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May 31, 2013

I really didn't plan on going out today. How many times have I said that in the past? Lots... Anyway, in not planing to run into people I didn't shave or care about how I looked and wouldn't you know it... at least four different people video taped me... ugly videos lol... thats ok, I don't think there can be worse pictures of me then are already online forever and ever. There were more people around than ever before with fisherman, campers hanging out... there was a guy who mountain biked up to the ridge from where we were. That was a major feat. I hiked it a few weeks back and it is steep! When he came back down he said while going up he was trying to connect to the music to give him the strength to keep going. Several different people used the words magical moment today. A couple came down from a cabin they were renting up in the woods. For several days they had been enjoying the music and today they wanted to meet Mo and the Traveling Piano man. I worked on keeping a balance with the activity going on as there was more energy than usual. There was no keeping Mo out of the water today! Someone showed me a picture they had taken earlier in the day of a two inch in circumference coiled up copperhead snake on a nearby path. I hear about them almost everyday. Mo found a box turtle walking across a path yesterday and the way he acted towards it, well if he ever comes across a snake, i'm just going to have to let that be all in gods territory of operation.

Being the last day of June gives me a bit of an uneasy feeling. (not really, the uneasiness is simply drama) TIme is slipping away from me. Is that not good? I don't know but... if I stay true to the journey the answer is simple. It all is what it is. In the past I have achieved utopia with life experiences to the fullest. Now I am feeling somewhat amazed in this "present" state of living I have achieved. I have realized that I am in another one of those "experiences of the fullest." I've been praying that the transition into the next stage of life for this journey be smooth and easy. (as in without the need to get smacked up the side of my head to move on or through into the next stage) There is absolutely no one to answer to in life. (there are downsides to that if I choose to think about them) There is enough money for my immediate financial needs. I can be totally alone without distraction if I so choose. My life is one hundred percent on my time schedule. My dog totally adapts to my life as it is. Everything I choose I do happens because I want it to. Today, just for today... I have no guilt, feeling of pressure, shame, urgency or necessity to "do or be" anything. Isn't that fantastic? There have been times in nature when I have experienced this but never in myself as a period of time in life. Please be happy for me. This state of being will change and not necessarily for the worse. What if it gets even better? Ha, better as in... a life of complete structure manifested with time schedules, deadlines, duties, responsibilities and pressures. (god forbid the pressure part) Creatively, it feels like I needed this time "off". The only thing I can think of that would have made it better is to have been living life on a beach but I've been happy to have what I have... no question about it and the beach may happen yet. Who knows?

May 30, 2013

This life of mine, I've been truly feeling like I have created it. That is amazing. It is not now happening from circumstance, from other people's dictates, luck, a power greater than myself (it is through a power greater than myself) as a predestined experience (not 100% sure on that yet) or anything else I might not think of right now. For better or worse, it is all mine and I am on my own while being part of everything and everyone. I wanted this forever. It has its moments both good and bad but this life is not about having all good. One of the keys has been to constantly try different things and ways until I fall into something satisfactory or closer to what I feel is best "feel" being the operative word. To know, accept and embrace my true feelings is always the first and biggest step constantly... and then what I do with them ha, that can be tricky.

May 29, 2013

While feeling better today I was very conscious of not pushing myself into a relapse while wondering how much I should "baby" myself. Later in the day I felt the need to push myself out while the sun was setting because earlier it was too hot and humid and I was feeling like I had rested enough, too much. Mo and I headed to the park with lounge chairs to meet a friend. We all sat for a while and as soon as I got onto the truck to play some music a car pulled up. It was a mom with her young son who just started piano lessons. Mom had her neighbor and baby granddaughter with her. They smiled approvingly from inside their vehicle and then one by one came out to walk towards the lake. There was no intention to engage, I just wanted to create music and hoped they would enjoy it. After seeing the smile on the babies face I said to myself, "thats it, she's got me." The interaction began, the boy was amazing for having played only six months. The connection of fun and commonality between everyone was as special as it can get. It has been interesting how many one-on-one interactions have been happening at this vortex I go to. No one else showed up for the entire time we were there which was about three hours. Each time no one is there and then as soon as I begin to create music someone more than 98% of the time shows up... usually just one encounter. It always feels like a god/universe connection.

