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February 29, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

Camille was a good sport to appease me today. She allowed me to plant a palm tree in her backyard. I was browsing through craigslist and saw a freebie worth several hundred dollars not to mention the expense for transplanting and transportation. Someone needed to get rid of their palm and I was just the man to take it. About twelve feet high, the guy who gave it to me... thank god he did most of the digging out! I wish I could have seen the Traveling Piano driving through Tucson with a palm tree hanging out of the back. A picture with me using the palm tree trunk as a piano seat inside the truck was a must.

February 28, 2012

Around Tucson, Arizona

Love waking up to sun shine! It is cold again but not too much. Did some weeding around my host's yard... think my allergies gave me a headache. Mo and I spent hours meandering, driving around in the local foothills of pricey neighborhood houses. After ending up shelling out twenty bucks for annual park entry fee... I figured Camille and her family could use it after we leave the area... ended up Mo was not allowed in the park because it was a national park. Met random people to befriend all along the way today. Before dark I was tired but felt a need to express myself musically. We pulled into a random parking lot and there I spent a half hour discharging of what I have no idea but it sure did feel good!

February 27, 2012

A Back Yard in Arizona

This morning I woke up wiped out and that was my day. Yesterday I did some landscaping for Camille and was amazed at how little work I can now do compared to, ha, god... my younger days! We went over to her son's house to ask the next door neighbor if we could have some of their riverbed rocks to create a cactus bed boarder. Of course I had to get the family onto the Traveling Piano and play some music before we loaded the truck with rocks. I used muscles that need use, more use. Not an idiot here, I took it easy today. It is especially windy out, a very different experience wind is... in a desert area. It sounds just like strong winds in a forrest outside. Camille said that I must look out for dust devils if I take out the Traveling Piano. They are little whirlwind type tornados of dust. I drove through several of them them on entering into northern Arizona. There are traffic advisories for blowing dust warning about sudden periods of limited or zero visibility while driving... or is that just weather media related hype. With my new piano I'm not ready to take a chance to find out. No dust allowed in the new piano!!!

February 26, 2012

Pima County, Arizona

There is a small town where I visited a few months ago that is far away where the original person I was to stay with had a self-centered agenda concerning business, influence and control within the community. She and her "click" of cronies thought I might be "somebody" who might be good for tourist trade which is practically nil in the town because there are very little resources in the place. Most of the year it is practically uninhabitable. I declined to stay with the woman because I could sense she and everything around her was toxic. A few days later a lie was spread around the community. People were saying I had visited the woman's house and Mo had peed on her couch. The woman told them this and that she said we could not stay... and were thrown out! Mo has never once peed in anyone's house. I know there are vile people in the world but to experience them is always astonishing. Well, the woman and her cronies are still at it. They have been sending nasty personal emails and complaining to public social sites where I post Traveling Piano pictures. They want me to remove my pictures from the Internet saying I have used wrong search tags for the pictures with the name of the town they live in. They say it is affecting their tourist business. No small potatoes here, ha. It does bother me, it is irritating. Situations like this make me really dislike people and want to disconnect from them. It is very rare (like one percent) but unhappy situations do happen and I... can easily let it feel like it is ninety five percent of my experience. If anything I will add the experience to my repertoire of material should I create a television show or movie. My work is to focus on the people I did stay with, how much I appreciated their fun, friendship and respect along with their hospitality. There were many interesting people I synchronicity connected with through the Traveling Piano in that town. Strangers took us in, brought us dinner at restaurants, cooked dinner for me in their homes... even set us up with friends to stay with at our next destination.

Another scenario... while out and about I run into people who are loaded with money or spending a ridiculous amount of money on silliness. The Traveling Piano, we happen to find each other in the same space like in a park or something and what the Traveling Piano ends up sharing totally compliments everything they are doing. Finding us becomes bigger than their present occasion and the pictures I create for them to share define the day as a life experience never to be forgotten. You would think they would contribute something back to me? Here is how I look at it. First, I must continuously remind myself... sometimes several times a day, that I am doing this journey for me first. The biggest agenda I could have... the idea of charging a fee, asking for donations or anything... the decision was made to remove that and everything I have to offer (to date) from my agenda, to be unconditional. For two reasons... the hassles in my brain surrounding money that have been too debilitating to deal with and also because it is fun for me to show the world there are many different ways to live, accomplish and achieve goals without using money as an exchange. Lastly, everything earthly given to me psychologically, emotionally, physically throughout my growing up years was conditional. God, how I hated that! For me to be able to give and get for my life what I always wanted for myself... through unconditional manifestations of spontaneity, synchronicity and joy... the feeling is beyond words. Life = Expression. I truly believe everyone is doing the best they can in this world and being human at the core... below all the shit... there is only joy in everybody. One more thing, all that the Traveling Piano contributes for the world... I have no idea how and if it all is being paid forward by others... it is none of my business. When I experience, discover, am thanked or get attention as a result of my work of course it feels great, I am inspired, encouraged etc... but I am not driven by any return or payment other than what comes through my spirit. Gratitude in awareness of my agenda's success is enough... that is why I share my experience, strength and hope... so others might find, create and share their own life gratitude along with me. So anyway, this is how it has been. It may all change tomorrow but for today as it is, "it is what it is" and the proof of truth and consistency is all here on this blog everyday for over six years. Oh how I love that!!!

