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October 31, 2012

West Virginia

I saw a neighbors car pass by and return too quickly... and then another neighbor walked up the road, like to check something out... and then of course I had to do the same... and then the power went out. Lots of forrest trees had fallen from the storm. One was dangling from the power line. The tree was electrified smoking, sparks even... and it was hanging across the road. No one was going anywhere. I had planned for trouble with water in the tub, drinking water in gallon containers and blocks of ice fro the fridge and freezer, propane for heat but... I forgot to grind coffee beans. No electric for the grinder and I need my morning coffee!!! Later in the day everything returned to normal so I drove out to vote early... an hour drive to find that the people running the booths just decided to close early. Stupid people and so wrong. In my two minutes there... five other people were also turned away.

Enough of that, "they" my niece told me today... cancelled halloween in her town until Saturday because of the storm. Who the hell are "they"??? The reason, no electricity... I said that would make for a Perfect Halloween Night! They do not live in a dangerous area. I say, lets deal with temporary discomfort and inconveniences and keep the fun going even without coffee. :) Amazingly, even with all the wind from the storm, trees held onto their yellow leaves. I saw a most beautiful, vibrant American Bald Eagle flying through the air today. So I have my coffee, some food, shelter, heat, my dog, a plan(s) and... I just finished posting close to 7,050 high resolution Traveling Piano pictures for you and your friends to enjoy on this link... Boner The Dog Galleries !

October 30, 2012

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Thankfully, I woke up and the worst seemed to be over from the hurricane that is passing through. Fear is so exhausting and unproductive... and the need to know what is happening from moment to moment (ex: online updates, television news) can be a distraction for the sake of fear! After a while, after getting use to the wind howling and the electricity going on and off and no phone or internet service... once I got to the point of having no choice but to give up the idea of doing anything about it all... and the fact that I will not know whats going on in the near future here where I am... or in New York, New Jersey or my home town of Philadelphia... I began watching taped television episodes of Modern Family and this years Tony Awards before falling asleep. There is no such thing as a need to know anything. The electricity is working! Before bed in the dark I found a trick for the truck cover. Nothing would keep it from blowing off. I tried cinderblocks, a folded heavy metal ladder... and then I found that one side of the cover was staying on. When I went to make sure the engine would start earlier (need to turn the motor on everyday or the truck will not start) I mistakingly got the cover stuck in the door. That is why it had not blown away so... I purposely stuck the cover into the other door when closing it and that kept the cover over the piano (even though it was already wet) through the rest of the storm. Making a mistake saved the truck cover, kept it from blowing away and possibly the piano in the truck, Ha!

October 29, 2012

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

We are experiencing a hurricane named Sandy. Its a big mother. Through the years I have worked very hard to not get caught in weather hype. This is different... I got caught in the hype. Fear would be a better word. I am not into the idea of this storm being fun and had no idea we were going to be in the bubble or that three feet of snow is possible... the weather is so thick right now I can't tell if its raining or snowing and its just the cusp, the beginning... but here I am still online? Wish I was not in such a flimsy cabin but I can deal with anything... it is just bringing back memories of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of Joplin, Missouri's tornado. I have a good cement cellar area to crouch in if necessary that will not flood more than a foot. This storm, the elements of three weather patterns colliding on a full moon... I called a few friends with a reminder to keep their garage doors shut so the air current does not circulate into the house and then... the big door under the house I am in... blew off making the house easier for a nice lift off from the ground. I had heard creaking and rubbing of wood earlier. Having walked around the house looking out the windows for trouble and seeing none, I went into denial. How the door under the house, under the deck could get sucked off from the wind before anything else big happening I have no idea. Before the power went out I sent a facebook message to my friend Dawn in town to ask what it was like there. She knew I was panicking and had an errand to do in the area and a half hour later was at my door surprising me with friends Michelle, her son Conner... and some vegetable beef soup. I realized in an instant that the full moon is responsible for much of what I am going through, the panic. Her visit was a clear sign that I am being cared for... "angels in our mists" or something like that. I cannot imagine the Traveling Piano getting through this storm sitting outside in gusts of wind that may be up to ninety miles an hour. Dawn left and returned a half hour later again with dog food (I only have enough for three days) and a hoagie for me. I know I am being taken care of, it was almost unbelievable. This is a totally new experience. The sounds outside are amazing with roaring, banging, whistling wind and the trees are flying around. There will be many trees down because the trees are pine and have become too large on the mountain to withhold much pressure and I hope one does not fall on this house. I filled the bathtub with water to flush the toilet once the power goes... big chunks of ice in the freezer and about eight gallon jugs of drinking water are sitting on the floor. If the truck gets destroyed, the house falls down around me... I will be sustained through friendship in knowing I am not alone... also I have online facebook friends I talked with for most of the day! ha...

