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May 31, 2015

Holmes Circle, Pennsylvania

I'm practicing living in extreme environments and not thinking too clearly. Ha, its hot outside but really, really extra hot in the attic space I'm using. I'm using five fans, trying to move the air in from one side and out the other. Maneuvering physically in such an unfamiliar small space, it takes three times as long to do anything. I made cherry pie, two of them from the tart cherries I found in Virginia the other day. It was a perfect accomplishment and I ate cherry pie three times today. My eating habits will be a challenge while I'm here in Philadelphia. They are always a problem anyway. It was supposed to storm today so I stayed closed to where we are staying. Mo and I drove out to a nondescript parking lot behind a local school to get a quick walk in and also create some music. As I sat down on the piano seat I said to myself, "if I start recording music someone will approach us within minutes and that happened not once but three times.

One kid on his bike's found us and that coincided with a friend he grew up with driving up in a car with blacken'd windows. He was with another guy and they were there to sit on the trunk of their car and smoke pot. The kid on the bike had not seen his friend in over seven years. The first people we met were two sisters, one with a son. They were coming out of a swimming club nearby. After all that Mo and I walked up a random neighborhood street. There was a guy on his front lawn under a huge open air tent, in his mid sixties singing loudly to his wife. He was a Fanalow (Barry Manilow Fan) singing "Can't Smile Without You" to his wife on their front lawn. I yelled out, "your showing your age." Thats the second unlikeliest male Fanalow fan I've ran into in two weeks! Anyway, the wife has alzheimer's and he told me he is a manic depressive. They both are going through problems with age and family and they were as crazy as loons, and both as Irish, Patriotic, Fraternal Order of Police oriented and Catholic as a people can be. I love great energy with friendly people and we spent a good hour talking.

May 30, 2015

Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It was not a good first start to the day but I had said my mission to myself as I do every morning "Fun, Friend, Respect" and then did a short gratitude of "thanks for the bed, the ceiling, the toilet, etc" to keep a reality that I am truly grateful no matter what and I think that set the day in motion over and above my fear, assumptions and negative projections. It feels like my being here is a bit of an imposition but also realize that friends allow that for each other when needed. The question is how long can that imposition last and how to gage getting out before it becomes an out right pain in the ass. I called a friend and my phone went to another friends by mistake? It was my friend Orinda who I stayed with in Newfoundland many years ago. She reminded me of how life is an illusion and that for everything happening, I must separate myself, stand back from it, observe and decide how I want to respond into the next moment. She reminded me of my knowing that everything is ok, good, loving and that I am cared for but most importantly my illusions are whatever I choose through my perception. I can choose an illusion or the reality of oneness. Ego separates me from oneness and that creates fear which really has no power what-so-ever in of itself.

A short while afterwards, Lisa came upstairs to find me to engage having no idea I was trying to hide and stay away from being in everyone's way. She is the daughter of Tina who ilives here and she was visiting with her family. She was one of the first people ever, may have been the first to make a contribution to the journey back in the beginning. Her son's picture as a infant is on this website. She pulled me out of myself and I went outside into the back yard with everyone. It turned out to be a perfect day with food and friendship. I sat for a while and talked with Lisa's husband John, we all went with the kids to a local school parking lot for some Traveling Piano fun, Mo played with the dogs. My friend Cindy had lot of concern that there would be dog interaction problems but I made sure there were none and it all worked out really fine. Fear is a space in my reality. I can choose to identify it as the present moment and use faith in all goodness which creates miracles... or use knowingness, that everything in life is unfolding to discover and more importantly to accept. Everything is for me to manifest love into whatever comes next not only for now but after I pass on into whatever happens after this life. Horrible or beautiful, it all is what it is, and I just need to remember stuff like this. I've written about it since day one almost ten years running. One last thing... I have learned through life that spirit always tops any illusion in life whether I perceive it as good or bad.

May 29, 2015

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are in Philadelphia at a friends house. I don't know how long I am going to be able to stay. Originally, it was at least until July 4th but situations change and my ability to be flexible with my needs, thats becoming more acute. If I can't find a suitable living arrangement I'l need to leave Philadelphia as soon as I finish taking care of business. I want to see my doctor, he's the same doctor who delivered me almost 60 years ago... need to get the Traveling Piano truck repaired and inspected and then take care of my career archives that are cluttering a friends house that is already cluttered. Most of the day was spending time with different friends I have not seen for a long time. No one I know has space where we can stay. I can't be hoping around from place to place every few days like I once could. Through the difficulties and also love that I am having both emotionally with too many memories, past feelings and stimulation in general with being here where I was born, raised and spent my career and created this journey... even with all my mind clutter the Traveling Piano happened on a small street in South Philly. It would be so great if I was just set up with the necessities of life so I could give one hundred percent of myself directly in work. I mean, my life "is" one hundred percent my work but the functioning necessities like financially, physically and mentally in order to share the music well... "it is what it is." I must deal with it all as I think, "god" use me up. I'd like to be here for the 4th of July, my 60th birthday, the 33rd year of my present path in life but if it doesn't happen, so be it.

May 28, 2015

Traveling Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania

Today was spent traveling. For the first hour or so it perfect with the sun and summer as I know it in the eastern part of the country, the breeze, trees and green hills, country landscapes... I noticed that over 95% of people have now conditioned themselves to drive through all of it with there vehicle windows rolled up. They do not know what they are missing. The fresh air, the rush of wind, the smells, the feeling of being loose and free in nature. I hope I never get to the point where the wind is too noisy for my ears or I need to be more on my cell phone focusing on life issues or that it becomes too much of a bother to take open air drives through nature. Then... once I got to the northern Virginia boarder, Washington DC and Baltimore it was bumper to bumper traffic the entire way. What was to be a four and a half hour drive took seven and a half hours! Having been through the Fort Mc Henry Bridge in Maryland many times over the years, I wondered if it was my imagination as to whether the highway on the south side has been under construction for the last twenty five years! So, exhausted, and with my back out of alignment from stress tension, we reached Philadelphia and my friend Cindy with her mom Pat, son Tyler and friend Tina and Tina's mom's house. They all live in a small house with two dogs. Its tight quarters and I'm just taking it all moment to moment.