February 25, 2012

Sentinel Peak, Arizona

Oooh, I can barely move my body. It will be interesting to see how I feel when I wake up in the morning. Mo and I went on a little hike that ended up as a steep climb and then we lost the trail and had to slide down a steeper incline of rocks and dirt to get back to the bottom. There was a lot of body twisting going on. We made new trails going down with our butts. If you look close at the mountain picture posted you can see the trails. The cactus in the pictures are about twenty feet tall so that can give you an idea of how high that mountain is! We started out driving up the Sentinel Peak road and an interested guy and his wife stopped to ask what we were about. Our talking ended up with the Traveling Piano truck in front of his house overlooking the city. His family was just arriving for lunch. I had just eaten but was not about to pass up some authentic Mexican eats.

Afterwards, once we reached the mountain top people began to connect with us. I saw a review online that said it was a trashy place with low life people and that is what made me want to go there. Ha, there was a lot of kids with pot smoke in the air but also an unusual amount of single dads spending time with their kids and also families, visitors, lovers... there were all kinds of people but the best for today... groups of Quinceanera parties in limos arriving for city backdrop photo opportunities. God, I love new stuff. A Quinceanera is a coming of age party for a fifteen year old girl celebrated in Mexico, Latin America... lots of places. It was very ridiculously funny and fun.

Then the hike and then back to the top for sunset. The formal name for the mountain is Sentinel Peak but it is more commonly known as "A Mountain." I saw my first roadrunner in a long time. Mo at night lately is knocked out from so much exercise. He's getting his share of stickers on his runs. When we are finished doing whatever, I have to check him all over and pull stickers and tackweed off him like I do with ticks in other parts of the country. I am going to wear myself out physically in this life enjoying nature and creating music how fortunate I am. Mo is not physically built to climb rocks but together we do what we can do with a lot of enjoyment! All the warmth and sun... I can hardly take it. For a year it has felt like I have been living in severe weather and now it has been perfect for over a week!

February 24, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

I live in the present moment as much as possible. I also tend think... in the present moment intensely whether I like it or not. While writing down this process of moving into the next phase of the journey I wonder if I am already in the next process or on a short sabbatical. Maybe it is both. It takes constant practice to let go of thinking about things that might happen, to live with constantly changing thoughts, attitudes and realities of action. So that is the ideal but not today as I've been thinking that the world is going to end. I know people have been saying that since the world began.

For me, considering my age and the constant negative media news... it might not end immediately but it feels like everything will fall into deep dark chaos real soon and I'm getting older. So, I can... 1. Run to avoid the chaos (of people) and stay connected with the earths joys long as possible as in nature. 2.Stay connected with the chaos of people and offer support. 3. Just do myself in and say it has all been great. The first feels like a possibility, the second feels like a god thing and the third feels like a cop out. All choices for me are viable for here and the hereafter.

The reality for my life from deep inside is to be honest. It feels like I must stay connected first and foremost to people. More than nature or my dog, more than the music I must stay first and foremost connected with people to give as well as accept support and love in order to be with joy.

The priorities for my life have been... Dog, Nature, Music, People. Today I am recommitting... People, Dog, Nature, Music just for today. I can only do that one day at a time because any more than that is too much to deal with. Distraction comes easy for me. Music is a vehicle for my communication with people while nature inspires continuation. My dog is a mirror for the care, love and enjoyment of people. If life must have an identifiable value I suppose that... people is me and my primary value in life to consider. Care for myself first as in the nature of being a human and then extend that to other people.

February 23, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

February 22, 2012

El Cerrito, Arizona

The weather, I can really take it. Sun, cool, clear, I'm even feeling a little springtime sexy but thats probably too much info, ha! We began to drive towards the mountains but never made it ending up in a park, an open area looking at mountains in the opposite direction. I really started to enjoy the new keyboard, there is more of a dynamic range which was beat out of the old one and I may have hit a record length of time in enjoying myself playing. The better the instrument the more enjoyment because more creative opportunities exist. One young guy named Sean came by others were not so courageous. Mo and me, we walked alot too. It is very easy to want to exercise in this weather and environment. Camille treated me to breakfast at a popular eatery named El Guero Canelo where she ordered two Sonoran hot dogs for me. They were like chili dogs on steroids.

