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December 31, 2012

West Virginia

Wow, we are back in West Virginia. There is a foot of snow here. The snow plow blocked the driveway entrance and the snow covered driveway goes down into the hollow where the cabin is. As tired as I was... no way was I going to leave the truck at the top and then unload traversing back and forth to get everything into the cabin where I am staying. It was like, "just do it" I bulldozed over the cliff and downward. Once the Traveling Piano reached the bottom I knew it will be staying there for awhile. The snow is not going to melt any day soon. I took all the electronics out of the truck. I'm not trusting the cold these days. Now I have the piano keyboard in the cabin to create music with. I feel happy to be here on New Years Eve and with just Mo. This last sprint of the journey was a total success. I'm posting today a few more pictures from the neighborhood in Sandy Hook Connecticut. We left here December 20th to be with the community through the holidays. I had a goal of not feeling needy through the holidays and I succeeded with that.

While driving I was thinking of my past 57 New Years Eve's. Ha, the most boring was trying to be excited with family as they drank and i didn't. The most exciting was being the center of attention for First Nights in different cities and towns during my career. The most desperate was being out in dance clubs with friends looking for a last minute hookup. Going home alone on New years Eve was to be a loser. The most peaceful New Year Eve's were the ones I slept through. The most contented New Year's Eve... now.

I may not write the blog for a week or so and then again I might. Will this journey have a seventh year? Probably. I want to write about a very unusually, usual happening. The journey has existed and has been tenacious because of validation and reassurances such as this. My friend Marion who I stayed with in Connecticut is a medium/psychic who holds spirit practice in her home. I participated with about eight other people in one. This guy sat across a couple feet from me and his task was to say whatever... in looking at me for about five minutes. He had never met me, knew nothing about me or this journey. During the past few months I had been questioning the journey, what I am doing, why and especially cautious about my ego getting too involved. So... he began to talk saying I am a traveler... I have been traveling for a long time now... doing it a lot... I am on a journey... it is an important journey... I am a good man... solid, grounded... I am doing important work... it involves fun... I am a healer (personally I would never go there but he did) ... he said that I have been questioning myself and my motives and I should not be doing that because what I do is pure... do not worry about my ego... it is important work that I do... I am surrounded by spirit... I am loved and must take care of myself so I can continue. I give freely. These were the exact words he used and there was more and it was all one hundred percent on. He used my words and addressed my thoughts, reassured my intent. I began to shake and almost cry because I just could not believe what he was saying. It was coming from my soul, my heart through me out and back in. I tried as much as I could to breath deep and allow it all to be with me, in and through. I'm just saying it as it is. The experience was powerful, in the top five of my life so far.

December 30, 2012


I woke up this morning knowing it was time to leave. Below freezing is too cold for now and tomorrow New Years Eve, possible snow has been forecast again. With the cold, the truck and piano and equipment old, I'm too out of shape and Mo is not built for a sustained cold hanging out on top of the piano... we spent enough time. We made a pit stop by my friend Charlie's place in Pipersville, Pa and we are spending the night with my niece and her family in Fallsington, PA. She baked me a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies like my mom used to make at Christmas. I still have the tin she used all my life back in West Virginia and will be placing the cookies in them. The family has stewardship of my most loved Christmas decorations and it was a treasure to see them throughout the house. I especially loved Mo finding a spot on the couch with my great nephew for a snooze while we watched a segment of the BBC's Planet Earth..

December 29, 2012

Stamford, Connecticut

It was a snowy day, a beautiful snowfall all day. I posted all the pictures up to date in the picture galleries. Don't think I will make it through the New Year here. Temperatures around thirty and snow everywhere.

December 28, 2012

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Its a long writing today but hey, its for me! Ha, I hope someone will be interested to read all of it also. As is obvious from past web postings this month I have begun to create photo slideshows because there are too many photos to view one by one. It has also given me cause to listen to some of my piano improvisations while trying to find perfect musically acceptable pieces to accompany the slideshows. Almost all of them I have heard only once before posting here on the website everyday since 2006. Ha, none of my improvising so far has been anything near perfect. As I was driving out of Sandy Hook today I thought, "You may never create a perfect piece of music but you not only can, you have created perfect Traveling Piano experiences. Today was one of them." What a gift for my life.

I woke up not too sure of the day although I did my mantra of thinking Fun, Friendship and Respect first thing. The sun was out, clear skies and tomorrow the weather is supposed to turn snowy again so I was saying to myself, "Opportunity to take the Traveling Piano out, do not miss it." Giving myself a kickstart without letting my tenuous health, the idea of pushing myself too much and temperature in the thirties get in the way was tricky. As I began to drive towards Sandy Hook resentments began to ruminate in my head and I caught them. "Fear is lurking around somewhere Danny." Then neediness surfaced and, "Why doesn't anyone in my life call to check in on how I am feeling more than once every few months." Then I thought of the only solution I have ever found for that... "It is what it is"... I had to call friends to see how "they" are feeling. Works every time when I can do it. The neediness dissipated. Then while waiting in line at a gas station to purchase a hotdog a guy came out of the back room. I asked him if he was the owner and he was. It was the third time I stopped there because they have large coffees for a dollar, the people are nice and the prices are totally reasonable. I want to support privately owned good business. I told the guy how much I appreciated his place. He said thanks and that he just stepped out of the back room because he was losing his patience with a customer who was giving him really bad time about his business. Timing is everything. That fact that I was able to give some balance to his situation told me I was on track for the day.

