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October 31, 2015


It being Halloween tonight has brought back some memories of another place and time, another lifetime ago... when I used to perform in Halloween parades for twenty years, a lot of them! They were the most fun with Piano Dog Boner, especially at night in small communities on the east coast where I lived in Philadelphia. Everyone knew me and looked forward to the piano man and dog on the truck passing by... being a wild man, wailing away on the piano! I'm sure people think about me and many come to the website and as a result at the different times of year when they remember, damm... to come and read about me whining with worry and need sometimes on these blog posts. So much I want for people to be happy, to give them what they want and wish I could tell everyone that I live the most fabulous life that they want for me and wish they had for themselves. But... it is more important personally for me to show the real, most whole picture. I've said it before, 90% of life at any given time can feel really shitty. But I live for the glory of the 10%. It is soo... worth the 90%, I need to remember that.

October 30, 2015

I'm going to have to objectify the asking for money from people. Any personal emotion involved from me or connecting with people over their own emotions concerning any giving, sharing or the lack of... personal, emotional relating in my head will not work. When asked throughout the years, "what are you going to do when the money runs out" I have always said that I will either just take a walk into the woods and keep walking, go back to work, or do something else. Well, at this point I care too much about Traveling Piano Dog Mo and the relationship I have committed myself to in life with him to just walk away. Going back to work... I'm still easing into how to go about that. Its not like I haven't worked before. I had fun when I first started out teaching music at age 15 and garnering over 52 private students a week by age twenty two. Then as a free lance pianist for ten years, also with Raggin' Piano Boogie... the contracting, negotiating and booking of gigs was fun for 20 years until it was not fun anymore. Trying to raise money from contributions for this present journey has never been fun but I've learned a few things. I need to ask directly not just put out general requests and not take rejection personally. Also, I must objectify the requests and responses as in business... some people will respond and others will not.

Again, it will be about keeping everything personal out of the equation. If other people take my request as personal good or bad well, thats none of my business. Whether I want everything in my life to be personal or not... when it comes to money... money is money. Money is not personal. I know it is totally easier to play on people's emotions to get money as in... "help me I'm homeless" (which is true), "help me I have no money and collect no government assistance" (true), "please rescue and save Traveling Piano dog Mo, he needs your help" (an easy ploy) "please be charitable in the name of Jesus" (have to prove I'm on the same team or willing to join), keeping the focus on not projecting a sense of begging and staying honest for myself is a must. I'm not into manipulating for money. I do enjoy the sense of giving from friendship, for something worthwhile and the best way... giving for the sake of giving. Thanks to 5 people who have created subscriptions ranging from $3 to $30 per month via paypal on this website... the Traveling Piano domains and hosting renewals were possible today. It cost $453.12 but that was 7 months of contribution gone with one click. Lets keep the Fun, Friendship and Respect going! Please create a subscription. Click on the "Contribute Here" link right to the left of the page towards the top.

October 29, 2015

I lost a day in my head. Lol, it happens... thank God I'm in a place I can be lost and... also sleep all day. Sleeping helps me heal the craziness in my head. These pictures I'm posting are glorious. The tamarack trees are peaked and their pine "like" needles are dropping fast. While on the east coast of the US there are different colored leaves that carpet the ground, here in Montana yellow tamarack needles to that job. Its awesome. And the mountains... well you can see for yourself. Today they reminded me of Denali when we were in Alaska. I was in awe thinking, "I've seen pictures and photos of this but always thought they were enhanced." Nope, its all real. The visual is a pastel tapestry, shades of natural grays, blues, whites and right now with a mix of yellow color.

October 28, 2015


I've been thinking a lot about life and death lately. If this journey is going to live to see the 10th Anniversary at the end of this year... or the 30th Anniversary with the Piano on the Truck in 2016, I will need to begin putting all my energy into asking for contribution through posts on a consistent basis. Many of you know how difficult this will be for me to do. It is not a bad thing. It is what it is. The truck is in repair right now... $2000 worth. It needs a new transmission, clutch and fuel line. To reiterate for those who do not know... I am not a performer/entertainer. Creating music for myself and having individuals discover, feel empowered and inspired to and get onto the piano to create music for themselves... this is what I am about. When working with people on the streets or wherever, the Traveling Piano does not solicit tips or fees and has no commercial, political or organizational affiliation. This is what has made the Traveling Piano unique. My expression as a man comes with no other agenda but Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect and that is why the Traveling Piano has been able to reach and relate to people from all walks of life. The fact that my friendship with strangers has been unconditional, that I have been able to create one-on-one relationships with the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other, this is where the joy comes from. With total humility I can say the world needs and wants the Traveling Piano now more than ever. The journey has been 100% self supporting over the last ten years. Please direct all correspondence via this websites contact link.