February 21, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

So, I purchased a new piano. It was clearly why I rushed to Tucson. This, the place to get it. The old piano I gave to Camille who is sharing her house with me. How I wish I could feel good about the buy and I do on some level but it was like, "ok, I need to go get some toothpaste because I am out... ok, the piano needs to be replaced I need to go out and get a new one." I felt sort of crazy, numb about it because it is another huge chunk of money spent. It feels like my options are more limited because I don't make any money. Oh wel,l it is what it is.

At night I found a really nice empty corner in a parking lot with the lights out and played for about a half hour. The piano doesn't sound or feel different. I'm grateful I had the money to get it and that the piano was in stock. The store had just received one in the morning. It was to be on sale which made up for the nine point one percent sales tax they have here in Arizona! I'm thankful a piano exists that I can use for the Traveling Piano. Before the sun set Mo and I went for a walk in a dry sandy river bed. I was out to burn some calories!

February 20, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

People do amaze me. It is clear I most enjoy having as many life experiences possible. Concerning people, I've had enough crappy experiences but concerning the good one's with people, I will never get enough! Piano Dog Boner passed away two years ago today. Having that dog in my life, the love and companionship, the sharing of his spirit, the lessons learned with him over the years, it has all been a most extraordinary life experience and I must also say the fact of how people have embraced our relationship with love of their own... and continue to help keep it all alive... and more importantly that they express it in words and action is equally as extraordinary. They email me about it. Friends bring him up in conversation. I woke up this morning with an email from someone I have no idea who saying, "Long Live Boner!" Life is to have loving and joyful shared experiences. I am indeed a fortunate man to have that in my life. The best of life experience comes through people. Ugh, I must say the good and bad, all of it because that is true but... nothing gives me greater pleasure than to share all the good with you.

February 19, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

We spent most of the day meeting my host Camille's family and friends. Everything started in front of her house and then we drove to a small craft fair. I continued along with a few errands in different shopping center parking lots creating random spontaneous and synchronistic encounters. Before the sun set I found myself deep into an abandoned dirt field where I decided I am going to replace the friggin' keyboard because it is done, finished, kaput. Amazingly enough, it worked for everyone who played it today but by the end of the day, nada.

February 18, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

The sun, it feels so good! We drove to the local neighborhood park and I crated music with the sun's heat on my back. I left my hat off so I could feel the warmth on my head. We were next to a bike/running track and their was a lot of smiling going on with bikers. People stopped to watch and take pictures, big brother watched via cameras from behind (as creepy as it can get) and round tailed ground squirrels curiously abound on a dirt hill in front of us. Mo as perfect as ever held his ground with self discipline on top of the piano playing out his "live and let live" domestication principals.

February 17, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

How I have been feeling is difficult to describe. I suppose it is a feeling of gratitude but hesitate to write that because I do it so often. Maybe it is because the gratitude I'm feeling is about not having any journey type pressure. Maybe my apprehension is about not wanting people to think my life is not difficult. Presently, there is no need to keep diligent awareness of how I interact with other people or any pressure to interact, period. In the present moment there is no need to think about how long I'll be welcomed where I am staying. The short or long of it is that I have a bedroom with two sliding glass doors that open to the yard so I can just let Mo out when he needs it. Fresh air and sun abounds along with the sounds of birds and running water. I have my own bathroom with a walk in tiled shower to use, cable television, a queen sized bed, enough space to lay down and stretch in, a clean common area and run of the kitchen where I made about five gallons of vegetable beef soup today along with a fifteen ingredient salad to last for five days and felt no worry or guilt about spending the money for it all. My host and I don't have to look at each other, deal with each other, there is enough room for plenty of private space. Tonight Camille and I went to see The Artist at the movies theatre. Movies are a favorite activity of mine. Mo is a constant amazement concerning intimacy, having a bonded relationship with attention, play, humor, and companionship...

February 16, 2012

Pinon Canyon, Arizona

Today we met some real go with the flow type of people. Before the day got late I began to drive. We headed for the hills and found the trailhead for Pinon Canyon in Navajo country. Pinon means, "hole in the lake." Beforehand I saw a pottery store along the way. I have been looking for a special coffee mug for years now. It is a little crazy but once I had the perfect mug. Coffee is important for my mornings and I just can't let go of my perfect coffee mug. I want it back again, ha... fat chance. So anyway we met people in the parking lot of both the store and at the trailhead. Mo and I took a short hike on the trail. We passed about sixteen signs saying, "no dogs allowed." There were plenty of people walking their dogs in the opposite direction.