May 28, 2013

Today is a sick day. I'm comfortable but sick. Deep in my throat on the right side something is going on so I slept until three in the afternoon and then I knew Mo was hungry so that got me out of bed. He was being so patient. We spent time laying on the deck in a lounge chair experiencing how beautiful the nature is all around us. Concerning the truck and myself... everything was newer, sharper, more successful looking, impressive, respectable in ways that people are impressed for many years. Now I am sagging, the truck is falling apart (as it has been doing for years) it has many dents, bruises and tears from use, (little ones now make one big one) I just don't want to expend the energy to keep it as clean as I used to, same with myself. I look back at past pictures and think, wow... hot, alive, even sexy. (the truck as well as myself) Constantly, I am bringing up thoughts about who I am out to please. Does pleasing encompass the need to impress other people as a successful wanderer on a journey or can I allow myself to disintegrate in front of other people in the world because I am not so interested in impressing myself anymore. I'm not so sure creating or keeping a legacy for myself or the world is important. I used to tell my son, "you are enough in simply being, your spirit here in the world is enough" maybe I need to tell myself that. For a period of time people used to remind me that what I do is not who I am. Hmmm... the jury is still out on that.

May 27, 2013

Last night the power went out. It came back on but the air purifier I use did not. With the windows closed and Mo's dander and the air in general where I am, its like... where am I? I get dizzy and sick but I pulled myself together because it was supposed to be sunny today and rainy for the next few days. After doing some errands we were in the center of Berkeley Springs and had a few interactions with people and then the rain began a day early. Now I'm back to not feeling well. Hopefully I can get to bed early because of it. Twelve midnight would be early.

May 26, 2013

I've been able to create a life for myself where it is not necessary to sway, convince, sell, teach people how to think for my benefit and now it is a challenge to let people be as they will. I mean the way everyone in this world thinks. Thats a lot of different "wills." The "thinking" can be insane to me. Stuff like yesterday's blog post I want to avoid as much as possible. It is not necessary for me to have agenda's concerning other people but then... Ha, today, in the local park I felt totally at peace with life. The day was perfect with the sun, just the right amounts of light, breeze, temperature, water, grass, hills, mountains, water, foliage, sky, clouds, crickets, birds, rabbits, deer, the music, a young couple I met from Washington DC, rolling in the grass with Mo, playing fetch with him, lounging in the lounge chair I brought with me to the park... I could go on for another twenty descriptive words. It was just really, really nice today.

May 25, 2013

West Virginia

We drove up to a local overlook today. It was late in the afternoon and I sort of just drifted there, the wind took me. Mo needed some exercise. We ran into a couple of people with their kids and had some musical fun. It was too cold to stay long so I drove down the mountain to the lake. Mo fetched a stick up and down the hill for a while and then I created music while another couple fished. They left and I continued making music until it was totally dark.. quiet, soft, still, simple music.

