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April 30, 2011

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Even though I am still feeling under the weather, there was a huge what seemed like a 100,000 people easy, city street festival and I wanted to check it out. I was aware of having no interest in taking the Traveling Piano there. Mo and I walked to it. We walked through it. The experience created sadness for me. For the first time ever with a large event like this, I had no entertaining association or desire to be part of what was going on or excitement over the idea of standing out in the crowd to express what I have to offer... My days of performing are slipping far behind. It has been several years now since I have worked in the old conventional ways. The idea of doing what I now do with the Traveling Piano and associating it with a career, business, income, paying bills... all desire surrounding that I am very conflicted with. I'm hoping the feeling is associated with being sick but also, it all just feels the past type experiences I've had with a piano on the back of a truck are done, over, finished. The only thing I feel sure I want in life is the relationship I have with my dog. The only thing I feel to do in life is to stay connected through the idea of creating fun, friendship, respect with musical inspiration and empowerment and I think at least for today, to continue with... at no cost and without commercial, organizational or political affiliation... the Traveling Piano. Without question the most comfortable way is through using synchronicity and spontaneity to create music for people to discover. One on one encounters. This I still enjoy. Whew, I'm feeling insecure.

April 29, 2011

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Was supposed to be close to Florida by now. The work still needed for the truck has put a hold on that idea. Can't get it back into the shop until Tuesday. I gave Ed who has been sharing his home and giving me his private parking garage space while he parks on the street... enough mula to make him really happy because he already has shared with me beyond the call of duty. I don't think about how much money is left. When I'm out I'll know, eh? I'm still under the weather so I laid low today. Found another dog park for Mo, don't know what I am going to do once I leave here... he has been having quite a ball with all the city parks with dogs almost every day.

April 28, 2011

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Every day I feel the need to revaluate what I am doing. Being here in Philly has really created challenges for revaluation. Many opportunities have been coming up for me to go back to work in the old conventional ways. People naturally assume I make money doing what I do which is not true. The way people are with their cameras and iphones is becoming downright creepy. I remember being in East Glacier Montana and seeing tourists rushing around like maniacs. They would get so caught up in getting a picture that they would not see the reality of nature. A car would pull up to a scenic overlook, someone would fly out of the car, snap a picture, fly back into the car and quick drive away to find the next picture without seeing anything. What has been happening to me is... the Traveling Piano will park, I'll get setup where there are a lot of people and all of a sudden almost everyone in viewing distance pulls out a camera and takes a picture. It feels a little creepy and did not used to be like this. I woke up this morning really sick from the sinus whatever a few days ago. There was no energy for anything all day... so, I have not been feeling very positive.

April 27, 2011

Manayunk, Pennsylvania

It was really difficult to get going today, Constantly I work to not put pressure on myself. Should I? ... because there are things I think I want to do that I have not been doing like... I have been meaning to detail and polish the truck for over a year and two months! I took the Traveling Piano truck to the Manayunk section of Philadelphia to meet a new friend named Katt. She is a sixty three year old musician who plays the accordion. We went to the main street and she jumped up onto the piano to play Klezmer Music... fun! It started to rain so we went back to hang out at her place. She lives with an eclectic assortment of neighbors and of course I love a neighborhood like that.

We hung out until dark. It was a typical neighborhood street, how I love the variety of neighborhoods in Philadelphia. They all have a distinctive flare to me and are connected. Between rain showers we made music while people looked out their windows, stood outside their doors and kids kept a timid distance. As the day ran on I watched neighbors return from work, warm up to the Traveling Piano during dinner and afterwards. Kids jumped on to play, My friend Katt brought her accordion outside, several neighbors jumped on and a guy from down the street came to jam with his piano playing as well as harmonica. Coincidentally a friend had given him a CD of mine for Christmas purchased many a year ago. Need to get the truck fixed... again, need to move on to another place, city, town, state, country... don't want to. I live with a constant urge to nest.

April 26, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Last night, exhausted... I went to bed with the windows wide open. It was like sleeping outside. With the sun from the beach and being to tired to notice if I was cold or not... I woke up with a sinus cold/infection, a day long headache in my right nostril. Pain. I laid around to enjoy the warm breeze outside... indoors, actually pushed myself not to do anything. I wanted to do allot. Great day for opportunity with the Traveling Piano... I told myself to give it a break or get worse.

