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March 31, 2011

West Virginia

On Sunday we are heading back East to get the Traveling Piano rebuilt. It needs a new engine, tires etc... I wonder if I am doing the right thing. Everytime an expense comes up, part of me wants to say more options close for the journey and they do because... the financial needs for this journey has been ninety five percent funded through the sale of my house three years ago. The funds are shrinking. Hahaha... I don't care. More importantly, Piano Dog Mo and I will need to leave our "very" comfortable and private nest. (although I am looking forward to accessible civilization) I don't know wether I should bury myself away (because I can) for as long as it takes to study and create something new journey wise, focus on accomplishing one of the goals, or just keep going as I have for the past five years. I'm thankful I found someone to trust with handling the truck work. Maybe they won't screw me as has happened too many times now to mention. Also, while out and about I must get a new truck cover made and I wonder why that has been such a pain in the ass. I can't end this on a bad note. Maybe I should go create some music. All is good!

March 30, 2011

West Virginia

I am not in a Traveling Piano state of mind. I am wondering if that is a good thing or a bad thing but I know it is neither. The bottom line... fear although, otherwise I am living a very content life. You may ask, what I have to be fearful of. Fear has no reason but if I was to pin point it... I am fearful of everything, so... I think about gratitude and how perfectly safe and comfortable it is now right now as I am writing this. I think about how I have friends and I pray. I do. I don't think I ever wrote that before. Prayer for myself is private. I've been thinking about offerings in prayer. I do not offer for... I offer to.

March 29, 2011

West Virginia

There is a decision I want to make. I've been grappling with it since piano dog Boner died. While keeping the desire to be healthy not only in body but in mind and spirit... I am constantly thinking about going back into the field of entertainment as in enter back into the world of business whether I am on the front lines or behind the scenes. If I continue on the Traveling Piano truck and turn it back into a commercial vehicle that would mean the front lines. Creating a movie, book, etc... would be more behind the scenes. The only reason I would go back into being commercial would be for fun. The biggest reason I can think of how it would "not" be fun... is well... that would entail collaboration an area where I have practically no experience... I'm fearful. Also, bureaucracy is one word that comes to mind. The question is... what do I want most for myself (key words are for myself) to offer and contribute to the world. Keep it Simple... is a phrase that comes to mind.

March 28, 2011

West Virginia

I really don't have anything I want to say.

March 27, 2011

West Virginia

Slowly I move preparing myself to travel back east to get the truck rebuilt. This is a must.

March 26, 2011

West Virginia

Even with the inconveniences of no television or internet and the rough driving terrain, the distance to drive anywhere, I have been extremely content with the little nest I have found. Piano dog Mo satisfies all my needs for company. He is responsive, affectionate, makes me laugh and feels good! The idea of going back out into the field (as in travel) becomes more and more difficult as time goes on. I have not been creating music everyday which facilitates detachment from the journey. Still, I am connected in other ways. My job is to stay connected with the world and that is not a natural state of being for me.

March 25, 2011

West Virginia

The cold weather is back! I had to laugh in taking a picture of the pumpkin on the deck outside. I put the original pumpkin picture on this blog when I purchased it on October 17, 2010 and took another picture and posted again what it looked like on January 10, 2011... now, does this tell about how sometimes it is difficult for me to just "let go?" It is not about laziness concerning not getting rid of it, this is about love and memories, fun, beauty and the past, security, etc...

March 24, 2011

West Virginia

There is a girl named Jill who found the Traveling Piano and wrote about the experience her blog.I'll let her do the writing for today. Jill's Blog

March 23, 2011

West Virginia

I tried to drive the truck today. At first it would not start and when it finally did I could not get it into gear. A conscious decision was made to go with the flow of life and not get hysterical. I asked a friend if the clutch uses fluid and he said it does... there are two cylinders one for the brake fluid and one for the clutch and they both use break fluid "dot 3" type. Damm, the cylinder was dry... filled it with fluid, the clutch works again.

March 22, 2011

West Virginia

I was thinking about the two people from Oreland, PA who I synchronistically ran into the other day. That got me thinking about my friend Sid who sets up the 4th of July parade there. I called him to ask if he knew any reputable auto repair guys from the antique auto clubs that are in the parade every year. I've really been screwed a couple times over the last few years trying to get this truck repaired and here in West Virginia finding someone has been... not good. He turned me onto his auto mechanic who used to work for a Toyota dealership and knows my truck very well. They don't even make the parts anymore. I've been on this same truck for twenty five years. I'm getting the engine rebuilt and everything else the truck needs... next week. The lady who was going to replace my truck cover has disappeared. FInding people who keep their word and are responsible can be very difficult at times.

