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January 31, 2013

A Minute of Me and Piano Dog Boner

Piano Dog Boner, I called him Bo for short, hung out with me on top of the Traveling Piano. He was my first dog, in my minds eye since age five and he manifested at age forty. Bo was my friend and by my side for over fifteen years. He passed in 2010 and his spirit is as alive and as strong as ever.

January 30, 2013

Traveling Piano on the Virginia Tech Campus 2007 P-1

Before I die there is desire within me to let go of any disappointment that I have in people. It is a tall order because often I think, people are just no damm good. They do not care about me and my agendas. Why should they? Another layer of the onion peeled off last night (I hope I don't stick it back on) while going through pictures of my fundraiser and house sale. People wanted to help they just did not know how and even more frustrating I had no where-with-all to tell or direct in any efficient way. I have a tendency to expect people to find there own way in knowing how and what I need for them to do. They are supposed to read my mind and also be correctly one step ahead of me. I know all the where's and whys of this type of thinking and it takes concerted effort and practice to change it. Always, I am improving with this, I hope. Before I die will I have a sense of total achievement in this area? Hahaha... However much I accomplish... it is what it is. I do know... when it is time to step up to the plate in anyway... for me and my life, I always do it well. I just always need "my" time as far as the decision and then I can give over all my time to do whatever is needed.

Todays, slideshow is about when the student government of Virginia Tech called to ask if we would come be with them at the time of their tragedy. The renowned Jim Turner (who I had met fifteen years prior in Philadelphia) was there playing water glass music so we musically jammed together on the campus walk. Being asked to lend support at Virginia Tech was one of the top five honors given to me in life to date. The phone call for me was a show of trust and validation that what I have to offer for the world is simple, straightforward and clear. Fun... Friendship... Respect with no hidden agenda.

January 29, 2013

One Way to Fund the Traveling Piano... Sell the House

Wow, it was intense work to make this slideshow! Keeping everything straight and organized... documenting the documentation, ha. When all was said and done I was going to split it up but hell no. I like it and it was done first and foremost for myself even though I hope people will enjoy it and stay interested through to the end. It could use some tweaking but it ain't going to happen now. Here is the jist: Sell the house... take a few weeks to ready sale with a new roof, siding, move out the landscaping (rocks and plants), bring outside the inside contents for a fundraiser/yard sale, create music, hangout with the dog, shave the dog for summer, meet a few neighbors, visit with friends, share the Traveling Piano... curbside, in the backyard, on the front lawn... cover everything at night, uncover everything at daylight... A Slideshow movie with 254 slides, 9 musical improvisations... just over 12 minutes.

January 28, 2013

Between the cold, snow and rain... Mo and I went for a long walk. I love the feeling of being out in the cold air with exercise and then the feeling of returning back inside, taking off layers of clothing and into a warm, clean and cozy environment. My computer began to give me serious problems. It works very hard with super heavy use everyday. The diagnostic application would not work. All the solutions are online but if the computer does not work getting to the solutions, a problem. I had a talk with god and said I knew I would do whatever is needed. Do I have a choice? Yea, I do. However, as soon as the decision was made to move into and through whatever... however weak, distant and small the decision/feeling was... the answer came through. The diagonists application... on the third try a different window came up with different instructions... no rhyme or reason that I know of. It fixed the problem. As always... keep the hysteria, drama and chaos out of the situation, stay calm and everything will work out. My thoughts these days are old thoughts that have not been around in my head for a while. I like them.

January 27, 2013

As I go through the pictures for the slideshow journey period I am creating, I am feeling deeply touched people who have given and shown me support for my life. Most of them... are people who contribute just for the sake of it... not many people for sure. The sincerity of a few, even one... creates major influence. It is easy to remember that people care but useless for me if I do not attach feeling to the thought. People do care. They do put out effort and want to. This fact is easy to negate when I want to think about having support from a lot of people. Numbers are relative. I mean it would be fantastic to have the support in the millions. There is nothing wrong with abundance. But... there is no difference with being satisfied and happy about 1000 verses 100,000 thousand. It is the same as with money, eh? How many wealthy people, millionaires I have heard about over the years... not content, living life with the same insecurities and feelings of need concerning money as those without any. Life is not about what you actually have... it is about what you feel about what you actually have.

