was full of pay backs. The burger place was a concession and it took an hour, no kidding... for each burger order. It was a really, really good burger. I didn't pay to get in because I told them I was going to the restaurant to eat and they gave me a piece of paper to get stamped. Someone waiting with me suggested I keep a low profile while in Lompoc because of the drugs, cops, politics and outsider mentality which is pretty funny because the sign to the entrance to the city says welcome to Lompoc a city of flowers and arts. The sunset was too far off for me to wait after my burger. I felt exhausted and driving out of the winding roads in the dark... I just can't do difficult driving anymore especially when I am exhausted and my mind is in a fog. On the way to the beach I was scooping out places where I could pull over to play and there was only one. That is where I drove to. I had a few really nice interactions with people there before leaving the area and before it got dark.

June 18, 2016

Ventura County, California

We hung out in the motel room and did basically nothing today, even spent some time poolside for the first time in a motel since 2010. It was short and sweet. I have been sitting with my room door open because the windows don't... and I need fresh air, especially with a smelly motel room. I'm on the second floor and there are sweet gums trees shading the balcony outside which is really nice. There is a prostitution ring going on in this motel and the room next to mine serves as a hub. In the morning about four girls get together for some social time and before noon they go to their working rooms and begin work. Its amazing how much I want to report them but kept telling myself its none of my business, they are not interfering with my life and thats the fact but... the guys hanging out in the parking lot make me a little crazy because of the speaker and stuff packed in the Traveling Piano truck. Where there is sex like this there is usually drugs. Being around people doing drugs is a lot more dangerous than being around people having sex.

June 17, 2016

Malibu, California

We are staying in Thousand Oaks and drove in, around and through the Santa Monica Mountains to get to Malibu a place I always wanted to go because I've heard so much about it all through my life. It was a tourist beach town... once you've seen a thousand of them, you've pretty much seen them all but still, glad I did it. Driving through the mountains to get there was a surprise and really nice. It felt good to be back in nature. A fog was over them I think because there is a huge 6000 acre fire roaring out of control up north and not far away. It was smokey where I am staying last night. In Malibu of course there was no place to do anything without paying money like parking, enjoying the beach, etc... and I'm not interested in all the commercial hustle and bustle anyway. All the "public" state parks charged money.

We drove north and found a few public vista points were I created music and shared the Traveling Piano. It feels so good to work, especially at the beach and around all the natural scenery. We met people from Mexico, Turkey, Italy... someone who had just begun a three month journey in a van, another older guy who just finished a 2,500 mile motorcycle ride, a couple who just got married a few weeks ago and as a result already has a baby on the way, locals just hanging out... it was all exhausting and very worth it. People were noting the passion for what I am doing and I thought about how I communicate my spirit with passion through everything I care about. With the Traveling Piano I work to convey only Fun, Friendship and Respect. While here in the blog it gets a little more personal and then socially with people online its the whole kit and kaboodle whether people want it or not.

How much I let the general public know of me has been on my mind as I have been speaking out strongly about what I consider serious social issues and its freaking out some people who only know the Traveling Piano work part of me. So be it. Most people only want to experience the positive, what suites them and... if they continue relating with me after the Traveling Piano exchange... they will find out there is more to me than just my work. And if I find they are not the kind of person I want in my life socially, they are going to know it. The kind of people I am talking about lack, compassion, empathy, are racist, stupid and hateful from ignorance and a lack of desire to understand people who are different or in need. The rotten eggs in my opinion have indoctrinated thoughts which I can do nothing about or are self-centered in the extreme. I'm looking for "giving" people to be in my life so I can continue to give. If they are a giving rotten egg... lol, I don't want their giving. Thats my choice. One of the perks of my giving without agenda is that I get to choose what I give and get. I choose to give all of me the good, bad and everything in-between.