October 28, 2012

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

I spent the day slowly getting totally caught in the hype of a "Perfect Storm" the storm of the century with gusts up to 80 miles an hour heading right for the New Jersey shore and Philadelphia, PA my home town. Part of me so wants to be there and with people I know and I am stuck here in West Virginia with just Mo where the outer storm bands will reach. I am almost sure my internet will go as well as power. I have candles and luckily propane heat at my disposal. I hope electricity is not needed to run propane heat I have no idea. I am very concerned for the Traveling Piano out in the wind and rain. It is all just part of life, eh? When I woke up I looked outside to see the most beautiful deep smooth blanket of fall leaves on the ground I had to take a picture. For the past few days Mo and I have played in leaves a half foot deep just like kids do and loved it!

October 27, 2012

Bridgewater, Virginia

The plan was to drive south today. I was going to stay with new friends. After I woke up fear began to take a grip in me. Not having left the nest where I have been for awhile and have not having stayed with anyone new since June... it was supposed to rain and I was going to use that as an excuse not to go because I know how to interact with people with the Traveling Piano but just hang with new people inside the house because of rain for two days? My intuition said to push through so I did. The computer began to give me problems so that delayed the departure three hours. I took route 11 verses the interstate 81 and the whole way I thought how if I had an earlier start, well... I must do the route again and stop in every town to create music. The three hour drive was full of historic old towns with character. Meeting Stew and Alyce ...really my kind of people, I could have spent a week in non-stop conversation. Stew is a cardiologist, Alyce has a small herd of pygmy goats, they both are a few years younger than me and they have been together since age eighteen with three grown children.

I took some soup I made for dinner, they supplied fresh bread and cheese. They have several properties and on the goat property... I met a Mennonite neighbor who had some family visiting from Lancaster, Pennsylvania not far from where I used to live. People who live a good life... their eyes are always clear, tolerant and interested... the salt of the earth, and they look at you. Everyone was totally unpretentious, grounded, caring... back at the house while we were watching an episode of Bones on television I realized I forgot my computer. Alyce was excited because a mega storm was approaching. That got me excited but... it is supposed to be happening for the next few days... driving home with the Traveling Piano in the rain, the cellar where I am staying unattended while flooding and my computer possibly sitting outside on the deck where I had put everything to be packed into the truck before I departed... ugh, I began to drive the three hours back without staying over night... and again almost drove over a cliff. I could not see the entrance onto the interstate. My sight at night driving... ha, not funny. So... they said we could try again for another stay in the near future.

October 26, 2012

West Virginia

It was dark like heavy rain all day. I waited but the rain never happened. The temperature is very mild. I just finished twelve hours of work posting the pictures into the Web Galleries from the last few days. I never want to get behind with that work again. There are still over a hundred scenery pictures to post. I enjoyed just relaxing in the clouds, listening to autumn crickets and the nuts falling from trees onto the wood deck outside. The randomness of the nuts falling, a couple an hour... it interests me what makes them decide to fall off the tree.

October 25, 2012

West Virginia

Ha, I have been vibrating big time. Have you ever bit your mouth over and over while eating because your vibrating out of control? What that means for me is that more consciousness is needed. It was the autumn nature and journey excitment over the last few days, that is why I am vibrating. Is that an irritating word to use? Hahaha... When I woke up it was clear I would not be going anywhere and needed to take a break. It has been like I have been high, on a drug. I have been high on life. Being in a familiar environment after the last few days feels good but... last night before I went to bed I put out feelers to stay with people over the weekend back down where I was. I want to take advantage of every opportunity possible to live life with this journey. Lo and Behold, a guy named Stu got back to me today and said to come on down. It is interesting how everything happens. Having been a bit burnt out... here I go again but this time it will not be for a year. I'll go out and spend some time with new people for just two days and then return to these same old haunts. I am very happy to be doing this for now. New friends, the falling leaves, music and I hope to get a hike in... maybe not. The idea of the music in the Shenandoah Valley is almost wanting to trump my desire to take pictures and walk in nature. I have stayed with people from an organization called SERVAS over the years but I decided this year to not renew my membership. The very Idea of needing a membership has never sat well with me and now the people who have stewardship of the membership... I just don't trust anymore. This new friend Stew and his wife Alyce they are new to a community I have been part of along with the other called CouchSurfing... people who like the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other... people who welcome new people into their home's and lives in order to share life and relationship... as in Fun, Friendship and Respect.

