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February 28, 2015

Torrey Pines, San Diego California

It was supposed to rain today but I forgot that rain only happens in isolated spots and usually only for short periods of time here. By one in the afternoon I was like, "its sunny and nice, can't stay inside." A friend told me it had rained for a spell twice in La Jolla, so I headed in that direction figuring there would be few people out. I was being pulled to the Torrey Pines hand-gliding, para-gliding area that was closed off several weeks ago because of an event. Once I arrived, I found I could not park close enough to see waves, but the ocean was in full view and far below. On the ride there, I could see what looked like vast land in the distance. Sometimes it looked almost sideways because of the curves in the highway. Then I realized I was looking at the vast ocean from way above. It was very nice indeed. As it turned out, there were people there and at first I really didn't want to interact. I sat and chomped on a salad I had brought with me and ate very obviously while people passed with curiosity. They all said hi while leaving me alone to eat. Once I got out of the truck I was going to walk to the edge of the cliffs to take a look but two women had been standing there for a while and I thought, "Its not about you Danny, do the cliffs later." I suggested they get into the truck and then the one woman wasted no time jumping onto the top of the piano to get a picture with Mo. Thats was really funny! She didn't ask, she just went for it. I love that!

I knew from the start that once I got going with interactions they were not going to stop, no walk for today. Some people have not so positive ideas about what I do. My sometimes not being able to rest from the journey for long periods, the amount of work with this website, online, the pictures, etc... sometimes the word obsession comes up. The fact is that yes it is difficult to keep going, it is a lot of work but what I do does no harm, my life is totally fulfilled when I am doing it, I feel completely alive, enjoy and love when I am doing it. I get to enjoy the best life has to offer through people. Lastly... it is a huge contribution for the world. That is without question, so... it is what it is. My unique gift for working today... besides being able to record some music was to create music with about twenty people twirling, floating, sailing, flying around directly in front of me and sometimes above me in the air. It was surreal for sure. Human beings flying all around in all directions in every which way while I created music. For a moment, unfortunately it took me back to 9/11 visuals when people were falling from the trade center buildings in the air but it also brought to mind how we are all simple spirits inhabiting these bodies doing our thing whatever that is. The sky was awesome. So many people flying through the air was awesome. In the distance as the sun set, clouds rippled and fanned out from the sun all the way up to me, past and way behind. Just before the sun disappeared behind the clouds a family pulled up in their car and so I told them all to get onto the piano. The dad had some piano experience and played music for his family through the sunset. Can we talk fun?

February 27, 2015

Mission Valley, San Diego California

I was too tired to do anything today and its supposed to rain the next few days. Ha, no complaining as the weather has been fantastic. Originally I was to go stay with someone in Lancaster CA today but they blew me off which is good because I didn't want to go. Getting on the road every time... its so fucking difficult. And its even more difficult when I am in a situation like now, a gated community with a garage. (not that I am in favor of gated communities) If it rains I can spend the time getting my head together to go somewhere definitely next week. The friends I have been staying with have totally given me all the space I need for my head. I can't read them as to whether its time to leave or not and if it is I really don't want to know because thats always an awkward situation even if we both love and trust each other's friendship. I took a picture of Mo thinking of when he first came into my life that he would have no face expressions. Wow, was I wrong! And then after posting it online a friend said that he picked that facial expression up from me which is really funny because I thought that when I first saw it!

February 26, 2015

North Park, San Diego, California

After getting a new set of hubcaps for my tires, I plopped onto a city street. The area I was in had a very interesting vibe to it... easy going, artsy with wide streets it was called North Park. We were at a curb by a bus stop. When I first drove by, there was one perfect spot but it was filled and so I drove around the block saying to myself, "if its open when I get back, I'll stop and park." It was open. We met some swell people. Ha, I don't know why that word just came into my brain, I've never used it before. Then I drove to South Park and found a dog park. I was talking to a guy originally from Italy who moved into the area from San Francisco. We were talking about the people living here, they seem easier than in other urban areas. He suggested that it is because everyone is being medicated from the pharmaceutical industry. He's got that right! Not the being relaxed part but the fact that almost everyone is being medicated and getting very used to it. I did a lot of errands and am really tired! Every morning the sun is shining, the temperature perfect for what I do and I think, "I need to take advantage of today, its nice out." Then I remember, almost every day of the year is like this, here.

February 25, 2015


I got the truck back for the service center. They gave it an oil change and did nothing else. I sensed they were not on the ball so I'm glad they did nothing. It cost thirty five bucks. I could have got an oil change cheaper somewhere else but, oh well. The idle is still dropping, somethings dripping under the engine but I'm done worrying about it for now. As I was leaving the area I saw a guy collapse on the sidewalk. No one was stopping so I did while calling 911. His eyes were open and he still had a pulse but was unreactive. Thank god once people saw I was stopped then they did also. I would have felt terrible if no one else cared. I could feel a nonchalant attitude from the ambulance people with just another homeless guy who's a goner... not worth anything, no bills will be paid, just another waste of time, money and resources. 911 was more concerned about getting information on me. I just hung up but when the cops came of course they got to me. There I go... into the system once more! Along with all my information I was asked my purpose for being in California. Its none of their fucking business. I said, "I'm here for fun." He said, "I'll put vacation." Ha... onward. Mo and I drove to an open area where I could have some space with music and where he could run some. Places to pull the truck up near water are everywhere. We found one in an almost empty area near a local tourist attraction called Seaworld.

I was playing very simply, just expressing the environment all around me. A really worn out guy without a home wandered up to me. He said, "your music is so beautiful, I've never heard anything like it, all the pressure I was feeling left." Shorty afterwards a car with a bunch of kids happened by. We all engaged with the Traveling Piano. I watched the music bring tears to the one guy. They were all nineteen and twenty, grew up together. An older guy approached me. He cannot resist a love for piano music because his mother, a gospel singer from Cleveland, Ohio used to play. He was telling me about his life and how he ended up here in San Diego and the job he worked for thirty five years installing objects in high areas. He witnessed eleven co-workers fall to their death through his career and was the sixth black man to ever join the union. He said he had to always watch out for his life because people wanted to kill him for joining. Hearing peoples stories is such an honorable experience to behold. With the homeless guy and kid, I can say with absolute and total gratitude that experiences like that are always mind blowing. After so many years of trying to find my way through life I found my way. It is through the love of my spirit expressed through music.