There is no cover from the sun for the truck but it has a driveway to be safe in and Mo's learning how to not instigate play with the dogs because they are older and not interested. For all my ranting about not having friends or family here in my hometown able or willing to share the space needed to do my work with the Traveling Piano... I do have these friends in their small house who love me so unconditionally that I am able to adjust myself "just for today" "one day at a time" lol, to the cramped quarters and hot attic space where I'm sleeping! I came from owning outright a four bedroom, two story, two garage corner property in suburbia just a few miles away and now almost ten years later... well, I can laugh about it because "now" is simply one of life's challenges and negotiations and the best part which I must remember... I choose this path (no one else) for my life. Also, if I had the choice to make again there is no question I'd rather be in this situation then a slave to life as I once knew it and with all the physical belongings I owned and those house taxes... ha, lets not go into that. So I'll be here for a few weeks to take care of stuff, and then will need to move onto somewhere else. I'll try to not mention this situtation again but I'm somewhat embarrassed that there are not more people to help out, support and share space or the finances needed, so my tendency is to want to physically hide the fact that I am here in Philadelphia. I'm sure that will not last for long but I'm just trying to be honest with myself about that. It is important to remember that what other people think about my life choices is secondary to what I think and to know that my intent and actions are pure and good for myself. The proof, thank god and the universe I have it all for myself documented for validation and memory here in this blog everyday since day one, year to year.

May 27, 2015

Charlottesville, Virginia

Super working on taking it easy today. It is hot and humid out, again. Mo and I went for a walk under trees in the shade along a nearby creek. At the end of the day I had the air conditioning turned on in my room with the door open because we are both getting sick from the fake air and no ventilation. I heard some guys talking about the Traveling Piano from below. They had been working all day landscaping the property so went out to show it to them. That was a nice short interaction and then I ran back inside my room to pack and wrap my brain around the fact that we are leaving again tomorrow for... the emotional baggage land of Philadelphia my old home town. I'll be staying the first night with a very close friend in a very small and crowded house, in the small and I am sure what will be very hot and muggy attic space. Help! There must be someone out there who has a clean, quiet, spare room with internet and safe parking to share for a period of time... no babysitting needed, won't even know we are there.

There are friends, but the spaces will not work, either no parking, or chaotic, or like in cellars that just won't do. I got a very strange email from someone I had contact with seven months ago inviting us to stay with them if ever in the area. It is the area I am in now! They live in a motel so the room would be shared!! They mentioned the motel next to where I am now staying!!! I wonder if I am being stalked!!!! If so, good luck for whatever they are looking for because I ain't got nothing for them, lol. Energy in life consists of both good and bad. What is up with that? Thats life I guess. Being aware and conscious is full time work for me but I like it. If I didn't I would be doing something to avoid it like drugs, drinking or other distractions. Food is a distraction. I ate the whole pie I purchased yesterday. Good or bad... I really, really enjoyed it to the fullest and you can't beat that!

May 26, 2015

Monticello, Virginia

When I wake up I've been running outside first thing to move the Traveling Piano truck under a tree for shade. It has been hot and sunny everyday for over a week. I met a cabbie that parks on the street and uses the motels internet to do his work. People should share each others internet service more to help defray the costs of constant service manipulation and rising prices. The cabbie has his own legitimate business and is sole owner of his one vehicle company complete with name on the side of the vehicle, a meter and he uses a four square device on his phone for credit card payment swipes. In his sixties, intelligent, alert and a really good musician (he shared some of his musical recordings with me) he lives in his cab which is a van. Unfortunately, he does not make enough money to own or pay rent for a home so he rents motel rooms once or twice a week when he needs a shower or get some good sleep. Mo and I went to visit Monticello which is President George Jefferson's plantation, the third president of the United States who drafted the declaration of independence.

The outside grounds of the place were very beautiful. The $25 cost to see only a couple of rooms inside the house full of "real replicas" was a total rip off and felt insulting. What made it worse is that locals get in free. A "non-profit" slash "corporation" charging 425,000 visitors through the place every year with endowments like the recent $10,000,000 they just got translates to waste, side pocketing of money and elitism for me. Enough of that, I could go on but want to feel as good as I can about the place because I have been wanting to visit it for several years without consciously knowing why. Crazy, but just before I got into town I realized that one of my siblings had done research on our family tree when I was a child to find that Thomas Jefferson was a distant relative. The memory was always there in the back of my mind. It came front and center once I arrived.

On the way out I found a farm selling tart/sour cherries to make pie. They are difficult to find, can only be found for about two weeks a year... were picked fresh this morning... were amazingly big and beautiful, expensive (ha) and remind me of my mom's sour cherry pies which were full of total joy and love. I splurged on six quarts. They are in my motel fridge and I need to find a place to make a cherry pie real quick! Also, they had fresh baked apple pies that were still warm so there was no way I cold resist getting one of those. Mo and I went for a walk in a park and of course throughout the day we met fun people to make music with.

May 25, 2015

Charlottesville, Virginia

So, I'm still breathing from sleeping in a motel room with no windows last night. It is because of a battery powered automatic air freshener in bathroom, a small humidifier on the table by the bed, an ionizer... I keep the door open when possible, turn off the air when I'm not using the room, block the air conditioner vents with chairs and the bed cover to keep dry air from blowing directly on me while sleeping and I use a small portable fan to keep air circulating. In waking up, I got caught in a rant mode (in my head) and wrote about Nestle specifically about how they are out to control the worlds water supply and how people need to learn to stay away from its products for over an hour ha, and then once I got going with the Traveling Piano I meandered through local neighborhoods, found a park that charges money, (forget that) could not find any spots, kept repeating to myself "fun, friendship and respect" and reminding myself that "every place I visit has everything" in order to not get frustrated while looking for what I did not know I was looking for. People who have known me for years keep asking me to visit their areas. I'm trying to be tolerant with the fact that they just cannot "get" the fact of how they need to supply a place for us to stay. Along with the costs of fuel, tolls, food and other necessities... contribution is needed for this journey to continue without collecting fees, soliciting money or promoting a business. A friend has set us up for a few nights here in Charlottesville. It was a most beautiful warm and breezy day... we ended up downtown along the local street mall and had a musical time of it until almost dark meeting many local people and loving every minute of it. I'm glad I'm here and did not just pass through Charlottesville. This place has been on my mind to visit for a few years.