June 16, 2016

Newbury Park, California

My options for motels with Mo and funds are limited so I've been hitting the bottom of the barrel with Motel 6 properties. The last place buffered the internet service so badly that I had to leave. The one before that had bed bugs (second Motel 6 this year) and they said they would refund the room but did not. I don't have it in me to shake them down for the money like I did last time. Today I reserved a room in Newbury Park for three nights for the back of the property, top floor, no smoking, two queen beds (to get as far away from the musty air conditioner as possible) knowing they were a Motel 6 corporate property and not a franchise. That means internet buffering for sure. When I got there they told me they only had a one bed and tried to make me book it. The area was where transient single guys were getting placed and the room faced an ugly cement wall. After a woman came into the lobby saying the room they gave her smelled really bad... I told them to shove their crappy rooms and left.

Too bad, because the landscaping around the place was really nice and comfortable but the inside is where it matters. Across the street I found a place that cost twice as much, not much better but... better enough. When I was leaving the last motel there were two little girls who spend their days there while the mothers clean the rooms. I knew they were curious about the piano truck and wanted to interact. A voice inside my head kept saying... "extend yourself Danny, extend yourself." So I took most of my travel bags out put them all on the ground next to the truck and then called them over so we could all have some fun. All kinds of guys working on the road stay in these motels and I'm always amazed at how appreciative and respectful they are of me and my music. It feels good to get out from LA, I was in there for a long while! If a place came into my space to stay there, I'd be back in a second.

June 15, 2016

Artesia, California

With everything going on in my head, Traveling Piano time still happens even if only once and for a few moments everyday. Its always first and foremost consciously or subconsciously on my mind so if an opportunity arises at anytime I take advantage of it. On some levels I need it in a way I guess like someone needing a cigarette break from all of life around them. During the course of interacting with people, if anyone shows interest, I offer to manifest some magical, musical fun, friendship and respect for them. It can be with room service people at a motel where I am staying, someone at a dog park, when I'm asking someone for random information like directions on the street, etc... Its going to get real hot in LA for the next few days so I need to get out because the piano and equipment will fry. There is not much shade in the places where I've been. In my mind I feel cornered with no way out concerning what to do. Those feelings turn into anger, frustration and a desire to just shut down. Its not like I need any suggestions, I've covered all the options and bases in my head. Using all the rest of my finances on motels is very disturbing but I've found no suitable place to rent or share.

June 14, 2016

Norwalk, Los Angeles, California

Trying to stay in Los Angeles is really trying. I spent the day again looking for a place to stay having practically no sleep. Some guy and I spent time talking from a senior service placement agency, lol that I looked into. Thats all a long process but I did enjoy the conversation and felt a little inspired talking with someone on the same peer level of emotional growth and intelligence... which brings up Facebook and Twitter. Time has been wasted with my anger with absolute idiots over the mass shootings in Orlando, Florida. This tragedy is very close to my heart for many reasons both personal and professionally. Anyone who knows this journey and how the Traveling Piano has been present at several gun murders and mass murders nationwide over the years well, I refuse to not address the behavior, actions and moronic justifying, ignoring, people putting their heads up their asses, etc... especially politicians bowing to the gun lobby and those indoctrinated who follow them. Speaking up for those murdered, their families, neighbors, communities and the country is very, very important. I've waste too much time chewed quite a few new assholes for low life people and then I block them because they do nothing but inspire negativity from within. It is what it is.

June 13, 2016

Canoga Park, Los Angeles California

I spent the entire day looking for a place to stay. Learning what a scam the hotel industry has become is not fun. I went to ten different motels. Paying a hundred fifty a night and up plus twenty five extra for Mo plus another twelve percent for local tax here in California then there is the state tax and sometimes surcharges along with the changing prices at whim depending on the need for rooms sometimes more than once a day... its awful for someone like me. Then the cheap prices on the internet, almost none of them except dogs. Some of those motels can only book online even if they have empty rooms when you go to them because they have sold booking rights exclusively to online booking agencies and then if you do book one online and it turns out to be disgusting, good luck because you can't get out of it. The dirty, moldy smelling ones... thats any motel under a hundred. It used to be thirty five. And they can get away with it because even the worse motels are getting fully booked nightly. I cannot find people who will share their homes as they once did and paying to stay in someones home is more of a hassle then its worth. What I need to function, the comfort level is becoming more difficult to attain. My tolerance levels have been dropping.