I finally ventured outside around four in the afternoon. The first stop was at a local deli where I told everyone I'd eventually bring the Traveling Piano by for a visit. That was durning my last visit to Philadelphia back in December. It has been on my mind ever since. Next was the dog park so Mo could release some energy. We became busy with the piano curbside. New friends Sophia and Dale had asked me to dinner so about six thirty we hooked up with their friend Lois. Sophia played music on the back with Dale sitting nearby and Mo on top of the piano while I drove for almost an hour through the streets of Philly. Talk about focus! Here I am driving a twenty five year old stickshift truck all the while looking for smooth road, my dog taking in all the chaos a city can offer while balancing himself on top of the piano, me on the lookout for crazy drivers and people walking, police and anything that can happen suddenly... there was no room for error. It was a challenge and super fun driving down small streets, Market street, around city hall and down Broad street while listening to Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and the Nutcracker Suite.

We stopped off twice along the way. One spot was on Walnut street near Rittenhouse Square. Sophia was having such a great time. I was dying watching her as I did a week ago. I wanted to also have fun, I wanted to get up on that piano and play, I needed to wait my turn! Hahahaha... I am always too chicken to park and play in such public spots by myself with the truck. I ate a full calzone tonight and it was good. Lois I learned is an adherent to the International Peace Mission Movement a church that was started by the Reverend Major Jealous Divine now passed. This was a new one for me. There are two classes of members for the church, followers and adherents. They believe in reincarnation and do not believe in charity... no smoking, drinking, "sex" or rock and roll is allowed. Thats right... and marriage is prohibited although Father Divine married two times. He was a black guy and his second wife was his white secretary. They did it anyway even though interracial marriages were a big problem back when. He told his followers that he could handle marriage because he was God, the only one strong enough to have a marriage without sex in it. The church is international and was at its height back in the 40's. The membership numbers are dwindling now, probably because no one is allowed to have sex!

April 25, 2011

Longport, New Jersey

Wow, I woke up to the sunrise this morning for the second time. I have been staying in a high rise condo building and the entire bedroom wall is a glass window. The blinds have been left open to help me get up in the mornings. No matter how I lay, the sunrise is so bright over the Delaware river and Philadelphia cityscape... I cannot sleep. Awesome! ...even though it was 6:30am. This morning I had to go to Northeast Philly to get the truck fitted for a new tarp.

Today was warm and balmy like a summer day. The idea came to me for Mo to see the beach for the first time. It was an hour and a half drive. The experience really was for me. I throughly enjoy watching my dog have fun and he does have fun! To see him romp is one thing but to see him come running to me from a distance to share his joy... there is nothing better. I met a free spirited woman on the beach and drove her arounf for a few blocks while she played the piano. "I have always dreamed of doing that" she said. I thought, "really?" There was just the right amount of fun people to meet with the Traveling Piano, enough time for the beach play and time to record an hour of music. (which I ended up erasing by mistake) The seashore is my favorite environment to be in.

April 24, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sun's been out! Warm and breezy and Eastery... the day started out with mass at Old St. Joe's in Philly. It is the first catholic church here and coincidentally I buried my friend Gertrude at this church many years ago. My friend Ed is ...very... catholic and I went with him and his family. Last year I was at a mega church with my friend Gail in Dallas Texas. I'v been to church a lot over the last few years with people who I have stayed with. The old saying, "when in rome do what the romans do" comes to mind. I loved the feel of todays service in a small church packed with people, close and intimate, a light breeze blowing through the windows, the sounds of horses passing by on the cobblestones outside. There is no question, a sense of community or at least common ground among the participants.

Outside afterwards I hooked up with a few people on the truck and even drove them to their destination while they created music on the back. Mo hung out with them on top of the piano. A polish kielbasa, egg and potato breakfast was next. Then I headed to east river drive on the Schuylkill river. It looked like it might rain. In wanting to stay close by the parking garage I am using and wanted to find a spot where it was not so touristy or full of holiday bustle. Along with sharing the piano I wanted to play a little for myself. Ending up in a spot where I frequent I connected with people until dark. The world is truly becoming more and more one. Today I connected with people from Israel, Turkey, Italy, Vietnam and China... all in Philadelphia in a non-touristy spot.