February 24, 2015

Mission Valley, San Diego, California

The Traveling Piano is in the shop getting a tune up and whatever else it needs. I am feeling a little nervous about it as I had to call the mechanic to see what was up and he was not even there. When someone does not make an appointment or does not address the fact or someone doing a job for me says they will call and then does not... that is something I do not accept. I'm giving them one more day. After dark I went to a bonfire on the beach with friends and that was really nice. Everyone there was male and around my age. It was interesting to see some of them with their heads buried in their IPhones like kids and thirty somethings. My friend Steve says everyone is doing it. Not me, I guess I am not everyone. I'm feeling a little out of sorts, could not get to sleep last night, will be on the road again in a few days, a reminder to live in the moment.

February 23, 2015

February 22, 2015

San Diego, California

Man Down! I'm out of it, sick, in pain and am pretty sure it was the grape nut cereal I ate several times. When I made the purchase I thought, "hmm... have not had these in years, they are hearty, heavy and will make me feel full." Problem is that years ago my body would pass all that nutrition through but now they are to nutty, hard and heavy not to mention small and so... if you know anything about diverticulitis... It was cloudy and I think it rained for a minute today. Lol, I used to be so... "the sun's out and its not raining, need to get out and take advantage of that with the Traveling Piano." Here in San Diego its always sunny and this is the first minuet mind you of rain in a month? Feeling like I do drives me crazy because the only way to heal is to lay flat and do nothing. Even turning on my side is bad. Oh well, so it goes...

February 21, 2015

February 20, 2015

Downtown, San Diego, California

I woke up with a bout of whatever it is I have had through the years. I've never been sure and it might be something never before discovered in another human being. I written about it before, don't want to get into it again. A guy I had met a couple days ago, I found out from someone else living on the streets via facebook that he was attacked last night and had to go to the hospital and get stitches in his eye, etc... so I went back to the area to consul him a bit. He's seventy years old. That turned out to be a major God thing as we follow the same spiritual path in life exactly! Anyway, hanging out on the corner of course led to many interactions with both kids and adults and my new friend created a drawing of my music which I have been wanting someone to do for years. After dark I connected with Igor from the other night and we hung out for a while at a local cafe open mike night. Owwww... my pain comes and goes. Its been called colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn's disease... it is what it is. I'm glad I had today with the Traveling Piano and Mo, he's just the best.

February 19, 2015

Downtown, San Diego, California

We headed back into downtown San Diego today. I wanted to try something new. I parked on an empty street to see if there was some way to connect with people hanging out by themselves in nondescript spots. When I pull into an area with activity something always happens but I would like to connect with individuals who are more hesitant to connect with another stranger, those who feel most alienated. I'm talking specifically about people with no homes and who are living on the streets. A guy rode by on his bicycle and we began to interact. He was not homeless. His name, Igor. Is that a great name or what??? The musical exploring he did was very interesting and it turned out he is a poet, and excellent poet who speaks the same language as I do. I liked him allot and we are going to connect again tomorrow night at an open mike venue in the area. After that Mo and I drove into a four block square area where I've been before. Each time I choose a different side of the block. Todays spot had a strong urine smell but the people there seemed interested so that took precedence. They were all ready to get onto the piano without any hesitancy but before anyone did I asked, "who's been peeing all over the place" in a fun matter of fact way. I wanted to cover the piano seat if necessary. One guy said, "I pee in my pants because I can and... no one can stop me." Lol... I had a lot of fun with people today!

Then with a little bit of hesitation I drove over to a church several people have mentioned. I was assuming it was one of those pretentious charities. As usually when I assume negatively, I was wrong. We were at Father Joe's Village. He's a priest who has manifested an impressive housing site for homeless people and he partners with an attached catholic church and there are other housing buildings all connected run by different organizations. Everyone around wears tags that are exposed to show where they belong. Families as well as single individuals reside in this area and there are conditions, rules, structure you know... the usual. But its working without question for those who can acclimate themselves into what is needed. I found out that the square block where I had just came from... the huge luxury apartment building going up across the street will in fact be a building for homeless veterans and there is another just as large being built next to it. The buildings are having a problem filling the spaces as the city cannot find people who want to live there. One must be willing to adapt to the restrictions and rules of worthiness. If that is the case then its just another type prison, halfway house, mission shelter disguised as a home for someone when its really just a holding cell. Society must learn how to adapt and let people grow up in their own ways, in their own time, on their own terms. It is all a matter of trust, patience and tolerance. That will produce worthwhile, contributing members to society. An adult cannot be forced into rules, boundaries, limits and structures as a child can. It only comes across as a dysfunction for dysfunctional people and people living on the streets may be dysfunctional but that does not mean they are not smart. They know what is going on which is why they will not except it. I say, good for them. The word "respect" comes to mind.

I had a talk with a young photographer passionately about intent. He was doing a school project in the neighborhood. The fact that my life is a living paradox for many people came up in conversation once again. A medical conversation came up with a guy living in a nearby shelter who was beside himself in just wanting to get me a name and a few phone numbers for a woman who will help me see a doctor without insurance. Nothing could ever come close to expressing how good it feels to connect with people in spirit. It is through my embracing and trust... the willingness to extend myself, include, share time, interact with others. In turn I get to experience all different kinds of people, their trust, appreciation, validation, reassurance, friendship and care. It is a wonderful thing. As always... it never comes to me on its own. I must go get it! Ha, so be it, especially on days like today. It was dark but I wanted to explore a little of the downtown seaport area. Wow, this city has so many interesting areas. The neighborhoods, they are large and like different micro societies unto themselves. From the looks of it (in the dark) some of the streets at the seaport area had an east coast urban feel. Last night I drove around where I am staying in Mission Valley and it has the big mall and every chain store imaginable and then another part of it, the streets are all canyons full of treeless, upscale several story high condos. It is completely fortuitous that I ended up here in southern california when everywhere else in the country the temperatures have been freezing. In West Virginia where I was staying it has been constant, snow, wetness, clouds and cold since I left there over a month ago.

February 18, 2015

Chula Vista, California

I woke up not too tired and drove south to Chula Vista on a lead from someone who knows a good auto mechanic to work on the truck and who will not rip me off for the work. It needs a tune up and so, I made an appointment to leave it off on Monday night. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed. Then I crashed physically from yesterday and my emotional state of being went off the charts. For some reason I'm feeling almost obsessed over care in seeing people living in dire straights living and walking around homeless on the streets. One thing is for sure. I am not exaggerating about it. I may be inserting to much self serving drama but then again I refuse to deny that it is happening as most people are doing. That is how most people are coping, they are accepting that things are they way they are through a dark shaded lens of sorts. There I go again with complaining about "other" people. It is important to keep my issue focused on myself in order to be able to do anything about it. I know I've been doing some but I can do more.