October 27, 2015


Winter is coming. Day by day I live. I saw snow from high up above for the second time this morning Also, there is a mountain out my window that goes almost straight up. In the middle of the mountain there is a train track and from the start of where the mountain bends, a train tunnel comes through. I've become a little obsessed with it all. Both passenger and cargo trains pass everyday. Tonight I saw two running at the same time in opposite directions and then a few minutes later, another. Its dark so I can't capture the experience with a photo. I see the locomotive light coming out of the tunnel and then dim lights glowing as they cars pass along the mountain ridge. The sounds of rolling and chugging, the darkness, the movement slow and steady making way through time... the feelings are magical in many ways. It is like every fantasy book, story, movie with trains... come to life.

October 26, 2015


I was physically sick all day. A bunch of issues, do you really want to hear about them all? Ha, I think I would just be transferring my crap onto this blog so I'm not going to, it serves no good purpose. All my issues have already been mentioned. I built a wall to separate the upstairs from the place where I am staying from where I am downstairs. That feels good because the pets I am allergic to cannot get into my things and there is a better feeling of privacy but now I must go outside walk up a hill and go in through the front of the house to get to the kitchen, lol. Everything is a trade off. I've been calling mechanics and they are all too busy for weeks ahead from now to work on my truck. I may take it to a dealer and pay through the ass. It is what it is. The next challenge will be the cold concerning the truck batteries, musical equipment and the truck itself, unless I leave the area.

October 25, 2015


The truck is out of commission until I get a bearing replaced, it is what it is. I went for a walk in the woods with a friend, picked up some kindling for the wood burning stove, my nerves are rattled, just loaded a hundred fifty more pics to the Traveling Piano Picture galleries but can't check to see if they are there because the internet is too slow and expensive. Wow, the communication companies here in the United States are really screwing everyone with price, manipulation and service those greedy bastards! Anyway ha, Fun, Friendship and Respect, Fun, Friendship and Respect... this is an interesting time period I am in with the journey. Remembering gratitude is the key and it takes work, just to remember about it, not actually feel it. Feeling it is easy. Keeping that feeling present is where the work comes in. Negative distractions constantly want to enter my mind.

October 24, 2015

East Glacier, Montana

Every day possible I want to get out and use the Traveling Piano. We met a new friend Anna in East Glacier who is good with working on on trucks like mine. The door on Mo's side broke again and the window will not work which is really important for Mo when driving in warmer weather, me too. She was able to fix it as about thirty other people have done over the years but they never took the inside of the door completely off before which she did, which made me nervous but... she found there was a screw missing which is why it always eventually breaks again. From being handled so many times the parts are now warped but its not going to break again until it breaks one more final time! Also, I know something with the transmission is going wrong and I think she nailed the problem. It is a driveshaft bearing. I need to get it to a repair place as soon as possible as my drive shaft might fall off while I'm driving. Not on these rural roads with steep hills please! So, I'm out of commission until I can find someone, somewhere, anywhere.

October 23, 2015

Looks like the small villages where the Traveling Piano visited in Mexico are going to get wiped out with the largest Hurricane ever recorded. Without drama, lets all say a prayer together please and send safe energy to the people who live there, that they are able to hold on and stay safe. It is not easy to have compassion and empathy for others in dire situations when one has no experience for themselves. I know this only because I've been with people in dire situations. Had I not, there would be no reference of actual feeling to connect with in my mind. My troubles and situation in life right now are pure luxury compared to what other people are going through in the world. For me right now, gratitude for what I have is a must along with the wish for others to have what I have and a wish to share whatever I have. Getting caught up in my own crap is to lose the reality of life. The crap is an illusion. The fact that the Traveling Piano transmission and clutch is going and I am out of money... put that up against all those with families, elders and kids living in Mexico where we visited in 2007, in thatched huts and little stone houses in low laying areas without any ability to leave and no experience with a storm like what is about to befall on them. I must keep drama out and keep prayer and good safe energy in and share it through spirit with everyone. Nothing else can be done. Still, I want to cry with sadness. Maybe I will.