We have stayed with friends from Facebook, friends of friends, people we've met on the road, family... anyway, Mo and I hung out at the park in the sun today. I cleaned up the truck some... it still needs a lot of cleaning. I was moving very slow and that was as fast as I could move. Vibrating too much can really slow me down! Something moved me to stop and create music and at that very moment a couple drove up. I knew inside I was there to create music for them. They seemed distant. He went fishing and she walked the waters edge. Before they left they both came over to us having been overwhelmed with the experience saying how beautiful, surreal and almost unbelievable it was. Apparently they were having some trouble... I told them the music would be healing for them. (not that I am out to be a healer) They looked like they were holding on by a thread... even in the picture... ha, I hope they work things out. The idea of a music CD came up as it does from time to time. I forget that many people... still at least fifty percent that I meet... do not use a computer and do not have the opportunity to connect with this website where I have posted over 2,500 pieces of musical improvisation to date. The idea of choosing material for a CD... Oy Vey... and then creating the CD itself would be too much work right now.

October 24, 2012

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Before it got dark today I began to drive back to West Virginia from Virginia and was going to stop to have dinner with my friend Barbara but as soon as I began to drive I could barley stay awake. While immersed in nature, music and people all day I had no awareness of being tired. As soon as I stopped exhaustion set in. It was not an easy drive especially after it did get dark. Eating Burger King, Subway and Virginia baked peach pie with ice cream for the last two days... I am fairly certain that did not help my energy level. My weight is a big concern but I refuse to suffer by mentally beating myself up I'll just suffer physically, Ha! (ugh) Along the roads, Cosmos are blooming in many spots. They are old farm, garden flowers and I love them so.

I totally enjoyed everyone we met today... a family from Germany, a couple who just got married last week from Canada and their dog, two guys who have been hiking down to Georgia for three months from Indiana and Ohio... I got myself into trouble (not really) with one older guy... I don't know who started it wether it was me mentioning the huge "This is Romney Country" banners everywhere south of where we were... or his asking me about my relationship with Jesus Christ! I stopped him dead in his tracks when Jesus Christ came into the conversation... looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and there is no need to go anywhere with that." He told me I needed to know the truth about Jesus Christ. (because he was going to tell me wether I wanted to hear it or not) Hahaha... anyway, he was telling me how he feeds the poor once a week at a homeless shelter and how the homeless love Jesus so much that even though they are hungry with food sitting in front of them... they will not eat until someone says grace. Onward...

This morning when I woke up I found myself less than a half hour from my destination. I drove two hours out of my way last night! The truck riding on the road crunching fresh dry leaves, it almost echoed in the mountains... very cool and sometimes it felt like a snow storm driving through them as they fell. Thank God I did not waste time driving and driving and taking pictures today trying not to miss anything. I found a magnificent spot on the edge of a cliff with grass... no fence or stone wall and sat there for hours creating music over the valley and taking time to share the piano and Mo's friendship... with as many people as possible. A park ranger came by to make her presence known and to check us out. Before I could invite her to jump onto the piano seat she was gone. We were at a spot in the park where hikers came up a hill to pass through. Everyone commented and was over appreciative to hear the music as they climbed and then find it. This of course is one of my favorite scenarios. It is part of my mission statement. "...using spontaneity and synchronicity to create music for people to discover..."

October 23, 2012

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Today was more of yesterday except for the fact that I took some of the most beautiful pictures of this journey to date... all with a messed up lens hairline through every photo... unrepairable although I was able to do a good job for the small web photos. Major disappointment and frustration and as I right this I am feeling agitated. I felt that way last night and hope I am not going crazy. The drive down Skyline Drive today I expected to take a few hours. I wanted to get my moneys worth. The fifteen bucks paid out yesterday is good for a week. Really I just want to make the most of this amazing weather at the most colorful time of fall in one of the most beautiful places in America for this time of year. Nine hours after starting, we ended up in Waynesboro Virginia. Motel time... what to do, what to do. The place I was going to stay in was dank, run by Indian mafia, bad attitude and extra charge for a dog... I almost drove all the way back through the night but ended up in Harrisonburg because the lady I called at another motel for availability sounded nice and down homey on the phone.