February 17, 2015

Downtown, San Diego, California

The sun at the time of day I am out with the Traveling Piano is so bad for pictures! Ha, I woke up angry like on many an afternoons *cough* but lately I have noticed a new habit starting. With my coffee to get started, I check out the news online and then transfer my anger onto one of the many issues to choose from. After that I go onto twitter and find a source that has posted something on one of the issues that I oppose. Then I send an attack tweet, lol. That needs to stop as of right now. Recently, most of my anger has focused on the situation of people who "have" and live among those who "have not." When I see someone step over a person laying on a sidewalk like they do not exist, that tends to really piss me off. I must constantly remind myself to keep my focus on me and not what other people do. It brings to mind when my mother died. Because of my family dynamics (I was at the bottom of the totem pole without her around) I knew I would have no say about her funeral or what would happen and if I tried to participate in any way I would be rejected flat out. My mom's death was a very successful transition partly because I had a lot of outside support. I made my own statement quietly and totally for myself by having flowers placed by the churches blessed mother statue in her honor. She had deep devotion for the blessed mother. I did that without asking or bringing the subject up and no one could objected especially since no one had thought about it except me. So it is concerning people without homes. I cannot put the onus on someone else to do anything about the situation and must do what I can for myself, by myself... look for responsibility from within myself, for myself only.

Once I got going on the road I began thinking about how anger provides a lot of juice for motivation. Once I become aware of the power I can make a conscious decision to how I want to use the energy. Today as angry as possible I said to myself, "You are going to have Fucking Fun." I ended up having so much fun there is now way I could possibly remember half of it even with pictures and writing notes to remember. The area where I have been in the past seemed best because I like the idea of establishing a rapport with the people living there. That can be accomplished only over a period of time. A young kid I met last week in Ocean Beach found us. A guy with his dog jumped onto the piano. The dog really enjoyed creating music on his own with his paws! That was a first A guy sang in Spanish and played piano for a short video. A young guy with down syndrome and his young sister found us. They were from Tanzania, Africa. A young kid without a home from Saudi Arabia jumped onto the truck. A bi-racial couple and I had a special connection, we did selfies with their camera phone and the guy did some magic for me. An older guy from a house across the street came over and when he left everyone was saying how great it was that he was there and that everyone was coming together. The guy from across the street... he volunteers at a local shelter but has never before come across the street into the people's space to be with them. That made me feel especially good! Someone said, your our Mardi Gras as today is Mardi Gras day. A newspaper guy approached me but I was in the middle of connecting with someone on the piano and told him I could not talk. He left and afterwards without realizing it at the time I quadrupled everyone's trust in me and why I was there. They are all super sensitive to anyone capitalizing on their situation in life and they let me know how much they appreciated me not getting distracted with a self serving agenda.

One guy got on to play around with some music and the piano began for the first time ever to play itself. I have no idea why. (It is a keyboard inside a piano facade with preset samples that I have never used and are not accessible) I told him to continue on and act like he was really playing to impress everyone. That was a very funny happening indeed. There is so much to learn about from people without homes. Every situation is unique. One guy I talked with has lived on the streets since he was nine years old and now he is sixty. In his telling me why, I found out his entire family lives on the streets. His brother is over on the sidewalk across the street, his sister lives around the corner, his nephew is two streets over... people like he and his family are referred to as "bottom babies". From start to finish they live on the street at the bottom of the social scale. Mo and I were visiting a living, functioning community neighborhood like anywhere else except for the fact that none of these people have the comfort of a home or the resources in their brains to work towards having one. Have you ever seen pictures of Brazil where there are tall skyscrapers and people with fancy clothes and then living across the street people are living in cardboard boxes and under plastic. That is what America now looks like. There is no excuse for that to happen here. In other countries there has always been a class system. Those who have resources here in the US are creating one. It is disgusting to witness and is happening because people with money and influence are thinking on a world scale and not on a local scale. As a result they are feeling more and more needy and greedy. Anyone who says otherwise is talking out of their ass. Anyone who tries to rationalize away those in need, they need... to wake the fuck up... every morning... with total gratitude... that their brain has the resources to create the life they have... that is so much better than what others have. Anyway, the fun continued into the dark. Later on in the distance I saw there was a Mardi Gras parade going on in the richer part of town. I'm glad I missed it.

February 16, 2015

San Diego, California

Nothing, I did nothing today! That is not totally true. I sat around, processed pictures, took a little walk with Mo, ate a lot and listened to some music. I have a distant relative in Los Angeles. He's a cousin, is that distant? We met once back when I was in my twenties. We live in different worlds and I'm pretty sure he is in contact with my siblings who I have divorced. I have a sense his perspectives on life are completely the opposite from mine. He has a lot of resources and influence in every way and is older by more than ten years. The "one percent" of Americans often talked about in public forums, he's one of them. I contacted him by phone some years ago to extend myself in relationship and the result was his saying, "we'll see." Lol, I took that as, "not interested." I wasn't about to go chasing after him and he never reciprocated. Anyway I've been going back and forth in my mind as to whether he might have a place for us to stay while in Los Angeles.

I examined myself about it from every angle and to the core. I do not have a family member (while having a large family) who would ever invite us into their home or ever have (they are all separate, closed inner circles of trust to the hilt) so I pretty much know the chances for a positive are about... one percent. Still I thought, "You are very often wrong, what do you have to lose and you have been asking strangers throughout this journey, this is so different?" Honestly out of about three hundred people asked in the last ten years, more than half have invited us into their homes. He has a son I could have gone through and I could have emailed but that felt cowardly, the easy way out. With self assurance that my intent is pure and completely compatible with the journey I made the call with the conviction of who I am, what I am about and with my incredible self image, ha! I thought, if nothing else the courage in extending myself once again and the willingness to deal with rejection will strengthen everything about me in every way. I got his answering machine. Whew!!! Then... I copped out and left a message.

February 15, 2015

San Diego, California

I woke up in the afternoon. Thank God I can do that. Yesterday took a toll on me, the playing out on the streets not that I regret doing it in any way, I'm just telling it as it is. My health plays a factor in it all. I'm grateful for all the abilities, totally. It was the cops at the end of the day that really did me in. First with the people living on the streets, I associated and took in too much feeling with it all. Emotional love the lack of, neediness, anger due to fear of respect concerning authority... Damm, it makes me so angry that authority uses the idea of respect to create fear in order to dominate. My professionalism with the Traveling Piano comes through the ability to "not" soak in other people's negative energy, to objectify situations and allow my developed loving talents to flow through me. Practice... practice... practice. Of course after most days with the Traveling Piano I cannot get to sleep. I just can't come down from the energy level. God, knows I've tried through the years. Sometimes my brain just does not have resources needed to help my spirit. Yes, I know I need to turn that around, the focus around from spirit to brain instead of brain to spirit. I was up until after four in the morning looking at, dreaming about furnished places to rent in Los Angles. That would be cheaper than paying for motel rooms and also I cannot find anyone willing to welcome us into their home. At this point of the journey I need to settle down for longer periods of time in one place if not have a permanent home.