October 22, 2015

Browning, Montana

I got an email today from a couple I met an hour away from where I am staying south who were on their honeymoon from North Carolina a few weeks ago. They told me they stayed their last day an hour north from where I am staying with a guy I stayed with five years ago. That was very random. Mo and I drove to Browning. The hardware store ordered a special key for my truck. Finding a place that can duplicate a truck key for a vehicle made thirty years ago is not easy. I found a place in New York state last month. I had two extra keys made and then when I went to find one, I could not find either. I looked everywhere! They were able to make duplicates today so I got three. I went to put them in the spare key envelope in my glove compartment and there I found the other two damm fucking keys! I looked everywhere, ha, now I have six. It was windy and almost not too cold so I could not resist going back to the skateboard park where we were on Saturday. I took Mo for a walk and then began to let the kids have the piano to play on. A local school teacher appeared and he got on to play with some music. He was wearing purple for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

October 21, 2015

East Glacier, Montana

My cat allergy seems to not be so bad today, maybe I'm getting used to being sick? Mo and I went for a walk in East Glacier. I climbed under a fence that had some barb wire to get onto the historic hotel grounds for a walk around. The place is closed for the winter. A security truck saw us and I ran like a kid down an embankment into the woods, lol. On the way back up I'm constantly wondering whats up with my energy and then thought, "Maybe its because you are sixty years old Danny and your not ever going to be able to hike and climb like you used to." I'm working to remember to breath from my mid-section to utilize my entire body when I m being physical. I was taking it real easy. We walked under a railroad over pass and I saw a building wondering what it was, then saw it was a school. Mo and I drove over to check it out and asked a woman walking by what time school was over.

It was a grade school of fifty kids that had just let out. The after school program had just started and the two teachers were very open to the Traveling Piano so guess what happened. I'm in a really, really small place even though people can be spread out. Both teachers knew of me. While creating music on one of the overlooks on the way to St. Mary's a few weeks ago, one of the teachers friends had found us while bicycling up the road. The other told me a story of how she had been in her house one day and woke up thinking she was still sleeping and in a dream because she was hearing beautiful music coming from all around outside. It was me five years ago when I was here playing in the street. Lol, I just love that! Everyone keeps telling me how the cold is coming any day so I'm really glad the Traveling Piano's random synchronicity and spontaneity took hold today.

October 20, 2015


Two people sent a contribution. One for $30 and the other for $150. It is necessary to have a way for people to send money via visa. The only way right now is Paypal. The message received through the two donations was validation to gather some finances to keep going. I really need that validation. Hundreds of people will be needed to help me out. I'm breaking down in thinking to set up a GoFundMe. Ugh, fundraising... I tried it in the beginning, and asked again when I needed the truck engine a few years ago. The first time was a flop, the second time I got just enough but the work involved was not worth the hassle. Or was it... I'm still going as a result? Still, I may just end it all or go another route. My process in life to get things done takes a long time but I must remind myself... it always happens. I've got sixty years of positive proof.

October 19, 2015


I began to get really sick last night and slept until mid-afternoon. Now I feel better but wonder what it was all about. Did I put out too much energy the day before yesterday? The pain, nausea, fever, etc... never got to really take off so I'm glad about that. While looking at a picture of this kid playing his first note of music I thought, "It is a really good ability to be able to enjoy a simple note of music!"

October 18, 2015


Totally exhausted today. A few kids yesterday wanted to have their "Hobo Change."

October 17, 2015

Browning, Montana

It was like a sunny, seventy degrees out today and you can be sure I was not going to miss playing some music in it. There was the possibility for heading to a lookout spot for music and to enjoy the mountain views or... head for the town of Browning to hang out with as many Native American people as possible on the reservation there. Browning won out with the decision choice. On the way we passed what looked like a bison festival. Along the road there was a large lake with hundreds of buffalo taking advantage of the warmth and water. Usually, I see them in fields but rarely in or around water. In Browning it was amazing how many stores on the only business block were closed. Even the Subway hoagie place was shut down. People have very little money to spend here and the place does not get many visitors especially at this time of year. The people living on Native American Indian reservations where the Traveling Piano has visited have very little resources in which to live. There is practically no way for the general communities to climb out of the poverty they were born into. I was in the supermarket to pick up a few items and observed a store clerk giving friendly attention to every child he passed. I asked where an item was and his genuine willingness to be of assistance set off a trigger for me.