June 12, 2016

West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Distraught, distracted from important decisions, my priority is the journey second to Mo of course and those two things make me top priority in order to continue onward. With what happened in Orlando with the murders of innocent gay people as well has here in Los Angeles yesterday with the gun murders well, I almost did not go out today because of my own depression concerning my life but the Gay Pride Festival here in LA was celebrating its last day and there was no way I was not going to attend to support it by showing my Fun, Friendship and most importantly... Respect. I have a lot of anger towards the political and religious hatred here in the United States and around the world as well as the gun toters who support no laws for purchasing weapons.

Thank God I have the ability to move out of my own self-consciousness and into a higher level of consciousness that includes more than just myself. Of course I knew I'd run into traffic. Once I got close, the first thing was the need to turn around from a blocked street. A married couple was there waiting for a ride and showed interest so of course that led to the first interaction. Then, as I sat waiting in traffic down a random street, I figured to just pull over and set myself up. I played music there to create some distraction for others waiting in traffic and also for local residents passing. People began to search their apartment complexes until they found me for the "beautiful music that had to be live." A women came outside from her place to give me flowers.

After awhile I asked the police guarding the blockade to Santa Monica boulevard where everything was happening... if they knew when the blockades were coming down. They said right now and six police officers in a sign of respect for what I was doing lined the street to stop the traffic for me in order to turn around and go down it. Wow! Then at the bottom of the street I found a spot outside a restaurant which was not perfect but good. The avenue was still blocked off. The diversity of cultures, sexuality and relationships was mind boggling.

After a while I went to drive to another spot and as I passed the barricade asked the cop if they were going to come down soon. He said, right now... and I was the first one to drive down the avenue all by myself to pick out the best spot anywhere I wanted through a four block stretch and of course I got the best spot in the middle of everthing! There I stayed until I was too exhausted to function and was about to leave but people just began to take over for me and run the Traveling Piano's show (so to speak) for themselves. An hour after that, Mo and I left unable to think about what will happen for tomorrow. Full concentration was needed to navigate the highways in the dark. A lot was accomplished as always once I get started. Need to get up and out of where I am staying first thing in the morning. Have no place to go. Have no idea where I'm going. Its not a good situation.

June 11, 2016

Los Angeles. California

There was a light drizzle when I woke up the first precipitation in months! That gave me a good excuse to stay in even though it did not rain all day. I laid in bed not able to think about the future, pondering about nothing. I've been everywhere in the northern hemisphere that I have ever wanted to go. I'd like to be in the pacific northwest for the summer, I've never been there in what they say is the best season. But I don't have the money to get there unless I stay permanently and it does not feel like the right choice. The passion and drive to complete goals which is specifically why I am here obviously is not happening. Ninety nine percent of the key people I wanted to connect with don't even know I'm here. Maybe its not time, maybe my intent has changed, maybe I'm waiting for someone to live my life for me. And then I read about a rash of gun murders today in LA and the mass murder of innocent LGBT people in Miami, Florida. For anyone who knows this blog... the issues with gun violence is close to my heart as well as the targets.

June 10, 2016

Hacienda Heights,Los Angeles. California

Through some synchronicity I was abel to get fabric and foam replaced for the truck seat today. It has been on my mind daily for a few years as the fabric slowly disintegrated and the foam just fell apart. There has been a lot of gross things the seat has absorbed over the last thirty years! A contribution of $500 was made and the new seat with the cover cost $400. It was too much money but I need to take into account that I found someone to do it and they did it immediately. I should feel really good, right? I slept through most of the day and the rest could not think. After hooking up with some people I felt better. Damm, I was depressed. I'm not used to this and have held it together without effort for ten years! I cannot let the Fun, Friendship and Respect leave me. As my resources dwindle I need to remember who I am without the support I feel I need in the way I think I need it along with attention, validation and reassurance from others. I picked the wrong color out for the fabric to hide stains. Oh well, I'm glad its done and as a friend said, one less thing to think about.