She gave me a fair price for the room and was going to charge extra for Mo but when I said forget it... she said if she got in trouble for not charging she would pay the fee out of pocket herself. I wish people would do that for me, ha! This paying for a pet racket... I will not except it. All day was rush, rush to each overlook not knowing how far it would be until the end and wanting to stop at a perfect spot to create music for the sunset. After dark for directions to find my way out of the park my GPS kept telling me to "Make a Sharp Right (or left)" at every overlook. It kept telling my to drive over every cliff I passed and in total darkness! Ha, at the sunset point I met a young couple visiting from China to be specific Shanghai! Read the blog below for several references to China specifically Shanghai. Something is developing in the universe for the continuation of this journey to China. The weather is so warm I almost need the air conditioner in this room I am staying in and it is twelve midnight. I hope I can get some good rest so I can relax and enjoy more tomorrow. The camera... ugh.

October 22, 2012

Front Royal, Virginia

Waking up at almost noon was a wee bit frustrating... my natural schedule is just late too bed, late to rise but... I had wanted to get up early and drive south today because the fall season peak of tree color is almost gone and how could I miss the Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah Valley? Even though it was one in the afternoon I drove. Turns out it cost fifteen bucks to use this public road but... no, no, no it is not a toll. Since it runs through a park it is... a park fee! So if you are poor and do not have money... no driving and no enjoying of God's nature for you on this road! Hate. Speaking of hate... on the way down I began to observe every time my mind wondered into a resentment or something to be angry about. (ha, this happens almost all the time when i am alone in ma' head) Every time I caught myself going down that road I reminded myself of how I am simply energy... a spirit on, with and in this glorious earthy experience of reality.

At the first overlook it was like, "Oh, my God I forgot that this is tourist time? It is prime time for mountain in the fall and unlike in other areas of the country the Traveling Piano has been in over the last few years this area is accessible and not far from heavy population. At the third overlook I pulled in and jumped on the piano to create some music. I was like a magnet for everyone. How could I not be? I said to myself, "Give it up Danny you know you want it. The whole time driving here you were saying your mantra of Fun, Friendship and Respect... what do you expect?" The journey took over it was not going to be all about me and my personal musical experience of nature. In spirit, I put myself in the position to be forced out of myself. I do love that you may know. Ha, love it, hate it, love it, hate it, love it... I really wasn't thinking about interacting with people before I left the cabin. I would have shaved and looked less rough around the edges. People were thrilled with what they found in Mo, the Traveling Piano and myself.

Two people contributed some money which is unusual as I never solicit or ask for any and... a guy slipped some special weed he had inside the truck under the dashboard for me, for later. On the way home I brought a pizza, got some gas and had to throw the pot out the window. Ouch, that always hurts because it has value, I would love to get high and it was a generous gesture but... I have not smoked in thirty years and... did that, done that, hope to never do it again. (not that there is anything wrong with it for other people) There was a lot of video taking more than just photos of us today which makes sense because my music makes for a perfect, natural, outside, nature scenery soundtrack. Ha! I was dressed for fall weather and it was tea shirt weather. There was a constant battle between Mo, lady bugs and stink bugs on the piano rug Mo uses to not slip off the piano. The bugs where flying up from the mountain brush by the thousands. The diversity of people was amazing. A group of orange robed monks from Thailand found us. I so much wanted to get them onto the piano but they were on a tight agenda. The one monk tried to get out of my request of a photo of him playing the piano by saying he was a monk. I told him that was ok I'd still let him get up onto the piano. Ha, I knew deep down that was a no win situation but... it would have made for a great picture the orange robes, red truck, autumn colors. Guess I will just need to wait until I get to China for a few "Monk on the Traveling Piano" type pictures.

I met a guy who was raised in Lebanon with his girlfriend, a woman from the south of England, a guy originally from Afghanistan now living in Germany, a family from South Korea and my favorite type of people to meet... many locals. I love when I experience people taking the time to love the nature where they are in their own backyard where they live. As I was leaving I saw the sun was setting and if I drove like a maniac to a certain spot I saw on the way up... I might be able to get there just in time for some sun-setting music. What a gift that was. I made it just in time. Memories of the southwest United States...Tucson, Arizona to be specific earlier in the year at Gates Pass swirled into my consciousness. The beauty of nature, music and people... but especially nature... it excites me like a broadway musical can, a Pat Methany jazz music concert, a party where I'm going to make a million bucks... it is like getting my Wildest of Dreams fulfilled over and over... again and again!