In Stamford where I have been sleeping the snow has melted. Up in Sandy Hook it is everywhere. I thought where can I create music? Still, after all this time I worry about making a fool of myself so I need to create fail safe situations for myself to get started. "I'll go the the local park and record some music for today even if only for fifteen minutes in this cold." Mo and I headed for Treadwell Park where we had been before hoping the parking lot had been plowed. It was. Two cars where there so I knew recording was not going to happen. There were a few people sledding on a hill. Normally I would have pulled to the back of the lot but today... needed to be in as much sun as possible. (for heat) While pulling up to the front of the hill I thought how I have created music while people surfed the ocean and skate boarded but never while sledding in snow. The people there immediately began to smile but they were too shy to engage and then a car load full of kids pulled up and the look on the drivers face through the closed window said it all. I knew the fun was about to begin. For the next few hours the place filled with kids and parents. At one point there must have been seventy people sledding and having a good time. My favorite comment for the music other than that I create perfect music for sledding was that the experience of having the Traveling Piano present was thrilling!

I am so thankful to be able to share my life with people and more importantly for them to embrace what I have to offer. When I got back to my friend Marion's place she reminded me that it was one week ago to the day since I had last been to the park which was also the one week anniversary of the towns tragedy which happened just through the trees from the park. Compared to the darkness I experienced last week... today I saw people keeping active, keeping their kids active...doing, keeping life going finding ways to enjoy... working the "fake it until you make it" slogan. I can appreciate that effort totally. Back in Stamford, Marion was getting ready to join six friends to see Les Miserables at the movie theatre. As I arrived being tired was not an option I was not going to miss the opportunity to see that movie! I knew it was going to be a great work of art and I was not disappointed. Afterwards we all went to a Mexican bar/nightclub in the center of Stamford. Once again I can't leave today without saying how wonderful Mo was in sitting so long in the cold with two coats on and his paw mitts to keep him warm! A newspaper guy appeared from the Connecticut something or other and he said to me, "So your here to bring some healing..." I cut him off saying, "Hell no, I'm not out to save the world, I'm here to create some fun and when I have fun the world has fun." Later I thought also, I do want people to know they are loved. The last Raggin' Piano Boogie poster was given away and lots of Raggin' Piano Boogie cassette tapes. I tell kids and adults alike that they are already framed pictures for their walls! (just in case they don't know what a cassette is or no longer have a cassette music player)

December 27, 2012

I got the runs... good thing about that is it gave me time to create another Christmas slideshow from the old days before the season ends. The weather outside was clear but cold and windy. For anyone who does not know I performed piano from the back of the same truck for 20 years full time. The entertainment property as I called it was Raggin' Piano Boogie. With Piano Dog Boner on top of the piano for fifteen years, we did a lot of Christmas parades together. In 2006 everything transformed into the Traveling Piano, same truck and now a new chapter has been happening.

December 26, 2012

Stamford, Connecticut

Outside there has been a constant roar of wind, snow and ice. My cozy room is now a drafty room! I have plenty of blankets, everything I need and my friend Marion is a room away. We are hanging low, taking it easy feeling better but not out of the storm. (concerning my physical health) I pushed myself for all I was worth on Christmas Eve because I knew this storm was coming and wanted to do as much as possible while I could. Did too much, oh well I'll live.

December 25, 2012

Stamford, Connecticut

I slept through the night and the entire day until 11:30pm tonight except for trips to the bathroom every two hours. I had to put on my socks, a hat, pants and my outdoor fleece coat each time to make the trip even though it was only about twenty feet away. There was no way I was going to get caught in a chill. All night my body was about a hundred four degrees and ok as long as I did not make a micro move. That would bring on the chills, seriously bad chills. I was one big back ache from head to toe. Continuously, I thought about how I could not be sick in a better place. Being left alone, a major comfortable bed, soft flannel sheets, a most comfortable comforter, my pup by my side and two gallons of water. I've never felt so comfortably and sick at the same time... secure too. I went downstairs just recently, midnight to get some small left over crab-cake appetizers from a few nights ago. Marion my host had brought home a Christmas dinner for me from her family (I had been invited) and it was such a treat with fresh string beans, I think the best roast beef I ever had, mushrooms, potatoes, gravy, salad... I wondered how I could have such a perfect day so sick! Maybe because I am achieving my goal of not feeling needy through the holidays. A week to go!