June 09, 2016

Los Angeles. California

My original plan for today, forget it. Putting effort into getting on a television show for fun, is feeling like too much work. Maybe now still, it is not the time. I was going to go play today in Hollywood to be seen. The constant being in the face of everyone to get anywhere... I tried that with Oprah for the 1st two years of this journey. It didn't get me anywhere with Oprah but it did allot for me personally and was fun but... did that, done that. So, I'm really in a dilemma with focus and direction. Need to leave where I am on Monday. I so much want to settle down but at the expense of the journey? And... where, how... ugh. At the local park I created some music. People become enthralled and the Traveling Piano is irresistible for them, especially with Mo. There are so many Chinese people in this area, the rest of the country could not possible have a clue. In some places, its not only the people, its the architecture, the trees, stores, all the surroundings... everything with a Chinese feel. There are huge supermarkets with all Chinese products. For that matter same goes for Mexican and also Japanese. I want to find a way to focus on a specific direction to get the Traveling Piano to China but its so difficult while constantly decided on new places, where to stay, keeping up with being online, trying to raise money and working with the Traveling Piano everyday.

June 08, 2016

Los Angeles California

Driving down Hollywood Boulevard in the center of everything yesterday brought back memories of when I first began to perform on the back of the pickup truck almost thirty years ago. Jeez Louise! Every hear that phrase? Playing the piano can be very physical, especially from the back of a truck and last time I did it while moving and performing, that it was almost a year ago for a 4th of July parade back east which by the way, I won't be going back for this year. That will be sad as it is would have been the 20th year. Even though I was offered a large contribution it won't cover the expenses to and fro which would come to about five grand. I don't have the funds to pay the way. Anyway... when I've done that parade over the last few years I practiced for a month before to get my strength and stamina together. I was unprepared for yesterday. Not only did I play music down Hollywood Boulevard, we went back and forth down Melrose Avenue in full sun. It wiped me out. Gotta remember, I'm sixty so... today I got out of bed for a walk with Mo and that was it.

June 07, 2016

Hollywood, Melrose Ave and West Hollywood, Los Angeles California

Well! A friend I met last night named Al said he would drive me down Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Jimmy Kimmel show theatre while people were getting ready to go in. Talk about angst! We did it. Three runs, lol. The 1st time I played some sloppy Boogie Woogie, the 2nd, some not comfortable Ragtime and the 3rd time I improvised and that flowed the smoothest. The staff jumped to attention the second time. I don't know who was there. Everything fell into place perfectly. I got there early and found a shady tree to wait under until Al arrived. The buses and vans that control the street, the one in front and behind were cooperative. The guy running the parking lot next to the theatre let us turn down into his alley each time we made a drive-by. We needed to get off the boulevard before there was any chance of police getting on us... there was a parking spot for Al's vehicle to use right at the end of the lot, the traffic cooperated... I left a letter for Jimmy in the front of the theatre, in the back and mailed one as well. Also, someone told me the spot where he drives into work everyday which I am going to plant myself outside of tomorrow. This is a dream, to get on a television show for the fun of it... since the beginning of the journey. No pictures or video from today... that would have been nice but I had to give all my focus to getting the job done.

Afterwards I was wiped out but Al was still game to drive me around so we hit up Melrose Avenue, a very hip place for sure. I created music while being driven up and down the street until I just had to stop from exhaustion. Rush hour had began and I was going to join it to get back to where we are staying but decided to check out more of Melrose Avenue and ended up in West Hollywood. I found a perfect parking spot right outside a trendy outdoor cafe that was pretty crowded. While trying to feel the place out for the Traveling Piano I sat with a cup of coffee. There was a lot of Hollywood wheeling and dealing going on as well as people just wanting to be seen. When I pulled up and parked the truck with Mo in the cab, that caught everyone's attention big time. Getting onto the piano to play would have felt too intrusive to me and I preferred to leave everyone with a sense of intrigue and aloofness, ha. Was I too chicken? Naa... it just didn't feel right. If someone had initiated some direct curiosity then it would have happened but people in places like that are so careful about seeming intrusive themselves. The rush hour traffic out of there was brutal! As I drove down the center of Hollywood Boulevard on the Traveling Piano creating music today I had to tell myself, "Your driving down Hollywood Boulevard right in the center of everything playing the piano!" I did that once each time we did it. Was it fun? Shit yea, but it was work fun. There was little abandonment in it because of too many things to think about that could have gone wrong. Being sixty years old might be a factor with that. Still, it was a kinda crazy thing to do and I'm glad I can still do crazy things without being "allowed" by anyone else but myself. Al being with me really helped make it fun.