I feel I want to have this said in my blog. Of course I have been watching the happenings with the recent tornado in Oklahoma and I was thinking how the town is near a big city with many resources and then I saw how the Red Cross is asking people to stop sending clothes, to just send money and... that drives me crazy. I've had some first hand experience with the Traveling Piano in disasters big and small... some big ones like with Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, in Joplin MO a week after the tornado, the Trenton NJ Floods, tragedies like with Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, CT... and I must say giving money or sending clothes, toys and basic necessities to organizations is an almost total waste. Sending money is worse! Those organizations throw away most of those donations or sell the stuff to poor people in third world countries at market price (found out about that when I was in Belize) or fund themselves through store outlets. I used to make loads of money, top dollar payouts for playing piano at self indulgent fund raisers for all the huge national relief organizations. Guess where the money to pay me came from? It came from people sending money for the disasters. These organizations waste the money. I see it over and over. Just one example at these disasters... if they supplied decent food I would feel better but its mostly cheap hotdogs, really bad hoagies, bottled water and pre-packaged snack crap. No home cooking, hearty, mommy, comfort, freshly made nourishing food with care... like the neighbors created for each other on Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy. Big churches with tractor trailer loads of supplies and huge promotional vans full of resources run to these events and often fight each other for positioning in order to create a presence but still they do better than organizations like Red Cross, GoodWill and the Salvation Army combined. If you ever personally feel a need to do something and can't leave your home or have person to person contact I would like to make a few suggestions. Don't send money to those organizations because thats what people say to do. Don't create the illusion for yourself that your being helpful. If you do, think about it first. Better... spend some time... pray for ten minutes a day asking god or whatever higher power as you may understand to help everyone feel good, safe and secure and specifically for the sake of people in turmoil. Another idea, find someone affected and send them money personally. That is easy to do now a days with all the social networking resources. Here is another idea, go purchase or bake a cake and give it to your neighbor. Go give someone money to take a bunch of kids to a park or for an outing. Spend time with a friend, buy them dinner. These givings fill the universe, they heal, feed, create goodness that spreads to all people in need. Dropping money into the mouth of an organization you only know by name and thinking it will do any good is an illusion. Invest time yourself, don't pass the buck onto an entity. I know these suggestions work, I'm proof along with this journey. What most of those people need most... is to talk about what happened to another person or even a couple hundred people. That has been my experience and that is why connecting with them through prayer is the next best option to being in person. It works. In many ways its a better option than in person.

May 24, 2013

West Virginia

Its cold out I mean winter hat and gloves cold. All the windows were open and in the middle of the night I woke up thinking... "what the hell happened?" I've also been feeling out of sorts but thats not too unusual for the last half year or more... but then tonight I heard a friend say, "look at the beautiful moon." I be vibratin' with a full moon in West Virginia!

May 23, 2013

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

While walking on the road a couple days ago with Mo, we ran into a twenty one year old guy jogging who is visiting the area from Washington DC. He's dark skinned and a bit flamboyant which is as rare as it can get around here. We struck up a conversation and connected again today for a ride to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. After a short while and with rain beginning we drove back. For the rest of the day it rained. I found this guy smart, in college for broadcast journalism and a good soul. I was so reminded of how my impulse still after all this time is to stereotype people before I meet and get to know them and how I appreciate every opportunity to destroy old, wrong conventional teachings and ways of thinking about people. Like with tattoos he might have been from run down inner city trouble (not) or an urban gay... silly willy (not) and also, not that there's anything wrong with silly willys ha.

May 22, 2013

Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia

I was just about to go out today and it began to rain so I put together a quick two minute video of people with the Traveling Piano from this year to date in Berkeley Springs and Cacapon State Park West Virginia - Eaton, Ohio - Shenandoah and Winchester, Virginia and a visualization of Japan. Whats with the Japan? It would be fun to take the Traveling Piano there for a visit... along with everywhere else.

May 21, 2013

Clear Spring, Maryland

At nine thirty in the morning my friend Sherrie called waking me up after six hours sleep. I had to get up and answer the phone because the call would have gone to the answering machine and that would have beeped continuously until I dealt with it. Sherrie wanted to get together and I had errands to run near where she was in Maryland. Two days in a row with six hours sleep, I didn't know if I could do it. After some strong coffee I was still dizzy not being used the feeling of having so little sleep. I was able to push through and get going while wishing I could do that more often. On the way to Maryland I stopped and took pictures of a poppy patch that had just peaked a day or two ago. It was something to see but oh, how I wished I had seen it just a day earlier.

Sherrie and I met in Hancock, MD where I created some music along the Potomac river and then we drifted through towns like Pecktonville and Indian Springs, Maryland. Hungry and feeling reminiscent of my childhood, I was looking for a good baloney, cheese, white bread, mayo, lettuce and tomato sandwich like my mom used to make for lunch on days like today. I was thinking about summer days with hot sun above shady trees, temperatures in the nineties... Sherrie knew just the place. It was where she grew up in Clear Spring, Maryland and we ended up at Ernst Country Market. I was looking for a shady spot to park for Mo and found one at the back of the store where we met a mom and dad with their young daughter. The little girl was immediately drawn to Mo and of course a little music came next.