October 21, 2012

Morgan County, West Virginia

While out and about with Mo on a work break from the picture galleries I was thinking how when in Alaska this time last year with the Traveling Piano... the scenery was vast distant vistas of open colorful autumn landscape and this year... we are walking around inside that autumn color. Ahh... another year almost done with the galleries 2009... Boner The Dog Galleries

October 20, 2012

Zillow, West Virginia

We took Shanghai Road to go over Shanghai Pass in Zillow, West Virginia to see friends on the other side of the mountain from where we are staying. Considering the next move for this journey with the Traveling Piano is for China... I find that very interesting. The autumn colors are that their peak. I created a little music... More tweaking needs to be done with the galleries but all of 2008 is done. Boner The Dog Galleries ... some of the links have over ten thousands thumbnails to open!!! It may take a while for the page to download.

October 19, 2012

What a beautiful day! Mo and I went out after dark into the park and played in the cool crisp autumn air with a crescent moon above. This morning while wanting to connect with spirit I was thinking about my talent, my special gift, whatever it is that I have to offer for the world... why I am here, my journey my mission. I reminded myself it is all about being simply... me and nothing more. Everything that may seem good, bad or confusing... I must stay connected always and in someway with my world through being... Danny. It does not matter wether it is with one person, nature, spirit or a million people. I've known for years my biggest challenge is to stay connected with the world verses opt out. To stay connected is to be in relationship and my connection functions best with people in general and most importantly with myself. My desire to opt out when I am not connected or losing connection is strong and there are many ways... food, drugs, alcohol, sex, anger, self righteousness... great tools but I have had enough experience to know that what I really want is happiness, joy, peace of mind. That is why I must "Go to Work" everyday for myself. I work to not hurt anyone, be honest, share what I have to offer and simply enjoy life.

October 18, 2012

Drawing boundaries concerning limits can be very gratifying especially when it comes to "enough is enough." With technology, bureaucracy, "business," certain types of relating with people... more and more I am just saying "no" ...always with at least a one percent chance to change my mind if needed. While waiting for the rain today I went online to purchase a hardrive replacement... broke the one I have and presently there is no auto backup for my work. Manually backing up files with dyslexia = Yikes! A verified Paypal address was needed. The one I now use on the Paypal account, the present one... was not verified. An old one was was being used. Paypal would not let me change the verified address unless I gave them an additional credit card account to list for themselves. They know everything about me all the way back to the address where I was born. When they answered my phone call today... no verification was needed. I was using a friends phone and they were able to track me down and know who I was from a call placed on the phone several years ago. The phone is at the address needed to be verified, the address has been listed on the account for years, used two times last week! They just wanted to demand more personal information. I told them to go fuck themselves but not literally... because the representative was respectful and did the best she could. Everything these days is now being linked together which is all leading towards "one entity" in controlling everything financially. Another word for "entity" you might use... the "Devil." Ha, I would rather do without and possibly suffer in life falling into the unknown... better than to knowingly allow myself to be strangled and controlled by greed and fear under the guise of protection, societal rules and regulations... because that "guise" will only create a controlling, greedy and fearful me. Then they sent me an email with a policy update to go in effect in December. I cannot sue them in any class action suite unless I opt out. How to opt out... close the account or send a letter via postage marked snail mail with a list of sentences they wrote on the website. Ahhh... focus Danny on Piano Dogs Mo's presence, nature specifically the autumn season, the love at people's core... in the moment and now. That is the answer. Music plays a part in all that too. There is absolutely no way anything can be frustrating, dangerous or damaging when I am focused on joy in the present moment. That takes constant practice. I can do it!

October 17, 2012

Cacapon Park, West Virginia

My computer has been working overtime. It froze. Immediately after I got it going again I went to back everything up. Dropped the hardrive onto the tile floor so now presently everything is iffy except... I have been feeling not... insecure about where I have been staying as I did last month. Always, I am preparing to leave... now, for China but it feels really good to not be on the road and have my "stuff" around me. I really need this time as it is. The leaves on the trees are peaking with color and with the sun out... temperature like an indian summer... I was not going to miss this beautiful day.