December 24, 2012

Naugatuck, Connecticut

First things first. I took a drive to Naugatuck to visit with a few friends. It took a lot longer to get there than I had expected but whatever. The goal was to get filled up with, love, reassurance, validation and let go of any neediness lurking. It worked. Afterwards I drove to Southbury in order for Mo to play in a park with other dogs. Southbury is next to Sandy Hook where we have been hanging out. He had a terrific time. You should have seen him run through the field. People laugh when they see it, me too. It is like, "there I go, here I come, there I go, here I come." The temperature was truly freezing but it was also Christmas Eve and I was not going to let the day go by without creating some music so I did. A few people joined in. There were no plans everything was happening in the moment. Marion my host had invited me to Christmas dinner with friends. I could not decipher if I wanted to be with people or not and then decided to just stop by the friends house before people arrived to give a Christmas greeting. I sat in the driveway and decided to play until someone found us.

Family and friends began to arrive and went inside saying, "did you know there is a man in a truck with a dog sitting on top of a piano he is playing in your driveway? The second I met Donna and her family I knew I was not going anywhere. They had a grand piano and I had Christmas sheet music. This was an Italian Christmas Eve through and through. Of course the food was the biggest treat for me. (aside from everyone's good cheer) Before the night ended my back really began to get to me and then I started to feel very ill (I knew I did not have enough water through the day) and then... it began to snow. After about an inch on the ground I was in a daze. The truck was covered with snow, the streets, everything and it showed no signs of stopping. Normally, nothing could be better on Christmas Eve right? Ha, I followed Marion back to her house and it wasn't so bad. I just focused on her car the whole way. The rest of the night I could not have been more sick... but safe. This is where a garage for the Traveling Piano is crucial. Thank God Marion has a garage I can use. The piano will work or not work when I try it... nothing new here.

December 23, 2012

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Today was full of awe for me. Having driven to Sandy Hook to meet with a few friends, the Traveling Piano first ended up across from the towns fire station. We were in an almost empty parking lot and it was also a short distance from some of the memorials. I talked with people who live here and heard overwhelming grief. Some have no idea how they can go on, they feel like they have lost their home forever. I was taken by surprise today and what I experienced completely shifted my perceptions and assumptions from the other day. Someone said, "everyone here is where they are supposed to be." The streets were full with a steady flow of people passing by. No drama, gawking, curiosity seekers (I'm sure there were some)... the overwhelming majority of people were showing the authenticity and truth of what it is to be human.

There was not much lingering around everyone came, spent a short time and left. At one point the parking lot began to fill with varooming street vehicles and a bunch of punk kids from an inner city hood somewhere jumped out... went over to the memorials... less than ten minutes later they were gone. New England type families in long black cashmere coats, people from Ireland, from Brazil, groups of people from Mexico. I met these people and talked with them, this is how I know. For the entire day there was a steady flow of people through the streets all for the sake of validating the worth and love of humanity. All the land around here used to belong to a woman who built theTown Hall in Newtown where Sandy Hook resides. There was some kind a stipulation that people are to use it for recreation in some way. Every night a movie just out of theaters but not yet into dvd is shown auditorium style for two bucks per person. I got there just as the movie was letting out.

As it turns out the town hall was another memorial site and the first site where I actually created music. Mo and I had several interactions with friends, family, children and adults from throughout the community. I played into the night as the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain or snow. It seemed in the low thirties all day and... so what. That fact had no affect on anything. A family got onto the truck who used to live fifteen minutes from my old house and another woman had a dog who Mo had a good time running with... came here from Newtown, Pennsylvania also fifteen minutes from my old house. Two more people connected with me from Seattle, Washington where Mo and I were one year ago today. Mo... as every person expresses how amazing he is, I feel amazed. That is a lot of amazingness I have been experiencing. A fortunate and grateful man am I to have Mo in my life as well as every single person we meet. (ha, I'll give that ninety-eight percent of the people we meet, today one hundred percent)

December 22, 2012

Rowayton, Connecticut

With snow showers and the temperature at thirty two degrees I had some reservations about going out today. Not so much for myself but it might be too cold for anyone to hangout and interact with the Traveling Piano. My friend Marian planned on taking two of her grandchildren to see the Polar Express in Connecticut's only Imax movie theatre which is in Norwalk, CT. With consideration of the holidays and the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook all children were welcomed to the theatre without an admission fee today. The Polar Express being one of my favorite movies I found myself in dilemma wanting to allow myself to go have some non-Traveling Piano fun and also have a Christmas experience. The dilemma lasted about five minutes. It was movie time. I also found two dog parks in the area. The first was a large, perfect field except for the blustery thirty five mile an hour winds. Also, it was along the water. I could not stand or even walk in the cold. I need to go get a pair of shoes. I only have a pair of sneaks and they have "no" insulation from cold air. Ha, I'll probably try thermal socks first. This way of living is getting to me. :) I have a pair of sneaks and that is it? The second dog park was not as large but still good and there I connected with two girl friends... one from New York City and the other from Seattle, Washington where the Traveling Piano was nesting at this time last year. Her brother plays the piano on Venice Beach in California. We all had a good time, dogs included.