There are many parks around the country with signs full "do not" and lists of "no." type language. It would be nice to see only welcome signs or statements reading enjoy the park, remember to take care, you know... nice stuff. Anyway, we climbed through a desert of cacti above the city. It feels very good to be in the sun! At night my friend Camille and I watched the Legend of 1900 one of those movies that many people throughout the journey suggest for me to relate with. On the couch with Camille and me... three dogs and a cat, pretty sweet!

p.s. Today for the first time in print I saw myself referred to as both a traveling pianist and... a photographer! I can tell you that felt real good. Check out... USATODAY.com Also, I made a CD of some of the music I have recorded. With dread I began to listen as I drove to the mountains and was pleasantly surprised as in the past... I "like" my music.

February 15, 2012

Pima County, Arizona

The sun feels glorious. Can't really tell how I feel, emotionally I do not know what to do with myself, mentally most of the time I try not to think and physically I am trying not to tighten up all my internal organs so they do not begin to give me problems. There is a tendency for me to manifest all of my discomforts physically whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual either externally but mostly internally. Nearby in the next county outside of Tucson I found a field with a tree for shade. It is a good thing to know there is shade so I can sit and create music. There are not many shady places around here. I met a young guy originally from Mississippi with his dog and we talked about how people can be such a pain in the ass. I was saying how I set my life up so I can stay connected with people to enjoy them but usually only for short periods of time so I can get away if neccessary! Ha. He created music on the piano for the first time.

February 14, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

It was raining when I woke up. Everyone has been saying it is very unusual for this desert region. The forecast said the temperatures were going to be in the thirties. A few miles away it was snowing on Mount Lemmon. Pretty funny, I left Alaska without any snow and have been finding it ever since all the way down south into the desert. I'm still trying to realize that I can settle here in Tucson for a spell if I so choose. There is a lot of work I would like to wrap up before the next whatever happens and... whatever does happen will necessitate some major decisions and planning. Not the usual cup of tea. After dark I went to meet with some new friends and arrived an hour early. There was a piano in the building so... ahhhh, almost an hour of musical improvisation by myself in a huge hall on a beautiful grand piano.

February 13, 2012

Tuscon, Arizona

Major Travel lag hit me today and probably also, I had a lot of subconsious thoughts floating around in my head. Same thing happened after I hit Seattle, Washington. When I got there I drove around the city in a complete daze like today. Most of my energy was spent in not hiting another car or getting hit or just in trying to keep my where-with-all and not pass out. In Seattle I thought is was all about being in the city environment again. I am sure that played a part but it was also the first time I was to stop traveling for a month after a half year of constant moving around. Awarness of uncertianity, not being sure of what is going on in my life, what I am doing, will do etc... knowing about that stuff floating around in my head can really drain me. It is much better to be totally involved with... ha, what??? Around dinner time my friend Camille took me to meet her son Matt and his family, his wife Bernadette and thier two children Gabrielle and Olivia. Mo did some playing with their dogs Bella, Sieben. On the subject of playing, we are staying with two other dogs Zoe and Tucker and also a cat named John Henry. Mo and the cat have begun to play with each other. John Henry while behind Mo will paw his butt to get his attention and then Mo will turn around and get up on his hind legs like he wants to prounce on John Henry. Of course it is all touch and go at this point. I watch the situation very carefully for any trouble but so far it all has been immensly enjoyable.

February 12, 2012

Traveling Arizona

It snowed last night! I looked out the window this morning and a puddle of snow and slush was laying in the tarp. Don't care. Yes I do. No I don't. Gratitude... I do without question care about. So, I started to get caught up in the fact that I had to pay for a room, the bathroom fan in the next room like a plane taking off, pounding footsteps of kids running on the balcony outside my door at one in the morning, the strong stale dry air from the heater blowing in my face as I sleep, the stains on the bed cover, the twelve seconds it takes to fill the small water glass from the sink, the toilet bowl setting off a leak bomb every five minutes, no tissues in the room... am I too much or what? I choose to get caught up in the fact that I had the money to pay for the room, was able to find a half decent room, have a sink, shower and toilet to use (not always on this journey) everything is clean and new... no bed bugs, no cleaning up after myself, access to internet and television, a supermarket for food across the street, (and money to buy it) the "best" dog for company, no one to answer to but myself, people around friends to interact with if I choose, a phone to connect with people, a truck that runs and I can repair when needed, music equipment I can replace (and will need to)...

Just north of Phoenix, Arizona at a rest stop we met an amazing couple from Chicago a sixty two year old woman who still gets carded (proof of being 21 years of age) and her guy friend fifty-eight years old who could pass for thirty. South of Phoenix in the distance I saw billowing smoke and then signs, "Blowing Dust Area" oh well... more dust in, through, on everything, ha. We entered palm tree, flowers, cactus and sunglasses land. How nice it is! Final destination, we landed in Tucson, Arizona to stay with an old friend Camille originally from back east. Camille has been inviting us for the last four years. As exhausted as I am from driving the last two days we talked nonstop until midnight. A very nice feeling indeed it is to spend time with an old friend. This is my second time in Tucson. Piano Dog Boner and I arrived here after coming out of Mexico in 2007. Me thinks we will stay in the area for a little while. Camille has extended her home to us, made us feel very welcome, has two dogs and a cat... everyone is getting along.