I told him there was a piano outside, I wanted to share it with him. Of course he could not have imagined what I was talking about but once outside, that is what I did and... his Fun, Friendship and Respect from inside continued outside with the Traveling Piano for everyone who crossed our path. Seeing as the town was empty I asked if there was anywhere kids hung out. Outside of town about two miles there was a skateboarding park. Bingo! It was perfect. We ran into kids ranging from six to about eighteen years old all day long. They came in shifts, about fifty kids where there at any given time. There were long walking paths in fields and nothing else close by. It is so amazing to see the creativity and respect children have for everything before life beats it out of them. As before with the Blackfeet people I met when I was in this area years ago... there was no sense whatsoever that I was an outsider, different, not one of, etc... we were all equal friends, welcomed and everyone was interested while totally respecting my boundaries and limits concerning the piano and their behavior as kids in having fun. One of the older guys came up to me and told me how relaxing the music was, that he was able to learn a new trick while practicing with it. Between letting little kids get on to play I created music and watched the energy change. Everyone began skating at once in the same flow. I'm sure no one realized what was happening but me. For them it was subconscious.

Knowing the poverty level I was dealing with... in urban areas I must stay very aware of my belongings but here in Browning there was no feeling of danger whats-so-ever. However, I did watch everything. I'm not stupid and can't afford to have my camera or anything else go wandering off. Kids were visiting from the other side of the mountain. I asked if they had a piano in their schools. The one boy said yes, the other said, "on the other side of the mountain they have everything, we have nothing here." Well, today I had them... and they had Mo and Me and the Traveling Piano and it was good! Back at where I am staying my friend Becky made me a steak dinner with baked potato and brussels sprouts which was delicious and I really needed it. Exhausted, I feel completely fulfilled. When I am "living" purpose I am alive. When I am thinking about purpose, planning, etc... like for the last few days, ugh. As I have said in past posts, I need help and wish there was more where-with-all in how to go about getting the help I need... which is now for total finances and a home base that will work in order to continue. I love the work I have been doing for the last ten years. The tricky part has been to do it on my terms but the "on my terms" has been specifically why it has worked so successfully.

October 16, 2015


Mo and I drove with my friend Becky to Kalispell in her vehicle today. It was sunny and warm and a perfect day to be out and about with the Traveling Piano in the city. I was going crazy with desire but there was nothing I could do about it. On the way back we drove through mountains of yellow, more yellow than I've ever seen before... all evergreen type trees (tamarack) with green needles turned yellow to fall, for autumn. It was awesome.

October 15, 2015

Goat Lick, Montana

Oy vey, its embarrassing to say, I am homeless and out of money in two months and the journey may end. I feel the need for a home or at least stability in knowing I have a comfortable place to stay, an environment that will support my ability to continue working as I do. If not assistence from one patron maybe I can find six or twelve people willing to share their home with me for a month or two each a year. There is no way I can jump around as I have in the past from home to home. Maybe I can get some more subscriptions in contribution to help pay expenses. The subscriptions are most helpful because they recur monthly as source of income, as little as it amounts to. YOu can read about that on the contribution link. To date five people, (I thank God for them constantly) they subscribe to contribute all together a total of $64.37 a month. (two tanks of gas) With one time contributions, thats it, one time unless I pursue people constantly for more all the time. This journey costs tens of thousands a year with equipment, repair, travel, lodging and basic expenses. That is along with staying in peoples homes. This year would not have happened if not for one particular person who can no longer contribute as in the past.There has been less than 50 single contributions for this year total, under a thousand dollars. So... you get the picture. I know what to do, what is needed, but do not seem to be doing it.