Marian's grandson Jack who just turned four and Brook who is two, we hit it off immediately. I could not believe that children so young could be so adult like in humor, communication, thought, reasoning... everything. When I experience younger generations reaching up to me with maturity... intellectually as well as emotionally I consciously choose how I am going to handle my behavior and thinking. I can feel less than, or think why was I not as smart growing up... or why did it take me a lifetime to learn what they already know at such a young age... I can consider their vulnerability and act or treat them like I am older and therefore wiser... to be respected or... I can appreciate and support. I do the last one because when it all comes down to the core of life nothing is about what a person knows, accomplishes or what they achieve in life. The only thing that matters in life is love. This I know for sure.

After the movies we went to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant of Marian's. I can't quite put into words what it was like being with these two young tots. One word would do it... fun. I felt a real pull to bring the Traveling Piano out into the night light even though it was freezing out. Mo was so cooperative even though he did not want to do it. I put on his paw mitts, two coats, reindeer hat, threw him up onto the piano... drove the truck in front of the restaurant, a mom and her daughter came out from the restaurant, people began to stop and take pictures and a bunch of us jumped on the truck for photos and a few moments of banging on the keys.

December 21, 2012

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

It was a very dark day for me in every way. The day was so dark it was almost like night. It did not rain for most of it. That was good. No posting of pictures on today's blog, no fun. Friendship and respect, yes. On entering Sandy Hook I saw a blue make shift tent in the distance and needed to use a bathroom so I headed in that direction. It was the local high school and was being guarded with police. The police guy pointed me towards a gas station. As I turned around there was an auto repair shop across the street and so I stopped there. The owner let me use his bathroom and we had a short interaction with the Traveling Piano. He pointed me towards the local park. As I drove through the neighborhood, every once in a while I would see a guy just standing at the end of a house driveway. I realized it was people keeping guard for houses with affected family members to keep away media and well wishers. Privacy is needed. In Treadwell Park there was no one there but as soon as I stopped the truck and got out a grandmother with two of the most cutie patootie young boys pulled up. They were wanting to explore Mo and the piano but were shy at first. After running around a little they came closer than ran around some more... the third time they jumped onto the truck. Grandmom told me how the park is where neighbors have gatherings. The last time they were there was for the halloween trunk or treat. (as in treats from the back of car trunks) I had never heard of that. What a great idea! After they left I continued to create music and another family appeared from behind. They had heard the music from their house and came to have a few moments. I found a few Raggin' Piano Boogie posters before I left West Virginia so I gave one to everybody I met. That, I enjoyed. The school happened to be very close like immediately through a set of trees from where I was but I had no interest in walking over to see it. While driving I found the center of town where all the memorials were and just kept driving through. Media were present and all sorts of energy that I have no interest in. A couple hours into the day I realized it was a week ago today the tragedy happened. There was a lot of funeral traffic. I was hoping all the media would have left but a police officer told me they would tomorrow and probably be back for Christmas. Privacy is needed for this town so I want to be as sensitive as possible with the Traveling Piano. People find/discover us as always on their terms only. I know my music was filtering through the town. Cars would drive to the park to see what was... and then leave. That's fine. Non-Intrusive is to be my state of being. In trying to find a place for Mo to run a bit... there are no sidewalks and people must be very irresponsible with their dogs (sarcasm) because dogs are not even allowed inside parks! The police at the park did not give any trouble to us. It was a long drive back to Miriam's, must do the drive before it gets dark at night because my eyes are not so good for driving in the dark anymore.

December 20, 2012


Before leaving West Virginia today I cleaned the stove and microwave because that was the only thing left to clean in the place. Since I will most likely be going back for one more time I wanted everything to be neat, clean and orderly for my return... something to look forward to, I'll like that. It began to rain as soon as I began to drive... for eight hours to Stamford, Connecticut. The US Air Force song "Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder' began to ruminate into my head and then a classical piece. I wondered if I could find the name... searched on Google for... da da da... da da da... da da da... daa and the search engine asked if I meant da da da... da da da... da da da... da? Ha, and then I put the word classical along with it and found the piece!!! Mozart - Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. Is that unbelievable or what? I hope the rain washed some of the crud off the bottom sides of the truck. I came across a one car accident. The vehicle smashed into a guard rail driving around an on-ramp. The whole front was gone and the car sat still so I had to go see if anyone was dead or needed help. Two careless young goof ball kids scared shitless were sitting in it. Probably for what was going to happen with their parents. Then I thought my tire was going flat from running over the debris. Stopped at a service center, got some air, onward... With the traffic I thought, "you are not allowed to get impatient, you are officially on the job working." I feel like a man with an agenda on a journey and... I am. After talking on cell phone with two friends for over an hour each (I think they knew I was needy) then driving after so many hours with a bad back in the rain, in the dark, through New York... I reached my friend Marion and she was sick and just wanted to go to bed. Good on the bed, bad on the sick!