May 24, 2015

Charleston, West Virginia

With all the travel I've been doing there is no concept of time concerning the change of seasons. I was thinking the temperatures would get cooler as I drove east while forgetting it is actually now summer. Today was in the high eighties and I was wearing long pants with a heavy long sleeve top. While trying to decide where I was going, which route to take, always longing for a new route we reached the middle of West Virginia in Charleston. I've never been, and have been wanting to visit here for several years having used the panhandle of the state many times as a home base. (which I can no longer use) I almost opted to stay a few nights but my concern about the truck and its having a problem starting everytime I use it gives me the feeling to not waste time. Get to Philadelphia where it needs to be inspected and I can deal with any problems. I had to at least, drive off the interstate and see a little of downtown Charleston, if for only a few minutes. While meandering around, a perfect picture spot for the capitol buildings dome appeared. The dome is all gold and awesome looking. Mo and I pulled up to a random curb in a neighborhood and a woman named Amber was outside raking her lawn. I asked if I could get a picture from the stoop of her house and then her interest in wanting to listen to some piano music necessitated my pulling out all the stuff from the back of the truck to create some for her. A neighbor named Kim appeared for some pictures. A good time started, it could not have been more spontaneous and fun but I felt the necessity to keep moving because I was exhausted having had little sleep from last night and also, I wanted to get a motel room before dark. It was hot in the sun! I used Amber's bathroom, got some ice and we were on our way. The drive east of Charleston, WV on route 64 was as pretty as nature can get. The air was filled with the smell of hot honeysuckle.

The variety of trees, puffs of lush growth, the carpets of healthy green throughout the mountains made clear, even though I have not seen this area in the fall, it is the most primer spot in the country for autumn foliage color. I really appreciated the two girls I met, Amber saying how my music took her out of herself for a moment and Kim how it was her most favorite song ever she heard. I realized she was saying the communication musically in spiritually could not be topped. Before leaving Kentucky my friend Cindy sent me off with an amazing breakfast of sausage and french toast with orange juice. I had never heard of french toast with butter, syrup and peanut butter. The taste was a quadruple WOW! I had to force myself to try it because it sounded gross. Its an Amish thing to put peanut butter on french toast and it was soo... delicious. I checked my email before leaving to find some validation from a homeless guy that had been on the piano when we spent time on skid row in San Diego saying how happy he was to have found me to connect via internet and then also reassurance came from my friend Cindy in Philadelphia saying she is expecting us and we have a place to stay if needed. That felt really good but I do need another place to stay there. Cindy is living in a very, very small house with her mother (my friend Pat) who is getting 24/7 care for dementia, her best friend who has been blind for most of her life and the friends mother who also needs constant care along with two dogs. I'll most probably be on the sofa in all that so, help is really needed for another place to stay for a month or so. I could stay in my niece's basement but do not feel comfortable down there. I need clean, quiet, comfortable, internet, safe and parking for the truck so I can continue to do what I do, give freely and without conditions. It feels like someone from my hometown Philadelphia PA for fifty years should step up to the plate so we feel welcomed but if it doesn't happen, so be it. In and out as soon as possible.

May 23, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

It was a beautiful day. We went to spend time at a picnic the local homeless shelter was holding and a whole slew of physically and mentally challenged people were there. If you know me, you know I enjoyed them all very much. Everyone who could, they got onto the piano for some fun. I hit up the shelter's food kitchen for some stuff to take on the road. Right now I am completely exhausted. Its almost nine thirty at night and I think I may be able to get to bed at a decent hour, like real soon! I don't know if I'm tired because of the sun today or I kept waking up last night, maybe its because the truck has been giving me real problems starting for three days in a row or that we are leaving tomorrow... oh God, on the road again and I don't know where I'm going, for how long and hope the truck does not break down along the way. Also, I don't want to deal with finding a place to stay once we reach Philadelphia, PA... need to deal with the end, the final end of my belongings and career archives there and also will be entering my world of old home emotional baggage where... I have no one to stay with and the few I can stay with really can't accommodate us with our needs. Philadelphia, my home town with nowhere to stay! I took Cindy my host out to dinner tonight finally, we've been trying to do that for a week. It was at the Red State Barbecue house in Lexington, Kentucky. Do you think the owners are out to make a statement with a restaurant name like that? Lol, I always knew I would like Kentucky but did not know why. Well, I did like Kentucky and still, I am not sure why. Three weeks in one spot without a sole friend base is the longest I've stayed anywhere I think and... I definitely made some new friends I think may last for a long time.

May 22, 2015

Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Mo and I hooked up with Dave, a new friend who showed us his favorite place in Red River Gorge found in or next to the Daniel Boone National Forrest. We went to Sky Bridge which is a natural bridge almost like the hollowed rock we saw in Moab, Utah a few months ago except this was an actual rock bridge you walk across on a path in the woods. It was smaller (but still huge) and without tourists like where there is another bridge on the other side of the gorge. The less tourists the better for me. The area was filled with people on their lawns outside their homes or along the road selling firewood for campers. I couldn't figure out where all the campers were until Dave took me out for pizza at a really fantastic pizza place and I found out that this area is a primer world known spot for rock and mountain climbing which... translated into tents full of people everywhere. I played music in that area for a short while with a few interactions, but did not have the patience to wait for people to warm up to the idea of connecting. They seemed too preoccupied, zoned out. The place felt like a youth hostel environment and I'm an old guy now! Lol, maybe that was it. We did connect randomly with people throughout the day.

Then on the way back to Georgetown there was still daylight so I stopped at a business along the road to ask if the bigger Natural Bridge was near. I walked into a realtors office and a guy was creating some real down home Kentucky bluegrass fiddle music in the middle of the room. What a joy that was! He was just a random guy, an insurance salesman from Tampa, Florida doing what he does. There were three lady's working there, a captive audience and when he played the song, My Old Kentucky Home it was mandatory that everyone got up from their desk to stand for it. I invited him outside to play some on top of the Traveling Piano with Mo and videotaped it, will get it up on YouTube as soon as I can. A young kid was not far away in a truck waiting for his dad and I called him over and then he got onto the piano to create music for the first time. He also jammed with the fiddle player too. Wow, to not only create music for the first time but jam with another seasoned musician while doing it, what an experience for him. The fiddler, Don was his name, uses his fiddle for missionary work as well as to have fun. We talked about that a bit as he suggested I slip the name of Jesus into my work lol, I told him thats not the way I work. I'm more of an attraction verses promotion type of guy and the love for me only transpires through the witnessing of my life and how I live it in real time. He was a treat for me to encounter and my friend Dave was a treat, the pizza was a treat, the day was perfect weather-wise in every way another treat... and to have visited this part of Kentucky's nature was awesome.