The energy in the store felt really good and the guy making the sandwich was super friendly so I brought the Traveling Piano around to the front doors and started playing the piano while Sherrie went inside and coerced him out for a few musical notes and a picture. The sandwich cost $2.50! Apple pies, $4.00. Can you believe that? I got three sandwiches and a pie for both Sherrie and myself, ha! Afterwards we headed to a place called Dam Five along the C&O canal. A huge dam/park area which was really beautiful but it was so hot and humid with no shade and I got sunburn on my bald head because of course I forgot the idea of suntan lotion with so much action going on and me dizzy as a... whatever from the sun, heat and lack of sleep.

Guess who we met at the park? The owners of the market where we had brought the sandwiches. They were there with grandchildren and their daughter who is a piano playing school music teacher. We had some Traveling Piano fun and then the mom offered/contributed twenty bucks to the journey. I thought, "that just paid for the food we had just purchased from their market!" I really enjoy when life happens like that and also, I had the opportunity to tell them how I enjoyed their market. So when that was all done we found ourselves in Williamsport, Maryland in a back field area with a great big old abandoned factory which looked super cool. I created music there while through the trees, people were fishing and swimming in the river having no idea where the music was coming from. Onto Hagerstown, Maryland where I was tempted to purchase an air conditioner for the place where I am staying because the air can get so thick on days like today, I can't breath to sleep. I couldn't justify the purchase and when I got back to where I am staying I found it wasn't so bad because I had kept all the windows closed to keep in the cool air in from last night and fans on to keep that air dry. It worked.

May 20, 2013

Iv'e been enjoying every detail of nature that I can experience. Also, I really hate saying this because it is taking so long and I have said it a hundred times... I'm going through papers and still letting go of past belongings while storing others (physically difficult) for my friend Cindy and her mom (they own the place where I have been staying) so if she can ever use them or maybe for myself if I ever get a home again (slim chance) or just let it all rot away in storage for the creatures of the forrest. I'm staying in the woods and every year mice, bugs, spiders, squirrels, etc... get into everything no matter how much I try to secure it all.

May 19, 2013

My dyslexia is really acting up and when that happens its difficult for me to accomplish very much. I watched television shows from online all day and took a walk with Mo. I've said it many times and I want to continue saying that thank God I made the correct choice in accepting this dog into my life. I choose him first and foremost even over this journey. On some level I'm pretty sure it was a survival choice. This dog is totally connected to my love. His comfort and sometimes confusing acceptance and trust, his humorously "dry" way of dealing with choices and decisions keep me in a constant state of wonder. I know he's simply an animal but Mo, a simple animal... gives me total fulfillment in life. There is a sense of security I experieince from within him that says everything in the world is ok.

May 18, 2013

I know there were periods of time where I did nothing through the years and wrote about it in this blog but now I am more conscious about the honesty for some reason. Maybe its because there really are no goals I am driving at. The mission statement is intact. It feels like the stakes are higher then ever before and I don't want to know why and also the periods of down time seem to be getting closer and closer. Remembering that I always make up for lost time needs to stay at the forefront. Its not that I try to make up for lost time it just always works out that way. Thank God I can do it... my way, its the only way, ha. It is what it is.

May 17, 2013

Have you ever heard of the phrase, like a "bump on a log?" That was me today. About a month ago I took this picture of a bump on a tree log here in West Virginia. What the hell is this???!!! Gross... kinda, and then interesting too.

May 16, 2013

After twelve hours sleep, I felt totally rested. I'll bet sleeping with the window open and all the fresh air last night helped. My body feels no pain from the work over the past few days. The small place I am in is full of clutter (heavy clutter) that needs to be awkwardly moved up into an attic but balance was needed for today... it was a beautiful day and music was needed. We drove to the park with the air moist and everything springtime, lushy... Mo and I both enjoyed ourselves immensely. At first the piano speaker had a huge buzz. I had taken it out of the truck for the past few days. Do you know how when something is old and you don't want to move it because it is working as it is... and something might break as in don't fix whats not broken? Well, I thought that was it for the speaker, done for, broken for good. And then I thought, "just let me play around with some wires." After finagling with a few plugs, instantly the sound became better.