June 06, 2016

Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles California

It felt like a day off because I took all pressure off agenda. There is a lot going on in my mind. The courage I get from faith keeps getting put to the test stronger and stronger everyday. I washed clothes, groomed, took a long walk with Mo while listening to Chinese language tapes, filed computer documents and organized some of the truck packings. Towards night in realizing I was feeling insecure I went to spend some time with new people. As I sat listening to people with a lot on my mind the realization that I only have to live today felt right. One day at a time as it has been said and also someone mentioned to everyone where I was, "we're not a glum lot." Then it hit me, "Danny, you are fucking glum!" I was able to see myself and I was way too glum, lol. Don't wanna be glum. I'm not doing my job if I'm being glum, but then again it IS a day off. My natural state is glum, thats why I need to be around people. Glum, Driven or Fun... thats me. I think I need more practice in being fun with myself, by myself or at least other than only with the Traveling Piano's mission of Fun, Friendship and Respect.

June 05, 2016

City of Industry, Los Angeles California

After thirteen hours of sleep I feel much better today and drove back to the local park to do more study about BYD. Thats an electric vehicle manufacturer in China I would like to connect with for sponsorship. BYD stands for Build Your Dream. They are the worlds best selling manufacturer of highway legal light-duty plug-in electric vehicles. While at the park I met a young guy named Allen with his dog and we talked a long time. We had some Traveling Piano time on the street because they were charging money to get into the park again today so I parked outside it. I took Mo for an easy walk and learned that my music when I am playing in the park can be heard throughout. There are in fact many homeless people living in the parks mountains. Thats why several people who have approached me the last few times I've been there came up to me with a familiar feel. They had heard my music in the past and as a result came out of the places where they are staying to meet me. That just makes me feel very good!

June 04, 2016

La Puente, Los Angeles California

Wow, the heat! I think both Mo and I can deal with cold better than hot as we get older. Along with not feeling physically well, every time I get up from laying down I get vertigo. The room I am staying in is impossible to use once it hits mid-afternoon because it is so hot so... we took off for the park until the sunset. There is no air conditioning. I've been taking my computer to do work under shady trees. I've been writing pitches and proposals to survive. The public park was charging six bucks a day for the weekend so of course hardly anyone was in it. What a disgrace. The guy told me a spot on the street where I could park and walk in so thats what I did and then at six pm when they stopped charging money the place filled up. I drove in and set up to create some music without thought. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to interact with anyone because I'm not in a good head space. Closing my eyes did not work. Often people come right up to us as though they know us, expect us to be there and have already thought about trying out the piano.

The friendliness of everyone opened up my heart and I got out of my self-centered neediness. One guy said, "I feel so much lighter now" another "I feel blessed." Never do I ask anyone how they feel they just tell me and its happening more these days. It is very interesting to observe some people who just must find a way to connect. This one guy just stood across the path from us in silence, then he would walk around and eventually very slowly work his way closer and closer until I break the silence. Affecting peoples lives in a positive way, it doesn't get better. I was thinking about all the blah, blah, blah writing over the last few days and realized what started it all. Many years ago someone said to me the I must remember the Traveling Piano is what I do, it is not who I am. Often, I have thought about that because I did not understand it. As I mature and get older I'm realizing the Traveling Piano is my work and I put who I am into it.

June 03, 2016

Los Angeles California

I've been thinking about how there are different levels of communication with this journey. The first is working on the job. That is one hundred percent musical fun, friendship and respect only. People have no clue that I have social thoughts and beliefs or troubles unless they are to be helpful in the relating. This is where professionalism is important to me. My work entails none of my life's personal trials, tribulations or strife. Then there are online social sites that I post to. My accounts are as the both the Traveling Piano and Danny Kean. All Traveling Piano posts are the same as when working with people in person. The Danny Kean accounts sometimes include work struggles along with personal humor and social issues. Sometimes the social issue posts can get passionately angry. Then, there is this blog. Any social issues are in context with personal Traveling Piano experiences like homelessness, mass murders or gun murders where we have been to lend support, clean drinking water issues, natural disasters, business or government greed while experienced on the road traveling, police overstepping their authority, etc... I've talked about all that but also with the ebb and flow of personal diary type writing. People do not want to hear my struggles on this website, they want only the musical fun, friendship and respect that is my work but... my purpose for the blog has been to put it all (myself) out there for better or worse.