May 21, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

There was a little food festival in town today and I wanted to treat my host Cindy to dinner there. Also I wanted to support the vibrancy of the town's center because it shows the people here care about keeping it alive. I also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the Traveling Piano to the community. Mo and I wanted stayed away from the center of it all because the activities were already set in place complete with a bluegrass band. We asked the coordinator if it would be ok to park at the end of the street and that worked. Then it began to drizzle but then it stopped but... it got cold! Right now the temperature is in the forties. A week ago it was too hot to be outside.

I met the mayor and told him about what I'm doing and wanted to throw the idea out of becoming a resident artist in association with the towns sister city in Japan. He thought the journey was very interesting and he was totally attentive and smart... said he was going to come over to see how it all works but that did not happen. The police officers were very friendly, in fact one of them went back to the station to get a bag of dog treats for Mo and he got onto the truck to play a few notes. Of course we talked about my feelings with police and he mentioned how they are doing outreach into the community especially with children, how the adults don't trust them. I am all for police outreach to create friendly relationship with everyone. I said that God knows I have had enough reason to be angry with police over the last few years and I very much appreciated the opportunity to address him as "Officer" Randy out of respect. It felt good.

I worked way too much today and hope I don't get sick from it all for tomorrow but I was really having a good time with people. At the start... my energy level was too high and may have come across as being a little bit pushy in wanting people to get on the truck and create some music but all and all, I think everyone was able to trust my intent of wanting to create Fun, Friendship and Respect. As far as the cold, it was much better than too hot! I'd stay here in this area longer I think, if I had someone willing to host us but as of now we will be leaving Sunday. I've been preparing my head for that since yesterday. It will take that long to arrange my mind into a move forward to another place. There are surprising amount of opportunities and places for the Traveling Piano in this part of the country.

May 20, 2015

Versailles, Kentucky

My friend Rick took me out to lunch at a place called Wallace Station in Woodford County Kentucky. It has a reputation and when I saw the pastries, wow... it was hard to pass up buying one of everything along with a pie. I did pass it up and am thankful Rick paid the bill because I would have had a problem paying ten bucks for a hamburger even if it is special and delicious, which it was. I must be blown away with a meal to say whatever it cost was worth it. That happened with a catfish sandwich a few days ago at a place called Sergeant's Galley. There was also a meal a few weeks ago at a place called Windy Corner that felt good but again not the price so much. We ate outside in a field and while waiting for the sandwiches I shared the Traveling Piano with a mom, dad, daughter and son.

Afterwards I drove by myself to the town of Versailles as everyone has been telling me how beautiful the area is. It has the richest, most famous owned horse farms... blah, blah and it was very beautiful but... I just see huge, huge lawns (fields of land) being hoarded and not shared with enough people in the world. I drove through the center of Versailles which the rich people have not been investing in... and found a park where I connected with a group of marginally cared for kids like, "I first did meth at age ten" and "I'm living with two of my mom's kids who are crack babies." All seem to be tight in friendship and they take care of each other. I met a group like this in Colorado many years ago. I totally related them and we all had fun together. A big children's birthday party happened, there were over a hundred people there, kids and families but there was no way they were going to interact with us, "that strange man with beautiful music and a dog on a piano in the back of a pickup truck and... those bad kids". Lol, it was dark when we left because I got talking with a guy and his daughter while one kid in particular spent quality time improvising on the piano for himself without distraction. It was therapy for his mind and I totally "get" that. He said that music "opens up" his mind.

May 19, 2015

Scott County, Kentucky

There's a mission shelter/food bank in town were we ended up today. The neighbor a few houses down from where Mo and I are staying started it. The place had a feeling of community, peace with no judgement or pressure. I'm really sensitive to the feeling of environments and agendas from visiting many different shelters throughout the country. At first of course people were cautious but as we spent some time they became familiar and able to trust from watching interactions as time passed. I ran into the guy who scammed me again! Its so weird. He goes there to get meals. The place is right in with other neighborhood houses.

May 18, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

I basically took the day off and that felt really good!

May 17, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

The first half of the day was spent on the street two houses away from where I am staying hanging out and talking with a neighborhood family. We talked a lot about Jesus and how life works. It was a good conversation. It all started when the older guy shouted out asking if I was going to play any music for them today as I was beginning to drive down the street. He loves music in of itself and of course I was not going to pass up the opportunity to share some with them. Another neighbor sat in his work truck behind me and when I finished up I turned around to see him giving me a thumbs up. Being able to connect with everyone through music is so awesome. I wish I could let go of all my life concerns and opinions to just live in a musical world of connectedness with people 24/7. After that I began meandering and thought I might head to a festival in Midway but found myself in Frankfort, Kentucky the capitol city. There was no one around, the streets were empty, the buildings were empty but awesome so I stopped to create music just to hear it in the street. A few people began to find us but then rain showers began. I found the capitol building and there is where the money is. It is in nice houses all around the capitol building. After that Mo and I connected with my host Cindy and her horse where we met another person who coincidentally is a piano player and then Mo and I took a walk through a delightful piece of Georgetown, Kentucky pasture and woods surrounded by new housing.

May 16, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

It was a rainy day which was great to get some picture processing done. There was a dry spell long enough to go with my host Cindy and help move her horse from one location to another location and also get bails of hay to store at the new place. Bails of hay are a lot lighter to lift and throw than I anticipated. The horse industry is large! There are many ways to spend money on equipment, housing, health care, training, food, sawdust, exercise, schmoozing with other horse owners and... there are a lot more horses in this world getting money spent on them then I could ever have imagined before this journey. I always thought of... there are race track horses and then horses that simply live in fields and back yards. Uh, uh... for example some horse farms... huge money pits. If you don't spend enough money there consistently... you can't stay.