February 11, 2012


The environmental changes are absolutely amazing. I decided that I was burnt out from taking pictures of mountains so today... just sit and enjoy. That decision lasted about a half hour. We ended up in Flagstaff, Arizona having starting in Bryce Canyon, Utah. I keep confusing where we were a few months ago in Fairbanks, Alaska with Flagstaff where we are tonight. It was a constant challenge to "stop and smell the roses" verses drive and drive to see how far we could get. It could not have been a more perfect day for travel. The sun was shining and sometimes I could drive with the truck windows down even though there were smatterings of snow for the entire ride. We are in the southwest, I call it sunset land. No time was wasted taking pictures of the sunset; every day will be a sunset picture day here.

I passed a police car off to the side of the road at the end of a town. It looked like a policewoman was sleeping in it but the way her head was lying against the window looked odd. After about a quarter mile I realized what I had seen was one of those blowup girlie sex dolls with a wig and police cap on. The terrains... from mountains, to mushroom like rock, moonscapes, tall deep sharp as well as round canyons, deep earth crevices over flat lands, coral reef sand dunes. I came across lake Powell and drove to the overlook. I began to create music and a young girl name Chloe from the southwest of France found us, no one else just her. It felt like we were there for her. I had recorded music for about ten minutes, Chloe took to the piano for about five and then the piano started to go haywire again. It was time to finish up and get back on the road. Today was a long ride. I am losing all sense of how long it takes to do things, ha. Driving at night is definitely becoming more difficult with my eyes.

February 10, 2012

Tropic, Utah

Today, I reconnected with the fact that I am on this journey for me and not for other people. In the beginning often I would often go out on my own to create music. Expectations and obligations always trying to seep in and create pressures, I create them for myself. They don't help anything. Not today... we drove off the grid again this time in the opposite direction and I sat and created music in the wilderness, full sun again warming my back just for me. I've been blessed with good weather for the last few days. Tomorrow we head out of Utah south to where I am not sure. It is a little strange but everytime I find a situation where I plan to get a grip, rejuvenate myself, organize like for the last week... it just never happens.

February 09, 2012

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Mo and I climbed down to be with the Hoodoos in the Badlands of Bryce Canyon, Utah today. I had to keep Mo on the leash because it was just too crazy. The ice and mud from melting snow was way, way alot! I just had to give into it all while being as careful as possible. As Mo took a step If I saw his paw would dissapear... I knew if I followed in the same spot my entire foot would dissapear. We moved real slow, heal to toe the entire way. I did not want to slip, fall and dirty the camera, ha. It was orange and dirty but very worth it. Mo was covered in dirt when we got out. We did a lot of careful walking on trail trims that dropped straight off. It was a long way down. There are so many magnificant pictures of this journey that I want to share on a larger scale. How and where can I find the time to do more than I am presently doing?

I stopped at the food store on the way back. Do you know most food stores now charge two prices for the same food items? One for the tourist, traveler, transiant or ignorant... and an up to forty percent less for the local shoppers with a supermarket card. For the third time in two weeks I almost paid out the butt. Sometimes I forget. My bill today at a food store was almost eight bucks. They were going to charge me almost fifteen! Now like for phone, airline tickets, credit cards, even motel rooms... I must watch out for hidden costs when exchanging money for food. I had a fun exchange yesterday when asking a guy if he wanted to play some piano. He said no and I asked why not. He said, "I don't want people calling me a piano player." i thought that was kinda funny.

February 08, 2012

Loseeville, Utah

So for today at least... I'm getting ready for China. As anyone knows who has been with me throughout this journey that may change before I go to bed. But for "now" I'm getting real. There is a delicate balance between just doing it and thinking about it. Both are needed to an extent and this writing serves both. I am very aware that the Traveling Piano is not there right now in China because... I have other priorities in life. For example, I have a real issue with getting up early and on a schedule every morning. That may sound trite and even make some people angry but guess what? This is my life and no one knows what I've been through and intimately knows my difficulties... what getting up early with a schedule is all about for me. Even I don't know. What I do know is that I am doing the best that I can and want people in my life who support that.