The police yesterday... some friends think they are being helpful by rationalizing the cop or "police job" point of view. That does not work for me. Talking in terms of rationalizing individual actions through a system, religion, organization, commercialism or society... that just frees individuals from personal responsibility and what they do. In a sense it is a cloak to hide under or behind. Yesterday as in other times it damaged my faith, sense of security, fairness... Again, it is always practice, practice, practice to have a thicker skin. The incident was so small but not really. It put another notch into the system that I am someone to be suspicious of and tracked. Police now have tracked me nationally about ten times. That is in the system. They called pennsylvania yesterday and was able to pull my name up in seconds. More and more credibility is being created for argument against me should I be innocently mistaken at some point, (the fact that my credibility as been questioned so many times) not to mention fines and rights to move around freely. It fucked up my day and today too! To anyone who thinks it is helpful to explain the situation from the policeman's angle... there is no way I should understand what happened any other way than I already do. I am not going to rationalize their inappropriate behavior to "make it better" and then feel better about that for myself. Nada. I know most people would recoil from the fear, not take any more chances, stop being an individual, assimilate themselves more into the "system," suppress their creative thoughts and free expression for the sake of fear and getting into trouble. Me... it just makes me want to quit but I won't. It is only though the grace of God that I continue and that is for sure. Plus, what I do is still more fun than not.

For the first few years of this journey I coincidently stayed with many different church going people. When that happened on a Sunday I have always participated in going with them to service out of a sign of respect if nothing else. I learned a lot about different religions this way. It has been a few years since that has happened but today Steve and Will and some other friends went to church so I followed along. The church is called Dignity and it is a Catholic church with a focus on LGBT (gay) issues and people. Man, I have participated in a lot of different religious denominational services over the years! Dignity began in San Diego in 1969 and is national. The priest wow, he was interesting. We had a talk afterwards. He mentioned his wife and I asked if he had a married male partner. Nope, he was a heterosexual priest providing sacraments for homosexual catholic men and women in an inclusive environment because they asked him to. He left the traditional priesthood many years ago for marriage and divorced before church rules changed about all that. He has since been remarried for many years. Once a priest always a priest, no matter what. I now have over 500 pictures in the Traveling Piano galleries for this year alone so today I'm posting a few from the galleries. There are many more like these I need to process and post.

February 14, 2015

Downtown, San Diego California

Originally, we were heading for Balboa park today. That is where the San Diego zoo is. It was a zoo... a zoo of people and cars. I could not get out of there fast enough. We headed to the same area we were in the other day, where all the people without homes are living on the streets. It was much less chaotic there. We were recognized immediately and had some real good relaxing, musical and quality friendship time. I went into another food serving mission church to check it out. it was another scenario similar to a mission I visited in Arizona except here instead of watching a propaganda video, you sit through a church service to get your food. A variety of congregations from the area trade off on different weeks in supplying food. It is nutritious and good. There are individuals that drive by on the streets and hand out food from their cars. All these people wanting to do good are missing the mark in my opinion. Maybe they know the mark and use the food as rationalization to avoid what is really needed. What people living on the street want more than nutritious food is quality friendship, respect and trust... for everyone to get along. They tell me that. It is not possible to have unless you sit down and spend time talking. I wanted to tell the drive by people to stop, park, get out of their cars, sit and eat, have conversation while sharing their food. One guy shared his food with me and I ended up driving him around the block where he sat in the back of the truck playing music and Mo hung out in his usual spot.

Giving with conditions or a God sell does nothing. There were tourists driving around taking pictures of the place. Taking a picture of me interacting with people to accentuate hardship or exemplify goody-goody-ish-ness that... is a big no, no for the Traveling Piano. I have always avoided media at all costs when it comes to the sharing of Fun, Friendship and Respect inside a hardship of any kind. In conversation I asked a guy if he ever heard of anyone who got used to living on the street. The answer... no. It is a choice some people make but because they feel no other option. I understand that completely. Sometimes in the media "experts" rationalize argument or situations in saying that people will not get help because they become conditioned and used to living on the street. On the whole... my first hand experience says no. We drove to Chicano Park a few blocks away where I did not find many people but did find a famous pastrami sandwich shop run by a family from Jordanian descent. We all had fun as well as another young kid who happened by and the neighbor from across the street. The street was pretty well quiet with practically no cars or people. I was finishing up a conversation with a guy from across the street and was about to get ready to leave when a cop car pulls up from behind out of no where to pull over a young guy riding a bicycle down the street. Two cops got out and the one starts giving the bicyclist trouble for little reason, it was obvious.

He had the kid stand an listen to a ten minute lecture about something while issuing a warning or something like that. The neighbor from across the street took out a camera to take a picture so the other cop... bored, looking for trouble, and to retaliate for the picture taken came after me. I said to him, "now, why would you want to hassle me, I'm not causing any trouble." He asked, Your saying I am harassing you? (Freudian slip) I said "No, your hassling me." He said he needed to run a check on the truck because my registration sticker is late. I gave him the papers to say everything was in order but he just wanted to be a dickhead, waste time and intimidate. I told him that I do not believe police should be out looking for trouble. He sees a truck, piano, dog, Pa license and has to look for a small inch square sticker at the bottom of everything? He said, see how easy that was for me? (to run the check) I said, "Well it wasn't easy for me"... it was a hassle, I am afraid and now feel unwelcome. As is the nature of the beast, he started to question why I would feel afraid. I cannot tell you how much I held back from a retaliation statement to his even trying think about applying false motive to my fear. Finally, I asked for my papers back and left. Whenever something like this happens, everyone must speak up... every time, tell every one you know. A policeman's job is first to serve and then to protect. Their job is not to look for trouble and hassle those they are serving. When they start feeling defensive against those they serve, when they begin to feel a need to "one up" or take a stand to show their authority with everyday folk... I say, get new job. It is the wrong attitude and signals a burnt out cop or worse, a George Zimmerman type but with credentials!