May 15, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

Mo and I left the Motel we have been staying in for the last two weeks. A woman named Cindy has offered to share her home for a night, two, maybe a week? She is renting a very small house in a compact neighborhood off the main street of town. This is my first stay with a stranger in a long time. There have been over a hundred fifty situations like this through the last ten years. It takes a complete rearrangement with how I do things, access my daily needs, equipment and belongs, etc... every time I move to another location. I figured out how to connect my cell phone to my computer, make it a hot spot so I can get access to the internet. Wow, what a miracle! Of course I'll need to watch my data usage and collection of data and remember there is no privacy. People like Cindy will never cease to amaze me. The willingness to be trusting, helpful, useful to strangers, give to others as openly as possible and without agenda as much as possible... it is one of the most beautiful things to experience in being alive with other people. She has a horse that must be moved to a new location tomorrow and I went with her to check the place out. There was a horse farrier there. I did not know that kept horses need to get their hoofs shaped every once in a while... like cutting your nails. These guys also apply horse shoes, adjust them, reshape, etc...

Now, I know why we have been here in Georgetown as long as I've been. A complete stranger told me today that we are in a vortex. Hey everyone who has read this blog to any extent... sound familiar? Crazy is as crazy is. Strange synchronistic happenings continued all day. I met a woman who lived ten minutes from my old house outside of Philadelphia and now lives here. I randomly met a guy and learned I had supper with his son the other night. The guy who scammed me a couple weeks ago, there was a tie in with that from from a robbery I saw in the local newspaper. I found the town's Mayor created the sister town in Japan for this place something like twenty five years ago and then met someone who has been working with him for that long. It is the neighbor two houses away from where I am staying and I've been exploring the idea of taking the Traveling Piano to Japan. I'm just writing all this stuff down so if I ever need to look back, I can remember. These constant vortex happenings like with Toyota over the last few months and everything else... at least now I know its all not a sign from God, or the universe telling me to do anything, or that I am being lead anywhere or to do something specific... its just that I am in a crazy vortex again that I've got sucked into. A vortex is an energy field, extreme good, bad and everything in between spinning round and round. Everything that has been happening, the synchronicities and coincidences and unusual chance meetings with people... it all means nothing! It just is what it is. It all leads to nothing, to no where. They are all simply life experiences that are extremely interesting and often draining energy-wise, especially if i try to understand, use or control any of them.

There is a small sidewalk sale festival for the first time this weekend so I was feeling out the people running it, the arts council, chamber of commerce, city hall... to see about the attitude. If its like... "we would love to have you" "would you please" ...that would work. If its, "we will let you, you can do this or that" ...not.. because that translates into non-appreciation, work, like I am looking for performance opportunity of which I do not need or want. The first type responses would translate translate into Fun, Friendship and Respect which is what I am about. So I found out his place is exactly the same as everywhere else in the world with politics of running a show, whether it be the government, business or a sidewalk festival. If I go I will do as I did last week in Lexington and be as low key as it can get, out of the way, easy and relaxed and I definitely will need to find shade because the sun is too strong to play in. Today was sunny, hot and humid.

May 14, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

I woke up feeling ok, took a shower and headed right over to the Toyota plant to visit with a few people working there at lunchtime... just to do it and have fun. I did have fun and gave a short talk while people ate their lunch. Can their be anything better than talking about myself and the journey to a captivated audience? Lol, afterwards we all went outside with Mo and the piano and the truck. The situation was not conducive to people getting onto the piano to play individually but a few did. My friend Rick was there and after we were done I decided to go play outside the local newspaper. As you may know I have been avoiding the media but this town has a sister city in Tahara, Japan and with Toyota's influence well, I would love to get the Traveling Piano over to Japan, China, Asia, wherever.

I'd be willing to end the journey as it now operates to become an "artist in residence" of sorts, plant some roots (its been 10 years on the road) and share the Traveling Piano in all sorts of ways with the community both here and there. It is time for a transition into something new in relation to work with a few partners. The wandering days have been fun but they are ending, at least the doing of it all alone, so... Mo and I planted ourselves outside the local newspaper today to drop the idea. The news reporter joined us for some music. One of the printing guys came over to meet us. He saw us the other day in his neighborhood on the street. I forgot to get to my agenda with the newspaper guy. Damm, I even forget what I told him and that is never good! Later on I needed to just go with Mo to the park, get a little exercise and create some music to alleviate some thoughts. A young guy driving by stopped and improvised some music of his own on the truck. I thought, "I like his music even more than my own." It was a full day.

May 13, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

A new friend Rick's wife LaDonna works for Toyota and invited me to visit for a lunchtime "show and tell" with Toyota educators in the local plant for trainees tomorrow. The fact that I've been using the same Toyota pickup truck for almost thirty years is the catalyst. I decided to go with the flow and do it even though I do not expect anything to come from it for me except the usual fun, friendship and respect and... the purpose is not for me to give a pitch anyway. Today, I guess there's a lot of angst going on subconsciously. I started to feel really sick and get this painful shut down syndrome that can happen physically so I took it easy. Mo and I went to the local park for a little bit and I created music for a little bit, and that was just about it. Whenever I have an appointment or commitment anymore you would not believe how difficult it is to follow through with in my brain. When I must get up at a certain time in the morning to do something specific, when there is an agenda anywhere outside of my comfort zone... wow, how do I acclimate myself back into conventional society if that is what is meant to be. Having a schedule, giving up total control of what, when, where, how, why... hahaha?

May 12, 2015

Lexington, Kentucky

I met a woman the other day who works with a non-profit that provides music lessons for disadvantaged kids in Lexington. The schools student recital was today and she asked me to come and lend some musical support, fun, friendship and respect. I was cautious as usual about being taken advantage of but I did it anyway and it was very much fun. Discovering a new neighborhood in Lexington was fun in of itself. The recital was held at the Central Christian Church which had a sanctuary that was beyond awesome. It was as ld and original as can be. I snuck in and played the piano up front, and for the first time I wished people where there to listen and just be with me in that room. This is a very progressive church, the Disciples of Christ and the emphasis is on inclusivity so you know it is right up my alley. They are a break off from strict presbyterians. I was at the Mayfest the other day and today at the non-profit event and it feels really good to let my walls down and just give to community through their events. I've avoided events of the years.