April 23, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The day was dreary with drizzle until about five in the afternoon. The sun came out and it was killing me because I had so much had wanted to spend the entire day out with the truck. My friend Ed, his son Stephen and I drove to the center city bus terminal to pick up my God Daughter Alicia and her boyfriend Tim. They came into town from New York city. We took the Traveling Piano truck to pick them up. Once parked, immediately people began to jump on board to try out the piano. Once the entire crew was together we all decided to drive down to South street for dinner. Mo stayed on top of the piano while we drove and everyone created music through the streets of center city Philly.

As luck would have it we found a spot almost in front of the restaurant. Once again people began to jump up to play. We were able to eat outside so everyone went ahead while I stayed behind to work. Dinner was ordered for me. I ended up eating rabbit, the easter bunny? We had dessert which continued back at the condo with butter cream eggs, peanut butter eggs, confetti cake, butter cake and Johnson's carmel popcorn from Ocean City New Jersey. Mo was fantastic the whole time. Everything is new to him. I am amazed how he has become so easily acclimated to sitting on the piano as we drive down loud, noisy city streets.

April 22, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It was cold and dreary today. After I woke up well... it is now twelve midnight and I am still trying to wake up... I took Mo for a long walk through the city and he encountered his first drum band in the middle of Broad and Chestnut streets. He went bonzo in the middle of the street and has stayed bonzo all day checking his environment via three hundred and sixty degrees. I'm not sure he is going to be able to handle fireworks and parades will be a challenge for sure. The weather forecast says dreary until Tuesday.

April 21, 2011

Fallsington, Pennsylvania

Life started out with a trip back to the Traveling Piano truck's repair center. There were about six problems that still needed to be fixed only one of them existed when I took the guy out for the test drive. The problems no longer existed. As soon as I left the shop, the problems returned. In any case, oil still drips from underneath so it will go back into the shop next week. Miami, Florida was originally on the agenda for today. Ha, what happened to that? I just continue onward. I drove to my nieces house in Fallsington, Pennsylvania. Her kitchen was in full house easter bake mode with heavy rap dance club music going to keep the energy flying. It was all very funny to find.

I gave the family my old piano and I left with an easter rabbit cake, two trays of chocolate butter cream and peanut butter easter eggs. We ate pickled eggs and beets together. Mo had more exercise playing with the neighborhood kids then at the dog park with other dogs. I decided to get some music going and played while kids danced and did cartwheels on the lawn to the music. Neighbors wondered in and out of the situation, all the kids kept jumping in and out of the truck. When the truck was full we drove circles around the neighborhood over and over. Finally, I just went into the house to settle down and left everyone including Mo out on their own unsupervised. The piano still worked after all the banging when I got back to it, thats a good thing eh?

April 20, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Life is full of both crap and... what is the opposite of crap? With all the issues that could be in my face right now... today, I choose to face the journey only. It was a beautiful day. I put serious consciousness into the goal to have fun, friendship and respect with spontaneity and synchronicity. It all came to fruition as good as it can get. I could only post a few of the pictures, ha. It all started on Broad street. I was really afraid because I did not want to feel like I was inserting myself into a situation were I would make a spectacle of myself. From the start it just got better and better.

I'm so tired right now I am not sure of what I am writing. Second stop was to the dog park for Mo. He had a good romp with a few dogs which made the rest of the day a lot easier. He was a good tired out boy! I went to the neighborhood of Sophia an old piano playing lady I keep synchronistically running into. I parked and asked people walking by if they knew of her. A fun family jumped on board the truck. After about five minutes it turned out Sophia lives a few houses down and walked out her front door.

With her husband Dale they had to go visit a neighbor a few blocks away. She asked if I would drive her. Major fun here! A lady in her eighties playing classical piano on the back of a pickup truck with a dog on top of the piano and her husband hanging on while I drive them through the streets of Philadelphia. They were yelling directions and it soon became apparent they were taking the longest route to make the ride last.