It feels like I have reached my limit and can do what I am presently doing but not more (like raise money) at least not without help which I am not good at finding. Interacting with people feeds my desire to continue and that is what I want to do, not fundraise. I get validity and reassurance to live life from sharing the Traveling Piano with people in person, alive and present. Should I quit the journey? Should I stop the journey to earn money and then go back to the journey as it is? I can't do a little of both at the same time, its not me. Should I simply keep doing what I am doing and then just die somehow? I have no problem with that. No one can tell me what to do, I have to do it my way. Thats the way it has always been. Help, I need places to stay and finances to continue! Ugh, I really despise asking for help. Again as I wrote yesterday, January 2016 will mark ten full years on this journey but I did not mention that it will also be the beginning of the 30th year with a piano on the same friggin' truck... full time!!!

It is so amazingly beautiful where I am. The mountains tops are showing small spots of snow. The second round of autumn is here with tamarack trees turning yellow, ready to drop their needles. I never knew about them before this year. They look like evergreen trees but evergreens stay green all year. We found a place I had been to years ago named Goat Lick lookout. It was closed but I entered anyway and hung around with Mo. I broke the law and felt good about it. I condone ignoring park closure laws that restrict the enjoyment of nature because there is a lack of funding for supervision that is not needed anyway on beautiful days like today. As I played music, Mo and I met people here and there of course.

October 14, 2015


The nature of what I do demands living in uncertainty. More and more through time I've been communicating uncomfortability about that fact in this blog. As life goes on the challenges become greater. I suppose that interests me. As I become less self sufficient in reality, doubts creep in more and more. The lack of self sufficiency may be as a result of age/health, lack of desire to promote for contribution, sell myself for commercial interest or maybe it is just meant to be that the journey ends. Still, I will always have my goals. "The way" ... presently feels like to continue doing exactly what I've been doing for as long as possible as it serves purpose for the world. As of now I just hope to make it to the ten year mark. That would be at the end of this year. The journey may end for lack of resources. I need places to stay for longer periods of time with people as well as finances to continue. An operatable home base would really help especially now at 60 yrs of age! Being homeless which was once fun, now wears me down physically. Getting the Traveling Piano to China, a television show, getting corporate sponsorship, a patron, the superbowl (lol), etc... in this stage of life, it feels like I will need a lot of support to accomplish any of those goals, anything on a larger scale. What has been accomplished to date has been a result of focus on process, not goals. The accomplishments have been great.

I'm considering selling my music, branding the Traveling Piano or selling my photography, etc... but again in this stage of my life I wonder how much I want... taking into consideration the where-with-all in my mind, energy needed and most of all... do I want to shift from the man with no agenda other than Fun, Friendship and Respect? The "no commercial agenda" is what has made the Traveling Piano and myself unique. I've always been an all or nothing kind of guy and I have said many times... once money enters the equation into anything in life, the dynamics change. The next present goal I would like to achieve is to do something in China with the Traveling Piano and many ideas have been thought out about that. Its not going to be done alone. Ideally, I would like to find one person as a patron in order to help keep things simple in my mind because that is what my mind needs. If thats only because I tell myself that... so be it. Knowing myself from the inside out takes work. What do I really want and why? Remembering the feelings of Fun, Friendship and Respect is a challenge these days but even more importantly finding ways to keep creating those feelings, a bigger challenge. Time takes almost my entire focus on keeping focus with my mission statement and goals. With that said not much else happens so it seems. But then again this year I may have accomplished more than any other year? At least as much as any other year. I'm entirely using faith to depend on the present moment. Having the honesty to see things as they are is most important. To see things as they ought to be is to miss the present moment entirely.

Today, Mo and I took a drive up to St. Mary in Glacier park and we found a spot on the lake totally void of anything but nature. I created music in it.

October 13, 2015


Today was a blur.

October 12, 2015


I breathed too deep and now am sick. Most of the day I slept. Mo is such a great guy to stay with me. When I can't get him out to exercise I feel bad. Depression started to come on strong and I thought, move on. Then confusion, anger, then fear. I've am fortunate to be able to escape that negativity in a short period of time. Many years ago I talked about depression. In my life it was for years, then went to six months, then in the beginning of this journey I never went for more than a day and now... I catch it for moments at a time and then get out fast! My thoughts about what to do in the future fluctuate dramatically every day which is not good so I practice on being in the present moment. I think about how "right now" we are safe, secure, I have a measure of comfortability, food, options, etc... it is all about gratitude for what is right now in this very moment. If I was able to create more music outside, I'd feel better, I know that.