Honesty and being clear about what I want as well as well as knowing that everything is possible is important. The question is do I have or want the energy to manifest everything or whatever specifically. Getting and keeping clarity is sometimes a constant job. It is hard work. I enjoy the endeavor. It is almost like a lifetime hobby of mine. I work to sift through my subconscious thoughts to get real with them and why my dreams surround me but then often drift away. Do I really want them? And if I change my mind about anything... that is OK, it is OK... just be honest with myself and accept the facts, the reality. Why do I not sometimes persevere and stick with the process or follow through to the end. Why and how do I get derailed. Why do I choose eating crapy food instead of wanting to have a healthy body. Thinking those questions are not as helpful as... why do I want my dreams... (the enjoyment) why am I in the flow when I am... (the enjoyment) why am I driven with spirit and motivation. (the enjoyment)

Outside today was awesome. It was the warmest day that I can remember with low wind and full sun. I really felt the flow. I drove off the grid towards some mountain ridges and stopped about five miles from the main road in just... heaven. There was a lot of dirt and dust all over and in everything from the road but it was worth it. The road itself was excellent with no potholes, rocks, etc... The computer was with me to record music. I began with the thought that I am going to create music today for the Glory of God. Yes I did just write that. Don't nobody interpret that as me being religious or any kind of religious book thumper. I found myself living one of my dreams and that was to visit, enjoy and record music in Bryce Canyon. The dream took five years to manifest. After about an hour and a half Mo and I took a walk. I've never seen my pup more happy. He was loose running and jumping and sniffing all over the place.

The temperature began to drop fast and I knew it was time to head back. The Traveling Piano has not played in Tropic where I have been staying and I thought I had better take advantage of the weather. The town has about four hundred and sixty residents. We ended up outside the small supermarket and a few kids came buy and then townsfolk started to meander over. If anyone did not know I was here for the last four days they do now. A guy named Pete who just opened up a hamburger trailer jumped onto the piano and played a song using only the black piano keys and it sounded like he was using the white keys. His Aunt gave me dinner money to purchase a few hamburgers from his truck. I am all about supportive family! While my hamburgers were being cooked I played music.

What amazes me is that I could feel myself being drawn to the spot I recored in for several days now not thinking I would actually go there and having no specific reason why I might or should. Also, the piano worked again today. The usual notes stuck but I worked around them. Once in town it started to act up again but I cannot complain. It stayed working all the while I was recording music. We ran into some wild horses I am almost certain. They were walking in the road and unafraid. About three of them began to peak their heads inside the truck window to sniff out Mo as he moved back as in "Woah Horsey"! I couldn't get the camera together fast enough. The moment would have made for some good pictures. Go to this link and listen to over twelve minutes of musical meandering (best lisented to while doing something else :). Click on Feb 8

February 07, 2012

Bryce Canyon, Utah

This morning I woke with a little headache like I was sleeping in Mo's fur all night. (I am allergic to dog and cat dander) My hope was to do a long hike down at the base of some Hoodoos instead of looking over them from the top as in the last few days but the journey began to head towards China with the Traveling Piano once again so I began writing about that. I did not get out of my room until one in the afternoon I felt like I better take it even easier then yesterday concerning any hiking. Ha, I found myself climbing up... not down to a base of large Hoodoos. It was a ninety degree incline. I kept zigzagging and moving very slowly over the soft sand. I am amazing when I set my eyes on a goal! The entire way up I thought, "one foot at a time, take it easy, no rush, how the hell am I going to get down?" It felt so good to reach the top of a mountain and I walked on a thin rim touching and feeling large huge Hoodoos and appreciating the nature of it all. Mo was in heaven running around on the side of the mountain like a billy goat and it was good practice for him should he ever fall off any cliff.

On the way down I literally slid on my ass. There was no stopping for a good part of the way. The backside of my trousers are now an orangish red color from the dirt. Once to the bottom I began to feel really sick. A major headache and a nauseous feeling began to overwhelm me. I got back to my room, it was really, really bad. I took a large dose of ibuprofen and two hours later woke up fine. I thought for sure I'd be creating music today because the sun was out and the temperatures were in the forties verses the twenties and thirties. The rest of the day... pictures, television and relaxation. Hoodoos are spectacular displays of erosion. They are geological formations, rocks protruding upwards from the bedrock of arid drainage basins or badlands and they take many forms and shapes like church steeples, gothic spires, castle walls, animals, and even people.

February 06, 2012

Bryce Canyon, Utah

I forget what I wrote yesterday. My head today is swimming in choices. It is a great place to be... with all good choices. I did pray for situations that continually create a switching of tracks lessen. Will I start a new life or keep doing what I am doing around the United States, or specifically head for South America to continue or go to China, somewhere else in the world, or go back to making money... First things first, I would like to get up earlier. Ha I've been saying that my whole life. No matter what time it was, (noon) we went for a hike an easy hike in Bryce Canyon. The operative word was "easy." Mo had a great time but it was difficult for him to stay away from the cliff edges. The entire time we were out there were snow showers mixed with sunny moments. At three in the afternoon I thought, "it is as warm as it is going to get." We drove to find a lookout and create some music.