We ended up on Wallace street in the Fairmount section of the city. Many people came out of there houses. The Traveling Piano became a neighborhood event of sorts. Dale, Sophia's husband went home to get sheet music for his wife and came back totting a pink case full of it. I wanted to play music but not as much as I wanted to continue enjoying the present joy that I was experiencing. Neighbors were meeting each other for the first time, having a reason to interact. I was in my favorite situation because there were also neighbors who have know each other for years and through the Traveling Piano were learning more about each other.

As it turns out Sophia is a big cat lady, she takes care of cats and places them. People know her from going to the corner store and buying out all the cat food. She was giving someone money while I was there to help take care of a cat she had placed. Most of her neighbors and friends did not know that she played the piano. It was all magical. People began to walk up to her and give her tips. I thought, "shit, good for her" and laughed to myself as I kept hearing her say, "thank you, thank you." She loved the day, I loved the day, everyone else loved the day... love, love, love on top of crap. Hahaha!

April 19, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It is raining so now is a good time to rant. I paid three thousand dollars to put the Traveling Piano into top shape not just to fix it. It is neither fixed or in top shape. Several issues still exist. The guy said, "thats the way it is with these vehicles." That statement was a red flag. I was too unerved and could not respond. I should have said, "If the emergency light stays on that is not the way it "is" or was". Fix the damm thing. I let the issue slide because I did not know if I would have battles to chose between. When we drove together to check the finished job, I said the clutch still makes noise. He thought it was because I was not letting the clutch out fast enough. Fact: I've driven this same truck for twenty five years, I know how to use the clutch but again, I took responsibility. The engine was making a clicking sound which is the reason I wanted a new one. He said, using the most expensive grade of gas would fix the problem. With two tank fill ups, the grade of gas is not the problem. Now... speaking of battles... the truck leaks more oil now than before. Old tapes are running in my head, "danny, anything anyone ever does for you is never good enough for you, you always want more, more more, its never enough, its never good enough." I am trying to get new tapes running, "fix the damm truck and put it into top shape which is what you said you could do, would do, and for what I paid three thousand bucks!" The difficulty for me is in saying that in person tactfully, responsibly and with the full confidence needed. I have often said decisions and choices are the most difficult challenges in life for me. This type of situation may be the most difficult... the getting what I want or what I paid for... patiently, tactfully, with full confidence in myself and without using threat or anger.

April 18, 2011

Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Today was both good and bad. Lets start with the bad. Having just paid out three thousand dollars to have the Traveling Piano transformed into top shape for lengthy travel... it still has the same old problems. It is leaking oil, making strange noises, the gears don't shift correctly... ugh , ugh, ugh. I am experiencing fear, anger, frustration, powerlessness. I was planning to leave Philly soon, I no longer have confidence in the people who did the job... they were recommended by someone I highly respect... the more unsuccessful tinkering with this old truck the more unsuccessful possibilities arise. Enough of that... I spent time with my close friends Pat and her daughter Cindy. Pat owns the home I use in West Virginia. We all went to a huge dog park in the area, I played some music, they played some music, we messed around, met other friends, had dinner together... thank God for the best of friends. I love them very much.

April 17, 2011

Newark, Delaware

As the journey would have it the Traveling Piano ended up in Newark, Delaware. I went to pick up my friend Stephen the son of Ed who I have been staying with. Mo peed on his seat. Actually he came over to my side of the truck so he wouldn't get his side wet. It really pissed me off. I could analyze it to death but I will spare you. Bottom line is that I need to become even more responsible than I already am. God, I hate the feeling of needing to be consciously responsible all the time concerning my dog. He did his deed one block from our destination. I got out of the truck trying to figure out how I can be all fun and have him on top of the piano having fun for himself with no consequences for what he had just done. Neighbors from houses on the street began to approach the truck immediately, I had no choice, up he jumped.