Then I went to record some of the music and there was a super amount of noise recording on my computer. Again, I jiggled the equipment and all noise disappeared from both the speaker and the recording software. Maybe it had something to do with the atmospheric change in weather and humidity. Also with another issue, I tried the new bug repellant that is a clip on and uses batteries to generate a low sound frequency. This rural West Virginia area we are in is ferocious with life in every way. I put the bug repellant contraption on the piano and it worked pretty well! The bugs and gnats here are growing in numbers daily. People were around but we did not interact with anyone. Everything was perfect as it was, I didn't want to push anything. I keep thinking about last night. Totally exhausted, Mo had been so good the last few days and had not had a good walk so I took him out for a good forty minute walk at twilight. It just felt so good to love my dog that much and the breeze and the early nighttime lighting, and storms off in the distance... love is in the air. (love = attraction = the goodness of nature)

May 15, 2013

I'm getting the vibe that the different weather reporting websites are totally consumer "hit" driven and could care less about providing service. They are creating symbiotic relationships with each other to get people to switch back and forth between them. All say rain, one says ninety two degrees the other says eight one degrees... come on people. In fact they say rain everyday for the next week with one partly sunny day. Its like schools and government agencies that have been flying their American flags at half mast for the last ten years. (I'd love for people to think about that) No rain and it was sunny and breezy all day. I finished emptying my stuff out of my friends house now I have to re-store stuff again... Driving back and forth over a badly paved switchback mountain road eight times over the last few days, I saw a lot of feral cats, squirrels and donkeys. Love those donkeys! It amazes me to see all the plants and flowers people purchase from garden centers for their yards growing wild... azalea, all kinds and colors of phlox, iris, dogwoods, columbine, bluebells... I have to keep reminding myself that they all came from the wildness of nature and still do.

I've reached another level of being able to relate with people. In the past when I have been hurt or badly wronged and have become angry almost to the point of hate (thank god I've never actually hated anyone) I have simply cut people loose. Always, I have left an opening... a way back in, but people who have really hurt me never really look for... or take advantage of reparation so always once I cut them loose that was it end of story. Next I learned how to be super angry yet love... always from a distance, I don't want anything to do with them, really but still love them dearly! Now with my friends who really screwed me up with this last storage situation... I have actually been able to be really angry, disappointed, frustrated, mad with no break in my love, the relationship is solid as far as I am concerned. I can even hang out... without a "time out" from the relationship. This is growth and a first for my life. It was said maybe they were a lesson for me that I needed in life. I said... bullshit. And the love continues... I believe in the ability to grow from your mistakes but not at all in... life is full of mistakes so you can learn lessons... not!

May 14, 2013

Not to take away from physicality... but spirit trumps every time. First off, all the weather forecasts said rain for today. Each report is different now-a-days and you have to guess which may be right or just ignore them which I work on doing everyday. (need more work in that area)There was no rain today and it was a perfect day all around to ugh, move stuff. The amount of room in the back of the Traveling Piano... it is like moving a house full of stuff in a Volkswagen. I prayed for help because God knows I needed it. That worked. As the day moved on... the day was full of lifting, carrying, climbing... the pain and body stress... I was thinking about when I was young the "no pain, no gain" saying and how I knew I had a good work out when I really hurt. Really hurting physically from hard work, why should that be a bad, horrible, a dangerous thing now that I'm older? Is it dangerous because it takes longer to heal, because I'm worn out spiritually from hurting? There is nothing to heal because I paced myself, kept fluids going, took breaks, breathed allot, made sure I had energy by eating and enjoyed the possibilities of getting through the tasks and finishing the job. Before bed an Ibuprofen and muscle relaxer. Staying focused and directed and without question to be in an "other than" space all day was very interesting. Once again my spirit carried me through the physical... no question about it.