Dying is never pretty and so as this journey ends it is very difficult to let the dying of it all down gently because... its not going down gently. Not complaining and keeping drama to a minimum takes effort! I get to decide for me what is complaining and drama. My heroes in life who have passed, there a quite a few... all of them passed with dignity and put their best foot forward to the very end. I'm not so sure that is meant to be my path. I'm going to stumble, trip and fall all over the place and out. That seems to be what I can best offer for the world, my truth. It is also time to review my intent. It is taking a lot of effort to accept full responsibility for my choices which I must say I've been doing a good job with verses attaching disappointment to the fact that nothing has evolved from all my giving and sharing to create stability after the journey ends. If I've been doing it all for me which has been the fact... then I can not embrace expectations of any type, physically or spiritually from anyone else... period. Wow, is that difficult to stay true to, just enjoy what is, what has been, what I have created for myself and the world... thats it, period. I did that with Piano Dog Boner's passing and feel very thankful and accomplished with that life experience. I often say Piano Dog Mo resulted from that. Its a nice thought but I can't really know. More fun in the park today (in the shade after the sun went down) in spite of my emotional difficulties and my living situation.

June 02, 2016

Los Angeles California

Lost... I'm lost in my head. Thinking is almost impossible. I feel dizzy every time I get up and have no energy. It could be that there is no air conditioning where I am and the room temperature is 120 degrees with not good, dry air. Its almost a hundred degrees outside. Once I got it together Mo and I drove to the local park. I created music for myself and people around me were in awe. That made me feel good. A car drove up the park road and pulled in right next to me as though we had a planned meeting together and they were arriving. It was three Chinese students around nineteen or twenty years old. They were driving a Lamborghini shipped over from China on loan while the one kid attended school. Its going to get shipped back when he is done. They were very interested in my music. It feels great and amazing that no matter how bad I feel or what I am going through I can still work with the Traveling Piano. There was a world class musician playing the Chinese flute in the park. His sounds were absolutely amazing, he spoke no English, and when he was finished he pulled out a cigarette and began smoking it.

I need to get off my ass and get onto a television show for fun and also make arrangements to get to China. Thats what I came here to LA to accomplish. At this point there is one week left. Enough money for a few weeks in a motel, no home, no friends to stay with... the situation can look very bleak if I allow it. Conscious or not... subconsciously, its looking very bleak and also always in times like this miracles or whatever you want to call it happen. It is a hundred degrees again today and will be for the next few days... I can't work with the Traveling Piano in heat like this, can't even drive in it. So, I can drive back east for the fourth of July as my friend Sid will pay the way in order for me to perform in the Oreland, PA's 4th of July parade for like the 20th year... and then die on the streets (drama) in my hometown where everyone will say, what a shame... or I can stay here in LA and die on the streets (drama) where everyone will say... there goes another one, or I can work my way up north or down south along the coast doing what I do until I no longer do and then die (drama). I started to send emails via Facebook to different writers listed online for talk shows and I need to write a pitch for Chinese sponsorship.

June 01, 2016

Los Angeles California

So... I need to leave where we've been staying next Monday. Not much has been accomplished here in Los Angeles so far. Of course no one knows I'm here as I have done practically no networking so how could anything be accomplished? With where to stay always in flux as well as dealing with where I am staying in the present well, I need my own space I mean really my own space not in someone else's house or a motel room... a place where I can vegetate and gestate my life and formulate what to do totally on my terms without distraction. Thats the way it works for me. Not having a place to live or the resources to create one is excruciating. Reminding myself that I've done well throughout life in knowing what works for me and appreciating the fact, yea well it is what it is.