Often, I think and feel like I am going to die soon. Thinking does get me into trouble at times. It is what it is. Feelings are not always facts but never the less, urgency can sometimes help me to enjoy the moment. While creating music alone by the lake with a backdrop... layers of mountain, it was easy to remember that I am in heaven... now. Don't want to miss it and want to enjoy it for all it is worth. I might not as in familiar song words... not " Be Coming Around the Mountain " ...again, once I leave this earth. Even with trouble and difficulty in my life I want to know the reality... it's all good. Secretly while creating music I was pining for someone to appear with whom I could interact and then it happened. A couple form Annapolis with super friendly dog stopped to listen. I invited them over. Mo jumped off the piano for some fun. The visiting dog jumped into the lake Mo followed and playtime began. Super fun and super friendly people, Mo exercised, me fulfilled and when they all departed... another couple appeared.

October 16, 2012

Intense work with pictures all day along with a couple hours break to create some music at the park, see the color, toss a stick down a hill for Mo to fetch and get some exercise...

October 15, 2012

The fall season with its color... outside the windows... Mo and I must get out everyday to be in it if only for a few minutes. I have been putting the Traveling Piano galleries into a time line. Having had no idea what this journey would manifest... I first began categorizing the pictures into links like "Piano Players," "Danny and Mo," "Scenery," "Miscellaneous..." and then it got into years with like forty links and now I am putting everything into a time line so the pictures can be viewed like a story for people who do not read English. Check out 2011... it is a colossal documentation of this journey in clickable thumbnails that open up into high resolution pictures. Almost twelve thousand pictures from last year... I'll need to break it into several galleries eventually. It may take a while for the whole page to download. No wonder I have not yet recovered from last years travel! When you see the whole years story you will know what I mean! All of 2011 is done. Boner The Dog Galleries

October 14, 2012

Jones Springs, West Virginia

It did not register until I was already in the neighborhood that my friends told me their new shop grand opening is next weekend, they messed up with the dates. Oh well, it was a more than perfect day. I stopped on the outer edge of Jones Springs at a small connivence store to get a hoagie and met some locals. A guy named Joe stopped by using a cane for a bum leg. Actually several guys had canes. He told me he was crippled from the war. He looked only about eighteen but still... was only twenty four. In one weeks time while over in Afghanistan his humvee blew up, he got shot in the leg and a poisonous spider bit him. He told me a solution for stink bugs. Spray them with soapy water, that kills them!!! ...and also he told me about a simple trap that was too complicated for me to listen to.

I could have stayed there for hours but wanted to get back to Joe and Joslyn's place to play while the sun was up. On a hill overlooking rolling country, I improvised for about a half hour. Joe spent the afternoon mowing grass and making charcoal to sell in his store. I had never thought about charcoal as something you make. I always thought it was simply coal. Its... charcoal as in wood carbon made from burning without oxygen. Duh... I never before put two and two together as in burnt charcoal wood for grilling.

October 13, 2012

Sleepy Creek, West Virginia

After forcing myself to get up with an alarm clock at nine in the morning I showered, had a cup of coffee and rushed off to see my friends Joslyn and Joe. My natural sleep cycle is to go to bed after four in the morning and wake up at noon or later. Joslyn and Joe's daughter gave Piano Dog Mo to me several years ago. Today they opened up a small bait and tackle shop near where they live. It is close to the Sleepy Creek wilderness area that is used for hunting and fishing. There is a lake five miles down some rough road from the shop. I decided to save that vista for another day if it looks like the truck can make it. As it was, I had to take the Traveling Piano up and over a high zigzagging mountain road to reach my destination. Ha, the truck now only goes twenty miles an hour up steep hills.

These friends have offered for me to stay with them should I ever need a place and of course that is very much appreciated. I would have wanted to be there to help them celebrate either way. It is fairly rural area but the diversity of neighbors who stopped was huge. There were Romney, Ron Paul, Obmana people, ha... friendly alcoholic backwood guys living in trailers, wealthy money types, progressive city folk families, farmers and a surprisingly large amount of suburbanite transplants in stereotypical suburbanite homes. On the way I ran across a flock of about fifty turkey vultures who almost refused to get off the road... of course until I got my camera out for a good shot... too late. Lots of goats, cows... I picked up some fresh chicken eggs from Joslyn, created music while watching horses rolling around upside down scratching their backs ... it was the people I met that really made my day.

October 12, 2012

If your interested in seeing a year in the life of the Traveling Piano... for a limited time... 6000 clickable thumbnails all on one link... bottom up everyday from January 1st to December 31st. Its pretty amazing... there are about two hundred more to put into the time line... All of 2007 is done. Boner The Dog Galleries

October 11, 2012

I've been working intensely with the picture archives.