March 21, 2011

West Virginia

I''m glad I got out to create some music today. We met two grils out for a hike. Rain is comming. I felt the sun's warmth on my arms for the first time in a long while. Mo and I took a hike in the woods. The truck has about two more uses before it breaks down. Reality check. O don't think the Traveling Piano will make it to Alaska in its present shape. As well as the constant leaking of oil, ever increasing gas consumption, no emergency brake, a door that is beginning to not shut, an engine that will not get the truck up hills more than thirty miles an hour... the clutch is now going bad. Also I need a new keyboard, speaker, and amp. Hahaha, lalalala. Next... I was hoping with Mo being a non shedding short haired dog... I would not be allergic to him as I was with Piano Dog Bo. I forgot to turn on my air purifier before I went to sleep last night. This morning... raw throat, runny nose, stuffy head and ache so bad that death was an option. Today was amazingly warm, balmy and breezy. I decided to take it easy. This felt really, really good.

March 20, 2011

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

I have been in full journey mode. This is good. Nothing feels pushed, urgent, needed... Mo and I are just doing our thing whatever that is in the present moment, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. We met different people all day in different spots and at different times both with the Traveling Piano truck and without. Mo met a new playmate. I get a lot of satisfaction seeing him enjoy other dogs. It saved me from the need to exercise him with a long walk. Someone described me as a holder of space spiritually speaking... I do know that I have been able to create a safe and fun space for people to have unique and amazing Traveling Piano experiences... because its fun for me.

I met a guy and his partner who are both holistic healers. The one guy uses a tuning fork and different pitches... vibrations etc... There was a fun couple originally from Argentina, a bunch of kids from Columbia Maryland... a women who wondered down the street into us having just come out of a local spa soak and with her flowered flip flops... she jumped up into the truck to have a Traveling Piano minute. . George Washington camped here in Berkeley Springs. This is America's first spa with healing mineral waters. I wonder if I ever mentioned that. The place is a national park. It cost something like twenty bucks to sit in hot water for a half hour. I did it once a few years ago and got too hot... and bothered too, that it cost so much :)

March 19, 2011

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia There is a full giant moon outside. I feel fully gigantic. My crash diet crashed on its fourth day. I can no longer tolerate a conscious infliction of suffering and deprivation. I celebrated with a tuna sandwich, a few Nathen's hotdogs, popcorn and some pop. Real men are not supposed to talk like this are they. Oh well, it is what it is. I can't believe I got such a great shot of the moon with just a point and click camera. While going through papers today I found out that Piano Dog Mo was not born February 23rd as I had originally thought. He was in fact born on the same day Piano Dog Boner died, in the same twenty four hour period. This is not the first time that a specific date has had a significant coincidence in my life. My black hat was fading. It is difficult for me to find a hat that I like. I spray painted it. Ha, now it looks great. We drove into town to go to the library which was closed. I had no plans to work with the Traveling Piano today because I had enough from yesterday but the journey as usual took control.

The creamery in town that closed earlier in the year reopened. I was outside using the internet and a mom and her daughter came up to say hello to Mo. They used to see me perfrom in the Oreland, Pennsylvania Fourth of July Parade every year. That was several years back when I performed for money. Oreland is a favorite town of mine who has been very supportive over the years. It is a small world for sure. The music started with people coming up. Yesterday, I parked behind a huge shopping complex because I wanted to take Mo for a run in a large open area that I had found. After having walked a distance I saw the need to run back to the truck as guy and his wife were standing next to it. He is recovering from a recent heart transplant. We had a great short time with music and talk. You can be sure this couple knows all about appreciating life and taking time to "smell the roses" metaphorically speaking.

March 18, 2011

With the temperature in the seventies and the sun out... well, I wanted to cry with relief. Ha. Not knowing where I was going I headed south on route 522 in West Virginia looking for a park and ended up in the inner city of Winchester, Virginia. First I had to make a detour which took me to a parking lot for the local Habitate for Humanity center. I think it was the director who came out to meet Mo and play a little piano. That led to a bunch of guys paving a nearby road and after that I found a bunch of employees planting pansies outside a free health clinic on the street. Then I found a small kiddies playground with both kiddies and alcoholics hanging out. It was across from the police station. A fifteen year old guy got a private music lesson at that spot. As I played a freight train passed right through the center of town making a crescent turn behind me whistles and all. A mom pulled up next to me in her car and left her infant baby in the back seat while she went to get another little girl playing nearby. I played music for the infant toddler as she lit up with a huge smile and then she waved at me and then clutched her hands to her heart. That was awesome!