After coming across a young couple with good energy I asked if they would follow me to the natural bridge area so I could drive the truck off the road and up to the scenic edge to get some pictures quickly before we were discovered by park rangers. While we were in the process a guy with his dad visiting from Berlin, Germany stopped by. They were both piano players jonsin' to play a piano. Ha, it was all so much fun and cold! It was very cold... Different people began to stop. They did not approach probably because everyone around the truck was so spastic especially me with the cold and getting pictures, taking videos for Youtube, creating snippets of music, etc... I booked three more nights at the motel I am staying in. It feels real good to have a place all to ourselves without any responsibility for anything. Mo and I are loving being together without any distractions. We are the only ones in the entire place! I guess most of the people visiting the park are day trippers. Its not crazy to be visiting a desert in the middle of winter is it? How about bringing a piano into it to play on? The people who discovered us today probably thought we are crazy... crazy fun for sure!!!

February 05, 2012

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Everything was closed today, no groceries, gas, even the hotel I'm staying in, the office was closed. Good thing I booked my room yesterday. It is the Mormon Sabbath (Sunday). I'm guessing Tropic Utah is very Mormon. The situation brings back memories from my teens in Philadelphia when all the music and talk radio stations were religious until noon on Sundays mostly due to the Catholics.

I headed out to Bryce Canyon and paid twenty five dollars to the human powers that be for myself to be allowed to enjoy the earth and as I drove, it began to snow like I have never seen. Crystals were flying through the air. At the end of the road Mo and I met a couple. After taking pictures of snowflakes in the woman's hair... in a million years I would never have guessed the Traveling Piano would work but it did. It was meant to be and from that point on I could feel myself in an unbelievable energy vortex for the rest of the day. A couple guys from Germany found us, others also but it was too cold to share the music with everyone who found us.

Mo went running and playing in two feet of snow. In less than five minutes he began to dig under the snow and when came back up he had a tennis ball in his mouth. This dog of mine... he is so funny. If there is a tennis ball anywhere around he will find it, always! Even though it is cold I am happy to be here now. There are practically no people around... no park shuttles, cars, tour buses, etc...

I'm not leaving Bryce just like back in Glacier Park until I'm done enjoying it, two days additional for sure. Piano dog Bo and I were heading here to Bryce Canyon when we came out of Mexico in 2007. That's when the Virginia Tech massacre happened. The student government called asking for us to be with them so we immediately headed east. It took five years to get back into this area and here we are! This journey began with the pursuit of my Wildest of Dreams. The first was my waking up one morning twenty six years ago having dreamt that I was streaking (clothed) diagonally across the super bowl field playing Boogie Woogie piano on the then named Raggin' Piano Boogie truck. I played that Boogie for my new friends on the truck. It happens to be Super Bowl Sunday today. At a food store someone wished me "Happy Super Bowl Sunday." Yikes!!! The Super Bowl dream is still alive in me.

As a result of my decision to reroute the journey to Virginia Tech in 2007, I sold my home to pay off the incurring bills and also to take Piano Dog Bo to China for the world to meet him at the olympics and then into the rural areas. That did not happen but the world did meet Bo. (another story) Also, at that time I began to create my own music for the first time ever and as a result a memory had returned from my teens. The memory was that the people of China would enjoy the energy of my music more than anyone else. In my teens I was thinking that the energy was about how I played Ragtime and Boogie Woogie piano but I discovered from this journey that the energy I was thinking about is the energy of my soul, my own creative music.

As I drove down the canyon the snow was too strong, there was little visibility. As I began to head for my motel the sun came out so I stopped at the Bryce Point overlook. A major energy vortex was happening. I met a group of Chinese men having the same fun as I was. One of them was the Consul of the Chinese Embassy here in the USA. He expressed a desire to personally help me get the Traveling Piano over to China. We shall see, eh? I was thinking when I began todays drive to Bryce Canyon that for me wild dreams do not materialize from my pursing them but from living in the process of creating them and... sometimes the process seems to have nothing to do with the dreams at all. The fact is my "Wildest of Dreams" are not nearly as important as the fun I have in life in the present moment. Today while actually in one of my Wildest of Dreams (being here in Bryce Canyon)... I let go of all specifics about anthing else but today and as a result... specifics began to once again come around and surface with other aspects like China and today being the Superbowl. I want to keep "Letting Go!"