January 26, 2013

I began to create a really big slideshow. I am stretching my mindless boundaries of limitation. Everything is an experiment. The slideshow will be from the period when I sold my home to fund this journey. Everyday of it is detailed in words and pictures on this website. I fixed the house up for sale and had a huge fundrasier/yardsale for a few weeks. It was absolutely crazy but... my process never the less. I wanted to let go of everything I owned with fun, value and respect. Financially it was a flop. Even though it was crazy work I mean insane... it was fun. The respect and value that I was looking for from it all came from within. This is true. Most people and friends (past) could not have been bothered to show up and then... most of the people who did... wanted to pay pennies for everything without having any concept of contribution.

January 25, 2013

Piano Dog Mo

There is nothing new to report except for the work I have been presenting... the slideshows. Everything to say has been said. To think of new things to say... why bother. Ha... I am sinking into myself more and more and I like it a lot. Relief... part of me is a little concerned that I will get lost in myself but I do not think so. Whenever that has happened in the past I get pushed out whether I want to or not. When it is time to do something else... I'll know and want to know through a good smooth transition. Loving my dog, enjoying the light falling snow, food, warmth, the internet (for now) downloaded television shows, ha... thought I had nothing to say but... it is the same old these days. Again, I'm enjoying it.

January 24, 2013

From Hurrician Katrina

I'm so tired right now I can't think to write something so here is what the YouTube blurb says: The decision to visit Hurricane Katrina affected areas in Louisiana and Mississippi was a game changer for the entertainment property called Raggin' Piano Boogie. It was the first true career contribution from Piano Man Danny Kean the idea of giving for the sake of giving without agenda or obligation. A new journey began as a result... that of Fun, Friendship and Respect without any other agenda and with no expectations. The Traveling Piano, read all the details at www.travelingpiano.com Photos and Music: Danny Kean

January 23, 2013

From Las Vegas, Nevada

To find myself in Las Vegas... well, you can read all about it on the May Blog Link from 2012. Surfing the rooftops of different Casinos, that was my favorite time!

January 22, 2013

From Alaska

This is the third slideshow of Alaska in a series of how many I know not ...yet. There has been no piano playing recently because I have been going through the improvisational pieces I have created everyday since 2006 to find ones for the slide shows. As I make them, which takes hours sometimes a whole day for one, I am listening to my music the entire time and am sick of hearing myself!!! So, no piano playing.

January 21, 2013

From Joplin, Missouri After the Tornado

I really do not have much to say these dyas I am completely focused on creating slideshows with my music to share. Here is the caption used for YouTube: Traveling Piano Man Danny Kean and Piano Dog Boner visited Joplin, Missouri a week after an EF5 multiple-vortex tornado devastated a large part of the city.... to give support with music and love. Musical Improvisation: Danny Kean www.travelingpiano.com

January 20, 2013

From Zacatecas, Mexico

I was driving through the city of Zacatecas in the north central part of Mexico looking for a spot to park. I saw a guy standing outside a hotel smoking a cigarette and asked if it was legal to park at the curb. Luckily he spoke English and not only that he was the hotels piano player taking a break. Mario drove me through the city with his two nephews while I created music with Piano Dog Boner hanging on tight.

January 19, 2013

From Newfoundland

From Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques on Newfoundland's west coast via ferry the Traveling Piano drove cross country through heavy winds and sideways rain reaching the destination of St. John's on the east coast... and then the fun began! As of the posting of this slideshow the Traveling Piano continues to drive to China needing support and wanting to share info.

January 18, 2013

From Dallas, Texas

When in Dallas, Texas the Traveling Piano headed to a few inner city parks to create music. Families found me and also as I began to improvise by one lake, three girls one with a hula hoop pulled up next to me in their truck. Guess what happened... Also there was fun to be had curbside in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of the city.