I am on a crash diet. It is the third day. They work, right? In the present moment they do, ha! I have been on many types of diets all my life. This is the first since the journey began. It is what it is. I made a decision to die healthy so I am going to be healthy whether it kills me or not. My mother said no one likes a fatty. I guess I still have some growing up to do. I had a milkshake meal replacement before I left with my vitamins, minerals and whey protein. I took with me some celery and carrot sticks with some peanut butter. After about an hour of playing I started to sink with energy big time... gatorade to the rescue. I need to keep those fluids flowing. The day is not over but I wanted to make sure I uploaded everything so I am presently outside a Panera using their free internet. After here... who knows where or what, not I.

March 17, 2011

Really nice day today, the warmest this year. I had no choice but go to the park and experience it with some music. We met a wonderful couple from Maryland. It is completely clear how Mo and I hook up with certain people, like people... or people we are just supposed to meet. A new friend (I think he's new) contributed to the journey via online today! That makes three contributions this year!!! Woo-Hoo-Wow! Hahaha... Those three people I do not believe could ever grasp how empowering they are for me. I accept their gesture of generosity and use it to the fullest and more... in order to continue onward. Having not had any support from where I would have expected it in life... I triple appreciate it from random acts of kindness. People have been talking about what has been going on in the world with natural disasters, the never ending predictions, end of the world prophecies, wars, etc... I have been thinking about it. I can feel everyone getting more and more excited, ahh we all love stimulation eh? (even if its painful) Should I plan to avoid what... how... when... should I prepare, should I create chaos so I experience just chaos (expert here) instead of life in the present moment? Well, what I want to do is put all the energy I gain from knowledge, understanding and life situations... perceived good and bad... and give it to caring about the enjoyment of where I am right now, today... in this moment writing, being with you. I do enjoy it. Piano dog Boner really showed me how life can work. As he aged, became ill, lost his senses and physical capabilities, had unwanted limitations put on his desires... until his very last breath when his body splat down on the floor... he just kept going with play, running when possible, smiling, eating, shitting, wagging his tail all with desire to please, love, care and enjoy... i'm taking his lead.

March 16, 2011

West Virginia

There is a picture I hung on the wall of Piano Dog Boner and I. It is a water color an artist had created for us when we were down in New Orleans, after Katrina. Piano Dog Mo discovered it this morning. While sitting in my lap he was glued to it with his eyes, staring four minutes no exaggeration, and then he looked away and back again for another minute... three more times. I timed it while watching the clock on the stove because I thought it was so interesting.

March 15, 2011

West Virginia

Constantly, I work to stay aware of what I want to do and be. I love my morning routine which ends up sitting in a recliner with a cup of coffee and my pup on my lap. Mo keeps me in the present moment because he is so present. There is no way I can relate too lovingly with Mo. No harm can come from it. It has taken me a life time ha, how much longer will I live... to learn what love really is for myself and how to experience it appropriately. I know all is correct when there is nothing but joy in the relationship... on both sides... from what I can distinguish. I also know there is nothing else I want to be doing when we are both present together. More importantly, there is nothing else I have to be, need to be, or should be doing. I called a woman in Pennsylvania today to say I am ready to come and get a new Traveling Piano tarp made. If we are to travel to Alaska it won't happen without a new tarp. Thats just one Traveling Piano truck item to deal with.

March 14, 2011

Cross Junction, Virginia

This afternoon we drove to the Cross Junction post office in Virginia to drop off a package and see Theresa who works there all by herself. She jumped onto the piano and so did several other people. I started to create music and zoned out there for at least an hour which seemed a little strange even to me. Sitting outside a post office in a parking lot creating music in my own world. It sounded really fine.

March 13, 2011

West Virginia

The clock said 12:30 pm when I woke up. That was unusual. The oven said 11:30 and then the computer said 12:30 and then the truck said 11:30... can we talk confusing? Day lights saving came early this year. I just read that the world is spinning faster as a result of the recent earthquake in Japan. I let the journey propel me out and into Berkeley Springs today. I was clear in my not feeling like I shoulda-hadda go. A girl almost immediately came up to me. She had seen me at Virginia Tech after the massacre a few years ago and asked if I was the same guy. We spent some time, she got on the piano, I met her family and told a bit of the Traveling Piano story. She did not know I was there at the request of the student government. They called me as asked me to be with them. I got the chance once again to emphasis that I am not out to be a do-good-er ha, but to be connected with my world, have fun and share. After that a couple from Japan stopped by. I told them I wish I could get the Traveling Piano over there right now. I'd head in through the south and work my way up to the troubled areas. I even know that it would cost $2000 to ship the truck on a container ship. I'd really like to get the Traveling Piano overseas.