February 13, 2015

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego California

It was a slow start. While feeling a little depressed I realized two days ago was catching up with me emotionally. I'm not aware when I am in difficult situations how much sadness or fear I am soaking in. When we left Sandy Hook CT a few years back, it took about two weeks for my emotions to stabilize. So what this tells me I had better get skid row in Los Angles out of the way. Its on my bucket list and now that I've had a little taste in San Diego and how on high alert I will need to be... "keep the momentum going Danny." I'm fairly certain ego will not be a problem in LA as in people thinking I'm a nothing, ha or something like that. I am the best at what I do in the world, there is not doubt in my mind, body and soul. So... it is what it is. I thought of a quote, "The Giving of Oneself is Most Selfish." Thats me, I give of myself first and foremost because I enjoy it. Nobody does nothing for nothing.

I was determined to get onto the beach today for the sunset... without the Traveling Piano. We ended up at my new fail safe spot while feeling vulnerable like I was in the morning. There was a scooter parked in the spot I use and I asked the girl if she would move it over. I think she thought I was telling here to get out and the guys she was talking to well, I wrecked their flirting. They kept saying to me I was parking in an illegal spot and I replied, "ok, mr. policeman." I began to ease myself into creating music very slow and quiet. Two tourists came running up, "Can I play, can I play, can I take your picture?" I said for the first time ever, "sorry, I just need to chill for a bit." I was still feeling weak from the morning and wary of trouble from the two guys. After a while a good connection happened and then everything about me snapped into place and I became alive.

About an hour before sunset, I headed to a beach cove at the bottom of a cliff where locals frequent. Carefully I climbed down a steep bluff, my footing ha... I used to pride myself in how I could navigate rocks and cliffs... not anymore. With my health I wondered a little about the climb back up but not enough to stop me. There was a fair amount of people on the beach and everyone at least twenty years younger than me. Ha, no one older in their right minds would climb down what I did. Mo had fun on the beach, I sat myself against the rock wall and for a few moments in time... ahhh, thank God for nice times. Climbing back up I lost my way but there were an amazing pair of butt cheeks to follow. I had to get a picture of those beautiful butt cheeks and lost Mo's leash down the hill in the process. It was worth it. It was so steep going back up that I had to lift Mo up over a few rocks. It will always amaze me what I can do physically when I am focused on what I am doing, my goals.

February 12, 2015

Mission Valley, California

I was able to allow myself to do nothing today; needing a little balance. While sitting on a small enclosed back yard patio... wow, the sounds of a city with air conditioners, pigeons cooing, song birds, garage openers, neighbors blaring music, highway traffic, trains, warning beeps from car alarms, pets barking, residential house gates opening and closing, train signals, planes, road vehicle backup warnings, police sirens, people talking... I am glad I know what it sounds like in the simply quiet of nature alone... not that city life is bothering me. I'm living in total gratitude at the moment. Having been here for almost two weeks it has been very interesting to witness Bill and Steve my hosts together as a couple. It is a first for me. I've never even stayed anywhere for any length of time on this journey with one gay man let alone two in a relationship.

The only other model of a same sex partnership I've known was that of Felix and Oscar in the old television comedy, The Odd Couple. Having never had a healthy long term caring relationship with someone else on any intimate level, I am a strong observer and I've witnessed very few heterosexual relationships on this journey that function as well as these two guys. They take care of each other through daily tasks and work to make each others lives more enjoyable for themselves and others. One thing is for sure. Anyone who judges gay people negatively as a group, anyone who has never experienced someone who is gay in their general relating or through friendship over a period of time or witnessed personally a gay relationship of many years... anything negative they have to say by mouthing the words of others or from their own assumptions or hearsay ... it is worthless. It is a wonderful thing to be able to witness peoples lives first hand and know the truth for yourself.

February 11, 2015

Downtown San Diego, California

Originally I was going to take the day off. In my mind I did not think I had any energy to put out but my spirit thought otherwise. Spirit always wins out. We headed downtown into the center of San Diego for the first time and found Old Town which felt very nondescript with little character. I drove into a little parking area and found a campground of sorts. People had their belongings spread out and with no place to go they were chillin' for the day. Some were angry, some lost, some just doing what they do. I started a few conversations and being harassed by police came up. One lady told me how she had been detained for three hours because she had a shopping cart. Another had been given an infraction ticket for illegal lodging (sleeping on the street) and that ticket was turned into a warrant for arrest. Another had been to a shelter where the rules were everyone had to roam the streets rain or shine all day long and allowed inside for only eight hours to sleep. Another woman had gone to the hospital because here legs were giving her trouble and spent thirteen hours being treated like a lab rat for medical students to do exams on and they never did address her legs in the end. There were several people I knew wanted to interact but did not know how to connect so I went up to them and initiated some musical fun on the piano. A woman from Germany living here on the streets for eight years with her dog, we had a great time. Onward...

I drove up a hill and the houses became sleek and unique, big time money. Then on Mission Hill, in a very trendy neighborhood I asked a couple for directions into the center of the city. We had a Traveling Piano interaction and then I found a food bank that delivers to shut-ins. I gave the guy my number and told him to phone me if he had any interest in having the Traveling Piano trail along with some food deliveries. Then... I found the center of the city and really enjoyed the energy with lots of different areas each with equal diversity in every way or so it seemed. At a traffic light we got stuck forever with convention traffic and... the city was friggin' re-paving the main thoroughfare and its intersections... during rush hour! Now there's some consideration for commuters. Our final destination was 16th and Island avenue. At first I thought, "is the occupy movement still going here" and then I realized it was blocks of people living in tents and under blue tarps in rows down the streets. This was a first, I've never seen anything like it before. The homeless here have issues unto themselves. On the whole they cannot trust each other although there are small groups that stick together and watch out for one other. There are as many reasons for being homeless as there are people without homes. The place was a huge encampment too large to capture with a photograph. You KNOW Mo and I had fun there. One thing not lacking is food. No one goes hungry. Some people are living out their lives on the street. One eighty year old bass player got onto the piano and created some amazing jazz chords. I realized these people are not living in a "homeless" state of mind, it is more of a state of "anarchy" and mindful fear. Someone said that everyone living there was living at the true "bottom of the barrel."

I though "No", those living at the bottom of the barrel are those who do not have the resources in their brains to interact with the world other than to get food or a shower... but they want to. They are truly alone living on the periphery of being able to communicate with others. I've lived on the periphery of everything for most of my life, I know... It was not until this journey began that I was able to totally jump into life whole heartedly. I realized how every single person in the world who has a problem with the homeless can do something about it. The answer does not come through money or resources. First... stop government and groups from harassing homeless people in any way what-so-ever. The solution comes through relationship. If you want to assimilated people without homes into any form of conventional society, you must establish an ongoing one-on-one relationship with them until trust is established. Not one person to a hundred, not through an organization, religion or group... individual one-on-one relationships is the answer. Go find a person who wants company. If you are totally sincere, people can smell truth. Learn how to get a conversation going and keep it going consistently through time over a period of weeks and months. Once the conversation gets going let your new friend talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. Or do something with them that they want to do. How long do you keep this up? You must love your new friend until they can love themselves. No matter how much time invested, no matter if you see no results... I promise you with my life there will be results seen or unseen, better and beyond your wildest of dreams. This I know. Some people say they care when they really don't care enough to do anything and will not get honest with themselves about that fact.