January 17, 2013

From Glacier Park, Montana

Piano Dog Boner had died. We were originally heading for Hollywood together. I was down in Texas ready to continue on my own to Hollywood. As I was going to the truck to leave my life's priorities came up. "Your priorities are Dog, Nature, Music, People. The dog is gone... what the hell are you going to Hollywood for, your priority now is nature. For twenty five years you have been wanting to go to Glacier National Park in Montana and it is now time." I began driving north. This slideshow posted today is my favorite so far. It is the first of what will be many from Glacier National Park. All photos are in the visits time line as the days progressed. Please share this slideshow video with everyone you can.

January 16, 2013

Sooo... six visual animations were made for this website when the journey began. All but one has come to life. Miami on the beach with palm trees... that is the only place I have not yet played. All the animations were with Ragtime and Boogie Woogie music because in the beginning I had not yet began to create my own improvisational music. So all the situations manifested a little differently concerning music, not that I was trying to manifest them at all to begin with. I will also not "try" with Miami. I'm just going to do it. Miami Florida is next for the Traveling Piano with no idea when I will head out but for sure I'm not going to rush it but... I'm a man on a mission with this last visual. Even if its to ride down touch base for a picture and then leave, its going to happen.

January 15, 2013

There is a part of me that really enjoys not taking care of myself, just not caring about effort. I have desire for that. My life seems to be fifty percent for action, fifty percent nothing. Sometimes the ability to care just does not exist. It isn't depression, probably sloth. I can be a very slothful sinner and how I enjoy it. What a luxury to be able to be that way. At the same time I pray that "the force" does not move me from slothfulness in an undesirable way. I've had enough of that in my life. I have had enough undesirable events in my life to get me off my ass and into action. So I play a take it to the edge, an almost dare game... how slothful can I be before I need to self-activate into action. No obligation, neediness, expectation, loyalty, bonds to propell my life. I've set it up for all self-activation and it is not an easy road to tow but "the" road nevertheless. Slithering into action seems the way to go for me. Mo and I slithered into the local park two days in a row. The weather was mild and I just took my time to enjoy it to the fullest. Gratitude.

January 14, 2013

From Staten Island, New York

One more two minute video slideshow from our recent visit to Staten Island, New York after Hurricane Sandy. We simply drove through the streets and when someone showed an interest we stopped to engage with some Fun, Friendship and Respect.

January 13, 2013

From Staten Island, New York

I would have liked to have spent more time in Staten Island, New York after the hurricane. Posted is six minutes of smiles! There is a function at the bottom of the frame to select the viewing quality, a wheel. Choose HD for the slideshows best quality... if you have a good internet connection.

January 12, 2013

The animations on this website... after Mexico in 2007 the Traveling Piano was heading to Bryce Canyon UT where I had never been and wanted to record some music. Also on the agenda was Las Vegas not because I had an animation of it... just to see it. There used to be a guy who played piano on the back of a big truck in Vegas. (no longer) Everything changed direction when Virginia Tech had their tragedy and the student government called to ask if we would come and stay until the end of the semester with them. Piano Dog Boner and I were in Arizona at the time. Four years later it happened... last year. No trying, no working towards... it was just the right time and happened naturally. I got a live picture of the animation! Vegas was fun, I surfed the hotel roof top parking lots while my friend Brian took pictures of us.

January 11, 2013

Everyday I pray. It does not matter to who or what. When I wake up as soon as I can remember to think Fun, Friendship and Respect... feel that and then work with gratitude... that is prayer for me. I talk with people in my life who have passed and tell them I'm still thinking about them, have not forgotten them. Spirit is alive. It is important for me to think of them when good things happen or I am enjoying myself. I do it in order to share my life because everything on earth for everyone who has passed... is their heaven. Sometimes I tell them why I love them. Sometimes I do that with people who are still alive and who I have hateful thoughts towards even though they are not with me in person. I ask God to remove negative impulsive thoughts that happen at least once everyday like how I am going to hurt myself, crash the truck, find Mo killed, doing something wrong and getting caught, being accused of something horrendous with humiliation, short pangs of aloness. Just because nothing horrendous has never happened and there is no need to feel humiliated does not mean the feeling cannot exist. Fears and destructive possibility was taught to me big time as a kid.