I was on a street where neighbors were uncomfortable with each other, did not know how to interact, did not necessarily want to interact and were somewhat fearful of each other for different reasons. Having just been traumatized by my dogs behavior I could not get a grip to work with everyone so I had to let several people just drift away. That felt disappointing. I never want to let anyone go without an experience who shows interest. I did have a great time with a bunch of kids. Stephen and I then went to a park where I found the best looking water tower ever. Today was very windy. There was a dog park nearby so I let Mo run a bit. I could feel resistance starting with him last night. When I went to give him his favorite liver treats he opted out rather than do his usual tricks. I once offered him a piece of grilled steak to roll over and just because he did not want to he decided to forgo the steak rather than roll over like a good doggie. Before bed he again would not do his duty. I put him in the truck cab and took a walk to get some clarity. I noticed that it is a full moon. So much for clarity, it ain't going to happen tonight.

April 16, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today was rainy. Most of the day I spent watching season four of Bones with no commercials which is becoming the only way I can watch television. I may have an issue... I do not seem to be able to get enough of the show. Mo lays with me. This dog is complete companionship. He gets me, he gets my humor, limits, boundaries and love.

April 15, 2011

West River Drive, 19th and Wallace, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We started out on the opposite side of the river from yesterday. I figured there would be less people and with the temperature in the low 50's, I could get some recording done. It is really great to go outside and have unlimited places to plop and play verses in rural areas or western cities where everything is spread out. Mo discovered Canadian geese poop. Like Bo, new piano dog Mo now loves to eat it. Good grief! I can't let him run loose around it. Maybe I should higher him out to scoff up and clean areas of the city. After having some significant interactions on the river we drove to find a dog park for Mo to play in. We traveled to three dog parks with no dogs and no luck ending up on the corner of 19th and Wallace in the Fairmount section of the city.

As soon as I began to play, dog people began to show up. There was a ball game and easter hunt going on. A piano playing lady in her eighties... who found the Traveling Piano in the Lemon Hill part of the city and played several years ago... and who I ran into once again at Christmas... having completely not remembering she had played on the piano in the past... until about two weeks ago when I was looking through old pictures... fleetingly pedaled by on a bicycle and waved as she passed. To my amazement about fifteen minutes later her husband walked by on his way home from work. "I remember that you were taking your truck to China", he said. They live around the corner. If I did not have the pictures and these writings from the past would anyone believe this stuff? Needless to say the rest of our time out was all about... Who Let the Dogs Out!

April 14, 2011

East River Drive, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It feels difficult to try and describe the spontaneity and synchronicities of today. I'd rather just "do" and "be." Anyway, I started off driving north into my old haunts to try and find the woman who made the Traveling Piano cover twenty years ago. I went through the neighborhood knocking on doors, asking people who might remember a bunch of old ladies that sewed custom boat covers in the area. Turns out that Mrs, Miller died some years ago so that was that. As I randomly stopped at different marinas in the area, I asked Mrs. Miller up in heaven to direct me to someone who could do the job. I think my mother up in heaven stepped in because by late afternoon I found Ester in Northeast Philadelphia, an older Ukrainian seamstress. My mother was very proud of her Ukrainian heritage as is Ester with her sewing kraft. Next week we will take measurements for a new truck cover.

Having finished all the work on the truck yesterday it still feels very fragile. Seems that no one is able to address my concerns with the truck so how can I prevent projected problems? I cannot so I suppose I will just need to go with the flow. If and when it breaks, I'll fix it. I stopped to get some water at a Indian budget grocery store. Everyone was interested in the Traveling Piano so I created some music outside for them but could not get the where-with-all to pursue the situation and invite people to play on the piano, do pictures, etc... I was asking myself why I could not get started, what was wrong, it was the perfect day and I have not been out in weeks. I needed adapters for the piano so I ended up in the Mayfair area of Philadelphia at a music store. Something clicked and the journey began. It just took me away.

I ended up on East River drive outside of center city Philadelphia. Mo jumped up onto the piano, the sun was setting and I began to create music with a myriad of sounds. Sculling, jogging, biking, behind me autos rushed by, a variety of birds flew around, the water, singing... I felt relief. With four hours sleep from the night before and the days emotional turmoil with finding someone to deal with the friggin tarp... I felt relief. Also, I got filled up with fun, friendship and respect. When I get going... I make up big time, for any down time with the Traveling Piano. Tomorrow should be interesting to find out if I can walk or talk from todays physical exhaustion. It was a great day. Mo is such a miracle, I am still adjusting to his being in my life so perfectly, his love and behavior is way beyond anything I could have ever dreamed for my life.