February 04, 2012

Tropic, Utah

As I drove out of Salt Lake City today I was caught between two worlds that of earth's nature surrounding me and the heavy traffic and highway construction I was driving through. After about an hour it was like being in Alaska again. We were driving in spaciousness. My new friend Dave gave me written directions to get to Bryce Canyon so for the first time in years I turned off the GPS. Mo and I took the road less traveled on purpose and began to feel new again in having no idea how far we would drive, when we were going to stop, where, if we were lost or not. I stopped to get some food along the road at a place called Mom's. Sounds good eh? I saw what someone else was eating and said simply while pointing at the dish, I'll have that and did not look at the menu, a mistake. I was served greasy fried fish (three small chunks) and chips (frozen fried potatoes) and a greasy piece of bread with a few dollar store frozen veggies and a teeny cup of salty beef soup. It was like a six dollar meal and they charged me fourteen. I always win some and lose some. When the hell am I going to start winning all the time? Ha, thats not how life seems to work for me except for the music in my life. The motel I found to stay in... a great win. It must have been refurbished within the year and is off the tourist mega strip. For fifty bucks a night I have a tv, micro, fridge, sofa, table, bed, several lamps all clean and new with internet too. Ahhh.... just Mo and Me.

I knew it might stay a little cold as I travel south but it just keeps on getting colder! At this point I must laugh at the fact that I began traveling south out of Washington state to find warmer weather and it just keeps getting colder. It is eleven degrees outside!!! God help the truck and equipment. Something broke open for me today. While driving finally I began to call people who have supported me through the years. I made about fifteen phone calls and it felt really good. I was afraid to feel stupid to call and just give a random hello. It felt really good and I just kept the calls short. I began moaning about money to one friend and they said, "you've been running out of money for years." Hahaha... its so true just like when I say I'm overwhelmed. I've been overwhelmed for for my entire life. Been complaining about the same things for my whole life! There's only so many things a person can complain about. The bottom line is I have had the grace to keep going no matter what. When I finally lost my cell phone signal the word yummy popped in my brain. I entered my favorite world. A total wonderland sourrounded me a natural playland with canyons of brown and red rock, green trees and white snow with a blue sky and a light sunset.

February 03, 2012

Salt Lake City, Utah

It was cold outside today! The piano was working and that was more important. The truck had a garage to keep it warm last night. I pulled it of the driveway to find huge mountains all around the city. My new friend Dave and I went sightseeing. We started in an upscale housing development built into a mountain side. After about five minutes a crotchety old woman in her socks came running out of her house complaining about low booming noise so loud she could not hear her television. I wanted to step on her but we were done anyway. I was just there to get a picture.

We drove down to the Mormon Tabernacle in the center of the city. The energy felt sterile and from the reaction of people walking around you would never know there was a red truck with a Pennsylvania license plate that had a piano man on the back creating music that flowed through the air as a cute pup sat on top of the piano. Next, we headed to a park where I lasted long enough to meet a few fun folk before the sun set. On the way back to our digs we stopped off to pick up some pizza and I created music while for a short while waiting for the pizza. I found a school field for Mo to run in. It was an elementary school, two floors and as big as a high school that would hold a thousand kids. I was wondering how little first graders could navigate a building that size!

February 02, 2012

Traveling Through Utah

Having never before visited Utah, I began to head for Salt Lake City today. I was told it would be a boring ride with nothing to see but for me it was as beautiful as it can get. In the past I've seen hills and mountains of green, brown and every color under the sun during the autumn seasons but never before today have I seen hills and mountains of wide open snow! The more south I travel the colder it is gets. Whats up with that? I was hungry and stopped in Snowville, Utah to find Mollies diner. I wanted to support an independent food business and not spend my money on chain store food. I asked for a bacon and egg sandwich on white toast with cheese, mayo, salt and pepper. The woman said four bucks and I thought hmm... it will probably be one egg and small, will it be enough, how old is the bacon grease etc... The sandwich was perfect, so perfect and worth six bucks that is what I left on the counter.

The phrase, "living in self righteous fear"passed through my mind today. It was a seven hour drive so my mind was busy. On one side of the truck I was taking pictures of mountains while I steered the truck with my leg. On the other side the sun was setting over water and mountains in the distance. There was no getting any good sunset pictures because I realized I need to be still and quiet when capturing those. Utah recently enacted a new liquor law. Anyone who does not already have a "club liquor licenses"... all drinks have to be prepared out of view and appear as if by magic. They call it the Zion Curtain. Bottles and bartenders must be hidden from the customer's view. I called up a guy named Dave to stay with him and his wife Cheryl. All about meeting new people to enrich his life, even though Cheryl who usually handles any guests is out of town, Dave said stop on by anyway. He made me a steak dinner.

February 01, 2012

Boise, Idaho

It rained today but that did not deter the Traveling Piano! As soon as there was a break in the clouds we took the truck out on a few errands and met friends of Kent all along the way. When it rained we used the garage. At night we had dinner with a friend of Kent's and two other guys who rent rooms in his house. One of them Jason works for a bullion company and we had a great discussion for hours about the history of money and what is happening in the world today. Wow, I learned a lot, he was amazing to listen to. I've appreciated how Kent has extended everyone possible to met us. He is a dog lover but travel keeps him from having a dog of his own so at every turn he gets a dog fix as in hug... from Mo. Tomorrow we head south.