January 10, 2013

New York is on my mind having just posted a slideshow of our recent visit to the area. This animation jpg for today of playing in Times Square... ha, the story is here on the website. Piano Dog Boner and I actually did it. We played Times Square and... short the time was! Within five minutes a swat team was upon us!!! Black uniforms, machine guns the whole nine yards. ALIEN in Times Square in the form of a red pickup truck, piano man creating music with dog!!!! I said, "officer just let us hang here for a short while and get some pictures." Oh no he said, my captain is watching us and he is pissed, you gotta get outta here. I did get some pictures and we did play for the crowds a bit. I don't think I would have the nerve to do it today. I'm getting less nervy as I get older. That could change. I'm open to it.

January 09, 2013

From Rockway Beach, New York

It took a few days to make this slideshow of the Traveling Piano in Rockaway Beach, New York. We were there on Thanksgiving and also a week before after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area. I have a lot of gratitude for having been able to visit and interact with the neighborhood through musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. For me to see the slideshow, the pictures and listen to my music with it blows me away. To have grown into this level of life creativity is mind boggling for me. I love the creation of it all and wonder how to involve people to be interested enough to watch it. I'll start by asking everyone who is reading this to watch it... and then share the link with friends.

January 08, 2013

The only time I am aware of time is when it serves a purpose to do something which usually involves commitment, pressure, obligation... the weather being cold, hot, rain, snow, wind, humidity... I have changed environments at so many times through this journey I am losing a sense of season. Moving around so often and having been in hot weather and wearing sneakers since last Feburary... when it came time for cold weather shoes I forgot I had any. Ha, I just found them! No matter how little I own or carry around or pack... out of sight out of mind. That can be a very useful way of being but also a pain in the ass. So anyway, when in Seattle, Washington last year I was getting a picture under the Space Needle icon when I realized, "Oh, my God... this is one of my Animations, I'm here!"

January 07, 2013

I really enjoy snow with no worries and have nothing pressing especially when there is a lot of light. I have been hibernating and loving it very much...in a place where the light shines totally inside from frozen snow on the ground outside. Today, just for today I am not worried about the need to get outta here or wether anything is going to work or not, whats dying, etc. Loving Piano Dog Mo, the warmth while relaxing in my recliner, some life long personal belongings still around me... I threw some hotdogs, potatoes, sauerkraut, salt, pepper a tab of butter into a pot to cook... I needed that and enjoyed it to the hilt. Recoded a few minutes of music, checked out some Chinese language video (my dream to take the Traveling Piano to China is alive) ...did practically nothing else all day but watch six or seven pre-recorded episodes of Broadway Empire (no commercials) on my computer. All the while telling myself I am allowed and it is ok not to have urgency or to work. It is ok to take as much time as I need to revitalize my spirit and desire. Enough rest gives me the room for desire. Desire creates action. Action creates energy. I'm not moving into the next leg of this journey until I'm ready. I can only do that by allowing myself to be here now and feel good about that. The animations I had created when I started this website... I not only found myself in Kansas, with friends we found a dirt road far from any main road with the wind blowing fresh green wheat (not as high as an elephants eye but high enough) at sunset. My friend Ryan stood on top of the Traveling Piano playing the violin as Hila from Israel sat at the piano to play... in Hays Kansas. That synchronistic and spontaneous happening was mind boggling. I'll be forever grateful for the pictures I have as proof!

January 06, 2013

When I started this journey along with this website I had six animations made for fun to show that the Traveling Piano can go everywhere. Have you checked them out on this website? I was looking to communicate that the Traveling Piano travels everywhere and can play in places with snow and ice. How far away from my home in Philadelphia, PA? The farthest and most out of the box destination I could think of at that time... Alaska Did that, done that. Originally the thought was pretty much a joke in my head and was not planned. One day I just made the decision to do it. That was a dream come true.