October 10, 2012

Time is moving fast. While in the park today watching Mo running around so full of fun and happiness I thought... who doesn't want that? My keeping him happy helps keep me happy. I improvised some music and headed back to my digs. Today is the first posting for this month. It has been years since I let that many days go by. It felt good. I am going to just write all the way down this page until October 1st.

The small cabin I have been staying in. Close friends gave it to me to use as a home base if I ever needed one after selling my house for this journey over four years ago. There were minimal weekend supplies in it when I arrived and it was a disaster from sitting unkept and used only two weekends a year in a rural environment. With some of my most favorite possessions, I furnished it while also with some of the house sale money... I purchased new appliances like a fridge, oven, washer/dryer, a bed, got a few recliners, put down a new driveway, found people to put in a ceiling and supervised a remodeling... my efforts came out of gratitude even though the place is less than ideal concerning location and upkeep as a home base. Never did I think it would be used as much as it has during this journey. Since four years ago the family who owns it... some dysfunction has developed and my being here has become a tool for that dysfunction. There is a struggle between those who want to continue contributing and supporting the journey and those who only see what people (in general) get... not what they give. Onward to October 9th...

October 09, 2012

So with the above posting in mind... (the furnishings in jeopardy of being destroyed) while my needing a place to securely chill... (as long as needed and I do not know how long that will be) ...with absolutely no desire to visit and stay with different people I have never met before... (as I have done over a hundred twenty five times so far as part of this journey and I am "totally" burnt out from doing)... I have been sitting so far this month (mostly in rain while watching television) with internet... (that is becoming quite unreliable) and have become a news junky (ugh) while researching my next move for the Traveling Piano (China)... and also revamping the website picture galleries... ha. I began to slow down like "really" slow over the last two weeks. The journey pictures I have taken are my present passion to share with the world. My idea is to get them into a timeline and then create slide show stories with my improvisational music attached in order to showcase what the Traveling Piano offers for people... for those who do not read or speak English. Also everyday I bring out more packed away belongings to enjoy and to help feel like I am in a comfortable home while keeping in mind that at any moment I may need to frantically pack it all away again and get out fast. Rodents have infiltrated everything since I was here last... over a year and a half ago. Everything... needs to be cleaned... again. Those mice love to create a frenzy with anything from soap to candles and have even chewed apart tin containers. (apparently for the fun of it) West Virginia has the most harsh and strongest bugs, spiders, animals and rodents of anywhere I have been.

October 08, 2012

Being without the distraction of other people has needed adjustment. There were a few days where I became concerned that I was going crazy and too self absorbed in the head. Mo... he has been the ultimate companion, a gift for my life, the greatest "in the moment ... be present" reminder that can be. If possible he would be attached to me physically twenty four hours a day. Ha, I love his sitting between my legs on the recliner while I work. With the fall season, the colors and my enjoyment of people and need to keep going with music, (even though I have been really tired of dealing with people) a part of me wants to push myself to go out and travel do the journey but... I do not want to completely burn out totally. Finding middle ground has always been a huge challenge for me. Always, I am thinking about alternatives. When I let go of most everything I owned the condition was to do it all in fun and with respect for everything. I owned about three medium size houses full of "stuff." So now with what I have given to this place I am in... an apartments worth of household supplies and hardware, three suitcases full of clothes for winter, summer, spring and fall... a kitchen set, throw rugs, sheets and towels, sentimental pictures and stuff along with my complete life long career hardrives, archives and paper files... if I go to China or somewhere else in the world I would like it all to not be destroyed and kept clean and safe. That would give me something to look forward to come back to and also help make it easier to leave. I wish I had a place to store a few things and also do not think the present Traveling Piano truck will make it to China so I'll need to find storage for that too.

October 07, 2012

This morning I woke up under a white goose down comforter given to me by my friend Orinda in Newfoundland when the Traveling Piano visited there several years ago. Orinda took then Piano Dog Bo and I into her home for about a month. (in the beginning she was literally petrified of dogs) She cared for us daily so we could go out and share our spirit and music all through St John's and the outlying countrysides. First thing today I made some fresh ground coffee and hot, hearty steel cut oats for breakfast with chopped up apple, some butter, vanilla, salt, sugar and cinnamon. Orinda introduced that to me. She cooked all meals for me everyday. Her generosity is as strong and completely alive today as it was four years ago. How about that?