May 11, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

What I'm doing feels strange. The day was spent in a motel room. It was cloudy and finally rained, I think the heat wave is passing. I stayed inside on purpose and stayed off the internet social sites, turned off my phone, processed pictures while watching television. Even when I'm not working with the Traveling Piano I'm connected to social media, I'm connected to people 24/7. What if I am alone with no choice? So, I practiced being alone today. It was almost depressing. I mentioned a few weeks ago how television commercials are tolerable when the shows are good. I've watched it now a few times over the past few months and now I've returned to the old, "ugh" feeling about it all. Commercials have destroyed television more than bad programing. I'm feeling lonely and disconnected today but thats my choice. Thinking about the future is a drag. I don't know if I can do it, anything. This is where I remember, "One Day At a Time." I'm wondering if staying here is a good idea, whether I should network for a Toyota project. (the largest assembly plant in the country is next to my motel room) Traveling back to Philadelphia feels disappointing and depressing in having no one to stay with. (no one I can tolerate) Money... It takes my complete focus on not worrying about it in order to not worry about it. Lol

Last night I had dinner with some new people I've met. Sometimes when I am out social with people, I leave feeling lonely afterwards. Still, the reality is I am not alone, I have many options, I can do whatever I want to do in life... right now. Can't get away from the gratitude of that because... it is amazing. If nothing else (and it is enough) I can simply go on doing what I've been doing and enjoying it. I have a couple months of funds left to stay in cheap motels and when there is no more hopefully I'll die if nothing else. Of course dying is not really an option or choice because I am "driven." As transition time for this journey seems to happen, impulses to sensor what I write in this blog become stronger. Staying true to myself must reign. If I go commercial with a partner and they want this website to be taken down because of views and opinions and the partnership is worth that... I'll do it. If people do not want to connect with me or do business with me because of what I write, thats no problem because they would be the wrong people for me to relate with.

May 10, 2015


The day started out overcast and I thought good excuse to stay in. Then the sun came out. It is difficult to move on when my focus is in the present moment. In the past, I've moved on while doing what I do everyday at the same time. Now my life has seemed to have slowed up. Sharing just the Traveling Piano alone takes up my whole days in every way. Still, I'll just keep doing the best I can. I was thinking now after having visited all the four northern corners of the hemisphere what the most significant thing I can contribute to the world is at this point. That would be two wildest dreams yet to be accomplished, the superbowl dream and taking the Traveling Piano to China. China seems to be the next best bet. For everyone who has followed this journey from the start. They know what that is all about. I would like to manifest the dream for them. It must be approached like Alaska in my mind. It is now or never, just go, just do it. The traveling to Alaska was a physical action more than thought. Getting to China is more thought at this point. It necessitates immersing myself in the idea in every way possible. Doing both that and the Traveling Piano everyday... I'm trying to figure out how and decide if I can, and also be completely honest about wanting to.

The high cost of food has become an issue with this journey. When I can, I purchase groceries and prepare food in the motel bathroom. (the only place to do it) I stopped at the Walmart the only store open to get some basics to make sandwiches. The other stores in the area close by nine at night. I can't stop thinking how several people I met in Missouri did not know what uncooked meat looked like because they always purchase processed food in boxes. They could not identify, pork, beef or chicken. Our food supply is becoming increasingly unhealthy not to mention a rip off, price wise. When I buy a rotisserie chicken (which I try not to do) I know the chicken has been raised in a cage so small it can't turn around and raised through growth chemicals and antibiotic drugs. Walmart... the prices for food were higher than the other stores, the junk food was more expensive than local convenience stores and the sale signs for items marked as "roll back" were priced with one, two and three penny savings, yet people support all that from conditioning, lack of education and choice. Mo licks my bowl and food utensils clean so I don't clog the sink drain when cleaning everything. What a way to live, its disgusting, lol. People say, "oh, your such a free spirit." Not... everything in life is a trade off.

May 09, 2015

Lexington, Kentucky

I woke up in the middle of the afternoon. The sleep was needed I guess. The sun was out and the temperature was cooling and also I feel I cannot waste anytime with the Traveling Piano so Mo and I drove to Lexington. There was a Mayfest happening, it was a small town festival, quiet, shady with trees and a nice warm breeze, very low key so I pulled up to the end of the festival booths and shared some music. It felt good to just be relaxed and do what I do. After that ended we went to another park for the sunset because I did not feel finished and found a dog park. Thats another thing, I can't waste any opportunity for Mo to socialize and get some exercise around his own people so to speak. As soon as the sun went over the horizon even though there was plenty of daylight left, the park cop came blaring his horn to throw everyone out. So much for that. So much for "public" land. On the way to the park I had stopped to ask a cop for directions and when we were done talking I asked him how long he has been on the force. He said twenty one years and I asked how he keeps from getting burnt out. He rides a bike everyday. I told him when I talk with a police office immediately I either feel "threat" or "respect" and with him, I felt respect and appreciate that very much.

May 08, 2015

Scott County, Kentucky

The scent of honeysuckle at night while driving down the highway is intoxicating for me. It feels like mid summer. I stayed inside most of the day, did clothes washing in the motel machine, at night spent some time with a few friends, went and purchased a pizza and ended up having some unexpected synchronistic and spontaneous musical fun at the end of the day. Before all that for about two hours I was stuck in my mind as what to do with the day. I actually tried not to work with the Traveling Piano by not taking off its cover once I went out. It is like the journey controls my life which I know is absolutely a good thing but sometimes disconcerting. With one woman in particular tonight, we had a significant discussion that overtook everything Traveling Piano. I didn't even get a picture for her on the piano I was so preoccupied with her spiritually needy state. A young guys mom told me he had a adt disorder (overstimulation issues) and I said I see that as an especially good trait to have because of the potential for passionate energy that lies therein.

May 07, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

It was too hot to spend much time outdoors but I did spend a short while and met some new friends. Gratitude comes to mind. I decided to stay another week here in Georgetown. I had an option to stay with someone but I'm too afraid. I know that is irrational, but its the truth. I need to begin staying with strangers again in order to continue. When they offer it is even more important. This person's name is Cindy. I met her over the weekend. We hung out for hours last night and really got to know each other. I'm hoping next week to stay with her. She has no internet which I need and the room I now have, there will not be many opportunities to get a motel price as low with the privacy and space, etc... so I'm working my options concerning time and finances so to speak. What stands out in my mind from my talk with Cindy is that she is the complete opposite of me concerning political views and it did not matter at all. How can people who hate what each other stand for totally... get along as well as it can get. It is all about what we choose to focus on, eh? I feel very fortunately when people meet me and I can meet them on mutually equal planes of reality as in true spirit.