December 19, 2012

It takes me a long time to do anything and I refuse to rush... packing, cleaning, internet communication... getting mentally ready to leave. Unfortunately, most probably I will not be able to get any more Christmas slideshows together before Christmas because I'll be busy outside with the truck. Hope it is not too cold or rainy up in New England. The weather forecast doesn't look good for driving I should not have looked. Today's slideshow is five minutes long and wonder if it will hold people's attention until the end. On YouTube with the service I have it only shows in low quality. I just learned you can switch the quality of the video you are watching on the site. Twenty five years of playing the piano on the back of the same truck is coming to a close. 1987, this is the 25th right? I can never figure out years. Wow. In some ways it feels like I should have done something extra special. Everything is special...

December 18, 2012

West Virginia

When I woke up, uncertainty was the bill of fair. With major back pain I took some ibuprofen while thinking, "I am going to do this "day" back pain or not. I am going to deep clean this place, do wash and cook some food to take with me when I leave." My fantastic collection of music began to play on the stereo and today began to feel good. Why do I not listen to music more often??? Everything feels on track. The sky outside all day was like I've never seen it before. It was full of colorful bands like a rainbow but it was straight across clouds. Bands of green, blue and grays that would turn into orange, yellow and amazingly blues both light and dark. I could not get a picture because everything was like a mirage.

I'm posting the best Santa picture I've ever seen and also one favorite of Piano Dog Boner and Mo. I guess I have the Christmas Season working on me. When Boner died in 2010 the feeling of loss... it was what it was. The support around me was amazing. I had been preparing myself so I was able to work with years of built in gratitude. Never did I feel his spirit leave. He always was and always will be, just like me, Mo and everything in life. That may sound stupid to some people, so call me stupid! Ha, this is my truth and experience. Mo is part of Bo and I... no question about it for me.

Those thoughts bring me to why I have been called (not sure what that means) to visit Newtown, Connecticut. The horror of what has happened has given me a reason to love. I have been called to love for whatever it is worth. I am not looking to change anything for anyone. This Christmas I would have been alone. (out of choice) Now I have something to do that I want to do. This holiday seems to get more difficult for me every year. I'll be doing what I do with the Traveling Piano in all ways, on all levels. Sitting here in West Virginia alone with Mo is oh, so wonderful but I have found that after a spell everything gets stale... everything and I just don't live well "alone" in my head. Being in nature works but even with that after a time I begin to miss people. The internet does not fulfill my needs of relationship and intimacy. One-on-one with people does. I just got an email from someone I had met in Virginia Tech back when that horror happened. They gave me a vote of encouragement for my plans. I was straightening out Bo and now Mo's reindeer antlers. He came over and slipped his head into them. I'm not kidding! Everything... is saying Yes.

December 17, 2012

West Virginia

My friend Wayne sent me a hundred bucks today! The gas and toll costs from West Virginia to Newtown, Connecticut and also while I am in Connecticut driving around will be just about covered. He emailed me the other day asking for some music. He wanted to purchase some for a meditation group he participates in. I told him he needs to search for what he wants. There are over 2500 unique pieces of my piano music improvisation from the last seven years on the A Gift of Music Daily link! One for every day of this journey including today. They are all for free without cost. He decided to pay that gift forward and back to me! Wayne and his wife Brandyn were one of the first people to have me in there home back in 2007. They live in Texas and have lots of cats so... with my cat allergy they set me up with friends. Friends are so very important. To realize that someone would love my music enough to use for meditation... never in my Wildest of Dreams would I have imagined that before this journey began or even up to now! And to think before seven years ago at age fiftyI would ever improvise music to begin with... NEVER would I have thought that possible. I would not have allowed it, to take a chance at even trying. This picture today of Piano Dog Mo... ha, it so needs a caption.

December 16, 2012

A friend called to say if I head to Newtown, Connecticut I would be welcomed to stay with her. Unfortunately it would be an hour drive back and forth to the destination everyday but... she does have a garage and that is almost as big a selling point as my having a bed with the Traveling Piano truck being so old and everything... winter in New England, etc... A friend from the area where I am staying now sent me a hundred bucks today. Rare happenings like with these two friends are what gives me the drive to continue. Also, I did put out a few feelers for a place to stay. Ha, I contacted almost all the churches in the town to see if anyone from their congregations would invite us in and also the realtors to see if they know of any places to rent until the new year. It is almost unbelievable for me to think that just last year, right before the first snow... the Traveling Piano was in North Pole, Alaska having had no idea there was such a place and... I had a Santa Hat and Reindeer Antlers for Mo stashed way down deep in the truck. It was amazing!