October 11, 2015


It is getting too cold to play outside. Mo and I went for a walk. I want to exercise inside, there is plenty of room but I can't take deep breaths because of my cat allergies. Since the start of this journey my statement has been, "it is what it is." This journey has been "for better or worse." Is it time now for some worse? Does it have to end bad, or should I jump ship while things are still good? The real thought is that I am not yet done. Constantly I think about what I want to share in this blog/diary of mine. People get upset when I'm having difficulty so I hesitate to talk about difficulties. I do talk about them ha, I could tell alot more about some hell over the last ten years! Also, I know myself from a life of negative projections, assumptions, drama, complaining, whining to get attention, etc...

Danny has a propensity for focus on doomsday negativity, it is a part of me that I must keep in check all the time because the "negative" is not what I am about anymore. Also, my encounters and stays throughout the years with people, there have been bumps in the road. I have never shared those bumps in great detail and most especially about specific people because it would serve no purpose and also, everyone I have had problems with also have opened themselves up to me in good ways. It is not helpful for me to leave the relationships with negativity or to disrespect them by mentioning about it here in my blog. That would be a one sided "tell." Good does not create bad. Thinking bad creates more bad. I'm not talking about being in denial of bad, I'm talking about not inundating myself with bad thoughts. Focusing on the good as much as possible can only create more good.

October 10, 2015


There were many years of this journey that I was in a constant state of joy, felt secure, had a home base that was all mine, resources, no need for dependence on others although I was always open and sometimes even looking for support from others. The knowing that I was ok financially and with a home if there was no support from anyone else was important and... I could always sell my home if needed. Thats what happened. I paid it off on the day I sold it. Then I had a home base which fell through and then another home base which was never secure for any period of time. Today is very different from the past. All self-resources are gone and I have only a few months worth of sustainability. I'm presently with a friend but don't know how long I can stay. The situation is very unstable for both of us. The truck, if I end up staying here all winter in Montana... will it last the long period of frigid temperature? It is almost thirty years old. I'd like the journey to last at least till the end of the year. That would make it ten years! Having really thought my life and everything through, I have a larger perspective of why people do and do not choose options in life that seem obvious to others. As I processed pictures of the waterfall from yesterday, from a specific angle, the face of Running Eagle was revealed to me. It is on the outside in front of a cave she retreated into for a vision quest. There is no report of anyone else seeing this face in the history museums, books or pictures anywhere on the internet. I looked for hours because the face became all I could see in the waterfall picture. The stories told about her are all about bravery. It brought to mind how lately instead of thinking God help me, I want to think God give me the courage.

October 9, 2015

Two Medicine Lake, Montana

Just a few people found us today in Two Medicine Lake, East Glacier and that was enough! It was to be near sixty degrees and breezy. The "breeze" was so strong it created two foot waves on the lake so it was impossible to create music. We did find a spot where the bushes broke the wind off some and we met a guy there from Erie, Pennsylvania having a needed road trip for himself. There were a few others that passed by but we did not connect. Afterwards Mo and I took a walk to a waterfall named for a woman, Running Eagle. She was a Pikuni Blackfeet warrior, the only one. I had been to this spot several years ago and knew there might not be any water running today as there has been no rain for a long time. Also, it is the end of the season for water from high in the mountains so I though maybe I might climb the rocks right up the middle of it. Surprising there was water and it was coming out of the middle of the rock. In the spring you can't see the water you can see now because there is so much flowing over the top! While sitting on a rock with Mo as close as I could get, all l I could hear was rushing water. I was in the present moment, there was nothing else.

October 8, 2015


Dealing with life on life's terms, it goes up and down... I'm always feeling sick from cat allergy where I am staying but then again there are so many good things about the place... friendship, nature, opportunity to work on the next stage of this journey, less need for resources as in looking for places to stay, food, being able to be left alone, being able to be helpful to others, etc... We took about a four mile hike to enjoy the rest of autumn. When I took the picture that I am posting today I thought, "I would like for you stop everything (whomever is reading this blog) ...and take a moment to imagine yourself standing in this. The smells, the feel, the sights, the sounds, that is my desire for you.