May 13, 2013

Almost gave myself a heart attack today while moving stuff that I have been moving around, back and forth, back and forth to different places. Its ok, no its not ok. I'm fairly certain age plays more into the situation (heart attack) than being out of shape. I'm glad I don't compare too much with what I used to do. Wow, I used to do so much more!!! Well, I'm glad I have been able to do as much as I have in life to date. The good thing about every time I move stuff is I give more away. Today it was to a new friend who helped. It is really emotionally draining for me, I mean totally, emotionally draining... I've been doing this since 2008. When I think about how much I owned it is mind boggling. I had a nice size house and I used to take in other peoples stuff to give away and recycle. Ha, well it happened. I'd say now about ninety percent of what I owned has been given away. I used to say eighty percent. It would have been great if I sold it all and made a ton of money for this journey but thats not what I really wanted to do with my belongings I suppose I must admit... if I'm really honest with myself. Mo, he's getting better and better every time I go through emotional strain. He stays out of my way and when laying with me applies more contact and pressure to be a constant reminder that I am not alone. He's just like Piano Dog Boner in that way. My greatest gift in life... my relationships with my dogs. Mo for me is more important than the journey. That was a decision made when he entered my life.

May 12, 2013

Oldtown, Maryland

I miss my mommy. Its Mother's Day. I don't really miss her in a sad way. It would be nice to have her around. I certainly love her as much today as I did my entire life with her... which was allot! My passion for life comes from her. It was really difficult to get going this morning. I was living in tomorrow for the first couple of hours. Where to go was a bit of a dilemma. It was going to be Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania... anywhere new. Westward and on the way out of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia I stopped for a minute to say hi to some friends I had not seen in a couple of years. Parked on an overlook I had some interactions with people. Onward past Paw Paw on route 9 along the Potomac river... made a few turns, got stuck in mud and finally ended up on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park Road in Maryland at the Town Creek Aqueduct in Green Ridge State Forest.

I was in heaven again. Creating music all by myself with Mo hanging out under the trees on a canal filled with water, a path of greenery, mountains, trains passing across the river... there was a bike path; we took a walk. It was full of wild flowers. We ended up in Oldtown, Maryland. There was a toll bridge, it cost a buck fifty to cross on wooden boards and is open only when the water is low enough. It had a toll booth with an employee who said some lady in Winchester, Virginia owns the bridge. Most people have no idea how many road bridges are privately owned. I used to think they were all government owned because they are connected to public roads. There are thousands in the US and they can rake in allot of money for the owners. I drove farther then I wanted today but it was worth it. This may be the most enjoyable spring I've ever had.

May 11, 2013

West Virginia

It was raining when I woke up at 10am. With a headache (humidity and pollen) I went back to sleep until 2:30 pm. In a semiconscious dream state I remember short random insignificant musings with people I have known throughout life. It reminded me that everything that has ever happened is floating around and ever present. The sun came out an so off to the park we drove. There were people we had met before hanging out. There was a dog for Mo to play with, guys fishing... The wind was fairly strong so the energy was high. I was completely rested. Everyone left. The wind was blowing in a different direction than usual. It was from behind. The leaves on the trees sounded like water running. The music carried in new ways and directions. A couple drove up to tell that they could hear the music while hiking up along the mountain top, far away.

With my energy so high after improvising I decided to try softly... some of my old repertoire of Ragtime and Boogie Woogie. Then I attempted to play Nola which was an old favorite musical piece of my mothers, in honor of Mothers day. For the first time in about four years I played it. I remembered five and a half songs from the twenty songs I performed for the twenty years before this journey began. It was sloppy piano playing but wow it has been years since I remembered anything... or had the energy to even try and play them. People in general do not know that playing the piano can take a lot of energy especially for my style of playing. On the way back to where I am staying a church sign along the road said, "Love Everyone, No Exceptions." I really appreciate positive church signs like that but thought it needed more. It was too easy to circumnavigate. What is love? I would prefer the sign started out with the words "Show" or "Express" Love to Everyone, No Exceptions." ...a tangible call to action.

May 10, 2013

West Virginia

I sat waiting for the rain all day. I knew it would happen. It did, at dusk. Last night online I was seeing pictures that people were posting of nature frustrated because they seemed so fabricated. As I am typing this I am looking outside seeing the fabrication. I must believe the pictures could be real from last night or deny the reality of what I am seeing right now. The grass over a foot high, the trees dropping from wetness, depth, textures, different bush sizes, the green of the leaves are translucent almost like a baby in a mothers womb, lush, moist. Faint yellows and pastel peachy reds from tree buds and seedlings blend into the landscape. The tree bark is almost all total black and the blue/grey sky seems to be shading everything for protection. I feel like I am deep down inside the garden of eden. It really is heaven that I am experiencing and not for the first time during this journey. Inside where I am sitting it is dark. Nature outside seems to be illuminating the environment in darkness. On some days I cannot see heaven. So I leave this writing, sitting in the dark with the sounds of light rain falling, water dripping from leaves.