October 06, 2012

There is no way I am going anywhere (until I am ready) unless I must move out of here or something moves me. I constantly pray that if I must move on it be in a gentle way and for goodness in comfort and fun. Most people who originally were supportive of the journey could now care less. Ha, that is the way it is with people and understandably. Unless the journey stimulates them in some way why should they be stimulating? I mean they still love and care about me but in ways "they think" that should be. I suppose I am that way too. I do try to be conscious of not being self centered, obsessed with my agendas, needy and self absorbed. Let me tell you that is work!!! To extend myself outward to be interested in other people and their interests... I have to think about wanting that for myself everyday. Fun... friendship... respect... and thankfully I found a way to nurture that... something that has worked so far and that is to include musical inspiration and empowerment at no cost and with no commercial, organizational or political affiliation... using spontaneity and synchronicity to create music for people to discover. The experiencing and sharing of our worlds nature has become an enjoyable part of this journey.

October 05, 2012

So as it is... I am working to enjoy my health in whatever state and I do have desire to improve my health so I can continue. Finding a balance between enjoying the clean and familiar space I am in with solitude and privacy along with an illusional sense of having the security of a home for however long that lasts... that is a creative challenge. (to not get too comfortable and want to just quit everything) I want to create some slideshows to showcase in order to help us get to China and/or possibly create a television show. For China, I will need influence so that Mo never leaves my side... two guides... a backup vehicle... and supplies. At least that is what I am thinking. Knowing there is place to come home to and some backup money would be helpful but is not a prerequisite.

October 04, 2012

UPS dropped a package off last week. It was strange because the guy did not knock on the door. As he was driving away I picked it up seeing that it was the wrong address and no street I had ever heard of. I called UPS to give them the tracking number... they could not have cared less. So the box has been on my mind all week just sitting here. It was addressed to the same person who sent it. There was a phone number on it but I did not want to call. Today I was done thinking about it and waiting for UPS to pick it up. Part of me wanted to see what was inside. Screw them all. As I left to go create some music with a loose agenda to deliver it personally... I saw a random sticker on the box. It had the name of my street printed out but still there was no such address. My plan was to head for Winchester, Virginia. I stopped at a junk yard on the way out to see if they had any 1987 Toyotas. I've been looking for bumper guards... for years. The Traveling Piano truck is becoming quite rare. They had nothing but we had a nice short exchange with a mother and daughter.

I put the package address into my GPS and there was no such address. I turned down a country road I had never been on before to see if I could feel my way to the address. The road turned to dirt. A truck came driving in the opposite direction and I stopped to ask the guy if he had ever heard of the road the address was on. He said no and has lived in the area for many years and he had an old piano in his house he was looking to get rid of. I followed him to his house and pounded out the Maple Leaf Rag like I always enjoy doing on old dying pianos. The guy was seventy three years old and his name was Junior. His wife of fifty some years had just passed away in June. It made me think of my friend Larry and his wife Arlene who was being buried back east in the very moment Junior and I met. The experience was all an odd mix of Junior, his wife, their old piano, the music, my close friends Larry and Arlene, my meandering down a random road, the Traveling Piano, Junior's dog joining Mo on top of the piano and... the package.

I had no cell service to call the number on the box and was done dealing with it so I opened it with Junior. It was an old brown stained pillow at least a hundred years old. I could feel it was filled with something organic and thought it might be pot (marijuana) or even something more illegal so... I tore a hole in the pillow to find buckwheat hulls (shells) commonly used for comfort pillows. It was all really weird. Anyway, I think the box lead me to junior. Later on the internet I found the source and decided not to pursue the situation any farther. I surmised a single, older, eccentric, alcoholic, fun spirited woman sent it to herself in a blind stupor. Those types are drawn to me like a viper to its prey. Hahaha... its true. After all that I drove to the park to create some music. I met a pastors son along with his wife and son. Then right before I left, it was dark... a different pastors son who I had met sometime ago and who had been on the Traveling Piano drove up with his brother and friend to do some cat fishing. What a weird day!

October 03, 2012

For me life is not about excelling in human endeavor as much as it is about enjoying human endeavor... all levels equally in both states of being and consciousness... everything perfect, imperfect and in-between. There is room for everything. Having no judgment brings me true happiness and fulfillment. Some days are better than others. I improvised this piece of music... enjoy! (give it a minute to download into your browser)

Danny Kean Improvisation

October 02, 2012

I have been feeling very slow.

October 01, 2012

Do not want to think, create conjecture, surmise, project so... I just try to "be" ...mostly in a state of gratitude and without thought.