October 7, 2015

West Glacier, Montana

When its dark and cloudy, I need to remember to hold the camera more steady. It is easier to blur pictures when the light is not good. We drove up as far as possible into Glacier Park even though it was cloudy and at times drizzling. What does that matter when a person is focused on fun, friendship and respect? It was almost overwhelming to be back here in this particular park. The Traveling Piano truck putt, putted its way up and stalled again on the way down. Luckily the brakes held this time. I was really amazed that so many people were around. It was late afternoon and rainy! I passed a guy on a bike several times heading up and don't recall how that would have happened but he waved as I passed him each time. Bicycling up to Logan's Path in Glacier Park wow, what a challenge! He was covered in beard and sunglasses and a helmet and I had to ask how old he was under all that. He was sixty, my age! What an inspiration he was. He reminded me of one of my favorite animation films, The Triplets of Belleville about a bicyclist. Three Amish guys got out of a car and came over. They were so individually distinctive in a most classic in an Amish way.

When I asked them for a picture they pulled the old religious excuse of, "oh, we can't have our pictures taken" and I told them not to try and pull that out of their hat and asked them where their horse and buggy was. We all had a laugh. A couple from North Carolina between hikes on the fourth day of their honeymoon found us. A blog entry for them came to my mind... "Our Honeymoon, Day Four: Between hikes, we found a Traveling Piano with a guy named Danny Kean and a dog named Mo at an Overlook in Glacier Park, Montana." Their energy was so new and alive and present together I just wanted to suck it all in for myself, lol! A guy with an oxygen tank climbed in with his family. You just gotta love determination. Mo was very frustrated as he wanted to run and explore, but it began to rain hard and we had to scoot out quickly. I was surprised they let him in at the gate of the park. I guess after tourist season ends its ok, happily. Dogs should be allowed in all parks at all times. While driving through all the beautiful nature, I was thinking about my social conscious with creating awareness posts on the internet and pontificating about world events. What came to mind... "your job is to show the beauty."

October 6, 2015

Browning, Montana

It was like a spring day today. There was no way I was going to miss it. Every night it drops to below freezing. This fact is very rough on the Traveling Piano and equipment but there is nothing I can do about it... that I can figure out, yet. Always, I'm thinking. We drove to Browning, Montana. Wow, it is only a little over a half hour away from where I am staying and it has a decent grocery store and hardware store, etc... I though Kalispell was the closest place and that is an hour and a half in the opposite direction. In the hardware store I was picking up some items for my friends house. The salesperson was so nice I pulled the Traveling Piano into the store lot and we had some fun there with several people. Afterwards I simply pulled onto the street and parked. As I began creating music I told myself it would be ok if no one came around. I was simply creating music for the environment. Amazing coincidence, I had been on the same street five years ago! After abut ten minutes someone did come over and then the fun began. We were on the Blackfeet Indian reservation. I felt drawn to an Indian Nation years before I got to this specific one in 2010 having little knowledge or reason for interest in the Indian culture. I realized after I arrived, these were the people I was to visit in the back of my mind. The realization was after the fact. That is how I decipher whether my thoughts and feelings are real truly in my minds eye or just fantasy.

There is an intense spiritual connection that was made with several members of the community last time I was here that has stayed present with my soul ever since. Today, I felt that presence strongly. It was like a feeling of being home as with family. Most of the people here are as poor as in North Philadelphia where I was last month but never the less well... when I got back to where I am staying one guy had already emailed me for his pictures. I sent them and here was his reply. "Wow! Those are some beautiful pictures. Thank you again for the pleasure of visiting with you. Talking with you today and looking at these pictures made my heart swell all over again for the beauty and compassion that we as human beings can share. If you are around town stop by and say hi." Later at night about twenty minutes outside of town I met personally with a few new people and more than coincidentally one of the guys from the hardware store showed up, a woman who was working across the street in the post office from where I was parked earlier, the partner of the salesperson I had an interaction with, a fiddler and a few others who I have a tremendous amount of life in common with. That all felt very reassuring.

October 5, 2015

Bear Creek, Montana

Every morning I wake up thankful Piano Dog Mo is with me. My God, he grounds me. No matter how insecure I may feel he is there to say, "we are here." We took a drive to Bear Creek and I played a bit of music. The piano of course is not sounding so great in the colder weather. Nothing new, I just deal with it. While walking around the water and on the rocks and in a bit of forrest, I was very aware of how fresh this place still is. It has nothing to do with people. Rural people often complain that they move into rural areas to get away from city people. Then new people move in and bring everything they left with them, everything the complainers ran from. It is what it is. The fact is those people complaining did the same thing. Sharing the world is the name of the game for better or worse.