May 09, 2013

South Cacapon, West Virginia

Last night I did some "Down Dog" as in the yoga position and I think I sprained my right hand because of my weight! Ha, whatever... it didn't affect my piano playing thank god. It hurts if I turn it the wrong way. Even though I don't want to admit it I have rain paranoia. Need to remember at this time of year it can rain some every day. In the local park near where we are staying there is a covered picnic type house. I pulled the Traveling Piano up to it so that if there was a sudden down pour we could pull the truck in under it. There was just enough height room and hopefully we would not get caught by the park ranger. No rain. When I'm creating music these days and I play in a piano key crack I have been developing the habit to think of the word "care." Not thinking of what I'm doing when I create music can lead to playing in a lot of cracks. I want to care more. Perfection, can I achieve it, do I want to... naa, but I do want to get better and be just a little bit more conscious.

Also, I have been finding myself in a different space and time never before experienced when I improvise. I haven't found a way to put it into words yet. Before leaving the park I drove to a familiar creek area and a couple were having a cookout. I pulled within hearing distance and created music for about fifteen minutes more both for them and myself. The water was running strong behind me and it sounded so... "moving." I created music underneath a Dogwood tree and took a picture of the blooms looking up. Hanging over the creek were a few wild azalea bushes in bloom. Nice is nice. I must move what is left of my belongings recently moved to a storage area (again) back to where I am staying. (again) About two pickup trucks worth of stuff, thats five loads in the Traveling Piano truck. I cannot get hold of my friends to make the arrangements. People who do not return phone calls make me crazy. I just want it all to be done with. Ahh... but I am so grateful to have been able to live this life, the sale of my home, the letting go of everything... through "my" process for better or worse.

May 08, 2013

Hancock, Maryland

It was supposed to rain today but it didn't... until I started driving to take Mo to get his lyme disease vaccination booster shoot. We got there early and the rain stopped so I created some music by the river. The water was so high it swept along tree branches on each side of the river creating an unusual roar. Every time a gust of wind came along, maple tree helicopter seed pods filled the air. Large black butterflies were all around. The river was flowing fast with large recently fallen trees. Birds were perched on them for a ride down the middle of the river. After we were done with the vet, Mo and I went for a walk along the C&O canal through a misty tunnel of wet vibrant spring growth.

We went back to the river. I had never created music late in the day in this area, and on a rainy day. It was awesome. If it were not for trash flowing by on the water, everything would have been perfect. A guy named Dave who was out running stopped by and a young guy named Logan was fishing. He had just caught a record size fish last week at the spot where we were. He emailed a picture of his catch to me. I've never seen anyone catch anything at this spot and we have been here many times through the years. It made me want to go fishing. Logan was telling me how a lot of the wood we were seeing was being dragged up from the bottom of the river. The undertow was strong.

May 07, 2013

West Virginia

Unlike the sunny day picture posted for today from two days ago... it rained all day today heavier than yesterday. I'm using the rain to be totally lazy except for updating this blog. Help! I know I will eventually get going with whatever is next but then again I remind myself that there is nothing (tell myself) wrong with what is happening right now. There is a part of me that wants to accomplish more. And then again I tell myself how I always make up for lost time and then some, always... when its time. This website has all the proof. The need to self-motivate has such a double edge to its sword.

May 06, 2013

West Virginia

It rained all day. No problem with that. My friend Sherrie came over with enough Chinese food for three meals and we hung out together all day and late into the night ranting and raving. That is as in me mostly... ranting and raving, ha! It has been years since I just hung out with someone in that way and I really appreciated it.

May 05, 2013

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

This guy a met today, a retired marine with twenty years of service behind him, four active tours of war, now with a chosen profession as a chef in a retirement home... he has a wife and kids and his parents are descendants of the American Black Feet Indians and Norwegian Vikings... he considers himself a warrior at his core. He sat at the piano and began to tickle away. He was looking for something through the notes and then under his breath I heard him say, "there it is." Afterwards I questioned him about that and he said he was musically looking for a feeling and as soon as he found it the universe put it into place for him.