May 06, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

There was no banging of doors this morning where I am staying but I woke up angry about the idea of it anyway and at the same time it has happened over the last few days. Is that crazy or what? Lol... was up for a short while and then went back to bed until the afternoon. I'm trying to stop "doing." I'd like to sit for a spell but it seems impossible when I'm always on the road. Decisions, choices... do I stay, do I leave, do I simply keep doing what I am doing or move into something new. Do I jump on possibilities or simply observe them and see what happens. Where... when do I go? God knows, there's possibilities... every time I ask myself what I really want to do for the future it always comes down to... whatever is easiest. What I have been doing seems to be the easiest only because it lacks the need for decision on what to do next.

It was way too hot out to play today... in the nineties but in the late afternoon I could not help myself. We drove to a nearby park and could not find shade so we drove to a nearby creek. On the way I stopped and got a Mc Donald's wrap and chocolate milkshake. Its been so long since I've done that they have changed the cup style and now have whip cream on top of the shake? its been hours now and I still feel sick from it all. Lol, after Denny's last night... I should know better. On the way back to the motel I stopped at a grocery store and brought some frozen vegetables I can put into my rooms small little microwave. But before all that we met a dad with is daughter... mom came by a short time later with her brother. We all spent some quality time together, they all created music for the first time and really enjoyed it which felt awesome. It felt so good I almost felt lonely once we separated.

May 05, 2015

Midway, Kentucky

Banging motel room doors woke me up again at seven thirty this morning. I told myself good, now when they all leave I can sleep tight. I woke up again at one in the afternoon enjoying the fact that I could give myself that time. I need my sleep for sure! It was hot out, almost ninety degrees so I wasn't' going anywhere until at least late afternoon. A couple calls came through, a guy named Joe I met the other day was getting a group together for dinner in Midway and damm, someone had already asked me to dinner in Lexington. It is rare anyone asks me to dinner and two in one day? We stopped in Midway anyway just to connect and say hi to everyone. It is basically a one street town thriving and with character... I love to see old town centers that are thriving. Getting to Lexington was a rush because I had said I would be there at seven. The restaurant was closed and I was very disappointed as I put a lot of effort into following through. I pulled the truck across the street to a fish place I was told had decent food and they too were closed. A tree took down local power lines and there was a dark out everywhere. So that was it, at least there was a good reason. A phone call to cancel would have been respectful. My new friend must have lost my number or forgot with all that was going on. She owns the restaurant we were to eat at.

Conflicted on what to do, where to get something to eat, whether to go back to the original dinner party... everything took care of itself because people began to want to play some piano right where I was parked and a surprising number had experience with music. We were in a neighborhood that was coming alive and turning around from drugs and crime. Two fathers with their sons got onto the piano to play. Everything felt good and full of purpose. Once I left the area... did you ever get a junk food restaurant in your mind that you have not been to for years and it sticks in your brain until you just give in to the craving and go and then... after you eat the food you realize why it has been years since you've been there but you really knew deep down before going? Thats what happened with Denny's tonight... Ugh, I got a lumberjack slam that had been on my mind for about eight months and thought, "this is worse than motel breakfast food." Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and suffer the consequences to remember not to do it again... for another ten years. Next thought... I've always had a problem with people calling each other by titles for example when they call me Mr. Kean. It is a feeling denoting entitlement and hierarchy. "Sir" and "Ma'am" have always fit into that feeling even though I have never before experienced people using "sir" with me. Here in Kentucky people have been using "sir" in communication with me for the first time and it feels good and right, a simply a sign of respect, a very nice southern tradition. It is not used to signal that I am in a higher position then they are, again it is a simply sign of respect and just flows along with communication nicely. I wish I could incorporate it myself in communication.

May 04, 2015

Lexington, Kentucky

We made it to Lexington, Kentucky today and it was hot... not San Diego ocean hot like at the beginning of last month or Utah dessert hot a few weeks ago, it was humid down south hot, it hurts my bald head hot. But still, springtime, the sun shining, there is no complaining to be had. For the next few days its supposed to get hotter and hotter. First thing today we met up with some new friends and shared music. One guy shared his original musical guitar compositions with me. Driving around Lexington what impressed me most was the houses. There is awesome architecture here in Kentucky not only in the city but the surrounding farms. Money... lots of money around here. (as in everywhere) Whereas in other places around the country money is flaunted with impressive houses, money here seems to me to be flaunted with impressive horse farm land ownership. Now I understand a lot more about the politics of this state. The control is without question unified through a few. Never the less, its beautiful and so sprawling I can't seem to get a picture that shows it.

I found this very interesting building that looked historically refurbished. It wasn't. The place was a new building owned by the RJ Corman railroad company and it houses a restaurant train car. If it had been been a "real" old train station, that would have excited me. Luckily a guy climbed up out of a nearby creek after from a walk with his dog and to take some pictures for me and of course we had an interaction. He mentioned that he had lived a short while in China where I want to take the Traveling Piano. His rescued greyhound was the most tender of dogs. While looking for some local flavor and a place to get some healthy food we met a few other people. On the way back to Georgetown where Mo and I are staying we found what I was looking for concerning dinner. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and coleslaw with a with a bun and some delicious ale was just what I needed. I had little sleep last night from the banging motel doors so along with the sun and fun today, once I hit the bed I literally passed out.

May 03, 2015

Friends Park, Kentucky

There was a picnic, homecoming day at Old Friends Park in Georgetown, Kentucky today. It is a retirement home for famous horses. I hung around with Popcorn Deelites of Seabiscuit movie fame and one of the worlds greatest winning thoroughbred racehorses ever... Silver Charm among others. In attendance was a down home Kentucky bluegrass band, and families of horse owners. I had some delicious barbecue and there was ice cream being sold, four bucks for a big tablespoons worth. Even though I might have looked cheap around a lot of money, when they told me the price I said no way am I going to pay four bucks for that small amount to ice cream! Saved by the buck! I don't want to eat any more candy or ice cream ever, I've had enough for several life times. Today was as beautiful as a day can be. After the event ended I created some music and had interactions with a few people. The countryside here is picture perfect and with the fresh green pastures of springtime it is all like, wow!