December 15, 2012

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

It was supposed to be raining today but that did not happen. The realization came to me on a conscious level that I have not been taking deep breaths or stretching or getting enough exercise. I have been eating whatever and most importantly I have not been creating music. It is no wonder I have been feeling like crap. Improving music from a stream of consciousness is majorly therapeutic for me. Also, I have been missing my friend Dawn who owns a day spa called The Bath House in the center of town and lastly, I wanted to interact with some people on the street today. A bad back and feeling lethargic was not going to stop me. As it turned out Dawn treated me to a massage from an expert masseur named Mike. That has been a long time coming and did I ever need it today! I realized how non-present I have been during the session and also how healing a massage can be. My feeling of well being got better without question. Mike asked if I was drinking enough water. That too, I have not been drinking enough water! In the short time I was there I had some fun with neighbors, people out for the day on dates and families visiting the area. One family stuck out. The mother was hungarian and the dad looked it. They were visiting from Front Royal, Virginia. There were seven little children in this family, one was an infant. There was a tremendous amount of beauty and joy that I felt through the family. The experience solidified my impulse to follow an idea of good intent and spend the holidays in Newtown, Connecticut where so many children and family members were recently put to death. I was going to go to the Jersey Shore hurricane affected areas for a few days but now this feels more like what I want to do.

With this journey in the beginning I tried for several years to raise funding for it. My success at raising money was pathetic and I became completely burnt out from trying to garner any support so... I had to stop. Selling my home to keep going was the route I took. Staying with strangers for all these years has really helped financially and being welcomed into homes and families has been fantastic. Now, I am once again almost totally burnt out from looking for places to stay. It has become a pain in the butt. Staying in inexpensive hotels also... I am sick of everything about inexpensive lodging. There is enough money left from my home for a small place to rent for awhile without furniture or necessities... enough for plane tickets to China, or to start a new work career or... to get a half decent room in Newtown, Connecticut somewhere until the New Year. Ha, I am going to play out this journey until I can no longer do it and refuse to suffer and not have fun in the process. If no one comes through to welcome us into their home which will probably be the case because... I am not going to work to find a place... I'm just going to spend money and give it to the world through the Traveling Piano. Mo and I, we will stay determined to go out in style! I want to feel good, rested and comfortable in doing the best that I can with the Traveling Piano everyday. Being a constant through the holidays in Newtown, Connecticut will make a difference. I am one hundred percent positive of that. My track record proves it. There was a very "strange, bad happening"... the Traveling Piano has the ability to create a very "strange, good happening." We will not be able to make anything that happened better but we will be able to express love.

A friend said, "What a beautiful and selfless thing for you to do ... and what a lovely way to bring some comfort." I must respond to that. What I do is beautiful but it is not selfless. I need attention and the appreciation for what I do. When I make decisions they are by no means "selfless." Everything is done through spirit... and also I have great desire to be of use in the world. Fortunately I have found an acceptable way... in general. When Piano Dog Boner became old and ready to pass it was decided that we go out into the world and enjoy every last minute of our time together doing what we do best together and enjoy the hell out of it which is the Traveling Piano mission statement. We rocked our worlds Bo and I. With the Traveling Piano, Mo and myself now... my resources are running out and I want to continue to enjoy to the best of my ability and give it my all while I still can... as always. By the way... my funds have been running out for years. Many people feel a deep need to respond to situations involving tragedies. I have a way to do that. How fortunate and grateful I am. It is also good to let other people know that there are ways to contribute in this world and those ways do not need to be conventional.

December 14, 2012

Well, yesterdays feeling of depression went into full blown back pain. Ha, I'm dealing with it. How? One way was to purchase five different types of fruitcake from online! No kidding!!!! A few years ago I had my first taste and it was so good last year I went online to find one. All the recommended good ones were sold out. It was after Christmas. There is a total difference between a good fruitcake and a bad fruitcake. Hahaha... it all sounds so stupid. Anyway, The over priced Dinkel's Bakery cake from Chicago, Vermont's Old Cavendish, the Award Winning Berries, Cherries & Nut Cake from Woman's something or other... a Cranberry Orange Walnut Cake and Chocolate Berry Cake from some other place... they better be fucking good because I spent a lot of money! I should feel guilty about the money and it was sort of pathetic for me to do but now is not the time to feel pathetic and guilty. Now is the time for me to feel abundance so I can feel good about moving forward. Here is my second slideshow from Alaska's entry point...