February 10, 2015

Imperial Beach, California

We drove to check out Imperial Beach which is south of San Diego and found a state park with no guard to collect fees. At the end of the beach stretch there were RV's and a formal beach dinner was forming with tables and heaters and tents on the beach. I thought that was crazy because it was too cold to sit at a table on the beach. We drove to the opposite end where nothing was going on but sand and water and the sun setting. A car wondered by and three people sat listening to the music so of course I invited them onto the piano to try some music for themselves. Then a police truck swooped in. My guess is that I had been spied on from an above by a homeland security surveillance helicopter. You may know they are almost everywhere now watching everyone's moves from the skies. I became under suspicion of busking as in looking for tips. The two cops were professional, courteous and polite but they ruined any feeling of being welcomed. I was nicely, nice back to them but wanted to scoff at them about their ridiculousness. Why the fucking hell would anyone be on an empty beach with no one around to busk? If I was going to do a drug deal why would I do it with a friggin' red truck, piano and dog on the top? They also said I was obstructing emergency access to the beach. I wanted to ask for what possible emergency and show them that there was an opening every five hundred feet. Then they told me I was in the traffic lane and had to park behind the white line.

I said I was not going to do that and asked if there was anywhere on the coast where I could drive up to the beach line, park and create music for the sunset. They said they would make an exception for me for today but I had to move the truck down to another opening about five hundred feet away? So that is what I did and then they left. The city parks so far in California... love. That is because people can still control local government. The state parks in California... same crap as everywhere else in National parks now in the country. One other guy walking his dog came over. He was from LA. Unable to resist I went into "agenda" mode with wondering if he had a place to stay, hollywood, etc. This is not good. I did not like myself after he left. I will need to make some hard decisions about what my agenda will be for LA. I do not want to become the monster I once was before this journey with, "whats in it for me, what can I get out of this situation" mentality. The sunset and waves were really beautiful even with the crap that went on although, unfortunately there is no going back to feeling good about an area once something like that happens. Thank God it is rare. The surveillance industry now with police in this country is creating a sense of insecurity for everyone whether they realize it or not. I find myself looking over my shoulders not for bad people but for police. God forbid I make a mistake which is what the police are looking for... trouble, mistakes because it means money for the system under the guise of jobs, big brother protection and the illusion of security.

February 09, 2015

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego California

Everything is catching up to me was my first thought and then I thought it is all racing ahead of me then... I need to stay with it and lastly, whatever... it all is what it is just flow and relax. Enjoy life the best you can. Some guy emailed me with a picture of his dog which was Mo's brother from another mother. We met. Brian with his dog Frank who is also a beagle, english bull dog mix. The only difference was Frank has the cutest eight inch long tail. We were mouth licking buddies from the get go. Mo let him have almost all of the piano top. They practically have the same markings. It was a great encounter. A six year old boy from Spain sat on the piano and played. Just as the sun was setting into the ocean and I was going into piano la, la land creating music... another six year old appeared. She was a little girl with her father from China who wanted so bad to get onto the piano they forgot about the sunset. I was trying to tell them to hold on for another three minutes but there was no having it. Ha, I jumped off and she was all over the keys playing beautiful music.. there will be many more sunsets, it was worth it to lose this one. An older gent in his late seventies go on to create some music and was telling me how he walks along the coast cleaning graffiti and pulling up plants that are poisonous for dogs and tack weed that really digs hard into their paws.

He reminded me of the couple I met last night. They watch the Lawrence Welk show religiously on television. Who remembers that show? It is still playing on television with a large audience!!! LOL... anyway, I stopped on Newport avenue on the way out of Ocean Beach. It is a funky commercial strip and let me tell you... the people were the funkiest. There were as many skateboards as there were vehicles, lots of drugs, transients, locals, tourists. One twenty six year old guy jumped onto the truck totally strung out on some drug and played concert performance level classical piano. He was working me for all it was worth to steal something from me, get money or get me to drive him somewhere to create chaos in some way. Someone took his picture and he yelled, "if you put that on the internet please include a message saying if the girl he met on the beach Saturday night recognizes him from the picture to please make contact, he wants to see her again!" I told him to stop looking into my truck cab for my camera and he asked, "is that camera a Nikon or Canon". Lol... I told him, been there done that and he moved on. Be very careful Danny. I must say there where several other people just as fun but safer to deal with.

February 08, 2015

Fiesta Island, San Diego California

I'm realizing that everyday I land somewhere with the Traveling Piano in the afternoon and in areas with no trees where I can only get one picture angle because of the suns location in the sky. We visited Fiesta Island and it was a dog and people heaven with 1000 acres of flat wide open land to walk with a 360 degree beach and water to swim in. With hundreds of dogs on the loose, no restrictions, fees... people were free to do whatever and simply enjoy. With very little trash around I was reminded of how when people are empowered they usually care more about their environment. Of course developers have been chomping at the bit to get hold of this land. I was told an organization named Public Lands For The People garnered 10,000 signatures to keep them at bay.

There were fire pits where people can hangout and cook until two in the morning. The only other place this large for people and their pets was in Anchorage, Alaska. San Diego is the most dog friendly city I have been in to date. I recorded a good amount of music today. Most of the guys I met I'm pretty sure were or are in the military, a couple married sixty two years got onto the piano to play. It was amazing how young they were in every way. Met an executive chef from Italy who has been working with the newest trend in mobile food restaurants. A family from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada made me start chomping at the bit to get up there and experience that beautiful land. The dad told me it was only a twenty three hour drive! I was able to totally relax and just be with people along with plenty of just me and mo and music time.

February 07, 2015

Point Luma, Shelter Island California

I'm beginning to realize that physically for the rest of my life I am going to have good days and bad days so I might as well just let go of deciding which is which and enjoy what is. One thing is for sure... once you tip the crest for the second part of life, the downhill goes a lot faster than the uphill did. I have a beach problem, there is no other place I'd rather be even for the sake of exploring. First we headed to Point Luma and walked around on the cliffs a bit, drove as far as possible until fees were charged to continue, drove around Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, lots of military areas... I saw the San Diego city skyline for the first time while thinking this place has so much to explore. This is a huge city! We ended up back at Sunset Cliffs where we started out a week ago at sunset. Someone told us to check out Shelter Island on the bay side and even though it was dark, there we went. That was a perfect spot on the water for the city skyline, especially at dark. Of course we hooked up with people all day.