The worse... trying to control and manipulate the sharing, to covet and cultivate greed on either side of the fence. I have shared just about everything now with my life and at this point I am feeling nervous about it all, security. I have no home or at least a home base or resources, especially financially to continue doing what I have been doing for ten years in a way that has worked for me. Do I wish that I had never sold my home which I had paid off as a tradeoff for this journey? No, I never wish that. What I have been able to contribute to the world has been worth it without question. What happens if I become homeless or die as a result of not being able to get resources? So be it God, just let it all pass quickly, lol! Its always the in-between we are dealing with, the process eh?

October 4, 2015


Life is full of negotiation. I am having serious feline allergy problems where I am staying that I am trying to work through and then again there is this view from the backyard of where I am staying... at sunset, winter fast approaching here in Montana. Most of the day was spent cleaning. I put down a rug on the floor where I am so the floor is not bare. It was found for a really inexpensive price. Also, I'm trying out an air filter and I'm working on focus for the future.

October 3, 2015


When I woke up there was a fine wet snow happening, more rainy then snowy. One of the mountain tops is somewhat white. Here it starts. It feels like it will be a challenge to not be as active as I would like to be with the Traveling Piano. Here we go again with... in the old days... I would play in the thirties... lol, did I do that? Yes. Not anymore... the high forties, too cold for me now. In the old, old days when I was a performer getting paid boo koo bucks... it did not matter how cold it was. I would think of it as a challenge with money as the incentive and just fun to be able to work under any and all conditions. It may be remembered by some people that I want to take the Traveling Piano to China well, there will be sequestered for periods of time with an endeavor like. I'll use now, here where I am... as practice.

October 2, 2015

Kalispell, Montana

Today was difficult. Staying where I am is difficult in many ways and I am working to adjust myself to the environment, not just move on. I am in a friendship that can easily be emotionally turbulent and I've never been good in such relationships. The ramifications of staying in the most rural area ever without much financial support for myself long term and with few resources and... the Traveling Piano truck is giving me trouble again... and other stuff, so thats, that. I slept late because it felt like I am getting sick. In the afternoon I drove to Kalispell, a couple hour drive, its the closest city. During the drive I constantly pulled to the side of the road with my putt putt vehicle to let traffic wiz by at seventy miles an hour. The scenery through two lane roads deep in humongous mountains was almost unbelievable. Pictures cannot capture the visual. This place could be a home base and trying to allow the feeling is very disconcerting.

Can I allow myself to live in an environment so different from ever before? Living in nature that is so huge can feel overwhelming to me. Visiting a place like this is one thing living in it, totally different. Waffling between feeling secure and insecure about everything happens throughout the day, more insecure than not. When I am working with the Traveling Piano or hiking in nature none of the above thoughts are present. An auto mechanic took a drive with me and could not hear anything wrong with the truck. Nothing new about that eh? I drove around making purchases for my stay while thinking... "this is the end of the money what if I must leave and all this is for naught? So be it. The drive back at night, fortunately only one car was behind me the entire time and it was not until the very end of the drive. It began to rain while on the way and there was stuff in the back of the truck so I could not put the cover on. Steady rain held off until I got back. Things like that I create gratitude for and thats what helps to keep me going.

October 1, 2015

Rural Montana

I felt rested and then as soon as I got out of bed, drained. Yesterday was too much, probably. All the work with the Traveling Piano and then a Big Hike on top of that, at least this is what I am thinking. Trying to figure out what is going on with me physically can get ridiculous. The altitude change, dry air, stress, cat allergies, a chill I got from the air, fireplace creosote, age, to much strenuous exertion, not enough water, not enough stretching and exercise or eating the right food, travel catching up to me ha, on and on it can go. Bottom line is that I feel under the weather today and may be getting sick. Oh God no, I hate when that happens. But whatever, at this point of my life I'd rather live in the moment like I was doing yesterday full tilt without reservation or thinking about the consequences. Actually, I don't have a choice because when I am living in the moment there are no other thoughts but... the moment.