April 13, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ok... I picked up the Traveling Piano truck from the repair shop. The guy said he cut the cost of $3500 down by $600. My friend Sid who recommended the guy to me contributed $500. Nice friend, eh? Friends like this I will always cherish. Also friends like Ed who I am staying with. Ed not only has given me rides during this period he is parking his SAAB 9.3 convertible on the street in center city Philadelphia at a meter so I can use his "safe" garaged parking spot.

Anyone curious as to what $2900 will bring these days in truck repair? The Traveling Piano now has new... front brake hoses, spark plugs, a ignition wire set, distributer cap, fuel filter, clutch slave cylinder, thermostat and thermostat gasket, distributor o-ring, air filter, rear brake wheel cylinders, valve cover oil seal and grommets, valve cover gasket, a remanufactured starter, pvcv grommet, pollution cont.valve, distributor rotor, wiper blade blots, the radio power was checked, the truck seat repaired and lubed, checked strange noises when backing up, had the steering stop caps replaced and the stops lubed, new oil dipstick, replaced the starter assembly, bled and flushed the clutch hydraulic system, adjusted the ignition timing, replaced the distributor 0-ring, cleaned lubed and adjusted the steering stop caps, carburetor accelerator pump diaphragm, the rear differential pinion oil seal, the valve cover half moon plugs, new wiper blades, carburetor auxiliary accelerator pump diaphragm, a sealed bean headlight bulb, oil filter, oil, gear oil, anti-freeze coolant, air conditioning retrofit kit, freon, vacum check and recharge, four new tires and tire valve, fixed the emergency brake, replaced the thermostat and gasket, flushed and filled the cooling system, differential pinion oil, had an oil change, topped off all fluids, adjusted the tire pressure, had an alignment, sublet replace exhaust behind the catalytic convertor, they balanced the tires, disposed them, checked the doors, hinges and latches. Do you think the truck will now last another twenty five years? I feel grateful I could get this job done. Now onto the finding someone to sew me a new truck cover.

April 12, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today was a rainy day. I treated myself to a therapy session in town. Really, I saw my analyst for the first time in years. Twenty five years of individual as well as group psychoanalysis has very much helped in the creation of this journey. Thats right, I have been working for over twenty five years to gain a sense of self in order to start pursuing my Wildest of Dreams. Trust I have found is a key element.

April 11, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Everyone was looking forward to the day because the temperature was to be in the eighties. I hooked up with a friend for a walk along east river drive. The walk lasted for over three hours! I fell asleep as soon as I was done. I'm grateful that I can exercise. Piano dog Mo is also grateful that I can exercise. The walking path looked like a boardwalk on the beach at the busiest time of the season.

April 10, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The truck repair will cost thousands. I wonder constantly if I am doing the right thing. I am also always thinking about what I want to be doing. Clarity... Also, even if there is no cause, I am constantly riding the line with thoughts as to not wear out my welcome wherever I am staying. That need I feel to constantly be on guard is a pain in the butt.

April 9, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I was sitting while writing when all of a sudden a voice enters the room through an intercom I did not know existed. In an urgent tone... "Your attention please, a fire has been reported in this building, proceed to the corridor outside the nearest fire exit and stand by for further instructions. Do not use the elevators." It loops and loops and loops. Being on the eight floor I thought, "there's no jumping. My friend Ed was sleeping in the next room. "Ed get up we need to go." Ed says to ignore it. He said it happens all the time so I ignore it. Then the fire engines come. "Ed, do the fire engines come all the time?" Ed say,s yes. I continue to look outside the window for a mass evacuation. Nada, the only people outside the two building thirty floor high rise... two door men. I told Ed maybe he should suggest they add a "we really mean it" tape for if there is ever a real fire.

April 8, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After five years I revamped the contribution page and would like for you to read it and consider contributing to this journey. The Traveling Piano truck is being rebuilt. I'm enjoying the change of environment here in Philadelphia from West Virginia. I do so love familiarity, today. I enjoy being stimulated with people, today. I enjoy getting my act together in anyway, today. Go ahead... click on this link and read... Contribute Here or click on the link to the left of this page. The truck will be costing thousands of dollars to repair.