At Shelter Island we met a piano man singer on his way to a gig. That was very coincidental seeing that there were only a couple people around in the entire park. I met a guy and he mentioned the homeless which brought up homeless vets which he has a problem with and that created an intense conversation from my end. Ha, push Danny's button he did. I was trying to tell him how some people simply do not have the resources in their brains to function and get a conventional act together as do others and also how some peoples brains become even less resourceful from indoctrination, pressure and fear. On the way back I stopped at a supermarket to get some eggs. There was a homeless guy laying against a column with some giggling girl scouts and their parents setting up to sell cookies. When I came out, the homeless guy had been chased away and the girls came running up to me to get a sale. I asked, did you see that homeless person, they said yes. I said he needs my money more than you. They asked, he does? I said, yes he does so I'm going to give my money to him. They said, ok.

February 06, 2015

Mission Valley, California

I woke up very tired, too tired to get up. Yesterday must have been too much of a good thing. To not "do" the Traveling Piano every day is difficult. There has been no rest from it since our arrival. Unfortunately, part of me needs to constantly make sure I give more than I get in order to prove my worth and cover my ass from anyone who might possibly make a negative assumption about this journey or my motives. Also, I do not want to waste a moment of a sunset over the ocean or having fun with people. How far to push myself has always been a problem and now I am aware that a lot more can happen than just getting sick if I push myself too much. It feels like I could easily die. Ha, I'm going to have to continually say when this subject comes up for anyone reading... do not read that as morbid! I did go for a walk, and then was a bad boy. Steve (my host) and I had a huge extra cheese, pepperoni, mushroom pizza and watched some television. I've been sending emails to people so after you read this, please take note:

I recently made it to southern California and am now in San Diego with the Traveling Piano and my 100% completely domesticated, clean loving pup named Mo. I am super excited about getting to LA after 30 years of trying just for fun. I do have a few Hollywood type agendas. They are not goals... process and fun are my goals. I want to make the most of my time which includes staying with people. Part of my journey is all about creating for the world, the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. Are you in LA or know of someone anywhere in Southern California who would be interested in hosting us for a four or five night visit? I'm in the flow right now so anytime in the next month or two (I may be around longer) is possible for me. There will be no need for babysitting as I am always busy doing what I do but want to spend some quality time with you if you have any. Quality time comes only with those I stay with. I don't entertain or perform, no tips, fees, commercial, organizational or political affiliation. The Traveling Piano is all about one-on-one relationships with people through music. Fun, Friendship and Respect is my mission. I create music for people to discover using spontaneity and synchronicity. I will not be looking for where tourists or other musicians hang out. Originally the Traveling Piano is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There is a daily blog with pictures and music for everyday since 2006. Welcome Us! Here's looking forward... www.travelingpiano.com

February 05, 2015

Mission Beach, California

First thing this morning we drove back to Ocean Beach where Kali Kai one of the guys we met last night fixed the metal bracket on my side window. It is now set to open should I ever lock my keys in the truck again. The fact that it can be opened is not really visible to anyone. We met Stephanie Ray with Matthew, Kai and Luke. The family all jumped onto the piano and played a bit. Mission Beach was next on my agenda and it reminded me of an east coast shore resort complete with wooden roller coaster which I may need to go back to take a ride on. There was an alley street that ran parallel to the cement strand and I was able to pull up almost to the sand. We met some people there and I created music wishing I was recording it all. My where-with-all is limited. There are a lot of "buff" surfing bodies around and it feels good to be around such healthy minded people.

Mo and I met several life long locals and was told the town is being inundated with college kids using housing apartments for dorms. On the main street there was a Greek Gyro place that looked like it might me pretty good and wow, I hit the jackpot! The lady running the place was super nice, the food... yum. I had cold fresh baklava, spinach pie and a gyro to kill for! She and her daughter got onto the piano and then they treated me to some major strong turkish expresso. After that, while jumping off the walls of my cab from the expresso high we drove out to La Mesa where Will and Steve's friend Ron made a dinner of mahi mahi, a hearty fish I had never heard of before. Ron has a house on Mt. Helix and I got to see how people live on the hills in San Diego. There are a lot of them and I mean a lot. The hills are alive with houses! There were some nice views but I don't think I'd want to travel constantly up and down the steep the tight winding mountainous roads full of bushes and trees where you can't see around turns and bends very well... to go buy say, a quart of milk.

February 04, 2015

Ocean Beach, San Diego California

I played with music today but no one else got to play. I was reminded how wonderful people are if I allow myself to see that. We drove to the end of Ocean Beach and into a parking area far away from everything. It took three minutes out of the truck to realize that I had left the keys in the ignition and locked the doors. The sun was about to set. No one would let me use their cell phone to call 911. Ha, I wouldn't let a stranger do that myself but it does piss me off that we all are forced to pay for it and ninety nine percent of us will never use it or are afraid to. I called the police, "we do not serve in that way anymore because of liabilities." That is just wrong. This is not the first time I have locked my keys inside the truck but the first time no one has been able to unlatch the door with a hanger. My truck is just too old. Two guys decided they were up to the challenge and I created music while they tried for almost two hours. I avoided engaging with people because I didn't want to distract the guys. A truck pulled up with a tool chest in the back and I asked the driver if he had any tools that might help. Almost three hours later my passenger side window had a rivet drilled out of the metal. We got in. With smoke and metal flying around the one guy said, "there must be someplace your not supposed to be right now" and that made perfect sense to me. Tomorrow I'm going to connect with the driller he said he would help me to bend the metal window bracket back into place. I learned that there are different surfing communities at the ocean and they gravitate to each other according to waves. Where there is a beach with strong, chaotic waves according to the ocean floor and other elements... the resulting vibrations of how the waves break draw specific people with that type of personality. Where the waves break smooth and rolling, that draws surfers attracted to those vibrations, etc...

February 03, 2015

Windansea Beach, California

The moon is full and bright but I am too tired to enjoy it because I got up at 8AM, ha... it has been a while for that. My hosts Will and Steve volunteer two days a week for low income men, woman and children affected by AIDS or cancer. They help to ready food at a local pantry. The building they were working in was anything but low income. Lets just say it looked like contribution money needed to be spent on more than food. I wanted to go visit them and maybe create some fun with the Traveling Piano. The place had nutritious meals to offer but fun was not on the menu. The people served are "clients" and it was business, business, non of my business. I was reminded of how I want to encourage people to give one to one with each other as non profits so often outgrow the money contributed, while bureaucracy and politics stifle the original intent of pure generosity. My friends did come outside and jump on the piano for a second. These two guys are gay partners who have been together for twenty two years and originally came from Philadelphia where I grew up. They are the first gay couple I've stayed with on this journey and I think the only gay people I know as friends which I know is kind of strange but it is what it is. Afterwards, Will and I took off for the Tory Beach area of San Diego and the park wanted $10 bucks to simply walk around plus no dogs allowed. I said to the guy at the gate, "I'm just here to turn around, I know when I'm not welcome." Both the fee collector and I had big smiling grins at each other the entire time.