December 13, 2012

I think I am somewhat depressed and this has been rare since I began this journey. The family who owns the place I have been staying in has conflict. I am becoming a pawn in the conflict resulting in my need to leave again for a day on the 21st which involves finding another place, not so much fun anymore but I know I can change that feeling if I choose. It also it means moving "stuff" around. That is the pain in the ass big time. I've been moving my life and travel archives out of here to a safer place. The owner who gave me this place to use is now sick and unable to speak for herself. When I sold my home I moved every single item out of it by myself and as a kid I moved eleven times in nine years and now... to move one thing anywhere... takes the energy of moving twenty things. Moving "anything" has become a hassle. Next... for years a very serious physical and mental shut down condition would happen to me from stress and tension. It started up again with this new development. That too has been rare since the journey began. I have been very careful not to let it take hold so instead... subconsciously I have manifested it in lower back problem. Probably because I do not want to lift and move anything, ha! I just do the best that I can. Sometimes I just must learn to live with pain. It is what it is. I "do" until I no longer can do. When I sleep I've been flip flopping. Mo jumps out of the bed every night to go away and sleep on his own. He can't take the flip flopping. With this back pain every time I wake up to turn I am thankful that I can feel. At least I am not paralyzed or even worse (just for today) dead. So, I have been becoming conscious of the gift to feel pain as well as joy and well being. Whatever. More work is needed to be able to appreciate mental anguish. :) I put some old Christmas Parade pictures of Piano Dog Boner and I into a slideshow today.

December 12, 2012

First, I woke up today feeling better about waking in the afternoon, Getting to bed around five in the morning is ok. This is my natural rhythm there is no question about it. Thank God I am in the situation to do it, feel good about that, enjoy and have the opportunity to embrace and accept it. I like to practice enjoying "what is". I work best in the middle of the night. The video's I have been creating... I am learning how to get better quality with them. Thoughts about how I can be most useful for life came up. They were not necessarily useful thoughts because I was not thinking fun with them. Usefulness through my life minus the desire of fun or enjoyment in it... I have never really been useful. So... how can I continue to create usefulness through fun and enjoyment, what would that look like? The Traveling Piano doing the same old same old... hmmm, I've been focusing on the physical limitations and that has been taking fun out of it. The video below was my entry into Alaska over the Top of the World road from Dawson, Yukon Canada amazingly... in August a year ago. I must give myself credit for what I have accomplished.

December 11, 2012

West Virginia

Once upon a time there was a street corner in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the Traveling Piano parked. There was a park nearby where people took their dogs to play. Neighbors of all shapes, types, sizes and ages came to meet and create some musical play...

December 10, 2012

West Virginia

The original plan was to drive to Winchester, Virginia and see a movie, do some errands, etc... It was in the afternoon and raining so I spent the day doing video slideshow work. Mushrooms from Alaska and West Virginia... also I was thinking how if there must be a purpose for living... it is to manifest heaven here on earth.

December 09, 2012

In a Small Cabin, West Virginia

My journey is shifting. It remains all about fun and enjoyment. I did some cooking today. First, before bed last night I threw a whole chicken into a slow cooker with water, salt, curry and crushed chili pepper. This morning I separated the chicken from the stock. The meat literally fell off its bones and I put it all into a container. The bones I put into another pot and boiled them for about a half hour. Then I cooked noodles in that bone stock. After draining the noodles I put them into the original chicken stock to sit. After chopping carrots and cabbage I started cooking them in the left over noodle stock. While slicing large chunks of celery, zucchini, a large green pepper, tomato, two large onions and a box of mushrooms... I let the carrots and cabbage cook because I did not want them to turn out crunchy. After about twenty minutes I mixed and boiled it all for twenty minutes more and then added the noodles, chicken and more salt while stirred the pot for about five mintues. Wow, it is perfect. Now I have at least five gallons of rich, tasty hearty, chicken noodle and vegetable soup. I am going to let it sit in the fridge overnight so the flavor really sets in and then freeze most of it. Now thats enjoyment, especially since I avoided too much pepper and overcooking.

December 08, 2012

Cacapon State Park, West Virginia

I woke up feeling like I had enough rest! Nice, eh? In a slow cooker I had some corn beef that had been stewing all night. In the afternoon even though it was cloudy I realized it was not cold and supposed to rain tomorrow... I raced with the Traveling Piano to a park to create some music. It felt so good. I really enjoy creating music outside and it is hard to believe it took until I was fifty years old to not only create my own music... but enjoy playing the piano for myself! I rambled musically and mindlessly lakeside for about an hour. Mo felt good in jumping ontop of the piano to do what we do together which is hang out. His lower jaw shows teeth when he is grinning and he was grinning big time.

December 07, 2012

West Virginia

The Traveling Piano is back in my hands finally. After two weeks in repair the choke was adjusted. That was it. Onward... Unfortunately, it was dank, cold and rainy out today. I really miss playing the piano. There was enough food where I am to last one more meal. A trip to the supermarket cost $350 bucks. That is amazing to me. Thirty seven years ago the same amount of food was $100 bucks. It is amazing that I can go back to my first shopping cart of food and know it was thirty seven years ago. The basics like spices and condiments they cost mucho but I treated myself to a can of crabmeat ($20) and a few other things too. Guess I'm planning to stay for the month but that could change in a week. I took the chance so I don't have to shop every week. I opened myself up in depth to my friend Josyln about my past and that exhausted me. Went to bed early.