April 7, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The favorite part of my days since the beginning of this month have been when I take Piano Dog Mo to the park. We have been to three different parks now. People take their dogs to play with each other. This is total joy for me to see Mo have so much fun and get along with every dog so far. (cross my fingers with luck) He never fails to turn a head while walking down the street. I'm missing the piano on the truck in the mix. This break is good I suppose because it is creating desire as in absence makes the heart grow fonder?

April 6, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Part of me feels like this blog must have a Traveling Piano related picture, experience and writing everyday. I must constantly remind myself first and foremost, "who am I out to please"? Me. Ha. Yes. Thats the way it works. I've been getting my act together with my nutrition. There are writings on this website that have not been updated in years, I'm doing that while I have internet access. I'm thankful for friends, my friend Ed presently sharing his home with me. Before I began this journey the concept of staying with friends did not exist. It was not a possibility in my head... until the time was right.

April 5, 2011

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am officially living out of a suitcase once again now staying with my friend Ed in center city Philadelphia. A repair job is being done on the Traveling Piano. Today it is raining. Yesterday while it was still super warm I took Mo to a field with other dogs. About eighty percent of the dogs where there for the first time. I counted twenty dogs in total. I am not saying this because Mo is my dog but he was the coolest dog there. He has a personality and runs and romps unlike any other dog. After about fifteen minutes, they all wanted to play with him. At one point he had five dogs on him and he was having a ball on his back, fighting them off. Mo loves physicality.

April 4, 2011

Glenside, Pennsylvania

The Traveling Piano is now in an auto shop. I feel good about it. Somehow this all feels like a major operation with surgery and everything that entails. I am rebuilding the Traveling Piano truck. new engine, carburetor... everything. Last night about three in the morning Mo began to pace the room. I thought he had to go to the bathroom. I opened the door to let him out and saw a large skunk ten feet away. Too late... Mo went right for it, in the dark, his first skunk, followed it into the corner of the property where there was no escape. I was screaming in a whisper as to not wake up the house and neighborhood. "Mo...Mo...Mo" There was no option but to get out there with him. I ran in the opposite direction so he would follow me. It was quite the visual for any night owl. A fifty-five year old man runing bare footed through the grass at three in the morning in nothing but his tighty-whiteys while screaming "Mo... Mo... Come." It was a miracle. The skunk did not spray.

April 3, 2011

Fallsington, Pennsylvania

We ended up an hour behind when I had planned to leave. On the way out Mo and I came across a lost pot bellied pig wandering from side to side down the road. People from another nearby vehicle asked me to stop and help. We got Mo's leash around him and I was about to lift the pig into the back of the persons car. Synchronistically, the owners came driving down the road looking for him at that exact moment. The pigs name... Charlie. He was dirty and smelly and so was the owners car. It even had straw in it. I'm pretty sure the pig lives in the house with his owners. Onward... We are staying with my niece and her family in Fallsington, Pennsylvania.

April 2, 2011

West Virginia

Ready to transport.

April 1, 2011

West Virginia

It is amazing to me how much time it takes me to get off my ass and do stuff like clean, pack and get ready to leave. I just looked at the date of this entry. Is it really 2011? I had practically no concept of being in this world for the year 2011. That was back in the year 1970. Before that my upbringing did not allow for free thinking concepts. Mo saw the vet for a clean bill of health today. I refuse to rush with anything. My creative energy has been brewing big time especially when it comes to the everything of television shows and movies in the making. A large chunk of time everyday has been spent observing and listening to dvd commentaries. I discovered apple cider vinegar. Two tablespoons in the morning and at night... no more aches and pains. Am I kidding? Not! It has been working for four days now. Such a simple and none expensive miracle cure all. Three out of five people I have mentioned it to or in front of... say they do or have done it. But thats that kind of people. :) The moment it went down my throat, I felt it all the way to the tips of my toes, what a major rush. Now every time, I know what is coming, the taste... I just take it like a man. No more aching pain when I get up and move around.