March 12, 2011

West Virginia

Today was beautiful so the priority was to go for a walk with Mo. He stayed off leash for the entire time in the woods and listened to the boundaries I created for him. I feel much appreciation for this. He loves, respects wants to please me enough to pass up his basic instincts to run off or at least off the path somewhat into the woods and explore. Of course this is all about today, tomorrow he might be a monster with me but why wreak today by bringing in projected, illusionary crap for tomorrow. I created music (with my three broken piano keys) and a group of adults about my age on a geological mineral treasure hunt found us so we spent some Traveling Piano time together.

March 11, 2011

West Virginia

For those visiting this site for the first time... my name is Danny Kean. I am a 55 year old guy who has been creating piano music from the back of a pickup truck for twenty five years. I travel with one year old pup named Mo who hangs out with me on top of my piano as I play. The most real to date of life journeys is the Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration... this for myself began five years ago. I have been fulfilling desires of fun, friendship and respect with musical empowerment and inspiration at no cost (I do not collect fees or tips) and I have been doing what I do without commercial, organizational or political affiliation... for myself and others. Using spontaneity and synchronicity I create music for people to discover. Without entertaining or performing I am out to emphasize one-on-one shared experiences... the being of in the moment with musical wonder, and a bit of ridiculousness. My present plan is to journey from West Virginia to Alaska. I'll be heading out in a month or two. I'm trying to get my life in order first. Hahaha... at least as much as I can get in order before I can't hold on any longer and do what I need to do.

March 10, 2011

West Virginia

So... to manifest a dream I had where... I streaked (clothed) across the superbowl field playing wild Boogie Woogie piano music on the back or a pickup truck for fun entertainment... to travel to China with the Traveling Piano into the rural areas... to find a super yacht to transport the Travel Piano to different countries around the world... to create a blockbuster movie, a television show, merchandising, etc... these dreams are in my minds eye, many others have already materialized and can be read about here on this website.

March 09, 2011

West Virginia

Been sorting through ten's of thousands of pictures to create a Boner the Dog Calender. I have chosen 500 words to match to the pictures. It will be intimate and not about the truck or journey. He will be the only one in the pictures and it will express many aspects of his personality and what he brought to life.

March 08, 2011

West Virginia

I caught myself thinking in a way that could destroy this journey. I was imagining myself having fun with the Traveling Piano solely because I had no choice, my work to do... if I want to live. After having listened to a preacher the other day I began to think of life out there in the universe with God and his desires only. I'm not here on earth to do that. I pray that the God of my understanding keeps me grounded here on earth for all that it is worth. I believe we are supposed to enjoy ourselves. After listening to this guy (he was a very strong speaker in a small intimate setting) I was submitting. Bullshit on that! Hahaha... My fun must be real. Having a self will forced, submitted, turned over, broken or acknowledged in giving up in order to be inspired, motivated or do work as an act of joy... I say, "get real." I want to rise up to embrace healthy, positive and progressive desires concerning any opportunity to work. All else leads to insular anger. Been there, done that.

March 07, 2011

West Virginia

Wow, the days are moving fast! There is snow on the ground again. The truck is under a tarp. I threw on top of another snow covered tarp last night. I can't imagine that the piano and speaker still work but at the same time I am sure they do but... not the three keys that broke a few days ago. Everything is all falling apart again! Ohh.. the drama. Three steps forward, two steps back, on and on we go. I slept until noon and felt rested. This was a major relief from being over an attack of sickness that was foreboding the fabric of my existence. Upon pre-waking I was dreaming of a new leisurely existence. The central theme was that of having a permanent home of my own. But thats what I left??? I am very nested and comfortable here in this present temporary home. Leaving it to continue the journey will be a challenge.