December 06, 2012

I almost walked seventeen miles to get my truck today. It is a good thing I did not do that. Tomorrow my friend Josyln will come pick me up. The repair guy could not find anything wrong with the truck after more than a week in the shop. Pain in the butt and I miss playing music. A break is needed now from this third slideshow I made. They are all raw, not the best quality, I hope I can sustain interest in making them and have the time to do it because this one took over fifteen hours to make. The fact that I have these pictures is amazing to me. I hope not to start thinking about slideshow material when I am taking pictures for people in the future. One-on-one musical encounters with people must remain the priority. The pictures on this slide show... well you can read about them in the caption on Utube. The courage to create my own music and put it out into the world is a most unexpected and awesome experience I could never have imagined before age fifty. I want millions of people to see and enjoy... how do I keep ego in check through the process? Focusing on just doing it, putting it out into the universe and then letting go of any control or attachment seems to be the only way to go. My uploading to Utube and then sharing through the service with other outlets is a sign of willingness. For over the last six years I have kept all sourcing from the website alone. Still the records show only twenty views. I know there are many more than that but... I guess the less I know the better because even a couple thousand views does not create any major virbration for me. Ha!

December 05, 2012

My focus is on doing slideshows. It is a lot of work and am hoping they will help to move me into the next stage of the journey. My purpose is important to remember and to keep that consciously in my mind as well as in perspective. The tendency is to think I am piddling around once again wasting time and doing nothing but being irresponsible by getting lost in my head while creating delusions of grandeur of whatever I am not capable of not doing and that I should be doing something else like working for money, etc... Ha, now I must put the truth in here... What I am doing is work. I am learning. I am creating slideshows with my music to help bring my music "out of the closet" so to speak and to share it with the world, to expose my music to more people in new and different ways... I am out to create, manifest and share my spirit and soul through my music because, "it is what it is" and... to communicate what the Traveling Piano is all about through visuals to better clarify and share around the world with those who do not speak or read English... how the Traveling Piano works or just to help people understand... who "don't get it." I am out to promote the future of this journey for whatever that is worth. My gratitude... share it and be an example of truthful intent to the best of my ability, to have fun with my work, to be happy, joyous and free! Ha, yes it is. The object of life is not money. Of course I want to have what money can bring and to live as comfortable as possible but all "good things" do not come "because" of money and I know that. Also, I want to draw people into my life who will help me with the influence needed to accomplish my goals but then again there I have come to the realization also that relating to other people is not the object of life. As riches can come through money, life can come through people. Here is a slide show of my music with pictures of a huge old night blooming cereus plant I once owned.

December 04, 2012

I'm freaking out about the truck especially since the guy has had it to repair since Saturday and has not looked at it. I called him today and he said it starts ok. He had not checked the batteries, the terminals, taken it for a ride, etc... I'm almost out of food here where I am. Its a good six hour walk to go get the friggin' thing and I can feel a rip off coming on. Speaking of rip offs I checked my car insurance fee with another company today and they charged half the price I am presently paying! I've been getting ripped off with car insurance for a long time. It was like seventy degrees out today so Mo and I took a good long, long walk. I'm supposed to feel good and better after doing that right? Here is some good news to share: 14 Traveling Piano Galleries, over 44,000 unique Images of Traveling Piano Fun, Friendship and Respect in a 7 year time line with Nature, People, Dogs and other Animals, Community, Family, Piano Playing and Jammin'... finally I'm DONE with that! It took a year to revamp. Flowin' in the Rhythm of Livin' .... Boner The Dog

December 03, 2012

What I did today... I created a Traveling Piano slideshow of nature with musical improvisation. The visuals were created in Bryce Canyon in the state of Utah. I recorded music while watching the scenery. This was a dream I had in 2007 specifically having to do with Bryce Canyon and it came to fruition in 2012. Ha, it just happened through this journeys process when the time was right.

December 02, 2012

December 01, 2012

Sometimes I procrastinate with the daily posts. I'm day late on purpose. There are different feelings about it on different levels. I fight pressure in not wanting to disappoint however few visit daily, keeping people interested, if I'm not doing anything important people will turn against me, don't use the same words and thoughts over and over (ha, too late not to do that), want to allow myself not to do anything if I so choose... the sharing and writing is an important anchor for my life an important connection for me. So that is that for now. I have been thinking about my times here where I am staying. When I got the place to use and how much work I put into making it feel like a homebase. Piano Dog Boner's last leg of the journey began here, Piano Dog Mo came into my life here a year later. Now it is time to move on from here forever. Not having a secure place, presently any other place... I don't know if I want to live like this anymore. It has been fun but now it is time for something different or even the same old... in a different way. There is an organization named servas that I used from the beginning of the journey to find people to stay with. Staying with people on this journey has come about in various ways. I am disassociating from servas as of the end of this year. I am no longer willing to deal with the people running it. That closes a lot of doors for me but it is time to close those doors. Letting go is a way of giving myself a sign of willingness to move on into something new or different. There always has been, there always will be options.