January 05, 2013

From Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Sandy Hook, Connecticut part two.

January 04, 2013

From Sandy Hook, Connecticut

The slideshows I am making, they are all in the timeline of happening. This is the first of two slideshows with my improvisation from spending the holidays in Sandy Hook, Connecticut to help keep love alive, validate the worth of humankind, share some fun, friendship and respect.

January 03, 2013

From Idaho and Utah

The snow has not melted at all. My new thermal socks ontop of another pair of socks worked well with a short walk Mo and I took in my only pair of footwear... light summer walking sneakers. I created the index to archive 2012 today. Check out the link on the left or click here. 2012 Consistency, Blessings Over the last few days I made a slide show of taking pictures while driving down from Washington State through Idaho and Utah last year with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand out the window shooting pictures of landscape. Check out the slideshow below. When I was creating the thumbnails for the archive link going through the year and picking out pictures... no words came to mind, I can't bring to reality all that has been accomplished. It is remarkable to say the least. How did I do it? There are awesome pictures of people and nature. There's no need to read anything just go through my life in pictures. The most difficult aspect of last year was finding places to stay and simply staying with new people in all their stuff both nice and not so nice... six years of doing that... can we talk burnt out? I don't know what to do and I do not need to now... today. Of course, I was holding out from posting this New Year because I so want people to know about Sandy Hook, Connecticut. If you have not... please read last months blog. December 2012 It will be significant for me if lots of people read and see it. Blessed keeps coming to this non-religious mind. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to go there and be right in the middle with the community just like in Rockaway and Staten Island in November. While I am writing this I am so tired my dyslexia is kicking in big time. I write lots of the wrods lkie tihs and constnatly msut corrcet tehm. Hahaha, its true. Tomorrow I will post a slide show from Sandy Hook.

January 02, 2013

Defiantly, I am on a food kick, not obsessed or anything, not overeating just truly enjoying having a variety at my disposal, knowing where it all is placed in the cabinets, an abundance cooked and ready to eat at whim, frozen, in the fridge, as well as yet to be cooked with my own kitchen utensils to use, I don't have to think about what I am going to eat, how, where to get it, when, where to eat, how much to spend, with who... which is always the case when I am on the road. So, this seems stupid to write in my blog but its my fun right now. In the fridge I can choose from fresh italian manicotti, home cooked chicken soap, slow cooked ham, potatoes and cabbage or a hearty tomato, ham, bean soup, a variety of cheeses, salami, pepperoni... I can go on and on about what is in the freezer, more of whats in the fridge along with pork, hotdogs, frozen fruits, vegetables, bagels, lunch meat, bread, etc... and cabinets so much... as well as supplies to make more recipes. God, I hope I don't have to leave here until I get to enjoy it all. Pie, cakes, candies, cookies, crackers, nuts... (remember the fruit cakes I purchased in december) Ha, I'm set for a half year... although I am pretty sure I won't be here that long. I had no desire to go out into the cold today having heat, my dog, internet, candles, music and downloaded television shows and always lots of Traveling Piano work to do.

January 01, 2013

West Virginia

I feel very "diary" like in wanting to write today.I have been waking up in the mornings with a very dry mouth. Stretching and breathing are in order along with a humidifyer. I did do some stretching today. Getting lighter in weight too... is a must if I don't want to go totally downhill. Ohhh... it hurts so much to be honest about that. The fact I might go down hill because of whatever reason. On the fun side of life... I spent most of the day making ham bean soup. It took twelve hours. Ham with fifteen different types of beans, lots of tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, chili powder, fresh garlic, carrots and mushrooms. I threw in some of the most delicious Genoa salami for good measure. Won't eat any until tomorrow because I choose to eat earlier... a few slices of the salami with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers and a salad of olives with a few crackers. I had my ham today for breakfast... ham, carrots, potatoes and cabbage that had been cooking all night in a slow cooker. Also had a few fresh baked chocolate chip cookies my niece made for me and a delicious Italian Sfogliatelle I purchased on the way out of Pennsylvania.