Where I am is not only horse land it is Toyota land. The Toyota vehicle plant here is the largest Toyota plant outside of Japan. Georgetown has a sister city in Japan, a Japanese garden, several of the race horses like Silver Charm were shipped over for retirement from Japan, the local stores downtown have signs that say "I support Toyota," I guess this is not only Horse and Toyota land... it is Japan land but nothing looks Japanese. How crazy is it that I coincidentally stayed in Glendale, California outside of LA two months ago directly next door to the first Toyota plant in the USA and now I am staying directly next door to the largest Toyota plant outside of Japan and it is in Kentucky. They make over 2,000 cars a day here. Me with a piano in the same Toyota pickup truck for almost thirty years that has been to all four corners of North America... there must be a way for me to capitalize on that but I also know how much work it is to find the needle in the haystack who would be interested. Just getting through the gates alone would be a pain in the butt to work through. Still, I'd like to find the right person and create a project with the company. I'll put out a few feelers but am not expecting anything to happen. This coincidental-ness reminds me of several other close encounters in past years with my wildest of dreams.

Anyway, I'm glad I got out of bed today. My body is exhausted and somehow in my sleep last night I must have twisted my back. Not good. Before leaving the motel parking lot the maintenance guy working with a leave blower stopped to get onto the Traveling Piano. We had talked about it yesterday. There were a group of woman sitting on a hill of grass relaxing and they looked like they were having such a nice day I could not resist wanting to add to that and play some music for them. There is a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I got swindled out of ten bucks today which I don't need to go into but want to mention because I felt it was happening and did not have enough strength of character to avoid it. Its only ten bucks. I'd rather err on the side of trust, but then I'm beating myself up for it happening. Damm... I'm diddling over five and ten dollar exchanges. Maybe I'm distracting myself from back pain. Before the sunset Mo and I stopped at a glorious grass park. I can't seem to capture the sunsets here they are so awesome with purple and deep oranges. That was the vision in front of me. When I turned around I did capture a shot of the full moon rising. It was another beauty.

May 02, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

I was out in a park in the dark talking with people until 10pm. My original plan was to be sleeping by that time. Fat chance on that, its not the way life has been working for me... to get to bed early and get up early. This morning I heard every person leave the motel. I've never heard so many door slams in my life. Every time someone left their room and also as I am above the exit door, every time some left the motel. I kept saying to myself, "well you've been wanting to get up earlier." I said that until the doors stopped banging around 10am and then fell back to sleep until after noon. As soon as I got my act together I headed for the center of the town. The sun felt too hot to sit in but I could not help myself and began to create music on the street. Hardly anyone was around so that was perfect. I was talking with a store owner about the police in Mount Vernon, Indiana a few days ago and he said it was probably because of heroin trafficking. I forgot how much it is a growing problem everywhere but not talked about very much. He said one person a week is now dying from heroin in this area. On to better thoughts...

I had a lot of fun on the street with people. Steve who I had met last night showed up and we went to a local restaurant Fava's and I had my favorite southern dish of fried catfish with dill pickles, hush puppies, sweet tea and a variety of salads... yum! I've not had many other southern dishes so I'll be on the lookout. We watched the Kentucky Derby on the television screen. Mo and I drove the park for a walk and some music with the sunset but the walk never happened. We kept meeting people to interact with. One guy who got onto the piano in town earlier wanted his family to meet us and when he found out we were not on the street anymore they went onto my website and saw where I was last night... took a guess and tried the park and eventually found us there. That was very validating to have someone come out to search to find us.

May 01, 2015

Georgetown, Kentucky

Today was interesting. I'm glad I am out of that town I stayed in last night. With a population of only 15,000, in the few hours of daylight I spent there... five different cop cars crossed my path. It felt like they were sniffing around my butt. It was a town controlled with too much police. When I was interacting with people last night, one guy pulled up next to us to see if he could find some trouble. I asked him if he wanted to get onto the piano to play. He said no and left but told me why he was there. This morning in the parking lot a police car drove by my truck which was six feet from my motel window and he did it real slow. I felt smug about having backed in so he would have had to get out of his vehicle and walk around to see my license plate right in front of me. Enough of that... Before we left I met a guy working in the parking lot and we had a really good interaction and connection together. Then we headed into Kentucky. Lexington felt like where I wanted to be. As I drove through Louisville from the highway I saw a spot by the river where Piano Dog Boner and I had been back in 2010. I've always had a feeling that the not so urban Kentucky would be polite with a stereotypical southern hospitality, with educated as well as an uneducated class. I'm here to have that experience. We ended up outside of Lexington in Georgetown, Kentucky and found a motel with a $36 per night rate for a week. Rooms cannot look more bare but the windows open. (in most motels now, they do not) It is an end room so I can let Mo in and out quick, and it feels exactly like when we landed in Missouri. I am meant to be here. It is very right. I am where I am supposed to be even though it noisy inside and there is a freight train that goes by my window every half hour. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Spring is popping everywhere in Kentucky and its nice to see all the green and the farms and a lot of horses, I mean really... a lot of horses. Coincidentally I would never had been able to find a room in Louisville as tomorrow happens to be the Kentucky Derby. Thats a huge traditional two minute horse race held annually and known around the world. Its a huge betting race with a $2 million guarantee for the winner. It is a super huge party time. The sun was still up after I got my stuff into my room and even though I had been driving for the last six hours I went out to create some music. Mo and I headed for the nearest park and drove right up to a dog park. We met a few people there and one older guy Steve afterwards, I followed him into the center of Georgetown to get something to eat. It was dark once I got there and cannot wait to see the place in daylight. It looks exactly like what I was looking for Kentucky to be. Not too touristy or pretentious, original stores, buildings with character, people with great southern accents, home town people, clean place... Even though I was past exhausted I wanted to share the Traveling Piano right then and there. Over and over I said to myself, "pace yourself, pace yourself, don't over do it." The environment feels like it wants to be explored, both the town and the outlying country area. I'm really glad I'll have a week to explore and play and share what we have to offer here.