We drove up to a nearby hand-gliding cliff where an event was going on so the park area was only open to "special" public. I took a walk up to where people were milling around and it was quiet with an affectation... lol, it was like, "we are all in awe of the air so we must be quiet like the air, shh..." After that ridiculousness, we drove around the beach streets for a while checking out the area and then landed at Windansea Beach where people live to surf and be at the beach. A guy went surfing in a trash can for food in front of me while I was creating music. His bounty from the search was a fine one. It was almost an entire meal someone threw away. He took his time eating with a concentrated focus. We all must not let people without homes or food become transparent when they are present with us. One older guy I met lives behind where the Traveling Piano was parked in what was probably more than a million dollar house on the beach and he told me how he purchased it for $800 dollars forty five years ago and raised his family in it. Those were the days... Everyone seemed to know each other and the energy was relaxed and friendly. We were visiting a full time lived in, working neighborhood on the ocean. That was new for me to experience. I'm used to pretentious, guarded ocean side living. I was able to get into a perfect parking spot and played music for a short while, interacted with some people and off we went once again. The area around my heart feels tight tonight and I feel a little light headed. I would like to think about that issue less.

February 02, 2015

La Jolla, California

While not sure where I was originally heading for today, someplace beginning with a "w," we ended up on a residential street in La Jolla along the ocean. I could not resist the place because of the green grass lawn that extended to the cliff that dropped off into the ocean. It was a parallel park for the truck which is not my favorite situation but we ended up looking directly into the sunset. I'm feeling physically stronger and more secure than in the past few weeks. My eye is healing even though I think the sight is gone maybe for good like 30% in my left eye? So, I'll get glasses again, whatever. I am fairly certain the ocean and air has been helping me in every way. My focus for today was to relax with people and what an accomplishment that was! I met an older couple visiting their daughter from New Jersey and really felt a connection with them. Their daughter lives here and joined us at sunset. I met a couple married two days ago and they were on their honeymoon from Colorado. The girl is making her living from song writing. She sang and played a song that she wrote for here wedding. With another other couple it was the girls birthday. Two guys from Holland were a hoot!

A women was calling her friends in the neighborhood to come join us. Most of them were older people and very music savvy. I was having fun at their expense with my banter while hoping they were giving me the benefit of doubt with my snarkiness. La Jolla, I found a little more up scale than Ocean Beach but the energy was still chill and in sort of relaxed way. I enjoyed being with people. After the sun set and everyone left I tried to take in some ocean and the full moon with Mo. I got to smell it but that was all because I found a guy standing in the dark at the cliffs edge playing the ukelele into the sea. There was no way I was not going to have a conversation with him. I'm going to have to make time for myself to sit and enjoy the ocean without the Traveling Piano. That is a challenge. It will happen in time if I am able to stay long enough. Thats always a pain in the ass, the knowing when enough is enough wherever I am staying. Knowing when it is time to leave before I've stayed too long with a host can be tricky. Urban highway driving for me in the dark with rush hour traffic and night blindness, it takes total faith in letting go when I am switching lanes. Thank god for the GPS or I would not be able to do it at all. On the way back to where I am staying I smelled a skunk, not something I would expect in La Jolla, at the ocean. How can I resist not being at the beach every single day for the sunset with music? When the sun began to set I threw everyone off the truck and said... my turn! Ha, I was not going to miss playing out the days end with music.

February 01, 2015

Sunset Beach, San Diego California

There is a big dog beach I found on the map and it was my first priority for the day. And it was... big, expansive, open and without cost to enjoy or park my truck. This is a huge plus for California and the way it should be everywhere in the country for any natured area. (no fees) It was full of lots of dogs and my energy felt pretty good in walking around. Before we left I felt a pull to create some music in the parking lot and had some fun interactions with people. A guy without a home came over to give me some of his food... black eyed peas and a can of roast beef spread. The amount of people without homes is more than just disturbing. I was wondering if I have been noticing this more and more through the journey because I myself do not have a home but no... it is happening everywhere more and more and stirs up a feeling of wanting to move towards activism of some sort. Maybe I will just start walking up to people who obviously have a home and ask them for money to help those who do not, become like the Little Sisters of the Poor ha, they can be so irritating when it comes to begging.

The people I see, some are begging, some are wondering, some striving, and some stand in one spot with repeatedly paced movements on the street acting out the thoughts in their head, "what do I do, where do I go, what do I do, where do I go" over and over. I know that head space and it is not good. While driving for a good sunset view I stopped and had an interaction with a guy wheeling a ninety two year old woman down the street. I played some music for them and we talked for a spell. It did not seem to matter if I missed the sunset, our interaction as human beings was more important. Eventually I did find a sunset spot just in time, someone was pulling out of the only parking space available and it seemed like just for me. I slipped into the space and it was oh, so beautiful. The chill out energy and feeling in this area is very seductive for me. I could hear the waves much stronger than yesterday and that induced me to not paint what I was seeing musically, but to be more part of the environment and careful to not overpower it. I played single notes and simply let them ring out in the air more than ever before.

Again today I was aware to be unaware of what other people around were thinking about the music. A guy came up from the rocks totally wowed by the fact that he was sitting down on the rocks listening to the ocean and heard the music. He was doing the same thing when I began to play last night in a totally different area of the town. It was a fun second chance meeting two days in a row. I've been meeting a lot of people visiting form China. One guy today had the absolute biggest most expressive smile that can be possible when he found us. So I want to put out into the world again that I originally sold my home back when to finance visiting China with the Traveling Piano. It has not yet come to pass. It could be easily shipped on a cargo plane I just need the finances, influence and someone to help me with logistics and to get it done in this life time. Also, since the Superbowl is today... I still need to streak (clothed) across the field playing with some wild piano playing for entertainment. That is a real dream I had the third day ever on the Traveling Piano back in 1987, my wildest of wild dreams ever in my life. Four bucket list items left for the journey... LA (maybe a television show or appearance), Zion Park Utah (to create music in and hang out) the western part of China (to do what I do) and the Superbowl streak. That may all sound crazy but crazier things (with the proof) have already happen on this journey and it all blogged on this website with pictures.