Mo and I met lots of interesting people today in the center of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Ha, I met a guy whom I had never before met... who just last week, we became friends on facebook via a mutual friend (very interesting) and... he happens to be partnered with a girl who works for my friend Dawn in town and she got onto the piano today for the first time while I found out that she is originally from my old neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So it all continues...

May 04, 2013

Washington County, Maryland

We headed for the woods of Washington County, Maryland to create and record music while my new friend Leigh wrote poetry and his wife Lori roamed into the woodland. They have ponds with two to three feet in circumference super sized snapper turtles. Of course I want to get a picture of one. The best time is eight in the morning when they come out to bask in sun. So much for a picture... I'm still sleeping at eight every morning. Turtles being cold blooded reptiles they need warmth to get moving. I've been hearing new terminology like, "snapping turtle jugging" a way of fishing and also that the turtles are shy and will dive for water at the first sound of "footfall." It felt good to drive the truck over grass and rough terrain just to know it can still happen. Leigh had a truck nearby to tow me out if needed. When I finished creating the music, the recording connection had not been completed, nothing recorded. Hate when that happens!!! On the way today, on route 70 there was a serious accident and all traffic was stopped for miles. Luckily, I was at an exit which took me to where... I had no idea which is always good and... anything is better than to be stuck sitting and waiting in traffic. There were a few other cars that had also taken the chance but they were all... gotta go, gotta go, gotta go. Every time three or four cars would pile up on my bumper I'd just pull over and let them pass because... driving through rural Maryland country on a small road with sweeping vistas, mountains and hills with springtime colors everywhere and something new and fresh at every turn, passing through unexpected small old towns on a warm bright sunny day... it just does not get better.

May 03, 2013

While on a walk in the forest today I was going to step on a very interesting ant for no reason and then decided to take its picture instead. There were holes in the ground everywhere. I was hoping they were all mice holes and not rattlesnake. Thats when I turned to God for Mo who was constantly running in every direction having fun. Everyday, the canopy above gets thicker and greener. I'm beginning to remember what it is like in this area to see nothing but the trees in front of you. The end of winter where I am in West Virginia also means the end of mountain top views and rolling hills. Before dark I backed the Traveling Piano up to a creek to create music and zone out. Friends have been complaining about spring pollen allergies and I have been so lucky this year... until today. Oh well, here we go with headaches!

May 02, 2013

Leitersburg, Maryland

Today was perfect with sunshine and temperature, sorry to have missed half of it by getting up at noon. I jumped into the shower first thing and Mo got upset because he usually gets fed first, so... he jumped on the kitchen counter and got a one inch tray of sausage fat for himself that had been sitting for days. That was new behavior for sure. I gave him "time out" in the back room for about a half hour while I had some coffee and then we headed to meet up with some hopefully new friends Leigh and Lori. We had met them the other day and Leigh had wanted me to create some music to inspire poetry which still seems a little crazy because I want to stereotype him as a redneck bumpkin. I enjoy having my stereotyping destroyed. He wasn't there so Lori and I got to know each other through talking and then when Leigh came along we took a walk and had a talk of discovering that there is a lot in common between us. They live in an amazing house from the 1700's that needs more work than I've ever seen a house need! They seem like such nice people and the area is so beautiful and pure with history, ha... it makes me want to find money for them and spend the years it would take to get it in shape working on it for them.

May 01, 2013

Cacapon State Park, West Virginia

I just realized that every blog entry for April was titled 2012, I slipped back a year in my head maybe? I had to redo all of the entries! The sun was out and my only thought was to get out in and with it. Mo and I headed up to a reservoir and I walked real slow (been feeling very slow these days) I jumped on the truck to create some music and a couple showed up to wash their dogs in the lake. They had just got engaged to be married and were excited about that. It was one of those, they had known each other as children, became reunited as adults and now will be together forever. In the beginning we were all hesitant to interact and when we departed... it was all chat and smiles.