March 06, 2011

West Virginia

Even though it was raining I forced myself to drive to meet and spend some time with a woman named Barbara who rents a farmhouse in Virginia. I was not feeling well but our meeting was a window of opportunity. I wanted to explore our working together because Barbara is an illustrator and also a giving person, not so money oriented and interested. A book, calender and movie has been developing from within me. Once again the topic of relationship, community or lack of came up in discussion. In trying to understand attitudes and behavior in many rural areas (urban as well) we discussed people's insular existence and lack of having as well as using joyful and fun outlets such as music, ideas and art for themselves. Barb has an acoustic piano and it was amazingly therapeutic to play with. Snow began to fall so I ran to the truck to get back before the steep mountain hills froze. I drove over an hour through a blinding snow storm barley being able to see the hills, curves and turns. I talked out loud to myself and prayed. Ha! I was calming myself, "your getting too old to do this at night but you also have experience." I'll never forget driving through gail force winds and sideways rain off the cliffs of Newfoundland in total darkness with my friend Cory at one in the morning after having already driven for ten hours.

March 05, 2011


New experience... I went deep rural. Ha rural what is rural? I've been in rural for years now. (as well as urban) My friends Johnny and Kathy were going to "house church" and they asked me to go so I did. Everyone brought food for dinner. It was just like many community dinners I've been to through the years. This house was about seventeen miles west outside of Winchester, Virginia. With the way the boarders are in both West Virginia and Virginia, the roads continually take you in and out of both states. While driving through West Virginia for a spell it felt like and looked like Montana. No matter where I go, the land (as well as people) have the same awesome beauty. The same goes for repulsive and ugly, (for the land and people) ha. Anyway at this house there were fourteen people and a preacher came from the East coast of Maryland. He has been preaching God and the Bible to small congregations outside of conventional churches for thirty years. He was with his wife or daughter I couldn't tell and did not feel comfortable enough with them to ask. Their vehicle towed a small trailer behind it. The preacher was an ex military man. His message was flawless to me, he was excellent with the delivery of his craft and I was completely wasted from concentration by the time he was done. There is a world of people I have been meeting on this journey, none church goers, all who live strongly by the bible and through Jesus Christ. Their way of living as well as their message is in complete alignment with all the New Age philosophies, Buddhism and every religion I have come to understand. They use different tools and ways of thinking to come to the same conclusions. Where they differ is... and this is what amazes me... they do not differ. There is no difference or similarity because they are all too focused on sameness, oneness, basic love.

March 04, 2011

West Virginia

My body has been saying, "you need to take better care of me." I'm doing the best that I can. It was too cold to go outside and work. I laid around feeling achy, watched a movie and cooked too much chilli. I'll be eating it for a week.

March 03, 2011

Cacapon South, West Virginia

This philosophical writing, I'm just documenting my present thoughts in the now, nothing more. I was thinking about giving. Giving is, comes and goes through me. It is experienced from a sense of self. When I give it is to... get or to exemplify... or for no reason at all. All of creation is of giving. I believe that God, the universe is everything and all powerful. Does good and evil exist? Only as I believe it does. I believe in love, only love. I trust and have faith in love. I believe that God is love. If God is everything and all powerful there is no evil. That is an Illusion. My creativity is not good or bad... enough or not... right or wrong... it is what it is. To create... is simply to experience life.

March 02, 2011

Hancock Maryland

Three piano keys broke. Mo chewed into my $250 GPS and a Netflix DVD. Details... Life with Mo. I drove to Hancock, Maryland for this dog of mine to see Dan Murphy the vet. Dan is also the mayor of Hancock. We have been trying to get rid of his wing worms for five months! Mo has cost me more in the first half year than Bo did in ten full years. Oh well, I love him and I did accept this relationship. Its like having a teenage kid who is giving me trouble with testing my boundaries and limits. I created a little music outside the vet office while waiting for the test results. Dan, his vet came out for a few minutes and then jumped on board the Traveling Piano for a picture. I don't think Miami is going top happen. There is a reason I have been here so long. I think it has to do with Mo and my getting used to each other before we depart for good? I figured out the journey to Alaska and then back east will cost $5000 dollars just for gas alone. That is minus the cost for food, lodging or piano keys. Do you have a spare couple thousand to share? I sure could use it. Where the money needed will come from will be a big surprise for me and I will enjoy the process, I will enjoy the process, I will enjoy the process...

March 01, 2011

West Virginia

I had hoped to be on my way to somewhere new with the Traveling Piano by now, like Miami. I did not plan to create music today... burr. Mo and i went for a walk in the mountains off trail. We hiked up and down the steep mountain sides carpeted with green moss, grey rounded stone and small dark broken twigs. The sun lighted everything so perfect, the leaves had all been blown away, we climbed between trees tall and thin reaching high into the sky. Damm, no camera. I was inspired to create music from it all so I did. Three piano keys broke.